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"Ominous Threats" and Murderous Zeal

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“There are, in increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat," warns an unusually strident house editorial by the Los Angeles Times. "They are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred, often motivated by religious zeal.”

That description was not applied to the masked, armor-clad Berserkers who kick down doors in the early morning or late at night and terrorize families over non-violent "offenses." Nor was it offered in reference to the militants who have purchased more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition -- much of it hollow-point rounds unsuitable for military use -- while distributing armored vehicles and other military hardware to their adherents in practically every city nation-wide. The Times didn't direct that rhetorical salvo at the people who are openly discussing plans to fill America's skies with robot planes that can -- and will -- be used as weapons platforms.

The Times editorial collective focused its indignation upon a much safer target -- namely,  “white, right-wing Americans, all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.” 

This steroid-enhanced militant doesn't bother the SPLC.
 The statist screed makes passing reference to what it calls “the massacre of a bizarre sect by federal agents in Waco, Texas,” twenty years ago – without passing moral judgment on the “massacre” in question. 

Slaughtering religious eccentrics is a venial offense compared to the grave heresy committed by those who speak ill of the Holy State, since their "blather" -- not the murderous actions of those who impudently presume to rule us, mind you -- "tends to get under the skin of the Timothy McVeighs of the world."

Once again: Immolating harmless people in a church is a perfectly proper thing, assuming that this act of mass murder is carried out by the consecrated hands of the State's enforcement caste, but referring to it as mass murder is the sort of thing only an incipient terrorist would do.

In recent days, we've heard that the Obama Regime -- which is running out of plausible foreign enemies -- is seeking to broaden the scope of the "war on terror" to include "offshoot" groups that are connected only by rumor to al-Qaeda (which was always more of a brand name than an actual organization). Terror Warriors need not fret; ere long we'll harvest the nettles that have been so plentifully sown by the Regime's implacable aggression abroad. In the meantime, however, the Times suggests that the "war on terror" should re-direct its focus inward.
These "angry men" armed for combat are cool with the SPLC.

Citing the most recent missive from the self-appointed Stasi at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Times claims that there are 1,360 proto-terrorist groups -- sneeringly denounced as "patriots," "constitutionalists," and "sovereign citizens" -- scattered throughout the Soyuz. "These groups should be closely monitored, with resources adequate to the task, even if it means shifting some homeland security money from the hunt for foreign terrorists," concludes the paper.

Reconfiguring the "war on terror" from an imperialist venture into a domestic purge was the central idea of a letter sent by the SPLC to the Department of Homeland Security.

 “On October 25, 1994, six months before the Oklahoma City bombing, we wrote Attorney General Janet Reno about the growing threat of domestic terrorism,” wrote SPLC President Richard Cohen to Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. “Today, we write to express similar concerns. In the last four years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of conspiracy-minded, antigovernment groups as well as in the number of domestic terrorist plots. As in the period before the Oklahoma City bombing, we now also are seeing ominous threats from those who believe that the government is poised to take their guns.” 

Mr. Holder recently claimed that it is illegal for Congress to forbid the President to order summary executions. Thus it's remarkable that Cohen would discern "ominous threats" in the rhetorical bluster of an inchoate movement, but nothing objectionable about the fact that the Obama administration routinely carries out extra-judicial killings abroad -- and will not rule out the possibility of doing so here at home, as well. 

"Nothing to see here!" insists the SPLC.
Where the depiction of "threats" is concerned, the SPLC is notorious for rendering models of T-Rex-scale monsters from small and undistinguished bone fragments -- witness the fact that one of the "militant" groups listed in its most recent index of domestic enemies is an anti-war knitting circle led by an ailing senior citizen.  

“The idea of fighting the federal government with an AR-15 … I know that is an idea a lot of people have – if they ever look, as I have, at what the federal defense budget is, I think they would disabuse themselves of that notion right away.”

Allusively, but unmistakably, Rep. Slaughter was referring to the prospect of making war against the people of the united States -- which, as it happens, meets the specific constitutional definition of "treason." Only those who have lost interest in living, or who have acquired an interest in auto-erotic asphyxiation, would hold their breath awaiting SPLC's condemnation of the vulgar threat that emerged from the tax-devouring gullet of the appropriately named Rep. Slaughter. 

Echoing the central theme of Cohen's letter to the Feds, SPLC spokesman Mark Potok, “We are in a scary moment. It is very much reminiscent, at least to me, of the months leading up to the Oklahoma City Bombing.” This is indeed quite ominous -- not because the SPLC has correctly gauged the public mood, mind you, but because the group was deeply involved in the Fed's PATCON false flag operation that precipitated the OKC bombing. The FBI spent the last decade running COINTELPRO-style provocation operations against American Muslims. There's every reason to suspect that they're busy seeding informants and provocateurs in every cohesive group of right-wing dissidents they can find.

The SPLC-derived Los Angeles Times editorial -- which could be digested into the phrase, "The conspiracy theorists are plotting against us!" -- brings to mind an incident in the early 1980s in which East German officials arrested a group of human rights activists for "defaming" the state by claiming that it suppressed freedom of speech. As Tony Cooper, an instructor in terrorism negotiation at the University of Texas-Dallas, pointed out in 1995, the Regime in Washington is perfectly capable of such totalitarian behavior.

"I see the formation of a curious crusading mentality among certain law enforcement agencies to stamp out what they see as a threat to government generally," Cooper told the Washington Post in 1995. "It's an exaggerated concern that they are facing a nationwide conspiracy and that somehow this will get out of control unless it is stamped out at a very early stage."

Never forget: A "conspiracy theorist" is someone who notices things without official permission -- and a "terrorist" is anybody who challenges the government's monopoly on violence.

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Anonymous said...

top shelf...



a "constitutional scholar" or how the world turned upside down

kirk said...

It doesn't take a similar feat of ideological imagination to see something of an "ominous threat" in the following remarks from Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, a devoted opponent of civilian gun ownership, in an interview on Al Gore's cable network:

“The idea of fighting the federal government with an AR-15 … I know that is an idea a lot of people have – if they ever look, as I have, at what the federal defense budget is, I think they would disabuse themselves of that notion right away.”

I wonder if this ignoramus ever heard of Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan?

Didn't determined people in these places, many armed with decades old weapons, beat and/or fight to a standstill the mighty u. s. military?

I suppose the ignoramus quoted above thinks that 'what you don't know won't hurt you', as well.

With 'leaders' like these we need look no further as to the cause of our national degradation.

willb said...

I wept that day when the fires were set in Waco, Texas.
Not just for the women and children who were burned alive
but also for myself and every other decent Texan.

Any notion of community or solidarity as a Texan went up
in smoke as I watched the feds molest and murder with
impunity in my beloved Texas, and those in Austin did
not so much as lift a finger to prevent what we all saw coming.

I have never been so ashamed in my life. On that day,
April 19, 1993, I realized that I was standing completely alone;
that everything I was taught about America was absolute bullshit.

Fuck the Alamo, remember Waco . . .

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

An excellent article (and an excellent comment by willb, above).

There's a palpable sense of impending violent conflict between We The People (discounting the socialized maroons of the welfare state) and the illegal, immoral BEAST that is pretending to represent "the supreme law of the land".

Unfortunately, The Bible tells us that we'll go through hell before we get to Heaven. (And Steve Miller tells us that too.)

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Bob said...

Par for the course, Will. Another outstanding post!

liberranter said...

willb wrote:

Fuck the Alamo, remember Waco . .

BEAUTIFUL! I hope you've uttered that to your fellow Texans. If so, what kind of reaction have you gotten?

willb said...


I do utter those words to fellow Texans and the reaction is as you
can imagine: incredulity. Dishonoring the Alamo angers any Texan
and for good reasons, but now that you have their attention and
indignation, you can segue to the real issue of Waco. Most will
take a moment of pause and understand, but majority of those will
then attempt to defend the outcome with state propaganda. I have
learned not to argue the details but to stand mute once the arg
goes in that direction but simply leave it to them to ponder their
own argument that attempts to justify murdering defenseless women
and children. Some say it was an accident but that is baloney.

There is a video clip of Waco that is seldom seen and I have only
seen it twice (it was actually shown on television here in Houston
just after the debacle) and I cannot now find it.
In the clip, the building
is on fire and a young woman (20's) runs out of the front door
with a look of horror on her face but she only gets about 30-50
feet from the door and her attention is drawn to something beyond
the camera (which is recording the clip) and she stops dead in her
tracks. She is looking in the direction of the camera and you
can see the absolute terror on her face and the contortions of
expression as she is in the throws of a life and death decision.
She is standing still and then suddenly turns

What, in the name of God, could cause a young
woman to flee a burning building but then turn around and run back
into it? Of course it would have to be a terror greater than the
one she just fled. That terror is just off camera and you can see
her looking at it. The change of expression on her face is at first
an expression of relief of having escaped her death but then she
focuses on something beyond the camera and she stops running, her
expression becomes one of puzzlement as if she is being spoken to
and she simply cannot believe what she is hearing, then her expression
changes to absolute horror and she then turns around and runs back
into the building which has 50 ft. flames coming out of the roof.
She was never seen again.

This video will tear your heart into pieces. If it doesn't, you
are a lost sole and in danger of Hell fire. I weep even now just
reciting it.

This is the state of affairs in the U.S.
They have fired the cabin, now what?

Lord, have mercy.

Anonymous said...

donna from ND:

Will, have you seen the Sheriff Richard Mack video clip from an address given last fall?