Friday, January 18, 2008

Pick-Pockets, Leg-Breakers, and Bigots: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

[O]ur rulers can have authority over such natural rights only as we have submitted to them. The rights of conscience we never submitted, we could not submit. We are answerable for them to our God. The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

-Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia (1782)

For about a year while I was in college I roomed with a young man who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. To my considerable relief, he didn't swan about in the idiotic habiliments of that organization, although he did wear a Klan insignia ring with a certain peculiar pride.

The second oddest thing about this housing arrangement was the fact that Charles (not his real name, but close) is the one who invited me to be his roommate. The oddest thing about our off-campus housing arrangement was the fact that we were living in the back of a mortuary. We shared a small apartment rent-free in exchange for doing custodial work and manning the phones from time to time.

One evening, after Charles had consumed a couple of wine coolers, he explained to me -- in as matter-of-fact a voice as he could muster in his partially inebriated condition – the racial hierarchy as he understood it. In what he probably considered an act of tremendous magnanimity, Charles explained that though I'm dark brown guy of Latino heritage (who has passed for everything from Egyptian to Basque), I was to the “safe” side of a racial dividing line that is obvious only to people who share his tragic obsession with melanin content.

What was even more perplexing was the fact that this proud young Klansman had a very close friend who was (and, I think it's safe to say, still is) black. My memory fails me as to this fellow's name, but I recall that he ran for a position in the student government and Charles eagerly helped with his campaign.

Charles wasn't a bad kid -- confused and somewhat self-destructive, certainly, but I never knew him to act on his professed racial views. To the best of my knowledge, he never did any injury to anyone but himself: A diabetic, he twice drank himself into an insulin coma (chugging wine coolers wasn't the best treatment protocol for his condition), the second time nearly killing himself. (I had to call the paramedics on both occasions, and the second time I had to give him an injection – which, if Charles had become a genuinely bad guy, might have put me in the same ironic position as Jay Sherman when he invented his eponymous “oil.” Take the time to watch that episode to the end, and you'll see what I mean.)

Samuel Johnson famously pointed out that no man is a hypocrite in his pleasures, and I think a similar principle applies to prejudices of various kinds. In Charles' case, some of his chosen associations – with his invited dark-skinned Latino/Irish/who-knows-what else roommate, and his black friend – made him a hypocrite, at least as far as his racial ideology was concerned.

This type of hypocrisy is entirely commendable, and I suspect it's more common than most people think. Twain seemed to brush up against this reality when he penned Huckleberry Finn's anguished but triumphant exclamation, “All right, I'll go to hell!” because he couldn't find anything sinful in regarding the slave Jim to be his equal, and helping him escape.

And I'm sure each of us knows some hidebound guy who occasionally salts his conversation with ethnic humor, but is functionally color-blind when it comes to helping people in need. (If you've never met a person of that description, your life is poorer for it.)

To be sure, there are genuine bigots in this world. I've run into a few, although nowhere near as hard as I'd like to if given the chance. (Just kidding. Sorta.)

For example, I was accosted by an authentic bigot while jogging in Mobile, Alabama a number of years ago. This seedy guy, who was missing both an upper lip and, apparently, everything but his reptilian brain, seems to have confused me with a local black power militant, and he threatened unspecified harm to me for jogging “in the wrong neighborhood.” I was perplexed, amused, and a little disgusted, but since I was leaving in about an hour (I was touring the Southern States with a musical group), I wasn't particularly concerned about it.

I had the same reaction to an early morning phone call I received just a few days ago from someone who very thoughtfully informed me that I'm “nothing but a f*****g n*gger.” The only distress caused by that phone call was the fact that, owing to a nasty bout of viral bronchitis that made it nearly impossible for me to speak, I couldn't correct the record by pointing out that I'm actually a f*****g sp*c. It's a small matter, of course, but certainly large enough to fill to capacity the minuscule brain of someone who'd make a phone call of that kind.

Every human being is, to use Will Durant's phrase, a colorful medley of discordant fragments. Each of us has his prejudices; most of them are benign, some of them invidious, and none of them of any consequence to others as long as they are not coupled with deceit or coercion. It is when force or fraud is introduced in a way that impinges on individual rights that we should take alarm over prejudice.

This doesn't happen, for example, when a business owner is willing to forego profit by banning customers of a certain ethnic background, or who speak a language he doesn't like: The business is his property, and if he's willing to factor a prejudice premium into his business expenses, if he's more concerned with the hue of a potential customer's skin than the color of his money, let the fool alone.

That's how things would operate in a free society. It's decidedly not how it works in the society we inhabit, however – one in which the central government and its affiliates, in the name of “civil rights,” claim a mandate to regulate daily interactions that should be defined by the market.

After all, even bigots have rights. And that's a fortunate thing, too: Given the frailty of the human condition, and the perverse creativity of self-appointed custodians of tolerance, all of us at some point will be tagged with that epithet by someone.

It does me no injury for my neighbor – or college roommate – to say that brown people are innately inferior to people his color. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. The same can't be said of government, which incessantly plunders my earnings while holding over my head the prospect of lethal violence, should I transgress any of the myriad enactments the political class is pleased to call “laws.”

Any government that gets into the business of policing private attitudes – however pernicious the attitudes, and however apparently unobtrusive the policing might be – is totalitarian in principle. The only excuse for the existence of government is to protect the innocent from the depredations of pickpockets and leg-breakers, if I might paraphrase Jefferson yet again. Unfortunately, all that government does is to pick pockets and break legs, and governments that assert the power to regulate what goes on inside the minds of their subjects tend to use such violence promiscuously.

I am inclined to think that one's perspective on this subject qualifies as a “shibboleth/sibbolet”-style defining question regarding his true beliefs about government. And the contrived furor over the most recent re-discovery of Ron Paul's ancient newsletters – the yellowing, curling pages supposedly saturated with "bigoted rhetoric," including racism and the attitude dishonestly called “homophobia” -- and the publicity given to carefully framed excerpts therefrom by a small clique of foundation-funded Beltway “libertarian” figures.

Since the most recent paint-by-numbers hit piece was published in The New Republic two weeks ago by the precious little Jimmy Kirchick (a writer of unremarkable skills who looks like the tragic issue of a disowned carnal transaction between David Frum and a chipmunk), most of the discussion has focused on whether or not Dr. Paul knowingly allowed his name to be attached to various “bigoted” statements.

Let's get this straight, shall we?
You see these kind people rallying on behalf of "liberty, prosperity, and peace" -- folks who oppose centralized power, collectivism, and military aggression? They are obviously not neo-Nazis....

Reading everything I can find about this entirely manufactured controversy, I've yet to find a single example in which “bigotry” was attached to a policy proposal that would enhance the power of government to transgress individual rights.

Nor have Dr. Paul's critics cited such an example from his voting record, or his current campaign platform. Nor can they.

... on the other hand, these folks are neo-Nazis (the swastika flag being something of a clue)...

Just as one can't be a hypocrite in his pleasures, a politician can't be a hypocrite in his record, however duplicitous his rhetoric may be – and Dr. Paul's record is that of a constitutional purist who believes that individual liberty is the supreme political good.

Dr. Paul's mistake, and it was a significant one, was to franchise his name to other people whose priorities weren't necessarily the same and whose editorial voice was entirely different from his. He has pointedly and explicitly owned up to that lapse. That having been said, I have to confess that nothing I've read in the supposedly scabrous newsletters has caused me to swoon like a Victorian maid when first exposed to the gamier passages of Fanny Hill.

... and these charming people, whose bloody handiwork has been pointedly criticized by Dr. Paul, richly deserve the "neo-Nazi" label, as well: While many of them wouldn't pass the Third Reich's ridiculous tests for Aryan "purity," their agenda -- centralize power in the Executive, propagate foreign wars without end, create detention camps in which people can be held indefinitely, tortured, or summarily disposed of -- certainly bears a family resemblance to the policies of the Reich.

Yes, there was discussion – in the aftermath of the “Rodney King Riots” -- of a possible race war that didn't materialize (thank God). But the tone was monitory, not incendiary; the concern was that collectivist policies imposed by Leviathan would result in the kind of Hobbessian tragedy that has consumed other multi-ethnic countries, from Lebanon to Yugoslavia to Iraq. And the emphasis was on the need to end those collectivist policies, rather than mobilizing government power on behalf of different collectives, such as “Euro-Americans.”

(By the way -- does anybody else remember that the late Carl Rowan, a couple years after the publication of the purportedly vicious Ron Paul newsletters, published a book entitled The Coming Race War in America: A Wake-Up Call? It would be difficult to accuse the late Mr. Rowan of harboring latent white supremacist sentiments, although about twenty years ago he did prove to be a crypto-NRA symp.)

In his capable demolition of the anti-Paul smear campaign, Justin Raimondo points out that those elements of the Washington libertarian Establishment that are behind it are “really threatened by the existence of a mass libertarian movement – because it's a movement over which they have no control.” The smear-and-purge routine is the option of first resort for self-appointed Gatekeepers seeking to reassert control over a movement no longer under centralized discipline.

It is immensely revealing that for the Beltway libertarian clique, the priority is to traduce Ron Paul and his supporters, rather than directing their efforts at the Regime.

Our country is rapidly descending into the mire of literal fascism – imperial executive power, permanent warfare, summary suspension of due process, institutionalized torture, ubiquitous surveillance, the emergence of a “Your Papers, Please” system of travel restrictions. And the “libertarian” affiliate of the Smearbund is investing its efforts in trying to convince the public that the Paul campaign's focus on “liberty, prosperity, and peace,” the candidate's lifelong record of defending individual rights, and his amply attested personal kindness to people of all backgrounds is simply an elaborate and very clever disguise, and that the fundamental “truth” of what Ron Paul represents is found in a handful of supposedly scandalous statements – orphaned from their context – found in yellowing and long-forgotten newsletters.

Given all of this, it's an indigestibly rich irony that one of the accusations spewed at Paul by Kirchick is that he's a “conspiracy theorist.”

For “libertarians” of the sort under discussion, Dr. Paul's all-but-flawless record of support for individual liberty is less important than his failure to burn incense to the State's official deities (such as Lincoln and Martin Luther King) and his willingness to associate with people who say and write things that violate the canons of political correctness.

Their perspective can be summarized in a gloss on the familiar nursery rhyme: The State and its goons may break our bones, but "bigoted" words alone can hurt us. That's a peculiar kind of “libertarianism,” but it's one that's perfectly harmless to the Imperial State – which is why, in the final analysis, those who subscribe to it are so welcome and comfortable in the Imperial Capital.

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul believes in the Constitution therefore he is an enemy of the establishment, the system.

Saw him on C-SPAN bravely speaking out when everyone else in the House was voting for a resolution, summer of 2006, cheering Israel for carpet bombing Lebanon. Paul was irate.
Put a big check mark next to his name in The Lobby's black book of Enemies.

So Bill White, a "Former" communist who the next day decides he is a neo-nazi, fabricates a story about Ron Paul being chummy with nazi crowd, the NY TIMES even ran with it, later retracting it, but damage is done.

So what if Don Black sends Paul campaign $500? I urge the ADL to send Paul $500, he would accept that too.

Ron Paul stands for the true libertarian, true Republican ideals. They are for ALL true Americans.

You brought up your roommate in college, well the head of the Texas KKK in 1980 was a full-blooded American Indian, and the man who appointed him to that position, LOUIS BEAM, knew it as did every other Klansman in the region.

Southern California's Nazi Low Riders admit Mexican and half-Mexican members to their gang.

Now while this may not be exactly the brotherhood of man as envisioned by higher souls than the rest of folks it surely says something, what I don't know, except this old world isn't as simple as we sometimes think.

What was it the WALK ACROSS AMERICA guy said about the North vs the South. Speaking about attitudes of Whites vs blacks. He said the North they LOVE the race and hate the individual while the South hates the race and LOVES The individual.

God knows our hearts and how we treat our fellow man each and every day. Observe your world and see how it is, whether the individual is of black, white, or green, how do you treat them, how do they treat you, that is the measure.

Anonymous said...

Their perspective can be summarized in a gloss on the familiar nursery rhyme: The State and its goons may break our bones, but "bigoted" words alone can hurt us. That's a peculiar kind of “libertarianism,” but it's one that's perfectly harmless to the Imperial State – which is why, in the final analysis, those who subscribe to it are so welcome and comfortable in the Imperial Capital.,2933,323115,00.html
Police Use Pepper Spray On Fans At Australian Open After Racial Slur Allegations

Jim Wetzel said...

" ... I couldn't correct the record by pointing out that I'm actually a f*****g sp*c. It's a small matter, of course, but certainly large enough to fill to capacity the minuscule brain of someone who'd make a phone call of that kind."

Thank you, Mr. Grigg, for a much-needed laugh this morning (although I could have done without spitting Diet Pepsi all over my keyboard).

I, by the way, am a f*****g h*nky, more or less. (Just to get the ethnic-identity thing out of the way.)

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid during the 50's and 60's, I would become extremely angry at my extended family's use of the "N" or "S" word. The use of such words would increase with court-ordered busing, affirmative action legislation and the like. Sometimes they would say things just to get my goat.

The thing is, what I observed them do was, in my opinion, more indicative of what was in their hearts. They were always the first out the door with food, clothing, money, rides, jobs etc. to help their neighbors--regardless of the color of those neighbors. My parents and aunts and uncles always made sure that the Hispanic kids in our schools had lunches (before the lunch program). They also invited every kid in my classes to my birthday parties--regardless of color.

Their "bigotry" was all in their mouths. I don't even think it was really in their minds.

Anonymous said...

The race problem is perpetuated by the welfare state, pitting races against each other.

As for private property, there is no such thing in America. Don't pay your property taxes and see who owns your property. We are in the Italian fascist state in that the state owns the property and the people are to believe they own it. In that way, the property is taken care of for the next "renter". Until we are able to own things in allodial title, we will continue to be serfs, beholden to the real owners-the state. That is why the owners are able to tell you who you must allow into your establishment, etc.

Ron Paul 2008!
Louis Anderson

Ted said...

Very interesting read. I will be back to read more.
Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4387

Joseph said...

Another great article; keep up the good work.

Charles Byrd said...

Yes, indeed Ron Paul has franchised his name to people whose agendas are contrary to his. Now genuine Ron Paul supporters are going to have to work harder to get Ron Paul the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Jerri Lynn, action betrays the heart. Speech is mere window dressing. If empty words of support don't put food on the table, neither do slang terms take it off.

Anonymous said...

1)Neo-conservatism/Weekly Standard
2)Neo-liberalism/New Republic

And there you have it.
All three "neoisms" dressed up as our finely arrayed, acceptable mainstream political "movements" of
soulless claques and their flagship rags tethered to the Beltway Establishment coterie. Could these Washington DC
Gatekeeper "movements" prove to be
any more venal and insidious to America's political psyche?

It's time for Dr. No to answer this house call, cuz I think that town needs an enema!

Ron Paul 2008/2012! (Why not?)
R. Wiesinger

prairiesurfer said...

Thank you Mr Grigg for the clarification of your heritage, as if it has any effect on the writings flowing from your pen...(coming from a cracka, btw)

I don't believe that anyone who has accepted Christ can truly, honestly, be bigoted. If they are, they need to take a closer look at their faith and Jesus' message.

When I started to read the blogging coming from supposedly "libertarian" writers, I was amazed at how quickly they could write large amounts of smear, and in effect disown the man they had "supported" for a long time, based on comments and insinuations with little or no fact. I was thinking that these brats had the intestinal fortitude of Mitt Romney, maybe less, jumping ship or changing tack at the smallest sign of rough water.

As "anonymous" above pointed out...
Neo-conservatism/Weekly Standard
Neo-liberalism/New Republic

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grigg. I really like what I've read of your blogging. I didn't quite understand what you were getting at when you said the following regarding RP:

"his failure to burn incense to the State's official deities (such as Lincoln and Martin Luther King) and his willingness to associate with people who say and write things that violate the canons of political correctness."

William N. Grigg said...

Anonymous -- thanks for your kind words, and please forgive my failure to communicate clearly.

Under the rules of political correctness, to which Beltway "libertarians" adhere with slavish devotion, one can be critical of anybody other than Lincoln and King.

Ron Paul and his associates who ghost-wrote some essays in his newsletter unabashedly scorn Lincoln and his legacy, and are -- at best -- ambivalent about King. They also don't conform to the PC stylebook regarding matters like homosexuality/AIDS. These stylistic offenses and crimes of opinion matter much more to the Beltway "libertarian" crowd than Paul's decades-long career devoted to reducing the power of the State.

I was trying, unsuccessfully, to encapsulate that message in the lines you quoted. I'm sorry to have left you puzzled, and since it's the writer's responsibility to be clear in his expression this was entirely my fault.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grigg:

I have no idea whether or not you concern yourself much with Latino/Hispanic affairs being of mut origin as myself, but I'm curious as to what you think about Hillary and her connections to Raul Yzaguirre. Here is an exerpt from the Judicial Watch web site that talks about this:

Do you know much about National Council of La Raza and their possible connections to movements like "reconquista?"

You can email me at




Anonymous said...

Brilliantly thought out and as always , well written.

Peace on Earth

Goodwill to Men

Power of Love

Forgiveness of Sin

Lots of turgid prose and less than accurate representations of ancient history can be found in the Bible as well. Often times the message gets lost in the dissection of the unimportant Biblical passages.

These 12 word are Jesus gift to men. They are worth studying. All of the misery and suffering of mankind on this Earth can be traced to the negation of some or all of these twelve words.

The Bible was transcribed by fallible, and mortal human beings. Linguistic analysis has demonstrated that it had many authors at many different points in time. However these words will be valid as long as men draw breath and seek his Grace to facilitate an honorable passage through this life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Grigg,

I looked you up on Wikipedia and immediately knew that you were all right. Anyone with the handles 'Blarney con Carne' and 'Cuchulain Cuauhtemoc' is someone who is aware of their heritage and able to laugh at themselves. As we say in the Irish, Go Maith Thu !

Slan, David Burke

Anonymous said...

I think your demolition of the Paul-haters was superior to Justin Raimondo's. When Raimondo gets too worked up he tends to lose his sense of humor

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article. I am building a collection of various writings to help educate my son (now 4) about decency and adulthood (covering morality, ethics, society, politics, economics, etc.)

This article is going in the folder.

George Gaskell

Anonymous said...

To touch on the issue of race/nationality, I think the Bush regime has proven that the color of one's skin or their ancestral heritage has nothing to do with political opinion or thought. Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice are among the best liars that a government has ever produced. John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales are among the best twisters of law that any person of any color has ever been. These people are a testament to the idea that it's not your skin color/heritage, but your ideas that really count. Thank you Mr. Grigg for having and promoting ideas of liberty and freedom---people like you and those who read you have a commonality that transcends the accidents of birth.

Anonymous said...

Good points about the neocons. Too bad though that you are lying, and you know Whites will fall for it, naive as we are; you paint this picture of a deranged Nazi drunk (learning from Hollywood, good boy), and claim that you don't care about race. It is all "melanine." Right. Non-Whites care about their own, the honest ones admit it, and they know perfectly well that the differences between the races are not simply "skin deep," no matter that the research into racial differences has been banned from the schools. You write this kind of lie to protect your own, of course. Enough Whites need to be kept in a state of confusion long enough for Whites to become a minority in the U.S., in Canada, Australia, and European countries. That is the goal, then your kind will be on the safe side, in parasitizing on the wealth of White nations and having access to White women, by the "you're not racist are you?" line or by force. The libertarian camp, the socialist camp, the neocon camp - wherever the non-Whites goes, he will bring this foremost goal. Work it in to every debate. Too bad you are still losing. Whites are getting tired of being robbed and spat at, and when the globalist recession hits for real, and millions of Whites lose their jobs, they will finally dare stand up against your invasion. You write on a computer invented by Whites, you live in a house built by White-invented architecture, you drive a car invented by Whites, even your light bulbs are a White invention. I understand, you hate us for being better than your race, even while you always try to keep near us, like the other non-Whites. Enjoy it while you can. Payback will be a bitch.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as race. It is entirely a political fiction similar to the two party system. When the news gets out, all manner of well-spoken, well-educated intellectual morons are going to be engaging in strenuous and comical rhetorical back-peddling about "perceptions" trumping "reality". I look forward to it all.

Lester Hunt said...

Thank you, Mr. Grigg. There's much refreshing good sense here.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

This is for the poster who accused Grigg of lying: why are you reading lies? Go away and read something else. To Mr Griggs: I thank you and believe you. Keep up the good work.

Doc Ellis 124

William N. Grigg said...

Doc Ellis -- thanks so much for your kind words. And allow me to say that I was a big fan back in the early 1970s when you used to bring the starboard-side heat for the Pittsburgh Pirates. ;-)

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Dear Mr Grigg:

Thank you for the kind words. They really should go to him.
I earned my name because I exhibited a propensity toward utilising polysylobic vebalisations when I was working as a freight company dockworker in 1979. The 124 part of my tag is my initiation number at the CSUN chapter of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. I hope this helps.

William N. Grigg said...

Doc -- It sounds to me like you were a veritable Eric Hoffer, a blue-collar scholar and philosopher. A man of that kind is worth his weight in palladium.

As for Dock Ellis -- he was a very good pitcher, but not the best on that staff. He claims to have pitched a no-hitter while on LSD, which is both dubious and disturbing. He was a teammate of the late, much lamented Roberto Clemente, one of the purest baseball talents who ever lived and a REAL man who died trying to relieve the misery of Nicaraguan earthquake victims.

Thanks for indulging my bad pun, and pointless little excursion into nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Grigg,

A wonderful essay! Bravissimo! I am even more impressed by your printing the rant above by that unfortunate latter-day Nazi, Victor. Many people talk a good talk about freedom of speech, but you walk the walk - even though you have control over what gets into this blog, you printed that man's incoherent and venomous attack on you. Bravo again.

What is so sad about people like him is that he knows he is angry, but is too lacking in education or native wit to understand why - to see that he is being used, screwed and royally f****d by the people feeding him that racist garbage. I mean, it is so pathetically dumb, it is hardly even truly offensive, which I am sure was his intention.

Eric Hoffer described that sad person's siutation best. (I paraphrase since I can't remember word for word, but it is in "The Ordeal of Change".) He wrote: "If we cannot have what we really crave and want, we settle for substitutes. Money is a substitute for love, pride is a substitute for self-respect, and blind belief is a substitute for reason. But no amount of the substitute is sufficient to satisfy us - we can never have enough of that which we do not really want."

Then we become emotionally impoverished people like Victor. His racism is probably, I would hazard a guess, a substitute for self-respect and a cry for the affection he probably never got from his father. Sad.

To return to Ron Paul: There is indeed a class of people exploiting us, and squeezing enormous sums of money out of us - trillions of dollars. For that kind of money, those people would sell their own mothers. They own the so-called mainstream media, both political parties, and the mega-corporations (many of which have revenues greater than the GNP of scores of poorer countries.)

Don't call them Nazis. The Nazis were angels by comparison. The money men financed the Nazis, and also financed the Bolsheviks, and financed the British Empire, and the United States too. They always finance both sides in every war. No sooner does one war end than another starts. Read history. War, death and oceans of blood are their food, their stock-in-trade, their triumph and their glory. No human endeavor is more profitable than war. Was so then, is so now, and always will be so.

Naturally the money people are attacking Ron Paul. He is getting too popular. They cannot risk his getting ahead, because he cannot be bought, unlike the Clintons (both of them), Obama (who is starting to understand the game) and all the rest, except Kucinich.

Wait and see. The next President has already been chosen for us, and has probably been interviewed for the job and told what he or she will have to do for the money people, who are going to get him or her "elected." Ask yourself who is in favor of endless war and you will see who is in the money game and who is not.

Any one not under control who gets too popular will have some long-forgotten scandal trumpeted all over the media - their mother caught them masturbating in the shower when they were twelve - or something will be fabricated out of whole cloth, like McCain's fathering a black bastard in 2000 or Kerry shooting a Vietnamese child in the back, or Max Cleland "faking losing 3 of his 4 limbs" in combat in Vietnam. Whatever it takes.

We will never be able to win against such immense power. This country is too large to get any message out, unless the MSM owners endorse it. Ron Paul will not be the next President, because he refuses to play ball.

But let us all be of good cheer, God will not be mocked. Those money powers have killed the golden geese - us workers - who laid their golden eggs for them, and it is too late now to do anything about it, and all of us are going to face an economic catastrophe of millenial proportions very soon. The money men will suffer too. Their billion dollars will be reduced to 50 million, and they will suffer mentally just as much or more than you and I, even if they may not be eating leaves off the trees like us. And we will be richer, because we will still have the love of our families to sustain us, while those people will have watched 95% of their poor substitute for love drain away through their fingers.

May God and us folks of good will bless Ron Paul. He is a good man. Even if he is being cursed and slandered by the powers of evil. And even if he did masturbate in the shower as a boy. (Who didn't?)

Kind regards,
Chris Taylor
Arlington, VA

Chesley said...

I spent some time in Brazil and observed a couple of things there- people were open about feelings of differences of race, and it went both ways. I wasn't aware of a lot of affirmative action legislation or political correctness on this subject, and it wouldn't have done much good anyway- indigenous, European and African descendants had so thoroughly mixed that 90% of the people I met were a mix of the three.

Interestingly enough, the government of Brasil HAS intervened heavily in the economic sphere. The result is clear and unmistakable. The class distinctions and utter disdain for those in different economic classes was venomous and defined a major part of the Brazilian culture.

You can always count on government intervention to take a problem and make it infinitely worse.

Anonymous said...

American interventionists have brought the divisive tools of the left, e.g. Affirmative Action, to Brasil. This is a tragedy. Brasilians while having some of the attitudes of race that one can see in any part of the world, were at least not in the ethnic identity mode of politics. What Brasil will now end up being with US style leftist agenda will surely be worse than it is currently. Already the division in students over admissions to college with AA is starting the rot.

Whatever happened to merit? Now it is more important than ever that the principles of the republic here in America be adhered to and I would add that the Brasilian people would also benefit greatly from doing so also.

Anonymous said...

You say Paul's mistake was licensing his name out. That newsletter was produced in Paul's office. His wife and daughter were on the staff. It was printed by Paul's campaign manager. And don't you actually write for the guy who wrote those articles? Lew Rockwell!