Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slaughter as "Stimulus"

Their Fascists, and Ours: Fuhrer, Il Duce, and FDR.

Militarism is the one great glamor public-works project upon which a variety of elements in the community can be brought into agreement. -- 

John T. Flynn, As We Go Marching (1944)

The Keynesian welfare state is best described as the mild-mannered alter ego of the totalitarian welfare state. The official alchemists responsible for transmuting debt into political power eventually find it impossible to siphon wealth out of the productive class in amounts sufficient to meet the needs of the political class. When this happens, the ruling elite will inevitably turn to bloodshed as a source of economic "stimulus."

David Broder of the Washington Post  scandalized the punditocracy by openly reciting this formula in a recent column as a prescription for both the ailing economy and Barack Obama's increasingly enfeebled presidency.

The Panel wonders: "Who is this elderly dimwit, and why should we listen to him?"

"Look back at FDR and the Great Depression," advised Meet The Press's resident droning dullard. "What finally resolved that economic crisis? World War II.... With strong Republican support in Congress for challenging Iran's ambition to become a nuclear power, [Obama] can spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating a showdown with the mullahs. This will help him politically because the opposition party will be urging him on. And as tensions rise and we accelerate preparations for war, the economy will improve."

"I am not suggesting, of course, that the president incite a war to get reelected," lied Broder immediately after doing exactly that. "But the nation will rally around Obama because Iran is the greatest threat to the world in the young century. If he can confront this threat and contain Iran's nuclear ambitions, he will have made the world safer and may be regarded as one of the most successful presidents in history"

How Iran, or any other country on earth, could threaten the world more than a regime capable of concocting a conflict as an economic stimulus program, Broder didn't explain. His suggestion shocked Washington's jaw-waggers and chin-pullers -- not so much because of its content, but rather because of its candor. It may be obvious to perceptive adults that wars are manufactured in such cynical ways, but it's bad form to offer unvarnished admissions of that kind in public.

Broder has never been unduly burdened by intellect, and he is miraculously untainted by originality. It's possible that Broder, like William Shatner's character in the Twitter feed-turned-sitcom $#*! My Dad Says, has seen his inhibitions abraded away by time's relentless march and no longer has the discipline to keep socially unsuitable opinions to himself. In any case, Broder's view of using bloodshed to prime the economic pump, while repulsive, is quite commonplace within the ruling elite. 

Like Broder, John T. Flynn understood the way that Washington made use of "militarism as an economic weapon." Unlike Broder, Flynn used his influence as a writer to combat the Warfare/Welfare State, and his heroic stand for principle cost him a great deal. 

Flynn's astringent criticism of the New Deal's authoritarian corporatism so infuriated FDR that America's first fascist president-for-life arranged to have Flynn fired from his position at The New Republic. Broder, by way of contrast, is hardly the stuff from which martyrs of that kind are made.

As a freelance writer and organizer of the America First Committee, Flynn continued his effort to combat FDR's regimentation of the economy and his ill-disguised campaign to entangle the country in a foreign war as a final installment of his "stimulus" program. 

In his indispensable book As We Go Marching, Flynn examined the undeniable but little-appreciated kinship between the Italian and German corporate states and the one that had been inflicted on the U.S.A. The real test of one's commitment to defeat fascism, he emphasized, was not the intensity of his loathing for the Axis powers, but rather his eagerness to oppose and reverse America's descent into militarism and corporate socialism. 

"Among all the means for producing government-created income none is so successful as militarism," observed Flynn, tracing the progression of that disease in Italy and Germany and demonstrating its ominous parallels in this country. Echoing James Madison's warning that the Warfare State is the greatest enemy of "public liberty," Flynn observed that the key symptom of militarism is the maintenance of "large national armies and navies in time of peace," a condition that rarely persists as long as governments have perverse incentives to entangle their subjects in wars.

"Inevitably, having surrendered to militarism as an economic doctrine, we will do what other countries have done," Flynn predicted in 1944. "We will keep alive the fears of our people of the aggressive ambitions of other countries and we will ourselves embark upon imperialistic enterprises of our own."

That observation reminds me irresistibly of Broder's dutiful invocation of the supposed global menace posed by Iran, which -- he insists -- threatens the entire world, despite the fact that it occupies not a single acre of territory outside its borders. Meanwhile, the all-devouring monstrosity in Washington presumes to organize the entire globe into regional "commands" over which the Pentagon implicitly claims hegemony.

As has been noted elsewhere, the Pentagon itself institutionalizes the dual nature of the Welfare/Warfare State: Maintaining a globe-straddling military means operating one of the world's largest welfare distribution bureaucracies. Harry Hopkins, a key architect of the New Deal and intimate adviser to FDR (and likely Soviet agent) managed to embody that same duality all by himself.

Hopkins and Stalin.

To adherents of the New Deal cult, Hopkins was Aaron to FDR's Moses: When Hopkins spoke, his voice was giving form to the will of the Dear Leader himself. Following a career as a social worker, Hopkins was appointed as FDR's vicar in charge of warfare. In January 1941 he was dispatched to assure Churchill that FDR would contrive to get the United States involved in the European war.

After FDR successfully opened the back door to war by manipulating Japan into firing the first shot (as Henry Stimson so memorably put it), Hopkins was placed in charge of the Lend-Lease abomination. In that capacity he did more than his share to see that many of the urban poor whose plight had moved him to such distress would be relieved of their burdens by dying in distant battlefields on behalf of London's declining empire and to the greater glory of Stalin's expanding one.

Like the unspeakably evil Bernard Baruch, who presided over Woodrow Wilson's version of war socialism, Hopkins was enchanted by the prospect of collectivizing the entire economy in the name of war planning. Hopkins memorably gave voice to his ambitions in "You Will Be Mobilized," an essay published in the December 1942 edition of American Magazine (and excerpted a few months later in Reader's Digest).

American students muster in the service of the state...
Historian Thomas Fleming, in his important book The New Dealers' War, describes Hopkins' essay as "a draconian sermon" on the supposed virtues of a totalitarian planned economy, in which the author eagerly anticipated "an American Sparta laboring under the grim-visaged bureaucrats of the OPA and other war agencies."

"No one knows how the mobilization of workers will actually operate," admitted the commissar, "but probably at first able-bodied persons in non-essential work will be given a wide range of choice as to what they will do and where they will work." Of course, the only real option would be for workers to "choose" to do as instructed by their superiors: "If they don't move voluntarily, their manpower organization will direct them to specific jobs."

Hopkins cheerfully predicted that earnings and expenditures -- in fact, every facet of life -- would likewise be regimented by the war planning elite:

...while their German counterparts do likewise.
"Through forced savings and taxes, our spending will be limited and priorities far more widespread than at present will determine the kinds of food, clothing, housing and businesses which we will have and will affect every detail of our daily lives. We should not be permitted to ride on a train, make a long distance telephone call, or send a telegram without evidence that these are necessary."

Sacrifices such as these were intended only for the hoi polloi, of course; they were not to be shared by the Warfare State's nomenklatura. Just a few days after Hopkins' totalitarian homily saw print, Cissy Peterson of the Washington Times-Herald published a detailed account of a multi-million-dollar dinner dance arranged by Baruch at Washington's Carlton Hotel to celebrate Hopkins' marriage to fashion writer Louise Macy.

At a time when productive Americans were being subjected to rationing, ordered to eschew rudimentary creature comforts, and piss away their earnings on government war bonds, Hopkins and other New Deal commissars feasted from a menu offering dozens of expensive, exotic delicacies, most of them garnished with French names that wouldn't fall gracefully from the lips of working people who were enduring food rationing and being constantly hectored about the necessity of saving scraps as part of the war effort.

"At every place was an expensive gift from the host," observes Fleming. "Vintage champagne flowed without stint, along with a plethora of other French wines." Those assembled for the event represented "a who's who of the top echelon of wartime Washington," who gathered to enjoy a brief respite from the rigorous work of plundering other people's wealth and sending their children off to die.

Most of the American public either ignored such official hypocrisy or accepted it with sullen resignation. However, there were a hardy few who joined John T. Flynn in decrying America's descent into militarist totalitarianism, despite the social inconvenience -- and the very real personal danger -- they confronted.

"We used to get all worked up over the bombing of civilians but that was before the United Nations took the initiative in bombing cities," protested Syracuse resident Benjamin Le Roy Candee, Jr. in a letter published in a Quaker anti-war newsletter. "We used to condemn the practice of shutting up innocent people in camps surrounded by barbed wire, but that was before the term `relocation center' became part of the American vocabulary."

"Recently there has been much breast beating about the evil of the Nazi model of training youth for war -- `education for death,'" continued Mr. Candee. "How awful, we said, to get hold of children before they know better and mold them into believing in the supremacy of the state and into believing that the greatest aim in life is dying for the state. Well, we won't have to condemn it much longer because the Victory Corps is coming to American high schools."

The Victory Corps, organized under the aegis of the U.S. Office of Education's Wartime Commission, was a public-private initiative intended to mobilize "the high-school youth sector in the all-out effort of our total war," explained an official publication.

 Military conscription of "every able-bodied male, 18 to 45 years of age," would be necessary in order to build a 10,000,000-man army; this would be supported by "a force of 20,000,000 persons in direct war production and transportation," and an agricultural army (of the sort described in the tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto, perhaps) of 12,000,000 more.
Public high schools would thus be converted into recruitment and indoctrination centers, and students would be required to make the war the central defining reality of their existence.
"The most important test of every day's decisions must be this: What can we do to hit the enemy harder; to contribute to his destruction?" insisted the Victory Corps organizing manual. "If what we are doing is not clearly an immediate or remote contribution to winning this war, then we should not be doing it." Of course, the "contributions" made by champagne-swilling commissars like Hopkins were less painful than those demanded of conscripts send to bleed on the battlefield, but them's the breaks, I suppose.

Only by accepting the yoke of the Warfare State could Americans avoid the horrors of life under Fascist rule, which -- as described in the Victory Corps manual -- honestly doesn't sound dramatically different:

"Let us not forget what happens to youth when the Nazi slave drivers are in position to crack the whip. Consider that more than 3,000,000 youngsters from the Balkan States have been rounded up for compulsory labor service (slavery) in Germany; that Gestapo agents in Belgium have been kidnapping mere boys for military service. That's why we mean to win this war for survival" -- that is, for the survival of an American-grown variant of the same ruling ideology.
With the current depression growing deeper and nastier, the Obama administration and the banking cartel controlling it have run just about every option in the Keynesian playbook, save one: The "Hail, Ares!" play Broder suggests. All that's necessary to make this happen is the arrival of a Congress under the influence of the most militaristic element of the GOP. It's quite likely that those nostalgic for the reign of FDR's nation-breaking war commissars will soon have reason to break out in a chorus of "Happy Days Are Here Again."

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liberranter said...

All that's necessary to make [Broder's "Hail, Ares!" play] happen is the arrival of a Congress under the influence of the most militaristic element of the GOP.

Count on that happening by midnight tonight.

God help us!

R.S. Ladwig said...

Mr. Grigg, I was most disappointed to hear that you will no longer be doing the radio show. I found your shows to be an absolute delight and it will be sorely missed. I paint houses right now and I daily load my MP3 player with stuff to listen to so I am being educated while I work, your show was by far my favorite and most sorely felt when you would be absent.

If you care to elaborate as to why you will no longer doing the show I am curious to know. But if it's a none of my business type of reason fair enough. Just wanted to say you're a great radio show host, at least you'll still be on Dr. Monteith's program, right?

God bless you William.

William N. Grigg said...

Bob, that's one of the kindest and most generous things anyone has ever said to me. Thanks so much.

Sam Bushman, who founded LNR, contacted me last week and suggested that we end my radio show and redirect my efforts toward producing video commentaries for the network. We should finish our first installment in a few days.

I've been approached about resuming Pro Libertate Radio on another network after the first of the year. I'll give updates on that issue a little later.

Thanks so much, Bob, and God bless.

TJP said...

Likewise a new and loyal listener of "Pro Liber-Tate" Radio, and was disheartened to hear about the show. However, unlike a national election, it appears that something will actually change as a result, and it will be better!

Also: I offer this thought experiment for those who received the state-approved alternate history of the Great Depression in state-run schools:

Beginning of the Depression: 1929
State-approved end of the Depression: 1941

There's--um, there appears to be a few years, you know, in-between. Wonder what happened there.

Mister Spock said...

"The Keynesian welfare state..." What a great excuse to link to this brief, but hilarious, video:


And what a reminder for today - these people probably vote.

Isaac said...

"Hail, Ares!" Good one.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

It is now November 3rd. God help us. The American people have swallowed the same old lies - again. We will now have a Republican congress. Does anyone know what that means?

It means that Obama's refusal to go to war with Iran, (which caused Rahm Emanuel to resign - Obama finally could take no more of his hectoring and told him to shut up or leave,) will be overridden by the Republican Congress. Obama will STILL not commit US troops to a new war intially, but this war-hungry Republican Congress will enable and abet Israel to do so.

Then of course our troops still in Iraq will be sitting ducks, and thousands more of them will be killed when the Shiites rise up against them, and Obama will be forced to escalater the conflict, whether he wants to or not.

My CIA contact tells me the buzz in the office (even before this election) is that Israel will bomb Iran in the spring, April or May. That in turn means no oil tankers will enter or exit the Gulf as long as hostilities continue, (go look at a map to see why,) and the speculators will drive the price of oil up overnight to $300+ a barrel.

Better buy a bicycle now, people, because it will cost you $200-$250 to fill your car up with gas. And get used to eating grass, because a tomato trucked from California will cost you $5. (Not a pound - each.) And milk will be $12 a gallon, and Wonder bread will be $7 a loaf.

You are OK, Mr. Grigg, where you live. Pity the poor slobs in our cities.

But there will be an extra $20 billion for Lockheed Martin, $10 billion for General Dynamics, and $8 billion for Halliburton. And millions more in campaign contributions for members of Congress, and fat consulting jobs for them when they retire (on grossly fat pensions paid for by you and me.) While you people and your children starve, Dick Cheney's net worth will increase about another $300 million, on top of the $300 million he made from 2000 through 2008.

I take it everyone here has read General Smedley Butler's essay, "War is a Racket?" Always has been, always will be.

I freaking give up. Darwin was right. America is a jungle, not a society, and only the fittest will survive. Right now, the fittest look to be the richest 1% of Americans who own 40% of all the wealth in this country. (Such as stock in Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and Halliburton, plus 30-room mansions in five countries and private jets and luxury yachts.... Enjoy your $7 loaf of Wonder bread, Tea Party jackasses.)

Now where did I put that British passport....?

- Lemuel Gulliver.

PS: Now, if Obama would give the order to shoot down Israeli planes overflying the Persian Gulf, none of this would happen and Israel would finally be put in its place, but the likelihood of that order is about the same as a snowstorm in the Congo. And about as likely as Obama finally growing a pair of balls. We are at the mercy of two parties, one of which thinks governing is all about picking pretty posies of petunias, and the other which thinks it is all about disembowelment and blood flowing in the streets. They are both mad.

liberranter said...

Now where did I put that British passport....?

LG, you can't be serious. Aside from the fact that Britain is already farther down the road to totalitarian socialism than Amerika can ever hope to catch up with, do you really think that once the Rome-on-the-Potomac marionettes lurch into doing their Tel Aviv puppeteers' bidding that London won't fall in line, snap to, and join in on "the fun," along with the rest of the Empire's vassal states?

If you want to flee abroad, get a Maldivian, Icelandic, or some other passport from a country that is pretty much off Washington's (and the rest of the world's) radar screen. While maybe not cradles of idyllic liberty, life in such countries is at least free of belligerent warmongering brownshirtism.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Hey Liberranter,

You are right. I have no emotional allegiance to ANY State. They are all Leviathan. I would no more live in Britain, whose governments collectively have not a single testicle between them, than in Ndjamena (Chad), the housefly capital of the world. I just read there is a furious debate in the UK about whether to help balance their sorry excuse for a budget by scrapping their magnificent fleet of Trident submarines. One side says it gives Britain relevance in the world, the other side points out that the firing codes for those missiles are held by America, and Britain cannot fire even one Trident missile unless the USA gives them the codes to do so. See what I mean?

But no, that little red passport means I can go live, work, buy property, do whatever I please, anywhere from Vilnius to Valetta to Vienna, from Holland to Spain to the Czech Republic. Twenty-six countries. 350 million people. I hear Prague is a lovely city, and would like to check it out. I hear Germany still has the second or third largest export surplus in the world after China and Japan, and their economy is doing just fine, thank you. (America has the largest import deficit in the world. It is at the very bottom of the list of the 198 or so countries of the UN. Our largest export, to China, is waste paper - our old newspapers and school textbooks. And, of course, Treasury Bills - paper obligations of the US Government to repay their debts.... Excuse me. Have to sign off now - I just died laughing.)

And if none of those countries suits me, I can go live in Madeira or the Canary Islands, Martinique or Guadeloupe, Aruba or Suriname, Belize or Bermuda, which are all part of the EU or protectorates thereof.

Sound good?

That little red book asking all and sundry in the name of Her Britannic Majesty to offer me no let or hindrance, is what gives me a nice warm feeling when I lay me down to sleep.

I encourage EVERYONE who reads this to investigate getting a European passport, based on ancestry or whatever. If not possible, underpopulated Ireland with its awful weather is the easiest - I believe you can apply for citizenship after only 3 years of residence. And the Irish do NOT take shit from the USA, unlike the British, who eat it for breakfast.

Don't put it off. Things are going to get a LOT worse here in the US over the next 2-3 years. Unhappily so.

Now we lay us down to sleep, I pray the Lord our souls to keep.

Me, if the SHTF, I can always get out of jail free.

- Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Victory Corps? Like Victory Gin? People may finally understand how and why I fashioned my avatar logo the way I did. Irony is ironic.

BTW... The Republicans are already crowing about stopping the faux "drawdown" in Afghanistan. Ahhhh.... We've always been at war with East Asia, eh?

Anonymous said...

LG... I've had my eyes on other countries to expatriate to for many years. Depending on ones financial means some are better than others. For those of us "trapped" in the USSA the best thing is to find a quiet place and prepare to ride the storm.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg & Friends,

Wiser heads than me are saying the same thing. This is from Justin Raimondo over at Antiwar.com:


"The expected Election Day Republican “wave” that broke over our heads is a disaster for the anti-interventionist cause......

The disaster is embodied in the various GOP warmongers who will be placed in key positions in Congress, and a good case could be made that among the worst of the worst will be the probable majority leader in the House: Eric Cantor.

Cantor is a walking, breathing stereotype, a neocon through and through, who pays lip service to the “tea party”-ish idea of limiting government spending, but is in reality committed to lavishing tax dollars on any project as long as it can be somehow construed as contributing to US security. Thus, ForeignPolicy.com references his views on “foreign aid” and the budget:

“Cantor told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the president’s proposed budget might have to be rejected outright if Republicans take power – after separating out U.S. aid for Israel, of course.”

Cantor is a big fan of Israel’s, and has gone so far as to say that, in the context of tensions between Washington and Tel Aviv over the settlements and other issues, “Israel is not the problem” – leaving unspoken the presumption the US is at fault. In line with the Israel lobby’s campaign to goad us into war with Iran, he demands that the US cease negotiations with Tehran, impose draconian sanctions unilaterally, and openly threaten the use of force."


Happy days are here again - for the defense contractors and Wall Street speculators. All those trillions of dollars Chimpanzee Bush and Tinkerbell Obama poured into Wall Street, which are just sitting idle instead of being lent to businesses, and which is waiting for an excuse to rush after obscene profits, will soon have its chance. When Israel bombs Tehran, just watch those trillions of OUR taxpayer dollars go chasing after every commodity on the Chicago Exchange, and THEN the hyperinflation we have all been dreading will descend on our heads......

"God bless us every one" - Tiny Tim.

- Lemuel Gulliver

PS: Congressman Cantor is, of course, (dare I use the word?) a Jew. Not just any Jew, which would not bother me at all, but a Zionist and rabid shill for Israel, and that bothers me a lot. Now you can all start howling at me for pointing out this fact and using the forbidden word. But if his name had been O'Shaughnessy, or Pippolitano, I doubt he would be so keen to see us support an Israeli strike on Iran.

- LG.

liberranter said...

Happy days are here again - for the defense contractors and Wall Street speculators.

At least until the day that the dollar becomes Weimar-era wastepaper, valued at some rate below that of Monopoly money. Methinks that day is much nearer at hand than anyone realizes.

Anonymous said...

Of course when I see all the symbology and the blood lust exhibited by our fawning corporate media propagandists I'm reminded of Starship Troopers, the movie, and the over-the-top news reels deliberately made to poke at the fascist mindset and infotainment thinking just as RoboCop was taking explicitly violent jabs at the corporate police industry. "Are You Doing Your Part?" and "Would you like to know more?" Prophetic.

Unknown said...

Let us not forget that it is always the jew who has bought these numbskull shabos goys to cry for war. The jew is the only one who gained from the wars of the 20th century. European culture is dead. Hitler said that the jew is the destroyer of culture. Eli Marcus Ravage the jew said the same thing. We non-jews just go around talking about republicans, democrats, independents, blah, blah, blah. There is only one political party in the USA and Canada: hee jew party. Same thing in Europe.
A jew is at the head of the republicans: Eric israel-firster Cantor. Jew at head of democrats all around. Obama's, Bish's Clinton's, Reagan, and on and on, 55% jews. Non-jews say nothing. Can you imagine if Obama had 55% African-Americans in his Cabinet? The first critics would be jews.
Again this tear the antiJesus jews will put their abomination of desolation on the White House lawn. Those idiot white supremacist teabaggers will say and do nothing. How pathetic?

William N. Grigg said...

The jew is the only one who gained from the wars of the 20th century.

I can think of a few million individual Jews who would strenuously disagree with that assessment.

Unknown said...

Mr. Grigg

Can you not comment on anything else that I said. Why only pick that statement?
How about all the jews in the US government?
All the jews behind our present wars?
How about the jews who brought the Africans to the Western hemisphere as slaves? Read the Nation of Islam's ' The Secret Relationship between Blacks & jews'. Read Walter E White's 'Who Brought the Slaves to America'. Look at the encyclopedia judaica and how proud they are of their ancestor slave traders.
Sure a few jews died. Many more gentiles died. Soviet jews murdered 45-60 million real Russians who were Christians. Where is the hollywood movie about that? It seems that jews are such mind controllers, they have whites, blacks, hispanics, etc defending them. Now that is real spiritual power.
I called a talk show saying that the jews run the media. The response was a Pavlovian, 'that's antisemetic'. From two African-Americans to boot. One of them was Bruce Dickens from the Blackagenda.com.
Joel Stein, Ben Stein and Neal Gabbler said that jews run the media. Are they 'antisemitic'?

It is sick how Gentiles are so easily bamboozled by jews, especially white Christian Gentiles. Dostoevski said that he wondered if the jews would be as tolerant of Russians if the jews were 98% of the population.
Well, we know how tolerant jews are of the Phillistines whose land they stole with European help.

"Some jews would disagree with you on that":
I don't care what jews think. They all lie. They are all talmudic. There is no such thing as a gentile friendly jew. That is why they run all of white culture everywhere. They pretend to be your friend in order to use you.
If you read Alex Haley's Autobiography of Malcolm X in chapter 19, the great Malcolm X said, during an interview by a jew, "I told him all I had against the jews was that so many jews actually were hypocrites in their claim to be the friend of the Amercan Black man, and it burned me up to be so often called "antisemitic" when I spoke things which I knew to be the absolute truth about jews. I told him that, yes, I gave the jew credit for being among all other whites the most active, and the most vocal financier, "leader" and "liberal" in the Negro civil rights movement. But I said at the same time I knew that the jews played these roles for a very careful strategic reason: the more prejudice in America could be focused on the Negro, then the more the white Gentile's prejudice would keep diverted off the jew. I said that to me, one proof that all the civil rights posturing of so many jews wasn't sincere was that so often in the North the quickest segregationists were jews themselves."
There is much more but this makes the point for me.
The jew always hates blacks: has anyone heard of the Hamitic Myth invented by the jew Mosses Maimonides in the 11th century to which all jews abide?
Look up Prof Tony Martin on joooogle.
Whoever reads this don't just say, "that's antisemitic". Do the research.

William N. Grigg said...

Can you not comment on anything else that I said. Why only pick that statement ["The jew is the only one who gained from the wars of the 20th century]?

I focused on that statement because it is obviously, undeniably false: The Jews who died in the wars (and related mass killings) of the 20t century certainly didn't "gain" anything. Since I'm not a collectivist I'm compelled to make distinctions of that kind, among others.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg & Juan,

I'm sorry I used the J-word and got this started. Now we need to examine some history. I agree with you, Mr. Grigg, that generalizations are problematic. For example: "Only the Jews profited from the wars of the 20th Century." No, the defense industry and most of American capitalism made out like bandits, and NOT all of them were Jews.

Again: "The whole Soviet bureaucracy from 1918 to about 1930 was run by Jews." No it wasn't. Only about 66% or 2/3ds of the officials of Soviet Russia in those days were Jews. And of course, the Bolshevik Revolution was financed by money from Wall Street, (Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism are all structures for the rule of the many by the few, and are NOT competing ideologies, in spite of what we grew up being taught,) the money being put up by the banking houses of Kuhn Loeb, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, and J.P. Morgan, who was an agent for the Rothschilds of London. (These were the same people who wrote the Federal Reserve Act, pushed it through Congress right before the Christmas recess in 1913 when half the members were absent, and became the first shareholders of the private closed secret corporation known as the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States.)

However, as I said, Lenin (one-half Jewish,) was allowed by the Germans to take a train through the German lines to the Russian side, bearing millions in cash for the Bolsheviks from the Wall Street bankers. The German motive is obvious - destabilize the Russian Imperial enemy they were fighting.

Using this money to buy weapons, food, winter clothing, etc, allowed the Bolsheviks to overthrow the original Revolution and seize power. They then proceeded to murder tens of thousands of priests, nuns and monks, close thousands of churches and turn them into warehouses and stables, demolish cathedrals and turn monasteries into army barracks. The excuse was that as the hated Czar was the secular head of the Orthodox Church, all Christians and Christianity itself were revisionist and pro-old-regime. They then murdered the Czar and all his family. Every single person involved in that act was Jewish - no ethnic Russian could have been found to take part. At the same time, anti-Semitism in any form was punishable by death. That was the start of Soviet Russia.


Lemuel Gulliver said...


Now, Germany. Hitler was a fascist, i.e., he was pro-business and anti-unions, and rabidly anti-Communist. In fact, Churchill in the early 1930's was a great admirer if Hitler, (Churchill's father being the brother of the Duke of Marlborough and Churchill beilng one of the upper class of capitalists and aristocracy, and also rabidly anti-Communist and anti-union.) Churchill said: "If we had a man like Mr. Hitler running things in Britain, we would be in very good shape."

However, Churchill was also a libertine, a drunk, a gambler, and a pedophile, who had been almost expelled from Sandhurst when he was caught buggering a freshman cadet. His mother, who was a notorious hussy, (her quiet private wedding, in Paris, to the younger brother of the Duke of Marlborough was boycotted by the entire family, since she was noticeably pregnant with their first child,) was rumored to have pulled strings with her lover, the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) to have the matter hushed up. (Bear with me - this is relevant.)

Churchill, a man whose moral weaknesses make JFK look like a monk, was near bankruptcy from gambling debts, when a group of London Jewish bankers approached him offering to bail him out if he would be "their man" in Parliament, and oppose Hitler. This he did, and he was "their man" for the rest of his life. He was a good choice, having been First Lord of the Admiralty in WWI and having caused the deaths of scores of thousands at Gallipoli.

(Remember - I hold a British passport. I consider the great hero Churchill to have been the George W. Bush of the British Empire - he almost single-handedly destroyed the Empire by his war-mongering and moral turpitude.)

Now we come to America.


Lemuel Gulliver said...


America was the country most friendly to Jews. Here nobody cared who anyone was, it was a new land open for the taking (from the Indians, of course,) by anyone with the guts and courage to do so.

In 1933, after Hitler seized power in Germany, Samuel Untermeyer of New York, head of the World Jewsih Congress (Read: The Zionists) announced he was going to a meeting in Amsterdam (another city where Jews had always been welcome - Rembrandt van Rijn was Jewish) of the WJC, and when he returned he would announce their response to the Nazis' ascent to power.

When he descended from his ship to the dock in New York a month or so later, the next day the entire world's newspapers carried banner headlines quoting what he had to say: "JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY."

In the midst of the Depression, with Germany struggling to overcome the inflation of the 1920's, the Depression, and its crippling burden of war reparations that had been imposed on it by Woodrow Wilson, all the Jews of the world declared a boycott of German goods of every kind: textiles, machinery, cheese, wine, chocolates, clothing, steel, toys, locomotives, EVERYTHING. Stores in which even ONE item made in Germany was discovered on the shelf, were boycotted and picketed by processions of Jews with placards, as if they were strikers.

How do you think this made the German people and their Fuehrer and his colleagues in government feel? Was it any wonder a hatred for Jews grew in their hearts?

(PS: I forgot to mention above - today in 2010, the country in the world where Jews are most viscerally hated by the majority of the population is Russia. The Russians blame the Jews for the destruction of their culture, their royal family, and for 70 years of slavery under Communism, the philosophy of the Jew Karl Marx. Go figure.)

And thus, we come to the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem. When Germany found itself fighting a real war imposed upon it by Churchill, (NOTICE PLEASE that when Germany invaded Poland from the West, and Russia, Germany's then ally, invaded Poland from the East, Britain and France declared war ONLY on Germany and NOT on Russia. How was that for hypocrisy?) with bombs falling from the sky, with its cities in flames, millions of civilians dying, and an ethnic minority of Jews who had been the FIRST to Declare War on Germany in 1933, WHAT EXACTLY was Germany supposed to do with them?

I would propose that if America was in the same position today, let's say with the World Council of Islam having "declared war on America" in 1998, and following 9/11 and all that has happened since, and we found ourselves fighting a real war on our soil, we would round up all the Muslims in the USA and exterminate them in camps, just like the Nazis did to the Jews.

Tell me I am being too harsh on us gentle soft-hearted Americans. Tell me it would not happen that way. Go ahead.

To sum up, or else I will go on for ever: Most of the misfortunes that have fallen upon the Jews of the world have been caused by certain Jews themselves, namely, those who want to establish Zion in the land which once belonged to the Arabs.

My two hundred and twenty cents.

- Lemuel Gulliver

Lemuel Gulliver said...

No, I have one thing more to say: ZIONISM IS FUNDAMENTALLY A LIE.
The Ashkenazi Jews who run Israel today, and who scream "Anti-Semitism!!" any time anyone points out their war crimes OR their achievements in making money, ARE NOT EVEN SEMITIC.

They are the descendants of the Khazars, an empire which existed in the 9th century between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Their pagan, idol-worshipping Khan, living between the Christian Byzantine Empire on one side and the Muslim Caliphate on the other, decided to adopt Judaism as the State Religion of his Empire, so as to avoid pressure from either one of his neighboring powers to join them in fighting the other.

200-300 years later, the Khazar Empire was overrun by the Muslims, and the now-Jewish Khazars fled west into Poland, Russia, and the Baltic states, to avoid forcible conversion to Islam. The descendants of these people are today 90% of the world's Jews.

They have absolutely no claim on Palestine. That is NOT their ancestral home. Southern Russia, Chechnya and Georgia, are their ancestral homeland.

Consider this: Suppose the blond, blue-eyed, German-and-Scandinavian-descent Mormons in Utah and Idaho all converted to Hinduism. Then suppose they went to India and drove 1 billion Indians out into the rest of Asia, saying, India is our ancestral homeland, because we are Hindus. That would make as much sense as the Ashkenazi Khazars claiming Palestine as their homeland.

The reason this is important is because this spurious claim is the basis of Zionism and the root cause of endless wars and strife in the world. Not to forget the wars yet to come, soon, because of this crazy idea.

- Lemuel Gulliver

Unknown said...

Lemuel (Devoted to god, which one?) Gulliver

You are correct in what you posted. I must add that Winston Churcill's mother Jennyt Jacobs was jusy a rich yenta from jew york.

Now, Mr. Grigg, you did not address any point that I made. You are stuck on a generalization. So what if I generalized. The bottom line is that no jew would defend you, black people, white people, the way some Gentiles like you jump to defend jews.
The jew has only one agenda and that is to oppress or destroy us. He has made it crystal clear in all of his writings, including that satanic mass murdering genocidal old testament which my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ rejected.
The jews always seem to find their apologists. I say again, only jews profitted from those wars. Europe is dead . European Culture is dead.
The same Native American Culture died when the Europeans came here. Some Gentiles seem to just want jews to like them. They will nevr llike us. Read Martin Luther's On The Jews and Their Lies and Father Prainaitis' The Talmud Unmasked.

Jews are winning because Gentiles are too weak to fight thyem openly. Jews are 2% of America anbd they run everything. Only the blind and their collaborators can't see it.
The racist Breibart is a jew. Racist Michael Wiener (Savage) a jew. Many Fox news tacists jews. Governor of Arizona, jew. Pamela Geller, racist jew.
On and on. Abortion industry, pedophilia, anti-christian, anti-black, anti-white SPLC, jew.

The problem facing the world is the jew.
Until Gentiles can stop being manipulated by racism which was invented by 'jews' in the old testament, we will never be at peace.

An aside: Governor Suyvysant of New Amsterdam would not allow those usurers in in New Amsterdam. Then the jew controlled English turned it into jew york.

William N. Grigg said...

Mr. Grigg, you did not address any point that I made. You are stuck on a generalization.

Actually, I did exactly the opposite: You offer invidious generalizations about millions of people, and I address these subjects as someone committed to the worth of the individual.

The bottom line is that no jew would defend you, black people, white people, the way some Gentiles like you jump to defend jews.

On the basis of personal experience I can attest that many Jewish people have defended my rights as an individual.One exception is sufficient to demolish your generalization, isn't it?

I defend innocent people as individuals, and deal with those who do evil on the same basis. I don't have any use for collectivist categories.

Bob said...

Do any of you think that the creation of the modern state of Israel was a mistake?

William N. Grigg said...

I think creation of any state is a mistake -- actually, it's a crime, or as Augustine pointed out, it's the achievement of impunity by a criminal gang.

The modern state of Israel is a gangster regime, just like ... well, every other existing government.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Will. And BTW... when and where will you be broadcasting again?

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg,
You are wrong!! .... SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO GENERALIZE?!?! The Government of Switzerland is NOT a gangster regime, and is probably the finest example of democracy in action in the world. And has been for 300-400 years. There may be others, I don't know, maybe Austria, Iceland or Leichtenstein? In any case, they are all small. Leviathan by definition is BIG. But generalizations are so comforting to our sense of insecurity in life, aren't they?

Absolutely. Because of the so-called Holocaust (I prefer the Hebrew word Shoah,) as Juan says the entire world cuts the Jewish State as much slack as it wants.

In 2006, when Israel premeditatedly invaded Lebanon, (an operation which takes months or years of planning - these things don't just happen overnight,) The US House of Representatives voted 406 to 1 (with 28 abstentions or absents) a resolution of support for that aggressive war against another State, which was waged on the pretext that 2 Israeli soldiers had been kidnapped by a "terrorist" entity. This entity is doing exactly what the Jews did in Palestine to the British from 1940 to 1948, except that the Jews conducted not one, but about 1,000 terrorist actions in that time frame, some of which killed nearly 100 innocent civilians at one time.

Nobody realizes that the Jews INVENTED terrorism, in Palestine. The Arabs since then have merely copied what they learned from the Jews.

That "war" in Lebanon, which was really an attempt to destabilize and weaken a neighboring country, because Lebanon had only JUST started to recover from its civil war, (which itself was instigated and promoted from 1982 onwards by Israel,) involved the flattening of about a square mile of Beirut, the bombing and strafing of refugee columns trying to escape northwards, the destruction of sewage plants, water treatment and distribution, the airport, fuel depots, refineries, bridges, roads, and hospitals, and the final act - 3 days of constant shelling and bombardment with cluster munitions, leaving tens of thousands of unexploded bomblets in trees, on roofs, in fields, in schoolyards, everywhere, all in an attempt (futile, as it turned out,) to make Southern Lebanon uninhabitable.

By any tenet of international law, the Geneva conventions, and the so-called laws of war, not to mention human decency, all of this was a war crime, FAR, FAR, WORSE than ANYTHING the Nazis did to civilan populations in WWII.

And the American Congress voted unanimopusly - UNANIMOUSLY! - with ONE dissenting voice - to support it all, unconditionally.


Lemuel Gulliver said...


Juan is right. The whole world lives in terror of the Jewish-owned media, and its power to make or break political careers, and of the Jewish-controlled money machine, which can dispense unlimited money or cut it off entirely. And do not accuse me of extremism - my CIA contact told me I was right - in a briefing they were shown a graphic, which I had sent him a YEAR before, showing that 95% of the entire world's media - radio, TV, newspapers, books, magazines, all of it - is controlled by only SIX conglomerate corporations, and every one of them is headed up and staffed at the highest levels exclusively by Jews.

Again, Juan is right. And Mr. Grigg is also right. Remember Sodom and Gomorrhah: Lot made God agree that if there could be found ONE righteous man in the city, God would spare it.

There are many righteous Jews. Many. Many who have espoused human rights causes and racial equality, (except in the case of the Arabs, whose land they wanted to steal.)But the vast majority, having been fed the Holocaust story with their mother's milk, support 100% the aims and actions of the barbaric, vicious, criminal, blood-soaked regime of the Israeli State. They feel they will be safe there, living in someone else's house, provided they can successfully exterminate the original homeowner.

And the Gentiles allow them to get away with literally ANYTHING - war crimes, piracy and murder on the high seas, imprisonment and massacre of captive populations in Gaza, murder of refugees, bombing of civilan cities on a scale not seen since Dresden, ANYTHING. This is dangerous. The new Hitler, unrestrained by any criticism of his evil crimes, is not Ahmadinejad, but Netanyahu, and his criminal gang of cohorts.

Dangerous because they will infer that nothing is barred from them, including an illegal strike on Iran, thus plunging the entire world into economic catastrophe, global famine, and grinding poverty. Why should they care? They believe (and so far have been correct) that Israel is invincible and they are safe there. America will always bail them out and defend their backs, by a vote of 406 to 1.

Which, BTW, was the SAME vote breakdown on a House resolution in December 2008 supporting the Israeli genocide and use of banned phosphorus bombs in Gaza, (and condemning the vicious aggression against Jews of the dead women and children thereof,) which killed about the same number of innocent civilians as the war crime in Lebanon 2 years before. Two years have passed now. 2010 is ending. It's time for the next Israeli bloodbath. This time, Iran. Israel cannot and will not stand or permit any country in the region to progress beyond the 19th century.

Juan is right. Where are the voices of protest? I'll tell you. They are here on the World Wide Web, which is not (yet) controlled by those six Jewish-owned-and-run mega-corporations.

- Lemuel Gulliver.

William N. Grigg said...

MoT-- I've been approached about moving Pro Libertate Radio to another network after the beginning of the year. I'll provide the details as soon as they're available.

Lemuel, you're right: All generalizations are wrong.

Oh. Wait.....

Tom Dennen said...


Lemuel Gulliver said...

LOL. You're a good man.
- Lemuel.

twocents said...

My mom is already of the opinion that when the economy is bad 'oh, they'll just start a war...'. Doesn't quantify the actors but just the general statement. Sounds reasonable to me this POV.
Personally, I would like to see all the military come home and put them on the borders. Secondly, I would end all foreign aid, including "humanitarian' ones. All that happens when you feed starving people is they just make 10 times the number of starving people.
End welfare handouts to our own bunch of parasites: this includes corporate welfare as well.
My observation? A population increasingly out of control (self control) is inviting outside control.
Oh well, we are all peeing in the wind now ain't we??

two cents ¢¢