Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get Your Kids Fit For Slaughter!

Although ancient Sparta was not without its virtues -- among them courage, loyalty, and discipline -- it wasn't a free society in any sense. It was said that Sparta was always either at war or preparing for war, and those preparations began at the earliest possible age.

The Spartan state made a proprietary claim on each child shortly after he was born. The infant would be given a physical examination for defects that would impair his ability to serve as a soldier. If such imperfections were found,
Plutarch informs us, the child would be cast off a cliff to his death. If the child passed that inspection he would soon be bonded to an older warrior who would raise him as the state's child and prepare him to fight the state's wars.

While Sparta's virtues are difficult to find in contemporary America, some of its vices are well-represented. For instance, our ruling elite has arranged things in such a way that they are always sending Americans to war, or searching for new enemies to justify the permanent warfare state.

This requires a steady and growing supply of trigger-pullers and coffin-stuffers, and the people who preside over the bipartisan warfare state are worried that American kids simply aren't fit for slaughter.

Mission: Readiness -- Military Leaders for Kids, a new Pentagon-aligned pressure group, recently published a report entitled Ready, Willing, and Unable to Serve. That document invites us to be horrified by the Pentagon's claim that "75 percent of Americans 17 to 24-years-old are ineligible to serve in our military," generally because of "inadequate education, a criminal background, or excess weight."

That is to say: Our kids are supposedly too fat and stupid to serve as IED-bait on some distant battlefield.

Speaking on behalf of the warfare state, Mission: Readiness demands a dramatic enhancement of the welfare state in the form of expanded federal funding for "quality early childhood education" programs.

"We must invest now in the next generation to preserve our nation's security, freedom, and opportunity," the group insists in the boilerplate language of Beltway lobbyists. "We call on all policymakers to ensure America's national security by supporting interventions that will prepare young people for a life of military service and productive citizenship" --

Wait a minute. The objective here is to create a uniform national effort intended to "prepare young people for a life of military service"?

To these nostrils that phrase smells like an oblique warning that the Regime is preparing to re-impose military slavery (more commonly called the draft). That impression is buttressed by the
Starship Troopers-style rhetoric equating government-mandated "service" with "citizenship."



It is toward the end of raising an improved quality of cannon fodder that Mission:Readiness is demanding a wraparound welfare state -- call it "Sparta Lite" -- in which the preparation for military service would begin in the cradle. And the retired military officials who compose the organization's membership -- a veritable stockyard of War Pigs -- are already drawing up plans for children not yet old enough to crawl.

"Our national security in the year 2030 is absolutely dependent upon what is going on in pre-kindergarten today," declares Rear Admiral James Barnett, U.S. Navy (Ret.). That remark contains a veiled by unmistakable propr
ietary claim on all American children, including mine.

Those of us who have children look on each of them as a unique blessing from God to be loved, taught, and protected. People like Barnett look on them as fungible "national security" assets to be squandered in whatever idiotic wars our rulers arrange. They also see parents as a potential obstacle to achievement of their "national security" objectives; this was demonstrated by a recent Pentagon recruiting campaign intended to overcome parental opposition to enlistment.

If we could see things as they really are, this is how we would perceive the results of successful military recruitment.

"If members of Congress, governors, and state legislators act now to ramp up both the quantity and quality of early education programs, they can count on strong support from the retired generals of Mission: Readiness," promises the group's report.

This most likely foreshadows a pressure campaign in which retired flag and star officers will be deployed nation-wide to act as lobbyists for the welfare bureaucracy and government education racket.

Aristotle famously warned that children raised by "society" are equally neglected by everybody. By collectivizing responsibility for the upbringing of children, the welfare state abets that kind of neglect.

It took trillions of dollars spent on the welfare system and government school establishment to bring about the dismal social conditions lamented by Mission: Readiness. Rather than recommending a radically different approach, the group demands that the government spend additional sums to expand the same policies that produced the disaster.

I'm cynical enough to believe that the people behind that campaign are very much aware that their policy prescriptions would exacerbate many of the problems they describe, and that they intend to capitalize on the resulting social damage. Where the needs of the military-industrial complex are concerned, that approach has worked very well.

Of the fighting men sent into Iraq in 2003, Evan Wright writes the following in his recent book Generation Kill:

"These young men represent what is more or less America's first generation of disposable children. More than half of the guys in the platoon [the second platoon of the Bravo Company of the Marine Corps' First Recon Battalion, with which Wright was embedded] come from broken homes and were raised by absentee, single, working parents. Many are on more intimate terms with video games, reality TV shows and Internet porn than they are with their own parents."

"We're like America's little pit bull," commented one Marine to Wright. "They beat it, starve it, mistreat it, and once in a while they let it out to attack somebody." Perhaps this is why the crop of warfighters harvested from our current culture displays far fewer compunctions about killing, even in a war most of them admit was begun for palpably false reasons.

"In World War II, when Marines hit the beaches, a surprisingly high percentage of them didn't fire their weapons, even when faced with direct enemy contact," one lieutenant informed Wright. "Not these guys. Did you see what they did to that town? They f*****g destroyed it. These guys have no problem with killing."

The military is the state's apparatus of murder and property destruction. The welfare state is an instrument of social demolition. They really are complimentary sides of the same debased coin.

Obiter Dicta

I've been traveling of late, which helps explain the week-long delay in publishing a new post. I appreciate your patience.

Yesterday (November 11), my family played host to a film crew from CNN International, which was conducting interviews and shooting footage for a story about the Christian Exodus movement, with which I'm peripherally involved. The piece should air sometime in January or February; I promise that I'll provide details as they become available.

On the subject of Sparta's despotic regime: One of the very first things done by Lycurgus, the founder of the proto-fascist Spartan state, was to criminalize the use of gold and silver and to issue worthless, brittle iron slugs for use as legal tender. Tyrants really are a predictable lot, aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I was drafted and I loved the Army! In fact, I loved it so much that when they come for my kids, they had better bring lots of friends and plenty of ammunition.

liberranter said...

"We call on all policymakers to ensure America's national security by supporting interventions that will prepare young people for a life of military service and productive citizenship" --

One of the organizations that the State has already co-opted to this end is the Boy Scouts of Ameri[k]a. I attended my six-year-old grandson's scout meeting the other night, the theme of which was, of course, Veteran's Day. Little did I know that we would be treated to a sickening stream of statist propaganda, directed at boys ages six to eleven, by a semi-literate, war-worshiping, megalomaniac warrior-wannabe with a Napolean complex who dares call himself a "leader." (Alas, as a non-custodial grandparent, I do not have legal guardianship of my grandson that would give me a final say in his affairs. If I did, the LAST organization he would have any part of is the Scouts.)

One of the things this state-worshiping, collectivist clown attempted to drill into the assembly of impressionable young minds is that the flag is a symbol to be revered at all costs, never mind the fact that everything it allegedly symbolizes has been visibly obliterated by the onslaught of the relentless fascist state collectivism that he so avidly wants his scouts to advance. Worse still were the other parents in attendance, a herd of living, breathing examples of the acerebral collectivism that is the contemporary character of the nation. They literally cheered this guy on as he made the scouts stand at rigid attention while he harangued them with vapid lectures on "patriotism" that would have embarrassed George M. Cohan. I kept my mouth shut out of respect for the boys, not wanting to start an argument in that venue. However, they've seen the last of me and, with a little persuasion in my daughter's direction, they might have seen the last of my grandson. Fortunately, being only six years old, most of what is said that is not obviously relevant or interesting goes in one little ear and out the other, so the damage so far to his natural inclination for freedom is probably minimal.

Parents, beware of ANY organization seeking your children's membership that has even indirect ties to the State. Given their inherently collectivist nature and their hostility toward individualism, such organizations are toxic to the attempts of any parent to inculcate a love of liberty in their offspring. Since almost ALL children's social organizations meet the aforementioned criteria, avoid them all like the plague!

Lemuel Gulliver said...


Excellent observations. Right on the money. (I was about to say right on target, but changed my mind.) I'm still thinking what to say about this article. For now, everyone should read "War is a Racket" by Maj.General Smedley Butler:

One of the best articles extant on the subject by one of the best qualified commentators on the subject, the only man in history ever to win TWO Congressional Medals of Honor.

Yours in hopes of a change in human nature*,

* PS: From Sparta, 500 BC, to Amerika, 2009 AD. Don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

I used to support the "Scouts" in their fight to have the final say in who can or cannot be a "leader". My feelings are that any organization, be it Scouts or not, should have the freedom to decide who it wishes to work with it, join, etc. That's called freedom of association. You don't have to like it to respect their right, and the right of anyone else, to do so. Having said that I do not support them in their desire to indoctrinate anyone into what I consider to be a pseudo young pioneer or Hitler youth organization. Same for Ameri-corps etc. etc. etc. Any collectivist group that raises the State to Olympian levels, and give pieces of cloth divine properties, is to be avoided. Maybe I'm just odd but I've never had a problem identifying which country I lived in so never felt the inclination to advertise its flag.

kirk said...

Fodder for imperial aspirations just happens to be someone's child, always someone ELSE's child when referring to our lords and masters of the universe, and the low regard in which these children are held (shown by USING them to further imperialism, not defense)speaks loudly to the black hearts that have floated to the top in what has become cesspool amerika.

Every election, many say they are voting for the "lesser evil" and the EMBRACE of evil, lesser or not, has worked its black magic and has, as evil ultimately does when embraced, ruined that which has embraced it. It just so happens that America become amerika is because evil has been embraced wholeheartedly by the majority of the voting public who are under the illusion that either major party will ever change a thing. The children of these voters pay the ultimate price for the evil embraced by their parents.

I despair of any change from within. Our only hope any longer for real change is from an outside influence that shuts off the lifeblood of the empire - money. Unless and until that happens, we are destined to continue being the bully of the planet, despised by all. This is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Boys love war -- there's the eternal rub. Check out "Lord of the Flies" again as a reminder of many teenager's innate bloodlust. "Call to Duty" just came out with multiple millions of copies pre-sold. The military is smiling at this video cannon-fodder recruitment tool. When you're 18-25 you're a hormone-fueled maniac; the military knows that and plays on it, as do the video game makers.

Anonymous said...

I indoctrinated my kids from the earliest possible age, about 3 about the military. I showed them pictures of American soldiers with their guts hanging out and limbs blown off. I've taken them to military cemeteries and shown them all the kids who will never have families of their own because of the disgusting greed and lies of this government. My son cried himself to sleep for weeks. I made them read the Smedly Butler piece.
There is not a snow balls chance in hell that my kids or their kids will ever have anything whatsoever to do with the military. My daughter still gets nauseous when she sees a military uniform. I also made sure they have and will maintain a foreign passport so if the draft returns they can get out.
Any sane parent who loves his kids would do the same.

RichJ said...

I was thinking the Hessians were a better example of where our country was headed. Except that we seem to be working for free, as the Zionists pulling our strings never pay us.

Not only do we fight their wars for them, but we send them billions of dollars in tribute at the same time.

At some point we are gonna have to point our rifles at the real enemy, not a bunch of third world peasants.

Vote with your wallet... buy more ammo.

liberranter said...

Anon 10:17 :

An excellent strategy! I only wish I had started with my grandson along that same path when he was an infant. It would have been an uphill battle, though (in fact, it still is). While it is I who wasted nearly two decades of my life as one of Uncle Sam's mercenaries and who has been dedicating the remainder of my life to ensuring that other young people not make the same mistake, I live with a wife and child who still have not quite seen the light. Fortunately, events are rapidly leading them out of their lives of darkness, meaning that I will soon have all the support I need in ensuring that this young light of my life stays far away from Onkel Sam's Todverein.

Unknown said...

We have lost control of our country folks. Time is short, we must act. The time is ripe for mass civil disobedience and dissent. We must organize and unite and be prepared for the possible repercussions of mass rebellion. Please visit AMERICANRESISTANCEMOVEMENT.COM. Find like minded people in your area, unite and prepare. We are on the cusp of losing open access to the internet and freedom of movement. Martial law is near!!! A.R.M. yourself!!!

Chris said...

While I agree with your analysis, please know that the movie "Starship Troopers" bears little resemblance to the original book. In fact, when the (Dutch) director of the movie dies, there will be a line of Heinlein fans several mile long to p*ss on his grave for what he did.

The future society in the book only extended the vote to those who had performed some sort of government service, on the theory that people who do not have a connection to a group larger than their family may not be the ideal voters to decide who gets to set policy for a nation.

Now, as a libertarian anarchist, I'd rather not have a nation that people need to feel an emotional attachment to, but it's somewhat better than having people that pay no taxes, but rather are paid with taxes stolen from others, vote themselves more and more largesse.

Besides, it would be really difficult to engage in war if there is not a large, centralized government to coerce and/or cajole young men into shooting at strangers.

Notorious Roscoe said...

Lone voice of support for the idea: Starship Troopers author set forth the idea that only by placing your body between the population you serve and any threat to that population can a person demonstrate the commitment necessary to earn the rights of citizenship. He felt an honorable discharge from an armed force was the only valid credential for such things as owning weapons, serving in offices of special trust, voting, and serving as elected or appointed officials. Veterans, he said, know what to expect from each other, and know what to deliver. Veterans are citizens. The rest are fit only to be taxpayers. I happen to agree.

William N. Grigg said...

Veterans are citizens. The rest are fit only to be taxpayers. I happen to agree.

So those of us who earn our living through mutually beneficial, voluntary exchange, rather than through tax-consumption, are fit only to be disarmed slaves (forgive the tautology)?

While Heinlein projected that social arrangement as a possible future, I really don't think that he favored that outcome.

Jim said...

As was mentioned, the state does not have the final say in this matter. Parents can teach their children otherwise.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Notorious Roscoe 206,

Are you claiming that Heinlein advocated your veterans v taxpayers scenario? How do these vets protect taxpayers? Through waging war? If they are not defending the taxpayers, aren't they then parasites? Are you saying that humans are valid to the degree that they serve the greater good? If so, who defines the greater good, who defines the threat to that greater good, who decides who defends that greater good, who decides who pays, and who collects?

Do you believe that some one else has the authority to direct your life as a resource?

Do you think that you have a right to kill me if I refuse to pay for your adventures in the name of protecting someone else?
Are you really freedom-oriented? Or are you just another collectivist flying liberty colours?

Dude, you inspired me...

Doc Ellis 124

Notorious Roscoe said...

Happy to have inspired your thoughts. Proud to have been of service to you as well.

Anonymous said...

Don't be too quick to discredit the entire B.S.A. A very high percentage of Eagle Scouts I know are strongly libertarian compared to the average Joe off the street.

Lemuel Gulliver said...


Our problem is that those who put themselves forward as our "leaders" are just leading us to the mutton factory. If you knew how horrible the truth of this fraudulent "War on Terror" was, you would never sleep 8 hours at a stretch ever again. There IS no such organization as "Al Qaeda." It was made up by the CIA in the 1980's. It is the Arabic name for the computer database of names of the Mujahedeen that the CIA organized and trained in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. This fictitious organization did NOT plan 9-11. It was conceived entirely within these American shores, and dozens of people in several countries, including the originators - Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, GHW Bush, GW Bush, plus accessories - Prince Bandar, Osama bin Laden, the Mossad, the CIA, the Saudi Secret Police, and others - knew about it beforehand. The greatest mass murder of Americans BY Americans in our history (not counting the Civil War,) was designed to turn this nation into a police state and a dictatorship.

The plot failed, mainly thanks to the some 45 brave passengers on United Flight 93. To them alone do we owe the preservation of the Republic and the Constitution.

The 2,978 WTC and Pentagon victims, the 6,000 or so (the numbers they admit to, which I have on good authority are way too low,) troops who have been killed, the 60,000 or so who have been wounded, and 750,000 Iraqis who have died as a consequence - all these died or were maimed for life for the oil companies, the defense contractors, the Zionist Israelis and their American Jewish supporters, the aspirations to dictatorial powers of the Republican Party, and the lust for obscene wealth of their corporate friends.

A book will appear in due course which lays out the entire plot. It is amazing when you hear the truth of it - suddenly everything falls into place, all loose ends are tied up, all questions and speculations disappear, and it all becomes crystal clear. One says, "Of course. That makes utter and perfect sense - all of it." God help the conspirators and the author when the book does come out. The truth is already spreading by word of mouth in certain circles in the Pentagon and elsewhere.

Millions of Americans are being incited to hate Muslims, to hate Latinos, to hate Blacks, to hate anybody different from themselves, all for a good reason - to keep them angry and ready to fight for the disgusting wealth of the oligarchs and corporations and the grinding poverty of everyone else.

The vile and depraved foulness of these evil people is so immense and horrific it is beyond the imagination of most sane human beings.

And THIS is what you want to shed your blood for? And the blood of your children and grandchildren?

It would be unkind of me to call you a jackass. You are just one of the sorriest and most deluded victims I have ever been privileged to encounter.

Yours in sympathy,
Lemuel Gulliver.

PS: I take it you have NOT read Smedley Butler. No doubt you know more about war and the armed services than a Marine Corps General who won TWO Congressional Medals of Honor. I applaud your stunning depth of wisdom.
- Gulliver.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Whatever the hubbub is, being physically fit can ward off a whole host of health problems, regardless of required/not so required military service.

That's where you folks come in.

Anonymous said...

Roscoe 206 you have it all wrong: Taxpayers are producers while veterans (and their ilk) are nothing but parasites.

Anonymous said...

I am an Eagle Scput and pretty much an Anarcho- Capitalist. I was blessed to have a troop leader who tended to be a somewhat left leaning progressive. At the time I didn't realize this - however what i did realize was little emphasis on the flag and patriotism, no emphasis whatsoever on songs, marches,chants and any other kinds of other mindless group oriented bullshit. Instead the emphasis was on getting outdoors learning the skills of camping, canoeing,, backpacking, winter camping etc.. It was a wonderful experience and the skills that I learned from this leader are one of the reasons I absolutely love the outdoors and being in the woods today.

Notorious Roscoe said...

Oh, if I were you guys, I wouldn't trouble myself about my humble opinion. Those of us who rush to confront trouble are in a vast minority, so we'll never be a majority -- hence our opinions will never outweigh yours. I know my feelings on this subject are unrealistic, I just think they are morally valid. You are born to your vote, a.k.a. citizenship, in this country. I think we should all have to earn it. If that were the case, only those to whom it is valuable and sacred would gain it. No need to worry about me and the thought I've voiced. I'm nobody's leader. I'm just another guy with a personal opinion.

liberranter said...

Millions of Americans are being incited to hate Muslims, to hate Latinos, to hate Blacks, to hate anybody different from themselves, all for a good reason - to keep them angry and ready to fight for the disgusting wealth of the oligarchs and corporations and the grinding poverty of everyone else.

Exactly. It cannot be repeated often enough: "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" was, is, and always will be the most effective tool for the Establishment in maintaining and strengthening its power over us. Given that human civilization in general (and American civilization in particular) has demonstrated an entrenched and persistent inability to learn from its past or perceive the realities of its present, the likelihood of such delusion-fueled slavery ending is, sadly, quite remote. I do hope my cynicism is proven to be unfounded, but I'm not optimistic.

Pay no attention to Roscoe. He's just a troll, and a rather unoriginal one at that.

Sans Authoritas said...

It is a blessing to be able to come here and refresh my soul by reading the words of sane men.

Sane men who understand that someone who stands behind you with a gun and tells you what to do is not a "leader." Nor is a man who drags you by a chain.

-Sans Authoritas

Notorious Roscoe said...

Exactly! Pay no attention to me. Though I've defended with my life your First Amendment right to write and say whatever you think, and I'd gladly do so again, I couldn't care less WHAT you think anyhow. Still, it's a gas to see you guys get so hopping mad just because you can't stand me saying what I think. You guys are fun as a game of whack-a-mole! Thank you so very much for the entertainment.

William N. Grigg said...

"I've defended with my life your First Amendment right to write and say whatever you think, and I'd gladly do so again...."

File this under "Things That Simply Must Be Said":

Never within living memory have the rights protected by the First Amendment been threatened by anyone but the government ruling us.

It's difficult for me to see how someone can defend my rights while taking a paycheck from the government that threatens them. Risking one's life on behalf of that government is hardly the same as risking it on behalf of my rights.

Sans Authoritas said...

Will, if it weren't for people like Roscoe, the pajama-clad Viet Cong would have landed on our beaches with AK-47's, and started planting toe-poppers and punji stakes. And thank goodness these defenders invaded Iraq. They were just about to invade and impose Shariah law on us all. It is because of men like these that we don't all speak Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, and why not, the Japanese, who never had the logistical capacity to invade the United State.

-Sans Authoritas

Notorious Roscoe said...


Lemuel Gulliver said...


Let us not be too harsh on Roscoe. He is a victim, as I said above. He deserves sympathy , as do all our poor sons and daughters overseas giving the best years of their lives, and sometimes their very lives, fighting for the obscene wealth of the corporations, the bankers, and Israel. Let us not give vent to anger - it is not Roscoe's fault.

Rather let us mourn the tragedy of war down through the centuries. It has never, ever, been about one man fighting another, whom he never met, and who never harmed him.

During the Civil War, on several occasions the Rebels and the Union troops would get together around campfires in the night, to play cards, tell stories, and sing together, then go back to their respective camps to begin killing each other again when the sun came up.

During the First World War, there was a famous occasion on Christmas Eve of one year, when troops in the German trenches began singing Christmas carols, and the Allied troops took up the songs and joined in from a hundred yards away. Then men began to emerge from the trenches, to cross no-man's-land, and to drink and sing and share their meager Christmas goodies with troops of the other side. Germans came into the Allied trenches, and Allies went over into the German trenches.

For the politicians, the officers and the generals, this was probably the most terrifying moment of that war. Imagine - the men would not shoot each other, but wanted to chat and sing carols and show the "enemy" photos of their loved ones. Humanity and sanity was in danger of breaking out all over.

The day after Christmas, the killing began again.

Most human beings love their lives, and understand that other human beings do also, and consider it a crime and a sin to kill another person. It is only a certain type of warped and slightly insane person who loves death and killing - people such as Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and most of the people who aspire to "lead" the rest of us.

Unfortunately those vile scum have been with us since the beginning of time, and will probably never go away. Now and then we manage to rid ourselves of one bunch, only to have another bunch take their place.

Poor Roscoe. He finds it hard to face the harsh truth that he wasted his youth in some God-forsaken sandpit, killing innocent people who never wished him or the rest of us any harm, but who had oil or other resources under their feet that our corporations wanted to steal. Imagine how hard it must be to admit to yourself that all the sacrifice and pain and loss were in vain, just to enrich some Jew sitting in a penthouse office on Wall Street, or to re-elect some sleazy politician who thinks his shit doesn't stink.

Poor Roscoe. Let us thank him for having the courage to speak his mind against the chorus of hostility he has received here, and let us maintain his right to speak it. Let us distinguish between the sheep like Roscoe, and the wolves in sheep's clothing who have bamboozled him. Let us save our anger for the perpetrators of abominations, not their victims.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Well, Roscoe, I never asked you to put your life on the line for anything. That you did yourself. Any "freedoms" I have, or worth defending, don't require your participation in the military. As I recall the Minutemen of old were voluntary. If I'm wrong then someone please correct me. If I haven't the freedom to say, "no", and not allow myself to be financially and politically raped over and again by gangsters in DC and their obedient Sardaukar, then what imaginary "freedoms" are being "protected". That's like the meat packing plant taking pains in making sure the cattle arrive in one piece and don't stray off the range before the slaughter. Mustn't let the cattle get hurt in order to maximize their profit. That's why we're kept safe fat and happy. For our own good they say.

Anonymous said...

Overall the U.S. military command aka Pentagon, has become as morally and intellectually bancrupt as their treasonous, looney tune civilian massas in Washington. The U.S. military has devolved into a souless, mercenary army as cruel and without honor as the Roman Legions who were sent all over the world to secure and maintain a world order, while the country of their birth was flushed down the toilet. As a vet, I realise that their are a myriad of good, devout, compassionate warriors in service, daily fighting the good fight to stand tall for values, some in positions of some authority, but these are not the ones running the big show. They would gladly give their lives for America’s freedom, if they ever found themselves in a fight that had something to do WITH freedom! Instead, they are deploy all over the world in various nation-building missions. Nation-building, meaning that countries are destabalized, then reconfigured to fit the design of the NWO architects. In growing numbers, commanders mindlessly follow and in turn give unlawful orders, in the name of “just doing my job sir.” Yes, need I say, like Nazis running the death camps. I’m not anti-war, merely in favor of correctly identifying the real enemy.

Americans have always been a patriotic bunch
and never backed down from a fight

Time and again we’ve gone to war.
believen our cause was right.

Only to learn later that we were lied to so we’d sacrifice those we treasured
so the ruling class can seize more power, their evil can’t be measure.

Anyone who’s studied the facts knows that Pearl Harbor could have been averted
But Roosevelt wanted us in that war, a cause we thought righteous now seems perverted

So many instances of covert ops, because war needs justification
so the government will even attack itself, it’s called False Flag operation

the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a all a lie told by LBJ
nobody knew why we were in asia except the President wanted it that way

and so 58,000 Americans died in viet nam
if the govt. had wanted to win that war, it would have only taken one bomb.

While the facts prove 9-11 was a false flag, yep another inside job
if you say it they call you part of the crazy conspiracy mob.

But it gave Washington what they wanted
a 100yr “war on terror.”

To establish a New World Order
correct me if you think i’m in error.

We have troops in 140 countries with 800 bases oversees
you’re told their fighting for freedom, but their used as mercenaries

While at home, the EPA, DEA, ATF, IRS, FEMA and the FBI
grow more and more outta hand

An out of control federal govt is a greater threat
than Alcaida or the Taliban

ben laden was a scapegoat, we seem to have fallen for the ploy.
ignoring the fact that the power to tax is the REAL power to destroy.

We’vd the finest military in the world no doubt.
of courage and skill they’ve no lack

let’s bring em home to fight the terrorists in washington
and take our government back.

Deo Vindice

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg,
This is extremely important, and I'd appreciate a reply. I have seen commercial ads on your site before from time to time, in the margins or below the articles, but now they have all disappeared. Did you put them up, and did you take them down? If the answer is no, then Someone is hacking into your site. Please advise?
Lemuel Gulliver.

William N. Grigg said...

Lemuel, the ads that appear on my site are placed there through Google; I opened an advertising account in a (so far unavailing) effort to make some money from my blog. I have nothing to do with the ad selection.

Anonymous said...

Well said - Lemuel at 1242!

Anonymous said...

After reading your 3:27 AM post I am left with no doubt that you are a sick, sick individual, badly in need of psychiatric hospitalization. I do hope you get the help that you are obviously in such desperate need of.

Fascist Nation said...

Hey Anonymous,

They come for your kids when they enroll in High School. And they get the school records as required by law. And they call and they call. And they have fine pep rallies. And they wave the flag. And they pay for their video arcade machines. And they scourer the school yearbook.

And your sons want that driver's license, so they get them when they turn 16. Yup. They get your kids.

And when they turn 18 they are "free" to make their own poor choices and they frequently will.

Anonymous said...

From Roscoe to us: "Sissies"

To Roscoe from us: Dumbass

Anonymous said...

"The military is the state's apparatus of murder and property destruction. The welfare state is an instrument of social demolition. They really are complimentary sides of the same debased coin."
Truer words were never spoken. God Bless you Will.

PavePusher said...

Wow. As a 19-year serving member of the USAF, thanks to all of you for your support.

Please, stop now. And to the parent who has so mentally abused their daughter that she gets ill at the sight of a uniform... I have no words. You are despicable.

I am no statist lover of collectivism. I do believe this country has many problems, none of which need more government, most of which could be solved by emphasizing personal responsibility and a smaller government. But making this generation of the military the second to return home to being spit on, abused and humiliated in public, because YOU could not keep the government in check, is not the solution. Most of us want to be on your side, many of us ARE. And you want and need us to support you. This is not the way to get that. Every time you treat us as garbage, you weaken our trust and support. That can not end anywhere good. And it comes from all parts of the political axis.

Please think about this. Thank you.

Isaac Stanfield said...

You are not on "my" side if you are participating in building or maintaining this empire that has it's grip on the world. Bloodying up foreign countries doesn't count as serving your country according to any sane definition. I can't think of a time that the Department of Defense (sic) actually defended anything (other than the ability of the myriad military contractors to extract yet more money from destroying something somewhere). Maybe you can help me on that one.

If you're such a fan of personal responsibility, then maybe you can take stock of what you are contributing to and supporting. I won't spit on you, but I won't give a teary salute on the various military "holidays" either. I won't humiliate you, but I won't slap ribbon magnets on my car or pledge to "support the troops" either. Not that we have any choice in supporting any troops, what with the voluntary taxes and all.

As much as they might have convinced you in basic training, no military, government, or any such thing gives me my freedom. I don't owe you my right to speak, to protect myself, or my right to live how I want. Those rights can't be given by government because they aren't government's to give.

And I don't know if you've noticed, but we don't have a whole lot of say in "keeping the government in check" anymore. About the only option left is outright violent rebellion, and where do you think the military will stand on that? Who will you side with then? I'm betting you'll obey your masters.