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Welcome to Deming, New Mexico -- Where Police Rape is a Matter of "Protocol"

(Updated below)

David Eckert was stopped by police in Deming, New Mexico without cause, subjected to an illegal search of his vehicle and person, and eventually forced to undergo what amounts to object rape in the form of multiple rectal probes, forced enemas, and a colonoscopy. 

The purported reason for this treatment was suspicion of narcotics possession. A more credible explanation is that the police wanted to punish Eckert for politely asserting his rights during an encounter a few weeks earlier.
There is something at once infuriating and appropriate about the treatment inflicted on Eckert: If the beast called the Homeland Security State has a cloacal tract, is aperture might very well be located in Deming, New Mexico. The uniformed degenerates who kidnaped Eckert and subjected him to Gitmo-trade torture claimed to be working with a federally supervised narcotics task force. This part of their story is entirely plausible, given the extravagant and impenitent corruption that typifies federal counter-narcotics operations in the New Mexico border region. 

On September 6, 2012, Eckert was stopped a few blocks from his home in Lordsburg by Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Rodriguez, who claimed to have noticed a cracked windshield on Eckert’s car. When Rodriguez noticed that Eckert appeared nervous, he ordered the man out of his car. The deputy wrote a warning citation and then told Eckert he was free to leave. As Eckert turned to leave, the deputy – employing a tiresome and familiar tactic – continued to question him. 

Eckert politely asked if he was free to leave, as he had been told. Feigning offense, the deputy claimed that this was “rude” and said that he suspected Eckert had narcotics in his vehicle. Eckert said that he wasn’t interested in speaking with the deputy, and once again tried to leave. The deputy then seized the vehicle without probable cause and called Deputy Patrick Green, who deployed a drug-sniffing dog. The canine – as he was trained and expected to – “alerted” to the supposed presence of narcotics in the vehicle. A thorough search the following day failed to find any drug-related evidence. 

However, to paraphrase the warning given to Dr. Zhivago by a Soviet Commissar, Eckert’s attitude had been noticed.

On January 2, as he was leaving the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Deming, Eckert was stopped by Officer Robert Chavez for supposedly failing to come to a complete stop. Chavez did not witness the alleged infraction; he claimed to be acting on a report from a fellow Deming PD denizen named Bobby Orosco. Chavez ordered Eckert from the car and subjected him to a physical pat-down without probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

The assailant found Eckert’s reaction to this criminal violation of his person to be suspicious: He claimed that the victim’s posture was “erect and he kept his legs together.”
Eckert's attorney, Shannon Kennedy, describes his ordeal.
After several other officers arrived – in response, once again, to an alleged traffic violation – Chavez wrote an extortion note (typically referred to as a “traffic citation”) and the victim was told he was free to leave. This was a reprise of the tactic used in the previous traffic stop: Chavez continued to pester Eckert, who continued to assert his right to leave unmolested.

Chavez is a police officer, which means he is trained to lie, given social permission to lie, and will lie whenever it suits him. In his report he stated that Eckert gave consent for a search of his vehicle, which was untrue. While a drug-sniffing dog pawed through his car, Eckert was surrounded by police officers, two of whom – Hidalgo County Deputies David Arrendondo and Patrick Green – were acting as members of the Border Drug Task Force. 

Arrendondo told Officer Chavez that Eckert was “known in Hidalgo County to insert drugs into his anal cavity.” On the basis of what was either unsubstantiated gossip or a lie invented on the scene, Eckert was abducted and taken to the police station. When he demanded the right to make a phone call, Eckert was told he was not under arrest. His car was seized and searched – and, once again, no narcotics evidence was found.

A few hours after Eckert was seized by the Deming Police, Luna County Deputy District Attorney Daniel Dougherty obtained a warrant permitting officers to conduct a body cavity search. That warrant was valid only for the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 PM on January 2nd

When Eckert’s abductors took him to a local emergency room, the attending physician, identified in Eckert’s lawsuit only as “Dr. Ash,” politely but firmly told the officers that what they were demanding was illegal and unethical. The kidnapers shrugged and, with the consent of prosecutor Dougherty, drove the victim to another hospital in a different jurisdiction – Gila Regional Medical Center in Grant County.

Over the next 24 hours, Eckert endured an abdominal X-ray, multiple digital rectal inspections, three enemas, and a colonoscopy. None of these assaults on Eckert’s bodily integrity yielded drug-related evidence of any kind – and if they had, that evidence almost certainly would have been inadmissible. Procuring evidence wasn’t the point of this exercise; the primary objective was to punish an impudent Mundane.

All of those procedures took place outside the jurisdiction specified in the warrant; all but the abdominal X-ray were entirely unauthorized and took place after the time limit imposed in the warrant. More importantly, none of this was valid or licit in any sense: As Dr. Ash pointed out, subjecting an unwilling “patient” to invasive procedures was illegal and unethical. 

Like their colleagues in the CIA – who enlisted physicians to collaborate in abuse of detainees at Gitmo -- the officers in the Border Drug Task Force were able to suborn doctors into violating the law and their Hippocratic obligations in order to torture an innocent man.  
On his way home from the hospital, Eckert had to endure the contemptuous mockery of his captors. The abuse has continued in the intervening months, as the hospital administrators have demanded that the victim pay for the privilege of being tortured on the orders of the police. 
All a matter of "protocol": Chief Gigante defends object rape.
“We follow the law in every aspect and we follow policies and protocols that we have in place,” recited Deming Police Commissar Brandon Gigante when he was asked by a local television reporter about the sexual torture committed by his officers against David Eckert. Indeed, judicially authorized object rape has become a familiar weapon in the Homeland Security State’s arsenal

What prompted police in the New Mexico border area to focus their sadistic attention on David Eckert? The irrepressible desire to punish a Mundane for “contempt of cop” plays a significant role in this abhorrent episode, to be sure. However, the lengths to which Eckert’s tormentors went to invent a rationale for a drug investigation reflect the fact that drug prohibition is a hugely lucrative racket for the corrupt functionaries who afflict New Mexico’s border region.

Deming, a city of about 14,000 people, hosts the headquarters of the New Mexico branch of the Homeland Security Investigations agency, which works hand-in-mailed fist with the New Mexico Border Operations High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force (HIDTA). The HIDTA receives at least $8,000,000 a year in federal funding to conduct “counter-narcotics” operations. Many of those initiatives involve “controlled buys” and other sting operations – and nothing it does will abate drug trafficking in any way.

Like other federal entities of its kind, the HIDTA is a public works project for profligate sociopaths. Christopher DeSantis, who was employed as an agent of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent in Deming from 2001-2007, has described to Narco News how fellow agents in the HIDTA routinely divert tax funds and asset proceeds into “training” junkets to bars and strip clubs in Vegas, or to obtain unauthorized perks and personal benefits.

 “They didn’t give a sh*t,” DeSantis recalls. “They just wanted to use up the money because the fiscal year was ending.”

An internal audit conducted by the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that HIDTA funds were improperly used, and that official records were altered “to disguise how the funds were ultimately used.”

Arguably the most serious finding in that audit was that “Confidential informants were improperly paid multiple times for the same information, service, or evidence by using alternate funding sources.”
Utah police supervise a forced catheterization.
According to DeSantis, “it was common practice for the task force leadership to double count drug seizures,” reports the Narco News. One of the ways it padded its statistics was to use a specific informant – identified as “SA-163” – to make controlled heroin buys each week, “like clockwork.”

“We would meet someone who was bringing the drugs across the border, and we made the purchases in a parking lot or hotel,” DeSantis attests. “Most of the time, we were just buying the drugs, and every once in a while, we would arrest a [low-level] mule.”

Informant SA-163, as it turned out, “was getting paid by law enforcement and getting street value for his drugs with no risk,” continues DeSantis. The drug dealer enjoyed protected profits, in addition to pay-offs drawn from multiple federal funding sources. His collaborators in the HIDTA were inflating their statistics and building career security – and embezzling federal funds to pay for drinking binges at “training” seminars.

DeSantis blew the whistle, and was promptly fired. The HIDTA continues to be a subsidized blight on New Mexico’s border region, where it helps cultivate a law enforcement culture in which sexual torture of an innocent man is regarded as an appropriate “protocol.” 


KOB News has identified a second victim of Deming's Anal Probe Patrol. A man named Timothy Young was stopped for allegedly making a turn without signalling, and was forced to undergo the same routine that Eckert experienced: He was abducted by deputies and taken to Gila Regional Medical Center for abdominal X-rays and a rectal exam. As in Eckert's case, this was done without the victim's consent, and outside of the jurisdiction covered in the search warrant.

Leo, the "K-9 Officer" used in both cases, is not certified as a drug detection dog. The certification expired in 2011, and has not been renewed. Shannon Kennedy, the attorney representing Eckert, reports that there is evidence that Leon "has had false alerts in the past." 

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Mark E. Moore said...

Query: How would Robert Welch, the brilliant founder of the John Birch Society and a “Support Your Local Police” ideologue, react to the police brutality visited upon David Eckert?

Fred said...

I read a brief account of this story elsewhere a few days ago. I am appalled at the amount of utter depravity that these psychopathic cops exhibit. Of course, knowing that there will be little to no recourse against them for their actions, gives them license to act so. Actions of LEOs like these paint good cops with the same bad brush, causing people to generally not trust cops at all. It is a wonder that people like David Eckert, in their anger do not take up arms against these oppressors.

William N. Grigg said...

Were he to pay a brief visit today, Robert Welch would have a difficult time recognizing what the organization he founded had become. I'm confident that he would recognize today's police state -- which operates through a network of geographically local affiliates of a centralized, militarized "homeland security" apparatus -- as the realization of his darkest fears. This is why he would disown the JBS's "Support Your Local Police" campaign, which in recent years has called for unstinting, uncritical support of federalized "local" law enforcement.

In his essay "The John Birch Resolutions," Mr. Welch wrote that "the torture of any human being for any reason -as is now so widely practiced by the beasts who call themselves Communists - is morally far worse than even cold-blooded murder." Whatever else one thinks of Robert Welch and his opinions, he was in the habit of assessing people by what they did (as he perceived it, in any case), rather than how they identified themselves. So I suspect he would say that the cretinous thugs who tortured Eckert were behaving like Communists -- something the current JBS "leadership" would never admit.

MoT said...

I read only the top most of the narrative, in the legal document filed, and the blow by disgusting blow these cretins did to this man is simply mind boggling. You think you've hardened yourself enough after years of these abuses and yet here again is another example that goes over the top. I can only imagine some statist goon, or fellow boot-licking stooge, will rise up and clamor about "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" or some such rot gut excuses.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Looks like there was another victim:

Kent McManigal said...

"Deming, a city of about 14,000 people, hosts the headquarters of the New Mexico branch of the Homeland Security Investigations agency, which works d*ck-in-diseased c*nt with the New Mexico Border Operations High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force (HIDTA)."

There, I fixed it for you. Sorry, I know you are too polite for such harsh truths and I hope it doesn't offend you, since this blog is your property, but I feel it needs to be pointed out.

And people have the gall to ask why I don't like cops.

gmo2ashes said...

Excellent article (although depressing) and top-notch reporting by Mr. Grigg. I had read some snippets about this story elsewhere on the Web - leaving so many questions unanswered. Mr. Grigg did not disappoint; his clear, succinct and well-researched material strikes at the root of the problem, and as I suspected, reveals unconstitutional judges and an out of control, corrupt federal government in collusion with local law enforcement. Factor in civil asset forfeiture and you suddenly realize that you no longer live in the nation once known as America.

Anonymous said...

And the unwritten end to the horror story...Officer Chavez then went home and jerked off.. I am more convinced than ever that most cops are closeted dom/bi./gays. They are truly a twisted subset of the human population

Anonymous said...

Why are these oinkers still alive? If this had happened to me, they would be finding fresh bacon all over the streets.

Daruka said...

I think Deming NM will no longer exist soon as the courts sue them for MILLIONS.

Good riddance,

Daruka said...

There is a way to put a stop to this,

Just get a fund and pay a PRO to take out the PIGS kneecaps from a 1000 yds, when he leaves his house to go to work,

Anonymous said...

I have to say...as non-violent as I am...and I endorse the use of the "Courts" to seek compensation .... If that didn't work out... ...everyone of the Cops involved in that City's Department would be having dinner with me at some point in time over the next couple of weeks/months/years...

It would not be a pleasant experience...but I would insure they were not killed...

Given the PO's involvement...and the illegality of the situation ...I'd say maiming them beyond the ability to do anything but grunt, piss and crap would be the way to go...

IF... "the law" is dead & done.. then all of society is done and these creatures would deserve anything they got..any kind of crippling act that made them sit in a chair for the next forty years crapping all over themselves ...perhaps that will be enough time to reflect on what they have been doing to the "law"...and other innocent people..


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

Chris Ferrell said...

And of course, the demon behind this torture is Federal money, Federal programs and Federal supervision.

Local police forces no longer serve their communities. The cops understand that their authority derives from the DHS, not from the citizens of the community that they prey upon.


Keith said...


Thanks for another excellent piece.

Apparently there are prohibitions against medical practitioners complicity in torture, both internationally, from bad jokes such as the UN, and, more effectively by medical associations.

I use the word "torture" - as that is what occurred.

Perhaps some of your readership would like to publicly alert the various medical associations to the participation of certain of their individual members in torture, and to recommend that they either take appropriate steps to expel the participants, or face public exposure for their own complicity.

I tried a quick web search for some of the background to the prohibitions and found this:

"The prohibition on torture, including complicity in torture, was explicitly extended to medical professionals. For example, Article 3 of UN Resolution 37 states:

It is a gross contravention of medical ethics, as well as an offence under applicable international instruments, for health personnel, particularly physicians, to engage, actively or passively, in acts which constitute participation in, complicity in, incitement to or attempts to commit torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.[12]

Medical participation in torture is similarly condemned by all professional codes of ethics, including the World Medical Association's Tokyo and Malta declarations, the American Medical Association's Resolution 10, the American College of Physicians' conclusions and recommendations, a joint position statement from U.S. psychiatry and psychology associations, and the World Psychiatry Association's Madrid Declaration.


Anonymous said...

If, as the article states the aperture of the Homeland Security State is Deming, NM, then Deming must be destroyed !

ck said...

35 years ago during my first visit to the USA i was pleasantly surprised with the behavior of the police at a minor speeding incident.
Last month, during a recent and probably my last visit to the US, i noticed that everybody, including myself was treated like a potential criminal or terrorist by the police.
The transformation of US into a police and authoritarian state is a real tragedy, not only for US citizens but for all freedom loving people around the world

Anonymous said...

When this story first broke and became the story of the day on the internet and pretty much every talk radio show, I expected to see a story about it last night on the nightly network news.

My expectations proved to be too high....

Just one of the many reasons this sort of thing continues to happen.

Daruka said...

LUckily I escaped the USA in 1989 to take high paying overseas job.

Have never been back to live or work since.

I wouldn't move back there for a million bucks.

Anonymous said...


Mister Spock said...

Fred: "Actions of LEOs like these paint good cops with the same bad brush"

There are no good cops. "Good" cops would not put up with this. "Good" cops would weed out the "bad" ones. There are only nice cops. There are no good ones.

Unknown said...

This is Janet Napolitano country. Arizona and New Mexico. Geronimo's revenge. All redneck bigotted fools who dislike Native Americans will become obsessed with other peoples' rectums and be jealous of their genitals until they are cast from society as been overdue for over a thousand years. Since the police agencies and DHS/TSA refuse to arrest the domestic 9-11 perps, HAARP weather attackers and the weather futures market looters and the Rothschild carpetbaggers plaguing the U.S. YET AGAIN, we must assume the TSA/DHS police Rectal Liberation Front is in it for the molestation.

aferrismoon said...

A report on both Eckhart and Young.


I guess the name of the dog is short for Law Enforcement Officer


Richard Perkins said...

Tell them how this story makes you feel... local news media and law enforcement are following events here:

Search Facebook for "Gila Regional Protest" and show your support.

Many local residents are concerned and organizing a peaceful picket line to express their disapproval of these outrageous actions.

mark edward marchiafava said...

Not threatening anyone, don't even go there, but I'd dare say it's only a matter of time till the citizenry push back. Hard.

Keith said...

that is the big question;

how do we peacefully move from the current abusive monopoly, to a free and consensual market for defense and dispute resolution services?

a violent pushback cannot result in a free market

bad means do not lead to good ends.

Burl said...

AWESOME report as always Mr. Grigg. I will recite your article on my debut radio show today. Please contact me if you have any objections. tgrlil@live.com.

Thank you for your service to HUMANITY!

Lily Gonzalez, aka "TigerLily"

Anonymous said...

why don't someone or some people, grab these guys as they head out their door,at night, and beat the fuck out of them, and stick their nightsticks up their asses.

Anonymous said...

Let us fist realize that unlilke some rape cases, where there may be a question of doubt, there is no question regarding the rape of David Eckert. It is an indisputable & proven fact, documented by multiple sources. That being the case, If were ever on a jury, where a defendant/victim like David Eckert or Timothy Young (another victim of police rape) sought (& gained) "satisfaction" from his rapists/attackers, I would automatically find him "not guilty".

Anonymous said...

mark edward marchiafava
Push back? Yeah. With a SMK175.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!