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The Manufactured Menace from Michigan -- Take Two

"That's it, baby -- strut! The camera loves you!" In a familiar bit of Homeland Security Theater, a law enforcement officer, his arms decorated with gangbanger-style tattoos, swaggers through a search of alleged Hutaree militia member Thomas Piatek's home in Hammond, Indiana.

When the stranger materialized a few years ago, nobody really knew much about him. He seemed like a suitably sympathetic figure and quickly ingratiated himself by offering whatever help he could. No task was too menial for him, and he had a way of finding just what the group needed right when it was required.

Most importantly, he seemed to share the group's antipathy toward the government. If anything, he was just a bit more emphatic than the rest in denouncing official corruption and endorsing violent "direct action" against the state. He seemed eager to shepherd the group in a more militant direction, eagerly out-bidding every expression of outrage and hostility. One of his favorite recurring themes was the idea that a criminal state could only be fought through the use of criminal means.

When the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) staged an armed raid to arrest several members of the group, the helpful stranger was nowhere to be found. He did leave a parting gift, however, in the form of detailed allegations recorded in a federal indictment alleging that the group he had infiltrated on behalf of the JTTF was involved in extensive criminal activity -- most of which was either suggested or directly facilitated by him -- and an ambitious plot to wage war against the United States Government.

In broad outline, this is what most likely happened within Michigan's Hutaree militia during the past couple of years, a period during which -- as federal authorities now admit -- the group was infiltrated by both an undercover FBI agent and a "cooperating witness."

One of the FBI's plants, significantly, "posed as someone who could provide the group with custom-made explosives," observes the Detroit News.

That revelation is critical, since it means that the alleged plot to manufacture of improvised explosive devices -- referred to, with hysterical hyperbole typical of the Regime's pronouncements, as "weapons of mass destruction" -- was quite possibly instigated by the FBI's informant/provocateur.

The "Hutaree Conspiracy" was the second installment in the FBI's ongoing Homeland Security Theater in Michigan. The Bureau's campaign against the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque in Dearborn followed almost exactly the same script. The final act of that earlier melodrama was an October 28, 2009 FBI raid against several of the mosque's adherents that ended with the death of its imam, Luqman Ameen Abdullah.

Initial reports claimed that Abdullah was killed in a "shootout" or "exchange of gunfire" with the Feds in a warehouse allegedly containing stolen goods. The word "execution" might be a more appropriate description in light of the fact that Abdullah was shot at least twenty times, including an entry wound in his back and an oddly specific grouping in and around the genital region.

The imam allegedly provoked the federal fusillade by shooting one of the FBI's "K9 agents." Significantly, the official autopsy report -- a document actively suppressed by the Dearborn Police Department for more than three months -- describes a series of "lacerations" (also described by Wayne County Chief Medical Examiner Carl Schmitt as "puncture wounds") that are consistent with being mauled by a dog.

It's possible Abdullah shot the dog to protect himself. It's also possible that he never fired a shot, and the dog stepped in front of one or more round intended for Abdullah. The official FBI narrative is that
"Freddy," the Belgian Malinois killed during the raid, "gave his life in the line of duty" on behalf of "his team." The dog was buried in a solemn ritual and his name was added to the FBI's "memorial wall."

We'll never know the exact circumstances of "Freddy" death. This much has been clearly established, however:
Abdullah bled to death with his hands cuffed behind his back while the FBI took the time to arrange an emergency medical airlift for their attack dog.

The most favorable construction one can put on this set of facts is that the feds handcuffed a helpless man who had been perforated by at least twenty gunshots. A grimmer possibility is that he was handcuffed before he was shot. In either case, this juxtaposition -- a handcuffed man bleeds to death while his assailants arrange emergency medical treatment for their dog -- reeks of some malodorous combination of depraved indifference and concentrated malice.

Despite the fact that both the investigation of the mosque and the raid were conducted by the local Joint Terrorism Task Force, no terrorism-related charges were filed against any of the ten men listed in the criminal complaint. The charges include "conspiracy" counts arising from an alleged plot to receive and sell "goods that defendants believed were stolen from interstate shipments"; one count of mail fraud; three counts related to possession of firearms or body armor by a felon; and tampering with automobile VIN numbers.

Attendees of Abdullah's mosque included many men who had served time behind bars. As a younger man, Abdullah was convicted of assault. Like many of this followers and countless thousands of others scattered across the country, Abdullah was converted to radical Islam within the world's largest and most lavishly funded madrassa -- the federal prison system. His friends and supporters insist that Abdullah, despite his criminal history, was a caring, pious, and generous man. The mosque ran a soup kitchen and was involved in other forms of charitable outreach to the economically blighted neighborhood.

A son mourns his father: Omar Regan at the funeral of Luqman Abdullah.

Abdullah was expansively hostile toward the government and deeply suspicious of the police -- what rational person isn't?-- but those who knew him well insist he consistently rejected aggressive violence of any kind.

"My father was a sharp-tongued individual," recalls Omar Reagan, a Los Angeles-based comedian and motivational speaker. "He would talk about his dislike of government -- about how law enforcement wasn't protecting and serving the people. But speaking his emotions and acting on his emotions are two different things."

The "evidence" presented in the criminal complaint unsealed after Abdullah was killed shows that he encouraged his followers to acquire the skills to employ defensive violence to protect themselves from both private and government-employed criminals. He also explicitly and repeatedly refused to condone aggressive action against anyone.

FBI Counter-Terrorism Agent Gary Leone, the author of the affidavit, hurls speculative allegations with the exuberant glee of a caged monkey flinging feces at spectators.

In substantive terms, his criminal complaint deals with a small fencing operation. However,
where "anti-government" groups are concerned, the FBI appears to suffer from an institution-wide case of Munchausen by proxy syndrome; this may be why the bureaucratic incentives under which Leone operates dictate that every molehill be described as if it were of Himalayan proportions. Accordingly, Abdullah and his followers are portrayed as nothing less than hardened, battle-ready shock troops of the global jihad:

"The investigation has shown that Luqman Ameen Adbullah, Imam of the Masjid Al-Haqq ... is a highly placed leader of a nationwide fundamentalist Sunni group consisting primarily of African-Americans.... Their primary mission is to establish a separate, sovereign Islamic state (`The Ummah') within the borders of the United States, governed by Shariah law..... [Abdullah] regularly preaches anti-government and anti-law enforcement rhetoric. Abdullah and his followers have trained regularly in the use of firearms, and continue to train in martial arts and sword fighting.... Abdullah preaches that every Muslim should have a weapon, and should not be scared to use their weapon when needed."

Aftermath: An FBI agent near the warehouse in which Abdullah was gunned down in an armed raid by the local Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Even if every word of that summation were accurate, none of what is described above constitutes a crime -- a fact Leone tacitly acknowledged by declining to file terrorism or sedition charges.

Furthermore, the inflammatory dicta in Leone's complaint (which consumes 29 of the document's 45 pages) artfully misrepresents Abdullah's views regarding the legitimate use of violence, as those views were summarized by Leone's snitches within the mosque. The most striking example of Leone's dishonesty deals with an attempt by one of his assets to entrap Abdullah into endorsing terrorist violence.

"Confidential Source S-2," a JTTF plant who allegedly recorded conversations with Abdullah, admits that he offered $5,000 to instigate some kind of criminal violence during the 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit. According to Leone's own summary of the incident, "Abdullah said he would not be involved in injuring innocent people for no reason."

"Confidential Source S-3" alleges that Abdullah described how Abdul Samoor, one of his followers, "printed out several things from the internet including Al-Qaeda training camp materials. Abdullah said he told Saboor to throw them away and cautioned him not to look at things on the internet." This -- like most of the "evidence" assembled by Leone -- was hearsay, but it actually works against the FBI's interest by underscoring Abdullah's refusal to endorse Islamic terrorism.

"S-3" also describes a conversation during a trip to Alabama in which Abdullah commented that he "didn't agree with bombing civilian targets such as buses, which occur in Israel and the West Bank, but said it is fine to bomb police stations."

The awkward diction here suggests that Abdullah was referring specifically to actions taken by Palestinians and drawing a distinction -- for whatever it might be worth -- between terrorist attacks on helpless civilians and what he perceived as defensive insurgent warfare against armed personnel carrying out a military occupation.

One of the most critical disclosures offered by "S-3" deals with a reported conversation on June 19, 2009, in which the imam told an associate that he knew someone in his mosque was "working for the FBI.... Abdullah said that he is hopeful that anyone who is working for the Feds will come to the mosque often to pray, will see the error of his ways, and admit he has been working with the Feds."

Abdullah's conciliatory remarks came on the same day he supposedly said that he would kill anybody "trying to gather information on him." Leone accounts for this contradiction by claiming that the wily imam knew he was being "listened to and targeted by law enforcement so he intentionally [made] conflicting statements in order to protect himself."

How can we tell which reported statements are sincere? Ah, this is easy, Leone would insist: We should dismiss anything that appears moderate and responsible as posturing, and assume that anything incendiary and self-incriminating represented Abdullah's genuine intentions.

The problem here is that all of the "consensually recorded" comments that are directly quoted in the criminal complaint are entirely innocuous. It is only when one of the confidential informants is paraphrasing Abdullah that we are barraged with shockingly detailed references to alleged criminal acts and criminal plots.

Furthermore, the "direct" quotes are not complete: Nearly all of them contain strategically placed ellipses indicating the removal of potentially critical details. Presenting them as direct evidence would be tantamount to perjury through selective editing. And as we've seen, even the accounts provided by Leone's pet provocateurs contain compelling evidence that Abdullah -- whatever he may have planned or done -- was not an aspiring terrorist.

Abdullah was infuriated by the wars of aggression being waged by the Regime in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was also convinced that the FBI was an enemy of American Muslims. Notwithstanding his passionate outrage, and despite Leone's efforts to depict him as an exponent of aggressive jihad, Abdullah -- as described in the complaint -- endorsed violence only for defensive purposes.

"They [are] smashing the Muslims all over the world and then we sit here like everything is all right," stated Abdullah in an October 10, 2008 conversation surreptitiously recorded by "S-3." "`Just leave us alone.' I mean, no. Everything isn't all right. Matter of fact, you better get up from over there and leave them people alone, man. You [are] wrong. It's no threat from the Muslims here. The Muslims here are saying, you know, `Hey, just let us live here and [unintelligible], that's the only thing they [are] worried about.... That's no good, man."

For Leone, the take-away here is that Abdullah maintained "it is not all right to simply get along with kuffars," or non-Muslims -- the insinuation being that Abdullah endorsed militancy and revenge. But Abdullah's discursive remarks actually read like a plea for Washington to desist from its aggression against Muslims abroad, and respect the wishes of American Muslims to be left alone. Those are the sentiments of someone weary of armed violence, rather than someone eagerly courting confrontation.

Abdullah's desire to be left in peace was captured in recorded comments recorded by "S-3" on November 30, 2008. The conversation dealt with the activities of federal agents, who -- according to Abdullah -- were "just terrorizing the people."

"It's a whole organized effort," he asserted. "Organized effort to betray you. But not just you, other people too. It's not just, just Muslims"; it's also people like "McVeigh and them" -- meaning, apparently, non-Muslim "anti-government extremists" targeted for infiltration and manipulation by the FBI.

"It's no question about, he [McVeigh] was involved in getting that stuff done," Abdullah continued. "Even though they [McVeigh and "others unknown"] did what they did, they probably was irked on, and supported in everything, by the FBI." After all, he pointed out, the "first World Trade Center bombing was the FBI."

Bear in mind that Abdullah was describing the FBI's documented history of orchestrating terrorist plots to an FBI informant-provocateur. I'm sufficiently cynical to suspect that this could be what got him killed.

Sure, he's an FBI bureaucrat, but what he really wants to do is direct: Special Agent Andrew Arena, the choreographer of at least two ersatz "terrorism" plots in the Detroit area.

Within a few weeks of that conversation, FBI undercover operatives began a series of ten clandestine operations intended to entice members of Abdullah's congregation into a plot to steal and fence stolen property.

All of those staged pseudo-crimes were instigated by the FBI's assets, who also arranged for the "stolen" goods to be stored at a Dearborn warehouse that was rented by the FBI.

It was in that warehouse that Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a man once known as Christopher Thomas, an ex-con who understood how the FBI's infiltration and provocation racket worked, was shot at least twenty times before bleeding to death with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Although nobody was killed when the FBI rolled up the Hutaree militia, the Bureau's campaign against that "Christian militia" was struck from the same template used against Abdullah's followers. Several of the Hutaree militiamen were seized at an FBI-controlled warehouse
where they had gathered -- unarmed -- to attend what they had been told was a "memorial service."

The FBI's investigative accomplishments are criminally overrated, but in arranging
ersatz terrorist plots it displays choreography skills that put the late Bob Fosse to shame. Recent events in Michigan suggest that the Bureau is staging a revival of its Hoover-era production, COINTELPRO. Don't feel left out; the chances are pretty good that the Bureau's touring troupe of provocateurs will visit your hometown sometime soon.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


liberranter said...

The FBI's COINTELPRO Redux will continue, at least for the near term, to succeed beyond the fedgov's wildest expectations, and for one simple reason: the targets, every last one, have consisted of, and will probably for the immediate term continue to consist of, groups of "poodles" ("People We Don't Like", the "we" being ordinary, uninformed, gullible, bigoted, easily manipulated and distracted sheeple who STILL don't "get it"). These are groups outside of the mainstream to whom the sheeple are indifferent at best, openly hostile at worst.

"Divide and conquer" has been the State's invincible weapon for as long as the State has existed. Despite the fact that history (George Santayana was, of course, absolutely correct) is replete with examples, no one ever seems to be pay any heed to one of Thomas Jefferson's most invaluable pieces of advice:

"It behooves every man who values liberty for himself to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own."

Daniel Hewitt said...

This one spilled over onto my (Canadian) side of the border. There was a Storm Trooper style takedown of a few suspects from the same mosque a few days after, here in Windsor, complete with male officers frisking Muslim women. But nobody was shot, thank God.

Anonymous said...

Some random thoughts . . .

We are truly entering the age of manufactured "thought crimes" and that it is as profane as it was prophetic by writers such as Orwell and Huxley. Especially when provocateurs plant the seeds of thought.

"A grimmer possibility is that he was handcuffed before he was shot."

Sounds like the same tactic used on those Afghan school kids. Cuff 'em and cap 'em - no witnesses, no story. SOP.

"including an entry wound in his back and an oddly specific grouping in and around the genital region."

One to the chest, two to the groin is a pretty common tactic. Severing the femoral artery causes the target to bleed out pretty quickly. When confronting Homeland Gestapo it should be modified to one to the head and two to the groin since those unarmored areas are your best targets - unless you happen to be wielding something on the order of a .300 WinMag which ought to drag the soft ballistic armor clear through the chest cavity, as Marshall Deagan (sp?) found out on Ruby Ridge.

Just another Redneck from Souther Idaho . . .

In Male Fide
Sic Semper Tyrannis

Creek Dancer said...

Thanks for revisiting this incident in light of the current events.

You are probably aware of the Brandon Mayfield incident here in Portland, Oregon...>

There have been other incidents of a dubious nature regarding Muslims here in Oregon with some continuing fallout in the courts.

Wish we could trust our 'trusted servants', but they continue to cross the line and we have to diligent in holding them to account.

Thanks for the article William via Lew Rockwell

A Knesal _ 'Liberal Warrior' _ "Little Beirut"

Anonymous said...

It's like Philip K Dick's "Minority Report". Pre-crime. The criminals are the system. Those people have every right to express themselves. They did nothing. They were arrested for a pre-crime. JEEZ this is scary. To be honest I really think our government is in crisis and is collapsing. For thinking this I am probably guilty of a thought crime or a pre-crime.


Anonymous said...

A friend asked Lew Rockwell if he thought the FBI had infiltrated the Tea Party movement.

Lew quickly replied "Of course they have!"

apollonian said...

Tragic Crux To Human Progress Is MENTALITY--Which Is Cyclic--But At Least We See Where We Are
(Apollonian, 5 Apr 10)

It's surely interesting and even encouraging the previous posters/commenters here above invoke PSYCHOLOGY. For yes, the people are being "treated" and programmed, "trained," and "processed"--"cultivated" and made to get "used to it" all.

Thus we see (once again) mentality is the ultimate object, and the relevant question/issue is that of Pontius Pilate in Gosp. JOHN 18:38, "what is truth?"

And of course, such programming is so un-natural it will never work--sooooo, u have to raise up a cadre of "trainers," the "party" (golly, but I wonder who these would be?), and train them to keep at it for imposing such "training" upon the people. Observe there's a distinct ETHIC to the politics of collectivism, this ethic of OBLIGATION. But "obligation" to what, exactly?--to obligation itself, of course.

Thus people are being taught a certain MORALITY, in accord w. the prevailing Pharisaist Pelagianism entailing "good-evil" and Kantian "duty." But again, duty towards what, exactly?--whoever/whatever is in AUTHORITY. People are being trained to OBEY--utterly mindlessly and un-questioningly. Thus "authority" must be FEARED--by means of terrorism. So "authorities" are "good" terrorists, if u notice.

So anyway, such mindless obedience requires people being constantly broken-down--and observe then how useful is the general idea of GUILT and guilt-complex. Don't u feel sooooooooooooooo guilty for the (utterly fictional) holohoax (see, and for expo/ref.)?

And just observe who rules. Talk about pre-crime--what's the purpose to "hate-speech" and "hate-crime"?--who benefits?

Thus pretending, so desperately, insistently, and obsessively that u're "good" entails a competition by which people are made inexorably to in-fighting--and note how ostensibly ultra-"individualist" and anti-collectivist it all is at same time it's soooooo uniformly impressed upon the volk in collectivistic fashion, consistently and incessantly.

[---------see below for part two to above entry--------A.]

apollonian said...

[-------here's part two to above entry----------A.]

* * * * *

But since this anti-collectivist collectivism is so (obviously) insane, it's doomed to failure--and top masterminds understand it perfectly. So, in the end, it has to be a large process of PERPETUAL WAR for the ever-elusive "good" whatever, a perpetual war which must steadily, inevitably destroy the people--which then eventually must cause problems as the stock of slaves is reduced, and now the parasites at the top must themselves begin to fall-out w. one another--it's truly a CYCLIC process in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

So my pt. is, again, the AMAZING psychology of it all, regarding this statist system of dictatorship, aiming for a mentality built upon ETHIC of un-defined and undefinable "good," esp. for the Kantian "duty" and "obligation" which then invoke, entail, and logically imply a distinct OBSESSIVE quality, utterly mindless and un-questioning.

Finally for this analysis, observe then the SUBJECTIVISTIC element which is at the very root of it all regarding insane dictatorship and collectivism--for subjectivism insists there's no ultimate truth (but for the same old subjectivism--which requires exactly the sort of obsessive, constant, incessant "training," obedience, and programming of mentality as we see).

Thus such dictatorship is a regime and empire of LIES, always founded upon Pharisaism-MORALISM--NEVER AN OBJECTIVE REALITY which understands humans as naturally self-interested, hence sinners. And there is no "truth"--but what the regime at whatever particular moment says--as for thematic example, the holohoax. Gee whiz, but WHO BENEFITS?

So note the problem at root of present dictatorship is a mentality, that obsessive subjectivism, taking specific form (such as it is), founded and justified in mindless PHARISAISM and moralism.

And what's then anti-thesis to such subjectivism-moralism?--OBJECTIVITY, hence determinism which repudiates "good-evil" and perfectly "free" human will.

CONCLUSION: Problem then is such regime of objectivity, truth (at first, anyway), and "freedom" then allows the anti-thematic regime of Pharisaism to arise all over again--thus the TRAGIC CYCLIC nature of humanity and human "progress." But at least we can see where we are in the large course of things--"Decline of the West," truly. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

The late Don Nelson, award-winning reporter for the Los Angeles Times, said of the Kathy Ainsworth assassination, that when the FBI came to Meridian MS to get the KKK they came "to do murder" that is what Nelson said, THEY CAME TO DO MURDER!

So when undercover agents instructed the couple to go to this house, in the bushes the FBI hid with their machine-guns and shotguns and rifles.
The FBI shot them as they stood, from the hiding spot, the 26 year old, PREGNANT schoolteacher was hit 19 times, she died instantly, as Tarrant lay on the ground they opened up with buckshot blowing his arm off, he had already been critically wounded before, incredibly he lived, made obeisance to the STATE and is still alive.

Time after time innocent, naive people are entrapped to do BAD THINGS by criminals with badges.

Look at Ruby Ridge and Waco, they were PROMOTED, they were HONORED.
They also BROKE THE LAW, repeatedly.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

A person with ridiculous viewd, Matt Hale, was sentenced to 40 years in SUPER MAX, No Human Contact, his crime? The FBI, using resequenced audio tapes, kept telling the FBI Undercover informant, NO NO NO NO, that Matt Hale DID NOT want to harm the judge.

In the first instance, there was never any indirect or direct solicitation for murder on the part of Matt Hale. At no point in time did Matt Hale say something along the lines of “Hey, I want you to murder/kill/rub out such-and-such an individual,” or “I'd appreciate it very much if you'd go off and kill this person for me.” The only solicitation that occurred was on the part of the mole who repeatedly accosted Matt Hale over a period of over 2 years.

By comparison, consider the case of Joseph Casalicchio. He actually paid two Hell's Angels bikers $35,000 to kill a judge, who in turn shot up the house where the judge lived (nobody was hurt). Joe was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to a mere 5 years in prison. Even the notorious shoe-bomber Richard Reid received a mere 13 years in prison for trying to kill everyone aboard a passenger airliner.

Hale graduated law school with honors. He had never been arrested, let alone convicted, of any crime. He passed the Bar exam with flying colors, yet the ABA DENIED him a license to be an attorney in Illinois due to his religious beliefs.

Now about the same time a convicted murderer/robber, he had killed a customer in the jewelry store robbery and a policeman who was responding to the call in Dayton, Ohio,. This black gentleman, Derek Farmer, studied law in prison, all the law professors at the universities there helped in to do so, He was supported by all the big wheels in law schools and the ABA of Ohio. Well the prestigious folks they worked hard and got him early parole. No national news coverage of the matter.

Soon the Ohio bar committee gave Farmer a license to practice law.

Well a society like that, that is the very definition of injustice. Whose goons murder the innocent and whose "legal profession" makes a mockery of Lady Justice's blindfold.

America will fall, anyone who cannot see that coming is not really paying attention. God is not mocked.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Very interesting on the Hutaree case and interesting comparison to the Abdullah case.

However, I don't share your belief that Muslims, American or otherwise, just want to be left alone. Islam is fundamentally incompatible with U.S. citizenship and a Muslim faithful to the letter of the Koran by definition is an enemy of the kuffar (us). I'm inclined to believe that Abdullah was involved in criminal activities and had more than defensive goals in mind.

I hardly think the war in Afghanistan and Iraq are wars of aggression and Abdullah had it bass ackwards on the "smashing Muslims everywhere" point. Would that that were true. On the contrary, we've been kissing the hems of the Saudi robes and otherwise implementing the ummah's preferred foreign policy in the Balkans.

That said, I think the FBI behavior at Ruby Ridge and the govt's treatment of Mr. Weaver were a disgrace, as was the whole Waco outrage.

A well written blog and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

Matt - Michigan Criminal Attorney said...

It's hard for me to believe that the FBI was able to infiltrate the Michigan militia via undercover agents. If they can break into that group undiscovered, I guess they can do anything.