Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Czars to Serfs: Pay Up and Shut Up

"A Peasant Leaving His Landlord on Yuri's Day," by Sergei V. Ivanov.

A wealth of unnecessary and petty [regulations] here engenders a whole army of clerks, each of whom carries out his task with a degree of pedantry and inflexibility, and a self-important air solely designed to add significance to the least significant employment. He refrains from speaking, but you can see him thinking, more or less: "Make way for me; I am a cog in the mighty machine of state."

-- Astolphe Louis Leonor, the Marquis de Custine, Empire of the Czar: A Journey Through Eternal Russia

“If I’m the bad guy to the average citizen … and their taxes have to go up to cover my raise, I’m very sorry about that, but I have to look out for myself and my membership," grunted Chris Mesley, president of the Albany, New York Police Officer's Union.
"As the president of the `local,' I will not accept `zeroes' [no increase in salaries or benefits]. If that means ... ticking off some taxpayers, then so be it."

It would be difficult to find a more candid expression of the parasite class's predatory contempt for the productive than the words that departed Mesley's snout. The police union capo will occasionally remove that appendage from the public trough just long enough to spew demands for an ever-larger share of the wealth produced through the honest labor of others, or to justify some corrupt privilege he claims as a "cog in the mighty machine of state." In all of this he is entirely typical of the army of public employees pillaging what little remains of America's wealth.

A brave resident of Albany who identified himself as "Justin" pointed out in an admirably confrontational speech to that city's Common Council that the city's median annual household income in 2009 was about $33,000. In the same year, Mesley -- who was hired as a patrol officer in 1992 -- received a base salary of $70,289, while also scarfing down at least another $30,000 for serving as union president.

"Chris Mesley is making three times or more the median salary and is complaining that he might not get a raise," Justin observed. "The sense of entitlement of Chris Mesley and all those who think alike has led to the pilfering of state and city coffers. They are like leeches, sucking the taxpayers dry, and that's an insult to leeches. At least leeches know when to let go."

The implacability of Mesley's union is made vivid in the fact that its recently expired contract granted "retroactive raises" of four percent for both 2008 and 2009 -- years during which private sector employment declined and raises were scarce, at best, for those in the productive class.

Special exemption from parking tickets -- one of the myriad ways sheep are fleeced on behalf of the lupine law enforcement caste -- is another of the perquisites and emoluments demanded by Mesley and his comrades.

Unalloyed porcine arrogance: Chris Mesley, president of the Albany Police Officer's Union.

An investigative report compiled by Albany's City Common Council documented the existence of a secret "VIP list" maintained by Mesley's union containing the names of police officers and others who would be given "ghost tickets" -- citations they didn't have to pay -- when parked in ways that would result in fines or towing in cases involving mere Mundanes. Those on the list could be recognized by the presence of a union-created bull's-eye bumper decal.

Mesley insists that he is immune to a Common Council subpoena to testify regarding the "ghost ticket" scandal, and he quite predictably declined to offer testimony when the demand was softened to an invitation.

On the one occasion he deigned to cooperate in the inquiry, Mesley insisted that he wasn't obligated to answer questions dealing with his conduct as president of the local Police Union. Since his "official" duties didn't include traffic enforcement, Mesley simply refused to answer questions about his union's "ghost ticket" racket.

Were a common citizen to display similar non-cooperation, a bench warrant would likely result.

Several years ago, Mesley displayed an atypical investigative zeal as he and his police union comrades, seeking to identify the "mole" responsible for leaking a piece of corrupt police business to the press, illegally obtained information about a private citizen's e-mail account.

Robert W. Berry, a pastor from Boca Raton who until recently lived in Albany, had learned that Mesley's union had intervened with Chief James Turley to reduce the disciplinary suspension of an officer who had turned away a criminal suspect trying to turn himself in. That officer, who was occupied surfing the Web for porn or conducting some other important business, told the suspect to come back later.

Originally given a 30-day paid vacation by way of punishment, the officer -- thanks to Mesley's intervention -- saw that suspension reduced to a single week by Chief Turley.

When Berry learned of this -- most likely from one of the decent and conscientious Albany police officers he counted among his friends -- he fired off an e-mail to the local media. In contrast to the torpid reaction displayed toward the bank robber, the department -- led by Mesley's union -- focused with laser-like intensity on the task of identifying the "mole." After all, it simply wouldn't do for the tax-victim public to know how little service they were getting in exchange for the salaries paid to their purported protectors.

Through means they refused to disclose, and without either a warrant or a subpoena, Mesley and his colleagues were able to obtain Berry's confidential information.

Both Berry and Albany County District Attorney David Soares were infuriated by this Stasi-style violation of privacy. But this is simply the order of things as understood by Mesley and his porcine ilk: He belongs to a class the law doesn't restrain, and Mundanes such as Berry belong to a class the law doesn't protect.

While Mesley has distinguished himself through public displays of abrasive arrogance, his overdeveloped sense of entitlement and reflexive contempt for tax victims are typical of the mentality displayed by statist cogs found all across late imperial America. The machinery of government regimentation and redistribution continues to grow and consume an ever-greater share of our country's ever-depleting wealth.

Forbes magazine reports that the five wealthiest counties in the United States (in terms of per-capita income) can be found in orbit of the Imperial Capital City and Wall Street, which constitute the binary system around which revolve all of the institutions of our imperial system of corporate socialism.

Imagine, if you can stand to, a binary system composed of two omnivorous black holes devouring everything within their joint event horizon, and you'll have a pretty good understanding of how America's welfare-warfare economy operates.

America probably crossed the economic event horizon during the October Revolution of 2008, which saw Congress ratify the creation of a corporatist economic dictatorship within the Treasury Department.

Just as it's impossible for light to escape the gravity well of a black hole, it is impossible to penetrate to the inner workings of the engine of plunder created through the TARP legislation. However, just as we can learn about the conditions that create black holes by examining gamma-ray outbursts, the supernova of corruption that created the TARP singularity resulted in some revealing after-effects.

"To be honest with you, I really hope it blows up," exclaimed an employee of AIG, the worthless insurance and investment conglomerate that was bought with taxpayer money in September 2008. "I think the U.S. taxpayer deserves to lose a trillion dollars over this thing for the way they have behaved."

This outburst took place during a March 2009 conference call between Gerry Pasciucco, the official hired to unwind AIG's financial services portfolio, and employees in the conglomerate's offices in London, Paris, and Hong Kong.

As of May 2009, AIG's financial services sector consisted of "44,000 often complex, long-dated derivatives with a notional value of $2 trillion," according to the Newark Star-Ledger. The key to that description, of course, is the cute little modifier "notional," a word that serves as a three-syllable license to lie. Using exactly the same approach I could claim that my "notional" assets are valued somewhere in the high seven figures, irrespective of the dismal reality reflected in my actual bank balance.

Prior to September 2008, AIG was involved in "insuring" -- by way of credit default swaps -- Goldman Sachs' immensely lucrative and entirely corrupt traffic in sewer-grade mortgage-backed securities. After the bubble burst, AIG was left owing huge sums to its "counter-parties," including Goldman. The federal buyout of AIG was actually a payoff to the insolvent company's counter-parties, beginning with Goldman.

If the insurance company had gone bankrupt, it would have been required to make an equitable distribution of whatever assets it had (which could be rounded up to nothing) among its creditors; this meant that Goldman would have eaten a huge loss. Instead, thanks to the nationalization of the AIG under comrade Bush, 100 percent of Goldman's potential losses were subsidized by the taxpayers.

This represented an interesting update on Marx's famous formula: The Feds had the ability to extract wealth from the taxpayers, and Goldman had the need. AIG provided a convenient conduit for this act of redistribution, and its corporate cadres were just the right kind of public-spirited people to accept huge salaries and bonuses in exchange for rendering such a service.

Oddly enough, those compelled to surrender our wealth weren't terribly as enamored of this arrangement. Some of us loudly expressed that displeasure. According to a transcription of the March 2009 AIG conference call, which was
published a few days ago in the Washington Post, AIG's financial services drones are mortified by the uncivilized attitudes and behavior of the firm's critics.

Corporate socialist: AIG financial services director Gerry Pasciucco is the tool second from the right wearing a sportcoat over a Che Guevera t-shirt.

The supposedly unconscionable behavior denounced by unnamed AIG functionary quoted above consisted of public outrage over $100 million in "retention bonuses" -- all of it coming out of the earnings of tax victims -- paid to the firm's employees.

It wasn't enough for the Regime to plunder what wealth remains in the hands of private households -- many of which were once middle class, and are now teetering on the precipice of absolute destitution -- on behalf of Wall Street kleptocrats. The necromancers at AIG who helped transmute bad debts into corporate profits apparently believe that the public should be grateful for the privilege of being expropriated, and that any complaints are acts of aberrant persecution.

One AIG staffer referred to critics of firm as "a bunch of immoral bigots." Another excoriated politicians who had condemned the subsidized bonuses as hypocrites who really ought to dispense with the pretense of public-spiritedness and revel unabashedly in the vulgar rewards of statist opportunism: "They only care about the next election, just like we only care about the next bonus. Well, none of them cares about the country, [just as] none of us cares about the institution. They really don't care, and I really don't care. And frankly, if a trillion dollars gets lost, fine."

AIG's behavior is typical of the new, federally supported Wall Street nomenklatura.

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, who deserves a Pulitzer for his work but is more likely to be fed a Lubyanka Breakfast, points out that the nation's six largest banks -- all of them on the federal dole -- "set aside a whopping $140 billion for executive compensation last year, a sum only slightly less than the $164 billion they paid themselves in the pre-crash year of 2007." At Goldman Sachs, the de facto shadow Treasury Department, average take-home per-employee compensation was $498,246, "a number roughly commensurate with what they received during the bubble years."

"In an economy as horrible as ours, with every factory town between New York and Los Angeles looking like those hollowed-out ghost ships we see on History Channel documentaries like Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, where in the hell did Wall Street's eye-popping profits come from, exactly?" Taibbi writes. "A year and a half after they were minutes away from bankruptcy, how are these [emunctory apertures] not only back on their feet again, but hauling in bonuses at the same rate they were during the bubble?"

The answer, of course, is that rather than creating wealth, Wall Street's kleptocrats are carrying out exactly the same fraudulent schemes they pursued before the bubble collapsed; this time, however, they had "the full financial support of the U.S. government" -- which means, of course, official promises to extract as much wealth as possible until the economy is a dessicated, lifeless husk.

It's tempting to refer to our present condition as "serfdom," but that term is a poor fit. Serfs, after all, enjoyed greater economic mobility than we do.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


The Omega Man said...

Why do I once again feel like I've just read an excerpt from The Gulag Archipelago after reading one of your essays?

Since we're too foolish to learn from others' mistakes, we'll just have to learn from our own...as per the Chinese proverb, we're living in interesting times.

jdogg said...

I think, well I pray, that our current crop of apparatchiki will be ground up by the gears of the very machine they were a once a part of, much like Polina Molotova. Unlike Ms. Molotova, however, I don't expect that any of the aforementioned will experience the ironic salvation by the very ones they threw into the machinery.

Holden A. Beveridge said...

My PC tech guru is disabled with a damaged spinal cord. Just last week the Department of Health showed up and pretty much barged in demanding inspection. There is wall to wall computer cases and computer hardware in his home. This czarina actually used the line "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you" A nosy neighbor may have called the department we don't know. Anyway they are demanding clean up by next week or a person living on disability will be fined 3000$ and taken to court. Look for petty tyrants who think they run their little fiefdoms to justify their useless waste of a salary as the country swirls down the tubes.

Daniel Hewitt said...

It's funny, isn't it, how those of us in the private sector have to accept "zeroes" during the lean times. Even "negatives" in particularly lean times such as this current government-manufactured depression. The price of labor (wages) understandably fluctuates with supply and demand.

But public unions just don't get that, or deliberately refuse to. Look at the example of the Greek public unions' protests and general strike days. It's akin to a parasite protesting the fact that its host is dying.

kirk said...

The attitude displayed by this maggot you feature is all too common among the privileged enforcers of the state, those that flaunt the laws they use against us.

Let them continue. Their master, the state, is already broken financially and morally, but hasn't fallen yet. When it does, those like this maggot described will no longer be able to bask in the light of reflected corruption and power as they do now. They are known by their fruits to those around them, whom they abuse regularly in one way or another.

As with all tyrannical states, sooner or later the power will go. It is then that we shall see where the real power lies as that real power seeks retribution from these types. Given what has gone before, the retribution demanded will be served up very cold. Rightly so.

liberranter said...

“If I’m the bad guy to the average citizen … and their taxes have to go up to cover my raise, I’m very sorry about that, but I have to look out for myself and my membership ... As the president of the `local,' I will not accept `zeroes' [no increase in salaries or benefits]. If that means ... ticking off some taxpayers, then so be it."

Unlike the average mundane or the average libertarian commentator, I relish --indeed, actively look forward to-- arrogant, oinking eructations from the Chris Mesleys of this country. In fact, I look forward to seeing and hearing a whole lot more of them, backed up by a whole lot of raw, unchecked, undisguised criminal violence, in the days, weeks, and months to come. For you see, it is at that point, and only at that point, that Joe and Jane Sixpack-Sheeple, who continue, despite all evidence to the contrary staring them in the face, to see porcine parasites like Mesley and his knuckle-dragging fellow blue-clad gangbangers as heroes rather than the criminal thugs they are, will wake up and fight back. Until Joe and Jane are "jacked up and shaken down" in massive numbers and in mercilessly brutal fashion, until they are robbed penniless, not by armed "mundane" criminals, but by AGENTS OF THE STATE, nothing, and I do mean nothing will ever change.

Amoricons (Americans+morons) are truly the bane of modern human civilization and, quite frankly, are probably beyond redemption. Still, for the small percentage of us in their midst who DON'T deserve to suffer for living lives enshrouded in naive stupidity, cowardice, and willful ignorance, we can only hope that the process of decades of deliberate enstupidation (thank you, Fred Reed) can be reversed.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that when the "axe" falls upon these privileged parasites that lists and names are compiled and kept on hand so that they can never escape their due.

Anonymous said...

"A nosy neighbor may have called the department we don't know"

This is a big part of the problem. Too many people seem to get a perverse satisfaction in tattling on their neighbors.


liberranter said...

I do hope that when the "axe" falls upon these privileged parasites that lists and names are compiled and kept on hand so that they can never escape their due.

Indeed, MoT. Such "lists" are superfluous at the moment, since members of the parasite class use every available opportunity to publicly, arrogantly, and imperiously identify themselves as such. Methinks, however, that the day is not far off when anyone having even a tenuous connection with that unsavory demographic group will waste no time in trying to hide themselves in ways similar to those tried by those Germans after the Second World War and during the subsequent occupation who had been active Nazi Party members or who had served in the Gestapo or the Waffen SS. Unfortunately for today's wretched regimeniks, the popular disaffection with the system they represent and the very fresh memories of the crimes they have committed against innocent productive citizens will be so widespread after the coming collapse that there will be NO PLACE for them to hide. Unless, that is, they can expatriate themselves to some unfortunate corner of the globe that is home to a nation in the market for new talentless sadists with which to staff its own tyrannical regime.

Ex-JBS said...

Will, here's another example of the privileged parasitic class doing exactly what they want with a mundane - only this mundane is fighting back:


Anonymous said...

What can be said at this point?
Here in Oregon the legislature (which meets once every other year and consequently draws up 2 budgets per session) and governor had, HAD to be aware by the year 2007 that the good times weren't going to last indefinitely. So did they make modest budget cuts to prepare? Hell no! Everything was written with the now usual 2,4,or 6% annual increase. Well, revenues fell. After more than a decade of surpluses (proving how overtaxed the residents of Oregon have been) their latest figures show a deficit. What to do? Why, what else... increase taxes on those still in business and still working. We can't let a state or local employee go through the terrible stress of not having a 'cost of living' pay increase for a year or 2.

Here's my fear, though. I'm now 40 years old and have paid attention to politics and business since I was a child. Oregon used to be a fiscally conservative state. Known for good roads and clean roads. And public beaches. But in the early '70's a great wave of immigration came from both California and New York residents running from the misery they created in those states, eager for a new start in Oregon. The '80's brought a second wave, the late '90's-early '00's another.
Now, the Willamette Valley voters totally dominate the state. They put new taxing schemes on the ballot, then vote them in, making ranchers in Joseph and Paisley pay for their toys. Sometimes they have the courage to vote down boondoggles, such as 'Light Rail' for Portland (they vote down taxation issues when they can't 'share' the tax with the rest of the state). That doesn't matter, as METRO runs around the vote and manages to sell obligation bonds and build new choo choo lines.
But back to that fear. As California and Oregon implode, those who can afford to move, will. To places like Idaho and Montana and other states still relatively conservative with their money. The problem, as we in Oregon have learned firsthand, is that they bring their same insanely stupid ideas with them. They refuse to see the correlation between big government and big financial and moral problems for the state. And as they move to small population states, they tip the scales. Where elections used to be won 54 - 46 with 600,000 people voting, only a 10% growth in immigration from the West Coast can turn each and every election on its head.
It happened here. Oregon is beautiful, but a good place to live only if you are:
1) Retired with a good retirement income
2) A 'Professional' (atty, doctor, etc)
3) A Local, County, Metro, State, or Federal Gov't Employee
4) Independently wealthy.

BUT... good or bad... it is all coming to a head soon (I think). A point soon will be reached where it will be up to gov't employees to pay the tax bill to pay gov't salaries. It won't take a Federal Accountant to figure out something will have to give. And it won't be the middle class doing the 'giving'. Because the middle class will be extinct. Not just in Oregon... but nationwide.

Anonymous said...

The mafia is less corrupt than the amerikan gov't - and they get results!

In Male Fide
Sic Semper Tyrannis

Isaac said...

Anon @9:33

The recent repeal of an initiative that required a two-thirds vote by the legislature to raise or create new taxes left Washington vulnerable to an income tax, which the legislature started working on within 24 hours of the repeal. While our precious governor, "Ms" Gregoire said, "I hope, I expect the people of the state of Washington will understand we're in unprecedented times, uncharted territory. And it's time for us to all stick together and work together if we're going to get through the worst recession in the history of the state" (working together? I've been working, but I haven't seen anyone from the gubmint working along side me), others started thinking. The idea isn't new, but the mood has changed and previously archaic concepts like secession and nullification have gone relatively mainstream, so now is as good a time as any for Eastern Washington to secede from Western Washington. Seeing as how Eastern Oregon has more in common with Western WA, culturally and geographically, than it does with Western WA, I don't see why we shouldn't put in with each other. Let the west side be the west side and the east side be the east. If Lincoln could do it to Virginia, why can't we do it to ourselves?

Anyway, we're just getting things going, but I don't think it would hurt to get some support from our neighbors to the south.

Bob said...

The sooner this country is broken up, the better.

Down with the Imperial Capital!

Bob said...

There is little, if any question, that our state of Oregon is under absolute control of the Portland-Salem-Eugene axis of totalitarianism.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that in the years ahead there will be many a loud mouthed arrogant public parasite that will suffer the "Stack" or "Drega" style treatment, at the hands of citizens that have pretty much had it.

Anonymous said...

I just cruised through an article about Federal workers wages, on USA Today I think, and beyond the absurdities defended by government shills and tax-feeding troglodytes, there are the idiotic "comments" by life long parasites and defenders of the same.

Your head literally spins from reading the swill that's served up as a wisdom by the swine who can't do anything meaningful with their wretched lives but serve the engines of our mutual destruction. They don't care and even tell anyone who points out these absurdities that they can freely leave. Interesting.

Based on this sort of twisted "consensus" the Founders were a bunch of ungrateful bastards for wanting to mind their own affairs and not be taxed to death. Hmmm? Would these paladins of public service tell Jefferson to go elsewhere? I posit that they would seeing as they're as ignorant as a sack of hammers. And that's being unkind to hammers.

Anonymous said...


Although not directly related to your article, there was this story out of southern Utah:


I found the comments section interesting - especially the number of people who are willing to defer to the police ("we should wait for the investigation to run its course") but who blame the two elderly sisters. (In fairness, there are those comments that blame the police flat out).

Cedar City is about 40 miles north of St. George and has its own UHP outpost. Why this officer felt the need to "hurry" to an accident scene that far away remains to be seen. I, however, am the first to question the needless loss of life in order for one of these "brothers in brown"(the color of UHP uniforms) to join his fellow officers at the scene of another accident in which a young 25-year old woman died, only to end up killing two elderly women himself.

The skeptic in me thinks that this "investigation" will work like this:
- the officer will get a paid vacation.
- the police will investigate themselves
- the police will decide that the officer was (most likely) "justified" in speeding to the scene of an accident 40 miles away
- the officer will be reinstated
- two elderly sisters will be placed in pine boxes and put six feet underground - with no compensation from the officer who took their lives

There's something about these scenarios that always bothers me: The law enforcement officer can, essentially, engage in reckless driving, kill someone, and likely get away with it.

Pardon my cynicism...and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...


Ironic that the surname of the blue-tinted douche-bag that is the subject of your column is a homonym for "measly". I do have a nit to pick again - your statement concerning "...one of the decent and conscientious Albany police officers he counted among his friends..." I realize that such prose adds an air of objectivity and perhaps a bit of flourish. However, your own columns attest to the fact that, if such personages actual exist (highly debatable) they are so rare and ephemeral as to be unworthy of mention, let alone emphasis.

Anonymous @ 9:33PM & other ballot believers,

So long as you delude yourself that electoral politics is in any way a moral and justifiable exercise, you are condemned to your confusion. The fact is that a "representative republic" changes nothing essential about democracy, which is rightly described as "two wolves and a sheep voting on the luncheon menu". The "representatives" constitute nothing but a sham layer of misdirection, the results are exactly the same as for any government: parasites employing thugs to rob the productive.

Anonymous said...

"Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, who deserves a Pulitzer for his work but is more likely to be fed a Lubyanka Breakfast"

It does you good to laugh amidst all this evil and boy did that make laugh.

TheTruthMonger said...

Just last night, licensures were discussed on Fox by John Stoussel. As always John provided a fair two-fold presentation allowing the socialists to present their reasons for manipulating the marketplace; Lawyers and Doctors protecting the need for state regulated licenses, as protecting the public. However, what seems to be a reasonable assertion does not historically pan out. Licensures do not generally protect the public and cause huge disparities in the marketplace allowing Doctors and Attorneys to make 10 to 20 times more per hour than other professions and more importantly make their services unaffordable to a vast majority of society. Anytime you restrict competition as licensures do, it drastically affects the marketplace and the regulatory and educational requirements. For instance, many allopathic doctors are erroneous taught that alternative medicine cannot cure cancer when they have been curing it literally for centuries and I personally have experienced for myself and witnessed others being cured. Licensures for the medical profession have caused a large untruthful promotion of harmful practices of medicine causing both more illness and death, hence their large malpractice premiums.

I bring this issue as an example of the negative ramification and unintended consequences that government control and regulations have on society. Just as government police turn against their own citizens as an attempt to bring in more money to their departments and local government treasures. Tax and fine collection become more important than fighting real crime preferring to enforce malum prohibitum laws like drugs and prostitution as opposed to real crimes like theft; both white and blue collar - malum in-se laws. Government police end up protecting the local and state bureaucracies instead of the public-at-large by focusing on the collections of taxes necessary to secure their payrolls and pensions. Only by privatizing police, something they will fervently oppose, as it will force them to increase the quality of their service, hence working harder, will society once again be really protected. As long as we allow public police we will not be properly protected from the criminals without and from within our government and populace.

Solutions too many of the social problems are available; it is that individuals are either ignorant, apathetic or corrupted by a system. The redistribution of wealth by various government schemes/scams in the name of serving the public, protecting the public or the public good are means of politically controlling the money of those that it ethically belongs to and redistributing it to those it does not ethically belong to. This taking by force has never fosters a prosperous peaceful society for prolong periods and cannot logically do so, because it is unethical and to believe that this will foster an ethical outcome is beyond rational human thought.

apollonian said...

Christ Was/Is Positive Ideal--But Only As Contrasted Against Over-Powering Negative Horror
(Apollonian, 13 Mar 10)

Comrades: I submit things are quite as bad, perhaps even worse, as Mr. Grigg herein so well relates and describes. But note the human condition is one of sin, and we must therefore consider THINGS WILL GET EVEN WORSE--why?--because it can, and why wouldn't it, as long as it benefits those devilish "geniuses" who are at bottom of all the present difficulties.

For the poor, stupid goyim (cattle, addicted to hedonism, football games, etc.) are so readily and willingly confused and befuddled by means of TV, entertainment, movies, and other mass-corporate media instrumentalities.

And as long as these stupid goyim allow themselves, so willingly, as I note, to be so mis-instructed, misled, and befuddled--HOW IS IT THEY DON'T FULLY DESERVE THEIR DEMISE?--isn't it inevitable part of law of nature? Thus the weak will fall by proverbial "wayside"--as they fully deserve, one must observe in all truth, grim as it is.

Thus, as we who (try to be) are wise observe: (a) those who are simply tooooooooooooooooo stupid must die, making some room for those more capable of survival. (b) The remainder lucky enough to survive MUST UNITE AGAINST A COMMON ENEMY.

For note, ultimately, people only unite AGAINST A NEGATIVE--never in favor of a positive. Any positive is only understood AGAINST background of that horrific negative. Jesus Christ was precisely one of these sort of positives--now folks only have to figure out the negative--not difficult to do as one is honest.

CONCLUSION: For who then are the champions of LIES?--who gloat that they "executed" (murdered) Christ, who worship lies as integral part of their very Talmudic religion? I'll give u three guesses, and a hint: see Gospel JOHN 8:44. Honest elections and death to the Fed.

Anonymous said...

As an expert on Russian history, serfdom, and the modern use of force, I would advise all Americans to become familiar with the word Oprichnik. Begin studying this by first looking it up on wikipedia. Educate yourself and remember knowledge is power.

Marc Swanson said...

After we all become "dessicated lifeless husks" what will they feed on? Efficient parasites are not supposed to kill the host.

TheTruthMonger said...

Solutions too many of the social problems are available; it is that individuals are either ignorant, apathetic or corrupted by a system. The redistribution of wealth by various government schemes/scams in the name of serving the public, protecting the public or the public good are means of politically controlling the money of those that it ethically belongs to and redistributing it to those it does not ethically belong to. This taking by force has never fosters a prosperous peaceful society for prolong periods and cannot logically do so, because it is unethical and to believe that this will foster an ethical outcome is beyond rational human thought.

A couple things come to mind. We already have a fascist police state that must be privatized if we are to stop it from carrying out the atrocities that their counterparts have done in other nations throughout even the 20th century. America is a well armed society on both sides of the fence and this plays well for private enterprise as the other side is not as brave as they lead us to believe and actually many are cowards. We see them in action everyday as the torment and taser defenseless people.

Our motto needs to be "Privatize Not Socialize" or we will be in for the worst quarter century in U.S. history making the "War of Northern Aggression look like a fight on an elementary school playground.

The sooner we dismantle the political system, bureaucracy and tax system the sooner we will bottom out and start the reconstruction of America. There is no other solution and all others are feeble attempts to maintain control over a system that has placed us is the position we are in today. For those that do not know, the organization "We The People" at http://www.givemeliberty.org is the group leading the fight against the Federal Income Tax. Those that are not willing to truly fight against the tyranny of government should crawl cowardously back into their caves.

Mahatma Gandhi and the Indians used passive resistance to stop the English from their predatorily imperialism by not giving them money.

Until such day as taxation is understood to be what it really is, (theft and/or coercion) and that the redistribution of wealth cannot foster an ethical civil society, we will forever be embroiled in a fight over political power and the ability to manipulate free enterprise. As we all should know, free enterprise should not be manipulated by government regulation and taxation, so that those participating in the advancements of industry through production and consumption can property adjust their actions to solve problems. A private legal system must be reinstalled into our system to mitigate malum in se violations. As we all know monopolies (a government granted one being the worst), like a central bank advance socialism and corruption and have never historically advance civil society. A method to begin the implementation of a private system can be seen at http://groups.google.com/group/HarrietRobbins/browse_thread/thread/d2fe2440f7d61564

Isaac said...

gardenserf, that is a good recommendation. Along with that I would recommend pondering the ponderings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the one that starts with "And how we burned in the camps." Although the most worthy recipients of any type of backlash are those like Gerry Pasciucco (imagine the irony of him standing in front of a firing squad, wearing his Ché T-shirt) and those who run the Fed and it's appendage organizations, I suppose most of the brunt will be taken by the lowest minions like Mesley. Interesting times indeed.

apollonian said...

Swanson Must Simply Continue Good Work, "Fleshing-Out" His Excellent "Parasite" Thesis
(Apollonian, 14 Mar 10)

"Marc Swanson" has caught precisely the essence of the struggle in which we the people are presently engaged. For as I note regarding "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, hist. and socio-biology are CYCLIC, and the parasites must lose when they peak for their victory--as they destroy the host--and now the parasites must themselves fall-out w. one another.

And the great virtue of this analysis then is we thus identify the topmost "players" among conspirators who are, even now, jockeying for position against one another--and I've actually already identified these as (a) on the pretended "left," the CFR-Bilderberg behind United Nations (UN), and (b) Israel on pretended "right" w. their top accomplices, the "Judeo-Christians" led by false-prophets, Hagee, Robertson, Graham, and the Catholics too.

Key for the people is to RALLY behind real Christianity which upholds TRUTH according, as I note, to Gosp. JOHN. Thus such truth immediately and necessarily requires the premise/criterion of OBJECTIVITY (Aristotle), hence determinism (absolute cause-effect) which then precludes fallacy/delusion of a perfectly "free" human will, the foundation of HUBRIS by which humanity induces insanity upon itself.

The specific fatal, hubristic conceit then, among humans, is that of Pharisaism-moralism which always takes form of Pelagian heresy, the "good-evil" fallacy/delusion by which topmost conspirators gull, deceive, and mislead the people. Presently people are still much over-come w. this sort of Pharisaism-moralism, esp. in the form given/issued by Immanuel Kant, in guise of rationalistic style, no less than THIRD WAVE, historically, after the second denounced by St. Martin Luther against Erasmus "good-works."

Problem, of course, is most people have difficulty for intellect--this then is purpose of Christian aesthetic by which people are enabled by means of dramatization, Christ the allegory for TRUTH--as Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

My own solution is to emphasize the Hegelian-style anti-theses, TRUTH vs. Lies, this being proper way for understanding Christianity which needs perspective and context, without which Christianity is so difficult to grasp for people. Thus in strict philosophic terms, the relevant dichotomy is objectivity vs. subjectivity, subjectivism being foundation for lies, subjectivism the foundation for "good-evil" fallacy/delusion.

CONCLUSION: So anyway, I just wanted to tell "Marc Swanson" he does good work--he must now only pursue the implications of his most excellent thesis--we are indubitably fighting a horrific parasite disease-of-opportunity, without a doubt. Thus we're much like physicians prescribing--and most of all, just trying to achieve correct DIAGNOSIS of problem--which Christianity already dramatizes, as I note, that great battle of TRUTH vs. lies and conspiracy, trying to keep us poor souls in the "dark." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Puck T. Smith said...

I'm trying to decide which would be more appropriate, gallows or guillotine?