Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Massacre: Sympathy from the Devil

“They had their entire lives ahead of them -- birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own,” intoned the murderer of 16-year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki as he began the liturgy of official mourning for the victims of the Newtown massacre. 

Every time children die in an outbreak of violence, “I react not as a president, but as anybody else would as a parent,” continued the head of a regime that will not explain to Nasser al-Awlaki why his son Anwar and grandson Abdulrahman – both of the U.S. citizens – were murdered by presidential decree. 

“We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years,” insisted the official who has presided over dozens of lethal drone attacks in Pakistan and other countries with whom the U.S. is not formally at war. 

Tears welled up in Obama’s eyes as he pronounced the familiar, facile phrases of selective sympathy. After ordering that U.S. flags be flown at half-staff for a week, Obama said that he and his wife would hug their children a little closer tonight as he empathizes with the parents whose children were murdered in Newtown. 

It’s doubtful that he was moved to similar thoughts of vicarious bereavement as he contemplated the parents in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan who have been left childless because of his actions.

Shortly after the police had arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School to offer the service they always provide in such circumstances – that is, drawing chalk outlines and stringing up crime-scene tape – Mr. Obama was informed of the massacre. The minion who conveyed that news to the Child Killer-in-Chief was National Security Adviser John Brennan, who is the official Keeper of the “Kill List” – the roster of people, including U.S. citizens, who have been targeted for summary execution by a secretive executive branch committee. 

Last April, in response to modest but growing public outrage over the Obama Regime’s use of killer drones, Brennan gave an opaque and self-congratulatory speech insisting that the program was legal because those who preside over it consider it to be. 

Killing distant, unarmed people by way of robot-delivered missiles is “legal, ethical, and wise,” he declared. The targeted execution of individuals deemed to be terrorists –without the benefit of trial or any simulacrum of due process – is the result of careful “deliberation,” and conducted in a way that discriminates between combatants and bystanders.

This must mean that Barack Obama and the people who are sufficiently foolish and depraved to obey his orders intended to kill 16-year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki while he was enjoying a backyard barbecue at the home of a family friend in Yemen. 

The Regime has never explained why it murdered that child, let alone apologized to the family for doing so. The closest it has come to an explanation was offered last September by former White House spokesliar (and campaign functionary) Robert Gibbs, who actually claimed that the teenager’s death was his own fault because he had somehow made a poor choice of fathers: “I would suggest that you should have a far more responsible father if they’re truly concerned about the well-being of their children.”

By default, this is the Obama Regime’s official rationale for murdering an innocent 16-year-old U.S. citizen. How does the logic – such as it is – of Gibbs’s answer differ from whatever rationale drove a maniac to open fire on a kindergarten class in Connecticut? Assuming that the shooter was deranged, he at least had the excuse of insanity. 

Obama, Brennan, Gibbs and their allies, by way of contrast, all profess to be entirely sane. The same is true of Time magazine contributor – and prominent Obama supporter – Joe Klein. Late in the last campaign Klein used an MSNBC panel discussion to offer a stout defense of Obama’s drone strikes, even as he admitted that innocent bystanders – including 4-year-olds – are frequently killed by them. The only concern, Klein insisted, was the possibility that the power to conduct remote killings may find itself in the hands of someone less enlightened than Obama.

For the Obama Regime, child-killing is an instrument of policy. This was made clear in a recent story reported by the Military Times describing how U.S. troops in Afghanistan, fearful over the actions of a group of young men nearby called in an airstrike that killed all of the suspected guerillas – only to find out later that three of them were children, aged 8, 10, and 12. The families of the dead children said that they had been gathering dried animal leavings, which are used as fuel.

The International Security Assistance Force in Kabul issued a statement acknowledging that the airstrike “accidentally killed three innocent Afghan children.” That statement prompted Army Lt. Col. Marion Carrington to tell the Military Times that the children may not have been innocent.

According to Carrington, whose unit is training Afghan police, “In addition to looking for military-age males, [we are] looking for children with potential hostile intent.” Since hostility is the natural, and entirely commendable, reaction to foreign occupiers, Carrington is saying that any Afghan child with sufficient awareness to resent the occupation is a legitimate military target.

What Adam Lanza did once in a fit of murderous irrationality, the Regime over which Obama presides does practically every day – and the killing is carried out by people who act with clear-eyed, clinical indifference to the suffering they inflict. 

Admittedly, that comparison is unfair, since Lanza didn’t have the means to carry out an Obama-style “double-tap” strike: It is the established practice of the CIA to follow up a drone-launched missile attack with a second volley intended to target first responders. In Pakistan, this procedure has resulted in a ratio of fifty innocent victims for every “suspected militant” taken out in a drone strike.

The killer who slaughtered the innocent at Sandy Hook is dead. The Child-Killing Apparatus over which Obama presides continues merrily along. Americans understandably shaken and saddened to the depth of their souls by the horrors in Newtown should consider this: The government that impudently presumes to rule us has made Sandy Hook-style massacres routine for residents of Pakistan. 

Requiescat in pace, filii carissimi


liberranter said...

The killer who slaughtered the innocent at Sandy Hook is dead.

I guess since the Colorado Theater shooting fell flat as a pretext for nationwide gun-grabbing and finalization of martial law, this latest Manchurian shooter is the latest attempt at the ultimate False Flag operation?

Mr. Mcgranor said...

It would be a cheap shot; if they did.

Anonymous said...

Go watch V for Vendetta. School killing to rob rights. MSM is all over this talking about gun control. The trap is set.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Excellent post, Mr. Grigg!

I have been delving deep into the study of American politics since 1994; I've read countless books that really strip away the veneer to look at the core of the conspiracy (including some books written by you).

I'm not going to get into any of the details here regarding how and why I have come to the following conclusion, but I will simply say this:

Whereas I once believed (for a very long time) that certain major players in the political realm were merely evildoers, the last 5 years, combined with this most recent presidential election, have convinced me that we are not dealing with your garden variety of evildoers here.

These people - ALL of the major players on BOTH SIDES of the political spectrum - are truly (yes, "literally") demonically-possessed.

Bill Clinton, Bush I & II, Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and countless others - ALL of these people serve "the prince of this world" (a Biblical phrase for ya) and are quite literally possessed by demons!

We are not dealing merely with political tyrants and idealists attempting to create a totalitarian Global Government for the sake of power and control. No, sir! We are dealing with authentic agents of the devil!

I have thought long and hard about this and evidence and reason lead me to conclude that only "human vessels consciously and willingly working for satan" can explain ALL of the mystery encountered in the study of American and geopolitical affairs.

In other words, the situation is not only terrible, but worse than we thought.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Anonymous said...

As Martin Luther once said: "The
devil is God's devil". Meaning Satan is on a leash and is only allowed to commit evil and mayhem when allowed to by God.
As one of His children this thought always gives me comfort- when you see evil all around you.

William Hunter Duncan said...

Thank you for saying that.

Anonymous said...

at Stephen T. McCarthy,
You are truly Right, People open your eyes to what is really going on here in this world, This is a battle field and this is something MUCH BIGGER then what we can see. Do not be fooled by saying that you do not believe In God. People we must get Right according To Lord God Jesus and read His Word and Start Following God and being Reborn and also Repent! The end of times are near and the worse is yet to come!! You are either going to Heaven or Hell! Please People get Right with The Lord Jesus Christ and Read The Word and Start Living for God. Let Him Guide you through the Rest of your days and also let him use you as a vessel so he can use You to help save Others!

~Lyrica C.~

Anonymous said...

Liberty is not free .How many less would have died had all the workers in the school been trained in gun use? That is true gun control

Unknown said...

Excellent blog. Someone had to speak the truth, and you certainly did.

Luton Ian said...

Anon @ 11:02 wrote:

"Liberty is not free .How many less would have died had all the workers in the school been trained in gun use? That is true gun control"

Pearl Ms
and Appalachian Law School

Two examples of school shootings thwarted by citizens with guns.

If we each look after our own personal safety, then the superstructure of coercion becomes obsolete.

Those coercing us know that.
Thank you Mr Grigg, Sir; another piece to your usual excellent standard.

willb said...

Trickle down mayhem: another gift of our federal govt.

Pope John Paul II warned that we were building a
"culture of death" here in America and the West.

Now that we are seeing the regular occurrence of
children slaughtering children, I'd say the
construction is complete.

Luke 7:35
But wisdom is justified of all her children.

Anonymous said...

We can bleat all we want about outlawing guns and violence, but the simple truth is that violence is big business in the media, in sports, in movies, in the government, and in the culture we live in. The truth is that in our violent, drug-infested culture, there is no such thing as protecting the innocent by legislation.
How ridiculous is a sign proclaiming a "GUN FREE ZONE" when the criminally violent will never respect such a sign!
The answer to school security is the Israeli solution: Armed teachers, armed administrators and armed parents all prepared to terminate a violent attack before it costs dozens of lives.
Our government officials are the biggest hypocrites on the face of the earth! While they shed crocodile tears over dead children in CT, they are killing children around the world daily!
When ZION arrives and only the peaceful are left alive, then will be the time to turn our swords into plowshares. Until then, the Second Amendment was created by wise Founding Fathers to protect ourselves from the criminally violent, especially those within our own government!

willb said...


"The answer to school security is the Israeli solution . . . "

The Israeli solution is military lock-down and a life of fear.

Zion, what a load of crap.

The Kingdom of Christ is here and now:

Matthew 3:2
And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Anonymous said...

It is gut wrenching to think of the deaths of those in CT, particularly the children.

It is pathetic to see Bloomberg and other jerks capitalize on the deaths for any reason, much less some sleazy political reason.

It is nauseating that the ignorati (that's our 'fellow citizens') nearly soil their pants with their 'pain' upon the deaths in CT, even as they send a troll back to office who kills as many, or more, children PER DAY than the lunatic in CT did.

It is beyond description that the killer of thousands of children looks the public in the eye and sheds crocodile tears for the dead in CT, even as the evil he is kills children daily.

When will this nightmare that the u. s. has come to be finally end, sanity restored and the trash that now rules be consigned to the jail cell??? IT IS TIME!!!

Unknown said...

Good blog post. Child murder is child murder. And I suspect that we are dealing with the same perpetrators for all of these crimes.

Please feel free to visit me at:

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

No, JR, The answer to school security is to have the schools be in the homes of the parents where they can decide their own level of security.

The answer is Not to build better and more secure coed-prisons. Jmho.


MoT said...

When I saw this bit of "acting" from the Prez, shedding tears on que, I wanted to retch. This rat has killed far more people on his command than the evil perpetrator who killed those innocents in CT. Should one be excused while the other rightfully be demonized? Absolutely not!

Anonymous said...

Satan, The Devil is entirely mans' illusion, created from free will which is really a gift from The god that recedes from sinning. The quote from Luther suffers from absent context. Yes, free will is a gift that allows man to fall into demonism without which no repentance redemption and Glory. The "christians" [mostly] fail to discern how gray and flat [and meaningless] life would be without this Liberty. Thanks for being there Will. Your Boise Co. friend C.

mark edward marchiafava said...

Why should the assassin-in-chief need to hug his daughters closer tonight? They don't live in fear of a predator drone taking them out while they sleep.

Anonymous said...

Seems more than a coincidence that the fathers of the movie theatre shooter and the Connecticut shooter are both scheduled to testify in the Libor scandal hearings....

Bevin Chu said...

Defenders of natural rights and political liberty are going to be hearing the term "gun control" a lot over the coming weeks and months.

Just remember, each time you hear the term "gun control," be sure to translate that into plain English, as "victim disarmament."

Kudos to Mr. Grigg for exposing the nation's descent into an East German police state.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy is rather thick these days. Had the shooter been one of our "brave boys" manning a check point in Afghanistan and shot up a bus full of kids because it drove towards the checkpoint too fast, the story would be buried on the back page.

Even more repulsive are the filth that scream "ban all guns" out of one side of their mouth while praising drone strikes with the other and that nations one the receiving end of those missiles should be glad we aren't carpet bombing them.

Oh, and "Double tap" has been around for a while in the US. Last time was during the Kosovo campaign where bombers would hit targets a second time just as EMTs showed up.

The state kills millions, destroys trillions of dollars in wealth, and then wags its finger at the people about having to act responsibility.

At times I have to wonder about a world where such evil and insanity can exist.

Luton Ian said...

There are some statements doing the rounds, comparing the Connecticut school shooting to a recent stabbing spree at a school in China.

The 20 stabbed children are still alive (if the mutant had known what to do – they wouldn’t be, thank goodness he was ignorant) but this is being used as an argument for the safety aspects of citizens being denied guns;

Rudy Rummel’s figure for murders of citizens by the Chinese Communist state 1947 to 1989 are 76,702,000
There's some safety argument in favour of making the plebs defenceless in the face of the state, and making america more like China

Gary Mauser’s 2006 paper “Would banning Firearms…” (third paper down here compares homicide rate to gun laws

Reducing availability of guns does reduce the use of guns as a means in murder and suicide, but it does not reduce the murder and suicide rates, means other than shooting are substituted to achieve those ends of murder and suicide instead.

Unless someone has a particularly morbid phobia about the idea of death by shooting as compared to death by any other means, what is the benefit of reducing* guns as a means?

There is arguably a negative benefit, as those who use violent confrontation (rape robbery and sucker punching sadists) are emboldened, as they are less likely to encounter prey or passers by who can fight back.

Note that the Aurora Cinema shooter did not go to the nearest cinema to his home, nor did he go to the one with the biggest screen, of the 7 or 8 cinemas within 20 minutes of his home that were showing Batman that night, he went to the only one which banned guns – naturally he didn’t comply with the notices, but the honest viewers whom he preyed on did, and the fat blue line who were at the cinema in force, were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Simillarly, if it is availability of guns which cause such events, why do they occur in schools (where guns are usually banned) rather than at firing ranges, where people with guns abound?

Also, what is the profile of those on the receiving end of homicide in places where defensive use of guns is allowed or encouraged, compared to those places where it is banned?

Are those “Gun Death” numbers going to consist more of ordinary, peaceable honest citizens, or are they going to be predatory individuals who got whacked by honest citizens in self defence?

*I use the word “reduced” rather than “removed” as the only guns which can be confiscated are those which are known about, and by definition, only an honest (or foolish) person will leave a paper trail. The violent crimminals, those whose guns many would want to remove, will not leave a trail, and likely have very good contacts in the black market for getting more guns, whether stolen from cops and army, imported or clandestinely made.

To see how disgustingly simple the last option is and to dispel any illusion that a law will somehow “make guns go away”, search Amazon with the terms “expedient” and “Paladin”. The late author received a five year prison term (served with the hard boys in high security) for the subject of that publication, then later was “disappeared” for 3 months under British Terror laws, after some Asian youths were found with a copy of one of his books. All of those who’d bought e-books from his website received armed raids, and he was denied access for the remainder of his life to internet or computer. That is the extent to which his message pisses off the monopolist.

Also posted at Liberty Gibbert blog, and Alphecca Blog.

Anonymous said...

Comrades we live in the golden utopian paradise with the immaculate messiah comrade chairman Hussein who is the greatest person ever to live so why are people so pissed off and violent? Is the glorious hopey changey transformation too much for some people? Why can't we rally around the golden chocolate teat fountain of government and sing Kumbaya? If we ban all guns and put up a sign that says welcome to paradise that will make it so won't it? Do not attempt to adjust your settings comrades the preceding was an appllication of rules for raticals #5 by famous red rat Saul Alinsky. Mock, scorn and ridicule this worthless and weak leftist dystopia at all times.

KPatrickRyan said...

Anyone recall the Oregon Mall shooting that took place 3 days prior to Newtown?

Did you know:

Oregon's shooter, though armed with an AR-15 and multiple clips, only shot 3 people other than himself?? Yet, he had nearly 3 minutes, in a crowded mall, to fire at will before the first police arrived on the mall's parking lot.

The Newtown shooter(s) also had just under 3 minutes before the police arrived on scene. Yet the Newtown shooter shot more than 2 dozen people before turning the gun on himself...

Why did the Clackamas Mall shooter give up so early??

Turns Out, the Portland shooter encountered an armed citizen! (link: ) .

I live 20 miles East of Clackamas Town Center and until this afternoon I had not been aware of the armed citizen... I never understood why the shooter only took out a few people before turning the gun on himself, but now it starts to make sense.

Let me also say, I don't believe the Newtown shooter was an extraordinarily shy kid who just, because of the stars' alignment, decided to murder his mom and as many little kids as possible; just as I don't buy that the Portland Mall shooter was a young man who had never been in trouble and just up and sold his property and bought tickets for his move to Hawaii and then decided to go shoot up a mall as a parting gift to Oregon... None of this makes sense.

But it is worth noting that an armed private citizen stopped the Mall shooter with 2 dead. The school shooter ran into no such resistance and murdered 26 (+?).
It doesn't surprise me this isn't a big story in today's news media.

Paul Bonneau said...

In Obama's defense, at least the parents of the kids he has slain have the satisfaction of knowing their children were killed by a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Surely, that must be a source of consolation.

Anonymous said...

obombomb-of-the-fake-tears claims he's gonna do all necessary to stop mass murders. Like ban all antidepressant drugs that scramble people's brains so these pill-takers have no idea where they are or what they are doing? Over 90% of the infamous mass murderers in the U.S. were on these (orwellian-speak) 'anti-depressants'. With data like that, it is clear the cause of the violence. But, per reports, obombomb is doling out these poisons like candy to our troops - is it any wonder there have been more suicides in the military than deaths from battle. So, so much for obummer doing all necessary to stop the violence. The opposite is true.

Anonymous said...


Did you know Sandy Hook was only reopened a few months prior to the shooting? Did you know the Town thought this was a drill? Did you know this may have been a drill, and no kids actually died? The biggest fraud the Government has openly pulled over your eyes ( outside of global warming/climate change). Parents of supposed children shot-Actors- caught laughing prior to going live on camera. No Helicopters to help with possible survivors? No recorded homicide deaths in Newtown by the FBI. The list goes on and on. The Sandy Hook children that supposedly got shot are the same ones that were honored at the Super Bowl.
Did you know that an ex trooper/school principle is suing because he believes this is all a lie? The Government can send these people to prison if they speak up.
Watch the videos posted on YouTube about this and judge for yourself. So crazy.