Monday, April 5, 2010

We're From the Government; We're Here to "Help" You to Death

They kill not because they want to
Because they think it's right to
In some cases
Have mercy on them and someday they may

Have mercy on you

The Mercy Killers

Have mercy on you

The Mercy Killers....

-- Theme to the imaginary TV show "The Mercy Killers," as presented in a 1978 Saturday Night Live sketch.

Susan L. Stuckey was suicidal when the police arrived at her apartment in Prairie Village, Kansas on March 31. When the police arrived to conduct what they dishonestly called a "welfare check," Stuckey refused their offer to "help."

Police had paid several previous visits to Stuckey, who reportedly suffered from severe emotional problems. On this particular occasion, when they materialized shortly after daybreak, they were acting on ulterior motives. "Our intent was to take her to K.U. Med for a mental evaluation," admitted Police Captain Tim Schwartzkopf following the confrontation.

Any day that begins with the arrival of armed strangers on one's doorstep is going to end badly. Despite her afflictions, Stuckey was lucid enough to understand that principle, and she did the entirely rational thing: She bluntly invited the police to direct their unwanted attention elsewhere. Since she wasn't suspected of a crime, that should have ended the matter.

But the police weren't investigating a crime. They were carrying out a much more dangerous function: They were there to "help" Stuckey, whether or not this would be appropriate, and her desires were irrelevant to the matter.

So when Stuckey rebuffed their offer, the police decided to "help" her a little bit harder by calling in a posse of uniformed knuckle-draggers called the Tactical Squad. Oddly enough, the arrival of yet another contingent of armed strangers -- this one decked out in military garb and carrying high-caliber firearms -- did nothing to ease Stuckey's troubled mind. She had already refused to grant police access to her apartment, and the arrival of the local goon squad prompted her to throw up additional barricades.

For more than two hours, the police tried to browbeat Stuckey into surrendering to them. According to neighbors who witnessed the event, the troubled 47-year-old woman -- whose mental distress was genuine -- was made frantic by this persistent, unwelcome attention.

Sometime around 9:45 a.m
., Stuckey was heard to exclaim to the police, "Somebody please kill me."

So they did.

After the fact, the police insisted that the woman -- who was surrounded, recall, by more than a dozen armed males, most of them wearing body armor and packing military-issue weaponry -- "threatened" them with a weapon of some kind.

Neighbor Gary Carson recalls seeing Stuckey armed with a broomstick and a baseball bat. After killing Stuckey, the police insisted that the fearsome implement of death wielded by Stuckey was something other than a Louisville Slugger. Thus it is quite possible that when Stuckey was shot three times by a heroic 15-year veteran police officer, she was armed with nothing more lethal than a thin wooden dowel.

Yet it was for this reason, insisted a local "reporter" embedded with the paramilitary team that attacked Stuckey's home, that the police "were forced to shoot her."

The same repulsive sentiment was uttered by Stuckey's neighbor Marianne McGuff, whose canine eagerness to display the "correct" attitude suggests that she was a star pupil in one of the Regime's obedience training schools.

"It did break my heart that they had to shoot her," pronounced McGuff. "They must have had a real good reason to shoot her because that's not normal."



There was no "good reason" for the police to gun down Stuckey, because there was no good reason for them to be there in the first place.

The night before Stuckey was mercy-killed by the police, some neighbors called in the constabulary when the disturbed woman "verbally assaulted them," reports a Kansas City CBS affiliate. Within hours, she was dead -- without being so much as charged with a crime.

Police and their media stenographers insist that the "standoff" with Stuckey "escalated" as the morning wore on. To the extent that this is true, the escalation was unilateral, with the police fatally ramping up their efforts to overcome Stuckey's refusal to submit to their offer to "help" the troubled woman by handcuffing her and taking her to a mental hospital. Eventually some similarly helpful person provided the police with a key to the apartment, thereby acting as an accomplice to an eminently avoidable act of death by government.

In describing the actions of the police officers who carried out the lethal "humanitarian" invasion of Stuckey's home, Capt. Schwartzkopf offers no indication that the frantic woman posed a significant threat to the intruders: "They tried what I would describe as less lethal options; that was not working, and basically officers had to use deadly force."

When used in this way, "basically" is a high-viscosity weasel-word. The only time anyone is morally or legally permitted to use lethal force is to deflect potentially lethal aggressive violence. Note carefully that Schwartzkopf didn't claim that this was the case.

"[The officer's] hand was forced," Schwartzkopf maintained in a separate statement. "He tried to use different options there and unfortunately he had to discharge his firearm."

The most urgent questions in this matter are left begging like Dickensian orphans: Why did the police officer "have" to kill Stuckey? What "weapon" was Stuckey carrying? What "less-lethal" weapon(s) did the officer employ before firing his gun?

If Stuckey had been wielding a gun or a knife, this detail would most likely have been shared with the public. Schwartzkopf made no mention of a gun or knife. In fact, he didn't use the word "lethal" to characterize the purported weapon. Taking Schwartzkopf's account at face value, it appears the officer who killed Stuckey had time to try more than one "non-lethal" option before gunning her down.

The official story is that Stuckey "made a threatening move toward the officer." It should be kept in mind that police are permitted to describe any form of resistance as a "threat" to "officer safety."

Stuckey would have been within her legal rights to employ defensive force to repel potentially lethal aggression by the police. But nothing Schwartzkopf has said for public consumption indicates that Stuckey was killed for any reason other than her insurmountable refusal to submit to the police.

As things presently stand, it appears that Susan L. Stuckey -- may God grant rest to her troubled soul -- was a victim of what I'm going to call the Troy Meade Doctrine of Police Violence.

That doctrine takes its name from the Everett, Washington police officer who carried out the execution-style killing of Niles Meservey, a drunken man whose car was completely hemmed in and who posed no danger to anybody. Meade, his patience over-taxed after spending a few minutes trying to talk Meservey out of his Corvette, bellowed, "Enough is enough! Time to end this!" Meade them emptied his firearm into the driver's side of the car, killing Meservey.

Whenever the State's armed enforcers are deployed to "help" somebody, and the target of official benevolence doesn't play along, eventually the matter will reach the "enough is enough" stage. At this point, the government's emissaries of coercive kindness will have no choice but to kill the object of their humanitarian concern.

Two recent cases suggest that Stuckey could have suffered a violent death even if she had surrendered and been taken to a hospital.

Last December, Preston Bussey III, a 41-year-old resident of Rockledge, Florida who suffered from mental illness, was forcibly hospitalized for self-inflicted wounds. His injuries suggested a failed suicide attempt. Two police summoned to the hospital acted on the adage, "If at first you don't succeed...."

"Several police officers unsuccessfully attempted to persuade Bussey to follow a doctor's directions," according to a local news summary. "Bussey refused, and after repeated warnings to comply `two officers deployed their electronic control devices'" -- that is, their government-issued portable electronic torture devices, more commonly called "Tasers."

A brief digression is appropriate here. We were once assured that Tasers would be used as a substitute for lethal force in situations involving a potentially dangerous criminal suspect, and that the officers carrying them would exercise monastic self-discipline in employing electro-shock. Now we're casually informed that Tasers are "electronic control devices" appropriately used to manipulate non-violent criminals -- and even reluctant patients -- through pain compliance. This was what happened to Mr. Bussey.

After being repeatedly hit with high-voltage shocks, Bussey stopped breathing and died after unsuccessful attempts were made to revive him.

Incredibly, this was the second time a member of Bussey's family had been killed by police while in the hospital. Ten years earlier, almost to the day, Preston's older brother Vincent, who had gone to the hospital for treatment following a fight, was killed in what was described as a "struggle" with police officers.

A couple of weeks before Preston Bussey expired beneath the tender ministrations of Rockledge's "Finest," 62-year-old Toledo, Ohio resident Linda Hicks was gunned down by police in a group home. Hicks, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, and hypertension, had gotten hold of a pair of sewing scissors. Some well-meaning soul, not appreciating the potentially fatal consequences of doing so, called the police.

When the officers arrived -- two distaff tax-feeders named Rebecca Kenney and Diane Chandler -- Hicks still had the scissors but she was prone on her bed. When Hicks refused to remove her arms from beneath a pillow, Chandler attempted to shoot her with a Taser, but the cartridge malfunctioned. She then pressed the Taser directly against Hicks's body to operate it in "drive-stun" mode.

This escalation had the predictable effect of making matters worse.

When the officers arrived, Hicks had been depressed and listless. The Taser assault enraged her: She rose from the bed and reportedly declared: "I'm going to kill you or you're going to have to kill me." Chandler replied by shooting the sick woman four times at point-blank range.

As was the case with the police officer who killed Susan Stuckey, Officer Diane Chandler was "certified with crisis intervention training," observed her boss, Toledo Police Chief Michael Navarre.

Apparently, CIT doesn't include instruction in de-escalating conflicts with people not accused of violent crimes.

If Chandler was able to get close enough to use the device in "drive-stun" mode, she was close enough to immobilize Hicks without killing her. Chandler had another officer on hand to assist, and there were objects in the room -- blankets, pillows, furniture -- that could have been used as a shield against a pair of sewing scissors. Presumably, police officers are given at least a modicum of unarmed combatives training, and are paid to run a few risks.

Despite all of this, Chandler's first option in dealing with a physically sick, mentally ill 62-year-old woman was "pain compliance" using a reliably lethal weapon. When that proved futile, her second option was homicide.

Pursuing justice: Civil rights activist Gerald Rose (right) confers with Evelyn Patterson, Linda Hicks's aunt (center) and her daughter, Carmen Boyd (left).

"It's a difficult job out there," Chief Navarre commented after the killing, emphasizing that Chandler, like other members of his department, were stressed-out because of recent layoffs. "Officers are being stretched to the limit."

This remark seemed to invite the public to sympathize with the killer, rather than the victim -- and to contain an oblique warning that about the potential that other stressed-out Toledo police officers may be just a touch too eager to pull the trigger.

Similar concerns were expressed by Thomas F. Pounds, the kennel-fed "watchdog" who publishes the Toledo "Free" Press. While
"Hicks’ death is the greater tragedy in the situation," Pounds pontificated, "Chandler’s life has been irrevocably changed and she will need a great deal of support from the community she has sworn to protect." When government employees kill someone needlessly, they can always rely on the solicitude of state-centric opinion molders.



Roughly a month later, the Toledo PD's Firearms Review Board ruled -- isn't the suspense simply unbearable? -- that Chandler was "justified" in killing Hicks.

It will be recalled that Marie McGuff, Susan Stuckey's neighbor of Susan insisted that it isn't "normal" for the police to gun down someone they're trying to help.

Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to the new "normal."

Video Extra: "Helping" Iraqis to Death

"Well, it's their fault for bringing their kids to a battle," rationalizes one of the Regime's hired killers after two Iraqi children were found among those slaughtered in the American war crime documented below.

No, you murderous, self-justifying twit: You're to blame for invading and occupying their country, and I wouldn't miss the likes of you if you never came back. Then again, if you did come back you're probably in a policeman's uniform by now.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


Troy said...

I don't know what happened, but there are three embed players that start when you get to this post.

R.S. Ladwig said...

Great post Will, I am continually disheartened obviously due to the fact that these sorts of outrages are too common, but almost more so that there is a bottomless pool of schleps who just shrug their shoulders and say, "They must have had a good reason to do it."

Until the scales are tipped and there is a populace that gets up and gets their cameras when police are harrassing neighbors and even better distrust police things simply will not change.

Anonymous said...

Similar concerns were expressed by Thomas F. Pounds, the kennel-fed "watchdog" who publishes the Toledo "Free" Press. While "Hicks’ death is the greater tragedy in the situation," Pounds pontificated, "Chandler’s life has been irrevocably changed and she will need a great deal of support from the community she has sworn to protect." When government employees kill someone needlessly, they can always rely on the solicitude of state-centric opinion molders.

This reminds me of something I came across in an earlier essay of yours:

What stuck in the minds of these men who had become murderers was simply the notion of being involved in something historic, grandiose, unique ("a great task that occurs once in two thousand years"), which must therefore be difficult to bear. This was important, because the murderers were not sadists or killers by nature; on the contrary, a systematic effort was made to weed out all those who derived physical pleasure from what they did....

Hence the problem was how to overcome not so much their conscience as the animal pity by which all normal men are affected in the presence of physical suffering. The trick used by Himmler — who apparently was rather strongly afflicted by these instinctive reactions himself — was very simple and probably very effective; it consisted in turning these instincts around, as it were, in directing them toward the self. So that instead of saying: What horrible things I did to people!, the murderers would be able to say: What horrible things I had to watch in the pursuance of my duties, how heavily the task weighed upon my shoulders!

Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil

dixiedog said...

Even though I disagree with you on the merits of a genuine death penalty - which is a just recompense in my mind for convicted murderers - I do agree with your take completely about these homicides committed by the police. When they commit blatant homicide they should no doubt be held to the same account and meet the same recompense, accordingly.

But, yes, I know it doesn't work that way...hardly ever nowadays. It did at one time as the case of that serial killer copper, Dave Rogers, convicted in the '80s of killing several women and sentenced to death.

Of course, Rogers was not on "official" duty when those murders took place so they weren't "state-sanctioned," of course. Indeed, it's an entirely different story when they commit murder "in the line of duty."

You mentioned another problem, the problem with statist, totalitarian-minded commoners or, as you call them, mundanes. I've commented on this species of humanoid before in one of your previous pieces.

Sadly, there are WAY TOO MANY Marianne McGuffs and Gary Carsons out there who are obedient, groveling serfs who like nothing better than to sic the state (or a HA) upon folk they disdain or are suspicious of. Folk like them would naturally make "excellent" neighborhood "crime" watchdogs - oh, the irony. In reality, they're busybody crows and buzzards who will anonymously "cackle" and "squawk" to the police (or a HA) about anything and everything they see or hear about themselves that they deem unlawful and/or suspicious and from the numerous other crows and buzzards in the neighborhood.

Yes, Will, busybodies and gossips are everywhere and numerous. And when they can remain anonymous, oh then their rapacious bell-clappers will jingle at high speed to agents of Leviathan over minor and/or even trivial matters, but that end up potentially lethal for the target personage like the atrocities you outline in this piece.

Even though I currently live in one (townhouse), nevertheless I perennially HATE living in a "sardine can" residential community (townhouse, apartment, house in a gated gulag or subdivision, etc.) and will eventually get the heck out as soon as I can manage it.

One who lives in such a locale has to deal with the organic iron maidens, a.k.a. dictatorettes (with also a token dictator or two sometimes), who sit on the board of a Homeowner Politburo. Like the police, the HA has its own reliable contingent of agents provocateurs, crows, and buzzards as well prowling about the neighborhood cacklin' and squawkin' to ultimately cause you financial pain and/or physical pain in extreme cases.

Anyway, like most of your writings, it's an excellent well-documented piece, Will.

dixiedog said...

No, you murderous, self-justifying twit: You're to blame for invading and occupying their country, and I wouldn't miss the likes of you if you never came back. Then again, if you did come back you're probably in a policeman's uniform by now.

I saw this on YT from one of my subscriptions and yet some wonder why so many other peoples hate us. Sigh...that last sentence is a gem and encapsulates the total atrocious reality of Amerika's imperial warmongering in a nutshell.

Amerika's already been dead, but its corpse just hasn't stopped twitchin' yet.

Workingstiff said...

In regards to the "Collateral Murder" video:

I recognize that the journalist took his own life into his hands when he decided to get close to the action. That said, here's my thoughts.

I didn't see anything, other than the shot of the camera man looking around the corner of the building, that looked like a RPG or an AK.

I'm not an expert on how insurgents blend in with the environment, but I thought it odd that this group that was later strafed exhibited no running or creeping along the buildings. They were walking in plain sight in the middle of the road. I would think that even the most greenest insurgent would take advantage of cover during a firefight with US forces, and not blatantly stroll around in the open. Doesn't that behavior seem odd way for bad guys to behave?

On the same theme, why didn't these people on the ground see or hear the Apache? I mean, was the attack copter standing off a mile or two away, that they were not aware of it? I would think if I was a insurgent, and saw or heard a US copter nearby, I would be smart enough to at least hide myself around cover so as not to be a target. Which leads me to believe that this group were aware of the 'copter, but felt that since they brandished no weapons, or acted in a suspicious way, that they would be targeted.

My last question is this. Considering this was in an heavy populated area, was it warranted to use such overwhelming firepower and risk collateral injury to local civilians? Now before I get dumped on about the importance of protecting our troops in combat, ask yourself this: Would you have supported a similar use of firepower against armed bank robbers from the California bank robbery that used AKs with large capacity ammo drums that were hammering the cops? The cops were out gunned, and badly pinned down. Why not allow Police helicopters to use 30mm cannons to take out those bank robbers in our heavily populated areas??

Also, if part of our mission is to free Iraq and bring them democracy, how is that suppose to work if we apply excessive force in a populated area that threaten the lives of the innocent civvies we are suppose to liberate? ?

Mimi said...

The murder--yes, that's what it was--of this poor woman makes me sick. So does the incredibly callous remark of the hired killer in Iraq that the men slaughtered are to blame for their children's pain. What in God's name have we become? Why aren't people rioting in the streets? When will it ever end?

Markus said...

Thank you very much Mr. Grigg for your tireless eloquence in exposing the bottomless pit of barbarous absurdity that has come to bound the modern American mental horizon. If it were not for the unmistakable wit you use to leaven these grim tidings, I don't know that I could get them down. You are a powerful writer--I don't think it would be hyperbolic at this point to suggest that humanity, or what is left of it, owes you a debt of gratitude.

Dauvit Balfour said...


I was wondering the other day what the relative chances were of being killed by the fuzz as compared to the fuzz being killed by a civilian. I remember you posting the total numbers of police deaths some time back, but I don't recall anything about relative numbers or percentages.

Lately I've been operating on the principle of praying for the civilian whenever I see lights flashing (and I recently made the mistake of posting one of your LRC blogs on my facebook with that comment, which drew the ire of a police wife on my friends list).

idahobob said...

Just sent this article off to my County Sheriff. He listens.


Anonymous said...

Avoiding the police like the plague is a top priority, even in my little town.

kirk said...

Murderous behavior, clearly beyond anything warranted, excused by "officialdom" and accepted by the public is how tyranny becomes the way of life for all.

As long as we continue to tolerate the intolerable, have faith in the faithless and hope in the hopeless, our state of existence as presently constituted will only advance and worsen. It is in our power to stop this abomination in its track. Instead, we accept and our acceptance allows the growth of the monster abusing us.

It is time to bring to heel all "public servants" from the pols down to the local storm troopers in the streets. If not, they will surely bring us all down.

Anonymous said...

Mystery solved!
Police layoffs force police officers to kill citizens. Is it just me, or is there a threat in there somewhere?

apollonian said...

Problem For Grigg's Details Is Larger Historic-Sociologic Context
(Apollonian, 6 Apr 10)

Well gosh Mr. Grigg, but it's really hard to fault ur story or even to add a comment--it's all so really matter-of-fact. But perhaps it could only use perspective as way of explanation--within the general CYCLIC course of history and nature of sociology which is, I submit, absolutely DETERMINED (not subject to any perfectly "free" human will).

Thus we have a governmental system, beginning at the top, but also extending, for all the corruption, to the local level, as we see, which encourages and promotes, for example, illegal immigration--literally INVASION--and methodically kills its own citizens, as u detail, the victimized goons, so brilliantly conditioned by TV, not willing to comprehend, thus not able to defend themselves.

Thus we see it confirmed: TREASON PROSPERS, esp. when the culture and people are so corrupt. Such then is the degenerate HUBRIS of the people, the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

For the victims are programmed to think, as by TV, but also by such as "education," public and otherwise, it's all part (all the corruption, murder, insanity, etc.) of that wonderful "progress."

The establishment "Christian" churches also collude as they're bought and paid for, lock, stock, and barrel. Does it surprise that all these Christian churches support Israel?--EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, without exception. These "Christians" are such heroes for truth, aren't they?

But this insanity is REALLY only what one could expect given the fact it's what the powers at the very top demand and pay for by means of a (practically) infinite, un-ending supply of COUNTERFEITED funds and money. See and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud.

And note the more the people willingly "work," the more they uphold the power of this COUNTERFEIT system. And all those "hard-working immigrants" to USA--what exactly do they really think they're contributing to?

And this insanity, borne of "prosperity" and Mammon, will only end when, FINALLY, at long last the COUNTERFEITING system is reduced-to-absurdity by means of HYPER-inflation. Up until then (hyper-inflationary flame-out), the system will continue great guns, u may be sure.

For everything about the (corrupted) culture, funded by that basic COUNTERFEITING scam/mechanism MUST SUPPORT, DEFEND, AND EXTOL fraud and lies, consistent w. the basic nature of the COUNTERFEIT scam in the first place.

[---------see below for part two to above entry----------A.]

apollonian said...

[--------here's part two to above entry----------A.]

* * * * *

Why/how else do elected (but not really--as "elections" themselves are corrupted by obvious means of electronic fraud--see and officials vote and enact wildly UN-POPULAR legislation, like recent health-care bill and illegal immigration legalization?--THEY'RE PAID (bribed, then extorted)to do so--what/how else? If it takes a million dollars per vote, by golly, it can and will be done.

And the goons, called "citizens," after token complaining, just keep watching their TV and football games. Hey, did u hear about Tiger Woods?--he's a sick joke--but look, he goes out and beats the pants off all those rich white boys at their own game, so he must know what it's really all about, right?

So u see Mr. Grigg, it's all (all the corruption and murder) part of a large DETERMINISTIC CYCLIC process of history and socio-biology whereby the original virtuous founders raise up a descendent population of pampered goons and lazy, cowardly, HUBRISTIC scum--and now we see the result and consequences, as these brainless goons are methodically killed off, both domestically and as they're sent to enforce foreign wars and glorious "nation-building."

Thus the CYCLIC process will continue, the excess population of goons, morons, dupes, fools, and suckers steadily exterminated until the parasite class at the top must now begin to fall-out and in-fighting among themselves. Only then, when parasites destroy themselves, do the poor people once again have a chance to resurge for their own population/culture--but there's no telling how long this all will take.

Look how long it took the Roman Empire to degenerate and collapse, Europe continuing to wallow in poverty, before civilization began to resuscitate in Renaissance.

Note the devilish SUCCESS as US Fed has been going strong since 1913 when first instituted. Of course a few people, like Ron Paul, object to the Fed, as always, but they're drowned out by legions of fans of Tiger Woods and Britney Spears. Unfortunately we lost Michael Jackson.

CONCLUSION: Meantime Mr. Grigg, the problems that u bring up and pt. out are surely only small, little, exceptional "glitches" within the overall tremendous "progress" we've enjoyed--how can u deny it's all worth it when we see the glorious advance of homosexual rights, world government now engaged in victorious perpetual "war on terror," and the "green" revolution? Come on, and quit being such a stick in the mud. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement officers take note; this kind of behavior along with the indiscriminate tasering of grandmothers, pregnant women, children, paraplegics,etc must end. Get back to being peace officers and turn away from being government agents. As the Federal government enacts anti-Constitutional laws guess who will be on the leading edge of enforcing those 'laws'? YOU! and as such it will be our local police who will bear the brunt of the public's anger.

Anonymous said...

Tens of thousands of young 18 year olds sent off to the middle east to get them used to killing people who look like civilians.

They return and where do they end up - police.

Maybe that's why they were sent in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Why yu would say "she's suicidal"- is beyond me.

She was from the populace of Noble Warriors, that insisted the "cops" are here to serve We, The People and not the other way around.

And the laws implemented are NOT our laws - and therefore, illegal. We're NOT bound by them!

Anonymous said...

"which drew the ire of a police wife on my friends list...." - DB

Whoah nelly! You hit the nail on the head there. You can always count on those who directly or indirectly "benefit" from being our overlords. They close up ranks faster than a herd of elephants... truth be damned.

The video from Iraq was sickening. I caught it last night and literally was shaking so violently... like a man with a bad case of the flu. I couldn't control it for the longest time. Honest. It wasn't like I was all that angry, or surprised, just like someone in shock. This is the kind of thing that needs to be rubbed into peoples faces on a daily basis. And if this is the only time that's ever happened, or caught on video, I've a nice bridge to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Dixie... You made a very good point on how the HOA commissars "love" to screw with people. Must be the sort of apparatchik who always weasels their way onto city councils, commissions, PTA... whatever. So long as there is someone who needs to be put under their boot (and when has that ever NOT happened) you'll find these maggots.

Anonymous said...

Will, should have mentioned this earlier (just HIT me, ya know) but since you're reviving old SNL memories I'm sure you remember the "X-Police".... LOL

Ivan.New Zealand. said...

Nice country you must live in,pity it's full of cowardly torturing ameriscum.

Anonymous said...

As always, my thoughts on these outrages are simple: They persist because we allow them to persist. When the good people sit and refuse to act, the wolves feed with impunity.


Doc Ellis 124 said...

MoT 1225:

Maggots are useful critters. They eat dead flesh and make room for living flesh. State employees eat the living to make room for the dead. Comparing state employees to maggots may be insulting to maggots.

whitebuffalo said...

As always, a great article Will. But I want to enlist you in my crusade to stop using the word "insurgent". That's the word used by the Imperial Fed Gov to describe anyone who has the audacity to resist the invasion of their country by the immoral empire that is Amerika. Let us instead use the more accurate term patriot. As in the Iraqi patriots killed 5 members of the occupation forces or the Afghanistani patriots repelled the invaders.

Likewise we need to stop calling cops Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs - and I am guilty of this myself) and instead come up with a better, more accurate term. Law Enforcement Goons (LEGs) or Law Enforcement Thugs (LETs) come to mind. I'm sure the readers of this page can come up with some great ideas. The point being is that we shouldn't let the enemy of the people guide our words - and as such our thoughts a la Orwell's 1984.

Kitty Antonik Wakfer said...

For those who want a different term to use for "government law enforcement officers" I suggest simply calling them government enforcers. Without them all the government laws/rules/directives/mandates/etc would be nothing more than words. I can't imagine any of the politicians/legislators/judges/bureaucrats getting out in the streets and byways doing any of the enforcing. Enforcers are the key!

If current government enforcers resist attempts at logical persuasion to quit working for a particular agency (and any other government enforcement agency), then withdraw voluntary association and let them know why. Negatively Social Preference (ostracize) them as you would any business that puts out a harmful product/service. To do otherwise is to make it easy for government law enforcement agency managers to continue excusing State excused murders, in addition to enormous other harm-causing activities.

Anonymous said...

"Likewise we need to stop calling cops Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs - and I am guilty of this myself) and instead come up with a better, more accurate term. Law Enforcement Goons (LEGs) or Law Enforcement Thugs (LETs) come to mind." White Buffalo

Government-Remunerated Oppressive Sheep Shearers

Taser-Happy Uniformed (or Uninformed) Goons

Anti-Serenity Servers Of Lawless Edicts

Felons Actuating Regional Totalitarian Structure

Breeze said...

I need help finding a lawyer to plead my abuse case in Kerrville, TX. by a police officer. I am on SSI so money is an issue. Can anyone help?

Sans Authoritas said...

Dauvit, you said,

"I recently made the mistake of posting one of your LRC blogs on my facebook with that comment, which drew the ire of a police wife on my friends list."

I see a mistake here, but I don't think it was posting one of Will's blogs on your Facebook.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

"Maggots are useful critters..." - Doc

Doc! Long time no post. I bow to your references to maggots and how useful they are, as opposed to the "vermin" inhabiting Mordor on the Potomac.

White Buffalo makes a good point of the word "insurgent". As though fighting within your own country to drive out the invaders is made to sound like you're the bad guy and not the other way around. It would seem that by using that kind of vocabulary you could easily paint George Washington as one. Odd, I thought we were taught he was a "patriot". Hmmmmmm?

There were many great examples of names to call LEO's so I'll dog-pile on a few of my own.

State Security (Troops/Operatives)

Internal Security Forces

Deniers of Disent (DOD)

Gun-toting Government Goons GGG

Oh, the list goes on and on. Keep it up good people!

Anonymous said...

LEO Lions.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Anon 907: you wrote, LEO Lions.

I am a Lion. There is a Lions youth group called Leos. I won't say about any other Lion that we are about helping other folks, not hammering them, but I am about helping other folks, not hammering them.

Try again, Anon 907

Lemuel Gulliver said...

MoT, Will, et al,

This incident brings to mind the shootdown of an Iranian Airbus A300 civilian airliner in 1988 over the Strait of Hormuz by the USS Vincennes, causing the deaths of 290 civilians, including 66 children. The airliner, contrary to initial reports, was flying in a civilian air corridor and was transmitting a friend-or-foe identification code for a civilian aircraft, and maintained English-speaking radio contact to civilian flight control. The parsimonious USGOV eventually paid $62 million in compensation to the families of the victims, which proves that the mistake was avoidable. See the whole story here:

Excerpt from the article:

"When questioned in a 2000 BBC documentary, the US government stated in a written answer that they believed the incident may have been caused by a simultaneous psychological condition amongst the 18 bridge crew of the Vincennes called 'scenario fulfillment', which is said to occur when persons are under pressure. In such a situation, the men will carry out a training scenario, believing it to be reality, while ignoring sensory information that contradicts the scenario. In the case of this incident, the scenario was an attack by a lone military aircraft."

There you have it. Exactly what happened in the helicopter video. The helicopter crew wanted to see an RPG and AK47's, so they saw them, instead of cameras and sound equipment.

The asshole children we send over to Iraq think they are still playing video games, in which women, children, and old people they kill are just figures on a video screen, that do not bleed and scream when they die. It is amusing to see a tank run over a body. Ha-Ha. Or a child. Lookit that. Ha-Ha-Ha.

Only American "soldiers" and American "policemen" bleed and scream when they die. You and me - never.

Just like our asshole soldiers, the asshole police are trained to see every mundane as an enemy, and thus are justified in killing us - all of us - you, me, our wives, our mothers, our babies. We are all enemies in the scenarios they have had drummed into their miserable excuses for a brain: They must kill us first before we can kill them.

What to do?

What does the Humane Society do with a pit bull that has been conditioned to attack and kill? There is only one thing you can do with an animal that has been so conditioned: Put it down.

We need to keep that in mind when we ponder what to do about police and military animals conditioned to kill first and think later.

My two cents.
Lemuel Gulliver.


PS: Maybe this is why Amerika and Eretz Y'Israel are such firm friends and loyal allies. Our two countries keep learning the limits of atrocity and abomination from each other. Anything they can do, we can do better. They can do anything better than we. Yes we can. No you can't. We can worship Satan better than you. No you can't. Yes we can.... Who can kill women, children, and old men in wheelchairs, better or best? After all, we use the same weapons, made by Northrop Grumman and Teledyne Corporation. It's just a question of which one of us is the greater barbarian. Which one has the greater love of death. Which one has the strongest stomach for blood, bones, shit, guts, and splattered brains.

- L.G.

PPS: The Humane Society uses an anesthetic injection. I propose substituting something that works faster.

Anonymous said...

The Apache was probably equipped with a 30-mm M230 chain gun. The muzzle velocity for that gun is, according to Wikipedia, 2,641 ft/s. There is a pretty substantial lag (~4 seconds, maybe)between time we hear the rounds bneing fired and the time we see the hits on the ground -- assuming the vidoe and audio on the tape are properly sychronized. By multiplying the muzzle velocity by the time lag one can get an idea of how far the helicopter was from the scene: about 1.8 miles.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Okay. Let me forestall the knee-jerk howls of "Anti-Semitism" that are bound to erupt here.

Don't take my word for it. Go read a brief and excessively delicately phrased, yet devastating, history of US-Israeli relations (which fails to mention the Lavon Affair or the USS Liberty atrocity,) at "The American Conservative" magazine:

And when you have read that, let me tell you what is really going on behind the scenes on the telephone between Washington and Jerusalem:

Israel is bound and determined that if America will not bomb Iran for them, which Obama refuses to do, they will do it themselves. Obama has issued orders that any Israeli plane overflying Iraq is to be shot down. This has enraged Bibi and his gang of murderers. They in turn are trying to persuade Saudi Arabia to let them fly over that country instead. The Saudis, who fear a Shiite nuclear bomb worse than the Israelis do, (because THAT is the real reason Iran wants one - not as a threat to Israel, which has 200 warheads of its own, but as a threat to Saudi Arabia, which has none,) the Saudis are sorely tempted, and trying to decide which would cause them less condemnation in the Arab world - facilitating Israeli warmongering, or squashing the Shiite attemt to finally get the nuclear upper hand after 1,400 years of oppression at the hands of the Sunni majority.

[Note carefully: Sunnis and Shiites hate each other much worse than either of them hates Israel. Sunnis and Shiites have been hating each other for fourteen centuries - 28 times as long as they have had Israel to worry about.]

As for Israel, the Jews who pride themselves on their cleverness are basically cretins. Morons. Jackasses. Dumber than baboons at a monkey house frat party.

They wanted us so badly to take revenge on Saddam for hitting Israel with Scuds in 1991. When we did, they suddenly realized that we had removed the only check on the ambitions and power of Iran. Now they want us to overthrow the government of the ayatollahs.

Big mistake.

(Continued below....)

Lemuel Gulliver said...


Iran under the fanatic ayatollahs, who mentally live in the sixth century, has been trying to build a new airport in Tehran for 25 years now, and they are still not finished.

Iran started trying to build a nuclear reactor, with US blessing at the time, under the Shah in the 1960's. At that time they were getting uranium from Argentina. Lo and behold, the Mossad, famous for its false flag operations, blew up the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, killing 86 Jews, and managed to blame it on Iran, with the sole purpose of causing Argentia to stop selling uranium to Iran.

Basic gist of story: After 50 years, Iran STILL cannot build a nuclear reactor. All they can produce is carpets and pistachio nuts. Under the ayatollahs, all the educated Iranian professionals and scientists emigrated to the USA or elsewhere. The country is backward and ignorant. Their technology is somewhere around 1920 or 1930. After 90 years - NINETY YEARS - they cannot even build a refinery for their own oil, but have to export crude oil to China and re-import gasoline from there for their cars. Go figure.

But if, due to Israeli stupidity, the ayatollahs fall from power, Iran will become a secular, industrial, westernized country, the scientists and educated Iranians will return, and Iran will then stand a much, MUCH better chance of actually building a nuclear bomb.

Like I said, the Jews are as dumb as the south end of a northbound camel. They STILL have not learned to be careful what they wish for, since they just might get it.

So, children, there you have today's geopolitical lesson. God damn the jackass Israelis and their determination to start World War III. God damn them and their idiotic supporters in America to hell, both of them, one and all.

You think you have problems now in life? Wait till the Saudis say, "Go ahead." Then you will know what problems are. I hope you like walking - your gas will be $15 a gallon - if you can find any. Maybe, if you have any money left, you could buy a horse and call it Bibi Netanyahu.

Yours in deep pessimism,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Lemuel Gulliver said...


Federation of American Scientists - World nuclear capabilities and programs and history, listed by nation:

When you click on any country, it also gives chemical, biological, missiles and other WMD programs for that country. Also useful to check the links to "Doctrine," "Facilities," "Agencies," and so on.

Have fun browsing. Check out Iran.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Check out Argentina's nuclear program too:

It had a covert nuclear program back in 1969-1972. It concluded a nuclear-free agreement with Brazil in 1992, and only then signed the NPT. Like I said, Argentina was supplying Iran with covert nuclear material, as the Wikipedia article confirms (you know - one bankrupt state with a worthless currency and another customer state with huge oil revenues,) right up until the Mossad bombed the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires in 1994:

Note in the Wikipedia article that the explosive was a "shaped charge." Since when do Islamic crazies know about shaped charges? And note that the bombing two years before, in 1992, of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, which killed 29 Jews, was claimed by a group called "Islamic Jihad Organization."

(-- Who??) Note in THAT wikipedia article that IJO was described as "a mysterious group about which virtually nothing was known," and as "the name used in the 1980's by telephone callers demanding the departure of all Americans from Lebanon" in 1982, which would have suited Israel just fine, so they could go on massacring Lebanese civilians (Nineteen thousand in one month alone - June-July 1982) without US interference.

Question: Who blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1982? Guess, children. Perhaps some "Anti-Semites" like the "Islamic Jihad Organization" who also claimed responsibility for the Israeli Embassy bombing in Buenos Aires in 1992? With no activity of any kind in the intervening 10 years?

Right. I believe it. Yes I do. Also in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Ain't life fun? Ain't the Mossad a nice bunch of Hebrews? What's worse - for Lemuel Gulliver to say he doesn't like Zionist Jews, or for the Zionist Mossad to murder Jews by the hundreds in Buenos Aires and to murder American Marines by the hundreds in Beirut in 1982? Not the first time either - remember the USS Liberty in 1967. Of course, the Zionist Jews "only" murdered 34 American sailors THAT time.

Does this make the Zionist Mossad "Anti-Semitic?"

Or is it OK for Jews to massacre Jews in a good cause, like it's OK for one black person to call another black person "Nigger?"

What an interesting thought.

Lemuel Gulliver

Anonymous said...

Dauvit Balfour 6:42

That reaction means that you ought to post something else from the LRC blog, or this article, on your facebook. Do it again.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the lions club or the leo childrens group are all about or if they're good or bad, and perhaps it's unfortunate that they share the same name in common with l.e.o. lions. They've all co-op'ed the zodiac sign too it seems.

There may be a better term but l.e.o. lions seems to fit. Lions lay amongst the herd sometimes doing nothing, they are dangerous, toying with prey or killing for fun as cats do... mangey l.e.o. lions?

(pigs aren't quite as dangerous as lions individually, but in groups pigs are worse than lions, or so some say, it's a toss-up)

Anonymous said...

It's abysmal the way our police force is turning out. I'm 57 and as I was growing upI trusted the police to 'protect and serve' as their motto once suggested. A motto that has since all but disappeared. I knew many police offices and one of the most common things they bragged about was about how long they had served on the force without having to pull their service revolvers. Now days, it seems the bragging is about how they 'took down' the bad guys. Of course, 'bad guys' means ANYONE who defies their preceived authority including the tasering of children.

dixiedog said...

Sorry MoT for this rather belated reply. My apologies.

Dixie... You made a very good point on how the HOA commissars "love" to screw with people. Must be the sort of apparatchik who always weasels their way onto city councils, commissions, PTA... whatever.

Yep, indeed so, but here's the real irritating rub, IMO: Just as local governments are made up of individuals in the local municipality, the HA board is likewise made up of the commoners from the community. Also, the HA meetings draw virtually no one from the community to contend with the board members' collective agenda and possibly influence their votes on matters, thus we get what we got. The residents are apathetic and uninvolved, yet I've heard many complain when a new burdensome reg comes into force, naturally. The same occurs with the apathetic electorate and government.

The parallels are eerily the same.


Once again, as I've alluded to here since Will's blog began, the REAL enemy of true liberty is US, the people, the commoners, the damned mundanes!

John Clark said...

Perhaps a reflection from our history would be in order. It would appear that the level of corruption currently infesting our government to the point where the ruling class no longer bothers to hide it but indeed taunts us openly with it!

Unfortunately I think it is a reflection of the corruption of the people themselves, currently underway in America there is an awakening in a grassroots groundswell to reestablish our founding principles I only hope it's not too late. The birth of this country relied on divine help we will never regain our national soul without it.

“Let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers just men who will rule in the fear of God [Exodus 18:21]. . . . If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted . . . If our government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the Divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.” Noah Webster, The History of the United States (New Haven: Durrie and Peck, 1832), pp. 336-337, 49

“We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We’ve staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity…to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” James Madison [1778 to the General Assembly of the State of Virginia]