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From Terrorist Bagman to Homeland Security Overlord: The Curious Career of Peter King

There's only two things wrong with him -- his face: Congressman Peter "Janus" King

In the person of Congressman Peter King (R-New York), the incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, the abstraction called "hypocrisy" has acquired tangible human form. After spending decades canvassing his fellow Irish-American Catholics to raise money for terrorists in Northern Ireland, King has promised to conduct a wide-ranging investigation of American Muslim congregations and cultural organizations in search of people providing "material support" for Islamic terrorism.

"We have to break through this politically correct nonsense which keeps us from debating and discussing what I think is one of the most vitally important issues in this country," King insists. "We are under siege by Muslim terrorists and yet there are Muslim leaders in this country who do not cooperate with law enforcement."
King has also demanded that the WikiLeaks whistleblower organization be designated a terrorist organization. He insists that the group provided "material support" to terrorism by publishing hundreds of thousands of pages' worth of previously classified documents, many of them describing criminal acts and institutionalized corruption on the part of policy-makers in the U.S. government.  It's reasonable to suspect that King's antipathy toward WikiLeaks is inspired, at least in part, by personal concerns. 

Among the documents made public by WikiLeaks is one that could be of particular interest to King -- a February 2010 CIA "Red Cell Special Memorandum" -- an "out-of-the-box" analysis examining "what it would mean for the US to be seen ... as an incubator and `exporter of terrorism.'" For example: "Some Irish-Americans have long provided financial aid and material support for violent efforts to compel the United Kingdom to relinquish control of Northern Ireland.... The US-based Irish Northern Aid Committee (NORAID), founded in the late 1960s, provided the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) with money that was frequently used for arms purchases."

NORAID was designated by the Justice Department as an arm of the IRA more than thirty years ago. King, whose Long Island district has a large and well-organized Irish-American constituency, was one of the group's most effective fundraisers and one of the IRA's staunchest supporters.

"We must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry," King declared during a 1982 rally on behalf of the IRA in Nassau County. The "Provos" heartily reciprocated King's affection.

"During his visits to Ireland, Mr. King would often stay with well-known leaders of the IRA, and he socialized in IRA drinking haunts," recalled Irish journalist Ed Moloney, author of the definitive work A Secret History of the IRA, in a 2005 New York Sun profile written after King's tardy and reluctant break with the group. "At one of such clubs, the Felons, membership was limited to IRA veterans who had served time in jail."

Granted, many honorable and decent men -- both from Northern Ireland and elsewhere -- have become familiar with the inside of a prison cell. But the ex-convicts with whom King socialized during his visits to Ireland generally weren't innocent political prisoners.

King (center) meets with supporters of a  Malachy McAllister, a convicted Irish terrorist.
 King served as chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee from 2005 until the Republicans lost their majority in the 2006 mid-term election. During his last stint in that post, King used his influence to intervene on behalf of Malachy McAllister.

In 1981, McAllister served as an armed lookout during an ambush of a policeman outside a pub in Northern Ireland. The victim, it must be said, was a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, a paramilitary force that became notorious for beating and otherwise mistreating innocent people. McAllister served three years in a British prison for his role in the ambush.

In 1988, after McAllister was released from prison, he narrowly escaped being killed by a Loyalist paramilitary gang that opened fire on his family's home in Belfast. The McAllisters fled to Canada, and in 1996 and settled in Wallington, New York. Seven years later the McAllisters' home came under armed siege once again -- this time by agents of the Department of Homeland Security, who carried out a 5 a.m. raid to enforce a deportation order. The family was to be expelled on account of what the agency called McAllister's "terrorist activities" a quarter-century ago.

A stay was issued while the deportation order was examined in the courts. King used the interval to lobby Homeland Security Commissar Michael Chertoff. In a letter to Chertoff, King insisted that McAllister's  family would likely be murdered if they were sent back to Northern Ireland.

McAllister, like many Catholics in Ulster, endured inexcusable treatment at the hands of  British occupation forces and Loyalist thugs. He admits to committing the acts for which he was incarcerated, but describes himself as a combatant in a civil war, rather than a terrorist. That distinction is difficult to defend in light of the fact that McAllister was a member of the Irish National Republican Army (INLA) -- the military wing of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP).

Whatever the merits of the Irish Republican cause, the INLA was not created merely to obtain independence for Northern Ireland, or to defend the rights of an abused minority. The group, which budded off from the "official" IRA in 1974, was a tiny, ultra-violent Leninist cell within the IRSP. While the Party specialized in political agitation, the INLA carried out bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, extortion, and other forms of "direct action" that frequently targeted helpless civilians.

It's quite likely that some of the money raised by Peter King on behalf of NORAID wound up funding the INLA's rampage. The group also received financial aid and training from Libya and the PLO.

The group's objective has never been merely to reclaim Ulster from the UK: It is committed to the unification of all 32 counties of Ireland in a socialist "worker's republic" of the kind that has been such an unqualified blessing in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Like other "liberation" movements of a similar vintage, the INLA cynically invested its Leninist political agenda with religious language and symbolism.

The INLA's cadres and supporters saw the group's terrorist campaign as, literally, a holy war.  And Peter King, the once and future chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, gave eager and unapologetic material support to that terrorist jihad.

Despite King's backstory, his unqualified support for open-ended war abroad and authoritarian measures at home has made him a favorite of Fox News and other elements of the War Party's media apparatus. Commentator Jim Kouri, a vice president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, commends King for his support for "those on the frontline of the war on terrorism," which supposedly offers a favorable contrast to the record of "`useful idiots' ...  such as Rep. John Conyers, who actually supports Fifth-Column Islamic groups against his own nation." 

After all, didn't Conyers spend decades raising money for terrorists allied with Libya and the PLO, and then use his political clout on behalf of a would-be cop-killer who belonged to a Leninist criminal gang? No, wait a second: That was King, not Conyers.
"Liberators"? IRA rep Gerry Adams and Fidel Castro.

King's opponent in the recent mid-term congressional election tried, without success, to make an issue of the incumbent's support for Irish terrorism. Some of King's supporters attempted to dismiss the matter by pointing out that the IRA and its offshoots have never been a threat to the United States. Of course, the same is true of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Islamic terrorist groups  that have long considered themselves to be comrades with the IRA in the struggle for global "liberation.

As Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, King will be the tribune of a large and growing "anti-Sharia" constituency, which is composed of people who insist that every mosque should be treated as a jihadist recruitment center and weapons depot. From that perspective -- as articulated by Frank Gaffney, its most forceful exponent -- anybody who believes in and practices the religion of Islam should be presumptively regarded as guilty of sedition.

With Sinn Fein official Martin McGuiness, 2000.
Historian Sharon Davies points out that the unfolding "anti-Sharia" campaign updates and transposes a very similar crusade from a century ago:

"In the early 1900s, many Americans were genuinely frightened by the perceived religious threat of the Roman Catholic Church and the suspected imperialistic intentions of its leader, the Pope. He was plotting the overthrow of the United States, warned the feature, to `make America Catholic.' His foot soldiers, tens of thousands of Catholic men who called themselves the Knights of Columbus, were busily stockpiling arms and ammunition in the basements of their churches, all in preparation for the day when their papist leader would give the signal for the violent insurrection to begin."

Fear of a Papist Holy War was propagated by widely read and hugely influential anti-Catholic publications,  promoted by a revived Ku Klux Klan, and coalesced into state "convent inspection laws" permitting warrantless searches of monasteries, chapels, and rectories. Peter King's career almost seems like a perverse attempt to validate the work of those early 20th Century anti-Catholic bigots.

Between 1971 and 2005, about 1,800 people in Ireland were killed by IRA bombers and gunmen; the equivalent death toll in the United States would be  360,000 people. During that generation-long onslaught, the IRA "made the car-bomb the modern terrorist weapon du jour and perfected the manufacture of fertilizer-based home-made explosives of the sort now routinely used by jihadists," observes historian Moloney.

Peter King "owes his political career almost entirely to the ties he forged" with the people who carried out that bloody campaign, Moloney concludes. King's very first act after being elected to his congressional seat "was to jump on a plane to Belfast for a rousing celebration in the Felon's Club."

"Behind every great fortune, there's a crime," wrote Balzac. It's tempting to say the same of political careers, but this isn't strictly true: Crime is integral to politics. After all, politics is the business of managing the State, which as Murray Rothbard pointed out is nothing but organized banditry.

Peter King apparently isn't equipped with either a conscience or a sense of irony, so he isn't likely to appreciate the fact that his political career perfectly encapsulates the process through which petty thugs are transmuted into "statesmen."

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Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! King is one of the rats par-excellance within the Organs. This evil lunatic calls for people to be executed for pointing out Leviathans crimes. I wonder if he'd be willing to put his neck in a noose for his own?

Hans Velsing said...

What if wikileaks had leaked the medical records of every American citizen? This will be possible under obamacare. I agree with Peter about the nonsense of political correctness and that is all. For all those rubes out there that think the repulicrats are going to roll back the pinko agenda and put finances in order, I have a lovely bridge in New York city for sale.

Anonymous said...

About DHS, you guys simply must read this

In other words, what if the Department of Homeland Security were no more federal than the Federal Reserve???

liberranter said...

I have a lovely bridge in New York city for sale.

You'd better sell it quickly before Commissar King and his minions inside the Heimatsicherheitsdienst turn it into a pile of twisted metal and rubble in their upcoming False Flag operation to justify throwing all those Ulster-Protestants-by-Proxy (read: Muslims) into Halliburton's internment camps.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

It's all bullshit. (Not this article, but the political game.) There are 40 million people of Irish descent in the USA, and many more in Canada. The fact is, just as Peter King provided money, the CIA provided arms and explosives to the IRA in exchange for the IRA not targeting American-owned companies or their employees in Belfast.

The CIA liaison man with the IRA was an Irish-Canadian (I do not know his name; in any case he certainly would have used a false one,) whose brother had been killed in the disastrous Dieppe Raid on 19th August 1942, in which most of the thousands of dead Allied soldiers were Canadians. This futile raid was conducted on the orders of Chief of Combined Operations Lord Louis Mountbatten, KG, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, DSO, PC, FRS, born Prinz Louis von Battenberg, uncle of Prince Philip. Churchill had expressly forbidden the operation, but Mountbatten went ahead anyway. (Churchil was out of Britain and Mountbatten used that opportunity to disobey him.) Following war's end, Churchill never again spoke with Mountbatten until his death.

Why is this relevant? Because the CIA's Irish-Canadian-American liaison person, in revenge for his brother's death at Dieppe 37 years earlier, persuaded the IRA to assassinate Mountbatten on 27th August 1979, by blowing him up on his boat in Sligo Bay. This coincidentally also killed his 14-year-old grandson, a 15-year-old local lad working as a crew member, and his daughter's 83-year-old mother-in-law. Mountbatten's legs were blown off and he drowned in the water.


Lemuel Gulliver said...


Now, Mountbatten was no saint, and probably deserved his end - justice served after many years. But this was typical of IRA operations - the collateral deaths of two children and an aged woman, plus the horrific crippling injuries of several other people who were on board - why, these were justified by the apologists like Peter King. And the whole mass murder was to make the CIA man happy and keep the money and arms flowing from the American Government.

(Word to the wise: Fuck the "special relationship" between the USA and Britain. The USA has been fucking over its friends for well over a century now. Like Saddam Hussein. Like Manuel Noriega. Like the British.)

Did anyone ever wonder - why did the IRA pick on Mountbatten? Why not the Queen herself, or Prince Philip, or Prince Charles, or any one of the huge extended Royal Family? They were even easier targets. Finally, now you know why: Dieppe.

On another occasion the IRA planted a bomb in the Tower of London, which happened to explode when a party of schoolchildren on a school trip was in the room. The carnage in that confined space with 3-foot-thick stone walls was horrific. About a dozen died, and the surviving children would probably have been better off dead. Until one has seen the effects of high-explosives on the human body, one does not know what horror is. But this vile evil was also justified by the apologists like Peter King.

And now this shit-soaked prick is preparing to persecute and raid every mosque in America?!?!

Chairing the Politburo Commisariat of the Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti Amerikanska?!?! (FSB-Amerika.)

My head is spinning. I suddenly find myself living in George Orwell's "Animal Farm."

Excuse me, folks. I need to go vomit. Then I need to go wash out my mouth. Then I need to go pray.

- Lemuel Gulliver.

William N. Grigg said...

Excuse me, folks. I need to go vomit. Then I need to go wash out my mouth. Then I need to go pray.

Lemuel, throw in a good workout and you've described my morning routine! :-)

givejonadollar said...

When I see Peter King I know who the real criminals are. There are bad people all over the world but there are evil people in Washington.

William Cooke said...

Civil rights for Catholics was largely achieved in the 60s in Northern Ireland through non-violent means. Sinn Fein/IRA was an extremist organization that killed innocent men, women, and children and engaged in an immoral war against the UK in order to establish a united Socialist Gaelic Ireland. No right-thinking person who understood this could support them, especially so strongly.

Anonymous said...

This article should dispel any lingering doubt that William Norman Grigg is the premier political pundit of our time. Glenn Greenwald will need to reconcile himself to second place. Well done, sir!

Anonymous said...

Lemuel Gulliver,
"Churchill never again spoke with Mountbatten until his death."
Does that imply that subsequent contact was made via seance ;?>

William Cooke said...

"Civil rights for Catholics was largely achieved in the 60s in Northern Ireland through non-violent means."
I probably should learn some basic English grammar. Civil rights were largely achieved . . . .
I've had the flu this week.

See this website

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Anonymous @4:26 PM,

I don't know if you are being funny or hostile. Churchill died in 1965, (and not a day too soon,) Mountbatten in 1979. (Likewise.) Once the war was over and Churchill was ousted from Parliament, he would not speak to Mountbatten. While the war was in process, Churchill was obliged to work with him, since he could not be got around. Mountbatten was a powerful and well-connected member of the ruling classes, last Viceroy of India, etc. etc. Neither he nor his wife Edwina were nice people - drop their pants for anyone who was willing, and able, to service or be serviced, immensely conceited, and supremely arrogant. Of course, so was Churchill (all of the above.) Like repels like.

As far as the IRA and its agenda, it is ironic that, quite apart from Dieppe, one of the reasons Churchill despised Mountbatten was his (M's) super-liberal political views. These included cheering the independence of India, (which to Churchill was Satan-worship,) and the reunification of Ireland and the abandonment of Belfast by Britain. Churchill saw Mountbatten as a traitor to their mutual class, Churchill's father having been a younger son of the Duke of Marlborough. However, as I said, Mountbatten was not killed by the IRA (along with the children and the 83-year-old woman - unremarked and unremembered by history) for his political views.

My main points still stand: That the USA and many people like REPRESENTATIVE (excuse me while I go barf) Peter King aided the putrescent IRA and its foul atrocities with money, weapons and explosives. The IRA also sent its members for training to PLO camps, and the two terrorist groups were very cozy with each other. Brothers in filth.

Yes, Mr. Peter fucking King, your friends were bosom pals with the SAME Muslim Arab terrorists you NOW so despise, or so you claim, you lying fork-tongued piece of hog-shit, floating to the top of the world's foulest cesspit, known as Capitol Hill, USA.

At least the Muslims are principled enough to give up their lives by suicide bombing in pursuit of their agenda. They look their unfortunate victims in the eye. Mr. Peter King's yellow-bellied mother-molesting friends in the IRA would plant bombs and sneak off to their holes and burrows, leaving children, Catholic priests, old women, working folk, their wives and their grandkids to be maimed and shredded into tiny pieces of flesh and bone by their high explosives. Supplied by America, and also by the PLO.

Oh God, Lemuel, get a grip....

Now I have to go wash out my mouth again, and say some more prayers.

See what you've done, Mr. Anonymous?

- Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Even though I could never be acused of being a fan,Henry Kissinger sumed it up quite nicely
while speaking@ a conference in Turkey just prior to the scheduled Bilderberg meeting,
"What we in America call terroists
are really groups of people that reject the international system,the new world order."
It seems Mr King is now ready to
"cleanse"the US to make it safe for
zionist jews & christens.

Anonymous said...

This should bring in quite a donation to Mr King from the
zionist/gove "front org."AIPAC"
It seems he has quite a nack for working to "help out"terroists.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Request to all the Anonymous people out there:

Please!! Please pick yourself a screen name and stick with it. You may do this by clicking on the button "Name/URL". It becomes very confusing to know which of the ten or fifteen Anonymouses is writing, and whether one is having one conversation with one person, or three conversations with different Anonymouses. This will help to reduce meaningless bloggobabble. Thank you all so much.....

Cordially yours,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Peter said...

Mr Grigg,
My first time at your blog. I posted a link from this piece to my blog because i enjoyed so much . Thank you.
My comment here as well as at my blog is below.

King is certainly a media darling here in the New York metropolitan area!
Ever since 911, King has played a major role in the stirring up of anti Muslim sentiment via the tee vee. His leadership in the powerful Irish Catholic community assures a large,disciplined, vigorous and most important, a "hyper" well organized campaign against the Muslim world. The teevee assists King in these efforts.
I wished the author of this Pro Libertate piece consulted with me on this writing. While most all of it I agree with, he left off some rather provocative details that make this story even more bizarre and complex. My primary discomfort comes from his ignoring New York's long standing ethnic interelations between the huge and powerful Irish Catholic community,which King is obviously an intrinsic part of and that communities deep and abiding alliance with New York's Jewish community. I will only touch on one element , I assure you there are many others. My own childhood within this New York Irish Catholic community witnessed a passionate hatred of all things British. One instance of this intense hatred of the British was manifest by a commonality of hatred of the British with the arch Zionists in the New York metropolitan area. Menachem Begin, who at that time, epitomised a growing Zionist ethnic identity(Begin,himself,a media darling of New York's Jewish community) , likewise, despised the British. (It was Begin who was involved in the infamous King David Hotel bombing) Begin was a hero amongst the IRA supporters in my neighborhood. For me, this was always a Janus faced interrelationship. How was it that freedom loving Irish Catholic Republicanism could allign with the Zionist, Begin? Begin, who was such a beastial racist hater of the Palestinians. The disconnect left me with a decidedly evil aftertaste. It seriously deligitimised the genuine altruistic nature of Irish Republicanism.
Peter King is just a shining example of this extraordinary contradiction.
Bottom line: we have IRA terrorist bombers, we have Zionist terrorist bombers. Both targeting British interests. The Brits desparate to take the heat off themselves cut a deal with the IRA and Zionists. [***The deal? How about a deal where we(Anglo-American, Jewish Zionists & IRA) all go to the Middle east and bomb Muzzies? Yeaaaah baby, we bomb muzzies and share the war bootie.***] Brackets indicate my conjecture as to what is happening
Kudos to this Pro Libertate author.

Bob said...

Speaking of terrorists, this is probably off topic, but, in the aftermath of the Arizona shooting, you're going to see relentless attacks on people who describe themselves, or are described as "enemies of The State."

liberranter said...

Speaking of terrorists, this is probably off topic, but, in the aftermath of the Arizona shooting, you're going to see relentless attacks on people who describe themselves, or are described as "enemies of The State."

Indeed, only a fool would assume otherwise.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Peter @ 11:16 AM,

Terrorists are all simple murderers. You mention Menachem Begin's operation as the leader of the Haganah to bomb the King David Hotel. However, "only" 14 Jews (which is all that matters in the final analysis,) were murdered by Mr. Begin in that operation. The other 72 dead non-Jews were inconsequential. Mr. Begin also murdered 267 Jews aboard the SS "Patria." See the following link and explanation:

Excerpt from that website:

"In September, 1940, around 3,000 Jewish refugees from Vienna, Prague and Danzig were attempting to reach Palestine. In a convoy of four river steamers, they set sail down the Danube and reached the Romanian port of Tulcea where they transferred to three Greek cargo ships named Atlantic, Pacific and Milos. Conditions on board these three ships were horrendous, reminiscent of Japanese hell-ships later in the war. Eventually the ships reached Palestinian waters, but the British Colonial Office refused them permission to land. It was finally decided to deport the refugees to the island of Mauritius where a special camp was to be built. The three ships were then brought into Haifa harbour where the liner Patria was berthed. The refugees were then embarked on the Patria and as the last passengers from the Atlantic were coming on board, a tremendous explosion ripped the liner apart. The death toll amounted to 267 refugees killed. The explosion was the work of the Jewish underground army, the Haganah, who had meant only to damage the ship to prevent it sailing but had miscalculated the amount of explosives needed to disable the ship."

To repeat: The Irgun, Haganah, and Stern Gang, all Zionist terrorist organizations, and their pals in the IRA, were forever conducting "operations" which killed their own people. This apparently never bothered them. People who glorify death and bloodshed are always pleased with themselves, regardless of whom they kill. One victim is as good as another. We see the same going on these days with Muslim terrorists killing Muslims. Since 2001 there have been MANY more thousands of Muslim victims of Muslim terrorism than the 3,000victims of 9-11.

To such people as Mr. Peter King, and his friends in the IRA, all death is glorious, so long as it is someone else's. He is probably secretly rejoicing that the victim of the Arizona shooting was Ms. Gifford, and not himself.

- Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Rothbard's essay on national liberation in _Egalitarianism as a Revolt against Nature_ would be important here. Although there is an obvious hypocrisy to Peter King's proposed investigations, nevertheless there are also points to raise to show the reasons why the British state met with resistance from Irish republicans. The British state was itself a terror state.

tico said...

I guess we should stop worshipping Nelson Mandela:
This is an excerpt of an on-line discussion with a fellow who was not aware of Nelson Mandela's violent past.

Hi Richard

I too opposed Apartheid and I do not agree with the sentiments of the Springbok club at all. They do not represent my views, however I used their website as a reference as this 'event' from Mandela's life seems to have been downplayed or glossed over in the traditional history of the Anti-Apartheid struggle. The sources are very scarce.

However the fact of the matter is that the Church Street Bombing did occur - Mandela did consent to it - (he mentions this in his book). I was living in Pretoria at the time and my father's office was a few blocks from the site of the bombing. I remember this event very clearly. Church Street is the Yonge Street of Pretoria - the bomb went off at rush hour on a Friday afternoon to ensure maximum civilian casualties. The carnage was awful. There were many people (both black and white) who were cut to shreds by the falling glass from the surrounding buildings. Regardless of how one wishes to justify this act, it was terrible atrocity and probably didn't do much to advance the anti-apartheid struggle.

I do not believe (based on their life actions and philosophy) that neither Gandhi nor King would have consented to such violence. One does not hear of this bombing as it does not fit in with the current image of Mandela as a voice of peace. But we cannot deny the facts - it happened. Even Amnesty International would not endorse Mandela as he refused for a very long time to denounce violence.

Anonymous said...

Are there any evidential links between the IRA/Sinn Fein and MI6 which expose the IRA as an actual creation/operation of British intelligence to implement false flag operations, to control
"opposition" as a means to nullify and misdirect any real political movement and to identify and neutralise true opposition leaders and members all for the furtherance of enhanced political power and control?

After all, wasn't Operation Gladio, a joint CIA and MI6 false flag operation - among others - proven to be hatched from the upper echelons of the Anglo-American coterie?

The American and British government do so many things together; e.g. invading and occupying fourth rate, third world "powers" while saber rattling to others, that one has to wonder if they're actually one and the same polity.

Elements within the Anglo-American political nexus and its financial plutocrat overlords of New York and London obsess over world order, a world order under the direct and indirect control of London, New York and Washington D.C.

So, deep covert intrigue of that order and magnitude is not at all too far fetched.

- Bruce Lockhart

Peter said...

@ Lemuel 1/11/11 7:50
Yes, your grasp of details is impressive.
Media darlings like Begin and King are useful tools for the Anglo American establishment. They capture the imaginations of the "foot soldiers" of their respect ethnic elements. I view this scene from the foot soldiers perspective. Growing up in a working class area where the education levels are abysmal. Strangely, there is an amazing ethnic "taking care of their own" phenomena. The Irish Catholic working class are acutely aware of their past and the British oppression.Waay back before the internet and all the noise here, the Irish immediately blamed the JFK assassination on the Anglo American "gays". Which even today holds up, even in the face of enormous internet conspiracy dis info. But I digess. King plays this for all it is worth. Even while King is no doubt in the employ of the Brits/Anglo-American social engineers.
These "foot soldiers" who are economically oppressed are always on the look out for scaapegoats to blame their misery on. The media darlings are only too happy to fill that need and direct anger away from the truly guilty to some perceived "enemies". All finally crafted social engineering skills with a History that leads inexorablly back to Imperial Britannia **some would argue these social enginneering tricks go back even further, but again, I digress** (India Pakistan divide and rule and alway the North South Irish "troubles" divide and rule).
The Israeli's are also engaged in this divide and conquer strategy too. Lotsa examples there. Maybe some other time on that .
@ Mr Lockhart 1/18/11 3:38
You sir are spot on in your observation. It gladdens my heart to see so many well informed folk. The darkness is vast and deep and your camp fire burns bright and cheery.