Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Rape of Delaware County, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma’s Delaware County, Sheriff’s deputies were too busy figuratively raping motorists in the village of Bernice to supervise guards who were literally raping inmates in the county jail. As a result, the County Commission has put the screws to the entire county in the form of an 18 percent sales tax increase in order to pay the victims a $13.5 million settlement.

Bernice, which has a population of about 600, is bisected by Highway 85A. For the past quarter-century, the town has been one of the most notorious speed traps in the Midwest. Until recently, the town didn’t have a police department; instead, it contracted with the Delaware County Commission, paying $5500 a month to rent sheriff’s deputies to write speeding tickets and other citations. 

A recent investigation conducted by Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector Gary A. Jones  discovered that since 1977, the municipal government had never published its ordinances as required by state law – which meant that its schedule of fines and court fees was invalid: The trustees never published the ordinances, as required by state law. 

“Any ordinances (other than those pertaining to the appropriation of money) that are not published within 15 days of their passage are not in force,” notes the audit.  As a result, “the municipal court should not have collected fines of more than $50. The court has over-collected approximately $106,308 in fines through the end of June 2011”; in addition, the court also “over-collected” nearly $8,000 in court costs. The auditor directed the Bernice Town Board to reimburse those who had been subjected to illegal fines (in one instance, a motorist was given a ticket for $545). More importantly, from the perspective of those higher up in the tax-feeding chain, the auditor slammed the Town Board for withholding a cut of ticket revenue and court fees from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and state Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.

In response to the audit, David E. Jones, the bar-certified sophist retained as Bernice’s town attorney, weaved a seamless web of persiflage, insisting that even though the cabal that employs him “did not follow the strict technical requires for publication [of the traffic ordinance], the public clearly had constructive notice of the existence of the Bernice Penal Code….”

Jones’s claim, rendered in less opaque language, was that the town’s status as a well-known speed trap constituted legal “notice” of the practice. Buttressed with this spurious and self-serving assessment, the town’s trustees voted on May 14 not to grant refunds to victims of the illegal ticket scheme, thereby laying permanent claim to more than $100,000 in illegally collected revenue. 

Like nearly all official business conducted in Bernice, the May 14 vote took place in a meeting that was closed to the public, a practice typical of the cabal’s serial violations of the Open Meeting Act. The audit described habitual violations of that statute, each of which is a crime punishable by a year in the county jail and a fine of up to $500.

Until recently, the Town Board – which conducts nearly all significant business in “executive session” – had forbidden citizens to participate in monthly town meetings. Subsequent to the audit, that policy was modified to permit three minutes to citizens who wish to speak, which is not to say that the Board will allow anything that is said to have any measurable effect on its decisions.

 “The atmosphere in a Town Board Meeting is meant to intimidate and silence people,” commented Bernice resident Steve Miller, who lives with his 72-year-old mother in Bernice, in an interview with Pro Libertate. “When you go to a town meeting in Grove, which isn’t far from here, there are no policemen, no security cameras. There is a U.S. flag, an Oklahoma State Flag, microphones set up for each Council member and for the citizens who wish to participate. Here in Bernice, however, there are always armed and uniformed officers present, security cameras – and no mike for public comments. It’s like going into a jail – or walking into a den of thieves.”

Miller, a consulting engineer by profession, is the civic-minded resident whose petition drive resulted in the state audit. His involvement grew out of the harassment suffered by his mother, Mary Zapf.

Starting in May 2010, Miller and his mother noticed that Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputies “began patrolling our property daily,” Miller recalled to Pro Libertate. “Our property is surrounded by three public streets, and I saw these deputies slowly driving by constantly. I started taking their pictures and even got one of them to talk to me briefly. I asked him why they were keeping our property under surveillance; his reply was, `Because the mayor told me to.’”

With Miller’s help, Mrs. Zapf was doing some construction and renovation on their property. This included modifying a driveway that had been used as a short-cut by motorists seeking to avoid a nearby intersection. 

On May 4 of that year, Mayor Bill Raven visited Zapf to tell her that there was an unspecified “problem” with her landscaping project, and to ask her to “hold off until the town could get some things together.” Mrs. Zapf offered to have the mayor discuss the renovation with the contractor, who was on-site; Raven declined that invitation, insisting that he didn’t want to start a “fight.”

The following day, Raven and the Town Board decided to take “emergency” action to deal with supposed “zoning violations” on Zapf’s property. That matter, in typical fashion, was discussed in “executive session” during the May 10 Board Meeting. When it emerged from its secretive huddle the Board informed Zapf that no action would be taken, because she had agreed to “hold off” on further construction.

After waiting for nearly a month to hear from the mayor and the board, Mrs. Zapf sent them a letter announcing that she intended to resume work on her property. The improvements were finished on June 4th. Five days later, the Town Board sued her for “trespassing” by allowing alterations on her own driveway. 

“The material basis of their claim was that they had an easement on the driveway because at some unspecified point in the past they had plowed it during the wintertime,” Miller observes. “We went through one of the biggest snowstorms in Oklahoma history a few years ago, and they never sent a plow.”

Shortly after being informed of the town’s lawsuit against her, Mrs. Zapf visited the town clerk’s office to request the agendas for the upcoming meetings of the Bernice trustees and the Zoning Board – matters in which she had an obvious and urgent interest.  Town Clerk Connie King, ever the dutiful public servant, reacted to this eminently reasonable request by slamming the door in Mrs. Zapf’s face. That prompted the long-suffering widow to exclaim that the clerk was being a “stupid witch” – an epithet several orders of magnitude milder than what might normally be employed in a situation of that kind.

On the basis of that remark, Mrs. Zapf received a citation on July 20 for “disturbing the peace.” Although the only “witness” to Zapf’s supposed offense was the officious personage on the other side the door she had slammed, a police report was filed – two months after the incident – by two deputies who were not present when it occurred. The fine listed on the summons was $195 – an amount well in excess of the $85 prescribed in the fine and bond schedule.

“I knew the trespass lawsuit was a malicious attempt by the mayor to seize land, as there were no town residents … listed as plaintiffs,” Miller explained in his letter to the state auditor. “The harassment by the deputy sheriffs was an abuse of power by the mayor, and an attempt to intimidate and coerce my mother into a submissive position. The disturbing the peace accusation was false and intended to scare her away from obtaining public records. The police summons was another attempt by the town to intimidate a citizen. The fine was not only unfounded, it seemed excessive, so I began my own investigation.” 

With the analytical discipline of a trained engineer, Miller examined the city’s penal codes and Delaware County Records to find out if this grotesque over-charge was a vindictive anomaly, or part of a larger pattern. What he discovered – and the independent state audit confirmed – was that the town had been in violation of state statutes “for approximately 25 years.” 

 Publication of the audit was greeted by the Bernice Town Board with what one participant in a rare public meeting described as “smirks and laughs.” By that time, however, the Delaware County Commission had cancelled its contract to provide deputy sheriffs for traffic enforcement. This was done not because of developments in Bernice, but rather because of “potential liability issues” arising from a $13.5 million settlement reached with victims of sexual abuse by deputies in the County Jail.

Complaints from female inmates at the Delaware County Jail began to accumulate in March 2008, many of them involving a part-time transport deputy named Bill Sanders, Sr. Sanders, recalled the Tulsa World, “would often take female inmates to `appointments’ without reporting his departing mileage and time…. It was during many of these transports that inmates say they were assaulted by Sanders and forced to perform sex acts.” 

Key elements of the accusations were confirmed by a former county dispatcher, who also described how the former jail administrator, Lonnie Hunter, would “shake boxes of cigarettes at the inmates to encourage them to flash their breasts at him.” (Two dispatchers eventually filed sexual harassment lawsuits of their own.) Some of the inmates testified that both Sanders and Hunter would exchange cigarettes and other coveted goods for sex. When confronted with a particularly intransigent inmate, Sanders would simply assault her in the serene confidence that he would never be held accountable.

“Now you said you wouldn’t tell, and even if you did nobody would believe you, because you’re just a drug addict,” he told one victim during a trip to the emergency room. “Who are you compared to me?”

Sanders – who died at age 63 of “natural causes” in November 2008, just after being fired and just before the lawsuit was filed – was a part-time deputy who had no formal training and no personnel file on record. When deposed for the lawsuit, Hunter, Sanders’s supervisor, insisted that he was not responsible for the crimes committed against helpless inmates: “My responsibility is to the last locked door. After that, it’s up to the transport officer.”

Former Sheriff Blackfox.
 The OSBI gave Sheriff Jay Blackfox a detailed report describing the sexual abuse suffered by more than a dozen women by staff under his authority. In his deposition, Sheriff Blackfox insisted that he wasn’t “aware” of what was happening in his jail, because he had only read “part” of the OSBI’s report owing to his busy schedule. 

Blackfox was dismissed by County Commission at roughly the same time the Commission ended its traffic enforcement contract with Bernice. This left the Bernice Town Council with the perceived need to hire a police chief and create its own police force to patrol a town with a population of fewer than 600 people. It settled on a “gypsy cop” named Daniel Travis Lowe, who had just been fired from his job as police chief of Burden, Kansas – another town of roughly 600 people. 

New Eunice Police Chief Daniel  Lowe.
At the time he was hired by Bernice, Lowe was still subject to a “diversion program” growing out of a domestic violence incident involving his ex-wife, who was Burden’s Town Clerk

The terms of that agreement specified that the charge would be dismissed if Lowe refrain from criminal behavior for one year. Unfortunately, this refers only to unlicensed criminal behavior; becoming chief enforcer for Bernice’s ruling clique wouldn’t qualify. News of Lowe’s background provoked understandable controversy, which led to another Town Meeting where the Board – acting in “executive session,” of course – ratified its decision.

“There is something oddly appropriate about the selection of this guy to be the chief of police,” Steve Miller commented to Pro Libertate. “This is entirely typical of the way things operate in this county.” In fact, the institutionalized sexual abuse and related corruption that has festered in Delaware County is hardly atypical of Oklahoma as a whole.

Over the past eight years, tax victims in three Oklahoma counties have been forced to pay more than $24 million to settle lawsuits arising from the routine sexual abuse of female inmates.  Two former sheriffs -- Melvin Holly of Latimer County, and Mike Burgess of Custer County – have been given prison terms of 25 and 79 years, respectively, for sexual assaults on incarcerated women.
Melvin Holly.
 Holly told one of his victims, a 19-year-old girl, that if she ever disclosed what happened she would “end up dead somewhere, floating face-down in a river.” 

Burgess used his position on the Custer County Drug Court to create what was described as a “sex slave ring.” He told one woman who rebuffed his advances that if she didn’t submit to him she would “not ever be able to see her children until after they had grown up.” Another woman who resisted was placed in lockdown, denied her medications, and forced to eat food that induced rectal bleeding. 

Sales and property taxes were increased to pay the settlements arising from lawsuits filed by the victims. Next January, residents of Delaware County will suffer an 18 percent sales tax increase; all purchases will be taxed at 9.3 percent for seventeen years. The $13.5 million settlement is an amount three times larger than the county budget – and more than the construction price of the jail where the sexual assaults occurred. 
Mike Burgess.

County Tax Assessor Leon Hurt, whose name is one of God’s little Dickensian jokes, points out that most of the people with whom he deals “are barely making it on their own income. For them to see this extra impact … could be the last straw.”

Oklahoma is a state in which piety has curdled into punitive sanctimony, which explains why it has some of the most stupid and vicious drug laws in the English-speaking world – and, in per capita terms, the largest female prison population on the planet. Thanks to the wise and perceptive people in the state legislature, however, residents can take comfort in this thought: If their mother, sister, or daughter commits a trivial drug offense in Oklahoma, she may be caged by the government and be pitilessly molested or even raped by her jailers, but at least she won’t be forced to wear a burqa.

Dum spiro, pugno!


kenlowder said...

If not now, when?

Anonymous said...

I assume the Board members are elected? If they are so hated, who keeps voting them in?

As for Oklahoma as a whole, that is the one messed up place. It actually makes Arkansas politics look enlightened.

willb said...

Here's a hint y'all:

If you attend a Church that places
the American flag on the alter,
get out of town, fast.

Anonymous said...

Bullies are bad enough and should be taken down every time they are encountered by whatever it takes.

Bullies with badges are a special breed of bully that nothing should be spared in taking them down.

Both types of bullies, but especially the bullies with badges, should be in the GENERAL prison population...and never checked on again.

The day will come when the reflected state power these cretins revel in and use to their advantage will no longer exist. That will be the day which will commence the settling of all scores. It will be deserved and will be delivered coldly.

liberranter said...

Oklahoma is a state in which piety has curdled into punitive sanctimony, which explains why it has some of the most stupid and vicious drug laws in the English-speaking world...

Another province of "Redneckland," a huge territory carved out of what once were the United States of America. Redneckland isn't yet a clearly defined geographical territory, given that the most prominent characteristics of its inhabitants (ignorance, viciousness, hypocrisy, and bigotry, to name just a few) are found spread out over large patches of the country not considered traditional redneck strongholds. However, Oklahoma is located squarely within the traditionally recognized boundaries of what constitutes Redneckland, as are other strongholds of police state dystopia in regions such as Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, and others.

Bottom line: decent human beings need to get out of Redneckland while there's still a chance to flee and before it swallows up what little remains of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

The irony of calling the inhabitants of "redneckland" hypocritical bigots is astounding.

Some of the most oppressive police zones in all the states you listed are the urban leftist strongholds not the rural conservative areas.

Paint with a broad brush much?

Anonymous said...

Liberanter, What you have in Oklahoma is no different than every other state: busybody statists who take it upon themselves to inflict their dictatorial diktats upon their long suffering and all too silent majority. There are other "less oppressive" environs but that's because they've not been overrun yet by settlers from leftist colonies who maintain their demented delusions.

willb said...

I have to weigh in with Anonymous as
regarding liberranter's comments.

Oklahoma has no corner on the
wave of police oppression sweeping
our country.

A very good example is the
Nancy Genovese case:


In fact, I would propose that the
worst abuses are occurring in the
northern urban areas as in
comparison with southern
equivalents and in greater
proportion and severity.

As usual, most just go with the
scary southern stereotype which
in and of itself is a conditioned
and bigoted reaction.

Anonymous said...

Good article, dig a little deeper into the new Police Chief. I look forward to reading what you find out. Look into the death of one of his officers when he was fired. Good reading. Sad situation. Very sad.

KPRyan said...

Great article! It would be considered Pulitzer Prize nominated material if such investigative journalism really mattered to the Powers that Be...

PJL said...

Excellent article (as usual). Police powers as well as those of prosecutors and judges are out-of-control in this country. And to have an elected council that doesn't seem to answer to their constituents is abhorrent. But, will the Sheeple vote them out of office? Hopefully Mr. Miller will be the focal point of a movement to throw them all out on their ears.

Tatiana Covington said...

Why has there not already been armed and violent overthrow of something itself armed and violent?

Athens County, Georgia, 1946.

There's nothing wrong with violence... 1776 and all that.

Force and violence are perfectly natural responses to abuse and mistreatment!

If someone strikes thee on one cheek, turn not the other, but SMASH him on his!



liberranter said...

It appears that my first post struck a raw nerve with William’s regular readership. What apparently perturbs my detractors is that I failed to dispense equal criticism to that other long-entrench pernicious entity that is devouring the other half of what was once these United States. I refer, of course, to “Liberalland,” which some prefer to call “Egalitarianland”(an appellation I find much too cumbersome). Like its ideological and temperamental opposite, Liberalland is characterized by the same negative traits, albeit of a different flavor, and is also less of a geographical entity than a state of mind and being. Like its nemesis, Liberalland can also be broadly defined as consisting of certain specific geographical regions, but not amenable to being rigidly categorized as such due to large pockets existing outside of its traditional strongholds.

The reason I did not mention or excoriate it in my initial post is because it was not relevant to the subject of William’s article. The disgraceful and unconscionable acts of state-sanctioned theft that William describes did not take place inside the People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of Massachusetts or the People’s Jamahariyah of New York, nor were the excuses for the theft offered up by the powers that be of the locality in which the events took place wrapped in the insipid “greater good” patina characteristic of the kleptoligarchies of the aforementioned two regions. Had all of this been the case, then “Liberalland,” along with the specially insipid flavors associated with the generic negatives common to both regions/states of mind would have been the topic of my rant. That this was not the case and that I did not give “equal time” appears to be the real point of contention here.

My point is that whether the object of my invective was “Redneckland” or “Liberalland,” both of these concepts embody, to me, a dark collectivism that is devoid of critical thought and that is ultimately destructive to a society that is supposed to be based on the natural law and the rights and protection of the individual.

In closing, let me apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I’ll try to be more equitable in doing so next time.

willb said...

Dear Liberrantor,

Apology accepted.

: )

Anonymous said...

I live in “Liberalland", Rhode Island, and I assure you the cops and courts are just as crooked and dirty as any where in "Redneckland".
As my brother in law once stated, "city people are smarter then country people- they just don't show it."


BadTux said...

I have no sympathy for the good folk of the county who kept re-electing these rattlesnakes to office year after year and now find themselves burdened to pay onerous taxes to pay off the lawsuit settlement. These venomous creatures weren't imposed on Delaware County by some foreign dictator or something. They were downright *electorated* by the majority of voters in that county, a majority that apparently had no problem with electing these folks to office year after year probably 'cause "they keep the darkies in their place" or some such nonsense.

There's a sayin', ya lie down with rattlesnakes, ya end up snake-bitten. 'Nuff said.

Dave of Maryland said...

As to how they get elected and stay elected, that's simple. The elections are just as crooked as they are. Elections held on obscure Tuesdays, the real election being the primary, not the general, voting restricted to members of the party, the party so odious that no one wants to join it. If that's not enough, people who want to run as reformers are generally discouraged from doing so. Finally, a lot of these towns are run by the friends and descendants of the people who founded them, which in Oklahoma's case, was a century ago. Private family fiefdoms, or why do you suppose this went on for 25 years and will likely continue, one way or another?

I don't know the facts about Delaware County, but I would guess that one or more of these factors apply. Like as not the better high school grads leave town.

BadTux said...

Dave, yet the reality is that short of instituting an oppressive police state that even the blind civil rights watchdogs of the Federal government would notice, it is impossible for a government to persist in power without the consent of the governed. It may be a grudging consent in some cases, but it is consent nevertheless.

Big Jay said...

Well the answer to this debate is simple. The mayor elects the council in the form of singular elections that you are never made aware of or straight out elects them to office. ALL of the city government is elected and hand picked by Mayor Raven. The water clerk, water meter reader, city clerk (who also holds the position of court clerk), the members of town council (which are also the members of the water board), the zoning and corections board---all hand picked by Mayor Raven.

Why, you ask, does he do this? BECAUSE the board elects the mayor. All this is why the people of Bernice petitioned to have an audit performed by the Oklahoma State Auditor and Investigator's office. We were looking for assistance from a higher power so that the rotation of power would come to an end. Mayor Bill Raven MUST be stopped.

The little Town of Bernice has not seen a change for the good of the people in over 12 years. We don't even have water that is fit for consumption. Is your water dark gray or black in color half of the summer? Do you smell worse after a shower than before? This after Mayor Raven spent $150K (+/-) of a water grant "bettering" our water system?

There is major corruption going on in Bernice--and yes, it goes all the way up the ladder and into the County Office levels. That's why the City has not been forced to pay back the $140,000(+/-) wrongly collected dollars. It is also why no criminal charges have been filed regarding the laws they, as a whole, or Mayor Raven himself have broken regarding the Open Meetings Act or any of the other findings in the audit.

The law CLEARLY states that ignorance of the law is no excuse and does not exempt you from responsibility, but---ignorance seems to be working just fine as an excuse for Mayor Bill Raven. "I didn't know it was wrong (snicker). I thought that's how business was done (laugh). Hey, that's how it is and I'm not goin to change. I've been doing it this way all along and it works for us".

The biggest opposition facing the people of Bernice is the fact that no matter who we tell of he goings on--the response is always "Oh, that can't really be happening. There are laws to prevent that from happening. The Mayor and City Council don't have that kind of power".

Well, in the case of the Town of Bernice they must have that kind of power---because NO ONE is doing anything about it. Bill Raven and his APPOINTED COUNCIL have done it in the past and continue to do it right up to this very minute.
The proper documentation, Schedule of Fees and Fines, etc still have not been correctly filed with the County Clerk's office or been properly posted, yet there are more written every day.

The crimes against the people of Bernice by this dictating, self proclaimed leader must cease so that this little town can once again be proud and the people who used to visit us bringing revenue and new business to our area will return.

Anonymous said...

I live in Delaware county and I am sick of these corrupt scumbags.

Listen to me people and listen carefully. These are dangerous people. I daresay if I disappear or come up dead you had better believe someone in the corrupt government or police force did it.

No one will help us stop this so there is only one solution. The Founding Fathers of the USA found that solution. I have told cops and the DA that I believe that we should surround the courthouse, armed .... and do what must be done. If we start getting rid of these criminals, those that survive will flee the county.

The question is, how many of your are brave enough to wage a revolutionary war in Delaware county? Or are you happy with these corrupt cops who have sex with underage girls in exchange for letting them off of a ticket? Or a County government that forces every citizen to pay for the crime of rape? It goes on and on. Lets do something about it now.
Earl Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

In 1.5 hours (5:30pm on 9/10/2012) I will be going to Bernice for my court appearance over a speeding ticket which I will refuse to pay to a corrupt city government.
The good people of Bernice are welcome to come down and watch me get arrested, back me up or even help me remove this illegitimate government. The choice is theirs. There are way more of them than the tiny group of people that make up the Bernice Mafia. Do not fear them, stand up and say no! They will back down and leave town if you just stand up to them.
Earl Salisbury

Anonymous said...

Well nothing but another court date. Is ther anyone in bernice willing to do what it takes to remove these criminals even if it means doing it by force?
Earl Salisbury

Anonymous said...

Earl, no offense, but you are an idiot. Making written threats and stating that you will do something like that by force only gives people like Travis credit. Instead, use your anger in a more productive way. Take pictures of the area you were stopped and cited. If you were cited on the bridge etc, then you got a free ride. Thats out of his area of enforcement. If you were in town, was he stopped and running radar? If so determine how far you were from the location prior to being stopped and cited. If at any time he had to exceed the posted speed limit to stop you, he too is at fault and could be cited. The only time sworn police officers are allowed to exceed the speed limit is "Life Threatening" situations. if you were traveling less than 15mph over the posted speed limit that is not considered life threatening. Another, have the officer show you and the judge the daily testing sheet that is required for the radar unit. Radar units must be tested before and after shift to hold up in court. Also, ask when the last time the Radar Unit was calibrated by a licensed person. Ask for the records to show to the judge, if those items cannot be supplied, then the ticket is not valid. With all that in mind, don't make silly threats that can be traced back to you in such a manner. Makes you look bad and does not help you in court. Just some advice. Free even! Just imagine how the Mayor must feel right now. He just found out that Travis was secretly tring to leave for another job in Kansas. The Mayor put his neck out for this fool and now it is getting chopped off. I guess Travis is not as loyal and respectful as he tried to make himself out to be. It is quite clear that he is a self centered, ego seeking chubby creep. Mayor, we told you so!!!

Anonymous said...

I am no more an idiot than the Founding Fathers were! For over 150 years we have lived under tyranny. Millions have been murdered. If no one is even willing to say it let alone do it then a Revolution won't happen. And a Revolution we must have.
Whoever you are... how do I know you are not a government criminal just trying to smooth this situation over so I won't stir up any more trouble? Giving me an out. Perhaps you are the judge. If so help in a truly ethical way. Rule that my assertion that this government is illegitimate is true and that they therefore cannot enforce any law and must be immediately removed.

In any case, I will not bow before the domestic terrorists who like to call themselves our government.

Earl Salisbury

Anonymous said...

Earl, stating that you are an idiot may have been a bit harsh, but it did get your attention. I am they kind of person who shoots straight from the hip, as some would say. You can do more damage if you follow the law set forth. Granted everyone gets upset and in your case, rightly so. BUT, with that said, shooting off your mouth in rants about how you are going to hurt someone, is one of the main reasons our fore fathers brought forth laws. If everyone were to run around hurting those who he "thinks" is the problem we would have anarchy. I am a firm believer in our fore fathers and I agree that government has gone too far, and that is why I gave you creditable information in how the fight you ticket, the legal way. If you don't wish to go about this in a civil matter, go forth and prosper. Let those down in which you so highly speak. A great man once said, "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." If you are a true man of your word, you will know who said it, without looking it up, and know that a man that great believed in something more than tyranny. Good day to you and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Many think Jefferson said that but it was Ford. True it is.

Jefferson said....
"To attain all this (universal republicanism), however, rivers of blood must yet flow, and years of desolation pass over; yet the object is worth rivers of blood, and years of desolation."

It is way beyond time for revolution. However I get through my small issue in Bernice, I believe it is necessary to destroy nearly every person in government in order to regain liberty. No doubt they would call me a traitor or terrorist. But it is they who are such. And it is the duty of every freedom-loving patriot to destroy these domestic enemies.

The Founding Father made laws to protect the people, not to protect the governemnt from the people. In fact the Second Amendment ensures that the people can exterminate the government when it turns into a tyranny.

Unfortunately the government has way better weapons so I don't know what we will do when the decide to nuke some of us. The new show on ABC, 'Last Resort' gives me warm fuzzies since it seems, in the story at least, there is hope that the people can takem control of some nukes in order to keep the government in line. I can only hope that something like that really happens because I believe our government will murder millions of women a children again, just as they did in Japan. Though our side might be forced to do the same, it is the lesser of two evils. They kill to ensure their power. We kill to defend our liberty from them. It isn't ideal to say the least, but is the only option we may have.

Earl Salisbury

Randy J. Albert said...

Great blog William and I'm thankful for people like you who aren't afraid to write about corruption in rural America. Western Oklahoma is very troubling and if I ever break my story it could draw national attention. "If you want to get away with murder go to Beckham County Oklahoma, but just don't write a hot check" Paul Harvey www.saveacab.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I KNEW the girl that was awarded the largest sum if money from the rape lawsuit, she was u think the only one that was actually raped. The rest were molested and such. Anyway i just wanted to share that....she was a good lady had been sober three yrs after she was awarded the money she died due to complications in surgery.
Delaware county is worse than crooked its a joke.....and so are the judges and officials.

Anonymous said...

I was one of thr girls involved in the governors case . I was raped several times we are in a civil case just went to setlement session i turned down there offer i hope our jurors can see these two men used there power and intimidated all five of us please people write your congress man governors DOC and DCS are corrupt we will go to court sometime in march or april unless they call for another settlement session im sorry but 180,000 isnt engough for the torture i endurded never having a choice if i had to go back there monday thru freday someone respomd make this more than some backpage article

Anonymous said...

Interesting - you claim they are corrupt when nobody is still in office from that era. also - you are lying - so there's your post. This article is also filled with inconsistencies - those who were really involved in the case know the truth - this was perpetrated by a lawyer whose wife was given a speeding ticket and she retaliated - there you go delaware county the gag order prevents the truth from coming out - it's over grow up and quit whining.

Anonymous said...

I know you pissed earl but making statements like this really aren't in your best interest . If you want to expose it fine..use the brains god gave you and do it right..violence isn't ok and our children and grandchildren will grow up here..they need to be educated not filled with hate..thats what has caused these problems..greed hate and revenge so why be hypocritical and do the same thing? Trust me I've been angry I get it but violence isn't the answer things can be changed in other ways! 😊

Unknown said...

Yes redneck land. I lived there and that is exactly the description I would use. And for the record I did get out because of the corrupt sheriffs.