Monday, March 22, 2010

Dr. Leviathan Will See You Now

I'm tempted to say that someone should have the strength of her convictions.

"I observe a benevolent feeling here.... There is also tenderness.... But, beware, tender hearts! Don't you know where tenderness leads? To the gas chambers....

Never in the history of the world have there been so many civilized, tenderhearted souls as have lived in this [twentieth] century. Never in the history of the world have so many people been killed. More people have been killed in this century by tender-hearted souls than by cruel barbarians in all other centuries put together....

My brothers, let me tell you where tenderness leads -- To the gas chambers...."

Father Smith's sermon, from Walker Percy's monitory novel The Thanatos Syndrome

Rejoice and be glad, Americans!

Owing entirely to the visionary compassion of the Dear Leader and his party, the same regime that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans, that poured trillions of dollars into the coffers of Wall Street kleptocrats,
that brought its unique healing touch to victims of the post-Katrina disaster in New Orleans, and that routinely commits similar acts of divine charity, will now relieve you of the burden of making your own health care decisions.

This point was made -- albeit unintentionally -- in a widely syndicated "news analysis" intended to celebrate this development.

"Rarely does the government, that big, clumsy, poorly regarded oaf, pull off anything short of war that touches all lives with one act, one stroke of a president's pen," observed AP commentator Calvin Woodward. "Such a moment has come." (Emphasis added.)

War requires the domestic regimentation of all private life and the confiscation of private property to accomplish the mass destruction of foreign property and the mass annihilation of foreign lives. Mass murder is the only undertaking in which government consistently out-performs its private sector competition. Yet we are supposed to believe that this engine of destruction can also serve as an instrument of compassionate healing.

Despite the best efforts of its servants to swaddle it within layer after layer of tender-hearted rhetoric, the State remains as Nietzsche described it: "the coldest of all cold monsters.... Everything it says, it lies; and whatever it has it has stolen." It "bites with stolen teeth, and it bites often...."

Bearing that last maxim in mind, we can discern the true intentions behind "Obamacare" in the fact that it includes the largest expansion of the IRS -- both in terms of power and personnel -- since the reign of FDR, America's first fascist President-For-Life

"Reform" will mean fewer doctors and more tax collectors. Those are the priorities of an entity built to consume life, not to preserve it.

The Destroyers celebrate themselves: Commissarina Pelosi and her comrades strike a pose after passing the Obama "health care" bill.

"Coldly it lies," Nietzsche wrote of the State
"and this lie slips from its mouth: `I, the State, am the people.'"

"We proved that this government -- a government of the people by by the people -- still works for the people," lied the Dear Leader himself -- seemingly determined to validate Nietzsche's analysis down to the details -- following the party-line vote in the House.

"Community organizers" of Mr. Obama's ilk see the "people" as an undifferentiated mass to be mobilized in pursuit of collectivist objectives. They likewise assume that only those thus enlisted in the cause of collectivism qualify as "the people." That perspective is pregnant with terrible portents regarding the treatment of tens of millions of Americans -- including the author of these words -- who will not participate in the Regime's system of regimented, rationed health care.

The good news here is that the governments of 38 states -- beginning with my home state of Idaho -- are preparing acts of legal interposition against the Regime's individual health insurance mandates.

Perhaps it could also be regarded as ambivalently good news that the Regime's expanded effort to cartelize health care will inevitably create a black market in which fee-for-service treatment will flourish. This assumes, of course, that anybody retains sufficient wealth to pay for medical care as the omnivorous Regime devours everything within its sphere of influence.

Both Obama and his allies admit that the measure that passed yesterday -- call it "Enhanced Cartelization" of the health industry -- is merely another step toward undisguised government control of health care. Before Sunday's vote, our nation was more than halfway there. As Calvin Woodward admits: "Federal and state programs now cover half the cost of health care purchased in the country and were expected to go over 50 percent in the next year or two even absent Obama's plan."

What this means, of course, is that the federal government -- the world's largest medical "insurance" provider -- created the very market distortions now being invoked to justify further federal control over health care. The same can be said of the "two-tier system" execrated by those who seek to create a uniform, government-run medical service.

In the 1930s, writes Woodward, "the American Medical Association denounced proposals for organized medical services as an `incitement to revolution' at the hands of `Medical Soviets.' And that wasn't even about government-run health care. The AMA's fierce opposition to collectivism included objections to private insurance, the norm today, and the pooling of doctors into what became health maintenance organizations decades later."

Like other statist stenographers, Woodward either doesn't recognize or will not admit that the AMA's critique of "Medical Soviets" has been entirely vindicated.

As Dr. Miguel Faria, a Cuban-born neurosurgeon and health freedom activist, summarizes:
"Although proponents of socialized medicine delight in scoring rhetorical points against free market medicine by reciting horror stories about HMOs, the managed care/managed competition philosophy should not be considered free market medicine, but rather a form of collusion between private entities and government."

It is true, as proponents of Obama's "reform" proposals contend, that we already have a de facto system of health care rationing. But as Dr. Faria notes, this is "largely a product of federal intervention"; furthermore, "while under a `single-payer system coverage would be universal, access to care would be rationed by the central government or its agents."

All Praise the Omniprovident State -- source of all good things, and infallible allocator of scarce resources: A WWII-era propaganda poster depicts central economic planning in "patriotic" terms. (See another example below, right.)

In his victory speech, Obama pointedly observed that the new "reform" framework reflects the efforts of collectivists from both sides of the narrow partisan divide.

While the State-centric media tirelessly linked Obama's name with those of FDR and LBJ, his most important antecedent was actually the much-reviled Richard M. Nixon, during whose reign the Feds created the corporatist health care cartel whose power will be dramatically enhanced under the current "reform" measure.

In a prescient analysis published more than a decade ago, Dr. Faria recounted the relevant history:

"The emergence of HMOs began in the years 1971-74, during which time President Richard Nixon openly embraced Keynesian economics and enacted such measures as wage and price controls. the imposition of the managed care/managed competition ideology on our health care system is part of the same package of government interventions. The mechanics of managed competition were carefully worked out with the diligent cooperation of President Nixon and Senator Ted Kennedy.... Working in collaboration with private sector interests, the Nixon/Kennedy axis created the template for a fascist health system in which government-approved entities -- HMOs and similar health care provider networks -- would deliver medical care under government supervision."

In that system, physicians "employed by HMOs are required to practice a form of rationing, called `cost-effective analysis' or `data credentialing,'" continued Dr. Faria. "HMO administrators, in turn, employ utilization review data to assess doctor performance in terms of financial impact rather than sound medical judgment or patient needs. Physicians who are deemed cost-ineffective, including those who incur expenses by treating the sickest patients and dealing with the most difficult cases, confront ... the possible loss of their membership status in hospitals and health care networks."

During my own recent hospitalization, several physicians with whom I spoke confirmed elements of Dr. Faria's analysis and expressed severe frustrations over the burdens and limitations of the corporatist health care system. One of them confided to me that his favorite time to work is Christmas Day, since he is freed from the oversight of bureaucratic administrators "and so I'm actually free to practice medicine."

What Dr. Faria describes is a post-Hippocratic medical system in which the physician is required to act on behalf of the collective, rather than the interests of the individual patient. This same perverse ethic was enshrined in the post-Bismarck German social welfare state, with consequences as familiar as they are horrifying.

When medical care is collectivized, the system operates in the supposed interests of "the people," rather than for the benefit of any individual person -- with special exceptions made for those who belong to the presiding oligarchy, of course.

Ah, the "good old days" of wartime central planning: Americans line up, ration books in hand, to purchase government-limited consumer goods. Imagine similar lines at government-operated medical centers, and you've got a good idea of what Obama's "reform" will look like.

It must not be forgotten that the State creates nothing. This means that, in economic terms, rationing -- the allocation of resources on a political basis -- is all that it does.

During the two world wars, America was shackled in a system of economic central planning that included rationing of practically every worthwhile consumer good. This is what government will do whenever it is given a pretext in the form of a suitable crisis. Apply that model to the delivery of health care and you'll get a good idea -- to paraphrase the Blessed One Himself -- of what "change will look like."

Writing last week on the eve of the House vote, Dr. Faria pointed out that within the medical treatment and research community, "the word is out that `more care is not necessarily better'....
[This is because] health care gurus see the imminent U.S. government takeover of American medicine, and this ... will mean not only increased taxation on the horizon, but also massive rationing and the drastic curtailment of medical services...."

Government disruption of the market leads to scarcity, which leads to demands for even greater interventions -- thereby creating a self-sustaining cycle that ends only when the "official" economy is destroyed and the productive are driven underground, where they are pursued as "economic criminals."

Nietzsche described those who preside over the State and enforce its decrees as "destroyers" who "lay snares for the many ... they hang a sword and a hundred cravings over them."
Subservience to the state, is "slow suicide," he warned, since it is an all-devouring idol from which arises the incessant stench of countless human sacrifices.

Dispensing death is what government does. We should expect business to pick up really soon.

A quick personal note....

In an update to my most recent previous installment I mentioned that it was necessary to cancel our family's trip to New Hampshire (where I was to take part in the Liberty Forum) because two of our children have been ill.

Katrina's bronchitis has improved; that's the good news.

Today we learned that Justus, our 13-month-old, has pneumonia. His condition is stable and improving, but things could have taken a much more serious turn had we not come home when we did.

I greatly appreciate the kind wishes many of you have expressed. I would appreciate it if those of you in the habit of praying would make mention of Justus. Thanks.

Be sure to tune in for Pro Libertate Radio each weeknight from 6:00-7:00 Mountain Time on the Liberty News Radio Network.

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

I told my wife last night after this "reform" passed that I'm more hopeful than ever that the whole system (meaning the United States government) will simply collapse.

No, that result would not be pretty in any sense, but perhaps, just perhaps, it would give those who really value liberty a chance to see the system reset.

I don't hold out a great deal of hope that that would actually happen, but I would rather take my chances with that scenario, than continue to watch Washington (and the states as well) steal more and more from each of us in the productive sector.

Keep up the great work, Will.

Anonymous said...

we're fucked !

apollonian said...

Collapse--It's All Part Of DETERMINIST Process Of "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 22 Mar 10)

Right, "anon," above, at 4:46 pm--that's precisely the idea: the system goes bust when the monetary system is totally debauched--AND ONLY THEN. Until such collapse, criminal COUNTERFEITERS rule.

For that's how things are working presently: the powers at top make use of COUNTERFEIT scam of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see and for expo/ref.) TO BRIBE EVERYONE--it doesn't matter how much it takes to bribe people--as long as money holds out and suckers still accept it as payment. Observe US Fed has been around for nearly 100 yrs.

Once u're bribed, like US Congress, then EXTORTION kicks in--they own u. And note, if those two don't work, then u simply get OFFED, get it?--assassinated. And don't worry, powers have the judges and police all bribed too and paid off, never doubt.

Think u'll "elect" anyone, sucker?--ha ha ha--they have the elections totally rigged too by means of "electronic voting."

And the mass-corporate "Jews-media"?--that's probably the biggest joke of all--see

Perhaps saddest of all, the establishment Christian churches are ALL OWNED by same powers, every last one of them.

CONCLUSION: So the criminals have the citizens, poor, stupid, TV-addicted scum, coming and going, every which way but loose--it's absolutely fool-proof. Thank goodness the money & banking system MUST finally collapse--problem is so many morons will be sooooooo surprised when collapse finally happens--but that's what happens when people induce lies upon themselves, in their hubris and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, pretending reality is subject to a perfectly "free" (God-like) human will. Weaklings thus fall by proverbial "way-side," just as Spencer and Darwin predict. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Ah, for the record, I in no way intended to give Mr. Apollonian a "jumping off" point...

Anonymous said...

Apollian, as usual, you reveal your anti-Semitic prejudices. Give it a rest, will you? There are so many things bringing this country down that go beyond laying it at the feet of a specific Jewish conspiracy.

Greed, lust for power, fanatical ideology, racial phobia (Oops, did I hit my mark?), etc. from all races and colors contribute to the current mess we are in. So give us a break, will you? We're not going to buy any of that "Jew-Media" propaganda from you, OK?

Anonymous said...

"The state lies in all languages of good and evil; and whatever it says, it lies - and whatever it has, it has stolen." - Nietzsche

I thought that one good quote deserved another. After having seen some of the self congratulatory lies vomit forth from the lips of our imperial elites I thought to myself just how long will it take before action will take hold of the masses and the bullets begin to fly. We can still peaceably exercise nullification and deep six this evil legislation and bury its proponents in the historical dust bin where they belong.

Anonymous said...

It may not yet be time for revolutionary war, mark II, but with this vote it may have just appeared on the horizon.


Stan Back said...

That "woman" in the pic is not a woman it is Chris Korda of the Church of Euthanasia. They have a webpage but don't go there unless you have a strong stomach. I agree they should set an example and kill themselves.

Bob said...

I think another goal of the uber-socialization of our health care system is population control.

jdogg said...

You know, I'm kind of glad this abomination passed congressional muster. I think in the end, this horrific legislation won't measure up to even a pyrrhic victory. Between state and individual nullification, the only thing the criminals in DC have truly managed to do is to attract a lot of the wrong sort of attention to themselves. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but the Bozos (forgive me, Bozo) in Foggy Bottom have done more to promote the Libertarian/Anarchist cause than Thoreau, Rockwell or Paul. Unintended consequences, indeed!

On a lighter note; I have never until now known of anyone else whom knows of Nasty Canasta. Well met!

Anonymous said...

Stan Back got it right.

That's the transgendered Chris "Chrissy" Korda in the first pic.

She's a man baby!

Daniel Hewitt said...

This all ties together nicely - sick kids and health care. I live in Canada, and while the part about not paying (directly) is nice, the availability of care is limited. I took my sick 5-month old to the ER last week, and the wait was roughly 3 hours. And she was "fast-tracked" - I usually count on a 5 to 6 hour wait in the ER under normal circumstances. The Canadian health care crisis is entirely of the government's making.
Tom DiLorenzo posted this on Lew Rockwell's blog recently, with a link to a compilation of British and Canadian health care horror stories. I don't need to read them, because I already know they are true.
Lastly, your request to pray for Justus' is duly noted!

Avendora said...

"To preserve legislative independence, we have concluded that "legislators engaged 'in the sphere of legitimate legislative activity,' should be protected not only from the consequences of litigation's results but also from the burden of defending themselves."--Supreme Court of Virginia v. Consumers Union, 446 U.S. 719 (1980)

Are the actions of Pelosi and her minions considered "Legitimate Legislative Activity?"

When they act outside of the powers granted to them in the Constitution, they are outside of their immunity. (I'm not a lawyer, so check with yours before you run with this.)

So, if their actions are not considered to be "legitimate," then they are open to receive the "ire" of the people...

kirk said...

The desire of the people was shown.

The power of the tyrants was shown, as well, as the "leaders" hoisted their middle fingers in response to the desire of the people they purportedly represent.

The IRS is now given more power over us, the tyrants adding salt to the wound they have inflicted on us.

Unless and until EVERY FACE in the District of Criminals is changed, this "republic" will never be regained, we will be placed in overt slavery and tyranny will be the law of the land.

apollonian said...

Circumstances, Success Of Conspiracy Depend On Lies, Censorship, Truth Subordinate To "Good"
(Apollonian, 23 Mar 10)

Hey "anon" at 7:22pm, who's "we," comrade? I only wish Grigg would allow the necessary and appropriate debate and dialectic--he just won't--absolutely, adamantly refuses. Grigg believes in moralism-Pharisaism--above TRUTH.

For the "conspiracy," such as it is, is by now simply matter of fact--a sad fact which is TRUMPED by means of "moralism"-Pharisaism. It (the truth) is not true--because it can't be true in accord w. "official" moralistic-Pharisaist fiat. And even if it is true, it can't be discussed or admitted; it must be kept concealed and hidden.

Thus the "conspiracy" obviously depends upon the large-scale and general HUBRIS of the masses of people within the CYCLICALLY degenerate "civilization," so-called, in its great "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--these are the sad and tragic circumstances and conditions within a totally DETERMINED and CYCLIC process, as I note.

But who are the most active masterminds?--these have necessarily to do with the top COUNTERFEITERS as they print up the money and then strategically direct flow thereof. Everyone else is necessarily subservient to these masterminds, identity of whom is no secret, easily verified.

And it's true as u somewhat indicate, "anon," these topmost COUNTERFEIT conspirators must indubitably have accomplices fm all the other races too, who share the same, basic mentality of SUBJECTIVISM which destroys TRUTH, truth founded necessarily upon an objective reality.

So there u have it: the conspiracy depends, naturally, upon lies and fraud--esp. the ultimate fraud, that of fractional-reserve money & banking, like the Fed fraud. But remember, this COUNTERFEITING fraud is only the practical fraud necessarily BUILT upon a complex of lies within the minds of a CORRUPT population. THUS CRIMINALS RULE--over cowards afraid of facing truth.

And that's why Christ stood for TRUTH above all, and the only appropriate ethic for this truth is HONESTY--above moralism, Pharisaism, "good," "love," and mystic "faith."

[--------see below for part two to above entry---------A.]

apollonian said...

[------here's part two to above entry----------A.]

* * * * *

Thus the corrupt civilization, now in ineluctable "decline," subordinates and eventually even reviles truth--typically in favor of moralism-Pharisaism which trumps everything.

Such moralism then is why the corrupted people refuse to face fact all the 9-11 evidence, for example, OVERWHELMINGLY POINTS TO ISRAEL. But u can't discuss these truths and facts as it's "immoral," u understand. After all, we can't be "anti-semitic," can we?--lord, but that would be immoral, wouldn't it?

Thus in the corrupt civilization and empire of lies, TRUTH IS HATRED which is "immoral," and "morality" (Pharisaism) only upholds LIES.

So that's one way to analyze the culture--by means of sociology and seeing how the culture/society actually works, politically, economically, etc. Another way then is by analyzing more directly the actual religion of Jews, this by means of their TALMUD (see,, and for best Talmudic expo), for this also tells u what u need to know.

But u gotta hand it to Jews: they know how to keep the screws tightened down against the people and the truth by means of their COUNTERFEIT system which is invincible and always, ALWAYS rules until the very end when the monetary unit itself collapses, having been squeezed, like everything else, for all it was worth.

That's why the "forest fire" of cultural degeneration and hubris, esp. in form of moralism, IS IRREVERSIBLE and can NEVER be "put out" by anyone--it always just burns itself out, until it totally exhausts all its possible fuel, a completely deterministic process invulnerable to human will.

CONCLUSION: So u see, "anon," u're the sort who blithely LIES TO URSELF more than anything else--u refuse to face-up to the truth, why?--BECAUSE U'RE COMMITTED TO BEING SOOOOOOOOO "MORAL." U'd rather be "moral" than holding to truth, and u're not the only one. That's thus the problem w. this entire putrid, hubristic culture of USA and degenerate West--they choose "morality" AGAINST TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Don Robertson said...

Oh -they are not all bad. Some of them are just ordinary dupes.

My local Representative, Michael H. Michaud, D-Maine, voted for this because -typical to what you get in our form of government-, (by a strenuous contrivance) it looked like something for nothing.

You have to vote for anything that looks like something for nothing, regardless, -or the constituents will think you are against them.

Or -so goes the typical Maine rationale, anyway.

William N. Grigg said...

Mr. Robertson, the affliction you describe is not limited to the lovely state of Maine, alas.

Just yesterday, Mike Simpson, a Republican Congressweasel from my home state of Idaho -- the one whose governor just signed an measure instructing the state AG to file suit against Obamacare -- said that there are "good things" in that monstrosity that shouldn't be repealed.

None of it is constitutional, of course, and all of it would have to be funded through debt -- but we shouldn't throw the whole thing out, he insists.

That's a Republican from Idaho, once again, speaking immediately after the bill was passed. Most of his constituents are incandescent with rage, yet Simpson is still trying to pander to the "gimme" constituency, both here and, more importantly, those who maintain lobbying outposts on K Street.

Bob said...

Could this nightmare legislation be, at long last, the trigger that may lead to the eventual breakup of the country?

Could be.

apollonian said...

ZOG-Mammon Must Move Against (a) Internet, (b) Then Iran, But People Continue To Get Wise
(Apollonian, 23 Mar 10)

"Bob": I highly doubt it--regarding immediate "break-up" of USA ZOG-Mammon empire. For note things are still "prosperous," Britney Spears still soooo entertaining and charming for the moron population who still dominate and rule, still addicted to TV, US Dollar still accepted as payment to fools and suckers.

Note empires tend to stagger along unless one more powerful takes it over, and there's nothing in sight for that. Besides, consider present powers do what they do now for deliberate reasons. Thus USA is slated to be absorbed within a regional gov. (North American Union, NAU), by means of martial law, the citizenry starved into submission. So there's still considerable ways to go.

Further, remember gentile people must unite AGAINST A NEGATIVE, and Jews and oligarchal cohorts still master the situation, no opposition, esp. among KEY "Christians," in immediate prospect of coalescing.

Potential IS on the horizon however, as it becomes evermore better known: ISRAEL DID 9-11--see the Jew Prof. Sabrosky speaking, at

As one who's un-employed himself on the streets, I observe my fellow "proles" are still doing passably well, the homeless shelters rather pressed, but still w. plenty enough food for folks. Thus things must get worse--which will happen, all in good time.

Meantime, powers are readying to attack Iran to cover for their planned, coming martial-law take-over, and people are holding collective breath. Still, without a decisive Christian consolidation against ZOG-Mammon and Israel there's little hope for any improvement.

CONCLUSION: I personally think amazing things can still be done by means of mighty Internet--and powers are steadily, ominously moving against that too. A false-flag will surely be the trigger to control internet, and then we'll see how it goes fm there as THAT will be interesting indeed. Keep ur powder dry. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

QB said...

Will, as an investigative reporter, what do you make of these documents pictured here - - I understand that talking about Israel can be touchy, but I sometimes do wonder if there is an effort underway by that country (9/11) to destabilize us. There's something really fishy about our relationship with a country that is such the opposite of traditional American values.

Anonymous said...

From Will's article:

"When medical care is collectivized, the system operates in the supposed interests of "the people," rather than for the benefit of any individual person -- with special exceptions made for those who belong to the presiding oligarchy, of course."

It reminded me of this quote:

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

- Ayn Rand

dixiedog said...

Well Will, I thought I had escaped Dr. Leviathan when I stopped going to the V.A. Hospital in the latter 90s for checkups and obtaining my prescriptions for Type I diabetes I've struggled with for 20 years.

Even though I quit drinkin' years ago, I smoke tobacco sticks and have for 30 years and don't control my sugar levels too well - thus suffer from mild neurological damage to my fingers/feet, periodic short term memory loss (from myriad hypoglycemic conditions also experienced over the years), and protein in urine for years. I simply loathe the thought of living a regimented life centered around eating schedules and I certainly don't wish to impose upon others my medical issues. I deal with them myself on my time and not theirs if at all possible.

That all said, I'm still kickin', thank the Lord. Yet, I opposed this HellCare proposition from the get go, now unfortunately "the law."

Since about 1998 I've bought my prescriptions (Virginia thankfully doesn't require a doc's permission to obtain insulin and syringes, but which have to be obtained from the pharmacy) with my own money and haven't had a checkup for 8 years now.

When folk get wind of that, of course, I receive the obligatory crazy stare and some call me crazy and loony, but I don't see going to the doctor as a necessity unless a catastrophic medical event befalls one. Besides, from my past experience dealing with the V.A. Hospital bureaucracies, borderline incompetent docs, and their real potential use of vets in experimental treatment regimens, I have a dislike for hangin' in hospitals, period, for any length of time unless it's an acute (but not chronic) life-death condition and/or broken bones situation.

Now with this HellCare, I don't know how this is ultimately going to affect my regular routine for handling my diabetes and/or whether this HellCare legislation will upset the apothecary freedom I've enjoyed without interference and agitation from private docs or government for 12 years.

I don't have health insurance for two reasons. 1.) I've accepted the view for nearly a decade now that any really catastrophic event and/or ailment that would befall me would probably take me out anyway. And death is, after all, a part of life. 2.) I can't afford it.

Yet, we all may be forced to buy it. I'm perfectly happy with my status quo, but it looks likely to change, if not in the near term, certainly by 2014.

Both houses of the Virginia legislature - like Idaho I presume except ours is awaiting the governor's signature - have passed a bill to protect the status quo of whatever health regimen Virginians currently employ and that they cannot be forced to buy health insurance by the HellCare mandate.

I agree with what you mentioned on your radio show that many physicians will leave the profession altogether from the effects of this bill. That's what I've heard through the grapevine in my neck of the woods as well.

It's worth noting on that point that some physicians have left the profession (or left the country for that matter) over the years because of the insane malpractice insurance premiums that have already long existed in some locales.

Anyway, I wrote my representative and thanked him for his "nay" vote even though the issue was moot. I told him that Congress should spend the bulk of its time these days repealing rather than enacting, but that I knew full well that anytime Leviathan expands, it rarely if ever contracts.

And, yes, I used the word "Leviathan" ;).

Anonymous said...

Mr Grigg:

You are my most admired 'Conservative'. Since I no longer consider myself (save in the Burkean sense) a Conservative that isn't as fulsome praise as you might imagine. Nevertheless my admiration for you in taking on the local cops (alas the Birch Society failed to 'Keep them Local') knows few ounds.

I write because of your new (to me at least) format. It took a looooong time to load onto my old Dell Windows 200 PC. This is compared to the former incarnation of your blog. I almost abandoned the effort once or twice. Probably nothing you can do. It's bloatware all around. As a programmer I'm sensitive to the problems of the enterprise.

My saying is: "Systems get improved to unusability". That's one of 'Converys Rules'. It applies to Nations as well as software.


Andrew Convery

PS - Through a mutual friend I know a fellow called Jaspers. Was he involved in your purge from the Society? I too have been purged several timed from various LBOs (Large Bureaucratic Organizations)to include YAF. We probably have the same stiff necked mutual ancestor in some obscure Irish village ...

Oh yes - you don't need to post this. I communicate this way because I did not find your email address or contact method on your Blog.

PPS - are you familiar with the Police/rent-a-cop Taser death in Topeka Kansas at the Goodyear plant?

Concerned American said...

I hope all who can (including Will, who we know is juggling a world of challenges) will join us on the banks of the Potomac on April 19th:

19 April 2010: Bring Your Sidearms and Longarms To The Banks of the Potomac

Thanks, Will, as always for all you do. Prayers to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

save the planet.. you first