Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Bipartisan Homeland Security State

For two years,
Bart McIntyre was deeply involved in the insignificant, thinly populated white supremacist movement.

Though it may be difficult to believe, this actually represented something of an improvement in McIntyre's social circle, since his paying job was a position in one of our country's most repellent criminal syndicates, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, and Persecution of
Unsanctioned Political and Religious Minorities (or ATF, for the sake of convenience).

Unsavory as their personal beliefs may be, most adherents of the white supremacist movement actually work for a living, unlike the tax-engorged parasites of the ATF. Tiny though that sub-population is, I'll bet that less than one of every 1,000 white supremacists ever commits a crime against the person or property of another human being.
The core mission of the ATF, on the other hand, is to commit various kinds of aggression against gun owners and other harmless people, and the agency is indelibly tainted by its role in the 1993 mass murder at Mt. Carmel.

But this is simply the predictable fruit of a very evil tree. The ATF's progenitors were the properly despised 18th Century "Revenuers" whose haughty impositions helped precipitate the Whiskey Rebellion; the agency also played a key federal enforcement role during the demented quasi-puritanical social experiment called "Prohibition." In that role the agency's immediate ancestor was an appendage of the federal Bureau of Internal Revenue, as the IRS was known at the time.

It was only with the enactment of the Nazi-derived U.S. Gun Control Act of1968 (the German National Socialist pedigree of that measure has been capably documented by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) that the ATF blundered into its present role as chief persecutor of law-abiding gun owners and firearms dealers. So it was in his day job as an ATF Special Agent, rather than his part-time deployment undercover in the white supremacist milieu, that McIntyre forged his connections with those devoted to keeping Nazi ideals alive.

As he prepares to retire, McIntyre
has taken the opportunity to warn that the ongoing economic collapse may re-invigorate the moribund white supremacist movement. "In society, you have a very small number of people who are going to push the envelope and take it to the next step" beyond grievance and intemperate talk and into criminal violence.

This is emerging as a standard narrative among federal law enforcement agencies: A plummeting economy + the election of a black president = a racist renaissance and a surging tide of hate crimes.
The Regime's publicity arm has already treated the public to several variations on that theme, even though the evidence to support it is thin to the point of translucency.
The point of all this is not to address a plausible threat, of course, but rather to provide a the proper reductionist framing device so that any tremor of organized resistance to Obama's Neo-New Deal can be
interpreted in terms of racial resentments.

Sic semper tyrannis: ATF agents, after staging an illegal raid of a peaceful church fellowship and getting their asses kicked, retreat in shame. The Branch Davidians were within their moral and legal rights to gun down every single one of the ATF assailants, but to their considerable credit they displayed the Christian trait of mercy, permitting the criminals to gather the bodies of their dead and retrieve their wounded comrades. The Regime displayed no similar leniency in dealing with the Davidians' justified resistance, eventually immolating nearly all of them.

Give the prominence of federal informant/provocateurs among white supremacist groups it's quite likely that federal seed money is the only thing keeping that movement alive; it's simply too useful an antagonist for the Feds to permit it to die outright.

The political conquest of America by white supremacist ideology is about as likely a prospect as a winning streak by the Washington Generals. This doesn't prevent collectivists of a certain ilk --
Philip Roth being a suitably loathsome exemplar -- from peddling the notion that America must always be caught up in a foreign war or similar undertaking in order to domesticate the white population's resilient racism and direct it outward, rather than letting it coalesce into an American Reich. People preoccupied with such concerns don't object to the mechanisms of fascist rule; they simply prefer that those mechanisms be controlled by, and for the benefit of, their faction.

Ironically, or perhaps not, the incipient Obama Regime seems prepared to consolidate many of the fascist-flavored innovations of its predecessor. One very interesting illustration of this continuity is the apparent selection of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to serve as the next Commissar for Homeland Security.

Napolitano, who first attracted public attention in 1991 as a legal adviser to Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, is widely perceived as a mildly "progressive" Democrat. But in her career in Arizona, first as a federal attorney and then as Governor, she has displayed an uncanny ability to exploit the racially charged issue of immigration for her political advantage.

Michael Lacey, publisher of the Phoenix New Times, refers to Napolitano's career as a "cocktail of mediocrity," made up of roughly equal parts of incompetence and "rank opportunism." As a state bordering Mexico, Arizona has a very large population of immigrants, both those who arrived through legal channels and those who didn't. It also has a very large and politically organized constituency for immigration reform.

Most -- actually, nearly all -- Arizonans concerned about unchecked immigration are entirely innocent of racial prejudice. A handful are entirely consumed by it. And the state's most successful politician has ruthlessly capitalized on the issue as a way to deflect public attention from his spectacular incompetence and unvarnished corruption, and the cost those attributes have imposed on the taxpayers. The politician in question is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who would likely be in prison were it not for a favor done long ago by Janet Napolitano.

As the elected head of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO), Arpaio has cultivated a media image as "America's Toughest Sheriff." He has made himself famous by creating and maintaining a county detention system in which various forms of petty belittlement -- such as forcing male inmates to wear pink underwear and eat green bologna -- are inflicted on the inmates, most of whom have yet to be convicted of an actual crime.

Both male and female detainees are forced to work on chain gangs, and those consigned to Arpaio's "Tent City" are deliberately exposed to extremes of climate, which in Arizona can mean temperatures in excess of 110 degrees. (Arpaio seems to take a perverse pleasure in making life especially difficult for female inmates: Until a federal lawsuit forced him to stop, he maintained a jail netcam broadcasting female detainees using the toilet. That fact provides a certain nauseating subtext to Arpaio's publicly expressed desire to have authorities in L.A. extradite Paris Hilton to Arizona to serve out her jail term for DUI-related offenses.)

During the past decade, while Arpaio has labored to make himself a household name, people have been dying in the custody of his deputies. Lawsuits resulting from the death of inmates at the hands of Arpaio's brown-shirted homeboys have cost the county more than $13 million in legal settlements, and a five-fold increase in insurance premiums. Last September, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care revoked its accreditation of the MCSO jails owing to Arpaio's refusal to provide adequate health care to inmates. The following month, U.S. District Judge Neal Wake (a George W. Bush appointee), ruled that the MCSO detention system violated legal standards of inmate treatment. Both the revocation and Judge Neal's ruling will probably result in additional lawsuits.

In 1996, four years after Arpaio was first elected and while Janet Napolitano served as a Clinton-appointed federal prosecutor in Arizona, a petty drug offender named
Scott Norberg was attacked and beaten to death by nearly a dozen county correctional officers. Much of the lethal violence was committed while Norberg was shackled to a torture device called a "restraint chair": Bound and unable to defend himself, Norberg was beaten by the brave men of the MCSO until he died.

Arpaio didn't order the murder of Scott Norberg, but he was deeply involved in the cover-up. "Notes taken the night of the killing were destroyed," writes Phoenix New Times' Michael Lacey. "Critical X-Rays were destroyed. County authorities, under the watchful eye of the sheriff, hid the fact that Norberg's larynx was fractured." What evidence did exist was forwarded to the FBI. The Norberg family's attorney, Michael Manning, provided Napolitano -- by way of her assistant US attorneys -- with much of the evidence that had been suppressed by the MCSO.

And that's where the case died.

Before the investigation found traction, Napolitano was dismissive of Arpaio's critics, insisting that he ran "a strict jail but a safe one."

Arpaio's "progressive" ally Janet Napolitano, soon to be Commissarina of Homeland Security.

The Justice Department's final report, which was issued two years after Napolitano punted on the issue, fleshed out the skeletal term "strict" in interesting ways, noting that excessive and abusive use of force was common and often involved unjustified use of restraint chairs, hog-tying and beating of inmates, and other forms of deadly restraint.

The report likewise scored Arpaio's staffing decisions, which left the jail "below levels needed for safety and human operations."
The Justice Department, as former Arizona Republic reporter Tom Zoellner pointed out in Slate, "filed suit and settled with the sheriff the same day" in exchange for promises of various reforms.

Napolitano was at Arpaio's side when the sheriff called a press conference to call the settlement a personal vindication.
Napolitano, recall, had been handed clear evidence of murder committed under Arpaio's authority, and a criminal conspiracy led by his office cover up that crime; she simply threw it out and refused to prosecute.

The Sheriff would eventually reciprocate by crossing party lines to support Napolitano's subsequent politicall career, first endorsing her bi to become state attorney general and, in 2002, throwing his support to her in a gubernatorial race that was decided by a handful of votes. But this was the least Arpaio could do for the woman whose malfeasance of office not only saved his career, but probably kept him out of prison.

In 2005, Napolitano became the first governor to sign what is called a 287(g) aggreement with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) -- the component of the Homeland Security Department in charge of border enforcement. Agreements of that kind permit state and local law enforcement agencies to take the lead in border enforcement.

And this handed Arpaio a new use for his Tent City: It could now hold immigrants collected during
high-profile sweeps conducted by Arpaio's office, in which people of Mexican ancestry -- citizens, legal residents, and illegal immigrants alike -- are subject to pretext stops and searches by MCSO deputies. These anti-immigrant sweeps are hugely popular with a large segment of Arizona's electorate. It's likely that the popularity of the sweeps would suffer somewhat were the public adequately informed of one very troubling cost incurred by them.

Overkill, cubed: Some of Arpaio's arsenal (left, and below right).

A recent study by the Goldwater Institute entitled "Mission Unaccomplished: The Misplaced Priorities of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office" documents that Arpaio's project of turning the MCSO into an immigration control agency has effectively crippled it as a law enforcement entity.

"MCSO's massive diversion of resources into policing illegal immigration ... coincides with growing rates of violent crimes, plummeting arrest rates, and increased response time to citizens' calls for help," notes the report. "At the same time, [an investigation done by the
Arizona Republic newspaper] found that crime rates in areas that were the subject of saturation [immigration] raids were largely unchanged after the sweeps."

Arpaio's office is the depository for all warrants issued to law-enforcement agencies in Maricopa County. As of September 2008, 77,949 warrants were outstanding, including 42,297 felony warrants. Many, perhaps most, of the felony charges dealt with violent crimes against persons and property.

The soi-disant "toughest sheriff" in the land boldly sends his deputies to drag Mexican mothers from their cars while their children scream in terror, and deploys paramilitary units to seize janitors fromwhile their children scream in terror, or their jobs at Mesa City Library or City Hall.

Meanwhile, actual violent criminals remain free and the crime rate continues to climb -- and Arpaio capitalizes on that latter fact by describing it as a product of unrestricted immigration, rather than a reflection of his own politically opportunistic priorities.

Two recent developments prompted Arpaio to discover, however tardily, the merit of enforcing felony warrants. The first was Napolitano's grudging decision to withhold some state funding from the MCSO until something was done to address the backlog of outstanding warrants. The second was
the development of a "reality television program" featuring the MCSO entitled "Smile! You're Under Arrest."

The program -- a product the Fox network, natch -- features people subject to felony warrants (involving non-violent offenses for the most part) being "punk'd" through elaborate on-camera ruses before being arrested. The process is long, expensive, needlessly complicated, and self-indulgent. To Arpaio, an insatiable publicity whore who cannot resist an opportunity to thrust his unsightly mug in front of a camera, the opportunity to star in his own television show outweighed any practical liabilities.

Endlessly vain and incurably power-intoxicated, Arpaio doesn't venture out in public without being surrounded by a phalanx of grim-faced bodyguards. This is supposedly made necessary because of purported death threats received by the sherriff, at least one of which was a "bomb threat" that was actually contrived by the Sheriff's Office itself.

In October 2007,
Arpaio sent his Selective Enforcement Unit to arrest Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the owners of the Phoenix New Times, which has produced a steady stream of critical stories examining the sheriff's empire of authoritarian corruption. Lacey and Larkin were charged with publicizing secret grand jury proceedings by publicizing a subponea they had received from the local prosecutor, a priggish authoritarian and Arpaio ally named Andrew Thomas, that demanded, inter alia, "Every note, tape, and record from every story written about Sheriff Arpaio by every reporter over a period of years" as well as "detailed information on anyone who has looked at the New Times Web site since 2004" as well as every individual "individual who looked at any story, review, listing, classified, or retail ad [in the publication] over a period of years."

All of this was part of a campaign of official harassment and intimidation provoked by a
New Times investigation into Arpaio's personal real estate holdings. One story published by the paper gave Arpaio's home address, thereby supposedly posing "a serious and imminent threat" to his personal safety. The charges against Lacey and Larkin were dropped, and the New Times is pursuing a lawsuit against the rogue sheriff and his ally in the County Prosecutor's office.

Arpaio continues to use the powers of his office to punish and intmidate his critics, whether this involves
threatening to arrest reporters for seeking public records about the MCSO or arresting citizens who politely applaud his critics during meetings of the County Board of Supervisors. (People who applauded other speakers at the same event were left unmolested by Arpaio's minions.) Arpaio's preferred tactic is to file "disorderly conduct" charges against people who confront or criticize him or his office; in fact, he's been captured on video trying to provoke a citizen into some act, gesture, or vocal inflection that could be construed as "disorderly":


Just as "progressives" of a certain kind support the exercise of draconian powers against "hate criminals" and peaceful gun owners, conservatives of the Hannity/Savage/Beck variety regard Arpaio to be something of a folk hero. Oh, sure, he's a bit uncouth, they'll admit; he lacks rudimentary social graces and looks as if he combs his hair with buttered toast -- but at least he's doing something to battle the Brown Peril.

There is something of a dialectic at work in the consolidation of the Homeland Security apparatus. During the Clinton era, the embryonic Homeland Security Department focused most of its attention on "home-grown" extremists; this had the useful effect of provoking conservative concerns about due process, the Bill of Rights, and abuses of government power.

During Duhbya's reign, the focus has been on the dreaded "other" -- particularly Muslims and dusky-skinned immigrants from south of the border. This catalyzed resistance among left-leaning civil liberties groups, even as most of the conservative movement embraced many of the same measures they found intolerable under Clinton.

Now, in the name of bipartisanship and national unity under the rule of the Sainted One, even His Holiness Barack Obama, we're likely to see a synthesis of the worst elements from both the Bush and Clinton eras.

As Attorney General, Eric Holder, an unabashed proponent of civilian disarmament and the prosecution of "hate crimes," we can expect to see the ATF will let off its leash and a cascade of federal initiatives targeting "hate groups."

Under Commissarina Napolitano, the Homeland Security Department will continue to militarize and federalize law enforcement, cultivating ties with Joe Arpaio wannabes nation-wide and turning them into squalid little satellite despotisms in the service of Washington. (Incidentally, like Arpaio, the Homeland Security Department now has its own television show.)

Although it is almost certainly too much to hope for, but it would be a substantial blessing were a bipartisan -- or, better yet, trans-partisan -- synthesis to emerge among opponents of government power, with conservatives taking alarm over police state measures being used to enforce immigration laws and liberals loudly defending the rights of the rural gunowners Obama has referred to so contemptuously. What is necessary is for people to decide that they love liberty more than they despise their political enemies, which is a direct reversal of the way politics almost always operates.

A personal note --

I wish to apologize, yet again, for another unscheduled hiatus. Everybody in my house has been sick, myself included.

Korrin, as many of you have learned, is expecting again, a blessed circumstance complicated somewhat by her long-term chronic health problems. Both mother and baby are doing well, but are in need of an exceptional level of paternal attention. That, plus Isaiah's appendicitis scare (it turned out to be something else), plus my own ongoing bout of the flu, have kept me occupied away from my keyboard.

To those who noted the oblique announcement in the header to this blog, and offered congratulations, I extend sincere thanks. The new member of the Grigg Clan will arrive on the third of next month; he's a boy, and we're always open for those who wish to suggest what to name him.

On sale now!

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

"and we're always open for those who wish to suggest what to name him."


Anonymous said...

You might be an (ex-)Mormon if:
*you give all of your children Old Testament names

*you run out of Old Testament names before you run out of children.

Anonymous said...

All the best, and prayers for you and family. Your courage is greatly appreciated. As for childrens names, the best rule of thumb is a good common first name. Let momma go wild in the middle. Of all the numerous examples that can be pointed at.I would be unsuprised if the first excutive order from Barack H.Obama was the excusion of the pregnant women from naming children. mthead

Anonymous said...

A most prescient comment "People preoccupied with such concerns don't object to the mechanisms of fascist rule; they simply prefer that those mechanisms be controlled by, and for the benefit of, their faction."

For this is the very nature of all gov't action. Identify a minority that can be easily demonized and rally the masses around that cause (and the causes have been endless - redskins, wops, japs, deadbeat dads - take your pick). It is why gov't must be restrained or eliminated in it's current form. We are at the precipice of the latter.

Good to see you back Will . . .

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the fast approaching arrival of your newest little one. Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy mama and baby.


Anonymous said...

Ahh - name him Joe A. Grigg

Anonymous said...

I vote for Appolyon-destroyer. Thanks for your blog, praying for your wife.
Wayne B.

Anonymous said...

Personal problems like health simply aren't good enough to keep you away from posting. :)

Congrats on the new arrow in your quiver!

Prayers you all get (and stay) healthy quickly.

Jim O'Connor
The Colony, Texas

Anonymous said...

Name suggestions, you say?

Do you yet have a Robert Edward Lee Grigg? Or a Jefferson Davis Grigg?

Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for another salient essay Mr. Grigg. Its truly amazing how both those on the left and right can become useful idiots for those who who want nothing short of a neofeudalist state where the unwashed masses are enslaved by their elitist betters.

A blessing on your household...

W Terry
Christian Libertarian
The Old Dominion

Anonymous said...

I'll decline suggesting any names, as I know my quirks are often unfit for public consumption. Instead, I'm posting the usual courtesy trackback from my own blog: .

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Ronald Paul Grigg.

liberranter said...


A hearty congratulations on your anticipation of a new family member. May the Lord protect this little one and his loving family during the tumultuous times ahead.

Once again, Will, you've done a superb job of describing the malignant rot that is the State and the destruction it is causing as it consolidates its power. While I could have done without another glimpse at the mug of that despicable criminal rat Arpaio, you've done the public a true service in exposing the anarcho-tyrannical reign of terror in Maricopa County, something that the Arpaio/Napolitano-worshipping media here the Grand Canyon State will NEVER do.

I should note here that the toxic effects of Arpaio's criminality are not confined to his own county. Those of us living in other Arizona counties are feeling the pain as Arpaio's fellow county sheriffs (who have even fewer brain cells or scruples than Arpaio, but none of his charisma or acumen for political manipulation) strive to mold themselves in his image, with all of the attendant abuses of power and squandering of increasingly diminishing supplies of tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

"What is necessary is for people to decide that they love liberty more than they despise their political enemies..."


Another worthy 'Griggism' I'll have to commit to memory.

Does anybody write it better than Will G?

Anonymous said...

Will Grigg?

A freakin' genius.

Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot credit the amount of attention that these White survival types or whatever nomenclature one cares to use, as to being any real threat.

I was reading in the news the other day about the various Federal agencies, who all, like State, municipal and other law enforcement groups, are trained by the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, monitoring "White supremacist chatter", really, CHATTER.

Bill where have we seen that WORD used before?

I know that the Canadian press discussed in relation to a case where a Polish immigrant to Canada, TOMAZ WINNICKI, IIRC, a kid about oh 22 or something like that. Who was imprisoned in Canada for posting messages about violent crime in Toronto that were insensitive, the news report mentioned that not only were various agents of let's say "religious group" were posting inflammatory statements on Stormfront but also undercover RCMP officers.


Recall in Germany the NDP leadership was almost ALL German government undercover agents. That scandal rocked the press there some years back.

The question I have for you Bill is when they grabbed those 2 boys in Tennessee, who were GIVEN a sawed-off shotgun, A FEDERAL FELONY, and then the Federal Bureau of Investigation was TIPPED off. WHO GAVE THE KIDS THE SHOTGUN, who tipped off the FBI?

The whole plot, dressing in White tails and top hats, and etc is LUDICROUS. That they were enticed, by WHOEVER GAVE THE SHOTGUN and made the call, to CROSS STATE LINES, is VERY DISTURBING.

You know our liberty is in jeopardy. They took the babies from this couple in New Jersey this week.
The cops said NO ALLEGATIONS OF CHILD ABUSE, yet they took the babies.

The family had made headlines over a bakery not decorating the birthday cake of the little boy, whose name was ADOLF HITLER.

In fact the children attending the party were an ethnic cross section of America, oops doesn't sound like a hate-filled racist to me.

But daddy doesn't believe in the Holocaust or parts of it, and has a nazi flag in the house. So his kids are gone. Similar case in Canada last year children taken from the home because a 2nd grader went to school and drew a swastika in felt pen on her arm.

DEMOCIDE, check it out.

The handful of "White Power" boys in America can't be much over a thousand I would think. If you include all those who mouth off on bulletin boards maybe what? 3,000?

Timothy McVeigh is always brought up. Well if the GOVERNMENT STORY is the true one then why did McVeigh do it? WHITE POWER?

No he was at Waco watching the babies burn. He KNEW there a rainbow of different people in there, from all over the world.

Yet he cried and vowed revenge.

Wouldn't a Nazi-type be filled with GLEE over people of different races and ethnicities who worked and loved together getting killed?

Outside of OKC which was obviously not a "White Supremacist" event, what IS the danger from alcoholic shaved head goofballs?

Or 12 people dressing up and Sieg Heiling in a government enclosed, "FREE SPEECH ZONE"?

Anonymous said...

The photo captioned: Sic semper tyrannis

The BD let the BATF remove their wounded.

That was the kind of mercy and decent behavior that demonstrates who held the moral highground.

Anonymous said...


I received my own introduction to the new "bipartisan" agenda. We went over to my grnadmother's house for a Sunday afternoon of conversation and bread and circuses (American Football). I went to get pizza and returned without incident.

Let me say here, I don't get involved in any traffic road rage as my business name is on my car. I pull over for tailgaters and let them by and go out of my way to be a peaceful person in all of my actions.

When we returned to my car, after dinner, it was dark so I couldn't immediately see the damage to my car. I opened the hatchback and the glass looked like there was frost on it, but none of the other cars had any frost. So I opened the hatch and glass started to fall into the cargo area and I thought, this is not good.

Well, I carefully closed the hatch and found that the rear window was smashed and the coward didn't even have the courtesy to do me a solid and hit it in the middle, where it would do the least damage. He or she hit it right where the window meets the hatch. Damaging the hatch as well as destroying the window.

The area of my window that made someone so mad, you ask? I had a Ron Paul '08 sticker right where the person hit it with a baseball bat or some other object. It made me angry and sad. I drove around with that sticker on my car since August of '07 without any problems.

Now that the new bipartisan leadership has been installed, I get a taste of the new, inclusive, everybody's different regime, except I don't get to have any free speech, because the brownshirts will intimidate and destroy property to drive their point home.

Warren said...

Congratulations Will!

I alwasy suggest Warren. Although, none have yet taken my suggestion.

dixiedog said...

I've not been payin' close attention, apparently, because I had no idea God was about to reward your family with another addition, until I read this piece today. Please forgive me.

Congrats, Will, on the imminent arrival of the new clan member. It's an especially cruel world these days and will grow even more so into the future that he'll grow up in, but obviously you're keenly aware of that and he will be in caring hands. May God bless you and yours.

Folk have already provided some good names above, especially Robert Edward Grigg and Ronald Paul Grigg. So I'll just add my two pence worth to the hat: Patrick Henry Grigg.

The paragraph beginning with "There is something of a dialectic at work..." and the following two paragraphs are, when taken together, a complete and poignant synopsis.

I couldn't agree more. That's how I've viewed it for some time, but you detailed it perfectly.

Greg said...

I'd go with the Ronald Paul suggestion. And Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

"...combs his hair with buttered toast..."


Congrats on the kid, Mr. Grigg.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new member of your family. I suggest Marshall. It's a fantastic name, and your kid will be the only one in his classes with that name.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new addition. May G-d continue to richly bless you and yours. Louis

Anonymous said...

You don't have to post this screed if you decide it's too long - no offence will be taken if you keep it to yourself.

Congratulations on the new arrival. He could not have a better father to raise him in justice, truth and the love of freedom. How about naming him after one of the archangels?

Please remember my last letter. This world will NEVER be a paradise - it was created as a place of learning and trial for us. Nothing here is permanent. The real and everlasting world exists in a higher dimension of the universe, created by a God whose love is beyond understanding.

This world is run by an imperfect entity appointed by God to run the "school for souls" with an inflexible Rule Book. There is no mercy or forgiveness with that one, only justice and punishment. We imagine Satan as unjust, because WE are. But no - Satan is the essence of Justice. The reason we think his justice capricious is because we think we are who we are. Not so. We are immortal souls experiencing one of a succession of life lessons which will eventually make us wise enough to avoid having to repeat grades.

Our minds cannot contain the truth of how magnificent and beautiful God is. When we get to see God, our souls will literally laugh at all the suffering, and believe it or not, we will look back at all the pain and anguish, and say to God, Thank you for every moment of it, the knowledge of Your compassion is so wonderful, it is more than worth the price we had to pay.

Meanwhile, here we are struggling in school, which we cannot avoid doing. We did not choose to come here - God sent us.

I read on your blogs and from your respondents a sad catalog of sorrows. These complaints are as nothing compared to what billions of other humans (not to even begin to consider the immense suffering of animals) have suffered down through the eons. All I can say about it, after having been royally screwed and victimized time and time again in this life, is this: That if the great Jehovah cannot finesse the scales of justice so as to finally settle all the trillions of scores, it is folly to expect human beings to do so. Or to even entertain the hope of it.

Won't happen. What you see is what you get. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. This world can never change, because Jehovah-Satan is there exacting punishments for long-forgotten offences.

There is only one way out of this cycle of pain. Step back, and whatever Jehovah-Satan throws at us, accept it and feel within us, "Forgiveness is not an occasional act. It is a permanent attitude."

This is a reflection of the spirit of God. Once we sincerely refuse to ask for vengeance, which can only be had in this plane of existence where the crimes were committed, and accept humbly whatever we have to pay for our own forgotten crimes, once we truly live to the depths of our beings the command: "Judge not, lest ye be judged," God will appear, and say, you have learned the futility of judging and being judged. You have learned My lesson, which is eternal compassion for the weakness of man, and forgiveness for man's ignorance. You have nothing more to learn. Supper's on the table and your day is over. Come home now.

Yours in the spirit,
Lemuel Gulliver.

PS: For those of us still enjoying the show: RE. the Murrah building mentioned by Anonymous, there are some great mysteries there, if we still care about one more manifestation of Satan's bungled rule of this world. Go online and try to find a list of the names of the victims and/or what agencies they worked for - you can't. At least, I cannot find one anywhere. I have been told, but cannot confirm it, that of all the many agencies in that building, the only one empty that morning was the BATF. I have been told it was empty - everyone was given or took the day off. Curious.

Also, you are, of course, in my opinion absolutely correct in your ongoing assessments - the Government and all its minions of human "justice" are simply servants of Satan. They are. Satan rules this world by appointment from God, and they are Satan's delegates. (Imagine - those who run for office, or set themselves up to judge and punish other human beings, are servants of Satan doing the work of Satan. What utter folly. Do you think they might be horrified to learn the truth of whom it is they serve?)

We have to decide if we are going to join in Satan's game, or step aside and refuse to take part. But do not believe for a moment that stepping aside will cause Satan to leave you alone. No, he will redouble his efforts to drag you back in - the last thing he wants is for one of his captive souls to escape. It takes enormous willpower and humility and complete reliance on the infinite and powerful compassion of the One True Lord, to resist the immense psychic power of Satan. I myself fail daily, and get sucked in again, even though I know what is going on.
- LG

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with Ronald Paul, a name he can wear proudly, and the significance of which his father will be sure to instill.

God's best blessings to you and yours, who are such blessings to so many.

Vulture said...

I suppose 'Vulture' is out of the question...

How about John Galt Grigg?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And there is no need to apologize, since it's always worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grigg,

Your essay was a breath of fresh air. This was my first opportunity at reading your work and I enjoyed it very much. I would highly suggest this particular piece to not only those of us in Arizona but to the entire nation as well.

Marie Lynette said...

You should put the B on BATF and then pronounce it Batf**. Arpaio should be called the Porn Prick. The guy that shot Trevor Cole, Toilet Cop. Go nicely with Officer Bubbles (Joe Adams).

Anonymous said...

Wonderful article. You have, once again, balanced thought, deed, and consequences into a gestalt that produces one clear tone. Even your name calling, which is wonderfully creative, does not mar the gravitas of your writing. The human condition is deeply tragic, and you provide examples of why this is. The subtext is always spiritual warfare, or at least it seems that way to me.

Congratulations on the new baby! Every baby born is a brand new chance for the human race. May I suggest the name Freedom. And I would then pray that your new son's name would become a self-fulfilling prophesy.