Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kleptocrats of the World, Unite!

His name isn't Barton, but he is certainly a Fink: Newly installed economic dictator Timothy Geithner.

Perhaps the only commendable thing newly installed Economic Dictator (and Barton Fink lookalike) Tim Geithner has done in a public career otherwise devoted to serving the Power Elite was to
"cheat" on his taxes.

Given that taxation is theft, "cheating" the taxman is bit like refusing to disclose every hidden pocket of household wealth to an armed robber.

Unless they're sick unto death with some form of collectivist psychosis, Americans submit to government taxation for the same reason they would pay off any other irresistibly powerful extortionist.

At some point in any conversation about taxes someone, acting with smugly misplaced confidence in the power of cliche, will deploy
Justice Holmes' dictum about taxes being "the price we pay for civilization."

Actually, taxes are the price extracted from us by those determined to undermine civilization, which is built on the peaceful, mutually enriching exchange of knowledge, goods, services, sound traditions, and culture among people of goodwill.

As Justice Holmes would have understood, had he not been a blinkered positivist and deranged militarist, taxation is what fuels the forces of barbarism -- the Warmakers, empire-builders, and practitioners of public plunder in all of its malignant varieties.

The "civilizing" deeds of such people are measured by the graveyards they have filled, the prisons and gallows they have built, and the number of names listed in the obscene war memorials they erect in their own honor, if that word applies. All of these depredations are made possible by taxation.

By way of contrast, all of the genuinely civilized functions of life -- those that take place in families, churches, the marketplace, and private associations of shared interest -- require not a farthing in taxes.

famously lamented the work of imperialists who make a desert and call it "peace." In the same fashion, tax-fed Kleptocrats impose systems of official plunder, corruption, and violence and call it "civilization."

As a young man at Kissinger Associates (KA), Geithner was deeply involved in brokering the kind of "civilized" deals the Power Elite thrives on. Among other things, Kissinger's influence-peddling operation helped arrange the Iraq War: It promoted the U.S. taxpayer-subsidized Iraqi arms build-up while simultaneously representing the state-owned Kuwaiti Petroleum Corporation.

Kleptocrat as Imperial Proconsul:
L. Paul "Jerry" Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in occupied Iraq, makes his rounds under the watchful eyes of his Blackwater Praetorian Guard.

One of Geithner's associates at that enigmatic firm was L. Paul Bremer, who went on to become the imperial proconsul in "liberated" Iraq following the second Gulf War. Bremer has followed a pretty conventional Kleptocratic career arc: He ended up presiding over the "reconstruction" of a country whose demolition he and his KA comrades had helped to arrange.

This proved to be immensely profitable to Geithner's kleptocratic cronies, who were in a position to benefit from no-bid, "cost-plus" contracts and the other lucrative scams that proliferated during the festive orgy of official corruption called the "reconstruction" of Iraq. Oh, sure: Iraq itself was left -- and remains today -- a wrecked and ruined land. But at least the Lords of Plunder made out pretty well.

Geithner is pursuing a career trajectory similar to Bremer's, albeit in a slightly different field. In the years leading up to his coronation as Treasury Secretary,
Geither was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This means he was a member in good standing in the world's most important criminal syndicate, the Federal Reserve System. It also means he spent a good part of his public career abetting the destruction of the economy he now has been given dictatorial powers to "save."

The Fed's loose money and credit policies created the inflationary boom and led to the ongoing economic bust.
Since the bust began, Geithner's chief priority has been to pillage the earnings of poor and middle-class Americans on behalf of the super-wealthy and politically connected. His first service of that kind came early last summer, when he helped devise a $29 billion taxpayer-backed bailout of the mortally wounded Bear Stearns investment house.

At the time, both Geithner and the Capo of his criminal order, Ben Bernanke, insisted that with that bailout the investment markets had been stabilized, and the economic downturn had been arrested. That was seven months and at least $3 trillion (and probably as much as $8 trillion) in taxpayer-backed bailouts ago.

During that time, Congress
enacted a measure giving the Treasury Secretary -- acting in collusion with the Fed Chairman -- unlimited and unaccountable power to appropriate "bailout" funds, and disburse them as he sees fit, without congressional review or accountability of any kind.

The power of economic "reconstruction" has thus been vested in two of the chief demolitionists of the world economy, one of whom, Mr. Geithner, belongs to
an uber-secret clique of central bankers and Keynesian socialists called the Group of 30. Not to put too fine a point on the matter, this group isn't composed of the kind of people whose sleep is troubled by concerns about the impact of their machinations on the civilized affairs of Main Street.

Given his vita and associations, there's every reason to believe that Geithner will use the means at his disposal to siphon the wealth that remains in our economy into the hands of the international Plunderbund. Perhaps the only genuinely interesting question left is this: What will parasites of his kind do once they have killed their host?

On sale now!

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

The tax code is so complicated that one needs a team of lawyers to try to follow it.

Employing an undocumented immigrant, of course, is obviously illegal.

Anonymous said...

In most cases the parasite dies along with its disease ravaged host. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if if the tax engorged plunderbund elite manage to survive and carve the drained carcass of America into something closely resembling feudal fiefdoms.

Anonymous said...

Why should Geithner have to pay taxes to himself? And to answer your question about what they will do after they have sucked us dry, they will move to their armored, paramilitary guarded mansions overseas. They'll secure these positions while the economy and the dollar still buy stuff.

Anonymous said...

As a former resident of Chester,VT I remember when that jerk Bremmer came riding into town, fresh from his looting of the Mesopotamia;bought a house smack in the middle of town and proceeded to ingratiate himself with the natives by participating in all these local charities. What a joke. I found it more than ironic that his little castle was located right adjacent to a funeral home. The soulless living and sleeping next to the house of the dead. How apprapo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we're being robbed on a massive scale, in plain sight. Too bad most of us are so stupid that we cheer on our own fleecing, and exalt the robbers as saviors. I don't see what can be done about it. Maybe God will come and set things right. Maybe one of us will wake up tomorrow morning with super powers, and serve up some long-overdue justice.

We're screwed.

Eldon said...

Mr. Grigg,

The Kleptocrats are uniting!

In Korea they have arrested Park Dae-Sung, AKA "Minerva," a blogger who predicted our current economic calamity, and thereby crossed the kleptocrats.

I beg you to research his case and give us your enlightened analysis!

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your blog for some time, Mr.Grigg. Even though I read a few books a week, my list is terribly backed up but I finally broke down and ordered your book. Imagine my delight when I opened the package yesterday to discover that it was signed and included a CD with an interview of yours! I look forward to settling down this evening with your book in hand. If the writing is even one half as wonderful as I have found your blog to be, it is sure to be a treat. Thank you, and good luck in all you do.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Actually, taxes are the price extracted from us by those determined to undermine civilization, which is built on the peaceful, mutually enriching exchange of knowledge, goods, services, sound traditions, and culture among people of goodwill."

Will, that's heresy against the religion of State-worship! We'd all be eating raw kittens and looting each other's homes without the State!

Recant your blasphemy and recite three "I Pledges," and may Holy Mother State have mercy on you.

-Sans Authoritas

jwags said...

I saw recently that Tom Daschle is also correcting some income tax "mistakes." He is submitting amended tax returns for several years, having "forgotten" some income and also needing to remove $15,000 worth of charitable contributions. I doubt if the government would be as forgiving of us peons if we tried to pull the same kind of stunt.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grigg,

Barack Obama has put the fox in charge of our nation's henhouse. Basically, we have been screwed once again, without even the benefit of some KY Jelly to ease the pain in our collective recta.

Geithner, at his tender age of 47, has been:

* Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
* Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (Well worth reading the entirety of the Wikipedia article on the CFR)
* Director of the Policy Development and Review Department at the International Monetary Fund
* President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Which controls the Federal Reserve - its President is the only permanent Fed Bank member of the FOMC - see below)
* Vice Chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee (The people who literally print the money to buy Treasury Bills from the Government, thereby inflating the dollar and earning interest from the US taxpayer on the money they have printed up out of thin air. Great job if you can get it, but you have to be a Jew - see below.)
* Secretary of the Treasury under Obama

Geithner's CV above sounds like a man who is being groomed by the Satanists to be the Antichrist.

Regarding the Federal Open Market Committee - this is the privately owned entity which, when the government (The Treasury) wants to spend money it does not have, buys any Treasury Bills that go unsold in the Treasury's periodic auctions. To buy the T-Bills, the Fed, a private corporation owned by the major banks and Power Elite of this country (the same people getting bailouts from the taxpayer, as if we had not been screwed enough already - they want to see our asses bleed) and which has NEVER published a financial statement or been audited - even once - since its inception in 1913, the Fed prints up new money and gives it to the Treasury, then draws interest from the US taxpayer on the paper they have printed. (Go look at what it says at the top of any dollar bill in your wallet - "Federal Reserve Note". That is a piece of paper printed by a private corporation, not by the US government, and just loaned to you, on which you and I have to pay annual interest via our taxes.) Here is a list of 2008 members of the FOMC:

* Ben S. Bernanke, Board of Governors, Chairman
* Timothy F. Geithner, New York, Vice Chairman
* Elizabeth A. Duke, Board of Governors
* Richard W. Fisher, Dallas
* Donald L. Kohn, Board of Governors
* Randall S. Kroszner, Board of Governors
* Sandra Pianalto, Cleveland
* Charles I. Plosser, Philadelphia
* Gary H. Stern, Minneapolis
* Kevin M. Warsh, Board of Governors

Notice anything curious? In case not, let me point it out for you. This is a list of 8 Jewish men and two token Goyishe babes, one WASP and one WOP, for window dressing.

You talk about "culture" and "civilization?" Since 1967, when the Jews became unsufferably arrogant and certain of their own invincibility, the USA has become dominated by Jewish culture - the
likes of Howard Stern and Maury Povitch. There is a concerted effort to reduce our culture to American Idol and dead blondes in Aruba and black athletes raping white women. Meanwhile Jewish children ignore all that bullshit put out for the goyim by the Jewish-owned media and Hollywood - they are the best educated and most intelligent kids in America - the intellectual cream of our society. Talk to any Jewish teenager, and any ten Goyim teenagers, and you will find the Jew has more brains than the other ten put together.

Why do you think all our lawyers and doctors and financial wizards are Jewish, while we goyim shine their shoes and trim their lawns and groom their dogs? And get taxed to pay them interest on every dollar in our wallets? Because they are smarter, that's why.

And then we have their poster boy, Bernie Madoff. His investment funds only paid 7%-8%. Not 30%-40%. The latter is a Ponzi scheme. The former are interest rates you could get anywhere. He did NOT spend the $50 billion (so we are told - who knows how much it REALLY is, given all the rest of the lies) paying off his early investors. Meadow-muffins. You mean ALL the money is gone, without trace? Bull-crap. He STOLE it, is what happened, and sent it all to Israeli banks, where it is untouchable and untraceable. He had THREE accountants in his front office, managing $50 billion in investments? If you believe that, I have a bridge over a kibbutz I'd like to sell you.

And this was KNOWN at the top levels of our Clinton and Bush kleptocracies, which since 9-11 spy on even the transfer of $1,000 overseas, much less $50 billion. They KNOW where that money is, but just like all the greedy goyim who co-operate with the Chosen Race Money Masters in their immense thefts, they probably got a 0.5% or 0.25% payola, and for that miserable bribe they put a gag order on the SEC and the Treasury and the FBI and the DHS.

Our future is grim. If someone assassinates Obama, which is quite possible given his penchant for mingling with the people (unlike Bush,) I can see martial law in this country, run by the Joint Chiefs, under Joe Biden as a figurehead dictator. I can also see the Zionists coldly writing off America, the failed state which they bled to death financially, and transferring their co-operation to the Chinese. I can also then see a military dictator arising in our failed state, who, just like Hitler, will use the treachery of the Jews, after all the treasure we have let them steal from us and then cozying up to our Chinese enemies, to instigate a new Holocaust which will make the last one look like a tea party. And once again they will howl, as they have been howling for the last 3,000 years, "Why does everybody hate us so?"

None of the above has to happen. Perhaps Obama will survive and can use his oratorical skills to rescue us from the consequences of our own greed, which was inspired by the examples we saw all around us. Let us hope so.

Yours sincerely,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Gulliver 424a: Dude, what is the connection between this column and your anti Jew rant? You have been really whining about Jews lately. The point of this column is that thieves of all types are uniting. I am not very smart, so I don't see Jewbitch everywhere I look, as you seem to be doing. If you wanna whine about Jews, why not whine somewhere else, like on a National Socialist or an Aryan Nation blogspot?

mongol Doc Ellis 124

Anonymous said...

Dear Doc,

You must not have ever read the speech of Benjamin Freedman at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC in 1961. He was a Jew, a very wealthy one, and well connected at the highest levels of the US Government and to the cream of the Jewish community in the USA. Please read what he had to say, (you can Google it and find the text posted on several websites) and when you have, please come back again and tell me what you think of what he had to say. Then I will be happy to get into a discussion about whether my general rants (yes, I concede I am trying to shock others into asking politically embarassing questions) are justified in specific cases. One warning - his speech makes what I said recently sound mild. In case you cannot find it, here is a link to one site:,_D.C_(1961).pdf

If you refuse to take 20 minutes to read what a Jew had to say about Jews, then I shall continue ranting as I please until Mr. Grigg tells me to cool it. ( It IS his website after all.) I sincerely hope you DO read the speech, as I would love to have a verbal opponent with whom to debate its content.

And as to what all this has to do with Timothy Geithner and our economic collapse, it has everything to do with it. Of COURSE the Jews are not solely to blame for the problems of America, but America has been corrupted by a culture of unbridled greed, and I manitain we non-Jews learned this in the course of Jewish lust for money and profit. Madison Avenue and Hollywood, the newspapers and the television networks, are 95% owned or managed by Jews, and those institutions have been used for the past 75 years to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the American psyche - greed, lust, prurience, selfishness, rage, frustration, dissatisfaction, violence, envy, boredom, triviality, hatred, materialism, egotism, narcissism, jingoism, and most other destructive isms you can name.

Don't just take my word for it. Read "The Merchant of Venice" and Shakespeare's characterisation of the Jew Shylock, way back in 1600 or so. Look up what Benjamin Franklin had to say about them. Read Norman Finkelstein's (a Jew's) book "The Holocaust Industry." Read Arkady Vaksberg's (a Jew's) book "Stalin Against the Jews," and what their great hero Stalin had to say about them. Read Eustace Mullins' "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve," and see what he says about the influence (note I said influence, not control) of the Jews on the money business of the USA and the world.

You may find it distasteful for me to pick on one race like that, but Israel is the only state in the world which defines itself as a racial state. (Except, perhaps, for Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe - he has after all said Africa is only for Africans and whites should leave. Just as the Israelis have said Palestinians should leave and thus all the Palestinans' problems would be solved.)

And you should also read what Orthodox anti-Zionist Jews of Neturei Karta have to say about all of it:

An excerpt: "Racial pride has been the downfall of those Jews in the past who were blinded by their own narrow-minded chauvinism. In what way are the Jews a "chosen people"? Every Jewish man anywhere and at any time when called to the reading of the Torah says, "Who has chosen us from all the peoples and gave us His Torah." This is the way in which the Jews are chosen. The Jewish people are chosen not for domination over others, not for conquest or warfare, but to serve G-d and thus to serve mankind. This love of the land and the Jewish longing for a return to it and for the coming of the Messiah have been exploited innumerable times during the past 2,000 years. Zionism has had many precursors and each has been a curse for the Jews."

I say, Amen. Jews like that I can honor, love and respect. Unfortunately, when the wind blows and the storm descends, it falls upon the innocent as well as the guilty.

But for now, please just read Benjamin Freedman's speech, and let me know what you think of it.

Thank you and regards,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being called an anti-semite I would like to mention that some folks are doing their best to keep an eye on Amitai Etzioni who appears to be one of the biggest threats to humanity and freedom right now. His COMMUNITARIANISM is what all the followers (such as Obamessiah) are pushing. It's the reason all the school children in government schools (and even private ones) are being forced to do community service to get a diploma. It's the reason Obamessiah is planning his mandatory volunteerism corps for all of us. No doubt we will be starved if we do not comply. So check out Zionist Etzioni for some insight in what is going on.

Anonymous said...

My... I assign blame to both atheists and Christians for torture, and Roland lights into me. Gulliver blames the Jews for everything, and not a peep! ;)

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

So, Lemuel, what would the solution be then?
It would be as valid to call the conspiracy for world government a conspiracy of whites as it is to call it a Jewish conspiracy. After all, with the exceptions of a few tokens, the players are white.
Jews, however that word is defined (and it ain't easy), have suffered and been exploited at the hands of the conspiracy as much as any other group. The fact is that the average "Jew" has as much to do with this conspiracy as the average white, black, Christian, Muslim, etc. Evil is an equal opportunity employer.

R. Cozine

Anonymous said...

Sans Authoritas,

What you said and what you think you said are two different things.

Furthermore, as I don't waste my time in reiterating points that others (in this case, Doc Ellis) make so well, I won't comment on the anti-Jewish rants. But rest assured I'll always find time to light into previously uncommented rubbish when I find it.


Anonymous said...

SellCivilizationShort said...
    "The tax code is so complicated that one needs a team of lawyers to try to follow it."

Only if you try to hold on to more than half of your earnings. If you don't, your stress level will be much lower as you slowly descend into poverty, and die leaving your family in debt. Americans' retirement savings got sacked twice in a row, while they desperately attempted to stay ahead of enormous taxes and the falling dollar--by dumping money into high-risk, high-yield investments.

There doesn't appear to be a shortage of tax preparation firms who claim to employ former IRS agents. Yeah, there's no serious ethical problems there.

Dauvit Balfour said...


It seemed obvious to me at the time (though it's been at least a week since I read the comment) that what Sans Authoritas was arguing was that there is no objective moral imperative for an atheist. He was not claiming atheists are immoral, simply that they have no logical reason to be moral (unless you argue that morality consists of some set of values that are commonly accepted by society, in which case morality is relative and then we have a whole nother argument on our hands). One can behave in a way that he deems moral and right without believing in God, but the point of the argument was that if there is nothing but a material world, then there is no reason to behave morally. That can be debated, but that seemed to me to be the issue, and you resorted instead to accusations that were off topic.

Without going back and reviewing the entire discussion I can't say much more. Sans, if I'm misremembering or misinterpreting, feel free to clarify what you had said.

liberranter said...

Regarding Lemuel Gulliver's comments: One certainly cannot blame ALL Jews as a group for the egregious behavior of what one perceives to stereotypically negative behavior of the broader group, any more than one can blame ALL Germans of the last century for the Holocaust or accuse ALL Muslims of being murderous fundamentalist zealots. To hold any group accountable for the actions of an individual few is a violation of the belief in individual sovereignty, a double-edged sword for any practicioner who might very well soon find themselves on the receiving end of the persecution they would deal out to others for similar offenses.

All of that said, it is an undeniable (if uncomfortable) fact that many of the "power brokers" behind the MSM, major industry, and political office happen to be Jews and that very often they use their accrued power to do things decidedly not in the interest of advancing the course of social or economic liberty or justice.

On the other hand, it is equally undeniable that some of the most venerable and easily recognizable names associated with the cause of liberty and free market economics have also been Jewish. Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard are two names that readily spring to mind.

My point? Simply that one can make general observations about the behavior of representative samples of a given demographic group without imputing these characteristics to the ENTIRE group. Un-PC? Most definitely. Undesirable? Not at all. We all do it, every hour of every day. Whether we verbalize our opinions or observations or not does not make them any less real or relevant. Most of all, remember this: It's only words.

Anonymous said...

Dauvit, you hit the nail on the head, sir.

-Sans Authoritas

Trey said...

I can't find your direct email, but your absence from the page has me concerned, and you and your family are in our thoughts.

Unknown said...


Excellent article, as always.

As I make clear in the Tax Honesty Primer article on my American Glasnost blog, the bulk or Byzantine nature of the Tax Code is immaterial to 99% of Americans.

The analogy I paint in the Tax Honesty Primer is: when looking for a pair of men's socks in the huge Sears Catalog, Smith does not collapse on the ground in weeping despair..."Oh! Even the people who wrote this catalog don't understand it! I am undone!!"

Smith just turns to the bit about the men's socks and makes his order; the rest of the tome is immaterial to his life.

For the estimated 67 million of us who are non-filers (including law-abiding Nontaxpayers like myself), the Congress' IRS scam is political theatre. Nothing more.

Tragedy, to be sure. But theatre still, for those who have performed due diligence as citizens.

Keep up your superb work; it's edifying, my brother.

David Zuniga