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Collectivist Child Abuse (Fourth Update, 4/18)

Support your local child-snatchers:
Combat-ready paramilitaries from the Midland County Sheriff's Department chill next to their LESO-provided APC during the raid on the YFZ Ranch.


Judge Walther has ruled -- and wasn't the suspense terrific? -- that the 416 abducted FLDS children will remain in "temporary" state custody.

This, despite the fact (as explained below), that the abuse report that provided the pretext for the raid was contrived. This, despite the admission, under oath, of Bruce Perry of the ChildTrauma Academy -- an "expert" witness on behalf of the state -- that the foster care system "would be destructive to these kids."

As what follows will illustrate, Perry isn't exaggerating one whit.

So ... the warrant was based on a lie, the raid was therefore illegal, the children face the prospect of certain harm within the state foster care system -- and Judge Walther is OK with this.

This underscores one of the reasons why it's a bad idea to let women be judges: You can't take a female judge out for a good horsewhipping when one is warranted.

(See the previous updates at the bottom of the essay)

The children suffer behind an iron curtain of corrupt secrecy. That curtain was lifted a few years ago, long enough to get a brief but terrifying glimpse of what was being done by people who had placed themselves beyond accountability.

Scores of children were killed, poisoned, beaten, and otherwise abused each year. Child rape was terrifyingly common: The largest group of victims were between 12 and 15 years of age, but thirteen percent of the victims were three years old or younger.

An official investigation of this secretive system was undertaken, but soon foundered over obstructions thrown up by those who had the most to lose if the full truth were revealed. But before the portcullis was slammed shut, the investigator learned that a child being raised in that system was four times more likely to die of criminal violence than a child in the general population.

The obvious course of action would be to mount an armed raid to liberate those children, but whatever necessary means, from the abusive system in which they're being held.

Unfortunately, the entity that would carry out such an operation also presides over the systematic abuse. The findings described above are from an abortive investigation of the Texas Foster Care System conducted by Carole Keeton Strayhorn on behalf of the state Comptroller's office.

"In April 2004 I said I would give our forgotten children in foster care something they need -- a voice," recalls Strayhorn. "I have been and will continue to be their voice. This Governor's Health and Human Services Commission continues to stonewall my investigation and this governor continues to hide the truth.

Missing Christian:
Ray and Jessica Nieto and their son Logan remember Christian, Logan's older brother, who was taken into the Texas foster care system and shuttled between five different families over the course of a few months -- before dying, in foster care, from head injuries at 16 months of age.

The data describing the various forms of abuse inflicted on foster children were compiled from information provided in 2004 by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services -- the same agency that abducted 416 children belonging to the Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints (FLDS) Church.

The pretext for seizing the FLDS children was an alleged report of sexual abuse from "Sarah," a 16-year-old "plural wife" in that community. That purported victim was supposedly impregnated at age 15; this meant, quite conveniently, that the procreative act violated a law passed by the state legislature specifically to criminalize the marriage practices of the FLDS community.

"Sarah" has not been found. I'm quite confident her supposed rescuers are displaying the same diligence in trying to find her that George W. Bush has manifest in hunting down Osama bin Laden.

That comparison isn't fair, of course: Bin Laden does, or at least did, exist. "Sarah" almost certainly does not. And the various spokespeople for the state of Texas who are responsible for massaging public perceptions of the atrocity at YFZ Ranch, have made it clear that it doesn't matter whether or not "Sarah" is found.

They've done what they intended: They've stolen the children, and they're not going to give them back unless they're literally forced to do so.

"I think some people have really focused on that [Sarah] but the reality is that her phone call is the reason we went out there, but it was not the reason for the removals," claimed DFPS shill Greg Cunningham. "The removals happened based on what we saw out there."

What, pray tell, did they see "out there"? We won't find out until a court-appointed "Special Master" has had a chance to review -- or, if necessary, contrive -- the "evidence."

Here's what the public has seen:

We witnessed a military assault, with armor provided by the Department of Homeland Security, against a peaceful, unresisting religious community.

We have seen happy, healthy, well-adjusted children who have been separated at gunpoint from loving mothers.

We have seen and heard women who have experienced the single worst thing that can happen to a parent -- the loss of a child or children -- present themselves with dignity and reserve in the face of arrogant aggression by a corrupt state bureaucracy (as if any other kind existed).

What we have not seen is any evidence that children were being abused in the FLDS community.

But there is ample evidence of systematic abuse of the most heinous kind in the foster care system into which the child-snatchers seek to place the FLDS children.

Front-person for a collectivist criminal syndicate:
Marleigh Meisner, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Family and Child "Protective" Services.

In 2004, noted Strayhorn, 38 foster children were killed; 48 were killed the following year. In addition, "about 100 children received treatment for poisoning from medications; 63 foster children received medical treatment for rape that occurred while in the foster care system; and 142 children gave birth while in the state foster care system."

"As alarming as these cases are," she continues, "we can only imagine how much worse the Fiscal 2005 data is because Gov. [Rick] Perry's Health and Human Services Commission has refused to provide the data needed to complete my investigation."

During 2004, "four-year-old twins living in the same foster home received medical treatment in the hospital for rape," recalled Strayhorn. "A five year old boy in the same foster home received medical treatment in the hospital for rape two days later. A 15-year-old girl who was not pregnant when she entered our state's foster care system in 2002 gave birth in February 2004....[A] 12-year-old boy died in December 2005, while in our state's care, at a facility that treats children with learning disabilities and emotional problems. The boy suffocated while being restrained from behind by an employee of the facility."

"The crisis is minute-by-minute and child-by-child," concluded Strayhorn. "I renew my call [to Gov. Perry]. He must act now to save children's lives."

Perry, or at least the government over which he presides, did eventually act to "save" children -- by conducting a potentially lethal military raid against a community where they weren't being abused, for the purpose of delivering them into a government-run system in which children are routinely killed, molested, and poisoned.

As an ABC News analysis points out, the DFPS legal strategy is to treat the people living in the YFZ enclave as a single household. In this fashion, under what the Texas government is pleased to call the "law," finding a single case of abuse within the community would be enough to justify keeping all of the children in permanent state custody.

Which means, of course, that they would become the property of a single collectivist "household." We could envision it as sort of a polygamous union between various foster homes and the state government, in its role as Parens Patriae. And in that collectivist household, abuse is widespread, frequently lethal, and protected by "law."

As legal proceedings in the FLDS custody battle began today (in -- as the bitter ironies continue to accumulate -- the Tom Green Courthouse), the presiding judge, Barbara L. Walther, was praised by all and sundry as the very soul of equity.

Judge Walther will give the FLDS "a fair shake," insisted attorney William Moore of San Angelo, where the case is being heard. Fellow attorney Guy Choate praised Walther for her command of details. And Robert Post, whom Walther defeated in the 1992 election in which she won her seat, insisted that the judge won't be a "rubber stamp" for the state bureaucracy, but rather will "make them prove it up."

Judge Walther may be the embodiment of competence; she may be the essence of good intentions made flesh. But either through professional blindness or something more sinister she failed her first, and perhaps most important, test today:

She did not issue an order to the DFPS commanding them to produce "Sarah," with an inflexible and immediate deadline to do so.

Walther is the judge who issued an extravagantly overbroad warrant on the basis of "Sarah's" alleged report. Today she admitted into evidence documents seized in that raid without confirming that there was a legal basis for the warrant.

This time they didn't burn down the sanctuary: It must have been a long, disappointing ride home for the raiders....

By relieving the DFPS of the responsibility to produce the alleged witness that was the basis of that report, Walther has graduated from commonplace offenses against the Constitution to participation in a criminal conspiracy -- assuming, as I think by now we should, that "Sarah" doesn't exist.

The criminal conspiracy in this case involves the attempted -- or, better put, not entirely consummated -- theft of children by a state bureaucracy with a financial interest in enlarging the ranks of its foster care system, however miserable or dangerous that system is to its enrollees.

A quick postscript....

Obviously, the FLDS child abduction scandal is an incredibly important on-going story. At the risk of trying the patience of those who don't find it as compelling as I do, it's my intention to devote a lot of coverage to it, while doing my best not to become monomaniacal.

UPDATE, April 18

It now turns out that Swinton was arrested on Wednesday night --
before the hearing began in Texas -- and that she called a defector from the FLDS Church with her claim to be 16-year-old "Sarah."

She doesn't look like a Mormon fundamentalist "child bride" to me.

"Sarah" may have been found. If this lead is reliable, the abused 16-year-old FLDS child bride imprisoned at YFZ ranch in Texas is actually a 33-year-old prankster from Colorado Springs, Colorado named Rozita Swinton.

The FBI and Texas Rangers reportedly traced the call to Swinton, and the Rangers were in town to interview her Wednesday night -- that is, the night before the legal hearing began in Judge Walther's courtroom. This tends to italicize the point I made above: Judge Walther should have made confirming the validity of "Sarah"'s charge, or at least her existence, the first order of business on which everything else was contingent.

If Swinton is "Sarah," the entire rationale for the raid is invalid, of course. Not that this would deter the state of Texas from keeping the FLDS children anyway.

I remarked above about the manifold and ever-multiplying ironies of this case. We learn now that it was an adult black woman who most likely made the "Sarah" call, an irony best understood by those who know that the FLDS sect, like pre-1978 mainstream Mormonism, teaches that people of African ancestry bear a divine "curse" and thus they must not "mix their seed" with the elect.

Here's an audio recording of Warren Jeffs teaching that point a few years ago.

Here's Jeffs quoting a sermon by Brigham Young on the subject.

Here's a photographic reproduction of an August 1954 address by LDS apostle Mark E. Petersen (he's the official who first described schismatic polygamists as "Mormon fundamentalists") laying out this doctrine in some detail.

To their credit, the leaders of the mainstream Mormon Church changed that doctrine in 1978.

(Hat tip: Grits for Breakfast.)


I'm greatly indebted to Connor Boyack for bringing this video to my attention:

This is the kind of horrifying, Soviet-style psychological torture regularly perpetrated by the child "welfare" system in Texas. Oh, but according to the testimony of Commissarina Angie Voss of the Texas DFPS, what is really scary is the sight of polite, cooperative, well-behaved children living in a small, insular, crowded, but peaceful religious community:

"Angie Voss testified she was escorted onto the YFZ Ranch in nearby Eldorado the night of April 3 by law enforcement officers. She was accompanied by a dozen case workers investigating complaints initially lodged by a 16-year-old girl named Sarah....

Voss said investigators hoped to find her among what they believed were about 150 people on the ranch.

In reality, there were more than 600 people there.

The supervisor testified that two men willingly let them inside after they had passed what she described as a guard tower several stories high with stairs leading to the top. She said there were men stationed at the tower.

She said she asked if there were any girls named Sarah living at the ranch. `They shook their heads and said there were no Sarahs living at the ranch,' Voss said....

She said the girls filed in and appeared polite and respectful, but she was nevertheless concerned.

`It was a very scary environment — intimidating. I was afraid. I saw men all over. It felt like the schoolhouse was surrounded,' she said, `It was a fearful kind of environment.'

Six hours after being on the ranch and talking to a variety of girls, Voss said the decision was made to remove some of the children from the complex."

The situation was "scary" in what way? Well, y'see, there was this palpable sense of incipient violence hanging in the air like the scent of an impending thunderstorm:

"`I heard a report that a tank was coming on the property. Things were getting more scary to me. It was a situation of a very huge magnitude with so many law enforcement officers around,' she testified. The case workers wanted to interview the children in an environment that didn't seem `so scary and dangerous.'"

Which is to say: The situation was "scary" because of the presence of the paramilitary Berserkers who had been sent to help Voss and her comrades kidnap the kids!

So we're back to the old Bastiat formula for totalitarian government intervention -- creating the "poison" and the "antidote" in the same laboratory. Or, if you will, leaving the arsonists in charge of the fire department -- or the abusers in charge of the child "protection" apparatus.

Oh, and one last, and very important tidbit: Miss Voss has "worked" with the child survivors of the last significant venture in armed child "protection" to take place in Texas, the 1993 annihilation of the Branch Davidian community at Mt. Carmel.

On sale now!

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

The importance of this case cannot be overstated. If no compelling evidence presents itself and the children are not returned in a timely manner, then I sincerely believe that the FLDS would be justified, with whoever would help, in launching a raid against the kidnappers. If you caught someone trying to climb out the window with your child, a reasonable man would use whatever force is necessary to stop the kidnapper. There may be absolutely no difference, in principle, to this situation.

Anonymous said...

This video - is a must watch, noting the abusive Texas CPS and foster care systems, that over-medicate the children for no apparent reason.

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma sheriff charged with using inmates as sex slaves
Authorities have charged a western Oklahoma sheriff with coercing and bribing female inmates so he could use them in a sex-slave operation run out of his jail.

Anonymous said...

Children Who Didn’t Have to Die -
In recent years, there have been numerous stories in newspapers around the world about the failures of the departments of Family Services and Social Services to do their respective jobs of monitoring and assisting children in dangerous situations. Do we ever read about a child murdered by a family that the Department of Children & Families or the Sheriff's Office has not already investigated, usually more than once? What will it take to protect these innocent children?
These stories are a step in the right direction, but one wonders if perhaps they came too late. All the outrage in the world can't resurrect a dead child.
Too many children have died as a result of wrong decisions by CPS. With power comes responsibility and accountability, which most officials ignore. A child welfare system so overwhelmed with children who DON'T need to be in foster care,the less time they have to find children in real danger.

Let's NOT allow these precious children's death to be in vain - in the news one day, forgotten the next.

Children Who Didn’t Have to Die - Website

"The state is now more involved than it has ever been in the raising of children, and children are now more neglected, abused, and mistreated than they have been in our time. This is not a coincidence, and, with all due respect, I am here to tell you: It does not take a village to raise a child. - It takes a family." - By Senator Robert Dole

Anonymous said...

are you serious?

as a former member of a cult in which i had NO choice to be in, i applaud the removal of people from this forced abuse.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grigg,

Keep up the work in this regard.
Those of us that are concerned with liberty and parental rights are very interested in this.

Conan the Cimmerian

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean about becoming monomaniacal about this case. I can hardly concentrate on my work right now.

I wish that I had some experience in family law so that I could go volunteer to help these people.

Anonymous said...

As always, my manually produced trackback appears here in the form of a comment: Let This Not Die.

Anonymous said...

related video


Anonymous said...

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children, a father's rights group, has done a very good job of documenting the money trail into the heinous CPS racket in their quarterly 'The Liberator'. It can be viewed at

Scroll down to the article "The Hidden History You Should Know".

Non-custodial parents (predominately fathers) know this tentacle of Leviathan all too well.

Anonymous said...

Peace and safety, "what about the children", and a hairy terraist in a cave with kidney problems is plotting with cat stevens to kill us all. What did we think would happen when ignorance, incompetence and greed became virtues.

Christian Prophet said...

I have been reading hundreds of comments from outraged citizens at:

I have also viewed the video exposing the Texas Foster Care system's horrible treatment of children at:

This whole situation is really a mess.

Anonymous said...

THIS is the lead you need to follow...

DCFS is a BIG MONEY outfit: federal money for every kid the put in the system. It's unbelieveable.

Anonymous said...

The people in government making up/using lies to achieve their ends? Never!

The last time the people in the U.S. government had anything to do with someone who married a 15-year old, they offered him over a million to be their puppet dictator. His name was Santa Anna.

Those dastardly Spanish! They blew up the Maine! Let's invade Cuba! (In fact, it was a boiler explosion caused by a sailor.)

Oh, those bloody-handed Huns, raping and pillaging through Belgium, with their cruel bayonets. Let's get into the war to save the world from the Germans, who have "broken every law of God and man!"
Never happened. Propaganda written
They sank the Lusitania! (Which was, in fact, carrying munitions to the British.)

And who can forget the period before the first Iraq Invasion, and the teenage girl who testified before the U.S. senate that the Iraqis had come into Kuwait City hospital and threw premature babies from their incubators onto the floor to die? "Nurse Nayirah."
A lie. Never happened. She was the daughter of the Saudi Ambassador to the overlords of the U.S. Probably in Malta or the Riviera when the Iraqis actually entered Kuwait.

I do not trust anyone who has the power to tax and the power to force others to fight for them. Ever.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

SAN ANGELO, Texas - The more than 400 children taken from a ranch run by a polygamous sect will stay in state custody and be subject to genetic testing to sort out family relationships that have confounded welfare authorities, a judge ruled Friday. An excuse to get DNA.
Where is the ROT when you need it?

Anonymous said...

The media are not bringing up the dangers to kids in the Texas foster system at all. Right now, the foster care system is being portrayed as wonderful by Larry King et. al. Now, the reason for the state going in was the girl's supposed phone call of abuse; but now the validity of that call is in question.
Clearly, though, Jeffs and other leaders of this cult are deranged men. Girls under 16-17 should not be forced to marry; and apparently this group did this on a regular basis. But I don't see how they can legally justify taking every single child from the moms who are not the problem. It's the leadership of this cult that is primarily responsible. These kids would be much safer with thier mothers than taking their chances with a horrific foster care system.
About polygamy: reporters are complaining about the illegality of polygamy; are the husbands of these women married, in a legal sense, to only one woman, but then have spiritual marriages to others? If so, how is that polygamy under the law? If a man lives with a woman who is his wife in the eyes of the law, and also with other women with whom he has a spiritual/religious marriage, but no legal recognition- If so, how is this illegal? I mean,men and women live together all the time without benefit of legally recognized marriages. If you allow that [and gay marriage- which the reporters see as noble] how can you legally deny people who willingly enter into so called polygamous relationships? The problem with this cult is that many of the women did not neccessarily enter into these unions willingly. Whatever happens here it will be the kids who will pay the bill. I hope the media follows up on the care these kids will receive in the foster care system.

Anonymous said...

Boundary, by Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor, has a character (Madeline Fathom) who has become a government security specialist on the back of a childhood formative experience: being rescued by a military raid from a compound of followers of a sociopathic leader. That's the stereotype you're supposed to be seeing here.

Anonymous said...

Are you telling us that those nearly 90 murdered foster children and the hundreds of others abused were all in Texas in two years?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that it took so long for one of the writers at Lew Rockwell to speak up on the horrible crime that has been committed against the 400+children removed from their families. While I feel that cults can be harmful and damaging, in this case there was no "Sarah." While some of the women and children could very well be victims of abuse at the hands of the polygamists, they are in far more danger being in the hands of the state. I myself, was in the foster care system for a few years and I still suffer emotionally. I cannot imagine what these children are going through and it scares me to think of what is awaiting them. Thank you for shedding light on a subject that most people are turning a blind eye on.

Anonymous said...


COLORADO SPRINGS - The Texas Department of Public Safety expects to have new information Friday afternoon on a woman arrested in Colorado Springs who may have a connection with a raid on a religious compound in western Texas.

According to a release from the city of Colorado Springs, police arrested 33-year-old Rozita Swinton at her home on Wednesday on a charge of false reporting to authorities, a misdemeanor. The incident she was arrested for happened in February. Swinton was taken to the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center.

According to a news release from Colorado Springs, the Texas Rangers were in Colorado Springs as part of their investigation involving the compound in Texas.

Texas Rangers have not confirmed that they are investigating Swinton.

"We're not confirming that the local arrest is related to the Ranger's investigation of the FLDS property," said Lisa Block, Texas Ranger's spokeswoman. FLDS is an acronym for The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services spokeswoman Shari Pulliam told 9Wants to Know Friday that she believes the girl claiming to be an abused 16 year old is among the more than 400 children removed from the FLDS property.

"We feel like she probably is here and that during the course of the investigation we will be able to locate her," said Pulliam.

Pulliam said that her office was not able to trace the number of the person calling with allegations of abuse because the calls were made to a domestic violence shelter.

The Colorado Springs Police Department says it cannot discuss the Texas case.

Texas authorities needed a criminal complaint before they could get a warrant to search the compound. They got it when they claimed a 16-year-old girl named Sarah called them for help, saying she was inside the ranch, pregnant and scared of her abusive 50-year-old husband.

One former FLDS member, Flora Jessop, of Phoenix, who has been an outspoken critic of polygamist practices, says she thinks she may have talked to Swinton on the phone, with Swinton claiming to be Sarah's twin sister. Jessop claims to have hours of tapes of the conversations with Swinton and says they began before the raid on March 30.

Jessop said the caller also talked about alleged abuse at property owned by FLDS members in Colorado City, Arizona. Colorado City is home to a large number of FLDS members.

Jessop says the woman she believes is Rozita Swinton called again Thursday morning after Swinton bailed out of the El Paso County Jail.

"I did get her to admit to me her name was Rose," Jessop said.

The affidavit for the case in Colorado Springs has been sealed, but Jessop says police arrested Swinton for making false calls somewhere in Colorado, claiming to be an abused child.

9NEWS has learned that Swinton was arrested in Castle Rock two years ago for making a false report.

Anonymous said...

@Louis...we may have ROT yet, but it better not be under that megalomaniac McLaren, who used ROT just to launder money. I saw it happen.

Anonymous said...

CPS' Marleigh Meisner still at it, she was doing the deed at Waco and now ElDorado. Some things don't change.

Let's give a big hand to the American people who supported the G at Waco and now at ElDorado.

Makes you proud to be an American doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

captain obvious said...

"... a hairy terraist in a cave with kidney problems is plotting with cat stevens to kill us all."

Osama bin Goldstein, Eurasia, and that Cat Stevens, I always knew, "PEACE TRAIN" was commie propaganda

Anonymous said...


I have followed events of this nature for some years now. After the Waco incident there was no longer any doubt that the government cares for American citizens only insofar as those citizens continue to provide revenue for the government. And since the revenue base is so wide, killing a few of us does not seem to concern the "authorities". Faced with this degree of indifference toward the rights and security of the American people, my decision to use any necessary force to prevent such an attack on my family has been an easy one to make.

Anonymous said...

In my view, what this boils down to is a religious argument. The FLDS group is not a member of the Protestant sects that dominate Texas, so immediately they are labeled a "cult" and as such, are perfectly subject to abuse by the State. Since they are "cult" members, they have no legal rights in the eyes of far too many Americans. Probably the biggest bone of contention is the "plural marriage". It is just not socially acceptable to have more than one wife at a time (serial marriages interrupted by divorce are perfectly OK). This despite the fact that most other cultures throughout most of history have embraced multiple wives as perfectly normal. These fundamentalist Statists are dedicated to wiping out any cult or religious group that does not kowtow to their dictates, and views of morality. What it boils down to is "my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend." But this time, one group has real guns on the side of its imaginary friend.

Anonymous said...

I consider myself somewhat liberal in my views and find this one of the most distasteful things I have seen. This country is so screwed up. It would seem that conservatives are starting to eat their own.

Anonymous said...

Thank You and God Bless You!!! It's always great to find a Christian Libertarian! They say a picture is worth a thousand words
The picture of The Armored Personel
Carrier with the words "SHERRIF" written on the side...says to me anyway??? that are closer to a police state than even I feared!!!
Why in heavens name does a local government need an APC similar to the one I was in Vietnam???
Anyway Thank You for keeping us informed
Johnny Boy jbj

Aktaion said...

As deplorable as the state of the Texas foster care system may be, it does not excuse the systematic paedophelic sexual slavery and brainwashing of countless females at the hands of the FLDS.

This is not about religious freedoms or any kind of educated consentual adult choices. This is about a bunch of horny old men systematically raising generations of brood sows for their own perverted sexual pleasures and justifying it with religious trappings.

The foster system is one issue, the FLDS is another. Do not confuse the two.

Anonymous said...

When the ruling class does evil, that is called law and order. If you suggest self-defense against them, that is called inciting violence.

There is no hope. The message of this horrific kidnapping by insane monsters is that there is no hope.

They want you to get the message: there is no right and wrong. Only power and privilege.

Anonymous said...

With apologies to Niemoller:

When they came for the Davidians (to save the children) I did nothing, since I wasn't a Davidian.

When they came for the FLDS (to save the children) I did nothing, since I wan't an FLDS.

When they came for the homeschoolers (to save the children), I did nothing, since I wasn't a homeschooler.

When they came for the rest of the Christians (to save the children), I did nothing, since I really wasn't a Christian.

And when they came for me, I could do nothing, because there wasn't anyone else left to speak out on my behalf.

This Texan living temporarily east of the Mississippi is outraged and ashamed at this ruthless act of a raw aggression by a totalitarian Texas state bureaucracy.

I am even more angry at my fellow Texans for allowing - for applauding - this outrage. Where are your cajones, Texans?

Bigamy is wrong; child abuse is wrong - no argument. But to storm a peaceful religious community with military armor, automatic weapons, and SWAT tactics, to imprison innocent, uncharged women and children, to forcefully separate mothers from their children...all on the pretense of a now-shown to be a faked anonymous this America, or Nazi Germany? Is this Texas, or Stalin's Russia?

My fellow Texans have lost the pair they're born with - and if you're a Texan, you know full well both sexes used to have 'em.

The Texas I knew would have seen thousands of outraged, armed to the teeth citizens storming the CPS prison camp, and releasing these people, reuniting families, and "chastising" the perpetrators of this fraud as an example to Austin that they may govern, but they will never rule.

But most of the posts I've read about this outrage in hundreds of websites I've checked in the last week generally accept - and more than a few applaud - this mother of all violent home invasions by a reckless and corrupt state agency more concerned about its budget than about really looking after any children.

And the judge??? A willing accomplice to the attack.

Are Texans citizens or a republic - or subjects of an emperor? Freemen with unalienable rights - or tax-slaves meekly obeying a fascist state?

Sadly, I already see the answer.

I can only pray that when the truth comes out in full, this proves to be yet another CPS fraud - and THIS time, I pray that CPS is finally destroyed, the Austin criminals and callous murderers of seized children imprisoned or executed as they richly deserve, this judge buried, and the State of Texas bankrupted, by the mega-billion dollar lawsuits that must surely follow.

And if this just blows over because the courts refuse to uphold citizens' rights against a power-mad state, and because a complicit news media makes more out of rumors at the compound than the truth we see before our eyes, and if the wimps and idiots that must now people a once proud state wring their hands and do nothing in their own collective defense... then I guess it isn't worth going back to Texas anymore...

Except in the vanguard of a liberation army of enraged parents, tired of state-sponsored terrorism of our kids.

Eventually, there will be blood.

Oh, wait, that was now we have TWO scores to settle!

Anonymous said...

"They want you to get the message: there is no right and wrong. Only power and privilege."

WE got that message already as did Vicki Weaver. Ditto the 1.5 million Iraqi kids.

maxim said...

this case smacks of another case of governmental "false flaging". Where the government tells what ever lie or accuses who ever the achieve their means. We came to this country to avoid religious persecution and this is another case of the patriot act terrorizing americans Our government seems to be goose stepping with the Hitler style of dictatorship.... be afraid VERY afraid

Anonymous said...

Apologies to Cat Stevens (I don't know what his evul islamofascist nom de guerre is) in no way was i inferring that he is a terraist.
At one time Cat was on the no fly list. I was including his name with Emmanuel Goldstein err Osama bin Carlyle Group err you know what I mean to illustrate what a bravo sierra farce the war on terrorism is. The neo-feudal corporate scientific dictatorship is in high gear and people who are not awake now are probably goners. Kissinger is on record as saying anyone who opposes globalism is a terrorist.
The real war is on any knee that won't bend whether it's christian polygamists, people who know too much about the constitution, horn rimmed glasses wearing pc geeks on laptops reading and commenting on blogs or those pesky islamofascists who won't kiss the posterior of the IMF and world bank and have strict religious code against usary and interest. I owe my finely tuned tyrannist bravo sierra detector to my Scottish grandmother and her well stocked library many an hour was spent reading Plato, Eric Blair Orwell, Huxley and insider studies of nazi Germany. Part of the problem with the unawakened is the only reading material in the house is the telephone book or a tv guide.

Anonymous said...

These aren't the only people who abuse children. There is this group that wears odd clothes, and the men wear pigtails. Soon after a baby boy is born, a knife is used to cut his penis. What can be more abusive? God only knows what they do to baby girls. They must be stopped! Stop the abuse! Save the children! STOP THE JEWS!! TAKE AWAY THEIR CHILDREN!!

Anonymous said...

An online search reveals that Rozita Swinton (32) has a possible roommate/associate named Christal R. Frakes (39) and/or Virgina Rosamond Morgan (44). A Google search on Christal Frakes is associated with Ecofeminism. My guess is that Rozita Swinton may have been motivated by her feminist associates in the CPS community.

The media keeps portraying the FLDS as intolerant of outside views, but it seems to me the group most intolerant are the radical feminists who hate men more than they love either women or children. The feminists and family court lawyers and judges have built an entire industry around their campaign to minimize men in the lives of their children. When other women don’t cooperate with the feminist agenda, the CPS, Police, Public Schools and Hospitals get involved and present a threat of removing even healthy, well-balanced children from their homes and placing them, in some cases, with known pedophiles. Other beneficiaries of the feminist industry include Planned Parenthood and owned politicos. There is no doubt in my mind that these hundreds of innocent children are in MUCH GREATER DANGER of being physically, emotionally and sexually abused in the homes of complete strangers acting as so-called foster parents than back in their FLDS community. Texas has a terrible history of foster care and juvenile center abuses, and anyone should question the qualifications of foster parents, their background checks, motivation, financial reward, etc. From what I’ve seen on television, these kids look very clean, well fed, polite, and peaceful. Would it be better to convert the girls into anorexic, gang bang saddle tramps? Or to turn the FLDS boys on to Ritalin, violent games and pop culture? I would say the odds are 80% or better that the next news we hear on television is that one of the young girls has been raped by her foster mom’s boyfriend or husband or that one of the babies has been shaken to death by a CPS-friendly child care worker. All the court needs to do is just prosecute any FLDS man who has married an under-age 17 year old. Leave the rest of the community alone. Return these beautiful, healthy, godly children to their parents. Stop trying to usurp the role of parent for the sake of a feminist-run family court industry.

This CPS industry is so large and powerful that our only hope of defeating it is that it will no longer receive tax-funding when our entire economy collapses due to systemic corruption at the highest levels, moral bankruptcy, destruction of the American family, and enormous debt-funding associated with costs of the military, welfare, family court and prison-industrial complex. I hope Texas is the first state to go bankrupt, and I hope it’s this case that is the straw to break the camel’s back.

Anonymous said...

Our case is very similar to this one in that a child was taken from our home because we were fundamental Baptists. That just means we dress modestly, etc. But since she's been taken from us and put in her father's home, she's been sexually abused, etc. Even after being informed of this, the Judge recently decided to leave her where she is. This sort of thing is going on all across the country. Our story is at We live in a county in Alabama that has a divorce rate in the high 70 percent range - one of the highest in the country. And who does our county elect to be head of family court? A man who's been married five times. Please quit electing liberals. They are destroying our country.

Anonymous said...

Look, a lot of you still living in America are under the illusion that there is still a real spirit of liberty in the nation. If that were the case, at least ONE person in New Orleans would have shot the police during the post Katrina gun confiscations. Everyone meekly surrendered. Until the average, middle class "non criminal" chooses to actually use violence to defend their liberties in large numbers, there will be no check on expansive police authority.

Sadly, that spirit no longer exists in the USA. I think a lot of the "liberty or Death" spirit of the past was linked to the fact that many people who escaped to the colonies felt they had nowhere else to go if British tax tyranny took root, so they fought (in small, but significant numbers).

I don't think the average, fat (which is average in the USA), comfortable, 500 channel watching person will ever fight the government. After generations of public schooling, everyone bows before the state.

The best thing to do is to get OUT of the USA. In areas that are ostensibly less free on paper, you are often freer in practice. Go to So many Americans are already actively fleeing the USA and its tyranny and getting second passports. Try to open a Swiss account on an American passport. It will be instructive.

An American passport is often a real ball and chain when attempting to do business abroad because of the ham fisted way the USA has forced foreign banks who do business in the USA (almost all have at least a subsidiary branch or account for wire transfers), and the USA extorts their compliance through such a mechanism (even the Swiss).

Living abroad is the real road toward actual personal liberty, and with the Internet, it has never been easier to actually telecommute from far, far away.

Though temporarily in the UK now, my long term choices are Costa Rica, Fiji, or Uruguay (at least if and until further travel uncovers better places).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous in the UK.... Keep looking for an out. UK policies are quite repugnant as are most western EU nations. Look to Eastern Europe, Central America or South America to escape from, as much as possible, this collectivist mentality. My rule of thumb is that if a nation is too poor (i.e. hasn't stolen enough tax money to "fund" government machinations) then it is a prime candidate for examination. Notice that any country that is busily "helping" it's citizens too often is one to be wary of.

I've noticed while reading this latest piece by Will how Governor Perry slipstreamed so easily into GW's jackboots. He's evasive, dismissive and contemptuous of anyone questioning his "authoritah". Not so unlike the former Guv. This is the same party commisar who would forcibly have your daughter inoculated for sexual diseases without your consent. Think about that. Especially all you so called conservative bible believers.

Texas is, in my mind, a socialist state extraordinaire and any fantasies people cling to about it being populated by "wild and woolly" freedom-loving cowboys are fueled by television or crack!

kelli said...

Foster Parents get more money for kids on meds.

Hugh McBryde said...

It may interest you to know that Rozita Swinton now turns out to have worked for officers of the Colorado Springs Police Department.