Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gregory Girard: Political Prisoner

 Arrest this man! Civilian disarmament in Massachusetts Colony, 1775: The Regime deployed Redcoats. Civilian disarmament in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, 2010: The Regime deploys SWAT teams and psychiatrists. 

Massachusetts resident Gregory Girard has never been formally charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. Yet after spending four months in jail, he will spend the next four years as a ward of the court.

Girard's legally obtained firearms will remain in the possession of the thieves in uniform who stole them on February 9, the same day he was kidnapped by a SWAT team. He will undergo involuntary psychiatric evaluation and treatment, including the administration of psychotropic drugs.

If it is deemed "necessary" by any of the legal or therapeutic apparatchiks who are now in charge of his life, Girard will be taken into custody for "in-patient treatment."

This would almost certainly occur if Girard were once again to express the unacceptable political views that resulted in his four month imprisonment, to wit: The Regime ruling us will eventually send paramilitary goon squads to confiscate legally owned firearms and imprison those who own them.

Because possession of such views made Girard a "danger to the community," a paramilitary strike force was sent to seize his guns, and he was summarily imprisoned.Under the terms of a "continuance without a finding" announced by Salem District Court Judge Richard Mori, Girard will avoid prison only if his conduct and attitude meet with the approval of people who can consign him to the psihuska at whim.

The local Vyshinsky disciple, District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, isn't satisfied with this arrangement and most likely won't relent until Girard is sent to prison. The 45-year-old inventor was initially charged with possession of five "infernal devices" -- which proved to be legal smoke and tear gas grenades -- and four counts of "carrying" what were described as "dangerous weapons" -- police batons and hunting knives he had legally stored in his home.

The remaining accusations involve discharging a weapon in a home-made target range on his property, and possession of two items ambiguously identified as "silencers." Girard and his attorney maintain that the cylindrical objects, which were found on his boat, are flash suppressors he intended to use in order to avoid violating a law against sending up a false distress signal.

It's doubtful that even in Massachusetts a jury would find a reason to send Girard to prison. Yet Blodgett, according to his errand girl (or, as she prefers to be called, assistant DA) Michelle DeCourcey, was "very troubled by the presence of the two silencers and felt it merited a jail sentence" of at least two years.

Gregory Girard has no prior criminal record. He is not accused of committing crimes against person or property.

The same Jonathan Blodgett who is determined to send Girard to prison for possession of two cylindrical pieces of metal is anxious to protect the people who beat Worcester resident Kenneth Howe to death last November 25. That's because Howe's murderers are among the numinous personages swaddled in government-issued costumes and invested with the presumptive authority to kill.

Kenneth Howe  was co-owner of a barbershop, a husband, and father of three children. His contributions to society were immeasurably more valuable than anything done by a tax-feeder in an “official” capacity. Last November 25, he has the misfortune of riding in a car that encountered a "sobriety checkpoint."

This particular roadblock -- or "joint sobriety enforcement operation" -- involved the Andover Police Department, the Essex County Sheriff’s Office, and the Massachusetts State Police. Like all such operations, this was an orgy of overtime for people who wear government-provided costume jewelry.  For the helots on wheels who are forced to endure them, checkpoints of this kind are pregnant with the possibility of lethal violence, as Howe and his friend learned.

Police accounts say that Howe was observed making a “furtive movement” as the car in which he was a passenger approached the checkpoint. The driver says that Howe, who had been smoking a marijuana cigarette, was trying to snuff it and put on his seat belt.

When Jodi A. Gerardi, a female state trooper, approached the car, Howe told her, “It’s only a marijuana cigarette.” After being ordered from the vehicle, Howe tried to flee. (In the official police version, the middle-aged man supposedly jumped through the passenger-side window -- something that would tax the athleticism and agility of a Parkour master.)

As Howe tried to flee, the distaff tax-feeder shrieked, “I’ve been assaulted” — something the driver, the only objective eyewitness, disputes: In fact, that witness claims that it was Gerardi who placed hands on Howe, rather than the reverse.

Gerardi’s account describes Howe as “releasing” a pit bull and “assaulting everyone in his path” as he fled the scene. This is of a piece with her claim that Howe busted a move that would have put the Prince of Persia to shame.

Once again, the other eyewitness to the events doesn't support Gerardi's version. However, he did testify that at least a dozen -- and as many as 20 -- police officers swarmed Howe, beating and otherwise brutalizing him, after their little tag-along (or was she a camp follower?) claimed that he had laid an unholy hand on her sanctified person.

Shackling a dying man: Several members of the thugswarm that killed Kenneth Howe cuff him and put leg restraints on him as he slowly dies from the injuries sustained at the hands of at least a dozen police officers. 

Somehow, despite his Jedi-level physical prowess, Howe was taken to the ground “where he continued to disobey orders to ‘stop resisting’ by several other officers,” Gerardi reports, reflecting the common assumption that Mundanes must patiently endure whatever abuse their plunder-supported betters see fit to inflict on them.

After being “softened up,” Howe was  handcuffed and placed in leg restraints. He died at a local police barracks shortly after midnight on the morning of November 26.

In a very real sense, Howe was a victim of the federalized Homeland Security State, which underwrites checkpoints as a way of keeping the local condottieri loyal to the Regime. He could also be considered a casualty of Leviathan’s longest and most destructive war, the federal “War on (Non-Government-Approved) Drugs.” More to the point: It is a matter of settled fact that he was a homicide victim.

The Essex County Medical Examiner ruled that the official cause of death was homicide by way of  “blunt impact of the head and torso with compression of the chest.” This means that the 45-year-old father was beaten to death, at an East Berlin-style checkpoint, by a tax-subsidized thugswarm.

Acting out of solidarity with the rest of the tax-consuming class, the ME's office moved quickly to take the edge off its findings.

“The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner uses the term homicide to mean a death at the hands of another,” explained the M.E.’s attorney, Jacqueline Faherty. “A medical examiner does not offer an opinion regarding criminal wrongdoing or civil liability.”

In keeping with routine procedure in any case involving the death of a helpless Mundane at the hands of the Bullies in Blue, the Medical Examiner eagerly described the victim’s cardiovascular disease as a “contributory factor” in the death.

 Death by Government: Rest in God's Peace, Kenneth Howe. 

When someone dies at the hands of an assailant or assailants whose violence is  sanctified by the state, we are supposed to believe that the victim wasn’t killed by the police — he just happened to die in their custody.

Thus victims of lethal Taser strikes succumbed to “excited delirium,” rather than being murdered through electro-shock torture. The state-licensed assailants similarly seek to exculpate themselves when an innocent person suffering from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, or other medical problems is beaten or suffocated to death by a police mob.

Curiously, “contributory factors” of that kind aren’t treated as mitigating factors when someone is fatally beaten or otherwise subjected to lethal violence by a gang of bullies who do not bear the insignia of state “authority.”  

By way of contrast, when violent deaths are inflicted by commonplace criminals, the victim’s health problems — if they are mentioned at all — are taken as evidence of the exceptional viciousness of the crime.

Despite its patent viciousness, the beating death of Kenneth Howe -- although ruled a homicide -- will not be treated as a crime. “There is absolutely no way reasonable force was used in this case,” insists attorney Frances A. King, who is representing the murder victim’s widow and children. “He has handcuffs on part of that time and leg irons and [the police] are beating him to death.”

Let it not be said that DA Jonathan Blodgett -- the same law-and-order zealot presiding over the persecution of Gregory Girard -- was indifferent to the events of November 25, 2009. In fact, his office was prepared to file charges and prosecute ... the victim, Kenneth Howe, for the supposed offense of "resisting arrest." If Howe had survived the beating inflicted on him, he most likely would be in jail awaiting trial.

Predictably, Blodgett has displayed no measurable interest in building a case against the people who beat Howe to death. Like practically everyone else in his profession, Blodgett apparently assumes that police are entitled to kill anyone at any time who displays anything other than immediate, complete, unconditional submission.

That totalitarian assumption makes a nice matched set with the one undergirding Blodgett's Soviet-style persecution of Gregory Girard -- namely, that Mundanes seeking the means to protect themselves against the Regime's armed enforcers should be treated as fodder for the gulag.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


idahobob said...

Tall trees, short ropes.


JdL said...

Arggggh! When I read accounts of murder and unjust imprisonment such as this, I have a burning desire to take up a gun and bump off the next uniformed government goon I see. I have to talk myself down with a reconnection to the understanding that such acts would put me on the moral level of the goons, not a place any rational or caring person would want to be.

Anonymous said...

My husband checked with the sheriff of Cootenai County, Idaho (Coeur'd Alene) as to what "suspicious movements" are in a drug interdiction zone. Nothing that takes place inside of the car counts; the only two things regarded as suspicious (does "furtive" mean the same thing?) are making a u-turn and throwing something out the window.

The reason my husband talked to the sheriff is because we were pulled over in a surveillance along highway 95 just south of CDA. The woman cop who detained us told lie after lie to us and to the police department after she was challenged. During the stop she attempted, time after time, to get us to agree that my husband made a suspicious movement, to which we only replied, "No!"

When we later received the report and video of our detainment, the cop was heard to say that when she walked up to our truck she realized that we were not what she thought ("an older couple who were really surprised"), but she still tried to get us to incriminate ourselves. She was not interested in my driving license, registration, proof in insurance, and did not mention anything about the speed limit, but she whined to her boss later that she detained me for going two mph over the speed limit. All she knows how to do is lie. That woman has severe problems.

jdogg said...

As repulsive as the robbery and murder you describe are, the hapless victims of it exercised what can only be termed "extraordinarily poor" judgement.

Throw a roach from a car and try to don a seatbelt within eyesight of a cop? Not exactly what would be termed bright. Not know a spouse well enough to be able to make an informed decision about what could happen if potentially sensitive information fell into the wrong hands? Seriously, who does that?!!?

By no means do I condone the rogue actions of the State, but it almost seems as if these victims went out of their way to paint flourescent bullseyes on themselves.

Whether it should be this way or not, life (at least as I have always known it) has always been about being a quick, agile, little fish.

I know this shouldn't even be an issue since we have a Constitution and Bill Of Rights; but, these afford very little protection.

Anonymous said...

I prayed today that God might bring justice to this situation. Clearly the woman trooper lied and in due time God will hold her accountable for murder.
Regarding jdogg - I too try to remain a nimble little fish. I travel,for my business, over 50,000 miles per year and can think of only one time in the last two years where I was pulled over. And the one time that I did get pulled over I was fortunate enough to beat the ticket in court. I work very hard to abide by the speed limits, traffic signs and to raise no red flags whatsoever. The last thing I want is an interaction with agents of the State - their proclivity to violence is astounding and nothing I want any part of.

liberranter said...

Sad but true, jdogg. While I don't deny that Kenneth Howe had a natural right to be both drunk and high, being so as a passenger in a moving vehicle transiting public property, and thus becoming subject to interception and scrutiny by the costumed agents of the PSDRM's Polizei wasn't a very smart move. You wanna huff on a joint? Fine. Do it in the privacy of your own residence or that of a sympathetic friend or family member, preferably in a well-ventilated area beyond the scrutiny of nosy neighbors (and are there any other kind in this day and age?). You wanna get three sheets to the wind? Fine. Do it in an environment where you don't have to move across public property (examples include your home, a family member's or friend's home, or a drinking establishment to and from which you've arranged transportation --preferably commercial-- that does not involve your operation of a vehicle) that puts you at risk of an unfriendly encounter with the state-sanctioned thugswarms (BTW, Will, I LOVE that term!).

As for Mr. Girard, I will reiterate the comment I left on this blog a few weeks back when Will first mentioned his case:

Anyone who marries 1) a cop, 2) a social worker, 3) a lawyer, or 4) a psychiatrist who is NOT part of that professional community is a moron who deserves the pure hell that they will DEFINITELY suffer at that spouse's hands sooner or later.

While I agree that Mr. Girard's current sufferings are unwarranted per se, he has no one but himself to blame for creating the conditions under which his non-crimes were brought to the unwanted attention of the State. I only hope that he has a very, very, VERY good divorce lawyer!

Yes, it's an insufferable pain to have to be "discreet" when doing things to one's own body and on one's own property that are non-crimes. But given the utter contempt for liberty, private property, rule of law, and self-ownership that is today's United Fascialist State of Amerika, that is, unfortunately, the world we've inherited.

Marc Swanson said...

The whole idea of checkpoints manned by armed agents of the state looking for "suspicious movements" makes me intensely paranoid. Although I have never been harmed by a drunk driver, I could, on the other hand, easily get myself beaten to death during a thug-swarm exercise for the capital crimes of throwing something out the window or making a u-turn.

Anonymous said...

Checkpoints are a gross violation of the US Constitution. If Americans had any balls they would kill the pigs trying to detain them unlawfully.

Visible said...

Brilliant, compassionate, courageous and articulate work my brother. Thank you for this. You are a shining light.

Anonymous said...

Its begining to be "fight or flight" with any encounter with the police, no matter how innocent you are, it could be your last.

Anonymous said...

More eye-opening tales from the twilight zone of our totalitarian nation. Seems the founding fathers and their quaint Constitution, like Mr. Howe, are really dead after all.

Sad thing that I recently spoke with someone who wished that the cops would actually draw their weapons MORE OFTEN!... Can you believe that tripe? But at least my Libertarian colleagues have made it clear how much they despise LEO's and the entire Stasi organizations backing them up.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments regarding that the victims made mistakes and poor judgement in their behavior makes it clear how conditioned we have become.

It's bad judgment to do things that upset the sensibilities of government employees? Or is it just bad judgment not to understand that we live under soviet like conditions? When we start thinking that acting like free people is bad judgment, a mistake, there's a real problem regardless of the path to get there.

Oddly, if under normal conversation (that is without these incidents being mentioned or known) someone said they wouldn't be high or drunk as a passenger in a motor vehicle because he feared what cops may do to him or someone who hid his guns and political views from family, friends, and his spouse because he thought they might turn him in to the government would be labeled "paranoid" by most Americans.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous makes a very valid point. When we run through a "check list" before going about our daily business and exiting our abodes to set foot "out there". Is it simply out of fear that Smokey will hassle us should we fail to cross the t's and dot the i's to their satisfaction? Have we then been so conditioned? Regardless of how unwise it was to blurt out what he did to the tax feeders (you HAD to be high to say that) He didn't deserve to die at their hands just like that poor drunk getting shot seven times recently when he could never have left the parking lot! This is Leviathan run amok.

jdogg said...

Anonymous wrote, "When we start thinking that acting like free people is bad judgment, a mistake, there's a real problem regardless of the path to get there."

So, I guess my question would be is the "real problem" being made a ward of the state or is the "real problem" being beaten to death by a government sanctioned goon squad?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Howe was suffocated to death from prone restraint in combination with restraint asphyxia caused by the weight of the officers on his chest and abdomen. It is impossible to breathe correctly in this position. They had so much disdain for the "suspect" that they ignored "grunting and growling" sounds as signs of ventilatory compromise and consequent struggle to obtain air. Multiple police officers observed the violent, incompetent restraint and did nothing to interfere. Mr. Howe's death is clearly a criminal event, not an "accident".