Monday, May 2, 2011

Emmanuel Goldstein's Dark Victory

In related news, Francisco Franco is still dead, too.

Whether Osama bin Laden departed the mortal realm for an unpleasant eternity years ago -- as sober and serious people have reported -- or last week in a firefight suitable for a sweeps week episode of NCIS, this much is certain: The government ruling us managed to turn that despicable creature into a prophet.

"I tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed," bin Laden gloated shortly after 9-11. "The U.S. government will lead the American people, and the West in general, into an unbearable hell and a choking life." 

Osama's fondest wish was to see a civilizational conflict between the West and the Islamic world. A subsidiary desire was to see the United States spend itself into oblivion by carrying out that demented crusade. He doubtless was delighted to see the United States become mired in an intractable war in Afghanistan, and to see Washington expand the compass of its conflict with the Muslim world to include Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

Bin Laden was almost certainly gleeful to witness the collapse of the most recent Fed-engineered financial bubble in 2008, and probably emitted a chuckle or two over the dollar's rapid disintegration. Assuming that CNN or Fox is available in hell, bin Laden will probably be permitted a fleeting moment of satisfaction when the United States descends into a hyperinflationary crisis worthy of Weimar Germany or contemporary Zimbabwe -- something that could occur before the end of this year. 

As a CIA-nurtured student of post-Leninist terrorist tactics, bin Laden understood the revolutionary formula outlined in Carlos Marighella's Mini-Manual for the Urban Guerrilla

The purpose of terrorism, explained Marighella, is to "to intensify repression," resulting in draconian measures that "make life unbearable" for the subject population. When faced with "revolutionary violence," government will eagerly resort to  "police roundups, house searches, arrests of innocent people [that] make life in the city unbearable.... " Rejecting the "so-called political solution," the urban guerrilla must become more aggressive and violent, resorting without letup to sabotage, terrorism, expropriations, assaults, kidnappings, and executions, heightening the disastrous situation in which the government must act...."

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, who published and widely disseminated Marighella's terrorist tract, was a millionaire Marxist publishing magnate (yes, such people do exist). He concisely summarized Marighella's strategy as using relentless violence against the innocent in order to provoke an "authoritarian turn to the right" -- the imposition of dictatorial measures and the consolidation of power by a State that ere long will fall into the hands of the revolutionaries. 

Whatever else bin Laden was, he understood that dynamic and eagerly promoted it. Whether or not it was a product of conscious design, bin Laden and Washington's Power Elite existed in symbiosis. Every action taken by the government ruling us that abridged individual liberties and enlarged the public debt was a small victory for bin Laden's vision. The same is true of every CIA-conducted Predator drone strike that wiped out a helpless Muslim family, thereby sowing seeds of rancor that will blossom into anti-American terrorism.

Not a scene from a debt-ridden Third World nation. No, wait...
 Some people have long suspected that worms had gagged on bin Laden's mortal remains long ago, and that his name and likeness were being used in a "Weekend at Bernie's"-style hoax by our rulers. 

 Every once in a while the image of the omnipotent troglodyte -- who supposedly had the power to threaten our very existence while living in a cave somewhere in the Tora Bora Mountains -- would be resurrected to rally the public on behalf of the Long War. This routine succumbed to the law of diminishing returns about five years ago.

By now, however, the Regime no longer requires bin Laden's service as a hate figure. The purpose of such a totem is to personify an abstract "Enemy." Over the past two years, proponents of a civilizational conflict with the Muslim world have succeeded in convincing a large and growing segment of the population that Islam itself -- everywhere it exists, in whatever form it takes -- is the Enemy, and that coexistence isn't an option.

Although he would be on the opposing side of the proposition, bin Laden would appreciate the War Party's efforts to criminalize the practice of Islam in the United States. This is the objective of the "anti-Sharia" enactments that are sprouting like poisonous toadstools wherever the War Party and its acolytes have fertilized the ground with that malodorous substance in which such fungi thrive. 

Bin Laden would have admired the clarifying fanaticism behind the original version of Tennessee's proposed anti-Sharia ordinance, which would have treated peaceful belief in Sharia law as a felony punishable by up to twenty years in prison. He would be delighted to see the same U.S. government that is bombing, invading, and occupying Muslim nations abroad actively working to suppress the religious liberty of American Muslims at home. What better way to validate bin Laden's claim that war between Islam and the West is inevitable? 

Ten years ago, the image of the Enemy was that of an unabashedly hostile self-proclaimed sheik who reveled in his hatred for America. By now, much of the Right has been convinced that law-abiding American Muslims who conduct peaceful commerce and profess to love our country are the most insidious threat we face. 

When sectarian collectivism has metastasized into the marrow of our culture,  an apparition like bin Laden is no longer necessary. 

Assuming that the official narrative of bin Laden's death as a recent event is reliable, this development fulfills a promise made about a year ago by Attorney General Eric Holder, who told a congressional committee that bin Laden "will never appear in an American courtroom." Bin Laden was indicted for mass murder and other terrorism-related offenses (although, intriguingly, not the 9-11 atrocities), which means that it would have been entirely proper for him to be arraigned before a criminal court in an appropriate jurisdiction. 

The Regime has a deep bench: Al-Awlaki.

But that's not how things are done now by the Regime ruling us: The post-Bush doctrine of presidential war powers dictates that the incumbent dictator, as our "living Constitution," can order the summary execution of anyone on the planet for any reason he deems suitable. A corollary to that doctrine is that a "terrorist" is anyone thus designated by the Regime.

For a decade bin Laden was used to demonstrate the supposed necessity and wisdom of these totalitarian innovations. Anwar al-Awlaki, a "radical cleric" in Yemen who was clearly groomed as bin Laden's understudy for the past two years, will now assume the marquee role. 

Al-Awlaki -- who, like bin Laden, was cultivated by the National Security State before being designated an Official Enemy Of The People -- is a U.S. citizen targeted for assassination by a presidential order. This kind of thing was all but unimaginable ten years ago, but is now treated with torpid indifference by the people responsible for shaping public opinion. 

Thanks in no small measure to the ministrations of such people, much of the American public will be praising the government ruling us for sending Osama to hell, oblivious to the hell that the same government has stored up for the rest of us.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

The experts at Wikipedia claim that "Karachi's Geo News had a few hours earlier described a helicopter crash and "heavy firing" on the evening of May 1 "near the PMA (Pakistan Military Academy) Kakul Road", " OBL was at or near the Pakistani Military academy probably for the last 10 years. A google maps tour indicates that he spent his last days in a college town with more than a few girls schools. Go Figure.

Dave P. said...

This may sound silly but this whole debacle reminds me of a video game I played through recently wherein the main plot is a murder mystery.

The theme of the game is "reaching out to the truth," and there are several points in the story wherein the characters have the chance to take the "easy" way out by acting on emotion or the option that is the most convenient. This, of course, leads to a bad ending and the truth is lost.

This is the attitude that I'm seeing from the majority of Americans over the Bin Laden issue: All that matters is he's dead, and yet they refuse to even ask any of the prevailing questions that arise from all of this. Thus I can't see any of them getting the true/good ending in that game any time soon since it requires never taking the easy path and never stopping the search.

Anonymous said...

War is all about egos. A "There can only be one mentality".

Obama and Osama are portrayed as hero and villain respectively by history books and media. while dead soldiers are cast into eternal anonymity as the "Unknown Soldier". Civilians have it worse, being dehumanized as "collateral damage".

Trillions of dollars wasted, and hundreds of thousands of lives destroyed and maimed--for a celebration in DC and Ground zero in NYC by people over the death of one dead person who managed to sucker the most powerful country in the world to fight a self-immolating war.

Truly we live in the era of neo bread and circuses!

liberranter said...

Amerika: A land where can fool (nearly) all of the people, all of the time.

Anonymous said...

If bin Laden didn't exist, the voracious War State would need to create him. Oh, wait...
Of course, it would have been no mean feat for the Langely Loonies _or_ ISS _or_ al Qaeda (or some combination of the above) to have long since created a most convincing bin Laden impersonator and installed him in a well-fortified Paki villa, as an all-purpose hedge against future developments. I also find it interesting that the few accounts of the incident that I have found in the Internet Echo Chamber that actually attempted to cite facts, quoted the Pentagon as saying that bin Laden's identity was confirmed by visual recognition. No mention of DNA analysis (not that DNA evidence itself can't be faked, but it might bring unwelcome closer scrutiny to the affair). Of course, citing reverence for Islamic burial traditions as a reason for dumping the corpse at sea nearly instantaneously should itself raise a few eyebrows among however many still utilize the matter behind them.

Anonymous said...

Eric Margolis maintains that bin Laden was not directly trained by the CIA (see his latest commentary on his website). And when I clicked your two links it wasn't clearly demonstrated otherwise.

Kunsthausmann said...

The White House's Photo of the Day: "President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House, May 1, 2011."

William N. Grigg said...

Anon @ 7:15 -- I described bin Laden as someone "nurtured" by the CIA, which is how Chossudovsky summarized that relationship:

Pakistan's ISI was used as a "go-between". The CIA covert support to the "jihad" operated indirectly through the Pakistani ISI, --i.e. the CIA did not channel its support directly to the Mujahideen. In other words, for these covert operations to be "successful", Washington was careful not to reveal the ultimate objective of the "jihad", which consisted in destroying the Soviet Union.

In the words of CIA's Milton Beardman "We didn't train Arabs". Yet according to Abdel Monam Saidali, of the Al-aram Center for Strategic Studies in Cairo, bin Laden and the "Afghan Arabs" had been imparted "with very sophisticated types of training that was allowed to them by the CIA"[.]

Bin Laden, like other assets of his kind, was supported by the CIA by way of a cut-out (or cut-outs).

Anonymous said...

They found Jimmy Hoffa's body! It was discovered next to Amelia Earhart's remains! Glory be!

Wasn't it Benazir Bhutto who, in 2007, casually mentioned to David Frost in a BBC TV interview that Osama Bin Ladin was killed by Omar Sheikh's insurgent forces?

And wasn't it Larry Mitchell, CIA Section Chief in the Middle East, and another CIA agent who met up with OBL at the American Hospital in Dubai on July 14, 2001 while OBL was receiving kidney dialysis treatment from his doctor, Dr. Terry Callaway?

CIA chief Larry Mitchell had the opportunity and ability to take out OBL then, especially since he was already wanted, dead or alive, for the U.S.S. Cole, Tanzanian and Kenyan attacks. But maybe Larry had more pressing matters on his mind. Maybe he needed to go over a few more details with Osama concerning some grand scheme emanating from the dark halls of Langley for some yet unknown future project about to unfold.

I don't believe U.S. Special Forces killed Osama; he was already dead.

The supposed OBL hit is pure, unadulterated bovine excrement.

Now, how can any reasonable libertarian or individualist be convinced otherwise?

Why should anyone believe it?

And now I have to witness all this fucking flag-waving jingoism being shoved in my face.


-H.L. Mencken Jr.

Anonymous said...

The official story on OBL's "death" has already changed. Now they say he was unarmed and there was no firefight. And other continuing inconsistencies with the official diktats. Everything else down the memory hole! Last night I had the nauseatingly unfortunate opportunity to watch Hannity and Rumsfeld perform mutual mental masturbatory gymnastics. Rummy was particularly eager, and happy, to say that water boarding resulted in "useable intel" to find the corpse of Bin Laden. In essence this wrinkled swine was saying that the ends justify any means, even torture, in glorifying the Empire. You, citizen/slave, had best wake up to that. Hannity, who for some reason to me looks like an angry Nathan Lane, kept his poker face while Rummy gleefully went on and on. Elsewhere the States official propaganda organs, i.e. the MSM, kept up their full spectrum assault of lies.

Anonymous said...

Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake

Unknown said...

And to this day, I still put up with simpletons who challenge me, "Oh, yeah? What civil liberties have you lost?"

Ever get asked a question so stupid, you can't answer it?

Anonymous said...

"Ever get asked a question so stupid, you can't answer it?" - Lloyd

All the time. It's like being Diogenes. Instead of just looking for an honest man I'm looking for someone who's honestly not an idiot.

liberranter said...

Instead of just looking for an honest man I'm looking for someone who's honestly not an idiot.

Good luck with that quest. You'll stumble upon both the Holy Grail and Jimmy Hoffa's corpse first.

liberranter said...

Instead of just looking for an honest man I'm looking for someone who's honestly not an idiot.

Good luck with that quest. You'll stumble upon both the Holy Grail and Jimmy Hoffa's corpse first.