Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Mission No. 77": U.S.- Funded False Flag Terrorism in Egypt

Shortly after midnight on the morning of New Year's Day, a green Skoda automobile pulled up outside the Saints Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt. The vehicle decanted two men, one of whom was seen speaking tersely into a mobile phone as they walked briskly from the scene.

A few minutes later a 100 kilogram bomb detonated inside the car, sending its densely packed, lethal payload of nails, glass and iron balls into the sanctuary. The explosion, which was powerful enough to shatter every window in the neighborhood, killed more than twenty worshipers gathered for New Year's mass. Nearly a hundred more were seriously wounded. Body parts were propelled into the fourth floor of the church building and onto a neighboring mosque

An hour before the bomb went off,  government security personnel assigned to guard the church quietly withdrew, despite official assurances that the force would be on hand until the end of the worship service. No explanation was given for this oddly timed dereliction of duty. After the bombing, a group of Muslim radicals quickly materialized to taunt the terrified and infuriated Christian victims with chants of "Allah akbar." Armored riot police arrived shortly thereafter, firing rubber bullets and tear gas grenades to disperse the crowd.

The immediate official story was that "foreign elements" -- either al-Qaeda or the Israeli Mossad -- were responsible for the atrocity. This explanation was immediately challenged by surviving eyewitnesses who had seen the security force withdrawn and the unidentified vehicle park in a cordoned-off "secure" area. Spokesmen for the long-suffering Coptic Christian population pointed out that on January 6, 2010, security had been withdrawn from a Coptic church in Nag Hammadi shortly before a drive-by shooting. Six Coptic Christians attending Christmas Eve mass, along with a Muslim security guard, were killed in the attack, and nine others were wounded. 

Suspects in the Nag Hammadi shooting.
Three suspects were arrested by the police a few days after the atrocity in Nag Hammadi. The alleged ringleader, a career criminal named Mohammad Kammouni, was sentenced to death earlier this year by a special "state security" tribunal established under the post-1981 emergency law. 

Under that streamlined procedure, the verdict cannot be appealed, and -- once the Grand Mufti ratifies the death sentence -- Kammouni can be disposed of quickly and cleanly. This is a very tidy way to dispose of a Patsy. 

By the time of the New Year's Eve bombing in Alexandria, a growing number of Egyptians -- both Christian and Muslim -- began to suspect that Mubarak's U.S.-supported police state had cultivated a large pool of patsies to carry out false flag operations intended to foment sectarian conflict. If that was the design, things were working out as planned. 

Funerals of Coptic terrorism victims were becoming commonplace, and quickly turning into confrontations between Christians and Muslims. This kept the riot police busy and gave State Security (SS) officials a pretext to round up scores of young Copts as a "preventive" measure. The biggest benefit to the regime was the emergence of a deep and increasingly violent sectarian rift in the Egyptian population.

"Clashes between Muslims and Christians have grown increasingly common in recent years, especially in Upper Egypt, where there is a large Christian population and a strong culture of vendetta killings," reported the New York Times following the Nag Hammadi murders. "Those killings typically spring from unexceptional disputes that spiral into full-blown conflicts that have to be settled by security forces."

"Egyptians have been united historically by a strong sense of national identity, allowing the Muslim majority and Coptic Christian minority to live in peace, for the most part," continued the report. "But the recent rise in religious fervor, especially among Muslims, has strained relations and increased reported episodes of religiously inspired violence."

"There is a prevailing atmosphere of sectarianism and religious incitement which has led to this behavior," complained Gamal Asaad, a Coptic Christian and former member of the Egyptian parliament. "People deal with each other now as Muslims or Christians, not as Egyptians."

During the past two decades, according to Egyptian-American human rights activist Magdi Khalil, Egyptian Copts suffered more than 1,500 attacks that killed hundreds and inflicted millions of dollars' worth of property damage. He describes those incidents as "state crimes" perpetrated by the Mubarak regime, which used the Christian minority as as scapegoat "to redirect public anger from its own corruption." 

Khalil points out that while the Mubarak regime fomented Islamist terrorist attacks on Christians in the service of its domestic agenda, it exploited the violence for external consumption by blaming it on the apparently all-powerful Muslim Brotherhood. The specter of the much-discussed but little-understood Brotherhood, Khalil points out, was used by Mubarak "as a pretext vis-a-vis the West to justify his autocratic regime."

Tragically, the removal of Mubarak and the resignation (for whatever it's worth) of Omar Suleiman, the Beria-esque head of the Egyptian secret police, didn't entirely extinguish the inter-communal conflict that had been so lovingly nurtured by the regime for the past thirty years. However, during the past year a growing number of young Egyptians -- their perceptions sharpened by the ongoing economic collapse -- have come to understand how they were being manipulated. 

"We live together, or die together": Egyptian Muslims rally to defend Christian neighbors.
Rejecting the artificial collectivist divisions being promoted by the regime (and subsidized by its unfathomably evil patron in Washington), Egyptians began to communicate and collaborate across religious lines in the interest of saving their country from the government ruling it.

Last January, in defiance of the divide-and-conquer script being followed by the Regime,  thousands of Muslims volunteered to attend Coptic Christmas worship services to act as "human shields" protecting their Christian neighbors. During the peaceful anti-government demonstrations in Tahrir Square, Copts returned the favor by forming a human chain protecting their Muslim neighbors during prayers. In seeking to bring down the police state ruling them, those brave and principled people practiced the most effective form of subversion: Loving their neighbors as themselves.

On March 5th, hundreds of Egyptian pro-liberty activists, after learning that State Security officials were destroying documentary evidence of their crimes,  laid siege to SS headquarters near Cairo. Although tons of critical documents had been reduced to confetti, thousands of others were seized, many of which have been published on the Web. Some of the material describes the pervasive surveillance of freedom activists by the SS; other documents provide details of official corruption, such as the rigging of local elections by Mubarak's National Democratic Party. Medical reports lay out in terrifying detail numerous cases in which innocent people were tortured to death.

The most significant find, however, was a group of eight documents discussing attacks on Christian churches. Nestled in that batch was a December 2, 2010 memo to the Egyptian Interior Minister outlining "Mission No. 77," an operation in which a jailed Islamist would organize the plot to bomb the Saints Coptic Church in Alexandria during New Year's Eve mass.

Oh, sure -- some bien-pensants are suggesting that the incriminating documents are cunningly cobbled forgeries. This would mean that the Egyptian SS didn't stage a false-flag operation, but that for some reason somebody in that agency created a false file suggesting as much after the fact.

Given that every spy agency is a roomful of funhouse mirrors, it's possible that the "Mission No. 77" document was manufactured as part of some too-clever-by-half disinformation scheme. In any case, it's worth remembering that the Egyptian SS was trained and funded by the same U.S. government responsible for creating the Operation Northwoods proposal decades ago, which outlined several possible false-flag terrorism campaigns in which Americans would suffer injury or death in order to manipulate public opinion. 

In recent years, the Regime in Washington, using what it unblushingly calls terrorism "facilitators," has staged a series of ersatz terrorist plots intended to create the impression that America is under siege by implacable Jihadist enemies.

Whatever the eventual outcome of the uprising in Egypt, this much is worth celebrating: Millions of Egyptians who suffered under Mubarak's police state understand how this game is played, and are refusing to play along any longer. What's our excuse?

Thank you so much for your indispensable help in keeping Pro Libertate on-line! God bless. 

Dum spiro, pugno!


Marie Lynette said...

Are you talking New Year's, January 1st, or a year beginning on a different date?

William N. Grigg said...

The bombing this year occurred on January 1. The Copts, like other Orthodox Christians, celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, but they're on the same page with the rest of the world where reckoning of dates is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Keep stoking the fire. Its the only way to smoke the vermin out.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

I well remember an incident in Basra, Iraq, around 2006. Five men in Iraqi native garb were arrested by the Iraqi police in a car, the trunk of which was filled with plastic explosives and shrapnel. The men turned out to be British soldiers, and without offering any explanation of what they were supposed to be doing, the British mounted a SAS (equivalent of our Special Forces) operation, to spring the men from the jail in Basra, killing a couple of Iraqi prison guards in the process.

So what do we make of that?

Some people will say the five soldiers were celebrating Halloween early that year. Or, being British, Guy Fawkes Day, complete with fireworks.

Here is another:

That is a memoir titled "An Iraqi Jew Remembers," by Naeim Giladi. After bombings and attacks on Jews and synagogues in Iraq, and after fleeing from Iraq to Israel, he dicovered the terrorism had been staged by the Mossad, to scare Iraqi Jews into immigrating to Israel. After arriving there, he also discovered that Sephardic Jews were only allowed to clean toilets and drive buses. Non-Semitic, Crypto-Mongol Ashkenazim, descended from Central Asian tribes, run Israel and keep all the good jobs for themselves. He also discovered the use of biological warfare by Israel against the Palestinians. He renounced his Israeli citizenship and now lives in America. Read his fascinating story, and open your eyes to the criminality of the Israeli State.

I also point to the blowing up in 1994 of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires. At one time, Argentina and Chile had a nuclear arms race, both trying to build nuclear weapons. Then sanity prevailed, and they signed a treaty to both give up that effort. Argentina then began to sell its enriched uranium to Iran, which had ambitions to build a reactor.
(Iran has been trying to do so since the 1960s under the Shah, and have failed. The Russians have built one for them. They also have been unable to build themselves an oil refinery since oil was discovered in Iran in 1920... 90 years ago! Iran is NOT a country which will EVER be able to build a nuclear weapon, unless someone gives them one ready to go.)

Why, then, would Iran blow up the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires and kill 85 Jewish Argentinian citizens? The effect of this was that Argentina stopped selling uranium to Iran. EXACTLY!! The mass murder of Jews was staged by the Mossad, who probably figured that the lives of 85 Jews were worth the goal of a rift between Argentina and Iran.

Then, we come to 9-11 itself, the most spectacular terrorist attack in history. It is my contention that it was staged by the US Government itself, in the form of the Bush Crime Family and its friends, who originated the plan, with help from the Mossad, the Saudi Royal Family, Pakistani ISI, Turkish Intelligence, and the Bin Laden Family. (Yes, Osama did train the team, initally. No, he was not the mastermind.) I have been called "sick" on this blog for suggesting that, and will no longer reveal my evidence which proves it. Too bad. You people and your stupid blindness are not worth me losing my life over. Besides, I have too much else to do in my life than argue with True Believers in the Sanctity of the Bush Holy Family.

I could go on for days, but will spare you my anger and disgust with the sheeple who walk around tut-tutting and murmuring "Mercy Percy! I am a tad unhappy! Oh dearie me!"


Those who refuse to believe that, and to hold it firmly in mind every time they hear of a terrorist incident, are cretins who deserve everything that happens to their sorry asses.

- Lemuel Gulliver.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg and Friends,

Here is an excerpt from a 1999 article by Michael Ledeen discussing the philosophy of Machiavelli at:

After receiving the Commandments and crushing the heretics of the golden calf, Moses continued on to the borders of the Promised Land. There, at G-d's instructions, Moses organized an espionage mission headed by Joshua and Caleb, in preparation for the invasion and occupation of the country. After 40 days the spies returned. The good news was that the land was beautiful and bountiful; the bad news was that the inhabitants were big and strong, impressively armed and well fortified.

All the spies, save Joshua and Caleb, argued it was suicidal to attack, and the vast majority of the people agreed. Fearing they were about to be destroyed in battle, they turned against Moses. "And they said one to another: 'Let us appoint a captain, and let us return into Egypt.'"

Recently freed from Egyptian slavery, the Israelites nonetheless demanded a return to bondage rather than fight for freedom.

This was the beginning of a vast revolt against Moses, a revolt that spread to every tribe and involved the most powerful and distinguished leaders as well as members of the priestly hierarchy, even Aaron himself. Ingratitude, Machiavelli ruefully observes in a poem, is the daughter of Greed and Suspicion, nursed in the arms of Envy, and it has been an essential part of human nature ever since Adam and Eve ungratefully ate the apple and departed Eden.

Moses' followers were suitably ungrateful. Some accused Moses of abuse of power, while others denounced him for incompetence.

As at Sinai, the participants were ruthlessly punished. Ringleaders were killed, and G-d sentenced the remainder of the adults to die wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, a year for each of the days of the espionage mission. Of the adults, only Joshua and Caleb were permitted to enter the Promised Land and live there in freedom.

The revolt against Moses in the name of slavery is one of the most powerful of the "infinite examples" to which Machiavelli refers in order to show the difficulties in leading to freedom a people that has become accustomed to living in slavery, a fundamental Jewish theme that is as important to us today as it was in the Italian Renaissance. As Machiavelli puts it, "It is as difficult to make a people free that is resolved to live in servitude, as it is to subject a people to servitude that is determined to be free."

The Jews, even under Moses' leadership, could not overcome the slave mentality of those who grew up under Egyptian tyranny. To create a free nation, the entire generation had to be obliterated [through 40 years wandering] in the wilderness. A new generation, raised in freedom, fulfilled the mission.

Let us repeat and engrave on our hearts the words of Machiavelli:


Which of these are we? Only if enough of us Americans are prepared to be dead lions instead of living dogs, will we achieve a restoration of the freedoms we once enjoyed.

- Lemuel Gulliver.

liberranter said...

If you would like to engage in an exercise in mind and soul-rending frustration, try explaining the existence of Coptic Christians, or indeed any other sect of Arab Christians, to the average Amoricon on the street. Or, worse yet, to the average Amoricon warvangelical "Christian." To most of these speed bumps-with-pulses, the idea of a "Christian Arab" is as alien as the idea of loving their neighbors as they love themselves.

Lemuel Gulliver said...


I worked in the next cubicle to a Syrian Christian guy. The big boss, an ex-Marine, had his office door directly opposite the Syrian's cubicle. He would silently walk past the Syrian's cubicle, and say "Good night, Fred" to ME as he left. Several of the lilywhite managers disliked the Syrian - the nicest, most polite, intelligent guy you could imagine. I said to him, "These assholes don't realize your family has been Christian since long before their ancestors were still painting themselves blue, pounding drums, and worshipping Wotan and Freya. Remember St. Paul? On the road to Damascus? To persecute your ancestors? About the year 40 AD?" He would smile, and we would agree how freaking dumb most people in America are. He eventually quit, and they replaced him with two people to do his work. But at least they were white assholes too, so the bosses were happy.

- Lemuel Gulliver.

PS: I read that about 60% of the high school kids in Texas cannot name the nation that lies to the south of the USA. And George Bush thinks Africa is a country. And most Amoricons think Eye-ran is somewhere in The Gulf. (Of Mexico.)

Do these people know they need to drop their pants before they take a shit, or does someone have to remind them?

- LG.

liberranter said...

PS: I read that about 60% of the high school kids in Texas cannot name the nation that lies to the south of the USA.

That's really hilarious, given that most of those dumb-asses and their equally dumb-ass parents are fond of endlessly bragging that Texas is actually an independent nation and always has been (if only). Ergo, that "nation" that lies to the south of the USA would be their own beloved "Lone Star Republic." It must be physically PAINFUL to be so stupid...

Do these people know they need to drop their pants before they take a shit, or does someone have to remind them?

Unless they happened to be abroad somewhere (probably in a country they couldn't name or find on a map) that is populated by intelligent life forms, who would know enough to remind them?

Bud said...

Meanwhile, our politicians and establishment media try their hardest to exacerbate tensions between different groups in our country: 'liberal' vs. 'conservative', white vs. minority, etc. Make people more afraid of their neighbors than of a murderous gov't.

Anonymous said...

My heart really goes out to those people who are being torn apart by religious fanatics and political fanatics. The false flag attacks are being exposed more and more. I am sorry, to those who are emotionally blindfolded to the truth about 9/11 and some other attacks that always increase and extend the power Blob. (Or Borg)
Since 1976 I have been researching the truth, and it ain't a pretty sight, but I do not like the alternative candy coated cyanide pill of lies any better.

Thank God for those who expose the tyrants tales, and promote the peace of brotherhood of all God's children worldwide.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg,

This story was pretty devastating. It gives the lie to all the claims about "Dangerous Muslim Fundamentalists" wanting to destroy Christianity and Christians.

And if this is so in Egypt, where else might this Islamic bogeyman be a pure invention of the Global Power Elite, to keep the American public and all other publics angry, fearful, and distracted from the looting of their last pennies by the same Power Elite? Where else is this false flag being propagated to direct public anger away from The Rulers and towards an imaginary enemy?

I know everyone is now focused on the inconceivable disaster in Japan, but this expose of yours is of long-term importance, both in terms of events past and for the future. It exposes the lies of Peter King, as well as a whole pack of his predecessors, such as those who created a firestorm over the "Ground Zero Mosque."

I am surprised that so few people have thought it worth commenting on.

Where IS everybody??

- Lemuel Gulliver.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

And the neoconservatives (sometimes disguised as paleos) call them radical or Muslim extremists.