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"You Can No Longer Think of Yourselves as Peace Officers": Militarizing "Lockdown High"

 It was Friday the 13th, and Skylar Walters thought he was going to die. 

The 16-year-old inmate of Orangeville Jr.-Sr. High in Illinois was in gym class when a deranged-looking man barged into the school and began firing what appeared to be a handgun at several of the other students.

"I started praying to God and saying my last words," Skylar later recalled. "I was scared. I didn't know what to do."

As the intruder fired his gun, he called out the name of a particular student; the youngster quite sensibly fled the building. Other kids "were just running everywhere and crying and hiding," Skylar recounted. Some of the panicking schoolkids probably attempted to call or text their parents to describe the horror unfolding in front of them. They didn't know that each of the parents had been instructed not to answer if his child issued a desperate plea for help. 

That last sadistic touch is what distinguished the May 13 "active shooter drill" in Orangeville from countless other performances of its kind staged in schools across the Soyuz by the Police State Play Actors' Guild. Most of the time, the kids for whose supposed benefit those drills are choreographed -- and the parents responsible for their care, education, and upbringing -- are let in on the joke.

Last October 10, for example, a mob of "between 80 and 100 officials" from law enforcement agencies staged a little Garrison State melodrama in New York's William H. Barton Intermediate School. As described in the Glens Falls Post-Star

"Fire alarms sounded at 9:31 a.m., drawing closed doors. Three Warren County sheriff's officers and two state troopers conducted the first search, where they encountered students in a hallway and instructed them to sit down. They reached a second floor on a north wing of the school and found several bodies laying across the hallway. Police searched the classrooms, bathrooms and even an elevator, pressing their backs against walls before entering rooms and calling out `clear.' A cafeteria was secured as a transfer point for victims with casualties, and a triage site for patient evaluation was at a nearby school."

In that exercise, students -- some of them in grade school -- were recruited to play "victims." One of them was the third-grade daughter of Heather Holl, who was herself cast as a "victim" in the third trimester of pregnancy. Another bit player, Heather's son Alexander, "played the role of a gunshot victim" with an entry wound in his chest and a large exit wound in the back. 

It should be pointed out that the tactics employed in the "active shooter" scenario at the William H. Barton School focused on officer safety, rather than active intervention on behalf of the victims. In real life, Alexander Holl would have been one of several unarmed, helpless schoolchildren killed while the SWAT team -- encased in body armor and brandishing high-performance weaponry -- took exquisite care to minimize its exposure to risk.

 "He's excited," Heather commented as her son  was transported away from the scene by medical personnel. "He didn't even sleep last night."

At least he was given a copy of the script before the staged shooting began. The students who were deprived of that indispensable intelligence in Orangeville most likely aren't sleeping well now -- not because they're full of eager anticipation, but rather because they suffer from post-traumatic stress. 

Parents were required to participate passively in the scenario played out in Orangeville: They weren't informed about the event until curtain time, and then ordered to participate in an information embargo targeting their terrified kids. 

What this means, of course, is that although the disguised deputy playing the role of assailant was firing blanks, the schoolkids were, quite literally, being held hostage.

If a bank robber bluffs his way through a heist with a toy gun, he's committed a real crime. The same is true of the people who terrorized the inmates of Orangeville Jr.-Sr. High on May 13. School District Superintendent Randy Otto has submitted his resignation, and some parents have discussed the possibility of a lawsuit -- but the appropriate criminal charges against those responsible aren't forthcoming.

"Our number one goal is to save lives," warbled Leigh Anne Ryals, Emergency Management Director for Baldwin County, Alabama, following a similar school shooter drill in Robertsdale's Central Baldwin Middle School a few years ago. The means such drills employ are incompatible with that goal, since the standard template is based on the "Lockdown" Scenario: The killers conduct the rampage on their own terms, end it at a time of their choosing, and the SWAT team merely cattle-pens the victims. News

Like every other "security" measure inflicted on Americans since 9/11, the "lockdown" scenario treats schoolchildren as a tactical impediment -- or perhaps even a threat -- to be dealt with, rather than as innocent people to be protected. That model was actually put in place before 9/11 -- even before Columbine - as part of the federal "Safe Schools" dogma that grew out of the Regime's narcotics price support program (sometimes dishonestly called the "War on Drugs"). 

Today it is typical for police agencies to deploy "Resource Officers" to prowl the halls of schools in search of misbehavior that can be treated as criminal offenses, rather than disciplinary problems. 

 In his keynote address to the 2007 National Association of School Resources Conference, held against the rugged and forbidding backdrop of Orlando's Disney World, self-styled tactical and counter-terrorism John Giduck offered a telling glimpse into the mindset of the armed strangers who haunt local government schools:

"You've got to be a one-man fighting force.... You've got to have enough guns, and ammunition and body armor to stay alive.... You should be walking around in schools every day in complete tactical equipment, with semi-automatic weapons.... You can no longer afford to think of yourselves as peace officers.... You must think of yourself [sic] as soldiers in a war because we're going to ask you to act like soldiers." (Emphasis added.)

In her immensely informative and tirelessly infuriating new book Lockdown High: When The Schoolhouse becomes a Jailhouse, investigative reporter Annette Fuentes  describes Giduck's audience as " a sea of khaki uniforms, some [of whom in the crowd] were waring holstered handguns.... [M]ore than a few had shaved heads and bulging bellies or biceps. Some had both. If drug tests had been required for registration, odds are that a few steroid-positives could have resulted among the more muscular attendees."

Giduck himself has appointed himself an authority on the tactics and training of special forces despite a resume untainted by actual experience in the same. In similar fashion Giduck advertises himself as a world-caliber authority on radical Islam and counter-terrorism: He claims to have been tutored in counter-terrorism by "Putin's boss," the former head of the KGB, and to have trained with Soviet-era special forces, during a visit to Russia in the late Gorbachev era. Assuming that Giduck is telling the truth, that line on his vita should summarily disqualify him from having anything to do with children anywhere.

Whatever proves to be the truth about Giduck's claims, he is a prominent figure among the cohort Fuentes calls the "Profiteers of Lockdown High" -- an interlocking collection of governmental and quasi-private bureaucracies committed to eradicating the few substantive distinctions separating schools from prisons.

"Every day in communities across the United States, children and adolescents spend the majority of their waking hours in schools that increasingly have come to resemble places of detention more than places of learning," observes Fuentes.  Federally subsidized "zero tolerance" policies have created what Fuentes and other critics of the system call the "school-to-prison pipeline": "If yesterday's prank got a slap on the wrist, today those wrists could be slapped with handcuffs."

The danger here is not merely that schools have been largely transformed into short-term prison facilities; it's that the SROs deployed therein take seriously Giduck's catechism about being combat-ready "warriors," rather than peace officers. Their operational credo is not "protect and serve," but rather "control and dominate" -- and, with increasing frequency, "close and kill."

Those options are compellingly displayed in two entirely unnecessary police assaults on young teenagers: The case  of 17-year-old Derby, Kansas resident Jonathan Villareal, who was beaten, tasered, and handcuffed by police "resource officers" who took offense over the way the high school student was wearing his pants; and the murder of 14-year-old San Antonio reform school student Derek Lopez. Significantly, both of those incidents occurred after school hours.

Relieved by the end of his daily sentence in the government mind-laundry, Jonthan passed a brace of officially licensed bullies on the way to the bus. One of them told Jonathan to pull up his pants; the youngster replied -- hopefully with the appropriate measure of controlled contempt -- that school was over and he was thus free to dress any way he chose.

One of the thugs -- his tax-fattened bulk making him much larger than the scrawny adolescent --  threw Jonathan to the ground while bellowing the familiar rapist's refrain: "Stop resisting!" The other thug immediately joined in, both of them striking and kneeing the prone, helpless teenager in the back, legs, and neck. Jonathan also suffered a black eye.

When Jonathan struggled to his feet, he was thrown down forcefully; he felt his arm snap as he hit the ground. He struggled to his feet again, thereby giving one of the costumed enforcers an excuse to report that the victim had assumed an "aggressive stance." This supposedly justified a potentially lethal taser attack.

The Derby High School newspaper, appropriately called the Informer, explained that students can be subjected to "administrative" discipline for wearing their pants "inappropriately." Derby Police Chief Robert Lee described the incident as "a flagrant violation of school policy that could have been handled administratively, if he had not resisted the SRO."

Once again, we see the logic of the rapist at work: If the victim is severely injured or killed for fighting back, it's her own fault; she shouldn't have resisted. This comparison, of course, is unfair: Rapists and other aggressors not swaddled in government-issued costumes aren't generally permitted to file criminal charges against victims who fight back. The Derby Police Department "will take the incident to the district attorney for possible criminal charges against Villareal," observes the Informer. 

Through an interpreter, Villareal's mother said that she "understands if they need to arrest him for being disrespectful," but that she doesn't understand why "they need to beat him up for whatever reason."

The short answer, of course, is this: They do it because they can.

Derby High's dress code is described as part of an effort to beat back the insidious "gang culture" considered to be a besetting scourge of society. Doubtless the school also participates in the Regime's "anti-bullying campaign," in which students are encouraged to rat out each other whenever they hear inappropriate comments, or see what they believe to be inappropriate conduct.

None of this applies to the sanctified bullies in military attire, of course. Since they belong to the State's punitive priesthood, those skeevy armed adults can loiter around schools, leering like Aqualung at underage girls and taunting smaller young males in an attempt to provoke them into doing something to justify a righteous beating -- followed by prosecution for "resisting arrest."

With troubling frequency, this State-authorized bullying involves the use of consistently lethal weapons, such as the ubiquitous portable electro-shock torture device. On occasion, it involves unambiguous criminal homicide. Witness the November 12, 2010 killing of Derek Lopez by Officer Daniel Alvarado of San Antonio's Northside Independent School District Police.

Alvarado was an exceptionally unqualified officer even by the dismal standards that prevail among the ranks of tax-subsidized gun thugs. Between March 2006 and November 2010, Alvarado was suspended four times. Four times he was informed by supervisors that he faced "immediate termination."

For some reason -- most likely one rooted in police union politics -- when it came time to fire Alvarado, his superiors just couldn't bring themselves to pull the trigger. Alvarado displayed no similar scruples on November 12, 2010, when he murdered 14-year-old Derek Lopez, who had just taken part in a brief scuffle with another student.

Owing to his own troubled past, Lopez was a student at the Bexar County Juvenile Justice Academy. At around 4:30 PM on the fatal day, Lopez sucker-punched a 13-year-old classmate at a bus stop.

"He just hit me once," the student later recalled in a sworn deposition. "It wasn't a fight. It was nothing."

Unfortunately, Alvarado happened to be prowling the intersection in his patrol car, and witnessed the trivial dust-up.

"Freeze!" Alvarado shouted at Lopez, who bolted from the scene. Alvarado, in his mid-40s, briefly gave token pursuit before wheezing out the first of several self-serving falsehoods.

"I just had one run from me," gasped the winded tax-feeder. "I saw an assault in progress. He punched the guy several times." (Emphasis added.)

A supervisor instructed Alvarado "not [to] do any big search over there" in pursuit of the assailant. "Let's stay with the victim and see if we can identify [the suspect] that way."

Rather than doing as he was ordered, Alvarado bundled the "victim" -- who was probably more terrified of the armed functionary than of his obnoxious classmate -- into the patrol car and went in pursuit of Lopez.

Lopez vaulted a nearby fence and hid in a backyard shed containing Christmas decorations. The homeowner saw the intrusion, and a neighbor flagged down Alvarado's patrol car. The officer drew his gun "when he came up the driveway," recalled the homeowner.

Within a minute or so, a single gunshot resonated through the neighborhood. When asked by the horrified homeowner what had happened, Alvarado -- who reportedly looked "dazed or distant" -- replied that Lopez "came at me."

"The suspect bull rushed his way out of the shed and lunged right at me," the timorous creature later claimed in an official report. "The suspect was literally inches away from me, and I feared for my own safety."(Emphasis added.)

Alvarado was lying, of course. An autopsy revealed "no evidence of close range firing [on] the wound," and no gunpowder stains were found on the victim's bloody t-shirt.

By this time, the boy who had taken the punch at the bus stop had called his mother via cell phone. She arrived shortly after Alvarado had gunned down Lopez.

"At one point, the mother told a witness, `He shot him? Why did he shoot him? He didn't have to shoot him," reports the San Antonio News-Express.

Alvarado, who four times was on the cusp of being fired for insubordination, disobeyed a direct order on November 12. He falsified key details of the shooting in his official report. A 14-year-old boy was gunned down execution-style for the venial offense of engaging in an adolescent scuffle, and for compelling an overweight middle-aged badge-polisher to run a few hundred yards. According to the San Antonio Police Department, this is all perfectly acceptable: The department ruled that the murder of Derek Lopez was a "justified" shooting.

Although he's been removed from patrol duty, Alvarado remains on the force, albeit in a tax-underwritten sinecure. Although he had repeatedly been threatened with termination for sloppiness or defiance in carrying out administrative duties, Alvarado faces neither criminal prosecution nor professional censure for murdering a 14-year-old boy.

Apparently, insubordination in carrying out office functions is a much graver matter than insubordination that results in the needless death of an adolescent Mundane.

Despite the fact that this incident involved two teenage boys who attended a special school for troubled juveniles, parents should understand that students in practically any government-run "educational" institution can fall prey to sudden -- and potentially lethal -- police violence.

The purpose of "active shooter drills" is not to refine protocols intended to protect inmates of government schools; instead, it is to habituate children to the presence of paramilitary operators in their midst. Parents should ponder that reality as millions of young Americans begin their welcome Summer parole from the government's hybrid school/prison system -- and they should likewise consider the wisdom of making that parole an unconditional pardon. 

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Thanks again, and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Disturbing what happened to the youth Villareal. Wearing one's pants improperly is a crime because "they" say so. God forbid I should ride at the front of the bus because "the law" dictates I must ride at the back. My crime?Having brown skin. It's just that stupid. And the police can't seem to see just how stupid this kind of enforcement truly is. No mercy, no compassion. They truly are law enforcement. I'm still shaking my head... inappropriate pants wearing a crime!! I don't know how anyone can actually vote in favor of giving cops more money to increase police powers against the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

A very excellent article and research, on the very disturbing state of this nation.

In search for some peaceful, civilized, solutions to problems Americans are confronted with, I came across this:

"The Republic for the united States of America",

which is making attempt (or has already done so) to re-establish "de jure" (original, constitutional style) vice "de facto" (current, non-constitutional, centrally-controlled, totalitarian corporation) government.

Regardless of validity of this "project", there are very good ideas and information to be found on the website:

"In concern for all of humanity, “We the People” re-inhabited our lawful de jure (meaning “by right of legal establishment”) government on March 30, 2010, by serving notice on the de facto corporation, known as the “UNITED STATES”.

liberranter said...

If "thinking" people haven't learned by now that sending their offspring to public indoctrinaria constitutes the ultimate in child abuse and endangerment, then it's time to move them out of the "thinking, liberty-loving adult" category and into the "brain-dead conformist sheeple" category.

Anonymous said...

I just heard about this horrendous story from folks at the local Libertarian meeting this past weekend. I couldn't believe it. Do you think my "respect" for cops increased as a result of hearing this? Nope!.... It only serves to reinforce my belief that the entire system and those who engage in it are corrupt or enablers of it. That is why I have little respect for Oath Keepers. Because if they had any decency they'd resign and start up independent policing or security services that do no rely on sucking at Leviathans teat.

Anonymous said...


this security drill is in no way realistic, but you know this. here's why:

first the police are called. they will take a while to get there.

but here is the truth, once there, they will cordon off the area and wait. wait for what? backup. and they will wait for the fear of going in and getting shot.

so while they wait, the shooting will go on until the perp kills himself. and after this, they will go in and treat everyone like a terrorist until they are sure there is no more threat. at which point, these victims will wait for hours in detention.


Bob said...

All Federal taxpayer funding of local "law enforcement" must be done away with. We are developing our own Gestapos, KGBs, and Stasis.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

The law enforcement agencies are entirely out-of-control!

The informed citizens know that; the average citizen still thinks that these uniformed thugs believe their purpose is to "protect and serve".

You'll find no more of a pronounced sense of "Us Against Them" attitude anywhere than amongst law enforcement officers.

I've personally known a number of cops in my lifetime. I've liked only a few.

Just yesterday, I was a member of a jury pool for a carjacking case. While the jury selection process was still going on, I truthfully told the judge (after all, I WAS under oath) that if I found myself as a juror on a case where the only evidence presented was a cop's word for something against the defendant's word for something - no other witnesses; no other evidence - I would give more weight to the defendant's testimony.

Naturally, I was eventually dismissed from the jury pool, as I knew I would be. I will never again serve on a jury because I have an entirely honest "Get Out Of Jury Service Free" card.

But what I found interesting is that right after I made that statement, it started an avalanche of raised hands and voluntary statements from the other prospective jurors. But in every single case, without exception, the other jurors stated the exact opposite of what I had said: Given no further evidence or witness testimony to consider other than a cop's word against a defendant's word, they would give more credence to the cop's testimony.

Why was I not surprised?
Those are undoubtedly the same citizens who believe that when they get sexually molested by a TSA agent at an airport, it's only because the TSA is trying to keep everyone safe from potential terrorists.

"Yeah, please fondle everyone's junk before we board, so I can feel safe in the (way too) friendly skies."

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Anonymous said...

I have an autistic grade school grandson now, and God forbid he be involved in this kind of drill. I don't think he would be able to tell anyone what happened.

Anonymous said...

maybe it is time to feed some hogs - henry bowman

methylamine said...

Will, have you considered aggregating your site with the Don't Tread On Me guy? He's done some excellent work. I know you're already on LewRockwell.

Please consider this:

Anonymous said...

The real purpose like all this OBVIOUS FASCIST B.S. is to remind the sheeple that this is not a republic it's a mob ruled democracy perpetuated by IGNORANCE,controlled out of the bank of england under the loving supervision of the shadow government. The USSA is a police state. They are merging us into the NAU. They're using the military/zombie/killers now against us, preparing them for when the federal reserve collapses the economy on purpose, through the fiat slave/debt system.

Anonymous said...

I hate cops and they are truly out of control, but its hard to feel pity for some of this miscreants. These kids are the same ones that bully other kids every day and grow up to be either criminals or cops themselves. So hard to feel much pity for them.

How can you feel pity for a kid that sucker punches another kid in the back of the head? That can easily kill someone right there. Maybe find better examples of police abuses, they occur everyday to people of all walks of life now. No need to be politically correct and only report on the poor brown people.

Meanwhile, black flash mobs are beating up, robbing, killing, whites everyday in chicago, NY, philly, etc. But the politically correct news will never report the race, they wouldn't want white people to know the truth, you always have to dig deeper to see the truth.

The solution is to just let all the inner city scum and cops battle it out to the death. We will all better off without any of them.

dimitri said...

Liberals can't even write articles without name calling and hyperbole.

Great way to get your point across sounding like an internet malcontent

Anonymous said...

My wife pulls up at her downtown Nampa ,Idaho buisiness last saturday night.That has her personal name written on the clear, visable side of the building. Barney Fife starts to interigate her on why,and what she is doing there.He has her drivers licence in one hand
and she his holding a vacum cleaner in the other.He makes her drop the vacum cleaner,put her hands on the car,and badgers her some more about the registration being in her sons name.My wife has cancer and is no threat to any one with common sense.I am going down to the Police and protest the cops attitude and judgment,But you know rattle snakes dont commit suicide It make my day when I her that one get Killed

liberranter said...

"Liberals?" If you're referring to Mr. Grigg, you've obviously stumbled onto this blog by mistake, without ever having read anything else William has written.

Next time get a clue before you put fat fingers to keyboard and make an ass out of yourself.

Anonymous said...

From an energetic/vibrational standpoint, by enacting these drills these people are creating the very energy they are supposedly trying to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Today, the psychopaths are cops.

Someone ought'a file a tort action for "intentional infliction of emotional distress" for $14 Trillion.

That way, we can kill two birds with one stone.
1) We can kill the national debt.
2) Enslave the govt goons who created it.

The world is going insane and the GOVT is driving the bus. (Reagan called it trickle down economics. Well, now we can call it "trickle down insanity.")

Anonymous said...

to Anon @ 1434,

you said,

"These kids are the same ones that bully other kids every day and grow up to be either criminals or cops themselves. So hard to feel much pity for them.

How can you feel pity for a kid that sucker punches another kid in the back of the head? That can easily kill someone right there."

point number 1. these kids are the same ones who...

let me stop there. stop generalizing. not everyone in school is a bully. you imply that most of them are. this is false.

point 2. they grow up to be cops or criminals?

so what you are saying is that anyone who goes to HS will become a cop or a criminal. come on man. you're spouting nonsense!

"How can you feel pity for a kid that sucker punches another kid in the back of the head? That can easily kill someone right there."

no it can't. i was sucker punched in the head in high school. back in the day, it was called "stoning".

i looked around to see who did it. it was a guy from my neighborhood. i shrugged it off. did i feel pity for him? there was no need at the time. part of growing up. but when he was 21, a guy showed up to his workplace and murdered him.

i don't think he was saved. my last memory of him was meeting him at a grocery store around midnight after both of us had gotten off work. we laughed and joked around.
i'd prefer he was with us today than in the grave.


Anonymous said...

You must think of yourself [sic] as soldiers in a war because we're going to ask you to act like soldiers."

And if they continue to act like soldiers in a war, we will help them die like soldiers in a war.


Sibkiss said...

Will, there is a story my friend just read to me, with video from local Phoenix newscast, that we would like you to investigate further for your blog.
A young man and his mother were arguing, and for some reason, she called the police, they came and killed him in the home and his dog. He was unarmed, she said it happened in about a minute after entering the home with her permission.

I tried to make a donation, and PayPal would not allow it. Please advise me. didnt have any of the G3 books in stock.

Thank you for your decades of help to Americans. God bless you and your family.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Peasants, Sheeple, and all Subjects of Moloch: Hear ye, Hear ye:

The name says it all:

"Law ENFORCEMENT Officer."

In other words, the application of FORCE to ENFORCE the FORCIBLE compliance with The Law, whatever The Law may be, or rather, whatever the "Enforcement Officer" decides on the spur of the moment that it is.

It is his job to use armed FORCE on every occasion, whether he is right or wrong, whether he is obeyed or disobeyed. His job description says so.

With this constant application of unbridled FORCE, what the hell can we expect from these overfed, bloated, steroid-engorged porkers?

I suppose we should be grateful that the cops in Alameda stood by for an hour on the beach watching that man drown, instead of just shooting him. Or else going out in the water, handcuffing him and beating him over the head with a nightstick. That would have been the only two things they are trained to do. After all, people acting strangely, including those in the process of dying, might just be "A Danger to Officer Safety."

Blessed be the peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God.

Cursed be the forcemakers, for they shall be called the Spawn of Satan.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.
- Lemuel Gulliver.

PS: In most countries, they are called "Police." This comes from the Greek root "Polites," meaning "Citizens," or "Polis" meaning collectively "The People," as in Minneapolis or Indianapolis. ONLY in America - ONLY here - and nowhere else in the English-speaking world, are they called "Law Enforcement Officers." This speaks volumes about our society, its attitudes, and its standards of how the citizens expect to be treated by the ruling classes. That is why I addressed you all (including myself with you) as Peasants, Sheeple and Subjects of Moloch.
- L.G.

S. Wiseman said...

Thank you, Lemeul for that exposition of LAW ENFORCEment. It is so painfully clear.
Really, what is the difference between a gang and law enforcement officers? Both speak of belonging to a brotherhood; both use symbols and language that distinguish them from others ("the perp...," "I feared for my life...," "he assumed an agressive stance...,"); both have a We against Them mentality; gangs dress alike, cops dress alike; both have powerful weapons; both use deadly force; both terrorize the citizenry with their displays of authority; both troll the neighborhoods seeking whom to devour. In this country the Police will always protect and serve the STATE. Remember it was the government that ordered the cops and the military to put down striker and tenant farmer revolts at the height of the industrial revolution in the 1890s through the 1930s.

Anonymous said...

Simple One Word solution to all of the BS


Al Miller said...

What parent in their right mind would just ignore their kid because the school or police told them to? These parents are insane… let’s allow our kids to go through a fake traumatic event so the cops can get their kicks… this is just sick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah homeschooling is one option but realistically not all parents can homeschool. There is another option that if it was implimented by parents nationwide would cure the problem extremely fast. Teach your children to offensively defend themselves. They run into one of these dehumanizing drills and every kid in the vicinity goes after the shooter. After one of the so called elected shooter's lands in the hospital for his protectionism with fifty pencils and pens imbeded in his body and pulverized with chairs, books, and anything else handy like a desk globe, the number of incidents will start to die down. Teach the kids to organize and take out their own threats and they'll not only be better educated, but their self-esteem will improve. Every kid should be learning self-defense and a good offense is the best defense. Even a team of three or five grade schoolers could be taught to run off a practicing adult. What they're doing, traumatizing those kids is inexcuseable. Time parents put a stop to it. Their preventative medicine and so called cure is worse than the affliction.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to comment in a similar way. If one of the parents who knew about this, also had a CCW permit and packed a gun with blanks into the school to "observe" or something.

Then when the event started, he could confront the "perp" and give him a chance to stand down or be "shot".

Oh... and don't tell the "perp" that there would be an armed citizen in the school, so he wouldn't know if the guy had blanks or not. NOW THAT would be an interesting demonstration. (albeit, someone would probably really get killed)

Anonymous said...

Why don't these psycho cops just join the Army and go to Afghanistan?

Or, why don't they join Blackwater?

I HAVE THE ANSWER: They are pussies who like willing victims.

These pussies like a badge on their chests that 'say' that you can't shoot back.

Pussies. What else can you call it?

Anonymous said...

Why don't these psycho cops just join the Army and go to Afghanistan?

Or, why don't they join Blackwater?

I HAVE THE ANSWER: They are pussies who like willing victims.

These pussies like a badge on their chests that 'say' that you can't shoot back.

Pussies. What else can you call it?

Anonymous said...

My family has been here for many generations fought in Civil War and many afterwards defending this country . This seems no longer the United States , they are destroying the constitution , rights disappearing at record rates. It is and continues to become a military law rules all here and its no longer the people who have any voice. I am sickened by what I see and hear and experience. TSA, laws against photographing cops now 5 yrs imprisonment ... staging such as I read above . I wonder if it is to late to reverse it now have we let it go to far already?

1776blues said...

We are in the early stage of the Police state and this is mild compared to what is to come!

markrod420 said...

Yeah i dont even know what to say. There was one guy who decided to turn this into a place to trash talk black people and talk about how they are threatening us whites. I know what to say about that retard... "You and your racism are a retarded part of the problem". But when it comes to the actual article and the relevant comments made im just speechless. We are so screwed and people are just sitting back and watching as they screw us a little harder. Not people here. Everyone here seems to have their eyes open except one idiot i saw (other than the racist that is). But its not enough... We need more people to wake up so badly...

Anonymous said...

Terror drills can show up on TV as 'actual news' stories.
Some of the Tucson players advertise their acting on Facebook.

Terror drills can 'go live' and become actual news, too,
like the 9/11 wargames. Even 9/11 hijackers didn't know the
final round. They only knew the 'test scenario' for an
'anti-hijacking autopilot' to assume control, not final

Anonymous said...

I'm even more convinced that we Americans are in trouble because of what started happening to me about three years ago. A series of terrifying life events unfolded including harassment in the workplace, wiretapping of my private phones, and apparent harassment that mirrored my private actions and even my thoughts. I'm just giving you a snapshot of this due to space constraints.

If you want the punchline, here it is - it seems that our government is developing neurotechnology weapons (probably with malevolent intent) that can be used to silence, discredit, intimidate, deceive, control remotely, impoverish and immobilize intended targets. This technology can read the thoughts of and evoke thoughts and emotions in whoever it is used on. It looks like this has been used for many years to silence and discredit whistleblowers, including scientists, celebrities, politicians, and military people who knew too much and wanted to warn others. This technology can be used to make anyone look schizophrenic, and so discredit, isolate and even have them "put away".

The web helped me to figure out what was happening to me (I've never been mentally ill). I formerly believed that I was being gangstalked; now I know that my harassers, including friends and family, were unwittingly responding to evoked neurotech cues given to them. My profile - female, early forties, former good job in a company.

Apparently, there's a long history of nonconsensual experimentation on unsuspecting "nobodies" by secret programs within our government and military. If you want to research this further, see the history channel That's Impossible: Mind Control and Mission Mind Control (also on Fedflix) videos on YouTube and the, and websites. See also the videos of the public comments session of the two most recent (2011) Bioethics Commission meetings. For a quick teaser article, google "Are They Crazy or is the Government After Them?" (on PsychCentral's blog).

There's a good reason to create the "Tin Foil Hat" caricature that provokes immediate derision - it helps keep the general public from taking this issue seriously and getting informed.

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Interestingly enough John Giduck has now been exposed as total fraud and liar by the Special Operations community. He threatened to sue a current Navy Seal when Giduck was questioned about credentials. This in turn has backfired and he is now being exposed as total fraud.