Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iraq, Five Years In: They Really Don't Care (Updated, March 20)

Oh, lucky you!
What a privilege you've been given by your Emperor, who so earnestly wishes he were young enough to join you on the front lines! (Or not. I'm betting on "not.")

The setting was the National Religious Broadcasters annual convention at Nashville's infelicitously named Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, and George W. Bush thought he would do a little trash-talking at the expense of the "Islamo-Fascists."

"Our enemies are ruthless, but they're going to be defeated," mock-drawled Bush to Pavlovian applause. "They've got the capacity to blow people up through suicide -- but you notice none of the leaders ever are the suicide bombers, however."

Yes, I'd noticed that.

I'd also noticed that the Idiot King who sent thousands of our men to die needlessly in his useless wars hasn't exactly led from the front, either.

Admittedly, that comparison is somewhat unfair. It's difficult to imagine the typical jihadist leader being so stupidly self-absorbed as to send off a corps of suicide bombers with the following benediction:

"I must say, I'm a little envious. If I were slightly younger and not employed here at Islamo-Fascist Central, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of building the new Global Caliphate. . .. It must be exciting for you … in some ways romantic, to experience the blessings of martyrdom. You're really making history, and thanks."

Adapted ever-so-slightly (by the inserted red text), that is the statement Bush the Blessed made during a recent videoconference with U.S. military and civilian personnel in Afghanistan. While this made a poor pep talk, it makes a wonderful emetic, if you happen to need that kind of help.

Although the Idiot King treats the Afghan front of his eternal war as an afterthought, it is every bit the debacle that Iraq has become. And while Bush tries to enhance the morale of those stationed in Afghanistan by portraying that conflict as some kind of Outward Bound experience -- only with, you know, suicide bombers, and stuff -- the stolid wad of congealed evil who actually runs his administration has made it known just how little our rulers care about the views of those who bear the burdens of the wars they've inflicted on us.

"Two-thirds of Americans say it's not worth fighting," pointed out Martha Raddatz of Good Morning America during a recent interview with Cthulhu.

"So?" replied Cheney, his porcine eyes glinting with self-satisfied contempt.

"So? You don't care what the American people think?" pressed Raddatz.

"No," Cheney responded. "I think you cannot be blown off course by the fluctuations in the public opinion polls. "

While it's true that we shouldn't be governed by opinion polls, a finding of 67% in opposition to a policy doesn't reflect a "fluctuation" in public opinion; it represents a super-majority.

Dick Cheney: He's even evil in the Mirror Universe.*

But this doesn't make a particle of difference to those who rule us. As Tony Snow once put it during his term as chief spokesliar for the White House, the Regime, having manipulated a terrified public and opportunistic Congress into supporting the war, has never been interested in "re-litigating" the issue -- no matter how many lives are wasted, how much damage is done to the economy, or how many times the rationales for the war have been revealed as conscious falsehoods.

Here's the division of labor, as our rulers see things:

They have the task of contriving foreign wars by cultivating, supporting, and subsidizing foreign thugs like Saddam, and then pivoting on an inflation-depleted dime to depict their sub-contractors as this year's Hitler. This permits them to mobilize the country for wars that result in long-term reconstruction projects that offer nearly unlimited opportunities for themselves and their cronies to cash in at taxpayer expense.

Oh, most fortunate Iraqi! Have you prostrated yourself today in humble gratitude to Bush the Benevolent for conferring the blessings of "liberation" on your unworthy family?

Our role is to provide, uncomplainingly, the blood and wealth to be devoured by the wars those people contrive; to believe the self-contradictory and palpably untrue pretexts our rulers supply for those wars; and to purge our minds of the accumulated knowledge and understanding that would make it difficult to repeat this experience as often as our rulers desire.

Our rulers frankly claim to create their own reality, but unlike other solipsists they insist on compelling us to live -- and, of course, to die -- within it, as well. When the facts prove intractable, they simply bury them and enlist the help of their media courtesans to mis-direct those few people who may have been paying attention.

Last week, for example, the Pentagon announced that a comprehensive review of tons of captured Iraqi documents, in addition to the interrogation of scores of top officials from the old regime, have made it clear that there was no operational connection between Saddam's junta and al-Qaeda. The Regime reacted to this disclosure in now-familiar fashion: It consigned the report to the memory hole and took refuge behind a barricade of belligerent denial.

At the conclusion of a press conference held Monday (March 17) during a fleeting visit to Iraq, Cheney engaged in a highly orchestrated piece of performance art to dismiss the significance of the Pentagon report. Calling on a reporter identified as "Steve Hayes," Cheney was asked the softest of softball questions about that Pentagon report.

Cheney replied by making reference to the report's executive summary and "an article in -- I think it was the Weekly Standard that dealt with the subject." On the basis of that review, Cheney confidently asserted that the really important question was not whether there was an "operational" link between Saddam and the 9-11 plotters, as the administration carefully led the public to believe, but rather the extent to which "he was a state sponsor of terror," a status he shared with, well, pretty much every ruler of consequence. But the links between Saddam and al-Qaeda would be made "clear" to anyone able "to dig into the report in depth," Cheney declared.

Oh. What a pity, then, that the White House has chosen not to make available, via "the internets," the very report that, Cheney insists, so completely validates their chief rationale for the war.

Oh sure, you might be able to get it via snail mail several weeks from now in the event the administration sees fit to let you have it. But one would think that the administration would disseminate it as widely and quickly as possible, given that it so thoroughly vindicates the administration. Or so Cheney said in Baghdad a couple of days ago.

At the end of that press conference, Cheney was asked directly: "So you think there was a direct link between al Qaeda...."

"You heard what I said," snapped Cheney. "I was very precise."

"Yes, you were," simpered the supposed journalist, who chose not to pursue the matter further.

Alleged journalist Stephen Hayes, Dick Cheney's "Jeff Gannon."

"Steve Hayes," the alleged reporter involved in that colloquy, was Stephen F. Hayes, author of the same Weekly Standard piece Cheney cited to deflect the conclusions of the Defense Intelligence Agency report.

Some reporters are mere stenographers, but where Cheney is concerned Hayes is a full-service sycophant, having been commissioned to write the Vice President's official biography. That's a chore that wouldn't be assigned to someone inclined to challenge Cheney's assertions.

So when Cheney needed someone with whom to carry out a circle-jerk of mutual self-validation, Hayes was the obvious choice -- just as "Jeff Gannon" was George W. Bush's go-to, uh, guy whenever he wanted to duck a question from a real journalist during a White House press conference.

Cheney was still in the region today. How did he choose to commemorate the fifth anniversary of an unnecessary, immoral, illegal war he did so much to bring about?

He borrowed the 60-foot royal yacht that belongs to the Sheik of Oman in order to do some deep-sea fishing. But Cheney wasn't too busy to continue his campaign to expand the war to Iran.

While there is little, if anything to commend the likes of Cheney as human beings, I will say this: He and his little simian front-man have helped me understand one largely under-appreciated blessing conferred by my Christian faith. Most of the time I take comfort and strength from the knowledge that heaven exists. But as I examine the misery, bloodshed, and horror wrought by Bush, Cheney, and their ilk, I find some consolation in the knowledge that there is also a hell.

Update: This really is a dictatorship....

In January 2005, after the incumbent secured a second term in an election that offered two almost entirely interchangeable candidates (right down to their shared affiliation in Yale's Skull & Bones society), the Bushling was asked if there would be any changes in policy toward Iraq.

His face falling into the contemptuous smirk that is its natural expression, Bush sneered that the 2004 election was an "accountability moment" that ratified ... well, everything he and his cabal had done: The demonstrable lies that led to the war, the evisceration of the Bill of Rights, the implementation of torture, wholesale violation of constitutional principles and criminal statutes -- all of that was made retroactively inconsequential because Bush had won (or stolen) an election.

Yesterday (March 19), Dana Perino, the current White House lie-flinger, was asked about Dick Cheney's "So?" response regarding the public's overwhelming opposition to continuing the Iraq war:

HELEN THOMAS: The American people are being asked to die and pay for this. And you’re saying they have no say in this war?

PERINO: No, I didn’t say that Helen. But Helen, this president was elected…

THOMAS: But it amounts to it. You’re saying we have no input at all.

PERINO: You had input. The American people have input every four years, and that’s the way our system is set up.

(See the video of this exchange here.)

As with so much that is done and said by the degenerate criminal junta ruling us, the statements above are the product of an idiot child's version of Leninism -- in this case, the concept of "democratic centralism." The idea here is that once consent is obtained by a ruler, it is irrevocable, and the decisions undertaken by him are to be supported without cavil or question.

Adolf Hitler, Lenin's largely disowned but very faithful disciple, refined that concept into the fuhrerprinzip (Leader Principle), in which the Fuhrer was seen as embodying the General Will.
Brought to power democratically, Hitler and his Party created a revolution within the form of the fatally flawed Weimar constitution (which permitted, inter alia, the executive to rule by decree in emergencies). They then decreed that there would be "no second revolution" -- because, you see, just like the Bushified GOP, they insisted that the election that had put Hitler into a position to become Germany's ruler had been the Nazi movement's "accountability moment."

Though milder in application than its Soviet and Nazi antecedents -- unless you have the misfortune of being an Iraqi, or someone at the mercy of the Homeland Security State -- the Bush Regime, and the Republican Party it leads, have embraced a Leninist/Hitlerian doctrine of executive power.

In contradiction to Perino's claim that the American "system" is set up to facilitate executive dictatorship, the Declaration of Independence explicitly acknowledges the unlimited right of the people to withdraw their consent, at any time, from any government that becomes "destructive" of the individual rights it was created to protect.

It's likely that I'll have more to say about this subject later....

Dum spiro, pugno!


*The line about Cheney being evil even in the Mirror Universe comes by way of William Wallace Grigg, age 10.


zach said...

Sure, they were caught buying millions of dollars worth of fake news a few months ago, there is no reason to believe that they stopped. Also, yesterday Bush sent one of his imps, specifically his solicitor general, to tell the supreme court that the second amendment protects an individual right to arms except when the government decides that we don't have a right. If you think I'm exaggerating go read the oral arguments that transpired in the Heller case. This administration goes to heretofore unknown levels of evil and despotism.

prairiesurfer said...

Cheney had one purpose as Vice (the Decider) President: To conjure up, implement, execute, and make sure we stay at perpetual war. Most VP's, at least for a vain moment, entertain the idea of running for president. Never even a consideration for Cheney since a) he had already fulfilled his mission for war, and b) he knows perfectly well that only the most hardened of NeoCons would vote for him (<10%).

Anonymous said...

Buying fake news? That news isn't really "news". No pun intended. I long ago read, years actually, a story about a young Brit university grad who was hired on with some news outfit in Baghdad and the stories were as manufactured and as authentic as a three dollar bill.

Anonymous said...

Don't the evul islamobogeymen have strict laws against usery and fiat currency? Wasn't Saddam going to start an oil bourse and not use the kindling fiat currency?? Things that make you go hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Mr Grigg,

That HAD to leave a mark.

This is so depressing. And most people I know are beguiled by President Bush's claimed Christianity and cowed by the Islamofascist enemy that they can't even begin to rationally consider what they've wrought.

At my Republican Precinct caucus here in Texas (only for Ron Paul would I bother) the non-Paulians were indignant that we would even consider that maybe there was more at work here than "hating us for our freedom." And any consideration that the war in Iraq isn't the height of morality and total beneficence for an unappreciative Iraqi population is completely repugnant, and betrays the blood of those who have died in the US uniform.

The freedom they claim is the freedom of a prison tower guard to shoot any of the inmates at any time without responsibility. Yes, they DO hate us for that freedom, and I can't blame them.

Anonymous said...

The term merchants of death is appropiate for them.
They are diabolical to the core.

dixiedog said...

Bah, we get the government we deserve. If the Ami folk still wish to believe this Regime's nonsense on the Iraq War or the economy, or whatever else, then it's their own fault and not the Regime's mouthpieces and attendant sycophants, nor their trusted media marionettes, nor Hollyweird, nor any other "led us to believe..." worldly entity. If we continually listen and pay heed to worldly influences (and thereby conveniently blame when it all goes sour) on why we act or perform a certain way in this life, we'll never get straight. After all the "father of lies" and the grand master of all evil and his demonic hosts won't be the only cabal who chose to live in Gehenna. There'll be greater multitudes down with him than up with Him.

I find some consolation in the knowledge that there is also a hell.

I see your point in that, but still, tread lightly, Will, lest you become self-congratulatory in your knowledge that you're certain of your salvation and heaven-bound. It's why I cringe when I hear "holy in their own eyes" folk talk about some insidious crime having occurred claim the perpetrator will "burn in hell" for their crime(s) and yet they themselves are obviously lost and don't know Christ. Many folk erroneously believe, for whatever wacky reason, that such things as murder, child molestation, and the like, are the only sinful deeds deemed (on a whim I would guess because it's not scriptual) the "hellish" sins, the "unforgivable" or "unpardonable" sins, the only sins for which one will "burn in hell" for. It's truly sad to see how "righteous in their own eyes" many folk perceive themselves to be. "Hey, I never killed anyone! I don't molest children! See, I'm NOT evil!," they'll exclaim, often profanely if they get riled. Sigh...

Anyway, here's a thought, Will, to chew on. Somebody could personify Hitler in every way and deed and yet, if they accept Christ and repent before their inevitable death at the hands of men (the temporal consequence), be heaven-bound while the man next door who "merely" curses every now and again, thinks about cheating on his wife, or "merely" does it, every now and again, and other "mundane" sins, but who doesn't know Christ when he draws his last breath is hell-bound. After all, who knows, Bush Jr., Cheney, or even Manson (he's still breathing in this life after all) may end up heaven-bound when it's all said and done. Only time will tell.

Eeewwwww! "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!" as Kinison would likely scream. Oh my, that's a helluva hard bone to chew on, ain't it? ;)

Anonymous said...

I really like the Liberty Minute for yesterday.

Posted below:

Iraq: Again, May God Forgive Us March 19, 2008

Will Grigg's Liberty Minute

March 19, 2008

Five years ago today, without the constitutionally required declaration of war, propelled by malign ambition and acting behind a barricade of conscious lies, George W. Bush committed our nation to a useless, illegal, and immoral war in Iraq.

Nearly 4,000 American families have been deprived of a loved one because of Mr. Bush’s war, which has also claimed the lives of an estimated 1.3 million Iraqis. Our economy has been shattered by the expense of the conflict, which may reach three trillion dollars. Similar damage has been done to our nation’s prestige worldwide.

Last week, the Pentagon completed a definitive report concluding that there was no evidence of a connection between Saddam Hussein’s regime and the al-Qaeda terrorist network accused of committing the September 11 attack. That non-existent connection, along with Saddam’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction, was the supposed rationale for a war we should never have started.

Let us repent of the grave sin of that unnecessary war, and take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what people think. I still say Bush looks like Alfred E. Neuman, but without the penetrating acumen of the Mad magazine mascot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dixie! Wasn't Kinison a preachers son? I think he was so fed up with the backstabbing hypocrisy that he witnessed towards his own family that he threw down the flood gates of rage.

I know that I'm not personally responsible for the sins committed by my neighbor nor he for mine. That idea of "village" only goes so far. But is sure is a hard bone to swallow and I have a great deal of sympathy with non-believers in this area. Keith Green said that going to church no more made you a Christian than going to McDonalds made you a hamburger!

I myself get very tired of the evil commited by utterly corrupt people and yet have to bite my tongue time and again. Its like some sort of twisted catch-22 with heaven and hell in play.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and another thing, there was once a story about the NRB and their conventions which noted that Liqour sales soared whenever and wherever that con was in town.

That'll make you think.

William N. Grigg said...

"...there was once a story about the NRB and their conventions which noted that Liqour sales soared whenever and wherever that con was in town."

I'll wager that the local, ah, "Sex Worker" community did better-than-usual business when the Elmer Gantry convention was in town, too.

Anonymous said...

How dare those dark skinned savages being born on top of our oil. Who cares how many of them die
as long as I can joyride from stripmall to stripmall and support China's economy. I sure hope the 6PM corporate presstitute propaganda report has the latest hollywood harlots in heat update.
Aww shucks no 200mph billboards race to nowhere this week there goes my Sunday.

Anonymous said...

One other note...because I feel like being blasphemous...Bin Laden has real combat experience from fighting the Soviets in that Afghan war. Cheney dodged the draft (student deferment) and Bush got a cushy spot in the National Guard during the wars of their lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Comparisons between shrub and hitler are inappropriate. Der fuhrer served in "the great war" and won an iron cross, very rare for a corporal. He also had an IQ above two digits.

Anonymous said...

"Brought to power democratically, Hitler and his Party created a revolution within the form of the fatally flawed Weimar constitution (which permitted, inter alia, the executive to rule by decree in emergencies)."

If I'm not mistaken, dozens of "emergencies" declared by executive order, some dating back decades, remain in effect today.

Indeed, since some executive orders are secret, probably there are even more emergencies that we aren't even aware of.

In Bush's fractured Yale-simalacrum Low German, it's likely called the "Decidererprinzip" or some such gibberish. I wish he'd just appoint his horse as president of the Senate and be done with it. Hello, Animal Farm! Four legs good; two legs ba-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ad!

Anonymous said...

Do you like your political representatives? Do they make your life better? Do they treat you with respect and kindness? Does each day bring happiness and hope for a future that can only get better? Is meaning found by you in everything you must do? Does their representation bring forth a beauty of life that resounds deep within, filling your soul with joy? For most of you, the answer is a sad, unforgiving NO. This is the reason why you should KILL YOUR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES. This is an important decision for you, quite possibly the most important choice you will ever have to make; a revolutionary action that will permanently correct the multitudinous wrongs of your past, changing things FOREVER.

The painful truth is that your political representatives have lied to you all of your life. Everyone has slowly and utterly deprived you of freedom, insuring your continued existence as a SLAVE. From day one, YOU have unwittingly taken part in a ceaseless effort by THEM to fill your mind with an all-encompassing sense of hopelessness and despair only remedied by your absolute acceptance of slave-hood. Know that to THEM you exist valueless, except as a thrall. This dire state persists, crushing you down. It may even seem like that's all there is to life.

Through ritualized murder, you can CHANGE everything and make a real difference. All this depression, strife, worry and sadness will swiftly disappear when you KILL YOUR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES, particularly those who afflict you. Rid yourself of pain by giving it to someone else. KILL as reflection. Why should YOU be the one to suffer? Standing above your VICTIM, you will find yourself simply overcome by feelings of felicity, bliss and merriment. Ask yourself this: all the anger and pain that you feel, from where did it come? Certainly, you did not will it upon yourself. No, it came from YOUR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES and traveled inside YOU by THEIR design. Nothing can compare to the ecstasy that you will experience simply by KILLING THEM. The accumulated flaws of your life will vanish as you obtain a new and perfect mystical clarity when you rid the world of these useless people. So KILL THEM NOW. KILL for your soul's benefit. They have never really truly cared for you. Don't believe their lies. Do something for YOU, not something for THEM. Why accept anything less than freedom? KILL THEM to liberate your spirit and open your mind. Let the administration of DEATH be your road to salvation. KILL for today, KILL for tomorrow.

Your bright future can begin today and KILLING YOUR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES is the only way. There is nothing wrong with KILLING; it is simply a malignant lie perpetrated by THEM to keep YOU in a state of servitude. Don't succumb to their false truths. Respond to YOUR needs. Stop the oppression of your soul and EMPOWER YOURSELF BY KILLING THEM. Rise forever above your curse of mundane existence. KILL THEM NOW.

(this is a spoof - don't kill anyone)

Anonymous said...

Surely you have done one of the best jobs of summing up the current and dire predicament of our nation. I share your amazement at the lack of outrage among the populace. I also find it amazing that the "Christian" right/evangelical wing of the Chruch in America is not only silent, but even vigorously supportive of this war. I have tried to reach out to my brethren to educate them in the non-Biblical nature of aggressive warfare. Almost universally, I have been met with indifference, mild to strong rebuke for not being patriotic and submssive to my government, and even warned about the dire Islamic threat to our liberty, and Christian nation.

As a retired military officer, I once worshipped at the feet of our government and the god of democracy, so I can find no fault in them. When I was converted to Christianity and concurrently to libertarian thinking, I began my own process of coming to deal with my skewed education and thinking. So, I try to keep in mind that I am dealing often with ignorance and not indifference.

One of the most interesting revelations that my efforts have led to is the discovery of how far we (includes me) have blended the Bible and nationalism, and Christianity with formal political movements. So, in some sense, for modern Christians outrage would first have to be preceded by repentence for worshipping the state. Again, I approach this as much as an issue of ignorance and indoctrination, as one of outright sin. I will, however, hold the pulpit accountable for feeding the church so poorly from she scriptures that we are now an anemic body, having cast aside orthodox creeds and doctrines for pablum.

Anonymous said...

"I find some consolation in the knowledge that there is also a hell."

Imprecatory thoughts and prayers may have their place.

The psalmist said in Psalms 139
“Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee?” and in Psalms 55 “Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell”

dixiedog said...

Hey Dixie! Wasn't Kinison a preachers son?

I think so, but I do know that when I saw his acts in the mid-80s I heard him claim that he was a preacher himself at one time.

I think he was so fed up with the backstabbing hypocrisy that he witnessed towards his own family that he threw down the flood gates of rage.

Perhaps, but if so, poor Sam made a mistake. In essence, he was admitting to his own hypocrisy, not so much that of his family, and couldn't stand living a lie, resulting in him raging against Christianity. Not really surprising when you think about it. At the very least, he was honest about being a fake.

I know that I'm not personally responsible for the sins committed by my neighbor nor he for mine.

Yep, not another human soul on this planet has the means (perfection) to pay for another's transgressions. We're all broke in that regard.

That idea of "village" only goes so far. But is sure is a hard bone to swallow and I have a great deal of sympathy with non-believers in this area.

Yes, but please don't misunderstand what I said. I'm not sayin' in any way that we should simply ignore evil, or be indifferent thereto, simply because we ourselves ain't perfect and may have some bones in our closets. Who doesn't? What I am sayin' is simply that we should tread lightly about sayin' through innuendo or otherwise that certain humanoids will surely be "burning in hell" when it's all said and done. We obviously don't know that, but even so that shouldn't ever preclude us from opposing evil in the public sphere nonetheless. We just better be ready and even desire to be called out for our own misdeeds in that process; it's what accountability is all about, after all.

Keith Green said that going to church no more made you a Christian than going to McDonalds made you a hamburger!

Indeed, I agree.

I myself get very tired of the evil commited by utterly corrupt people and yet have to bite my tongue time and again. Its like some sort of twisted catch-22 with heaven and hell in play.

See above. It also sometimes (or perhaps continually) needs to be pointed out that God looks at sin as sin. If you break one commandment, you're as guilty as one who breaks them all. A liar is a mass-murderer is an adulterer is a gossip, etc., etc. God's standard is perfection and if one's not perfectly righteous (and no human being is), he's a ragweed and evil until that one accepts Christ's pardon, is born again, and is forgiven.

Oh, and another thing, there was once a story about the NRB and their conventions which noted that Liqour sales soared whenever and wherever that con was in town.

That'll make you think.

Not really, as there'll always be "Swaggarts" in the Christian crowd. The key is to be able to identify them as such and ignore them. Of course, if they happen to also occupy positions of authority within the church, however, boot 'em out. It's simple, yet complex to manage to follow through on, I know.

Please don't broadly paint an imperfect human being who openly opposes evil as a hypocrite. Many certainly are, to be sure, as they try to hide from accountability and not taking responsibility for their deeds and accepting the attendant consequences for them. That said, however, many really do earnestly oppose evil and when they succumb to temptation in whatever arena expect to be also held accountable by the same rules.

I would not term such people as hypocrites. The critical difference is in the acceptance of responsibility and accountability for deeds and not the deeds themselves.

What I find most interesting is that many people will say, "Throw out all prohibitions (especially those pertaining specifically to drugs, sex, and alcohol)! Besides, people will simply do it anyway!" Gee, it's funny that those same folk don't care to apply that same logic to "smoking cigarettes, openly opposing fairyfests on public property, owning and/or carrying guns, and a million other things. I find this kind of hypocrisy, on the other hand, almost pandemic nowadays. Again, not surprising from my viewpoint, but disconcerting nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

William Norman Grigg, quoting Helen Thomas with approval! ... Every generation does bring incredible 180s.

Anonymous said...

I always thought money was the mark of slavery not some corporate account servicers and their chimperor.

Anonymous said...

Voters are Terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Yep if we only elect corporate Hilllary or wall street Obama the evil will simply vanish. The mean ol' military/industrial/media/prison complex will close up shop!
I have to get back to reading Gulliver's Travels with the easter bunny now we're waiting on the tooth fairy to come over.

Anonymous said...

An excellent blog. On rare occasions I disagree, but you make many good points and all posts are well written.

Some Americans, and others throughout the world display a disturbingly cavalier attitude when it comes to war. I personally like Ron Paul's stance of non-interventionism which our founding fathers favored. I see no reason for us to take any military action in the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter unless we are attacked. No nation that we have engaged since WW II has attacked us, and Pearl Harbor reeks of suspicion.

Anonymous said...

I know readers of blogs seldom take the time to follow and read the links that other readers post, but let me tell you about the link below.

It is an essay, written by Major General Smedley Butler in the 1920's following World War One. General Butler was the ONLY American in history ever to have won TWO Congressional Medals of Honor, and if anyone knew war, he did. Nobody, not even Ann Coulter or Bill O'Reilly, can question his expertise or his bravery or his patriotism.

His essay is entitled, "War Is A Racket," and if you read nothing else this week, you should read this:

Mr. Grigg's last essay was entitled: "Why Aren't We Angry Yet?" Well, Mr. Grigg, we are. Oh, yes. Yes indeed. So what will we do about it?

As satisfying as it would be to see 535 lampposts in Washington adorned with low-hanging fruit becoming black and bloated in the sun, or to sit knitting before the steps of the National Capitol as Madame Guillotine delivered serious hickeys to the denizens of that whited sepulcher, which without is fair to behold but within is full of dead men's bones, as nice as all this would be, it is just a happy fantasy.

But not to worry, the mills of justice are grinding slowly, but they will grind exceeding fine. What is about to happen, which you may someday remember you read it here, is that the US economy is about to collapse, totally, massively, and terminally.

When all the corporations are bankrupt and all stocks are worthless and the banks are busted and the US Dollar is Monopoly money, (Did you know that in 2004 the Iraqi dinar was 1,480 dinars to the dollar? Today it is only 1,200 dinars to the dollar. The Iraqi dinar??!! I kid you not. Look it up. The only currency in the world that has lost value against the US Dollar is the Zimbabwe Dollar.) - only then will the USA cease its warmongering and exploitation of the rest of the world.

Only then will it cease its crushing of the aspirations and the loves and hopes and lives of tens of millions of brown and yellow people, and the wanton destruction of the very planet we live on.

Only when the USA is bankrupt and cannot bribe them and buy them off any more, will the world's politicians stop bowing and scraping and doing exactly as they are told by the USA.

Only then, when we cannot afford to buy food for our soldiers or gas for their tanks and planes or bullets for their guns, will we pull out of Iraq.

And it is coming soon to a town near you! Watch for it, and as you cook up your dinner of leaves and grass, or of stone soup, (Recipe: three round stones, unwashed, with the soil still attached, and a quart of water. Boil for 20 minutes, and drink.) - when you are enjoying that dinner, remember that this is the result of unbridled arrogance, and of insensitivity to the rest of the world's suffering, and of wanton greed for many generations, and that the greediest of the greedy will have their reckoning day too.

This is what investment guru Bill Bonner said in his column this week about Bear Stearns: (Ho, Ho, Ho, this is SOOOO good, so good, oh boy oh and enjoy, dear brothers and sisters...)

"Last week was “hell week,” for the poor people who owned the [Bear Stearns] business. They went skiing or fishing on Friday evening. When they turned on the news Monday morning, they found that they had been wiped out. Bear’s bridge-champion chief, Jimmy Cayne, for example, had more than a billion dollars’ worth of Bear stock. But when the dust settled last week it was worth only $30 million.

"What went wrong? The firm made a big bet – on derivatives, of course. Not that we feel sorry for Mr. Cayne. He should have known better than anyone what he had. And if he’d been smart, he would have gotten rid of it. Besides, the whole Bear team had it coming. When LongTerm Capital Management got into trouble 10 years ago, Bear refused to come to its aid.

"And it’s not as if he’s going to be out on the street, begging for quarters. You can still live well with only $30 million. Well, you can still live fairly well. The price of diesel fuel rose to $4.06 a gallon in the United States last week."


One billion dollars to $30 million, eh? In a weekend, eh? Well, that is almost as good as the guillotine being taken to his neck, and just think, now he gets to live long, long, long, and ponder the consequences of his greed. Let's hope he manages to distill some wisdom from it. Then he can pass his expensively purchased wisdom on to all his fat cat buddies who are going to follow him into bankruptcy.

Ah, joy, joy!!! Huzzah, Hooray, oh happy day! Thank you, Lord!!

Mr. Grigg, let us away to dreamland. I shall sleep well this night! And you?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone wrap some detonation cord around the Great Phallus on the Potomac and emasculate it? I hope it falls on K Street....or is it KY Street? The Washington Memorial? Why? Was he endowed? If Paul Bunyan were alive today.....I'd ask him to pluck it out of the sacred ground of the District of Columbia (hallowed be its name), wrap an American flag around it and hand it to Jeff Gannon. He's a great American, and he'll know what to do with it, just ask that organ grinder monkey pal of his in the White House. Speaking of the White House....Why can't someone in the Secret Service secretly paint the White House black? Who would notice? And the Pentagon building is incomplete; fully extend it (But not like the Washington Memorial) and fill it out, so it can resemble it's true design which is that of a pentagram, Washington's most sacred and esteemed of all symbols. Besides being a great American, why is Dick Cheney always sneering? Is he constipated? And where did all of that grade A government cheese end up? The Lincoln memorial? Who needs it? If I could defecate in his lap I would, but the Capitol DC Comics Police would probably arrest me and stuff. Why? I don't have the foggiest notion. I just thought of something funny.....What if someone from the FBI tippy-toed over to the Lincoln Memorial one evening and chiseled the face of J. Edgar Hoover onto Abe's visage? Would there be enough time to chisel a dress too? And why can't the holy American ruling class erect other phallic monuments to other great Americans like Spiro Agnew, Zbigniew Brzezinski or Chef Boyardee? Beefaroni samples to all who visit this great American's phallic gravestone. The Star Speckled Banner national anthem should be played on loudspeakers from red, white and blue minarets shaped like the Washington Memorial five times a day in DC. All who visit this sanctified city will receive Trojan samples and miniature Washingtom Memorials to commemorate our Great American Oligarchy. Matt Sanchez, another great American, and his great American submissive male friend Sean Hannity, along with his patriotic mother Michael Medved, could be hired as DC tour guides and offer tours and other services to anyone who dares visit this honorable and glorious cesspool of excrement and other bodily emissions.

Anonymous said...

My money is losing its purchasing power! I just bought some American flag toilet paper and American flag kitty box liners and it almost devoured my entire FRN ten spot! This is unamerican!

Anonymous said...

Oooo! Look out America. Your time is almost up. Who will pick up the effort to construct the New World Order once you are gone? How will Satan's antichrist make his debut with the great American facillitator removed from the world scene? The American regime excelled in erecting the building blocks toward world government and was adding the final touches to Satan's kingdom before calamity struck. Who will take your place? Without America, there would be no United Nations, no IMF, no World Bank, no WTO, no ICC, no EU, no Soviet Russia, no Maoist China, no Bolshevik Revolution, no Communist Cuba, no Versailles Treaty, and probably no German national socialism and WW II. Without America, millions would have been spared early deaths at the hands of communist and fascist buthchers. That's right. Who funded the communists and fascists and paved their paths to power? Thank you American bankers, American politicians, American industrialists and "progressive" American humanitarians. Thank you American Rockefeller family and all of your fellow cohorts in power who aided the growth and expansion of totalitarian and authoritarian governments everywhere, including your own. And thank you hoi polloi Americans for possessing such squeaky clean brains, having been thoroughly scrubbed raw by the statist media whores, by educrats who would have made Antonio Gramsci envious and by the oligarchs' political cardboard cut-out figureheads. Your drowsiness enabled their nefarious efforts to succeed, without which your virtuous rulers would have been hard pressed to achieve. Thanks for nothing. Do not pass go, and do not collect $200 fiat currency. Go directly to the Lake of Fire.

Anonymous said...

As far as term Terrorist goes a.k.a Islamic Extremists, the latter definition fits you morons better. You all make me sick!!!

Here's a tip: Why don't you all just packup and move away, far, far away. I've heard that your Extremist family is waiting for you all in the East. Have a safe trip, or not.

Later, you ungratful nobodies.