Friday, May 13, 2011

"Why Did Police Kill My Dad?"

Jose Guerena's murders lock down the scene of their crime.

"Mom, was my dad a bad guy?" four-year-old Joel Guerena plaintively asked his mother Vanessa after her husband, 26-year-old Jose, was killed in a withering barrage of gunfire during a SWAT invasion of their home. "They killed my dad! Police killed my dad! Why? What did my dad do?" 

To the extent the question posed by that traumatized child dealt with a moral justification for the killing, a good and sufficient answer would be: "Nothing." Jose Guerena was killed because he had the temerity to defend his family from a criminal assault carried out by armed strangers.

When the stormtroopers arrived shortly after 9:00 a.m. on May 5, Jose had just surrendered to well-earned slumber after working the graveyard shift at the nearby Asarco Mine.
Jose, a former Marine who served two combat tours abroad, had taken that job to provide for his young family after mustering out of the Corps. Jose had devoted the last hours of his life to producing wealth. Meanwhile, his killers were planning to lay siege to several homes in the neighborhood as part of the Regime's Narcotics Price Support Program, the murderous charade sometimes called the "War on Drugs."

Jose was able to get just a tiny amount of sleep before being startled awake by the terrified screams of his wife, who had seen a large party of armed men approaching them. One of them pointed a rifle at her; another shattered a window. None of them, she insists, identified himself as a police officer – not that this would make a substantive difference in moral or even legal terms.

“I saw this guy pointing me at the window,” Vanessa recalled in a subsequent television interview. “So, I got scared.  And, I got like, ‘Please don’t shoot, I have a baby.’ I put my baby [down]. [And I] put bag in window. And, I yell ‘Jose! Jose! Wake up!’”

He was murdered while protecting his family: Jose Guerena.
According to his wife, Jose's last words were: “Vani, go into the closet with the kid. Go!” He then grabbed his AR-15 and went to confront the people who threatened his family. Seven seconds later, he was dead. His killers unleashed a fusillade of 71 shots

Given that the marksmanship of the typical tax-feeder is on a par with that of the Imperial Stormtroopers from Star Wars, it’s likely that only a handful of the gunshots hit their marks, but that was enough. Jose was killed before he could pull the trigger. That doesn't alter the fact that he died on his feet, with his face to the enemy as he shielded his family against criminal aggression.

In the immediate aftermath of the murder, Jose’s killers -- in keeping with established custom -- began to traduce the victim's reputation, claiming that the slain husband and father was a violent suspect who had fired the first shot, and that a ballistic shield had probably saved the life of one of the assailants. This version of events was dutifully regurgitated by an initially uncritical local media.

Jose’s reputation was allowed to steep in that falsehood for several days before the PCSO grudgingly admitted the truth. “A deputy’s bullet struck the side of the doorway, causing chips of wood to fall on his shield,” recounted the Arizona Daily Star, paraphrasing an account provided by PCSO functionary Michael O’Connor. “That prompted some members of the team to think the deputy had been shot.” 

In the "war on drugs," she's a war widow: Vanessa Guerena.
The PCSO wasn’t through bemerding the memory of Jose Geurena, however. 

In the new version peddled by the department, Guerena supposedly used his final seconds this side of eternity to channel Tony Montana, crouching down and growling: “I have something for you!”

The people who gunned Jose down – who are hardly disinterested witnesses – claim that he knew that he was drawing bead on law enforcement personnel. This is not what happened, even though Jose had  every moral and legal right   to use lethal force to defend his home from an unlawful invasion. 

Why was a SWAT team used to serve search warrants -- apart, that is, from the fact that this would give the mirror-abusing, rifle-fondling poseurs something to do?
“Tucson is notorious for home invasions and we didn’t want it to look like that,” insisted PCSO spokesman O’Connor, exhibiting the dull-witted refusal to acknowledge the obvious that typifies tax-feeders of his station. SWAT raids of this kind are nothing other than government-licensed home invasions. The only difference is that when a State-chartered gang meets armed resistance, it won't relent until it -- and whatever allies it can recruit -- has annihilated the target. 

How they see themselves: The PCSO SWAT team that murdered Jose Guerena.

Between 2005 and 2008, seven counties in Texas were terrorized by a gang that carried out a series of home invasion robberies while dressed in SWAT attire and packing high-performance weaponry. 

The robbers would burst into a targeted home shouting "Search warrant!" The victims would be beaten and zip-cuffed at gunpoint, and then the raiders would help themselves to anything of value they could find. On some occasions, when an initial search would turn up empty, the gang would employ what Dick Cheney and his groupies call "enhanced interrogation techniques," such as attacking vulnerable anatomy with pliers, or waterboarding a victim to break down his resistance. All of those tactics were directly inspired by the exploits of those who serve in the Regime's apparatus of armed repression -- both here and abroad.

“I never imagined I would lose him like that, he was badly injured but I never thought he could be killed by police after he served his country,” lamented Vanessa Guerena. The grim fact is that we shouldn't be surprised that a Regime capable of sending Americans abroad to terrorize Iraqis in their homes would employ the same state terrorism against Americans here at home. Jose, who had left the Regime's employ in favor of an honest life of productive labor, was murdered in his own home by an Empire he had served abroad. 

As Vanessa observes, Jose was badly wounded -- but his injuries may have been survivable, if they had been treated in a timely fashion. The SWAT team's behavior immediately after the shooting eliminates any doubt that this was, at very least, a case of criminal homicide through depraved indifference.

During the assault on her home, Vanessa called 911, and a team of paramedics was dispatched by the nearby Drexel Heights Fire/Rescue department. Medical personnel arrived within two minutes of that call. After emerging from her hiding place, the terrorized woman pleaded with the SWAT team to allow the rescue workers to treat her husband. Rather than doing so, they held help at bay for over an hour -- until their victim was dead -- supposedly in the interest of “security.”

Several days after the killing, Tucson ABC affiliate KGUN obtained the emergency call records for Drexel Heights Fire Rescue. They disclosed that the agency received a 911 call at 9:43 a.m.; a unit arrived two minutes later. However, “deputies told rescue workers to stay put.  That’s standard to be sure they won’t walk into danger. But they waited until 10:59.  Then heard the radio call `Code 900′; that means they were no longer needed because the person was dead. One hour and 14 minutes went by. Drexel Heights indicates they were never allowed to even examine Jose GuereƱa.”

Then again, the PCSO SWAT team, which was co-created by future Surgeon General Richard Carmona, has long boasted that its members include highly trained field medics who can render life-saving medical assistance on the scene of a shootout. Carmona told KGUN that "the care is not [rendered] according to good guy or bad guy or suspect. Whoever needs the care, gets the care as quickly and safely as possible."

Jose Guerena received no care of any kind for over an hour. Those who share my cynical cast of mind might suspect that the goons who murdered Jose may have been more interested in devising a suitable cover story than in saving the victim's life.

Owing to its proximity to the border with Mexico, Tucson is considered a high-activity "corridor" for smuggling drugs and unauthorized immigrants. During the past five years, nearly 40,000 people have been killed in Mexico on account of the proxy narcotics war being waged in that country by Washington. This ever-growing body count has provoked concern about the possibility that Mexico's drug-related violence might overflow the border.

This is exactly what happened to Jose Guerena and his family.

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Mexicans have joined peaceful protests to demand an end to the demented "war on drugs" that is tearing their country apart. The skimpy U.S. media coverage of those protests has largely focused on speeches and slogans condemning the depredations of Mexican narcotics kingpins, who are typical of the criminal scum that rises to the top whenever government-imposed prohibition is inflicted on a society. But this is just one aspect of the multi-faceted ugliness on display in Mexico.

An American Amtrak terminal, May 2011: This is how we live now.
 Since the administration of Felipe Calderon began its U.S.-abetted drug war in 2006, observes Louis Hernandez Navarro of Mexico's La Jornada, "Tens of thousands of people have been murdered. Many of them were unarmed, and had not picked a fight. They were not killed as part of the all-out war between rival drug cartels or during clashes between the military and/or the police and organised crime gangs. Their deaths were crimes committed in a country where vast areas are under a non-declared state of siege, patrolled day and night by thousands of police and military."

What Navarro describes are scenes from the southern front of the Regime's longest war -- the one waged against its own citizens in the name of drug prohibition. He is also offering a preview of what life will soon become on this side of the border, as well.

The murder of Jose Guerena by a federally subsidized death squad would fit very nicely into that bloody Mexican milieu -- and it's a harbinger of the kind of state terrorism that will become increasingly commonplace until the Regime is put out of our misery.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My earnest and heartfelt thanks to all of you who are contributing to keep this blog up and running; you are a tremendous blessing to me and my family, and I intend to offer individual thanks to each of you for your wonderful generosity. Thanks again, and God bless.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

Is it time?


Anonymous said...

a terrible tragedy. It seems to me that LEO are scared of combat vets. Afterall, Napolitano of Homeland Security, insists returning vets, along with libertarians, Christians, and people who support the Constitution are terrorists. With the militarization of the cops, it seems some of them think they are actually military personnel. I'm sure some are through the reserves etc... but cops are not the military though they may want to be. With these kids of unnecessary killings on the rise, how long will it be before we see a surviving family memeber taking revenge in some fashion? [outside of court settlements] If this continues its just a matter of time.


idahobob said...

Get armed, get trained, have the mindset to protect any and all in your AO that is in need of protection.

This SWAT thuggery must stop NOW!!


Isaac said...

I think your reaction is normal, and considering the natural right to self-defense, the correct one. The problem is that the mundanes are at a severe disadvantage. There are no federal grants to provide us with high-tech military equipment, no obedient press to sway opinion in our favor, and printing press to provide unlimited amounts of fiat currency to purchase the above plus anything else that might be needed. We are outgunned, literally and figuratively. Violent resistance has no possibility of success. The greatest weapons are writers like Mr Grigg, who can eloquently expose the problems the root of those problems, and the solutions. A parallax shift is the best chance we have, and even then it would be met with more violence and lies by the beastly machine that insists on enslaving us all.

kirk said...

The REFLECTED power of the state will not remain with the thugs described forever. As bankruptcies continue and money, the lifeblood of tyrants, dries up, their power will do the same. When this happens, all scores will be settled. This is how history unfolds.

When history again unfolds with attendant settling of scores, I would not want to be a politician, lawyer, judge, cop or social worker for all the damage these types have done to all they have encountered.

It will is closer now than ever before, all hyperbole previously included.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Has there ever been a better illustration of the adage about "a cure worse than the disease"?

Why could these PIGS* not have ambushed this man when he was returning from work?

The "dynamic entry" has become a tool in their arsenal -- designed to invoke terror in all onlookers and thus deter the undesired behavior.

Who - then - are the "terrorists"?

It actually pains me to say it, but I am sorry that this warrior didn't take at least one adversary with him to Valhalla.

What f***ing country IS this??!!


*PS: Peace Officers ain't PIGS. If you don't know the difference, you're probably a PIG.

Anonymous said...

This article seems very disingenuous. It never even mentions whether the cops found the drugs they were looking for. If no drugs were found, then no doubt the author would be playing up that fact for added outrage. Because he is completely silent about it, it leads one to assume that drugs must have been found.

Anonymous said...


People in gov't services
people in gov't security

William N. Grigg said...

Adding outrage to this atrocity would be a bit like painting the lily, or adding luster to the Sun, wouldn't it?

No drugs were found at the Guerena residence. The invaders likewise failed to find any significant amount of money (much to their disappointment, no doubt). The only "evidence" the confiscated consisted of commonplace household items that had nothing to do with drug trafficking.

This was acknowledged by the PCSO, and pointed out in the first essay I wrote about this atrocity:

Even if drugs had been found in the home, the conduct of the SWAT team would be inexcusable, unless it had been established that Guerena was suspected of a violent crime and a legitimate threat to innocent people. He was a young father with a very demanding legitimate job and a good reputation among his neighbors; he had no criminal record of any kind.

Anonymous said...

How is it the presence of drugs would have justified the man's death? Maybe if he'd had raw milk that would have sufficed?

Anonymous said...

Outrageous situation evidencing an out of control government. The US is a violent country with a dysfunctional society and this story proves that without question. So how do you cure the sickness that has manifested itself throughout America? The first step would be to legalize soft drugs, secondly give those severely addicted to hard drugs access through government clinics to such drugs and to remedial assistance to wean themselves off of them. Consider the billions upon billions spent to destroy American society, not by the druggis but by the government trying to stop the druggies. The cure in this case is much worse than the disease. Instead use those funds to manage the drug "problem" to the benefit of society as a whole and in the best interests of those individuals who are mired in drug use. Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp?

Anonymous said...

The man was murdered. I see a lawsuit coming with a substantial payment on the way. What I don't see, unfortunately, are the murderers doing life for the act.

Goldhorder said...

Lol... Grigg. Why respond? Everybody knows it was one of the murderers posting. Just tell then to do something honorable for a change... like kill themselves so they are never tempted to murder for money again. Actually better yet. Kill the boss who ordered the murder than kill themselves.

mark edward marchiafava said...

Will, please demand the names of the murderers and post them publicly. If you or I or any of the readers here committed such an atrocity, OUR names would be plastered all over the media, accompanied by our mug shots. Real change is coming.

Anonymous said...

That's one less illegal alien menace we need to deal with. William Grigg is an apologist for illegal immigration.

castiron said...

"That's one less illegal alien menace we need to deal with. William Grigg is an apologist for illegal immigration."

Can an illegal alien become a Marine?

Kyle said...

Anonymous is just that... another faceless, soulless tool of the state cult religion that pervades the sheepish masses who hide behind anonymity while WNG and others use their names in honest purveying of truth.

People who know they are in support of the wrong seldom stake their name on their mindless blabberings. Laughable and yet, pityable.

Anonymous said...

Isaac, I would agree with your comments as they pertain to the sheeple who infest the unarmed urban areas. Those urban areas, however, represent only a small percentage of the country. The rest of us are more than capable of wiping out the vast majority of police forces in a short period should it become unavoidable. I continue to believe that one of the biggest reasons the local police forces in my area of the country tend to behave themselves is because the understand the fact that they are badly outnumbered, outtrained, and outgunned. Where authorities fear to misbehave, you have liberty. Where they do not, you have tyranny.


Isaac said...

I see where you're coming from, but what about reinforcements? Do you think if something actually happened the feds wouldn't send in a host of thugs to get things back under their control? No amount of weaponry available to mundanes can beat a missile fired through your window from 30,000 feet. You can't fight fire with fire, you have to use water.

liberranter said...

I see that the swine and their apologists are finally starting to troll Pro Libertate. William, consider this a badge of honor. Once they begin hurling ad hominem invectives and baseless accusations, it means that you've struck a raw nerve and that they have no defense whatsoever against the truth. Personally, I wouldn't bother wasting time or bits in refuting their verbal sewage. It simply lends undeserved legitimacy to their presence.

As for this particular story, I had actually held out hope that the PCSO was one of the more "civilized" (in purely relative terms) LEAs here in the southeastern part of the Grand Scamyan State. Compared to the acerebral plant fertilizer that staffs the Tucson PD, the PCSO has been, up until this incident, a relatively benign organization, at least as far as I had observed. Sadly, though perhaps inevitably, it can now definitively be said that they've been assimilated into the rest of the paramilitary occupation apparatus.

I live just four miles down the road from a local PCSO pigpen, one that was established five years ago in an otherwise peaceful part of rural Northwest Tucson ostensibly to combat the "epidemic" (the local pig-hugging media's description, not mine) of meth labs supposedly infesting the region. Curiously, there has not been A SINGLE BUST of a meth lab within a five-mile radius of said hog hovel in the five years that I've lived here. Not surprisingly, however, the local doughnut munchers have been incredibly prolific traffic ticket writers, hiding out along the rural roads to pounce on those exceeding the posted speed limit by a mere five MPH if within a mile of a school zone. That they've graduated from low-level extortion to contract murder is a sad, but again unremarkable turn of events.

Anonymous said...

Isaac, You may be correct on federal reinforcements but I highly doubt a military response would be the result. And even if it were, a fifth column conflict cannot be won with conventional military power. For some reason our own government has repeatedly failed to learn this lesson.

I believe that fighting "fire with water", as you so well put it, has only served to allow authoritarian atrocities to drastically increase in number and severity over the past few decades.

Before you can apply the "water", you have to understand what kind of people we are dealing with in law enforcement. These are not educated, cultured, or sophisticated people. As an entity, law enforcement is not capable of reasoned discussion or rational thought. They only serve as a control compliance force. You may as well sit down for an evening discussion of Tolstoy with a farm animal. No matter how sincerely you discuss Anna Karenina with your cow, it's just a waste of time.

Many of these officers are the schoolyard bullies and narcissistic, self absorbed jocks we used to laugh at as kids. Now they are steriod fueled, power drunk, and hungry to make you submissive to their every whim. You don't show meek submission to a bully. You soundly kick his ass.

I know for a fact that there still a great many good people in law enforcement. I know quite a few. The problem is that the good people are not doing anything to get rid of the bad people. The net effect is that they all look bad. So much so, in fact, that it is now impossible to assume that any police officer you come into contact with is one of the "good guys". This is why I have an audio recorder with me at all times. We all should. They will be recording you so it would be foolish to not have your own recording of the encounter that does not fall under their control.

In short: If law enforcement wants to regain the trust and respect of the citizenry, they must rid themselves of the increasing number of bad apples in their ranks and conduct themselves within the bounds of the Constitution and the law.

If, however, they fail to do so, a large percentage of the population may come to understand that the structure of the police state will not allow their families to live peaceful, productive lives. When that percentage of the population reaches a sufficient size, the people will take it upon themselves to change the way law enforcement acts. I would dare say that when that time comes, the size and scope of the uprising may negate the possibility of military intervention.


Anonymous said...

EVERY active duty Troop should get a copy of this article. So they KNOW what they are fighting for, and how the government really feels about them.

Billy Bollocks said...

What a tragedy. The pigs who gunned down this innocent man and ruined the lives of a family have blood on their hands and rot in their hearts. A very short line exists between them and what's coming for them, karmically speaking. If real change is coming, the best I can offer, at least musically speaking, is the New White Trash ( One band member is former LAPD cop and uber-activist Michael C. Ruppert. Some of their videos available at:

whitebuffalo said...

"Jose had every moral and legal right to use lethal force to defend his home from an unlawful invasion."

The "legal" right has just been removed by the latest supreme idiots' (aka the supreme court)ruling, making it official: Amerika is a police state.

castiron said...

"EVERY active duty Troop should get a copy of this article. So they KNOW what they are fighting for, and how the government really feels about them."

This is a great idea!!

liberranter said...

The "legal" right has just been removed by the latest supreme idiots' (aka the supreme court)ruling, making it official: Amerika is a police state.M.

In rendering this decision, the SCOTUS has, for all practical purposes, served notice that the Regime is declaring war on the American People. We the People need to respond to it as if it were exactly such a thing.

Anonymous said...

whitebuffalo/liberanter - I'd be interested in knowing which ruling you're talking about. Out of curiosity.

liberranter said...

MoT, there are actually two rulings recently handed down by Amerikan "courts" that equate to declarations of war against the American People, and I believe whitebuffalo is referring to both.

The first case, one that Will alerted us to on the LRC blog is an Indiana State Supreme Court decision, one that will certainly be upheld by SCOTUS, that essentially nullifies nearly a thousand years of Common Law by stating that Mere Mundanes have no lawful right to resist invasion of their homes by costumed, armed agents of the state, no matter how illegal such an invasion is, even if it is carried out without warrants, probable cause, and failure of said state-employed thugs to identify themselves as such.

The second case, another one that Will was gracious enough to alert us to on the LRC blog, is the case of Kentucky vs. King, in which the SCOTUS has effectively obliterated what little remains of the Fourth Amendment by stating that police do not need to go to the trouble of getting a search warrant to enter a home if they knock loudly, announce themselves, and hear what they think is the sound of evidence being destroyed.

Needless to say, impeachment and removal from the bench are only the first and mildest of the punishments that need to be doled out to the black-robed tyrants that rendered these decisions. If this is the opening salvo in the State's final offensive against Us the People, we'd better damned well wake up and fight back!

liberranter said...

"EVERY active duty Troop should get a copy of this article. So they KNOW what they are fighting for, and how the government really feels about them."

A noble, if absolutely futile gesture. Active duty troops have been thoroughly brainwashed into blindly obeying any and all orders given them and are, for the most part, absolutely incapable of the critical thought processes that are required to understand and appreciate this article.

madranger said...

There are leaders and there are 'rulers'. The amount of respect that persons with government power have to Constitutional Law is a primary statement of their character.

The blatant disregard for those wise amendments by govt officials, that will encourage a 'developed enemy' to attack its biggest naval port to start a war, will lie to start war, blow up buildings and kill thousands to start war, execute illegal unending wars with reasons given being nothing but lies.

I am very sorry that a young widow and a young son are victims of this beastly act, but government-sponsored armed forces do what they are directed to do; so we must look to where the directives come from...whether invading Jose's home and killing him, or warriors bombing cities that kill thousnds of innocents.

All these acts, with few exceptions, come from RULERS. We must get rid of rulers and replace them with Constitution-loving leaders that insist on high morals.

liberranter said...

Madranger, your point is well taken, but rulers can only exercise power if there are a sufficient number among the ruled who are willing to be their musclemen and turn against their fellow serfs. Without muscle from among the hoi polloi to ensure their positions of power, these rulers would be nothing at all except fodder for the gallows. This is why any reasonable measures that can be taken to discourage the "least among us" from selling themselves as whores to the power elite MUST be taken. The very future of our liberty depends on it.

Anonymous said...

In reply to a number of comments here:

When no-knock raids on homes were first instituted, cops found out that they could walk off with just about ANYTHING they wanted. Some of it could legally be added to the police budgets, and now the property itself can be charged with a drug crime and be stolen - via "civil forfeiture," which is neither. If they waited until the suspect left the house for a dental appointment or something they couldn't steal anything; all they'd have would be an arrested suspect.

What the cops are doing by using SWAT teams for almost everything is terrorizing the populace. They are making citizens AFRAID of the government and its representatives. That's it. The interpretation of the Fourth Amendment is totally spurious, just like that so-called "back door" laws to remove gun rights. The First Amendment is too clear and too simple to be legally subverted: "...SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." A Concealed Carry permit being required is Unconstitutional. Period. Making ANY shotguns illegal, forbidding the re-importation of the M1s - it's ALL illegal, because it ALL infringes on the First Amendment. As usual they're simply ignoring the law - Constitutional and statue.

Allowing the man to lie there wounded until he died in the presence of his wife was PREMEDITATE MURDER. There is NO way around it. NONE! If these cops - and they are NOT "Peace officers"! - are not tried and sentenced for EXACTLY THAT CRIME, then there IS NO law in that place! Or in THIS place. Amerika.

In the vast majority of these cases, if the police had IDed themselves, actually had a search warrant there in their hot little hands at the time, correctly filled out and signed, they would have found no evidence save evidence of the man's innocence and that would have been that - assuming that it wasn't their intent to begin with.

S.W.A.T. should NEVER be used casually. And the way these badge-wearing thugs Run these things, with the wrong addresses half the time or more, shooting family pets, stealing anything not nailed down, assuming the suspect to have long since been convicted... They are CARELESS, MURDEROUS, vengeful, and too often they appear not to give a damn. They aren't there to protect anyone or anything - they're there for some ACTION!

That entire community, maybe the whole City of citizens ought to get together, hire some GOOD lawyers and go after the City AND the individual cops. If they are never held accountable, this will only get worse. That's how bullies always work it, and they always will. They'll keep at it until they ARE STOPPED!


Anonymous said...

Liberranter: "rulers can only exercise power if there are a sufficient number among the ruled who are willing to be their musclemen and turn against their fellow serfs."

And what a coincidence: we happen to have loads and loads of these Urban Warfare trained ex-military (and active duty if they need them, or think they do) who are very young, poorly educated and utterly ignorant about the Constitution or its real history and meanings, their own right and obligations, willing to do anything to anyone if they're ordered to and believing its legal and right because they know no better! And imagine all those coincidences coming together like that, too!

This is Evil, children. No matter that they call US "anti-American, terrorists and on and on. We know that it is THEY who are those things, and as always they just turn it around and pretend nobody noticed. If we don't fight this SOMEHOW, America is dead, literally and figuratively.

Vietnam Era Veteran, disabled

parabarbarian said...

I predict that nothing significant will come of this. Much as I would like it to be otherwise, this fade away like all the outrageous acts that preceeded it.

Anonymous said...

SWAT teams are a hammer, and when all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.

You have all this nifty military equipment, you're going to start looking for ways to play with it, and I use the verb "play" deliberately, as it seems to be a game to many of these adrenalin junkies.

When, recently, several cops were killed in a week's time in unrelated incidents, the press and police assn's started immediately whining about a "war on cops" taking place. They actually have it reversed...there's a war on all right, but it's a war on American citizens and so far, only one side is shooting; I'll leave you to figure out which one it is.

However, I anticipate (not in the gleeful sense, more as in predict) that as people do realize they have nothing left to lose since they will not be left alone, that thugs like this will really find out what a war is, to the misery of both sides.

TigerLily said...

I had the privilege of attending the memorial service conducted by the Oath Keepers. There was quite a bit of media coverage. Couple of questions by reporters got my attention.

1. Do you think the fact that Jose was a Marine has anything to do with how much attention this incident is?

Compared to what? All the other law-abiding citizens that are being murdered by cops with guns and badges?

Why was Rep Gifford's shooting incident covered immediately NATIONALLY? And this Marine's government-sanctioned execution is just NOW gaining national attention? Will President Obama hold a memorial in Tuscon to honor this Marine's memory? And where's the arrogant jerk Sheriff? As I recall he couldn't wait to get face-time on national TV to chastise his political opponents.

2. Is there ever a time in which a police officer should be shot? The logical answer is: HELL YES! What makes their lives more valuable than the rest of us?

TigerLily said...

Please call me if you can. I am a reporter for a motorcycle magazine and am going to be reporting about this case as it applies to motorcycle clubs that supported the memorial conducted in Tucson on Memorial Day by Oath Keepers. My name is Lily Gonzalez and my # is 702-417-6260. Thank you!

josh said...

the problem is we could never have another revolution, we let ourselves become far to out gunned! my only question is who would law enforcment, federal agencies, and millitary side with? even though they are employed by the man, they all are middle to low class citizens who are being suppressed by power hungry politicians just like the rest of us. i hate to sound like some conspericie theorist, or militia member, but dose anybody watch the history channel? this country as well as others have all made these mistakes before, but i guess we have forgoten.

DMR321 said...

Lesson to be learned don't point a gun at a cop. Had he dropped the weapon he would be alive. It's his fault for being an idiot and making a widower of his wife. Can't fix stupid...well except with a few bullets maybe.

William N. Grigg said...

Given that Mr. Guerena didn't fire his rifle, and that the safety was still on when it was found, how do you presume to know that he didn't drop the weapon after identifying the intruders as police?

Furthermore, if the cowards in body armor who illegally invaded Guerena's home hadn't actively prevented him from receiving medical help, he would most likely have survived his wounds.

The tax-fattened sissies, like pretty much everybody else in their line of "work" were piss-poor shots, hitting Guerena with 22 of the 71 rounds they flung in his direction -- and the resulting wounds were survivable. If the invaders had rendered aid -- one of them was a qualified field medic -- or allowed the paramedics to treat the victim, he would have lived. Instead, they sent in a robot to poke at the body while Guerena bled out.

They knew what they were doing; one of them, according to the SWAT team's on-site commander, made a comment about "finishing" what they had started. By any honest reckoning, this is -- at best -- a case of second degree murder.

No, stupidity isn't fixable -- and neither is the incurable dishonesty of badge-toting bullies and the jock-riding sycophants who defend them.

TigerLily said...

Great response to the tired old justification that Guerena had it coming for pointing a weapon at these thugs.

SEO Company said...

People have been losing faith in the law for some time, but events like this are a turbocharger feeling. It's a shame for the good cops out there trying to ride out the storm with a semblance of decency. It must be hard.

Anonymous said...

why? Dearest of all Dearest, Why? Please do not foresake us. They are trying to kill us. Why? I am so sorry for us. Who knows their plans. Who knows what is going on. Our police are not who they used to be. It is like we are the enemy. I hang my head in shame and saddness for the way we live today. I honestly thought we were suppose to be getting better. However, there is so much injustice, so much chaos, and it seems no one not even our elected leaders and even the President can stop this. Why? Please someone tell me why? WHY?

Anonymous said...

“Why could these PIGS* not have ambushed this man when he was returning from work?”

They COULD, but then they are not permitted to ransack the home and steal whatever they want.
They’re also not allowed to take the home and sell it for the proceeds which they would then add
to their own agency’s budget. ALL they’d get is the arrest. They have to enter the home and find
money and/or drugs for the latter to be permitted. THAT’S why they bust in instead of arresting
the victims on the way to work or the store or something.

“Consider the billions upon billions spent to destroy American society, not by the druggis but by
the government trying to stop the druggies.”

If that wasn’t just the excuse you’d be right, but it is – just an excuse. The DEA now exists to attack
citizens and steal their money, property, savings and whatever else they can sell. They do the same
to the doctors treating Chronic Pain patients (CPPs). The Congress was about to cut their funding
having realized they were “losing the Drug War” when they figured out they could railroad pain
treating docs into prison and get their money AND the publicity. They just had to lie a little more
than they had been. Addiction is a medical problem, not a criminal one, and over-prescribing should
be handled by a Medical Board, not the courts, but then the cops would lose the money.

The cops around here – small town Central Oregon – are respectful, well-trained and polite, though
I don’t doubt there are a few exceptions, and my city’s PD and county’s S.O. HAVE NO SWAT GEAR
from Uncle Sam. They have no use for it, and they know it. I think there IS a special unit, I know there
are some ex-military and some excellent marksmen, but that’s it. There are also lots of ex-military
civilians (myself for one), lots and LOTS of hunters and others who are armed effectives. Open carry
is legal as long as ammo clips are carried separate from handguns, which takes about half a second to
remedy at need. And up in the woods you don’t have to separate ammo and gun. I’ve never had a
problem with a local cop. I knew one jerk, even the local cops didn’t like him, and he left. It’s the
SWAT training and conditioning plus the Drug War, which is a power grab and a money gathering scam. THAT’S what needs to be changed!

TigerLily said...

This story was a cornerstone to changing my own views about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I've done a lot of reflecting and conclude that the notion of "rights" is NONEXISTENT. There is no "right" that cannot be taken away - not even the "right" to think. Thinking can be altered to force people to conform. How many kids do we have on meds with dx of A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.?

I've been studying principles of zero gov. At first I thought the idea was insane. But with the impending collapse of the dollar coming soon, could a zero government nation be born?