Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Real Cult Menace (Part One): "Waco" in Slow Motion

"I hope very much that others who will be tempted to join cults and to become involved with people like David Koresh will be deterred by the horrible scenes they have seen over the last seven weeks....
There is, unfortunately, a rise in this sort of fanaticism all across the world. And we may have to confront it again."

Bill Clinton, speaking -- appropriately enough -- on Hitler's birthday, 1993, as the incinerated Mt. Carmel religious sanctuary still smoldered following the murderous federal assault of April 19.

When armed intruders came to kidnap their children, the members of El Dorado's FLDS community looked instinctively toward their leaders. This was because they deferred to their leaders in all things, both temporal and spiritual.

The residents of YFZ Ranch had been relentlessly indoctrinated in the belief that "obedience is the first law of heaven," and that their duty, when a priesthood leader instructed them to do something, was simply to obey -- and that if the thing required of them was wrong, God would still reward them for their obedience.

Obedience uber alles -- reflexive, unquestioning obedience -- is the most important defining trait of any sect, party, or organization worthy of being called a cult. And yes, the military -- service in which begins with the systematic extirpation of an individual's identity, will, and capacity for independent judgment -- does qualify, at least in some ways, for that description.

The FLDS Church has never been belligerent or militaristic, but it is unambiguously a cult built around institutionalized awe focused on an unaccountable Leader, and unqualified obedience to a leadership caste.

This made things exceptionally easy for those who set out to steal children from FLDS mothers. Rather than confronting hundreds of individuals capable of taking initiative to protect the most precious mortal gifts they'd ever receive, the kidnappers simply ingratiated themselves with the cult's leadership elite, which could -- and did -- order the cult's membership not to resist the attack on their families.

"Everyone was really pleased with how well things went," insisted Tela Mange of the Texas Department of Public Safety following the successful child abduction. "There were no shots fired, no incidents. We credit that to the time the sheriff [Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran] and the Texas Ranger captain spent developing a relationship with the leadership at the ranch."

In an interview with the El Dorado Success newspaper, Sheriff Doran described how that "relationship" with the FLDS leadership operated during the initial stages of the raid.

A representative of the Federal Thug Caste
preens for the cameras atop an armored vehicle following the annihilation of Mt. Carmel's Branch Davidian community in 1993. This time, the children were seized without direct armed violence, which probably meant a long ride home for Da Boyz from Midland.

"[W]e rolled up to the gate just as the perimeter was being sealed around the ranch and the roads leading to the property were being blocked," recalled Doran. "Fairly soon I received a call on my cell phone from Merrill Jessop" -- the Bishop, or Overseer, of the FLDS community at the ranch. Jessop "was out of town, and someone from inside the ranch had called to alert him to our presence. He knew about our perimeter and the fact that we were waiting at the gate.... I told him to get a couple of men with authority to come to the gate. They did, but they still delayed us an hour and a half before they let us in."

The "us" referred to by Doran included several people from the Texas State Department of Child Abduction, who were acting on a hot-line call from a "victim" that they must have known, even then, was a fraud.

"We asked to see the girl who called for help, but they wouldn’t produce her," Doran recalled, omitting mention of the fact that the girl in question doesn't exist -- a fact, once again, that the Texas Rangers (and therefore Doran and the CPS childnappers) must have known. The warrant presented by Doran directed him and his associates "to search anywhere and everywhere in order to find the girl and put her in touch with CPS."

Then a superseding warrant was issued "expanding the search to include looking for evidence of other crimes." The basis of that second warrant, Doran admits, was the supposed fact that once he and other law enforcement agents gained access to the property under false pretenses, they
"witnessed evidence of other crimes." We have subsequently been told that the "evidence" consists of the community itself and its religious teachings, which dictate that girls look upon marriage and child-bearing as the highest calling of their existence.

Doran admits that the operation to seize the FLDS children -- which included the use of military equipment from the distant Midland County Sheriff's Department -- had been planned, in detail, well in advance of the bogus call from "Sarah." The key to the entire operation, however, was the cooperation of FLDS leaders in ordering their followers not to resist:

"At one point, when it appeared we were going to have some trouble, I called Merrill Jessop from my cell phone. I put him on speaker phone and he told the women to cooperate. He said it several times.... The women’s mood changed immediately and they handed over the children." (Emphasis added.)

There is no stronger human impulse than the instinct to protect one's children. In a well-balanced personality, this instinct is stronger than any other physical need or appetite, including the reproductive urge itself.

Yet these women immediately surrendered physical custody over their children to hostile strangers -- many of them armed and prepared to do lethal violence -- because their priesthood leaders told them to.

Herein lies one real, and growing danger, of cults and cult-like organizations: They cultivate in their adherents an unhealthy deference to people in positions of supposed authority, and that cultivated submissiveness is transferable.

There is something akin to unintended hilarity in the assumption, prominently stated in the "Cultural Competency" tip sheet about the FLDS that was distributed to CPS workers, that one symptom of the sect's cult mindset is a deep distrust of government. While the FLDS do believe that they possess an exclusive franchise on religious truth, and are expansively distrustful of most other people, their attitude toward government was one of unhealthy trust and dependence.

This was a community that faithfully paid extravagant property taxes on the YFZ ranch, including the temple -- taxes that helped pay the County Sheriff who would later conspire to steal their children.

It was FLDS leaders who contacted local officials to describe the curriculum being used in the community's private, home-based schooling program. By doing so the FLDS leadership actually went beyond what Texas education law required.

And it bears repeating that the FLDS church was wired in to both the welfare state and the warfare state.

In anticipation of the raid, many accounts retailed the familiar rhetorical trope claiming that the FLDS had a "stockpile" of weapons cached in is "compound" (a "compound" is any dwelling, no matter how flimsy -- it could be a Quonset hut, a wikiup, or a tarpaper shack -- that is under attack by armed agents of the State). Rumors put into circulation by unnamed "officials" described how the FLDS property had a warren of underground tunnels, huge stores of weaponry, and deadly booby traps.

None of this was true, of course. And given what happened to this community once it was helpless in the face of state aggression, it's a species of shame that the FLDS didn't make preparations of some kind to repel the child-nappers.

After all, isn't the practice of stockpiling arms the only attractive trait of the typical apocalyptic cult?

I'm kidding, but only sort of.

It's obvious that a heavily armed cult possessed of a deluded sense of mission would be a public menace. Indeed, we are ruled by just such people.

The real danger I see from smaller, private (or quasi-private) cults like the FLDS is not that their rulers will abet armed insurrection, but rather that they will instill a sense of submissiveness that smooths the way for State crimes against those unfortunate enough to belong to cults.

Sheriff Doran explains that the Waco episode "played a huge role" in the planning and execution of the YFZ raid "in the sense that everyone I know in Texas law enforcement is determined to make sure something like that never happens again. That’s why I prefer talking. There’s always more time to talk and the longer you talk the greater the chance you can work things out. It’s when you stop talking that things can go wrong."

But something did go wrong: More than 400 children were stolen from their mothers by a corrupt government that acted in violation of every principle of due process. What Doran means, of course, is that this crime was accomplished without overt violence. Nobody was killed, so nothing went "wrong."

I'm irresistibly reminded of something Cicero said in one of his Philippics against Marcus Antonius: "This is what a favor from gangsters amounts to: He refrains from murdering someone, then he expects praise for displaying compassion in sparing his victim's life!"

El Dorado is Waco Revisited. This time the children weren't gassed and burned to death, or gunned down when they tried to flee the flames. Instead, this time they were simply stolen with little pretense of legality, because the leaders of this cult effectively ordered the members to surrender them without a fight. And therein resides the real cult menace.

Ah, but you say this only applies to isolated, eccentric communities like renegade offshoots of the Adventist and Mormon denominations? Those who believe this are completely -- and perhaps tragically -- wrong, as the next installment will demonstrate....

Obiter dicta

Please forgive my atypically long absence from this space. I just returned from a trip to Los Angeles, where I spoke at the Spring Convention of the United Republicans of California (an assembly of Ron Paul-aligned Republicans), and was an invited guest speaker at a local Bible Missionary Church.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

I think our neo-feudal corporate lords got scared at the WTO riots in Seattle and have been in high gear ever since. Absolute total control is their goal for they feel they are gods and we are a flock of cattle. All this DNA stuff in the news, Swat Teams for Daycare, Gropenfuhrers at the airport is all predictive programming to get us bovines used to the usurpation of all rights. Refuse, resist however you can whenever you can. Wake up those that are reachable give up on braindead jonestown kool aid drinkers they are goners anyway. Words and truth are weapons, what the inbred globalist fascists scum fear more than anything is those that have no fear.

Anonymous said...

Source: Rogue Government - Lee Rogers

FEMA announced recently that they will be conducting a national disaster exercise called National Level Exercise 2-08 (NLE 2-08) from May 1st through May 8th. The purpose of this exercise is to prepare and respond to multiple incidents including natural disasters and terrorist incidents. Specifically the exercise involves a Category 4 hurricane impacting the Mid Atlantic Coast and the National Capitol Region as well as multiple terrorist attacks in Washington State, an accidental chemical agent release in Oregon and assorted aerospace events in North American airspace. Considering that the U.S. government conducted drills and exercises like Operation Northern Vigilance, Tripod II, among others to serve as cover for the government sponsored false flag terror attacks of 9/11, we need to pay close attention to these government sponsored drills and exercises. A similar scenario also occurred during the 7/7 terror attacks in London. On that day, drills depicting events mirroring the actual terror attacks were run at the exact same time the bombings took place. The odds of these being two completely random events is so incredibly unlikely that it boggles the mind. NLE 2-08 is a wide ranging exercise that will include not only FEMA but the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Transportation Command, the National Guard, USNORTHCOM, NORAD and Canada Command. Much like TOPOFF-4/Vigilant Shield 08 a martial law exercise that took place last year involving many of the same government institutions, we definitely need to keep track of NLE 2-08.

Below is taken from FEMA’s press release on this upcoming drill.

The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Exercise Program (NEP) will conduct National Level Exercise 2-08 (NLE 2-08) a combined functional and full scale exercise from May 1 through May 8. NLE 2-08 will merge the objectives of U.S. Northern Command's (NORTHCOM) Ardent Sentry 2008 exercise, FEMA National Continuity Program's (NCP) Eagle Horizon 2008 exercise (formerly known as Forward Challenge), and FEMA Disaster Operation's Hurricane Preparedness Exercise (HPE).

The purpose of NLE 2-08 is to exercise national capabilities to prepare and respond to multiple incidents including both natural disasters and terrorist incidents. The exercise was designed to include scenario elements addressing hurricane preparedness and response, national continuity capabilities, and Defense Support to Civil Authorities coordination in response to weapons of mass destruction terrorist attacks. The exercise venues involve a Category 4 hurricane impacting the Mid Atlantic Coast and the National Capitol Region and multiple terrorist attacks in Washington State.

Also during NLE 2-08, the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) will test it's response to an accidental chemical agent release at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Oregon. Canada will also participate through their Staunch Maple Exercise.

The exercise allows Federal officials to implement continuity plans, test communications connectivity, operations and procedures for performing essential government functions from alternate locations, and interagency coordination. Additionally, it serves to demonstrate that essential functions can be effectively conducted during threats and emergencies.

USNORTHCOM expanded upon the FEMA NLE 2-08 press release revealing other specific government agencies that will be involved in this exercise.

North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command will exercise their response abilities to a variety of events during an intensive eight-day national level exercise in May.

National Level Exercise 2-08 will run May 1-8 and will exercise national capabilities to prepare and respond to multiple incidents including both natural disasters and terrorist incidents. The exercise will include hurricane preparedness and response and Defense Support to Civil Authorities coordination in response to a weapon of mass destruction terrorist attack.

USNORTHCOM’s primary exercise venues for NLE 2-08 include locations in Washington and Oregon. Exercise scenarios include multiple terrorist attacks in the state of Washington, an accidental chemical agent release in Oregon, a Category 4 hurricane impacting the mid-Atlantic Coast and the National Capitol Region and aerospace events throughout North America.

NLE 2-08 will also involve agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, U.S. Transportation Command and the National Guard. Canada Command will participate through its Staunch Maple exercise.

“Exercises like NLE 2 – 08 give us the opportunity to work with other federal agencies, state and local officials, as well as Canada, in the response to multiple events,” said Gene Pino, NORAD and USNORTHCOM Joint Training and Exercise director. “This allows us to look at processes and procedures to identify strengths and weaknesses by stressing the system so that we can be better prepared in the future.”

It is especially concerning that this exercise is designed to test continuity of government operations considering the fact that last year George W. Bush signed NSPD-51 a directive which will give the President dictatorship powers over all three branches of government in the case of a catastrophic emergency. The directive provides a broad and wide ranging definition of what a catastrophic emergency is and can include anything from a natural disaster to a terrorist attack to a number of different scenarios that are being depicted in this drill. If this isn’t used as cover for a false flag terror attack, it could certainly be used as a warm-up to ensure that continuity of government operations will work properly when they decide to go forward with their martial law plans.

Not only this, but we are seeing a constant barrage of propaganda on how evil Iran and Syria is. Last week the Associated Press and others reported that a new Al-Qaeda audio tape of Ayman Al-Zawahri was found by CIA front group IntelCenter essentially saying that the 9/11 truth movement are anti-Semites and work with Iran. The AP couldn’t even confirm if the audio tape was authentic and IntelCenter provided no specific source of the material, but that didn’t prevent them from using a headline giving validity to the contents of the tape. The fact of the matter is, IntelCenter produces the majority of these fake Al-Qaeda videos and this latest release is being utilized to help the establishment powers in the White House. In addition, the CIA released a video tape which they claim is proof that North Korea is supplying Syria with nuclear technology. Syria's ambassador to the United States called the contents of the tape laughable. Many have speculated that the U.S. government would stage some sort of nuclear terror attack in an American, European or an Israeli city to justify an invasion of Iran. This drill would certainly provide them with some cover to do this.

It is impossible to say if the intelligence apparatus would use this 8-day exercise to pull off some sort of false flag terror attack. However, considering the admitted history of government and military exercises being run as cover for false flag terror attacks, it is certainly a possibility. It is important that we shine as much light on these types of drills and exercises so if a terror attack takes place, we can expose the true culprits.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American!

Yeh, I remember when the Feds came after the Branch Davidians, but I wasn't a Branch Davidian and neither were my friends and family; so I did not care. (Still don't care.) I sat and watched the Mt. Carmel weirdos on television and laughed as the Davidians became incinerated while I became inebriated. Then they came for the FLDS freaks, but I wasn't a cultist; I am a 'free thinker', an American male of superior secular quality and intellect who pursues what most other typical American secular males live for:
hot sex, 'kegers', Van Halen, career, car-talk, money, partying, boobs, etc.
So why would I care for a bunch of religious oddballs? Hey, nobody I know at work 'does church', not even the older versions like Catholicism. I believe there is only a few Evangelical Christian nuts at our work site, but they don't mingle with their normal co-workers too much at all. Besides, even if my buddies at work were slightly interested in the pie-in-the-sky religion they wouldn't have the time. Sunday is for recuperation from Saturday beerfests and one nighter sleep-overs with that whore you met at the night club. It's all meaningful. Many of my buddies have to pay child support to two to three different American 'bitches' for four to five kids they accidently fathered. Hey fellas, wear a condom! I never leave home without a few tucked away in my wallet and glove box. Anyhoo....So why should I care if the State goes after any and all religious people? Take 'em all away! The Baptists, the Catholics, the Methodists, the Mennonites, the Orthodox, the Lutherans, the Mormons, the Muslims should all be watched closely by government. If you're not a normal, non-religious American, the State, by sheer virtue of its immense armed and organized power, will eventually shut your little church down and send you dangerous religious zealots to psychiatric prison camps. Society would finally reach nirvana once those people are locked away.

-Joe Wolb

Anonymous said...

Well spoken. It there had been actual crimes, the husbands would have been grabbed.

But they just wanted the children:



Anonymous said...

Jessica Dixon, director of the child advocacy center at Southern Methodist University law school in Dallas, finally found the "mot juste" I was grasping for. She called the kidnapping at Eldorado FLDS a "a class-action child removal," an event which ought to be illegal on its face.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, sir. I was beginning to get worried about you.

Anonymous said...


Anyone that believes in the United States Constitution is a "hater," and "racist," if you belive Mark Potok and the Southern Poverty Law Center, who by the way labeled the FLDS sect in Texas a "Hate Group" several years ago. Just a coincidence that the ranch was raided as it was after the fraudulent phone call of a black female sympathetic to the SPLC and its agenda? The SPLC lists any pro-American anti-illegal immigration group as a "Hate group." Don't believe it? Go check it out for yourself, the SPLC and the ADL are on the forefront of shutting down any attempts by American citizens to close down the border with Mexico.

The greatest problem the SPLC faces on a daily basis is that there aren't enough real haters around to advance its agenda, which isn't that big of a deal for the SPLC and Potok, because when they need a "hate group" to blame something on, they just make them up as they go along.

Anonymous said...

I remember Mt Carmel. Spent a few days down there during the crisis protesting the ATF/FBI. Not that it did any good. Also protested Reno and Clinton when they were in town for the same reason (but there were numerous reasons to protest).

Clinton/Greenspan's inflation took the wind out of the sails though -- people are a lot more docile when they think they are getting rich.

The one upside of this bubble popping is people may be a bit more critical of what their overlords do to them -- the ones who aren't pleading for "salvation" that is.

Anonymous said...

The really nice thing about this blog lies in the fact that no other commentors have taken Mr. Wolb's satire seriously. If such views had been posted to the web version of my local paper, there would have been a dozen readers protesting such idiocy.

That said, I'm not sure where you're going with this, Will. Should the FLDS leadership and members have goaded the FBI and local LEOs into a Waco-style holocaust by resisting? Or are you implying that the FLDS members' prior acceptance of federal aid was their undoing? In short, what would you have had them do to not lose their children?

I mean to be neither critical nor dense about your comments. But this issue does quite well present a larger question that most of us may have to face in the coming years. If the day comes that state agents arrive at my farm, seeking to forfeit my animals, foodstuff, weapons, etc., thereby destroying my family's homestead, what good will resisting do at that point? I would argue that resistence would, in fact, lead to the loss of my children. So-called "patriots" (those who now swear they will cry molon labe!) claim such resistence is vital. But my view is that resistence must be as a group, and must be now.

But the only established groups I see offering such "cover" are those seeking secession for their regions, such as the Second Vermont Republic, the League of the South, or the Northwest Homeland movements.

Shouldn't we, in fact, attempt to bring our own regions out of the union, in pursuit of our own self-preservation?

I'd be most interested in your views on this particular approach, Will.

zach said...

It would seem that cults should be well trained in the use of semi-automatic centerfire rifles.

Anonymous said...

How very "convenient" that another warrant is issued to blanket the other lying piece of paper. Will, you stated the obvious by pointing out that Sheriff Doran really knows how to communicate with people, especially those who pay his bills, by lying through his teeth. Has anyone shed more light upon how the well timed phone call arrives just before a massive assault with assets pulled in from distant counties... sorta in the blink of an eye when in reality it was planned far ahead of any such call.


I wonder exactly how this "relationship" between the sheriff and the FLDS leadership could be described. He says he likes "talking". Exactly what does that mean? Is it more like, "Hands up!" or is it a cordial cup'a joe kinda howdy-do? Inquiring minds would like to know. Maybe he'd be so kind as to release the unedited tapes along with the phone call that gave the green light to operation "Kinder-Kidnap"

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Will, for noting a primary difference between cults and simply oddball religion: domination. I note CNN gives an almost fair statement regarding CPS falsely labeling adults as "children" just to up the body count of "abused females".

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was looking at the comments, which i enjoy immensely and got some arpa.net port sniffs in the firewall. You must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

A way to stop some of this over-reach of "lawful" kidnapping and other such contortions of law is to revive the militia of the several states. In this case, the militia might have been called out to prevent the illegal kidnapping. Read Edwin Vieira's book "Constitutional Homeland Security, Volume 1" and get with your state senator/representative on how to re-institute this check on runaway government. My state of Oklahoma has a provision for the state militia in the constitution but it is not fleshed out.

Additionally, as the churches are finding out, you take the king's money (511c tax exemption or in this case, child welfare), you do the king's bidding. Since the State did apparently pay for these kids, maybe it does "own" them. Louis

Anonymous said...

Well, when you consider how the Prez basically told the state governors that the Feds control their respective national guard. You get the inkling that an independent state "militia" may be nigh impossible unless the states were to grow some and tell them to shove it.

John Polomny said...

I would like to think that people will wake up and rebel against this tyranny but my view is it just will not happen. I recently read a book by Harry Browne entitled "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World". The interesting point that Mr. Browne makes is that we allow ourselves to fall in to traps. Identity traps, utopia traps., etc..The jist of the book is that we should focus on the things we can control to enhance our freedom as we will waste our time trying to convince a majority that our "view" is the correct one ie wasting time and money in politcal campaigns etc. Even if you convince a majority that you are correct there are still to many ifs involved. For example if you want less taxes move to a state or country with lower taxes. My grandfather left Russia after the Czar fell as he realized there was a good chance he would live in chaos for many years irregardless of whether the Bolsheviks or Monarchists prevailed. It worked out for our family. My view is you really have to adopt a more international viewpoint if your goal is personal freedom. There are many places where one can live and never be bothered by any government officals. The economies are just not developed enough to allow for the government to have the resources to screw around with the average person. These places may not allow trips to Starbucks or the nail salon but if your goal is lower taxes and more personal freedom then moving to another country is an option. I am reminded of a recent anecdote from a newsletter that I recieve where the writer of the newsletter interviewed a government offical and a private businessman about the propects for investment in a developing country on the periphery of the EU. It was interesting in that the difference between a statist and a free soveriegn individual were evident from their answers to the same questions. With regard to taxes the government offical went on about fair share and how the government needed to get more revenue by encouraging compliance blah blah blah. The businessman when asked the same question just laughed and answered, taxes, who pays taxes. This guy just realized that the state may have wanted to collect revenues but just does not have the resources to do anything about it. These FDLS people could have moved to Mexico or Central America and built the same facility and probably would have never been bothered. However it seems a major revenue source for them was welfare fraud. You want to be in the system then dont get pissed when the system wants to be inside you. It would seem it is true you can't get a little bit pregnant. Dont get me wrong I enjoy and agree with the viewpoint expressed by Mr. Grigg and a majority of the commenters on this blog but my view is my time is better spent arranging my life in a way to maximize the freedom I control and minimizing state control over my life. If that means leaving the US so be it. I would like to think that if I had lived in Germany in 1936 I would have had the foresight to know it just wasnt going to turn out very well and would have emigrated.

dixiedog said...

"I hope very much that others who will be tempted to join cults and to become involved with people like David Koresh will be deterred by the horrible scenes they have seen over the last seven weeks.... There is, unfortunately, a rise in this sort of fanaticism all across the world. And we may have to confront it again."

Actually, as the Waco episode played out on the tube, I wasn't even mindful of this apparently intended effect. Above all, it instead solidified in my mind, and wiped away any lingering doubts, that government alone indeed was the greatest threat to genuine liberty. The part that didn't sink in as quickly, unfortunately, is the fact that the government structure in America specifically is reflective of the people, us.

I'd always been a low-intensity cynic concerning the bureaucratic aspects of government at least. Since I lived and grew up (literally and figuratively) in a few "minority" majority communities from the mid 70s 'til I joined the AF in '84, I saw its affirmative action/minority handiwork clearly in the communities, schools, and later on in the workplace. I lost my naivety early on in life, but not my overall view of government as a whole. I still viewed government on the whole (outside the welfare/subsidy state apparatus) as filled with largely well-meaning individuals.

Waco changed that. In addition, I'd finally managed to hammer into my mind that our federal, state, and local government positions are filled with people we all likely mingle with daily. IOW, as I've said many times before, it's a coarse reflection of the people.

I used to think prior to the Clinton years that government, like any entity, possessed a few bad apples and that the subsidy culture was a separate sub-culture (largely minority-centric) and that the now much abused and overused cliché of minority welfare mamas and their ilk were the core of that sub-culture.

I couldn't have been more wrong in believing that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

What exactly does this quote from anonymous refer to? (Pardon my ignorance...)

Anonymous said...
LOL! I was looking at the comments, which i enjoy immensely and got some arpa.net port sniffs in the firewall. You must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

I'm always hoping a state will show some testicular fortitude and exercise 10th amendment rights. I know it's about as likely as pigs sprouting wings but hope is free.

Anonymous said...

Given Texas CPS's reputation for failing to 'protect' children from abuse once in their 'watch care', one must question where these 460+ children will be placed.

Is anyone independent of the Texas CPS overseeing placement, health, safety, and the ongoing care of these children?

Innocence and unique dna pedigree might command high value on the global market.


"Ben Johnston, a DynCorp aircraft mechanic for Apache and Blackhawk helicopters in Kosovo, filed a lawsuit against his employer. The suit alleged that that in the latter part of 1999 Johnson "learned that employees and supervisors from DynCorp were engaging in perverse, illegal and inhumane behavior [and] were purchasing illegal weapons, women, forged passports and [participating in] other immoral acts."

The suit charges that "Johnston witnessed coworkers and supervisors literally buying and selling women for their own personal enjoyment, and employees would brag about the various ages and talents of the individual slaves they had purchased."

"DynCorp is just as immoral and elite as possible, and any rule they can break they do," Johnston told Insight magazine."

The absolute absence of compassion for these mothers and children is beyond calculated evil - it is past feeling, an abomination.

I can think of only one entity capable of inspiring such trance like robotic behavior on the part of law enforcement, the governor, CPS, the court system, the media and all of us watching with bated breath for the next visual update of another's suffering.

I don't know where the fathers are or what role they played in this unbelievable exercise. I will reserve judgment until I do know.

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 1450PM your computer has thousands of "ports" that allow things in. For example the common internet port is 80, the FTP (file transfer protocol) default port is 21 and so one. Some ports on a windows os machine if left open can allow hackers and malicious code in to your machine. As i was perusing the comments i was getting netBIOS scans which is not common network traffic. A firewall is software that shows every connection attempt to your computer and what port they are trying to access. Arpa net is no longer DOD but someone was using that to hide their IP address and "sniff" my ports for an opening. Sorry if i confused you even more *hehe* i realize everyone is not a computer nerd.

Anonymous said...

"LOL! I was looking at the comments, which i enjoy immensely and got some arpa.net port sniffs in the firewall. You must be doing something right.

The poster indicates he believes the gov't is trying to check out his computer. ARPANet is original network owned by the gov't way back when the Net was born. Those with some technical skill can read logs generated by firewall software listing every address used to attempt a connection to the address on which the firewall runs. In this case, it's not his computer connecting out on the Net, but someone else on the Net trying to connect back to him. He believes the Feds were checking him out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to both Anonymous @ 2:13AM and Broken...

I actually have a rudimentary understanding of how the ports on a computer work (which is why I use a firewall myself at home). I was curious about the use of Arpa.net to sniff those ports.

I appreciate both of your insights...