Monday, June 2, 2014

The Baby-Burning Stormtroopers of Habersham County, Georgia

For the love of God, stop the insane drug war.

“I stand behind what our team did,” insists Habersham, Georgia County Sheriff Joey Terrell, referring to a 3:00 a.m. no-knock SWAT raid in which a 19-month-old child was severely burned by a flash-bang grenade. “There’s nothing to investigate, there’s nothing to look at,” continued the sheriff, relaying the conclusions of the County DA’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. “Bad things can happen. That’s just the world we live in.”

The world Terrell inhabits is one in which police – acting as righteousness incarnate – kick in doors at 3:00 am and hurl incendiary devices into homes in order to arrest people on suspicion of non-violent drug offenses. If an infant receives life-altering burns as a result of that incursion, this can't be laid at the jackbooted feet of his officers, the sheriff maintains. The fault resides with the alleged drug dealers, whom the sheriff denounced as people “who want to do the domestic terrorism and sell dope and make the money.”

An unnamed petty criminal who acted as an informant told Terrell’s task force that drug commerce had occurred at the targeted residence in Cornelia, and that armed men were acting as “guards.” However, the stormtroopers found no drugs in the house. The suspect they sought wasn’t present when the raiders kicked in the door. Nineteen-month-old Boukham “Bou-Bou” Phonesavankh and his parents were visiting from Wisconsin after their own home had been burned down. 

The informant whose “controlled buy” provided the pretext for the subsequent atrocity supposedly reported that there were no children at the residence. Having lost their home in Wisconsin in a fire, the family was in Cornelia visiting relatives in the hope of rebuilding their lives – only to find themselves on the receiving end of an act of state-sponsored terrorism.

“Everyone’s sleeping,” recalled Alecia Phonesavanh, the mother of the infant victim, describing her family’s encounter with Terrell’s ministering angels of divine justice. “There’s a loud bang and a bright light. The cops threw that grenade in the door without looking first, and it landed right in the playpen and exploded on his pillow right in his face.”

The Sheriff has indicated that any criminal charges arising from the burning of the infant would be added to the indictment against the alleged drug dealer. He has also insinuated that the parents are responsible for the near-fatal injuries suffered by their baby. This is in keeping with the “Collateral Murder” model of deflected responsibility: When the Regime’s hired killers slaughter or mutilate children, it’s the fault of the parents for living in a targeted neighborhood.

Terrell's pious condemnation of drug-derived profits conceals his role as a kingpin in a criminal syndicate that exists in murderous symbiosis with Georgia's criminal underworld: Sheriff Terrell is the key figure in the Mountain Judicial Circuit Narcotics Criminal Investigation and Suppression Team (NCIS), a federally funded task force that prowls a three-county region in search of cash and property that can be seized in the name of “asset forfeiture.”

Like other federally funded einsatzgruppen of its kind, the NCIS liaises with small-caliber criminals, such as the “confidential informant” who allegedly conducted a meth transaction at the home where Terrell's minions later carried out the raid. Funding for the NCIS comes from a federal Byrne Grant, which is administered by the Habersham County Commissioners' office.

Terrell, along with Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley, is responsible for hiring, training, and deploying undercover NCIS officers, and bears command responsibility for the actions of the task force's tactical team. When the raiders carried out the 3:00 am raid in which 19-month-old “Bou-Bou” was nearly burned to death – the grenade “blew open his face and chest,” his anguished mother recalled – they acted as extensions of his will, and he shares culpability for their crimes.

In his first public comments following the attack that nearly killed Bou-Bou, Sheriff Terrell emphasized that the County DA and Georgia Bureau of Investigation had already “investigated” the incident and ruled that the actions of the SWAT team were “justified.”  While the sheriff offered perfunctory and grudging expressions of sympathy for the infant victim and his family (“I don’t think [the burns] cover a significant amount of the face or the chest,” Terrell said of an infant who was in a medically induced coma), he described in detail the trauma he insists was suffered by his stormtroopers, the people he obviously considers the real victims.

The officer who threw the grenade “is basically upside down,” relates the sheriff. “He’s gone and talked to his pastor, trying to get some counseling and some debriefing just to help him get through what has happened.” If that pastor is a man of God, rather than an agent of Leviathan, he will prescribe abject repentance in sackcloth and ashes.

Matt Wurtz, the on-site commander of the goon squad that raided the home, was similarly devastated, Terrell continues, but in a “trembling” voice expressed his determination to continue kicking in doors at 3:00 a.m. “because children are getting involved in situations they don’t need to be.”
That’s right: The on-site commander whose subordinates nearly burned a child to death in a raid the likes of which the Gestapo might have regarded excessive did it For The Children.

Sheriff Terrell likewise remains committed to pursuing the path of righteousness:
"We’re called for a purpose. The members of this team want to be here… We’re getting more and more information about children, 14-15 years of age, getting into methamphetamine. Who is going to stand up for them? Who is going to do the right thing? We are! We are! And we are not going to stop what we do.”

One wonders if the “information” to which Sheriff Terrell refers is as reliable as that provided by the “confidential informant” who told police that there were no children at the home prior to the SWAT raid.
Although Bou-Bou's prospects for survival are improving, it's quite likely he will be permanently disfigured as a result of the ministrations he received from Terrell's angelic emissaries of justice. The son of former Livonia, Georgia resident Jonathan Ayers, however, suffered an injury that cannot be repaired: He hadn't been born when NCIS officers murdered his father, a 28-year-old Baptist minister, on September 1, 2009.

Ayers was shot and killed by Officer Billy Shane Harrison outside a convenience store in Toccoa, Georgia. Harrison was one of three undercover NCIS operatives who pulled up in an unmarked black SUV and – with guns drawn – surrounded Ayers’ vehicle after the pastor had made a withdrawal at a nearby ATM.  The undercover cops looked like private sector thugs, and Ayers understandably thought he was dealing with carjackers His dying words at a local hospital made it clear that he didn’t know that the gun-wielding, disreputable figures who accosted him belonged to a criminal caste that is protected by “qualified immunity.”

Ayers, in a panic, hit the gas, and his vehicle made brief and harmless contact with Officer Chance Oxner. Harrison later claimed that he opened fire to protect his partner in state-sanctioned crime, but this doesn’t explain why he continued firing once Ayers had driven away and the supposed threat had ended.
The victim wasn’t aware that just a few hours earlier, Oxner – who had been hired by Sheriff Terrell – had conducted a $50 drug transaction with a woman named Kayla Barrett, a prostitute and alleged drug dealer. Ayers had been observed giving Barrett money and a ride to the extended-stay hotel where she lived with her boyfriend. 

The pastor’s family and close friends insist that Ayers was ministering to the prostitute; his detractors claimed that those roles were reversed. In either case, Ayers wasn’t a criminal suspect. The officers claimed that their intent in approaching him at the gas station was to question him about Barrett, but that doesn’t explain why they swarmed him with their guns drawn. 

As in the case of the recent atrocity in Cornelia, the killing of Ayers was the subject of a perfunctory internal investigation that exonerated the officers. The victim’s widow, Abigail Ayers, filed a lawsuit, and Harrison – along with sheriffs Terrell and Shirley – moved for summary judgment on the basis of “qualified immunity.”

In February of last year, a federal judge ruled that Harrison and his comrades had “no probable cause to believe Ayers had committed a crime when Officer Harrison first approached Ayers’s car with his gun drawn,” which means that the use of deadly force could not be considered “objectively reasonable.” In February of this year, a federal court awarded Abigail and her son more than $2 million for the unlawful killing of Jonathan by Harrison.

Jonathan Ayers died believing that he was a victim of an attempted armed robbery. He was correct. The behavior of Harrison and his comrades was illegal even under the emancipated definitions of “lawful” conduct that govern the state’s plunderbund: At the time of the shooting, the lawsuit pointed out, Harrison “was not authorized under Georgia law to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer and had no legal right to demand [Ayers’s] compliance with his directives.”

Harrison had not completed a mandatory course of instruction on firearms and the use of deadly force. In addition, he was “known to the Mountain Judicial Circuit NCIS and Sheriff Shirley to have illegally used marijuana on multiple occasions and was further known to have committed acts of dishonesty including stealing from a prior employer,” reports the lawsuit. Officer Oxner “had been convicted of the criminal offense of Theft by Taking and had a reported history of alcohol abuse and suspected (by the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office) participation in illegal drug activities.” 

Officer Kyle Brandt, the supervisor on the scene when Ayers was murdered, was aware of the dubious background of his underlings. In fact, he had previously worked with Harrison and was the one who recommended him to Sheriff Shirley as a member of the NCIS undercover task force. Media attention generated by Abigail Ayers’ lawsuit shamed the GBI – which had initially performed the expected cover-up of the crime -- into conducting an actual investigation. This resulted in the arrest of Lt. Edwin Wilson of the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office, who falsified Harrison’s training records. 

Like others engaged in the cynical exercise called the “War on Drugs,” Sheriff Terrell likes to pretend that he and his comrades areseeking an end to the narcotics trade. The unadorned truth is that his narco-stormtroopers subsist on narcotics proceeds, and their federal Memorandum of Understanding – a species of Pirate’s Constitution – assumes that the “war” in which they are engaged will carry on in perpetuity.

The MOU specifies that the federal Byrne Grant will pay one hundred percent of “commander salaries” for the NCIS, and that the team itself “will pay 100% of [its] Operational Expenses from previously seized funds.” Under its deal with the Feds, the NCIS will receive “100% of revenues generated” though asset forfeiture and property confiscation. This provides the task force’s criminally inclined rank-and-file with an incentive to stage sting operations, “pretext stops,” and door-kicks in order to find money and property they can steal.

For their part, the task force commanders are instructed that “continued sustainability beyond grant funding is a basis for initial grant fund approval.” In other words: Your federally guaranteed salaries depend on the productivity of the predators under your command. 
According to the Institute for Justice, “Georgia has some of the nation’s worst civil forfeiture laws,” and its law enforcement agencies are among the most aggressive in the entire soyuz in practicing that form of state-sanctioned robbery. 

Not surprisingly, police in Georgia are also among the worst with respect to record-keeping and public reporting of seizures. Reports on forfeiture proceeds typically “lack even basic details necessary for proper public oversight, such as what was taken and when, how much it was worth and what was done with the proceeds.”

In 1993, Georgia law enforcement agencies took in $6 million in civil forfeiture proceeds. In 2003 – the last year for which comprehensive accounting figures were available – that amount had increased to $33 million

It should be recalled that Sheriff Terrell described drug dealers as people who “who want to do the domestic terrorism and sell dope and make the money.” His NCIS task force is a murderous, tax-subsidized, predatory criminal clique composed of violent, addiction-prone men who are immeasurably more dangerous than the drug dealers they pursue. Whatever else can truthfully be said about narcotics dealers in Georgia, they don’t kick in doors at 3:00 am and burn infants in their cribs.

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

“There’s nothing to investigate, there’s nothing to look at,” continued the sheriff, relaying the conclusions of the County DA’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. “Bad things can happen. That’s just the world we live in.”

I guess he didn't want to look at that picture at the beginning, showing the baby's face being burned. The idea that bad things happen and that's just the world we live in only appears to apply to the general public. If a cop is injured, it makes the news and his injurer goes through lengthy trials and sentences based on assault and battery and any number of other charges. If a cop is killed, there's a parade of cop cars with lights flashing and cops in dress uniform for his funeral. But if a cop kills or injurs a member of the public, then their attitude is, “Bad things can happen. That’s just the world we live in.”

Anonymous said...

As I suspected, there is to be no justice for the toddler flash-banged, severly burned and most likely to die.
Illegal immigrants are being picked up, allowed to stay, transported (free of charge) by air to Greyhound bus stations and released. Currently, this is still ongoing with no pause in sight.
A lowly private who intentionally deserted, hung out with the Taliban for five years, releasing statements (before and duing) about his disgust and dislike for America and our military forces is promoted into the NCO corps during his "captivity." Moreover, now the pandering whores of MSM are using this "story" to pretend the dispicable VA healtcare crime is no logner to be reported or that it even exists.
A full blown hot civil war, formerly know as Ukraine, is now in progress.
Not surprisingly, Team Bathhouse Barry fully supports the Ukrainian version of Lincoln and his federal forces.
What more is there?
More blogging!
More waiting!
Yeah, that's the ticket!
We need to win hearts and minds to restore our Constitutional Republic.
Just ask Pastor Jonathan Ayers.
The cow says moo!

Slobyskysa Rotchikokov said...

I hope they sue this bastard until he is homeless, the gutless POS. Better still, maybe he will do the right thing and suck his gun barrel. He could just pretend it was one of his buddies, and when he pulled the trigger, it would get one more piece of dog crap off this already crowded planet. Punkass Nazi prick.

j said...

"The officer who threw the grenade “is basically upside down,” relates the sheriff" WAAAAH. How SAAAAAD. Maybe HE should eat a bullet!! Of course that might spoil his fun at trying to kill more babies!! I wonder if he had orgasms as he listened to the screams? Isn't that how child molesters work?

Slobyskysa Rotchikokov said...

That's because the child molesters like Terrell ( and setting a baby on fire IS molestation) are above the law, they are like little GODS who can rape, torture and murder any time their perverted hearts and perverted loins need a thrill. I hope none of these soulless, gutless Nazis have children, because God only knows what kind of things they would do to a child they had captive in their own homes.

Anonymous said...

Check this out - police officers in Ohio were caught on Facebook joking about shooting citizens who open carried firearms! David Codrea then sent a photo of the screenshot to the Ohio AG and asked that he investigate this. Suddey the Facebook convo and profile have been taken down without any sort of recognition from the AG.

And people try to say that cops or any agents of the state have oversight?!?!? What a joke!

Walter Zoomie said...

Upside down? You mean like Mussolini and his old lady? ;)

Unknown said...

The district attorneys, the attorney general, the governor, the GBI, and all the so-called "sheriffs" work, like a pack of coyotes hunting their prey, dismembering polite society and fundamental law.

Georgia State employees kidnapped our son and returned him one day later after said actors allowed his wrist to be damaged. Several sheriffs and the GBI, of course, indicated that kidnapping is not a crime when performed by a state employee.

For those interested in this case:

Exador said...

The sheriff's story doesn't add up.
They claim their informant bought drugs by going through the same door the crib was blocking. Are we to believe they just HAPPENED to move the crib that day? When they'd been living there for two months? They claimed there were no signs of children living in the home. When they were called out on it (there were toys all over the yard. The father played with the kids in the yard EVERY DAY) they admitted that they couldn't do surveillance on the house because they'd be seen.

InalienableWrights said...

IMHO mentally defective "public servants" like Georgia County Sheriff Joey Terrell need to be tried and then hung from the neck until dead.

Isn't that what we do to people that run terrorist organizations?

joyce said...

To InalienableWrights:

No, we do not do that to terrorists. We drone strike them dead without due process.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Slobyskysa Rotchikokov:

You do the Nazis an injustice by comparing them with these filthy pig-turds. The Germans are sticklers for correctness and proper behavior. It's in their national character. Any WWII Gestapo officer or SS guard who did something like this, outside of proper procedure, would have been tried the very next day, found guilty, taken outside and shot immediately. This is not a fantasy - such punishments were in fact applied in many cases to rogue officers. It is a sad thing when we today in America are living under a regime that is WORSE than the Nazi government.

Mr. Grigg,

One of the classic characteristics of the psychopathic syndrome is never to admit responsibility, but to always insist the blame lies with others. Here it is again. Also, to always portray themselves as the victim, and their victims as unjust accusers. Here it is again.

The "police" in this country are certifiably insane. They all belong in a psych ward in some maximum-security hospital.

Even if this poor baby recovers, which is likely since he is so young and the skin is growing and will repair itself, his eardrums are probably completely blown out, and he will be stone deaf for the rest of his life. He will never learn to speak properly, or be able to listen to music or the singing of the birds. Thank God he was asleep, or he would probably have been blinded. Even so, that may still happen.

I see another multi-million-dollar penalty to be imposed on the taxpayers of Georgia, while the vicious animals in taxpayer-supplied blue costumes, whose salaries are also paid by their victims, walk away free and clear.

The entire American legal system is corrupt. Prosecutors, judges, lawyers, police and lawmakers are all part of an oppressive cabal that collaborate with each other to enslave the public, to make sure they all advance their careers, to make lots of money, and to cover each others' backs. Any one of them who tries to reform this system is expelled from the club, loses his job or position, and becomes unemployable.

Given that there is no justice to be had in the US justice system, what is our alternative? It can only be to turn the tables of fear, and make "them" live in fear also, as they compel "us" to live in fear. Eventually the day will come when they go too far, and a guerilla civil warfare breaks out against them.

I strongly urge all readers to check out this site:

where you will find a daily catalog of these vicious crimes, each one more horrifying than the last, hundreds of them. You won't be able to stop reading once you start.

- LG

Bevin Chu said...

The simple fact is that individuals who seek out occupations such as "law enforcement" are almost all psychopaths.

This is not hyperbole. This is hard reality.

The only reason they are not perceived as psychopaths is the prevailing "consensus reality," which gives it as pass and certifies it as "normal."

In other words, mainstream society sees the world through the same eyes as these psycholpathic LEOs. It rubber stamps them as "perfectly okay."

Justice will prevail only when a critical mass of the public in societies the world over disabuse themselves of this consensus reality.

Anonymous said...

Keith said...

Images of fictional psychopaths in popular culture are no help at all in identifying or understanding the real live ones amongst us.

Learning how to identify probable psychopaths and narcissists (and the filthy pragmatists who help them) is how to begin protecting ourselves against them.

They are in no way productive, their schemes are grandiose, short sighted and unworkable. When they fail - anyone but the psychopath is to blame. At the top levels of politics, and at the top levels of all of the crony groups, psychopaths and psychopathic narcissists dominate.

The only "odd" thing about them is their absolute lack of real conscience and empathy - they're very convincing actors, and extremely good liars and manipulators, but deep inside are totally cold, self centred and ruthless.

An introduction to psychopathy, and the idea that they are all around us is Hervey cleckley's "The mask of sanity" Possibly the best selling serious psychiatry book of all time. it's available as a free .pdf scan (With permission of Cleckley's widow, who is the copyright holder ).

Among the activities that psychopaths are attracted to are: Politics (state sector in general - many of them love to order people around)
Police, (ditto)
medicine (is it any wonder that for many years the American psyciatric Association's DSM hid psychopathy in the broad and meaningless ratbag of "anti social personality"?),
legal practice and
religious ministry.

Hare's site is also worth checking out for resources, including a very good bibliography several thousand academic papers - however mention of psychopaths in the state sector seems to be conspicuous by its absence in Hare's own work - he sees them amongst the ranks of crony "capitalists" and banksters, but apparently not amongst those who provide him with research grants forcibly extracted from productive mundanes.


Keith said...

On identifying psychopaths, one of Oliver Sachs' books (I think it is in "The man who mistook his wife for a hat" even if I'm wrong, they're all good...)

Sachs was a neurologist*, one day he was working on a ward containing aphasic patients, who could not understand actual spoken words, but who could usually pick up so well on tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures and other contextual clues, that it is actually extremely difficult to diagnose.

Reagan was giving a big presidential speech on TV, and the patients were rolling on the floor with laughter.

Sachs thought it was a deeply moving speech and couldn't understand why the patients were so amused.

When he asked them, he found out that all of the clues which the patients used, facial expression, body language, tone of voice were all in total contradiction with each other.

Another patient, a former English literature teacher, who, due to brain damage had lost most of her vision, and who could no longer identify tone of voice or emotional content of voice, only the bare words, added that the words were not those of a normal person either.

Sachs as a "normal" human had been completely fooled, but his severely brain damaged patients could identify at once the dishonesty being perpetrated.

With practice, so can we.
The film "awakenings" was based on one of Sachs' books, about his medicating people paralysed since the 1918 influenza epidemic, using L-dopa.

Anonymous said...

F*@K THIS! where is my pitch-fork... enough blogging.... its action time!

FED UP! said...

Sheriffs dept is publicly appointed. where is the Habersham community standing up to stop this guy (and his conspirators) dead in their tracks?! someone needs to get them informed and up to speed that they still have control of their sheriffs department. they need to make it clear this type of behavior is not tolerated in their community, and the new sheriff will suffer the same fate (FIRED! at the least) if he wants to try practicing the same tactics.

what is the point of a blog just to get some guy in Portland, OR all pumped up? when actually its the local community of georgia that need to speak LOUDLY.

Unknown said...

Here is this piece of garbage's email:

Anonymous said...

The " War on Drugs" is a joke and it has nothing to do with enforcing the drug laws but its all about seizing the drug assets under asset forfeiture laws.

Just do a search on Youtube for "asset forfeiture" and you will see the police on a well know drug courier highway. One direction the drug couriers are transporting large amount of narcotics to distribution centers in major US cities while police look the other way. Now, on the other side of the highway, the police are waiting for the drug couriers because they are loaded with large amounts of US currency. They will stop and seize the currency under state and federal asset forfeiture laws. They will also seize vehicles, real property, bank accounts and safe deposit boxes.

Drug couriers are allowed to transport and sell their drugs but the police want a piece of the money pie.

Anonymous said...

The "war on drugs" is one big illusion. It's funny how some Nickle and dime addict who sells to support his own addiction is the latest "trafficker and kingpin"busted.LMFAO !The real drug dealers have enough money to buy the very same "cops" whose smiling faces you see on the front page of the newspaper. These pieces of shit don't fool anybody but themselves. Does the money spend the same ? I bet it does. I bet you can still show up at church and look people in the eye and feed them your bullshit.SURPISE !You are the fucking idiot if you think most don't know you for what you are. A crooked cop is on the same level as a child molestor and we have too many of both.

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on this. I've read several articles including the shame of a petition they have saying the baby was injured from fragments from a flashbang. Flashbangs don't work like that. They are specifically designed to not disperse fragments on detonation, thus making them NON-LETHAL.

William N. Grigg said...

Is your point that the parents should be bent double beneath the weight of their gratitude that their child was merely disfigured and traumatized by the "non-lethal" munitions used in an utterly unjustified 3:00 SWAT raid?

Anonymous said...

Call BS all you want - a flashbang grenade is an EXPLOSIVE device. There may be some fragments from the explosion - but most injuries are from the pure concussive force of the grenade exploding. Here's one example of that: "In February 2011, a North Carolina SWAT police officer was injured at his home when a stun grenade accidentally detonated while he was attempting to secure his equipment. He underwent emergency surgery, but later died of his injuries."
Flashbangs are SUPPOSED to be long as they do not explode right next to a person.

Anonymous said...

Are people aware that the beer industry lobbies to keep the drug war going? They don't want people spending money to get high unless its on beer or booze. Secondly---which officials in Habersham County Georgia are members of the Masonic Lodge?

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick and for the family to not get compensation for medical bills the POLICE made is appalling they are not human they are not good for the community like police are supposed to be the almost killed that child they scarred his face for life and his family should sue the whole dept the scum who threw it the city DA who didn't file criminal charges if a random person walked up threw an exsplosive device injured a child they would be thrown under the jail this town is obviously crooked hope they all get served some kind of justice that sheriff is a joke a goober and GOD WILL DEAL WITH THEM

Anonymous said...

Yes this county has its faults it use to be a very nice place to live. U pissed off the wrong person, and bam. Your a target. The devil is prince of the air waves, and air. Once your a target they all jump aboard, knowing that it's a person's reputation and lives at stake families that have been through hardships just like they have, trying to just live.. They always wanna rely on Intel that's botched or they have something to gain by it. When does it ever end? Why not give folks the means and decency to defend themselves even though they shouldnt have too. God doesn't like ugly, and he defends those who belong to him, when we are weak he is strong! What's done in the dark always comes to the light. Nobody is perfect, but it takes a pretty twisted mind to come up with smear campaigns he has. For what??? You never gave me a chance or a second look... One meeting "14" and u sent J Pegleg, and Weiner woman to my house, that I didn't even know, and expected me 2 trust what was going on. Or what I said was even heard... Folks and there uncanny role playing, and throwing there voices, it's those same folks who are doing it to this day that convinced me that they were gonna "get" "you". I should've just went about my business as usual, but I couldnt, I wish you could see that.... feel that what I'm saying is real talk.