Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ed Flynn: Milwaukee Crime Lord, Citizen Disarmament Advocate

Police Chief Ed Flynn of Milwaukee believes that his department is at war with the gun-owning public. In his February 27 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Flynn claimed that “in the last 20 years we’ve been in an arms race” with private citizens who supposedly out-gun the police. 

Flynn testified in support of a proposed federal ban on so-called assault weapons. But in the past he has made it clear that he considers a Mundane carrying a firearm of any kind is an unlawful enemy combatant subject to detention and forcible disarmament. 

“My message to my troops is if you see anybody carrying a gun on the streets of Milwaukee, we’ll put them on the ground, take the gun away, and then decide whether you have a right to carry it,” Flynn said a few years ago in response to a statement from Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen recognizing that residents of the state have a right to carry firearms openly. 

Flynn clearly sees himself as commanding an army of occupation. In practical terms, he is less a warlord than a crime lord who presides over an officially sanctioned street gang. 

Like most petty dictators of his ilk, Flynn is protected by a praetorian guard that will retaliate against people who speak ill of their dear leader. In November 2009, his “troops” arrested a local gadfly named Bob Braun, who had committed the unpardonable sin of publicly embarrassing Commissar Flynn. 

Braun and a friend picketed Milwaukee Police headquarters carrying signs describing Chief Flynn, who admitted to an extra-marital affair with a sycophantic reporter, as an adulterer. Citing the relevant section of Wisconsin law, Braun demanded that Flynn be prosecuted – a sentiment shared by many Milwaukee residents. Instead, Braun was arrested by Sgt. Mark Wagner and charged with disorderly conduct. The citation falsely claimed that Braun, a devout Christian, repeatedly told Sgt. Wagner to perform an anatomically impossible sexual act. 

When the case was heard before a jury, the only witnesses the prosecution could produce were Wagner and two fellow police officers – whose travel and subpoena fees were paid by Braun. The jury quite sensibly concluded that the officers – who are, let us not forget, trained liars -- were perjuring themselves in the service of the adulterer who commands them.  

Given the abysmal character of the chief who commands the Milwaukee PD, it shouldn’t surprise us to learn that the department has been a haven for uniformed sexual predators. 

 In July 2010, a single mother in Milwaukee (whose name has not been publicly disclosed) was raped by Officer Ladmarald Cates. After someone vandalized the woman’s home, she made the common mistake of calling the police in the entirely unfounded belief that they would be of help. Cates was the first on the scene. 

Acting on instinct and experience, the predator recognized an exploitable opportunity. The officer ordered the boyfriend to go to a nearby convenience store to buy some bottled water. Once he had isolated the victim, Cates maneuvered her into the bathroom, where he put her “on the ground” by forcibly sodomizing and raping her.

Immediately after the assault, the woman -- barefoot and wearing tattered clothing -- ran screaming from the house. Cates stormed out of the building and grabbed the victim by the waist, causing her feet to strike his partner. This gave the officers an excuse to arrest the battered and traumatized woman for “assaulting an officer.” 

The victim was taken to jail and held for 12 hours before receiving medical aid. After the hospital visit, she was sent back to jail for four days before being released without charges. 

This was not Cates's first assault -- but the department wasn't willing to take disciplinary action of any kind until DNA evidence corroborated the rape victim's account. Instead of prosecuting Cates, Flynn fired him for "idling or loafing on duty.” In January 2012, Cates was convicted of federal civil rights charges and sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Flynn would insist that Cates isn’t representative of his officers. This is true, but not in the sense Flynn would have us believe. What makes Cates an anomaly is not the fact that he was a purulent thug, but rather that he was actually punished for his crimes: The Milwaukee Police Department holds down the number two spot in the national police brutality rankings. Its distinguished contributions in the field of state-sponsored crime include a lengthy and growing list of suspicious deaths of people in police custody.

Cates was not the only uniformed sexual predator in Milwaukee who earned headlines in 2012. 

 Last September, four of Flynn’s “troops” who had followed his orders with exceptional zeal were charged with felonies for assaulting and strip-searching citizens both in the street and in district stations. In one case, three officers restrained a victim – one of them putting him into a choke hold, while another held a gun to his head – while a third jammed a hand into his rectum. 

The ringleader of this rape gang, Officer Michael Vagnini, was charged with 25 counts of sexual assault and related crimes.

In a press conference after charges were filed, Flynn professed to be “disgusted” by the conduct of his minions. 

“Crime cannot be fought with criminality,” warbled the costumed functionary who had publicly abetted criminal violence against innocent citizens – and who has actually protected an undisguised street gang within his department. 

This hyper-violent clique adopted the logo of a nihilistic comic book character called the “Punisher,” and they brazenly displayed the insignia on their police vehicles and their uniforms as they prowled the street in search of helpless people whom they could “put on the ground.” Among the formidable figures targeted by the Punishers was a male dancer named Frank Jude, who was nearly beaten to death in October 2004 because he was suspected of stealing a badge. 

After putting the terrified male dancer “on the ground,” the Punishers severely beat, kicked, and choked him – then put a knife to his throat and jammed a pen into one of his ears. The victim survived the assault, but was left with permanent brain damage. The officers later claimed that this amount of violence was necessary to “subdue” Jude – who was never charged in connection with the incident. The jury in the criminal trial accepted that claim and acquitted the officers – who were later found guilty of criminal civil rights violations. 

Former Milwaukee Police Officer Jon Bartlett, the ringleader of the gang beating, was eventually convicted -- along with six others -- on federal civil rights charges. An internal affairs investigation conducted by MPD Commander James A Galezewski produced a detailed description of the Punishers in official reports filed on two separate investigations -- one in 2005, the other in 2007. He also described his findings at length in a sworn deposition in November 2010

One training supervisor and at least one active-duty police officer were identified as current members of the gang. Nonetheless, as late as January 2011, Flynn insisted that the existence of the gang was merely a matter of "rumor.” A reasonable surmise would be that Flynn wasn’t engaging in conscious deception; after all, the moral gradient separating his normal “troops” from the berserkers who belong to the “Punishers” gang isn’t very steep. 

Every city police department is an armed gang organized to implement the will of the municipal corporation that employs them. Under the rule of Ed Flynn the Milwaukee PD has become one of the most malodorous outfits of its kind in the Midwestern United States. He and his “troops” appear to be determined to validate every syllable of Albert Jay Nock’s famous capsule description of the State:

"Everyone knows that the State claims and exercises [a] monopoly of crime ... and that it makes this monopoly as strict as it can…. It punishes private theft, but itself lays unscrupulous hands on anything it wants, whether the property of citizen or of alien.... Of all the crimes that are committed for gain or revenge, there is not one that we have not seen it commit – murder, mayhem, arson, robbery, fraud, criminal collusion and connivance."

If Ed Flynn presided over a police agency in Latin America or Africa, his deeds would be chronicled in the annual human rights reports issued by the State Department, which diligently catalogs the offenses of every regime but the one ruling us. 

Flynn’s misbegotten reign in Milwaukee reminds me of a comment made by Isaac Lappia of Amnesty International in Sierra Leone at the 2001 UN Small Arms Conference at the world body’s headquarters. 

The UN’s proposed international firearms treaty – which, in updated form, will likely be signed later this year by Barack Obama – was intended to disarm civilians. However, as Lappia pointed out, his organization’s studies proved “incontrovertibly that small arms are … used in many more countries to facilitate serious crimes by law enforcement personnel – including police, prison authorities, paramilitaries, and the army – where they commit persistent human rights violations, including rape, torture, `disappearances,’ and arbitrary killings.”

This reads like a profile of the department Ed Flynn commands – and it’s on the basis of a record of this kind that Flynn was invited to testify on behalf of the Obama regime’s citizen disarmament initiatives. Res ipsa loquitur

(The original version of this post mistakenly reported that the Milwaukee PD was responsible for the persecution of gun owner Brad Krause, who was arrested and chaged with "disorderly conduct" after being spotted carrying a gun in his backyard. Mr. Krause is a resident of West Allis, which is part of the Milwaukee municipal area but has its own police department. I regret the error.)



Dum spiro, pugno!


willb said...

Watched the movie Judge Dredd last night.
It is categorized as science fiction.

The whole movie is about a bunch of cops creating mayhem to enforce
drug laws. Every person killed in the movie is the direct result
of state initiated violence.

Mr. Grigg has hit on the final state of affairs in this country: occupation.
Typical city cops are not Peace Officers, they are judge, jury and executioner.
This behavior is being confirmed and upheld in our courts.

Judge Dredd may be an exaggeration, but it certainly isn't fiction.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Flynn qualifies as a dhs (gestapo)/ tsa employee.

non de guerre said...

Problem is, point this sort of thing out to your typical specimen of Boobus Americanus, and he'll condescendingly tell you to calm down and quit being a "conspiracy theorist".

Anonymous said...

You nailed the call perfectly. But there were other useful idiots at that hearing who were just as wrong as the capt. And just as clueless thatbthe are true nescients. Be careful out there telling the truth around these guys is like lighting the burners in front of a sidewinder. Cover your tracks! And disperse copies far and wide!

Molon Labe! said...

Mr. Grigg,

Another excellent missive!

Often your writing reminds me of the excellent Vin Suprinowycz...though yours is even more erudite.

Take heart; I am sensing more and more people awakening from the Matrix. There is a growing swell of resistance...and writing like yours is what starts and sustains it.

Your "Donate" button is not working--I'd like to contribute to your "school".

Please let me know when it's working again...thank you.

kirk said...

the 'official' light these thugs operate under will disappear as the economic meltdown continues and a vast majority are affected adversely by the meltdown and cops become even worse than now in assuring the elites remain elite. at this point, many will realize the true nature of the state: organized crime with the monopoly on force.

when the scenario described above finally comes, those that have abused so many will find themselves naked before their victims, followed by the justice these types deserve.

Anonymous said...

The Moon is Down is a very short book. Everyday since reading it something reminds me The Moon is Down.

If you're so inclined to read it - and Everyone should - here is the free one, Kindle et al ready via Caliber software:

William N. Grigg said...

"The flies have conquered the flypaper."

Anonymous said...

When I saw the photo of Police Chief Ed Flynn of Milwaukee I was struck by how he looks exactly like the hypicritical generals in this video [Retired Miltary Leaders Demand A Plan - to disarm the helots] especially due to the stars on his shoulders:

Pat H. said...

I think the fact that Feinstein called Flynn as a amicus witness for her side indicates how much of a vicious thug she is.

Essentially, Feinstein is a gangster moll.

Anonymous said...

I live in Milwaukee and you should have seen the new MPD web site before they took it Dow and revised it. They had swat team members and a black armored car on it showing how tough they were. It was very scary as was the page that bragged how many guns thy had confiscated ( from criminals I will assume)

Flynn is part of the thuggery mentality. He would easily take guns as easily as he had a sleazy affair.

Keith said...

The first picture of Flynn is very reminiscent of an old cover for one of Tom Sharpe's brutal parody novels set in a genocidally incompetent apartheid era police force in the fictional South African town of "Piemburg" (a not so well disguised Pietermaritzburg).

The cover shows a police officer giving a pep talk to his underlings in front of the projection screen, as they're shown images of naked Zulu girls and electric shocks are administered in an effort to stop their interracial "recreational activities".

Naturally for a Tom Sharpe novel, the officer's position and timing match the anatomy of the image being projected...

Anonymous said...

Will I would really enjoy reading your assessment of the recent feature film "end of watch." Which goes to incredible lengths to lend only the most heroic attributes upon two LAPD thugs who announce early and often that they are the line between good and evil. Great article here, incredible really that these men exist and ascend. My prayers go out to the people of Milwaukee.

Anonymous said...

Oh Chief Edward A. Flynn!
You and your little army are in for such a huge suprise for your repeated violations of the PEOPLES rights!
So Listen up.. There're Coming!...Very soon...
God's Coming with his angels.
You are one of the first on the list to be dropped in to the bottemless pit of hell! Extra marital affairs, Abuse of Citizens. Illegally putting legal gun owners on the ground and then beating them in to submission. Your time is coming.
The people are armed for a reason.
It's called defense from oppression by a tyranical government. We've been prepping for the past 20+ years, not just a few. We are your average home owners, guys driving the busses. The butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker. More and more honest law abiding citizens are arming themselves not from Criminals but from NAZI gestepo police departments like yours. Your no better than Gobbles, Stalin, Hitler or Mao Se Tung.
Take your communist policy and leave while you still have time to run. When the war crime trials finally come you will be one of the ones on top of the list.
The people have spoken!