Friday, February 12, 2010

The Most Liberating Word

"Let your `yes' be `yes,' and your `no' be `no'; anything more than this comes from the evil one."

Jesus of Nazareth, as quoted in Matthew 5:37

Years ago, somebody coined the aphorism, "`No' is a complete sentence." While some grammarians might disagree with that conclusion, "no" is incontrovertibly the most powerful word that a freedom-focused individual can utter -- assuming, of course, that he has the fortitude to let it be his final answer.

To say "no" in reply to an offer, suggestion, or demand is to assert authority. The same can be said of "yes," but only when it is said in particular circumstances. "Yes" can signify either honorable agreement or craven submission. Saying "no," on the other hand, is a way of claiming one's sovereignty and demanding that it be respected.

Refusing consent is an assertion of the most elemental property right. Saying "no" during a business negotiation may abort a transaction, or it may facilitate a mutually agreeable arrangement on slightly different terms.
In either case, parties involved in such a conversation understand and respect the sovereignty of each other, and agreement doesn't occur until and unless both sovereign actors are satisfied with the terms.

When "yes" is said in this context, the rights and interests of both parties are protected, assuming that both follow the admonition from the Sermon on the Mount that they will make good on the promises they freely made.

We are routinely told that the government ruling us rests on the "consent" of the governed. "Submission" is a more appropriate term.

Think of it for a second: How often does the State recognize our right to withhold consent? Are those in the State's employ generally willing to accept "no" as a final answer, or do they generally treat it as an act of criminal rebellion?

In myriad ways, from the smallest imposition to the most grotesque mass murder, agents of the State treat non-compliance as justification for the use of potentially lethal force.
If an armed stranger in a state-issued costume demands that you submit to an abduction called an "arrest" despite the fact that you've done nothing to injure anybody, what will happen to you if you refuse to cooperate?

Consider the Census drone who just materialized on your doorstep. He may appear to be a harmless and inoffensive guy who's just overjoyed to be getting (not "earning," mind you) a paycheck as the economy implodes. But if you assert your independence by turning him away outright, or even by supplying him with no more than the minimal information he's "legally" permitted to acquire, the State that employs him may seek to steal up to $5,000 from you as punishment for your refusal to consent.

Today, as it was in the days of Caesar Augustus, the census is intimately connected to the State's practice of official theft via taxation. The IRS, with a brazen dishonesty appropriate to any totalitarian enforcement agency, insists that collection of the income tax depends on the "voluntary compliance" of tax slaves. This is true in exactly the same sense that the consummation of any other extortion demand depends on the "voluntary compliance" of the victims.

The otherwise charming western Idaho town in which my family lives is home to a tax accounting firm claiming the perfectly Orwellian name "Liberty Tax Service."
The "service" offered by firms of that kind is a bit like what we could expect from a "dating" service catering to rapists. A sign displayed near the firm's storefront office proclaims, "Satisfaction guaranteed" -- as if satisfaction should be the victim's appropriate response to being efficiently and professionally robbed by an insatiable assailant.

To maintain the illusion of consent, the State promotes the fiction of "representative government." In such a system some people can supposedly "consent" to the theft of property belonging to other people, and sanctify the plunder as an act of "mutual" consent. Exactly the same claim can be made by any other robber band. Of course, this comparison is unfair, since private criminals rarely treat their victims to sanctimonious lectures about their lack of "public-spiritedness." This is one reason, among many, why democracy is the most insidious form of tyranny.

Few, if any, have penetrated to the heart of the evil pretense of "representative government" more incisively than Chief Joseph during the U.S. Government's campaign to expropriate the heroic Nez Perce Indians.

Like many other Indian communities, the Nez Perce had no central governing authority. This complicated matters when Washington sought out an individual leader, or ruling oligarchy, whom it could seduce or intimidate into "consenting" to the theft of Nez Perce lands.

Washington solved that problem by creating a central government and appointing a Quisling "leader" -- named, quite suitably, Lawyer -- who promptly signed over the Wallowa Valley in the name of the entire tribe. (This would become a model for the dispossession of Indians across the continent, and it continues today wherever hapless people enjoy the blessings of U.S.-imposed "liberation"; think of the U.S.-created puppet "governments" in Iraq and Afghanistan.)

In 1877, General Oliver O. Howard summoned Joseph and other Nez Perce chiefs to a meeting at which it was announced that they would be evicted from lands they had not sold. Neither Joseph nor his compatriots had consented to the 1863 treaty signed by Lawyer. Howard had repeatedly acknowledged that there was no legal or moral justification for the seizure of the Wallowa Valley and the confinement of the Nez Perce to a reservation. Yet when required to do so Howard was willing to carry out his orders to "occupy the Wallowa Valley in the interest of peace."

Displaying a patience transcending that of most Christian saints, Joseph made one final appeal to Howard's conscience in the form of a property rights parable every bit as lucid and cogent as anything given birth by Frederic Bastiat's capable pen.

"Suppose a white man should come to me and say, `Joseph, I like your horses. I want to buy them,'" Joseph stated. "I say to him, `No, my horses suit me; I will not sell them.' Then he goes to my neighbor and says, `Pay me money, and I will sell you Joseph’s horses.' The white man returns to me and says, `Joseph, I have bought your horses and you must let me have them.'"

"If we sold our lands to the government," Joseph concluded, "this is the way they bought them."

This mattered not at all to Howard, who -- despite his oft-repeated claim to be a Christian believer -- was content to act as an instrument of official corruption.

Seeking to protect his people from a war with a vastly more powerful and utterly amoral enemy, Joseph relented to the demand that the Nez Perce relocate to the Lapwai reservation. This didn't end the matter, however, as hostilities between Indians and settlers led to bloodshed.

On this land, Americans won a battle for freedom: Idaho's White Bird Canyon, where heroic Nez Perce Indians soundly defeated the U.S. Army.

Matters came to a head when a group of irregular troops -- defying a truce flag -- fired on a Nez Perce encampment at White Bird Canyon, leading to an engagement in which the U.S. Army endured an unambiguous, and richly deserved, ass-thrashing. Joseph would later lead his 700-member band -- most of whom were non-combatants -- on a 1,500-mile strategic retreat, repeatedly winning hit-and-run engagements against the U.S. Army.

Eventually Joseph and his band were cut off by a force commanded by Colonel Nelson Miles near Montana's Bear Paw Mountains, just forty miles shy of freedom in Canada.

If the objective was to force the Nez Perce to remove themselves from the Wallowa Valley, why did Washington insist on capturing them, rather than allowing them to leave the country? The answer is obvious to anyone who understands the malignant logic of government: Joseph and his colleagues had ultimately refused to submit. Yes, they agreed, in the face of prohibitively superior force, to go on the reservation. But when they came under criminal assault, the Nez Perce acquitted themselves as men, rather than serfs. They reclaimed the right to say "no," and they stuck with that answer.

To those who presumed to be their masters, it was impermissible for the Nez Perce to leave the United States on their own terms.
Sitting Bull, who had fled to Canada with his Sioux band, received similar treatment for exactly the same "offense."

In 1875, when he was informed by a federal emissary that Washington wanted to purchase the Black Hills, Sitting Bull clutched a pinch of earth and, releasing it to the wind, replied: "
I do not want to sell any land to the government – not even as much as this.”

The following year, Sitting Bull and his allies annihilated Custer's force at the Battle of Greasy Grass, an engagement the losers refer to as the Battle of the Little Bighorn. That Sioux triumph is the last victory won by any Americans in an armed struggle for freedom prior to the Branch Davidians' successful defense of their home against the ATF's criminal assault in February 1993. Alas, both of those triumphs proved to be tragically reversible.

Amid mounting retaliation by Washington, Sitting Bull and his band withdrew to Canada. In July 1881, facing the specter of death by starvation, they returned to the United States. After being illegally imprisoned at Fort Randall, Sitting Bull was forced to endure a totalitarian homily preached by Republican Senator John Logan of Illinois.

"You are not a great chief of this country,” Logan declared. “You have no following, no power, no control, and no right to any control. You are on an Indian reservation merely at the sufferance of the government. You are fed by the government, clothed by the government, your children are educated by the government, and all that you have and are today is because of the government…. The government feeds and clothes and educates your children now, and desires to teach you to become farmers, and to civilize you, and make you as white men.”

In the interests of brevity, Logan could have stated the same case in a single austere phrase: From now on, you are not permitted to say "no."

The Leviathan State slaughtered, persecuted, and dispossessed Indians in order to compel them to live "as white men." That same State is now reducing Americans of all descriptions to a status akin to that of the conquered Indians: Helpless, dispossessed, subject to whatever our rulers see fit to impose on us.

Sitting Bull was murdered by police on the morning of December 15, 1890: The unarmed chief was shot in the chest after refusing to submit to an unlawful arrest. In death, however, he claimed a small but priceless victory by reclaiming his right to say "no."

The all-pervasive influence of our enemy, the State, offers us an ironic blessing in the form of myriad opportunities to win similar victories -- if we have the fortitude to say "no" and mean it. If enough of those victories accumulate, eventually the state will be undone.

Obiter Dicta

Tomorrow (February 13) I will be speaking at a "Tea Party" event at the Asotin County Fair Grounds in Asotin, Washington. The event will begin at 1:00 PM.

I really hate to bring this up....

I greatly appreciate the exceptionally generous help many of you have sent to us, and I've been criminally negligent in expressing individual thanks. Right now, this blog is the only means I have to earn the money necessary to support a family of eight.

Owing to my wife's circumstances, it is difficult for me to seek a "day job" outside our home, even if they were easily found, which they're not. (For reasons of conscience, I've resisted repeated suggestions that I apply for employment as a prison guard.)

There's no lack of work for me to do; I'm constantly writing, hosting a daily radio show, recording broadcast commentaries, doing speaking engagements, and so forth. I'm very much in demand, but that demand has yet to coalesce into a steady paycheck. As a result, we're facing the prospect of being completely broke within the next two months unless I can find an immediate source of income.

I plan to publish another book very soon. In the immediate term, I would be immensely grateful for any help anyone can offer in the form of job referrals or other employment leads. (I've applied for jobs in mines and warehouses as well as newspapers, magazines, and webzines.)

I desperately want to continue writing, and will continue to do so as circumstances permit -- but I have to keep my family fed and sheltered and will do whatever I honorably can to provide for them.

Many of you have made generous donations by way of my PayPal account; thank you. If we were to receive, consistently, a large number of small donations, this would be sufficient to keep this blog in business at least long enough for me to find some way to keep my family afloat.

Thanks again, and God bless.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article, Will.
Only one small addendum.
The doormat should read:
Come back with a warrant and a smile in daylight without the SWAT team.

apollonian said...

People Must Face Christian Truth, Annihilate Talmudic Enemy
(Apollonian, 12 Feb 10)

I rather think we must endure this present CYCLE of determinist history in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, whence deluded, confused, demoralized, over-populated, and hubristic (so taken w. moralism-Pharisaism) gentiles are being systematically exterminated by that collectivistic disease-of-opportunity, headed and led by Talmudic liars and COUNTERFEITERS.

Thus when enough gentiles have been exterminated, the parasitic, cannabilist, Talmudic disease will, in due CYCLIC fashion, find themselves in turn over-populated in relation to their erstwhile source of surviving host-victim gentiles, the parasites now turning against one another, these then specifically consisting of the "left" CFR-Bilderberg led by front-man, Obama/Soetoro, the "right" led by Israeli-Zionists and their "Judeo-Christian" (JC)--see and for expo/ref.--hereticalist accomplices.

Thus we merely need forthright Christians, hence anti-semites (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), Mr. Grigg--not Jew-lovers and Jew-sympathizers pretending to "Christianity" as we see today.

For at very rock-bottom, Christianity stands for TRUTH, as in Gosp. JOHN--hence the objective, Aristotelian reality, necessary criterion thereto--against the Hegelian anti-thematic Talmudic subjectivists fueled by Pelagianist, hereticalist "good-evil" LIES, foundation to the practical, existential fraud of fractional-reserve COUNTERFEIT scam which so horribly fascinates so many poor, deluded fools, even now as we speak.

Thus surviving gentiles must realize it's better to exterminate all the Talmudists (and accomplices among gentiles)--"let the Lord choose who may deserve mercy."

CONCLUSION: Such, Mr. Grigg, is the present state of things culturally for the military/political exigency: as Christian u must be loyal to TRUTH and gentiles--against the Talmudists (including their JC allies among gentiles). Unfortunately, it seems u and others like u don't want to face the TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

William N. Grigg said...

Mr. apollonian, I've displayed exemplary patience regarding your monomaniacal, borderline-aphasic harangues.

It's not my intention to modify my existing policy regarding the comment thread (no spam, no blasphemy, but otherwise value tudo), but I would appreciate an effort on your part to contribute something of relevance to the topic at hand. Otherwise I'll conclude that you're cluttering this bandwidth with political spam, and treat your posts accordingly.

apollonian said...

Grigg Startled By Context Presented
(Apollonian, 12 Feb 10)

I consider I simply provide a more cogent analysis of present cultural problem Mr. Grigg, beginning w. relevant fundamental premises (Christian truth vs. Jew/Talmudic lies) which, remember, should always remain same for sake of consistency, integrity, honesty--are u just envious?

And indeed, I must commend u for ur tolerance, but I note u should address specific pt.s of my entry rather than merely invoking some wild, generalist pretext ("irrelevance") which is un-founded. Seriously Grigg, I place ur otherwise commendable article within proper over-all context, philosophically and historically--surely upon reflection u'd agree.

Note "Indians," Nez Perce, and Sitting Bull's people were EXTERMINATED as they were considered enemies and duly treated accordingly. We white Christians decided (such as the events and circumstances happened) to use the state for such exterminationist purposes, the Indians not having effective "public relations" to countervail might of US gov. which was NOT considered "leviathan" by the white folks--esp. the Northerners who had used it only a few yrs previously to exterminate the Southern War Of Secession, never forget.

The Indian extermination was thus simply an extension of a trend which overtook the Western world since Rousseau, Eng. Utilitarians, and esp. Immanuel Kant whence a new wave of Pelagian heresy ("good-evil" delusion/fallacy) in rationalist guise absolutely revolutionized the previous regime of Ind. Freedom based on Natural Rights and Republican gov.

Kantian subjectivism was all the rage--as it still prevails on USA college campuses, for which prevalence I can attest personally, former Philosophy major as I am--I even achieved 33 hrs credit though I wasn't able to graduate w. the major due to the Jews, their sympathizers, and Kantians in the faculty.

CONCLUSION: So come on Mr. Grigg--accept the fact I simply startled u w. the enormity of hist. sociologic context I presented for ur discussion. Jews and Talmudic mentality (subjectivism, Pharisaism-moralism, and lies, thus Fed fraud) are at bottom of all present problems, organizing the satanic ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies, directing specific operations--INCLUDING THE INDIAN EXTERMINATION u mentioned. Remove the Jews and the criminal conspiracies are instantly de-capitated. "Think not I came to bring peace; rather I come to bring a sword" (Gosp. MATT 10:34). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Vulture said...

Exceptional post, Will. Every time I read your writings I feel better educated and more aware of this world's realities.

It's a pity that apollonian had to show up and spoil it with his antisemitic nonsense.

Houston said...

My great uncle Frank (a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II) would have applauded this column, Will. In his POW memoir, he brought up the same subject:

"A world in turbulence, thousands of people dying in battle, and here I am, refusing to say "sir" to another slave. Childish, if not just that it would have been so important to us to be able to say "no" for once without being bashed or kicked for it."

Anonymous said...


Suggestion 1: Get your own blog to sell your mantra on the Israeli-Jewish conspiracy.

Suggestion 2: You are so caught up in your tightly woven anti-Semitic theory to forget that the corruption of power, mingled with base human instincts, need no specific philosophy as the one you propose to be motivated o do unto others before they do unto you.
History is full of examples of injustices done without Judaic influence you are so prone to promote as being exclusively the root cause of all our current woes.

So get off your pet theory high horse, and fight for freedom from ALL who would take away our freedom. Cease choosing one specific people as the font of all oppression and villainy.

Anonymous said...

Will -I am listening to the radio show tonight as we try to do every weekday evening. I read Lew Rockwell also. I have to say that you do not need to feel bad at all about asking for a little donation. When you are serving a slice of your exceptional "brain" every evening freely, you may have a right to request that the customers leave you a tip for your great service.
We appreciate Your professional speaking skills, gentlemanly delivery, the logical balanced perspective, attempt to rightly divide the truth on an issue or an event, the anger and outrage expressed for damnable actions of our enemies..I must admit that some times I almost spit my drink when listening to the show many times with laughter also (never heard of "anal aperture" until you said it)so its a comedy hour as well...
Also we are all struggling in some way or another. I appreciate your gentle handling of describing your wife's illness and the love for children who depend on you. Some men would not be so patient or merciful in the case of mental illness.
Thanks from a listener in KS

Isaac said...

I don't believe in collective guilt, but I think there is historical precedent for collective punishment. Leviathan's dealings with the original inhabitants of this continent have yet to be revisited on the beneficiaries of those dealings, and I think it will be harsh when it is.

Speaking of collectivism, assigning attributes to entire populations of people is collectivist thinking. For example: "Niggers are all lazy." "All those wetbacks are just here to get welfare." "Jews drink the blood of gentile infants and should all be killed." "Injuns know how to quietly sneak through the forest."

CONCLUSION: Despite Aphasiallonian's insistence on ending the world's trouble through the annihilation of a specific gene pool in the name of truth and freedom, he turns out to be just another collectivist with poor thesaurus skills.

Isaac said...

Also, I wish I could make it to Asotin tomorrow, but it doesn't seem likely. Do you know what time you'll be speaking, and is anyone planning on getting video? I want to see Clint Didier's face when you say whatever it is you're going to say.

Anonymous said...

Great post Mr. Grigg! I, for one, believe you should be nationally syndicated.

Apollonian's views, whether or not they're accurate, hurt the cause of liberty. Placing the blame on the Jews is not a productive means of removing power from the parasitical class. It cheapens the debate, and leaves you open to ridicule and marginalization.

He's a broken record who thinks he has all the answers and just can't shut up about it.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg,

Below your last aritcle, I left a comment which included 3-4 extremely uiseful links to webpages which expose the techniques of media disinformation and mind-control.

In the link, "Disinformation Tactics: The methods Used to Keep You in the Dark"

under the section, "Internet Disinformation Methods" we read:

"Internet trolls, also known as “paid posters” or “paid bloggers,” are increasingly being employed by private corporations as well, often for marketing purposes. In fact, it is a rapidly growing industry.

"Trolls use a wide variety of strategies, some of which are unique to the internet, here are just a few:

1) Make outrageous comments designed to distract or frustrate: An Alinsky tactic used to make people emotional, although less effective because of the impersonal nature of the web.

2) Pose as a supporter of the truth, then make comments that discredit the movement: We have seen this even on our own forums — trolls pose as supporters of the Liberty Movement, then post long, incoherent diatribes so as to appear either racist or insane.

The key to this tactic is to make references to common Liberty Movement arguments while at the same time babbling nonsense, so as to make those otherwise valid arguments seem ludicrous by association.

3) Dominate Discussions: Trolls often interject themselves into productive web discussions in order to throw them off course and frustrate the people involved.

(Examples: Apollonian says: "I must commend u for ur tolerance, but I note u should address specific pt.s of my entry" -- such as "the Northerners who had used it only a few yrs previously to exterminate the Southern War Of Secession, never forget," and "...against the Talmudists (including their JC allies among gentiles)...Honest elections and death to the Fed." -- All this has nothing to do with Chief Joseph and the right to say No. - LG)

4) Prewritten Responses: Many trolls are supplied with a list or database with pre-planned talking points designed as generalized and deceptive responses to honest arguments. 9/11 “debunker” trolls are notorious for this.

5) False Association: This works hand in hand with item #2, by invoking the stereotypes established by the “Trojan Horse Troll.”

6) False Moderation: Pretending to be the “voice of reason” in an argument with obvious and defined sides in an attempt to move people away from what is clearly true into a “grey area” where the truth becomes “relative.”

7) Straw Man Arguments: A very common technique. The troll will accuse his opposition of subscribing to a certain point of view, even if he does not, and then attacks that point of view. Or, the troll will put words in the mouth of his opposition, and then rebut those specific words. For example: “9/11 truthers say that no planes hit the WTC towers, and that it was all just computer animation. What are they, crazy?”


There is vastly much more in those links along the same vein. I strongly encourage you and your readers to go back and bookmark those links.

Meanwhile, I have a growing suspicion that Apollonian is either mentally off center, or else is a plant - someone, perhaps working for AIPAC or another pro-Israel group, or else working for the government, who has been tasked to flood your blog with rambling, anti-Jewish diatribes in order to make anyone opposing Zionism, or opposing Leviathan, appear like a kook. Someone coming upon your blog for the first time, and reading his/her comments, might dismiss this site as a domain of incoherent fanatics, which it most certainly is not.

Lemuel Gulliver

Anonymous said...

I just offered a prayer,weak as it may be, to the Lord - that He may bless you with a job that will allow you to earn a living while caring for the needs of your wife and children.

Apple-Onan said...

Grigg Nauseated By Disjointed Schizophrenic Idiot Ramblings
(Apple-Onan, 12 Feb 10)

Come on Grigg--accept the fact I startled and awed u w. the enormity of hist. sociologic proctologic context I presented for ur discussion. But don't u give up hope, some day u 2 can be as great a writer and philosopher as I. Just do as I have done:

1. Begin a steady diet of lead-based paint chips

2. Dozens of usually self-inflicted blows 2 the head

3. Take a few philosophy classes at local community college, get kicked out for Nazi harangues

4. Troll other peoples' blog comment pages, since no one is masochistic--uh, I mean, brilliant enough 2 read my own

5. Throw in some names and terms hazily remembered in philosophy class like Pelegianist and Hegel and Kantian, makes u sound like totally edumacated

6. Never use 12 words to express a point when u can use 80

7. Making sense is for people incapable of achieving enormous sociologic-morphologic-antithematic Pelegianist-proctologic-postpostpost Hegelian-copralogic context. Honest elections and death to the Fed.

Anonymous said...

Holy Talmudic Cow, Apollonian! I've rambled from time to time but you take the unleavened cake. Can you at least TRY to make some sort of comments that come even close to the post of the moment? Otherwise you need to create your own blog and hammer Jewdiciously away over there instead of hijacking this one with material that is strikingly on the level of an agent provocateur. Come on now and be honest and admit it. You're a plant.

Will, You've basically said what I've said to friends for many years. That is if I haven't the freedom to say, "NO" or the freedom to disagree, then I haven't any real freedom at all. And ultimately what imaginary freedoms are our global legions defending? Clearly it's the freedom to shut up and do as you're told

As I write this I'm on the road far away from my dear family while looking for employment just like yourself. What we both need is "out there". I can feel it and know something is coming to pass but in the mean time it isn't easy so I understand, just a bit, what you're going through. Since I rarely read any books I know I wouldn't buy one but that doesn't mean I can't hit the "tip" jar.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

I don't know who you are, but that was funny!

Mr. Grigg,
Just like MoT, I am in the same boat as you. Lost my job due to Talmudic-Hegelian-Kantian-Marxist-Zionist-Malthusian recession 13 months ago. (Proving I didn't and don't work for the FedGov - Federal employees now make a median of $74k and are still getting their annual raises, the country as a whole makes a median of $36k and has seen reductions not raises, and there have been NO Federal layoffs or downsizings. State Governments are a different story.) Age 63 + 250 applicants for every job = if I even make it to an interview, one look at the grey hair (what there is of it) and the shout goes up, NEXT!

I have been forced to take early SS retirement(**) at age 63 - about 2/3 what it would have been had I been able to last till 66 - and this leaves me about $300 a month to live on after paying rent. I know where you are coming from.

(** And don't any forked-tongue white-man Republican dare to call my pension an "entitlement" or a "handout." They took 15.3% out of my paycheck for 30 years and spent it on their bridges to nowhere and wars waged for oil companies and what have you, and it's doubtful if I'll live nearly long enough to collect their grudgung payback of what they stole from me, plus 30 years of interest.)

You have my prayers and good wishes for the comfort and health of you and your whole family. If I ever come into some money I'll share some with you. You have earned it, with this blog and your other good works.

Your article was heart-wrenching. Truly sad. I knew the story of Chief Joseph. His long speech in Washington DC, the history of his people and their relations with the white man, which you quote from, is given in full here:

A beautiful short selection of his words, including his famous "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever" is given here:

There have been many cruelties and injustices in this world down through the centuries, but one of the cruellest was what the white man did to the Native Americans. It seems clear to me that a vicious barbarian culture destroyed a far, far superior one. (Regardless of white-man technology - look where that has brought us today.) The fact that the white man brought Christianity is irrelevant; the Indians would have been happy to convert into followers of the gentle Nazarene, if the white men had been true Christians, instead of vile servants of Satan - greedy, brutal, deceptive, filthy, two-faced, vicious, diseased, and savage.

And now people steeped in those degenerate qualities have declared themselves our absolute rulers, with self-granted license to kill all who even feebly protest their rapine and plunder.

I fear that this will not change. I for one am not yet ready to give up my life - even on $300 a month - to attempt to fight them. Until the vengeance of God for the devastation we have wrought on His creation falls upon our heads, I do not see any hope of dislodging their teeth from our throats. Only when their carefully crafted and equisitely organized system of rape, murder and theft collapses, when all the high technology that keeps it running fails and falls apart, and millions of us start to die, only then, when there is nothing left to lose, will we rise up and destroy them.

I loved your essay. It never occurred to me that I do not have the freedom to say "NO". An incisive and very fundamental insight. I love reducing a problem to basics, and your essay does just that. Thanks.

Lemuel Gulliver.

NSangoma said...

Unbelievable MS Shamara, once again it is demonstrated that your Negroes have no knowledge of US history. Taking land from Amerindians was the major reason for the US Revolutionary War against Great Britain:

... Following the French and Indian War, the British government sought to minimize defense costs wherever possible and was keen to maintain peaceful relations with those Indian tribes that had allied with the French. To this end, the Proclamation of 1763 restricted colonization across the Appalachian Mountains as this was designated an Indian Reserve. Regardless, groups of settlers continued to move west and establish farms. The proclamation was soon modified and was no longer a hindrance to settlement, but its promulgation and the fact that it had been written without consulting colonists angered them. The Quebec Act of 1774 extended Quebec's boundaries to the Ohio River, shutting out the claims of the thirteen colonies. By then, however, the Americans had little regard for new laws from London; they were drilling militia and organizing for war. ...

followed by taxes:

... The British did not expect the colonies to contribute to the interest or the retirement of debt incurred during the French and Indian War, but they did expect a portion of the expenses for colonial defense to be paid by the Americans. Estimating the expenses of defending the continental colonies and the West Indies to be approximately £200,000 annually, the British goal after the end of this war was that the colonies would be taxed for £78,000 of this amount. The point for London was that the tax demonstrated that Parliament was in full control. The issues with the colonists was not that the taxes were high (they were low) but that the colonies had no representation in the Parliament which passed the taxes. Lord North in 1775 argued for the British position that Englishmen paid on average twenty-five shillings annually in taxes whereas Americans paid only sixpence. ...

Is your Negroe, William Norman Grigg, a true patriot Ms Shamara? For he seems to be going against the traditions of the Founding Fathers.

Chief Joseph, the Nez Perce; Sitting Bull, the Lakota; who next, Tecumseh, the Shawnee; these aboriginals had no rights that any white man had to respect. Or did that only apply to Dred Scott, et alia?

Where my Buffaloe Soldiers at?

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an article that may be of interest to you. The kid glove treatment of this creepy cop is astounding. If it had been a mere mundane the full fury of the law would have come crashing down.

apollonian said...

Christian Context Requires Grave Consequences, Implications
(Apollonian, 13 Feb 10)

Comrades and Mr. Grigg: I much appreciate all ur comments above. I must admit it thrills me considerably to see I get such attn, mis-guided as it is.

Grigg is a good sport so far--which indicates admirable self-confidence for his intellect--and that's why I always try to be consistent and careful to beginning in proper premises (Christianity), that commonality by which differences are meaningful--for there is ultimate criterion upon which we do finally agree, assuming Grigg means what he says (about Christ, Christianity), which I presume for sake of my crushing and devastating arguments.

I suspect that's my "secret weapon" regarding Grigg: as long as he considers I'm sincere Christian, he's basically partial to letting me have my fair say. So u see--u must not blame me for hammering away as I do, for ultimately it's that criterion which must tell for my arguments--this is legitimate polemics and debate, wiggle and squirm though u may.

So let me just briefly address the comments above. First note, even if it was true I was "paid troll," which it (obviously) isn't, any interlocutor must address the specific pt.s I make--THEN and only then can u legitimately pretend to justify any generalizations.

"Lem Gulliver" reduces himself to "Apple-Onan," whom he thinks is significant, who makes not a single substantial pt., merely advancing yet another weak and pathetic attempted parody as I rebutted in earlier Grigg blog, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell...," 5 Feb 10.

The very weakest comment was by "anon" at 6:40 pm who pretends "cause of liberty is hurt" by honest, substantial, Apollonian dialectic--u should just speak to specific issues, "anon," and defend liberty thusly, leaving off w. ur brainless conclusion about liberty and cause thereof.

But here's most telling pt. common to all the rest of adverse peanut-gallery herein recorded, this blog: they pretend my main issue is anti-semitism when OBVIOUS fact is I first and most denounce the large, general mentality (LIES, founded then upon subjectivism and Pharisaism-moralism) which is only epitomized by Talmudists who are thus natural leaders and masterminds of all the various criminal conspiracies and networks, as I duly note.

Thus I invoke Christianity with its absolute dedication to mighty TRUTH, hence then Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality, necessary criterion thereto. Again, Jews/Talmudics are merely FOREMOST subjectivists, sublimely, collectivistically organized, who then naturally lead and mastermind all the gentile criminals, conspiracies, and networks.

In sheer numbers, obviously gentile subjectivists (and criminals) far out-number Jews, but these are relatively dis-organized, isolated, socio-pathic types who lend themselves to Judaic guidance, dominance, and manipulation as history and reality manifest. Thus I simply pt. out that Jew-Expulsion (culture-wide, as of St. Constantine the Great) will immediately DE-CAPITATE all the conspiracies and criminal networks, allowing the petty little gentile criminals to be most easily mopped-up.

[-----------see below for part two to above entry----------A.]

apollonian said...

[-------here's part two to above entry----------A.]

* * * * *

Note most of all, no one was able to refute my pt-ing out Immanuel Kant as that epochal revolutionary who paves way for Talmudic Jews and COUNTERFEITERS by means of his subjectivism carried by his neo-Pelagianism, this latest wave of Pelagianist hereticalism no less than the THIRD WAVE of it known to Western culture fm time of St. Augustine, to St. Martin Luther (who opposed Erasmus), this latest Pelagianism merely cloaked in bombastic rationalistic guise, notorious and peculiar to Kant.

Thus the "romantic," mystic era of 19th cent., beginning at least w. Rousseau, as I note, fm earlier 18th cent., swept aside the preceding Englightenment rationalism which had produced US Constitution, ind. freedom, natural rights, etc. Statism of Hegel and outright communism of Marx were very next products, enacted by Bismarck's socialism and the incredible US Civil War in flagrant violation of 10th amendment (secession being obvious right of states. NOT "prohibited" by Constitution).

Thus advocates of freedom must realize simple, basic things: (a) Christianity is absolutely and necessarily ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), first and most above every other consideration. Anti-semitism is the VERY PURPOSE of Christianity--if u're NOT anti-semitic u aren't and can't be Christian.

(b) Further, Christianity is simply aestheticalist allegory, aside fm obvious TRUTH of Gosp. JOHN, for Aristotelian objectivity and reason (hence determinism)--AGAINST Talmudic subjectivity, perfectly "free" will, and mysticism, hystericism, obsession, and psycho-pathology, narcissism, collectivism, and fascism as in form of present ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies, specifically fueled then by most practical, crux Fed COUNTERFEIT fraud.

Simply observe Jews absolutely thriving and glorying in present ZOG-Mammon empire, Jew billionaires abounding in ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE dis-proportion to percentage of population, 13 Jew Senators, soon to be YET ANOTHER Jew on the Supreme Ct. There can be no question ZOG-Mammon is Jew-oriented, a Jew creation, meant for Jews to benefit Jews, Jews wallowing in the mud thereof, in veritable hog-heaven, Israel and Zionists demanding US goyim kill Iranians and "Mooselims," the goyim not complaining too loudly (yet).

Thus Christianity, once again, is literal HEGELIAN anti-thesis to preceding Talmudism. Christianity is not merely by itself, hanging like spider-web in the ether; it has a specific CONTEXT--it was God's gift for guidance of gentile humans struggling against the ULTIMATE liars, conspirators, and satanic henchmen, the Talmudics and Pharisees who murdered Christ.

CONCLUSION: Christianity is NOT mysticism--on the contrary--and it's NOT just whatever u want it to be; it's precious, specific thing which means only, basically, ONE thing, reverence for mighty TRUTH, the only way to God the Father (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--and there are necessary anti-semitic consequences and implications which must be observed and appreciated. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

if you want to be able to keep feeding your family, you need to keep your swimmers out of your partner's birth canal.

You both can have orgasms without penetration - and its concomitant risks of boredom and impregnation for your wife.

Nature put the clit on the OUTSIDE for a reason - pleasure without pregnancy.

Google it, breeder.

Isaac said...

my crushing and devastating arguments.

In your own mind perhaps. It seems odd to me that the ONE purpose of Christianity is anti-semitism. You constantly quote one section of Mark, which addresses the issue of hypocrisy in religion, and then call for the worldwide expulsion of Jews (where will they go, by the way?) according to that brief section. What happens when the Jews are expelled? I suppose then Christianity will be obsolete.

CONCLUSION: What the heck!?

Kratoklastes said...

@BSuden... "with a warrant" is a meaningless phrase when you're talking to people who think that the 'justice' system and its enforcers are operating under an utter fraud (the claim that a document signed by a bunch of slaveowners two centuries ago, is binding on anyone except themselves).

A 'warrant' is simly a piece of paper signed by a tax-feeder, which purports to permit some other tax-feeder to enter your home in order to rob. imprison or kill you you... it is nothing more.

I write out warrants all the time, which - ostensibly - permit me to enter person Xs home and take theiur stuff (and kill them if they refuse to comply), because I wrote a Constitution placing myself as King of the World. Anyone who abides by MY warrants is a fool, and so is anyone who thinks that a State-issued warrant has more moral validity.

Don't get me wrong - it would be madness to attempt to resist the state's armed sociopaths directly... but there are other mechanisms for degrading their operational effectiveness (they don't wear kevlar at home) - but you really need to set aside this silly notion that if they come wth a piece of paper signed by one of their cronies, they are 'entitled' to walk through your door: simply view the existence or otherwise of the paperwork as an impediment to THEM, not a sanctification of the rape they perpetrate.



Anonymous said...

In case you have not heard it on the radio show yet, Mr Grigg has said that he is not African American, or Negro, as one of these posts called him. He is indeed darker skinned, but he said that he is of Mexican descent, and Irish European descent, though he said he may have another dark skinned relative in the gene pool, unknown to him, as he was an adopted child.

William N. Grigg said...

Google it, breeder.

Someone appears to suffer from acute progeny envy, it appears.

N.B.: Someone with whom I do business is a "partner." The person with whom I share myself is my wife. Google it, oh nulliparous one.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Anonymous @ 11:36 am,

"Nature put the clit on the OUTSIDE for a reason - pleasure without pregnancy."

Your hostility and anger at the world is evidenced by the vulgarity of your words. You could have said the same thing much less crudely, and probably garnered a respectful hearing from your audience, instead of being dismissed as a ranter.

If Mr. Grigg chooses to have a large family that's his business. He's not a stupid man. He knows they all have to be fed, clothed, sheltered and educated. I would guess he's probably doing an outstanding job of the latter, and would be doing better at the former if he had not chosen to defy Leviathan. Those brave folks like him who lay their livelihoods on the line for the freedom of all of us, including you, deserve some respect and thanks, not insults.

Next time, please first try courtesy, instead of coming out with all guns firing. That only provokes hostility in return.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Ani said...

Hello apollonian ---


In my honest opinion, you have some very good points but you weaken them by, among other things, your obsession with BLAMING AND JUDGING - not a very "Christian" state of being.

"if u're NOT anti-semitic u aren't and can't be Christian."
HAHAHAHAHAHA - if this is the case, then perhaps "Christians" are merely experiencing KARMA - what goes around comes around.

The Christ was not a "Christian".
Jesus was a JEW, if history is correct.
Further, much of what is called "Christianity" was "borrowed" from PAGANS because it was a good way to gain control of them.

Many religious institutions are POLITICAL CONTROL FREAKS - otherwise there would be no need to INDOCTRINATE their minions with GUILT and INTOLERANCE from early ages in order to prevent them from connecting with THE LIGHT without "help" (aka meddling) from The Church - which would make it clear that The Church is NOT a necessity for deep spiritual communion with Higher Powers.

The Christ did not teach guilt, He taught self empowerment thru inner entrainment with higher frequencies (aka LOVE) in order to connect with THE LIGHT - but many did not "get it" then and it seems that many still do not "get it'" whether or not they call themselves "Christians".
The best lesson to illustrate empowerment is through a selection from Hafiz, a Sufi poet from the 14th century. Consider:

The small man
Builds cages for everyone
While the sage,
Who has to duck his head
When the moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys all night long
For the

Neither did Jesus recommend hatred.
I hear hatred spewing out of almost every word in your "harangues" which further weakens your arguments because what most people hear is the subtext of hatred, highly charged negative emotions that I do not think Jesus would indulge in.
But then, Jesus was not a "Christian".
Jesus was a JEW.
From my eclectic, no-claimed-religion point of view, you sound like a fanatic fascist advocating a path reminiscent of Hitler's "Final Solution".

"There are only two emotions, Love and Fear. What is not an expression of one is an expression of the other." (sorry, don't know who said that)
What are you sooooo afraid of?
"Methinks [m'lord] doth protest o'ermuch." ~ W. Shakespeare ...

Ani said...


yes, "Christianity is NOT mysticism" - in fact, The Church has often been in the BIZ of murdering mystics (literally and figuratively) prally because "mystics" are free of The Church's CONTROL and bullies do not tolerate what they perceive to be competition.

You further weaken your arguments as well as limit yourself and your SUBJECTIVE view of what "Christianity is" when you say "Thus Christianity, once again, is literal HEGELIAN anti-thesis to preceding Talmudism. "
(in YOUR opinion---which you forget to add as a general rule, as if YOU are the one and only INFALLIBLE? keeper of TRUTH?)
Does your small minded definition include anti-Everything that does not fit into your self-righteous "Hegelian Christianity"?

The Hegelian dialectic does not do justice to what The Christ taught.
But then, Jesus was not a "Christian".
Jesus was a JEW.
The Hegelian dialectic is the epitome of "eating of the fruit of the tree of KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL" for it is in the dialectic of JUDGMENT of good and evil whereby human EGOs create and perpetuate wars and destruction and atrocities---while at the same time I feel you 'screaming' that the Jews are "evil" which suggests your own 'subjectivism fueled by Pelagianist, hereticalist "good-evil" LIES' - a good demonstration of the "antithetical" paradox, in fact.
BTW, the most advanced Sciences are coming around to realizing that objectivity is not possible.

I notice you do not mention Nietzsche or Goethe among others ... hmmmm
You did not even type Semitic correctly - it requires a Capital "S" as in anti-Semitic - or were you not aware of this????
... hmmmm ... but I digress into pettiness. - scuze me please.

I Kant refute your statements about Kant because I Kant even find em amidst all the hatred without re-reading ALL of your hate-filled "harangues" which I do not care to subject myself to.

"We are all prisoners. Some of us have windows in our cells and some do not."
~ Kahlil Gibran, Sand & Foam

I hope you enjoy the cage you have constructed for yourself., Mr. apollonian.


Anonymous said...

That was a nice response to a very nasty verbal attack

apollonian said...

Objectivity Is Simply Necessary Assumption--As Aristotle Teaches
(Apollonian, 14 Feb 10)

"Ani," I gotta hand it to u as u do the ultimate for subjectivism/mysticism, trying to "turn the tables," u now saying I'm the real "subjectivist," evidently no less than urself as u defend mysticism too.

But "Ani" note unlike u, I give definite and authoritative ref.s for my expo of Christianity--it isn't "love" which would then just make Christianity meaningless crap. Observe the Greeks and Romans already had Aphrodite/Venus whose dept. that was ("love").

Gosp. JOHN 14:6, once again, definitively nails it down, distinguishing Christianity fm Judaic/Talmudic anti-thesis. See,, and for best Talmudic expo. But it IS true that while Talmudism is notoriously mis-anthropic, Christianity is humanity-friendly, without a doubt. Christianity is the "way" for peaceful co-existence, if it's to be possible.

And "Ani," ur weakest pt. is the gross, crass false-hood u retail regarding Christ being "Jew"--for note Jew is by definition Talmudist as u can confirm with any Jew or Christian who knows. Christ pointedly repudiated Talmud at Gosp. MARK 7:1-13, Christ an absolute anti-semite Galilean descended fm Judeans--NOT "Jew." Only about 5% of Judeans followed Pharisees (Talmudists).

Note also love and hate are reciprocal emotions--mere reciprocals of the same basic thing, attraction-aversion--u cannot have one without the other. If u fail to hate, u cannot love, and if u love, u must hate the anti-thesis. Thus the real Christian loves truth and hates the lie which is why true Christian must be anti-semitic, necessarily.

Finally "Ani," note objectivity at root is a necessary ASSUMPTION, all science by definition dependent thereupon that basic metaphysical assumption--as Aristotle explained in his metaphysics--see, I was a conscientious student whereas u obviously dropped-out, eh? Note then it isn't possible for "science" to "disprove" basic premise it's founded upon in first place (objectivity). U're a little "too clever" by half, "Ani."

For note with absolute subjectivity anything goes, and everything is both true and false at the same time, nothing ultimately making any sense--a lot like u, eh "Ani"?

CONCLUSION: Like I say "Ani," Christianity means a certain something, necessarily--it's not just whatever u want it to be. And I give the best references fm the basic text, New Testament (NT), along with the best expo--I make VERIFIABLE sense, whereas u're all over the place trying to be all things to all people--typical mystic and subjectivist. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Jews: Ultimate Subjectivists, A Cyclic Historical Manifestation
(Apollonian, 14 Feb 10)

"Isaac," like typical Jew (subjectivist) u are, u ignore what u don't want to acknowledge as if it doesn't exist. Christianity is love/worship/reverence for TRUTH, the only way to God (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and knowledge thereof--it's never "obsolete," but it's absolutely indispensable when u Jew parasitic monsters are in full sway, as presently. Thus Christianity is our hope and basis for organization/inspiration--always will be.

Where would Jews go?--how about six feet under? But don't worry, I advocate a Christian extermination of u parasitic monsters by means of arrest, confiscation, internment, separation by sex, and careful watching of u all till u're absolutely dead, dead, dead and gone. We won't make same mistake as St. Constantine the Great did.

CONCLUSION: And of course I acknowledge as hist. is CYCLIC, eventually humanity will become over-populated once again, so that yet another mis-begotten gaggle of bastardized, mixed-raced, deformed monstrosities will arise, pretend they're "chosen," and proceed to mass-murder the over-populated excess as ur people are doing presently. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

WorthNoting said...

This is kinda rambling and long, sorry, am supposed to be busy doing something else, but wanted to toss in my two cents . . .

The "right" to "say no" and not be then punished into submission FOR saying "no" - separates individuals that are free - from those who are slaves.

The right to "not speak" is essential to maintaining "free speech".

The power of "no" deserves a lot of focus.

Much hinges in this seemingly simple freedom.

Do we need to "get permission" to say no?
If so, then someone else is doing the deciding and freedom has been subverted.

Will we be "fined" and/or "jailed" if we say no?

If what we're saying "no" to - does NOT result in the harm of another - then is the relevancy of a "law" that prohibits one from saying "no" - founded on a preservation of freedom?


Any society or group that "justifies" a supposed need to commit genocide for it's "survival" - does in that SAME INSTANCE - become a society not worth having.

Thus, those living in such times - where one is striving strenuously on the behalf of freedom - REJECT any who seek to justify mindsets which include genocide.

Yes, I understand genocide has and does occur. The above statements are based on that.

The lessons learned from genocide make the rejection of it "a given" by those striving for a country where their grandchildren might live good and honorable lives.

There are those who feel "evil" does not exist.
Those that promote genocide prove them wrong.

Another sidenote:

Why waste energy and untold hours of effort in substantiating "blame" anyway?

It matters not WHO has brought about the loss of our freedoms or WHO offers propaganda in the place of truth.

What MATTERS is our response.

Will we - as a people - despite the divisiveness of our diversities - be able to unite in defense of the common cause of freedom?

Will we learn to seek truth when weighing decisions?

Will we learn HOW to recognize propaganda - even when it's telling us what we want to hear?

For individuals AND powerful groups - who seek to deceive others - will ALWAYS exist.

It is how we respond that decides the day.

Our country is in trouble.

Surely there's no question as to THAT being the truth?
No suggestions of conspiracy theory there?

Then, viable solutions need to be arrived at by the everyday folks as it's obvious we are "fresh out of" great leaders.

The power of a free people to exercise "no" is something that I was THRILLED to see addressed.

For if one is not free to say "no" then does freedom truly exist?

Am saddened it didn't receive more "air time". :(

WorthNoting said...

Yet another sidenote:

Lemuel Gulliver thank you for the info concerning trolls.
How then does one stop them from being effective?

For they are.

I, for one, stop reading columns that have comment threads which become taken over by "regulars" posting (unconnected with topic in any way) vulgarity, hate rants filled with offensive slang etc.

Some were otherwise good sites too!
I miss them.

I act on my right to say "no" - to this type of behavior being tolerated as "okay" - by walking away - both in real life and online.

And what of "free speech" then? (This is me struggling with myself :D)

All my life I've stood up for freedom of speech and an individual's right to be "different" from me - upon which the concept of freedom is based.

Yet, I have NEVER, not once in my life, stood shoulder to shoulder to protect the "rights" of someone whose "cause" was to bring harm to others.

Nor will I "hang out" where that is the mindset shared.

So . . . what does one do to prevent the trolls from effectively preempting what could otherwise have been interesting discourse on timely topics?

It would appear that even if one knows their methods, it remains difficult to just "ignore" them when heinous comments are posted.

I always look forward to both Mr. Grigg's essays AND the comments following them. I find them thought provoking and interestingly stated - lots of awesome links also!

I will be saddened if the trolls "win" by discrediting the value of this online place.

Mr.Grigg is it possible to provide a P.O. address as an alternative tip jar for those of us who can't do the online version?

Ani said...

BACK TO BACK QUOTES from apollo-nian:

"I advocate a Christian extermination of u parasitic monsters by means of arrest, confiscation, internment, separation by sex, and careful watching of u all till u're absolutely dead, dead, dead and gone."

"Christianity is humanity-friendly, without a doubt. Christianity is the "way" for peaceful co-existence ... it isn't "love" which would then just make Christianity meaningless crap."

"Christianity means a certain something, necessarily--it's not just whatever u want it to be ..."

"nothing ultimately making any sense ... along with the best expo--I make VERIFIABLE sense"

Checkmate, ATheists! (Edward Current)

Isaac said...

You mean I missed Hannukah just because I had no idea I was a Pelegianist-Talmudist Jew? Dangs!

It's Isaac Stanfield, not Yitzhak Steinfeld. Close, but no cigar, buddy. So please don't try to round me up when you get your concentration camps in order, not like it would do any good anyway. I've got plenty of rounds that say I'm not going anywhere.

Worth Noting, I agree with you about the comments. I fell for the trap of trying to argue (or simply make fun of) with an irrational entity. I was ignoring him for a while, so I'll just go back to that.

Fewer elections and death to the Fed.

Anonymous said...

"Honest elections and death to the Fed" - while your at it why don't you add " Show us the birth certificate" With lines like this your Federal Agent credentials are so transparent as to be laughable. Let me guess you've been hired to work overtime by DHS to troll websites during the Olympics to search out any potential "terraists" Leave us the Fuck alone you piece of Shit and go find some other people to annoy. My advice to all readers: this man is like the fable of the tar baby - he is best left alone. Responses to his gibberish only indulges his bullshit behavior.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I've missed your comments in the past, WorthNoting, but I'm happy to read such insightful posts. Hope to read more in the future. I'm surprised at some of the vitriol that Agents Provocateur seem intent on spewing. It's no accident that we get this kind of nastiness when the topic pushes certain buttons.

Lemuel Gulliver said...


I have been accused here of harping on Jewish domination of our media, culture and economy, and on the deceptions of Zionism, which poses as Judaism but is in reality completely atheistic. I SHOULD welcome you as an ally and like-minded soul, but I reject you and your words, for these reasons:


This discussion is not about the phenomenon you insist on calling Talmudism, but which would better be called Zionism, the guiding philosophy of the State of Israel. (I AM familiar with the Talmud and its anti-Christian diatribes, but that is NOT Judaism.) This discussion forum is about liberty, free speech, property rights, economic justice, and the oppressions of Leviathan and its agents.

Jews DO exert an influence in all these fields disproportionate to their numbers in the population, but Jews are also among the most fearless champions of free speech, equality for all classes of our society, and for economic justice. The trade union movement in the 1920's, which won us a 40-hour workweek, holiday pay, and paid sick leave, was led by Jews.
When white Christians used to lynch black people in America, several Jews also got lynched because of their defense of blacks and their speaking out for racial justice.

Neither is this blog about Christianity and what true Christianity is.

Neither is it about a dictionary of German philosophers.

However you have succeeded in diverting the flow of discussion into these channels.


You say: "But Ani, note unlike u, I give definite and authoritative ref.s for my expo of Christianity--it isn't "love" which would then just make Christianity meaningless crap."

Excuse me. May I quote you the words of Jesus, with which you may not be familiar, (see my conclusions below):

"And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these."

You call yourself a Christian? And you say "love" makes Christianity "meaningless crap"?


You are one of two things:

1) Someone whose brain is not connected to his mouth, and therefore you spout a stream of verbal diarrhea. Possibly a mentally unhinged person, a schizophrenic, or one suffering from narcissism or megalomania. Or all of the above. A classic for the medical textbooks. Perhaps Mr. Grigg feels you might be one of these mentally disabled people, and is giving you a hearing out of misplaced pity. Or maybe he just wants to annoy us readers with your nonsense to where we cannot keep silent any more.

2) An agent provocateur, an Internet Troll, perhaps working for AIPAC or JINSA or AEI, perhaps even a Jew yourself, who is flooding this blog with vicious anti-Jewish rants to discredit rational anti-Zionism, and with all sorts of red herrings to move the discussion off topic.

I notice you give NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER for your anti-Jewsih "opinions." You do not quote the Talmud. You do not quote Zionists. You do not mention any of their crimes. You merely spout hatred, (or pretend to,) whereas I, when I point out the evils of Zionism, give weblinks and history and evidence for my statements. I also have posted the words of REAL Jews, and said in one of my comments that if all Jews followed that philosophy I might become a Jew myself.

It is my opinion that you know nothing about Christianity, or at least only as much as your paymasters have told you, and that you are an out-and-out FRAUD. Or else you are CRAZY.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Lemuel Gulliver said...


You are welcome. You should follow the link, and the others I gave earlier, on the subject of media disinformation and mind control. I said at the time they are the most important links I have posted here, and I still say so. There is a vast amount of information, which will strengthen us to defend our minds against those things.

I don't know what else one can do to defend against the paid trolls and the media brainwashers, except to understand their methods. Also, this blog is moderated by Mr. Grigg, and it is his choice whether to let Apollonian continue his diatribes. Personally, I read only about every third paragraph of Apollonian's rantings - they make my head spin, my armpits break out in a sweat, and my bowels go into spasm, much like the effects of inhaling pesticide residues.

Let us not lose heart. Now that the lives of ordinary Americans are heading down the toilet, more and more people are getting mad enough to do something about it. For now it is just talk, talk, talk, but 2 years ago we did not have even that.

I feel a great fury building, not just here but around the world, and I see Leviathan losing control of its finely crafted apparatus. They thought their media could deceive us for ever, but the Internet came along and the media is dying. They thought they could economically enslave us forever, but Depression has arrived and their house of cards is collapsing. They thought they could embroil us in endless wars for endless profit, but this time it is not Grenada or Panama, and they have bitten off more than they can chew. Afghanistan is justly known as the Graveyard of Empires. At the same time, values are changing. Take heart - the little people are starting to worry about each others' welfare. Let us nurture that tender seed.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

my trigger finger is getting itchy

Anonymous said...

The word 'No' is certainly a powerful word, far more powerful the the more fungible 'Yes'. And, as Leviathan demands the exclusive right of unlimited coercion it too demand exclusive right of the use of the word 'No'.

I've long considered that the world view of genocide is limited to it's European examples when the amerikan example, though only uncomfortably discussed on Original People's stolen lands, is at best hypocritical.

I started skipping apollonian's comments shortly after they stated appearing - no need to read drivel. However, the recent nature of these showing up here does make the old 'spider sense' wonder if it isn't a gov't agent provocateur baiting your readers (they are becoming increasingly paranoid of freedom thinking people).

I suspect that if that is the case they will find few taker's here - which is a credit to you and your readers.

In Male Fide
Sic Semper Tyrannis

Anonymous said...

Cop Car Crashes Into N.Y. Tiffany's Store, Arrested for DWI,2933,585782,00.html

Ani said...


"The shouts of anti-Semitism are not coming from common persons, but from the Rothschild banking system which detests having the burglar's mask ripped off of its face, and which uses anti--Semitism as a decoy."
~ (From a fascinating doc called "WHAT IS BONDING"
{"bonding" as in legalese, not the emotional / psychological term}
from the section called "Social Security Sham")
I do not know if this quote represents reality or not as I only came across it shortly after I submitted my first post in two parts above
{which was written more for the good people here than in response to the troll}
and have not even had a chance to verify this quote or refute it
{if that were my intent}
and I have not even been able to discover the author(s?) name(s?) yet -

But it makes no dif to me if it presents TRUTH or not since I don't buy anti-Semitic propaganda or any other anti-Whatever garbage, period
{another way of saying "NO"} -
and do not know for certain that all the horror stories I have read about the PTB (Powers That Be) are true or not -
however, what I HAVE seen suggests they ARE true to a large degree,
tho many details may be exaggerated and / or mere speculations based on circumstantial evidence and induction rather than hard facts.

So - if this guy is a "plant" -
the purpose must be to try to make "Christians" look bad!?!?! - LOL
{and this would be a clever way of doing it}
There is no reason the Rothschilds n Bilderbergs et al cannot play both sides of the propaganda game SIMULTANEOUSLY
- SEE -
cause that IS their game -
pitting people against each other so as to try to manipulate em into killing each other -
saves em the bother themselves and helps em perpetuate their insane wars -
rule by terrorism -
all kinds of terrorism.

Ani said...


And if this guy is NOT a plant, he has been HAD by same as above because he has BOUGHT the phony-baloney
PSYCH-OPS $}{!+ n really BELIEVES it -
he has been hypnotized such that he "willingly" and willfully engages in his own form of terrorist propaganda and has indeed gone over the edge -
a couple sandwiches short of a picnic -
cheese fell off his cracker -
in other words (iow)
he is SCARED $}{!+less by the ECONOMIC TERRORISM of the PTB
because he has NO FAITH that God will take care of him,
because he thinks his body IS his Self,
all wrapped up in his EGO {E verybody's G ot O ne}!
Either way, his soul is LOST.
Either way, this "Apollo ..." has fallen for the trick - pitiful state of being.
Either way, his "contributions" are NOT DIGRESSIONS from the main point of Mr. Grigg's lucid article above,
but rather a demonstration of some of the psychology which allows some lost souls to engage in genocide of their fellow beings and self-righteously justify it as "God's Will".

Man is the only animal on Earth who kills its own kind for the sake of eliminating competition that the EGO THINKS it needs to destroy for its emotional comfort, psychological security and self validation.
The task before us is to discover why so as to be able to seek global remedies
but these remedies come from WITHIN all of US.

Whatever the case, I have seen all I need to see in order to know that he cannot make any rational contributions -
his BS
{whether he thinks he believes it or not}
is a good catalyst for some very deep discussions,
kinda like a nightmare that one wakes from in the wee hours of the morning with a sigh of relief and discusses with one's close friends and / or family.
~ (Metaphor borrowed from Mary Elizabeth: Croft's book,
“How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash - Confiscatory Agency Known to Man …… A Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are”
upper right corner, free download button).
Brilliant lady here and I highly recommend her Words Of Wisdom {WOWs} as a counterbalance to the insanity of hatred and terrorism and misanthropic harangues full of laughable self-contradictions
which would be hilarious if they were not so pathetic.

"Light needs contrast to be perceived."
~ (paraphrase from the Book of Changes, aka, the I Ching)


Anonymous said...


why even bother to come over here and post? makes no sense. why not just invite people over to your blog...if it's worth reading?

if your blog and what you have to say merits anything, people will read it. if not, consider it an analogy of a free market:

if your product is something people want, people will buy it. if it's something people do not will sit on the shelf.

by your presence here, you only show the failure of what you've put your hands to. you're another guy whose feet are swift to do evil...and you're non-productive. try building something up for once, and stop trying to tear things down.

for you to come waaaaaaay over here and posts caustic comments...that's just plain ol immature.

come on man. grow up and cry for attention in some other way. be a man.


oh! the enemy ain't the Jews, it's the devil. get off his payroll will ya? it ain't worth it.

Anonymous said...

to anon at 2056:

Click Here For for your itchy finger

you might laugh. i sure as heck did.


Lemuel Gulliver said...

I have come into this world to see this: the sword drop from men's hands even at the height of their arc of anger,

Because we have finally realized there is just one flesh to wound,
and it is His - the Christ's, our

I have come into this world to see this: all creatures hold hands as
we pass through this miraculous existence we share on the way
to an even greater being of soul, a being of ecstatic light, forever entwined and at play with Him.

I have come into this world to hear this: every song the earth has sung since it was conceived in
the Divine's womb and began spinning from His wish,

Every song by wing and fin and hoof, every song by hill and field and tree and woman and child, every song of stream and rock,

Every song of tool and lyre and flute, every song of gold and emerald and fire,

Every song the heart should cry with magnificent dignity to know itself as God;

For all other knowledge will leave us again in want and aching; only imbibing the glorious Sun will complete us.

I have come into this world to experience this: men so true to love they would rather die before speaking an unkind word,

Men so true their lives are His covenant - the promise of hope.

I have come into this world to see this: the sword drop from men's hands even at the height of
their arc of rage,

Because we have finally realized
there is just one flesh we can wound, and it is our Beloved's.

- Hafiz (1320-1389 A.D.)

Anonymous said...

Will, as is so often the case when I finish reading your posts, I am fighting tears. Thanks. I stumbled upon this post this morning and didn't read the byline until I finished reading, it was no surprise to me when I checked who had written this... again thanks.

Anonymous said...

Re: anon @ 11:36 saying "google it, breeder"

FYI Will, only gay people call someone "breeder". It is used by some (not all) homosexuals as a slur against heterosexuals with children, as if procreating--the prime directive of all life-- is somehow an unreasonable thing to do.

Just so you know where that troll's coming from.

apollonian said...

Crushing Apollonian Dialectic Elicits Hystericism, Desperation From Jews And Sympathizers
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 10)

What an excellent dialectic this has been, beginning w. Grigg's opening thesis to which I immediately put an over-all context, clarifying things (as I honestly endeavor, in any case).

So let's just re-capitulate this exciting discussion by which mighty Apollonian crushed his collected opposition, who took the bait, and like children have now agreed and essentially admitted they really have nothing to say other than to appeal to Grigg that he should censor the noble and forthright Apollonian who delivers that smashing TRUTH to the weaklings. Thus we see "truth hurts," verily.

For Grigg is obviously right for his very limited assertions about saying no--but it's mere platidinous pt. without the proper context. For we're simply not allowed to say no due to an overwhelming power, which includes historical circumstances, in accord w. Spengler's epochal "Decline of the West," and I consider it's most important to analyze that power and circumstances in light of basic Christian truth vs. Jew lies dichotomy/anti-theses.

So what's really sooooooooo difficult for understanding my simple approach?

Our predicament then is essentially a deterministic CYCLIC problem, in accord w. Spengler, again, the people mad with HUBRIS (subjectivism and Pharisaism-moralism), and we're now in similar situation of Romans of 3rd amd 4th cent. We need refreshing, liberating, Jew-Expulsion, once again--it worked for St. Constantine the Great.

Grigg's example of Chief Joseph and Nez Perce was less appropriate and relevant, as Indians were/are considered simply hated enemies of the white folk, and it was very purpose of gov. of white people to exterminate these Indian enemies, pure and simple.

US gov. then acted perfectly in accord w. will of white folk who constituted such gov. It's TOTALLY different thing then when same gov. now BETRAYS the white folk, now treating whites like they were those Indians--as happened so horribly during Civil War and Secession crisis in absolute contravention of US Constitution, esp. the incredibly explicit 10th Amendment which does not PROHIBIT secession, etc.

Thus the Civil War was most incredible occurrence, and what explains it?--THE ONLY, I submit, coherent explanation is the Pharisaism-moralism of the age, 19th cent. Romanticism eclipsing preceding 18th cent. Englightenment, due to the neo-Pelagianism of Immanuel Kant among others, like Benthamite Utilitarianism, etc.

Southerners might have known they should have stood firm, but that their best chance was to NEGOTIATE w. the infinitely more powerful north, who surely would have come to their senses, simply re-reading the 10th Amendment. But Southerners, unfortunately and tragically, were far toooooo headstrong in their own "moral" self-righteousness and too readily challenged fate and the satanic corruption and manipulations of Lincoln and co-conspirators.

[------see below for part two to above entry-----------A.]

apollonian said...

[----------here's part two to above entry------------A.]

* * * * *

So Grigg was right, I say again, for his expo on saying no, but quite inept for his example of Chief Joseph, etc., completely missing the Pharisaism of Immanuel Kant and the totally changed cultural circumstances by which US Constitution was so horrifically ignored and traduced. And I trust Grigg appreciates my criticism--EVEN if he disagrees with it.

Thus I consider myself well justified as Grigg seems to be genuinely interested in observing my prosecuting vigorous Christian theses. "Think not I came to bring peace; rather I come to bring a sword" (Gosp. MATT 10:34). Thus poor "Lemuel" has been roundly sliced-up like a Christmas ham, I suggest.

And I submit Grigg should be most interested to observe I'm arguing in these excellent dialectics, in comments section for his blog, against, NOT CHRISTIANS at all, but rather Jews and their sympathizers among seriously affected gentiles who are amazingly ignorant of basic Christian theses, not to mention simplest principles of scholarship.

"Ani" is just a joke, but he's at least fairly sincere for his straight-forward advocacy, pretending he makes sense, but "Lemuel" is genuinely deranged and hysterical as is poster above at 7:12 pm who advocates people ignore Apollonian--advice he himself doesn't want to practice, we see, brainless fool. "WorthNoting" is simply slime who wants to intimidate Grigg into censorship, like typical punk.

Arrest, internment, and execution of murdering criminals is NOT "genocide," morons. And just observe how the slimey Jew-lovers attempt to re-frame the discussion, the lying puke.

Observe "Lem Gulliver" asserts veritable, outright false-hood about Talmud and Judaics not being same: for this is easily checked for truth by means of ref.s I've given several times. So u see "Lemuel," the only way u're not just an out-and-out LIAR is if u're simply touched in the head, poor, desperate creature.

And "Lemuel," love of God is simply love of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6); love of truth is automatically, necessarily hatred of lies, consistent w. Christian anti-semitism (anti-Talmud), as I noted (Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). And as I note, Christ characterizes Jews and Talmudics most un-mistakably in Gosp. MATT, ch. 23, "serpents and vipers"--u have no excuses for not understanding the pertinent facts, "Lemuel"--u just hate truth, that's all.

CONCLUSION: And as Jews are Talmudics (by definition), zionism is mere detail, instance, application, and example thereof. And as Talmudics are psychopaths and mass-murderers, they richly deserve being treated as I've prescribed--like the murdering criminals they are. Again, note my entire dialectic then merely depends upon the simple definitions and meaning of Talmud for which I've given most excellent refs. Mighty Apollonian Prosecution rests. Let a jury of true Christians (lovers of truth and anti-semites) decide. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Have You Had Enough Yet said...

Anonymous at 8:43 said:

I just offered a prayer,weak as it may be, to the Lord - that He may bless you with a job that will allow you to earn a living while caring for the needs of your wife and children."

I second that prayer with one addition: May your job be the one I love the most, your research and writing. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you with rich financial (and other) rewards for this important work so that you may continue in it for my sake. Amen. Allelujiah!

Starbuckian said...

Apollonian proves impervious to satire, acts as own straw man, irony unbearable
(Starbuckian, 15 Feb 10)

Thank goodness u provide an "..overall context, clarifying things", ur all about the clarity all up in here. Mighty Apollonian crushes his neopostHegelian postneoKantian opposition with forthright neoprene-poly-unsaturated CONTEXT of Merovingian-Silurian world-historical perspective. u sock it to them with Faustian macro-understanding of Spenglerian PERSPECTIVE from having read and comprehended Untergang des Abandlandes--well ok, maybe u just sorta skimmed over some chapters of Imperium, but what u lack in knowledge of morphology of world-history u MORE than make up for in mighty Lollapaloozian pre-Raphaelite neo-post-pseudo Wittgensteinian morphology, also (goes almost w/out saying) impressing us all w/anti-Pharisaistic bootylicious Chandrasekharian colonoscopic vocabulary. u have once again put the 'anal' in 'analysis'. Honest elections and roast the Jews.

Sans Authoritas said...

Will, I reckon ain't nobody going to hold it against you if you mercifully delete Apollonian's posts.

Am I right, mates?

GunRights4US said...

Regarding your editing policy Mr Grigg, I would ask you give some consideration to removing the graffiti from the Mona Lisa, scrubbing the dog do from the Persian carpet, brushing the flies away from the baby's face; for the edification of your more serious readers, and undoubtedly with their eternal gratitude.

William N. Grigg said...

I am very grateful for both the helpful advice and the exceptionally kind fashion in which it was tendered.

And I am most grateful, sir, for other acts of generosity on your behalf. Expect to hear from me in greater detail on that subject anon. God bless you, my friend.

apollonian said...

Jews Actually Now Prove Certain Theses Against Themselves
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 10)

William: do u notice the sheer number of JEWS u have posting here?--desperately, frantically--Jews and their suckalongs w. similar subjectivist mentality among gentiles, reeking w. "morality." They (Jews) just cannot stand TRUTH or even the attempted free expression thereof. Ck all these pathetic jokers hysterically demanding u censor Apollonian--or that no one should listen (or read)--Jews are such sick puppies, verily.

Ck poster at 7:12 pm again--golly but I wonder what his race and religion is.

Note again the SIMPLICITY of my thesis: Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. Truth is obvious theme fm Gosp. JOHN 8:32, 14:6, and 18:37-38. Jew lies is evident theme fm JOHN 8:44. What could be more clear?

And if u don't believe lies are what Jews worship fm New Test. source, all u need do is consult Hoffman's magnificent work at My case is soooooooooo simple, really.

And note again: strictly forensic case against Jews is INDUCTIVE in accord w. Sherlock Holmes--soooooo many details, as in 9-11 mass murder, pt. to Jews, "neo-cons," Israeli MOSSAD and "dual-loyalists," that now Jews are required to explain how they're NOT to be convicted--which they cannot do. (Simply ck Rather Jews, with typical effrontery, attempt to turn tables, insisting hysterically it's "immoral" to suspect Jews--it's (shreik) "anti-semitic."

So at this pt. we Christian soldiers merely make them (Jews and accomplices) repeat themselves, making their anti-Christ nature evermore evident to evermore Christians and gentiles.

Thus Mr. Grigg, I submit this crowd of Jews (and slimey sympathizers) wants to keep u lost within "intellectual"-styled abstract--esp. Pelagianist, Pharisaic moralism--a putrid moralism which the human is required to live-up to--rather than ethics serving the human as it's supposed to.

And now the scum, naturally for them, demand u censor Apollonian--they can't simply refute my arguments, u see. Would I ask their pathetic posts be "deleted"?--as this incredible buffoon, "Sans Authoritas"?--OF COURSE NOT, as they only make themselves look sooooo amazingly moronic (typical Jews).

CONCLUSION: Fm my own pt. of view, these amazing, disgusting Pharisaic creatures merely PROVE and demonstrate every portion of my arguments made in this brilliant, revealing dialectic--and behold again, allllllllll these stinking Jews--adding up to NOTHING (and less) for substance of expo. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Mr. Grigg,
You are Salome and Delilah rolled into one. You know exactly what you are doing. Apollonian has generated more comments on this essay than almost any before it.

Fellow Readers,
We need to decide whether Apollonian is worth keeping for amusement value. If we want to keep him around to see what he comes up with next, we only need to acknowledge him occasionally. If we think (as I do) that he's just a paid troll or a schizoid, we only need to ignore him for a while and he will get bored and go away. I, for one, have concluded he's fun to have around, kind of like a dog behind a fence that you can poke a stick at to see it foam at the mouth, and someone like Ani should occasionally throw him a verbal bone to keep him happy.

He DOES, after all, serve a healthy purpose, like Dulcolax, of keeping the shit flowing freely.

I have grown to quite like him. Sort of like an extra large turd - it feels sooooooo good when we finally manage to get it out. Wouldn't we miss him, if he left us without the blinding sun of his glorious presence?

Hey Apollonian,
You didn't know I was a full colonel in the Mossad, secretly working in this shitty country of yours for AIPAC, did you? Why do you think my name is "Lemuel"?? Bat Shenot Al-Payyim, Li'Heyot am Chofshi Be'Artseinu, Eretz T'Zion Verushalayim!! Jews Rule!! Weak little man, we will wipe the floor with you pathetic gentiles. G-d chose us, you feeble squirt, to rule over the lesser creatures of the earth, like Christians and pigs.

Lemuel Gulliver.

William N. Grigg said...

Mr. Grigg,
You are Salome and Delilah rolled into one.

Lemuel, that's easily the most remarkable personality assessment to which I've ever been subjected. :-)

William: do u notice the sheer number of JEWS u have posting here?

Since I share neither your obsessive fixations nor your delusions of clairvoyance, I really can't provide an answer you would consider suitable.

Although it may give offense to people whose company I don't seek and whose opinions I don't share, the following facts may be of minor interest:

My younger brother Richie -- one of six adopted children in my family -- is Jewish by maternal descent, if not by conviction. My wife Korrin likewise has Jewish ancestry in her immediate maternal pedigree.

This means that both my wife and my brother, along with my children, wouldn't meet the standards of purity set out in the Nuremberg Laws. Then again, I wouldn't, either, albeit for different reasons.

This is a small matter, albeit one rich in scandal for people of a certain collectivist bent.

My point, I suppose, is that at home I'm constantly surrounded by Jewish people, and it's done me no demonstrable harm. In a very literal sense, I am a "Jew lover."

For the record: My views regarding the political implications of Zionism and non-Zionist Judaism were set out in an early Pro Libertate essay entitled "The Fatal Embrace, Revisited" --

Mr. appollonian, I suppose congratulations of a sort are in order, since you've done something I hadn't considered possible: You have come respectably close to finding the limits of my patience.

I am not about to impose content-based restrictions on comments in this forum, but (as noted above) I have a well-established policy regarding spam -- content-free, parasitical advertising.

It's all but impossible to find so much as a morsel of authentic content swimming in the anti-Semitic slurry that is the typical appollonian diatribe. I really don't see any need to permit any further abuse of my hospitality.

Anonymous said...

Say, where's my comment?

Best Regards,

William N. Grigg said...

Is one missing? If so, could you post it again?

Sorry for the trouble.

Ani said...

I am rather ambivalent about Apollo...
I can see advantages both ways -
Wouldn't bother me if he were allowed to vent his toxins.
Wouldn't miss him if blocked.
I stand behind Mr. Grigg's decision, whichever way he chooses.

I am rather amazed at the "apollonian" stuff that has been spewed all over the board ... never seen such a mean spirited "Christian" troll.
Guess it is morbid curiosity about what makes them tick that makes a close up view of such extremes of darkness posing as LIGHT so fascinating to me.
AND perhaps useful for us to learn about? --- THAT is the question.
Is there any beneficial purpose that can be furthered by allowing the genocidal ranting to continue (besides those purposes which have already been fulfilled)?
If the answer to this question is "NO" then it seems high time to end it.

In spite of the wildly contradictory and tedious harangues, I am very glad they "happened" because they presented an opportunity to be able to get to know, very rapidly, what great people are here, immediately upon discovery of this excellent blog.
And the comedians are classic classy class acts!!!!!!!
Looking forward to more of all of your wit and depths of thoughtfulness.

With great appreciation,
Ani the Joke - a spirit being manifested as a GIRL of Aryan Jewish ancestry.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Dear Ani,
For you:

And finally,

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg,
Thank you for that link. You and I are singing from the same hymnbook. I like what you said there:

"It is difficult to overstate the contempt for religious Jews that animated many of Israel's founders. A vignette in Amos Elon's 1971 book The Israelis: Founders and Sons describes the annual ritual followed by one group of Zionist pioneers: Each year on Yom Kippur, the holiest date in the Jewish calendar, during which religious Jews (and even those Jews who are the equivalent of Christmas-Easter churchgoers) fast, this group of obnoxious socialists would gorge themselves on ham sandwiches...."

"It is always and ever thus: Wherever the State exists, it will eventually re-order society's priorities to make its own preservation the central organizing principle. In the case of Israel, the tragedy is compounded by the fact that the Israeli State is literally destroying Jewish identity as it was understood for millennia – that of a group of people “living apart” under God's law."

You got it.

Thank you so much for pointing us to that article.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

"The US and Israel are involved in a sick and bizarre relationship of mutual exploitation, each using the other as a proxy, and both being controlled by a rootless, globalist elite that cares not at all for the best interests of anyone – American, Israeli, or Arab."

Priceless. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ok. In brief: Many thanks Apollonian, for your comments, which are not only a pleasure to read, but educational as well. In other words, we are in agreement.

Thanks, Mr. Grigg.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Lemuel the one who admonished a poster for vulgarity?
Come on Lem, can't we rise above the bathroom analogies?
I won't miss apollonian one little bit. Not because of his "anti-Semitism" but because his screeds are so profound that I can't understand them; they're just way over my little head. That and I can't abide his use of dumbed down abbreviations.

apollonian said...

Grigg Is Largely Tolerant, But Not Without Distinct Un-Fairness
(Apollonian, 16 Feb 10)

Mr. Grigg: I think u've been generally quite fair under difficult circumstances--and I DO believe I've been given fair say here for this dialectic discussion in ur comments section, this blog. So u're to be commended. I'm satisfied I was given fair chance to state my case and reply to opponents.

Thanks for ur info, by the way--it really does clear up some things regarding ur disposition.

But why do u pretend ur "patience" is sooooo tested?--what's real problem? For all I did was prosecute my case in sincere manner--do u doubt the sincerity? If u're proper juror, then u'd want to have the fullest argument(s), right? Thus I give u facts, logic, and ref.s--conclusions based upon premises. If there's error on my part, u certainly don't pt. them out, do u?

Here's where u're un-questionably un-fair: u allege I claim "clairvoyance"--this is false, comrade Grigg. I merely make reasonable INDUCTIVE conclusions based upon available evidence--who else would argue for Jews, hated by all mankind (for excellent reasons, as I note), but Jews? These posters simply pass the "duck-test," don't they?--it's not "clairvoyance" at all--u're far too patronizing, and u fool urself egregiously, I submit.

Why don't u have the courage to either acknowledge or deny my simple thesis: Christianity champions TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy? There's no "morsel" of "authentic content"?--well then why can't u say why/how I'm wrong for my honestly presented thesis?

What could possibly be more "obsessive" than ur refusal to face facts regarding Talmudic ritual murder against all mankind?--how is it wrong to hold Jews responsible? And if u're related to Jews of race, then why shouldn't they denounce and repudiate satanic Talmud in forthright manner?

U also unfairly (and falsely) impute "collectivism," presumably against primacy of individual freedom--but this is totally un-founded, and u cannot (and don't) give any ref. fm any of my text--unfair, sir, mightily unfair.

Thus I submit, Mr. Grigg, u tend to be rather seriously stuck within ur own "fixations" of abstract intellect wherein u imagine u've achieved a kind of "truth" otherwise un-verified fm the CONCRETE and tangible reality--as regarding "clairvoyance," for example. Hence u express a pompous kind of smugness, best characterized as distinctly PHARISAIC which, though perhaps not necessarily fatal, quite significantly clouds ur judgment.

CONCLUSION: U cannot successfully serve two masters, Mr. Grigg: if u're truly Christian, then u must be anti-semitic, necessarily--the more anti-semitic, the better the Christian. Christianity is NOT merely what U WANT IT TO BE. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

William N. Grigg said...

Christianity is NOT merely what U WANT IT TO BE.

To this extent, you're entirely correct. It's what its Founder (Who, like most of his original disciples, was a Jew, at least according to the flesh) wants it to be; my desires have nothing to do with the matter.

Ani said...

Serendipity Rules.
Thank you Lemuel!

Ani said...

Semantical Correction -
To be accurate, I should have said "descent" instead of "ancestry".

Ani the Joke - a wild card in the deck.

Vulture said...


Dude, you're becoming REALLY tedious. As if the garbage you're spewing weren't bad enough, the simplistic (and simple-minded) abbreviations are seriously on my nerves. Use the English language, man! You're not 14!

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Dear Ani,

Don't call yourself a joke. The whole universe is a joke. One day when you see it for what it is, and see us all for what we are, you will fall off your chair laughing. We humans take ourselves altogether too seriously. We love animals, because they just ARE. They don't pretend to be otherwise. Love conquers all, because that is all there is. Love and hate are not opposites. Love and nonexistence are opposites.

Ancient saying: "All roads lead to Rome." There is only one destination. Hope you find it. Follow the links.

Anonymous @ 10:12 am,

"Wasn't Lemuel the one who admonished a poster for vulgarity?"

Hello, again! Peace, brother. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no no more forever. We all play our parts on the Great Stage. Bathroom references are funny because we take ourselves so seriously.

Enjoy life. Laugh. Look in the mirror, as I do. Laugh some more.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Ani said...

Thank you Lemuel,

I was joking - I am a JOKER - and to me we are ALL jokes - to me EVERYTHING is a cosmic joke, including me.
Donchu vurry daahlinkkk -
I am not suffering from low self-esteem.
Yes - it is good to learn how to not take ourselves soooo seriously - and therefore one should not take me parroting Apollo...'s label too seriously either.

btw - loved yer potty humor!!!! LMAO - it was SOOOOOO apropos!
and very healing for those who can appreciate it - I laugh some more every time I think about it.
Laughter is one of the most powerful meds on earth.
If someone could get Apollo... to laugh - WOW - that would be a MIRACLE don't you think?

Ani the JOKER - a wild card ...

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Hi Ani,

Thanks. Like I said, I have become fond of Apollonian, but not for the reasons he thinks. Poor guy, imagine - never being able to laugh. It starts with lauging at, and with, oneself. Only afterwards can one laugh at, and with, the universe.

We take people too literally - often they are compensating and pretending as hard as they can to be the opposite of what they really are. For all his posturing and pomposity, I think Apollonian is probably suffering from abysmal self-esteem, and deserves our sympathy instead of our anger.

As far as his anti-Jewish rants, Apollonian has some justification, but Mr. Grigg said it much better and with far more insight, in the article he gave us the link to. Having Jews in his immediate family, Mr. Grigg can't be accused of anti-Semitism. But he pointed out most eloquently that the Zionists are guilty of immense evil, and have cruelly misled and bamboozled the majority of the world's Jews, as well as many Christians.

It all boils down, again, like he said, to Leviathan. Wearing a yarmulke instead of a ballcap. Posing for the public with tefilim containing dollar bills instead of scripture.

If you are of Jewish descent, you may or may not know the words one of YOUR guys spoke - the Sermon on the Mount, which you will find here:;&version=KJV;

Wonderful words to live by.

God is a comedian. S/He laughs with us, not at us. S/He loves us. One cannot laugh with someone until you love them.


Vulture said...

It looks like my last comment, asking Mr. apollonian to speak English, won me a fan.

Good news, Will. Your troll has become my troll.

Anonymous said...

Heh - maybe I should apologize? Or at least beg your pardon Mr. Grigg? I posted a link to some of your stuff on a chemtrail page and I think apollonian & Co. followed it here. But to be fair, he/she/them does seek possible solutions, concrete actions one can do... FedTroll or not. I don't think he/she/them is a FedTroll, but who knows these days?

I liked the last line in this article.
The whole thing was great writting.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Been busy a few days and come back to check up and "Whammo"... Lunatic comments for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Odd doesn't even begin to describe it all. I hope everything else is going well.

Bob said...

Perhaps if one would say "no" to all those unconstitutional, intrusive questions in association with the US Census.

Job said...

In your article you say that democracy is one of the most insidious forms of tyranny. What then, is the most desirable form of government?

William N. Grigg said...

The most desirable form of government is theocracy, herein defined as individual self-regulation under God's law. (Sacerdocracy, the rule of priests or clergy, is among the worst forms of government, in my opinion.)

Where civic affairs are concerned I think it's pretty accurate to describe my views as "agorist."

Ani said...

I like your defs, Mr. Grigg, and I like your idea about "theocracy" as you define it.

I think it was (Jefferson?) who said that democracy is nothing more than MOB rule whereby 51% may enforce their decisions upon the other 49%. (paraphrase)

So how do you define "agorist"?


Anonymous said...

My apologies to Will Grigg for posting a comment off subject, but I must address an error made by Apollonian at 10:31.

In the same book of John he quotes, which I would gather he holds as authoritative, Jesus Himself tells the Samaritan woman, a gentile, that "......salvation is from the Jews." Moreover, Jesus even told her that you (gentiles) worship that which you do not know, and that we Jews worship that which we know (John 4:22). The NT's entire context is inundated in Jewish social and religious context. And when the NT writers, most of whom were Jewish, criticize "the Jews" they are writing about the Jewish religious leaders, often addressing their envy and hatred of an upstart Rabbi Who was taking all of their glory and threatening their high and lofty positions of religious authority. Ergo, biblical Christianity and the NT are not anti-Jewish; they are actually pro-Jewish, founded by Jews and written by Jews with the exception of Luke.