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Totalitarianism In One City: Shreveport's Gun-Grabbing Mayor

Shreveport's Big Boss Man, Cedric Glover, and unidentified flunky: According to Glover, an advocate of civilian disarmament, his police have the power to "suspend" the rights of any motorist they stop, and can seize a civilian's firearms at will. Not that long ago, bigoted white southern mayors could be heard making the same assertions about black people.

Any time a motorist is stopped by a police officer, insists Shreveport, Louisiana Mayor Cedric Glover, "Your rights ... have been suspended." This includes not only the freedom of movement, but also, in the event the officer inquires as to whether the driver is carrying a weapon, "Your right to be able to hold on to your weapon and say whether [you] have a weapon or not" -- as well as the right to retain possession of that weapon, should the officer decide to confiscate it from you.

Should you choose not to answer the question, or answer it in the negative, the officer could still choose, "in the interest of officer safety, to secure you in a safe position" -- this most likely means outside the car with your hands cuffed behind your back -- "and then do an appropriate inspection of your vehicle."

The phrase "appropriate inspection" is more honestly rendered "Unconstitutional warrantless search."

Should the police officer then turn up a firearm or other weapon in the car, the driver "would be guilty or potentially guilty of even a more severe offense" than whatever he had allegedly done to precipitate the traffic stop, according to Mayor Glover. Police officers, according to Glover, are invested with "a power that the President of the United States does not have ... and that is the ability to be able to suspend your rights."

This is "one of the things that I say to each and every one of the police officers who graduates from the Shreveport Police Academy since I've been mayor."
Fortunately for the public, one supposes, Mr. Glover remembers the lesson that Peter Parker learned from his kindly and sagacious uncle Ben -- that is, with great power comes great responsibility. "You have to understand there is a great deal of power that is vested within ... the law enforcement personnel of this country," Glover insists. "It's why there is a great deal of responsibility that has to go along with it."

Glover offered those remarkable observations, and many others like them, in
a recorded phone call with Shreveport resident Robert Baillio.

Mr. Baillio had called to complain about
a recent traffic stop in which an SPD officer, who-- before dealing with any other matter of business -- asked if Baillio had a firearm, then temporarily seized it from him.

Louisiana law recognizes the right of the state's residents to carry loaded weapons in their vehicles, and Baillio has a state-issued concealed carry permit -- that is, a piece of paper in which the state generously recognizes one facet of Baillio's innate right to bear arms.

According to Baillio's account, he was cordial and polite when he was stopped after supposedly neglecting to use a turn signal.
That this was almost certainly a pretext stop is illustrated by the fact that Baillio never received a ticket. Supplemental evidence is offered by the fact that the conversation between the officer and Baillio focused entirely on the issue of gun ownership, including a question about Baillio's membership in the National Rifle Association.

This would be a heart-warming picture if it didn't feature a gun-grabber: Cedric Glover is consoled by one of his sweeter constituents after failing to win a role in "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps."

Baillio doesn't conceal his NRA membership; it's advertised by a sticker on the rear windshield of his truck, as are his very passionate views of the right to armed self-defense. "Armed We Are Citizens! Un-Armed We Are Subjects!" exclaims another bumper sticker, expressing a core truth of our republican heritage. Yet another sticker displays various kinds and grades of ammunition captioned by the directive, "Celebrate Diversity."

It's the safest of bets that what triggered the stop, as it were, was not a traffic infraction by Baillio, but rather the police officer's conditioned reflex to treat the public expression of pro-gun ownership sentiments as innately suspicious.

In brief, Baillio was a victim of political profiling of the sort being encouraged by the Department of Homeland Security and the totalitarian "watchdog" groups who have spent decades indoctrinating the police.

In his telephone chat with Glover, Baillio -- who was persistent but unfailingly polite -- pointed out that he "answered the [officer's] question honestly and he disarmed me."

"Which would be appropriate and proper action, sir," replied Glover. "The fact that you gave the correct answer -- it simply means that you did what you were supposed to do and that is to give that weapon to the police officer so he could appropriately place it in a place where it would be no threat to you, to him, or to anyone in the general public."

"Well, you know, he still had a gun," observed Baillio, hoping to underscore the fact that guns -- as objects, rather than actors -- do not pose a "threat" in and of themselves. "How is he --"

"Because he's a police officer," interjected Glover before he could finish the question. "As I've just related to you, that police officer has powers, sir, that you do not have."

Let's unpack that reply, shall we?

From Glover's perspective, it is only when firearms are in the hands of people other than the state's uniformed enforcers/oppressors that they constitute a threat, not only to the public and those in charge of exercising official violence but also to the private gun owner himself.

a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, clearly believes that any firearms in civilian hands should be considered illicit. This is, in both a cultural and constitutional sense, entirely un-American.

Interestingly, it is in harmony with the UN's position, however, as summarized in the world body's 2000 agitprop film
Armed to the Teeth: The World-Wide Plague of Small Arms. That film insists that the only "legal" weapons are those "used by armies and police forces to protect us" -- as if the word "protection" describes the uses to which weapons are put by the enforcement organs of the criminal states that compose the UN.

It is his attitudes toward civilian firearms ownership and the plenary power of police,
not his ethnicity or any similar accident of birth, that would make Glover a very suitable ruler of any of the scores of squalid Third World thugocracies represented in the UN.

According to Glover, a police officer may properly disarm any civilian at any time, and the civilian's duty is to surrender his gun -- willingly, readily, cheerfully, without cavil or question. This is because police officers, as numinous beings anointed by the Holy State, exude the essence of pure goodness and would never commit acts of criminal violence against disarmed civilians.

Tell that to Angela Garbarino, a woman who was arrested by the SPD last year for DWI and wound up lying in a pool of her own blood after being "subdued" in a police holding cell.



Gaps in the security camera record of the incident occur at convenient intervals, so it's not clear exactly how Garbarino wound up bloodied on the floor. In a photograph taken later Angela displays the marks of a severe beating, including two black eyes, a broken nose, and a cut on the forehead that required stitches.

Wylie Willis, the hired thug who administered the beating, can be observed in the video checking his hands to see if there is blood on them. He was dismissed after the incident for "violating departmental policy," but faced no other sanctions.

Like any other pseudo-male who beats a defenseless woman, Willis lied that his victim "slipped and fell."

Like any other police officer who loses his job after a criminal assault on a "civilian," Willis insists that his firing was unjustified.

And like any other police union anywhere in our once-free country, the Shreveport Police Union(led by Michael Carter -- see the photo above and to the right) insists that the abusive cop should get his job back.

She was protected and served: Angela Garbarino displays the results of a beating she received while handcuffed in the custody of Shreveport police.

Obviously, Willis should at the very least be prosecuted for felonious battery. Or, better yet, he should be put into a room, unarmed, with several of Angela's male relatives and given an opportunity to demonstrate the unalloyed martial prowess that enabled him to beat an intoxicated woman half his size whose hands were cuffed behind her back. Willis appears to have been a serial abuser of women, as do several others among Shreveport's ahem, finest. \

In April,
Jasmine M. Winston filed a civil rights suit against the City of Shreveport. A couple of years ago she was beaten by a baton-wielding Officer Willis outside a nightclub and then slammed face-first into the concrete by fellow SPD thug Daniel Sawyer. Oh, the undaunted courage these two armed "men" displayed in double-teaming a solitary woman.

A lawsuit filed by Darlene Atkins in 2006 claims that Willis put a gun to the head of her son Dillion Freeman following a brief pursuit and threatened to shoot Dillion if any of his family approached him. Another suit filed that year by resident Tomeka Bush claimed that after she filed a complaint in the Atkins incident, Willis retaliated by seizing her car. As in the subsequent beating of Angela Garbarino, there were anomalies in the official video record of the Atkins incident; in this case, the entire video was missing. The SPD "investigated" the matter just long enough to satisfy itself that Willis (let's say it all together, shall we?) acted in accordance with department policy. He always did -- until his officially sanctioned criminal violence was documented beyond dispute.

Loathsome as he is, Willis is not exceptional.

In 2007, eight SPD officers were arrested for various offenses, including perjury, falsification of official reports, falsifying tickets, DWI, drug charges, and maintaining an "inappropriate" on-line relationship with an underage girl.

Of those offenses, the most striking are those committed in an official capacity. Given the latitude offered to Willis, it's difficult to imagine how blatantly an SPD officer would have to perjure himself before facing punishment.

Oddly enough, Cedric Glover didn't mention the corruption roiling in the SPD when, roughly a year ago, he vetoed a police retention plan that included a pay raise. And now that the "stimulus" spigots have been thrown open, Glover is eager to build his police department into a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.

"We're asking for 90 additional police officers ... with this stimulus package [because] there is a portion that is available for cop spending and we want to go out there and capture as much of it as we can,"
oinked Cerdo, er, Cedric last February as the Holy One, His Munificence Barrack the Blessed (peace be upon him) hoisted the slop bucket over the national trough.

Along with expanding the local "infrastructure," Big Cerdo's chief priority for the stimulus is to use federal funds to expand his own herd of gun-grabbing
Cerditos.* The same is probably true of dozens of other mayors across the country, some of which may boast police departments even more corrupt than the one afflicting Shreveport.

Shreveport resident Ken Krefft, president of a neighborhood association, is understandably worried that
the SPD's corruption could damage the city's tourism industry: "This is not a good thing for the city [to tell tourists] -- `Come to Shreveport, we've got crooked cops.'" It used to be that Americans would have visit such destinations as Cuba to experience what it's like to deal with corrupt police who can disarm, beat, and presumably kill innocent people with impunity. Cedric Glover has thoughtfully turned his city into a totalitarian theme park we can visit without leaving the United States -- in a geographic sense, in any case.

(My emphatic thanks to "Liberranter" for tipping me to this story.)

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*"Cerdo" is Spanish for "pig."

On sale now.

Dum spiro, pugno!


Lee Shelton said...

Another excellent and insightful essay. Thanks!

Lee Shelton said...

By the way, I love the new radio show. Keep up the good work!

JTG said...

It's worth remembering the purpose of this text:

"No slaves shall keep any arms whatever, nor pass, unless with written orders for his master or employer, or in his company, with arms from one place to another. Arms in possession of a slave contrary to this prohibition shall be forfeited to him who will seize them."

-A Bill Concerning Slaves, Virginia Assembly, 1779

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever noticed that black mayors have predominantly been anti-gun? i mean, they are anti-gun more than anyone.


Dave said...

Boycott Louisiana.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Anonymous said...

interjected Baillio => interjected Glover

behind his back => behind her back

Cedric Brown => Cedric Glover (unless these are football references)

William N. Grigg said...

Thanks for the extra set of eyes!

Ah, the perils of being one's own editor (as I've noted on several previous occasions)....

Anonymous said...

Ein Riech, Ein Volk, Ein Furer Glover!!!

I Hate Bobby Flay said...

Dave, people are always threatening to boycott the South for one reason or another and they never follow through. Please don’t get our hopes up yet again.

My Hate Speech said...

Excellent post, very informative.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Like any other pseudo-male who beats a defenseless woman, Willis lied that his victim "slipped and fell."

I for one would happily spend taxpayer money on a survey to find out if the rumor is true, that these lard-butt thugs in police uniform have exceptionally large balls and exceptionally small wieners, down there below the equator.

Perhaps this is why Mayor Glover feels such kinship with them.

Nothing like girls laughing at him the first half dozen times he tries to impress them, (so to speak,) to arouse hatred of the gentle sex in a neuronally and synaptically challenged fatso.

Poor creatures. Wannabes. Freaks of nature. Neither one thing nor the other.

I propose we establish a nonprofit organization to purchase tweezers for all police officers in America, and a special gold-plated pair for the Mayor of Shreveport, so they can all masturbate successfully and thereby relieve their mental (and other) stresses.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! That the video camera was quite clearly, and conveniently, turned off, should be reason enough to get this vermin thrown once and for all in jail where "justice" might actually find him. The mayor only serves to prove a point that I've made time and again... that the color of ones skin does not automatically make you "righteous". I find minorities gravitate in unnatural numbers toward government "service" whether it be civil or military. For what reason I haven't a clue but there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, this just goes to show how Louisiana is considered one of the most corrupt states in the nation. I remember many years ago there was a 20/20 or 60 minutes like show where one particular county, by virtue of the fact that the interstate crossed through it, had an unusually high number of car confiscations and tickets for the most spurious of reasons. These vermin were so crooked you'd have to screw them into the ground to bury them. Yet, there on tape for all the world to see, they'd lie and come up with the most pathetic excuses to pull you over. Some folks said they'd just as soon drive completely around the state than have to deal with those bastards. Guess someone needs to make up some mockumentary type of tourist materials.

"Shreveport... Where a can of complimentary whoop-ass waits for you"... Message courtesy of your local crooks...eerrrmmm... Cops and pols that is!

Captain Kirk said...


Glover wants to add 90 officers??? Sacramento county (just to the southwest of me) is looking at having to let 300 sworn deputies and 70 ancillary personnel go. The numbers may change if the Sheriff's Dept see's any of Lord Obama's bailout funds...but Sheriff McGinness doesn't have high hopes. He is talking about issuing more concealed carry permits in order that the public may protect itself as he says he cannot make any guarantees that his department will be able to provide adequate services with the loss of so many employees.


Anonymous said...

You must not let the police chief off. He is ultimately responsible for his officers egregious actions and should be relieved of his position for not training them sufficiently, or controlling their sadistic tendencies.

Alice Lillie said...

Well, I guess Shreveport is now on my do-not-go list which grows weekly.

See my blog:

I Hate Bobby Flay said...

Cap’n Kirk, it is troubling that we may not have enough police people to provide “adequate services” during these pretend police lay-offs.

According to this headline, “Sheriff Defends Officer After Fatal Shooting,” one of the “services” provided by Sheriff McGinnis is protecting people from drunks who rev their engines.

Fortunately for me, there are 13 police and sheriff’s offices within 10 miles of my house and 31 within 20 miles. Whew.

BillH said...

I got a nice GOP solicitation from Bobby Jindal the other day. So I figured I'd ask my new friend if all of this was true. I sent him the link for your post Mr Grigg. We'll see if he's serious, or if he's a politician.

Benjamin Martin said...

As WNG states early on in this article White government had strict gun comtrol laws for blacks in the South. Now it is blacks in positions of power doing the same thing only colors are reversed.
We had thought that we were Americans and would be treated justly by Lady Justice who is blindfolded, but that is not the reality.

The answer is a repeal of gun laws. They are used as weapons against the good and the innocent.

It is a fundamental right given by the divine to man.

We face a dire future in the DisUnited States. With a totalitariani police state in all but name.

It is easy to ignore the marginalized people, but they are the canaries in the mine. The case below has a similar theme to one last year in NJ with similar results.
White supremacists' kids should remain fostered: Psychologist

By Mike McIntyre, Winnipeg Free Press June 25, 2009

jwags said...

Anyone know where I can get one of those "celebrate diversity" bumper stickers?

Jim said...

Great article, thanks for covering. I see that Lew Rockwell picked it up.

Anonymous said...

Born and raised in LOUSYana and glad to be out of there. There is too much adulation for authority and power. The featured police chief in this piece adequately portrays much of the thought processes there.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Mayor Glover's cholesterol level is. There's a chance he'll meet Michael Jackson sooner rather than later.

liberranter said...

has anyone ever noticed that black mayors have predominantly been anti-gun? i mean, they are anti-gun more than anyone.


Harrisburg chapter of NAACP urges martial law

The Omega Man said...

Sayyyy, when the police can arbitrarily take away a citizen's rights and get away with it, isn't that called a "police state"?
Nahhhh, that's just tinfoil hat moonbat talk. Besides, the police state will affect everyone but me. Right? I'll just turn on the TV instead, and---ooh! American Idol is on!

TomAlciere said...

The Second Amendment wasn't written for sportsmen. The cop pulls somebody over, they are armed. The cop takes their gun, then spots the unopened beer, and tries to arrest the underage driver for minor in possession. The driver cannot fight back. The driver is entitled to shoot the cop, no matter what the government's laws say, because the government never had any right to impose underage drinking laws. A country is justified in fighting back when her sovereign territory is attacked by the armed forces of a hostile government and a human being is equally justified in fighting back when his inherent natural right to liberty is attacked by the police force of a hostile government, no matter what is written on any documents manufactured by the hostile government. The battles determine who is left, not who is right.

rainbow sticker said...

Guns are scary and bad and valhalla will commence as soon as they are banned!

John Swibes said...

Thanks for the blog. Interesting comments. Regarding Louisinna as a corrupt state - was'nt Bufford T. Pusser from Louisianna? I know he was a PO but I think we all need to "Walk Tall". It seems Home Land Security and numerous politicians have other plans.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Baillio should be grateful that he wasn't holding a cell phone...Shreveport's useless cops are notorious for shooting people "armed" with cell phones. Hell Barney Fife was a better lawman than these losers!

Anonymous said...

While I certainly do not agree with taking peoples weapons, the Garbarino womans injuries are consistent with an automobile accident. The brusing around the waist was definitely caused by her seat belt and losing teeth and facial swelling are quite common in auto accidents.I understand she had two in the chase. As a Physician, I'd say the swelling of her lips and face were from the accident. The lasceration on her forehead could have been from her fall or her deliberate banging of her face on the wall. In either case, the firing of this officer was totally unjustified.

USA_Dave_Iowa said...

Here in Iowa we have gone through two plus years on the concealed carry law (unsuccessfully).
What always strikes me is the LEO's stance. They almost always portray an individual who has gone through considerable expense and time as a threat. I just don't get it. Must be the power thing,sigh.
I listened to the whole tape and with exception of the fact the officer asked about a weapon first before determining identity, technically, yes, WE suspend our (certain) rights when WE do the proper thing by reacting in a lawfull manner when directed by law enforcement. It's what makes this a civilized nation. The abuse of that (temporary)suspension of our rights that WE actually intiate...that should be dealt with in the most harsh manner.

USA_Dave_Iowa said...

Here in Iowa we have gone through two plus years on the concealed carry law (unsuccessfully).
What always strikes me is the LEO's stance. They almost always portray an individual who has gone through considerable expense and time as a threat. I just don't get it. Must be the power thing,sigh.
I listened to the whole tape and with exception of the fact the officer asked about a weapon first before determining identity, technically, yes, WE suspend our (certain) rights when WE do the proper thing by reacting in a lawfull manner when directed by law enforcement. It's what makes this a civilized nation. The abuse of that (temporary)suspension of our rights that WE actually intiate...that should be dealt with in the most harsh manner.

I Hate Bobby Flay said...

Doctor Mike: Judging by your spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors, I’d say you are a cop and not a Physician as you claim. You are totally illiterate, which is all too common in cops but unusual in Physicians at the level you display. Take two of anything and call me in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess this has to be a first. Based on Mr. Mikes "diagnosis" I have now seen my first auto accident occur where the driver was handcuffed and inside a room! But not just ANY room but one inside a police station. Too bad this miracle happened in that magical dead-zone where the camera eye was blinded.

Jim said...

"Dr. Mike"
If you will watch the video, you will see that Angie did not have the bruises before the officer turned off the camera.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that Cedric Glover's corrupt Police also made headlines a year ago when they maced and tasered actors Josh Brolin and Jeffery Wright for no reason, and then refused to release the videotape of the incident. Glover just said his police "acted exemplary."
Cedric Glover is a waste of space.

The American Crisis said...

Good blog article!

Anonymous said...

call it what you will ill call it what it is a prejudice nig that needs to be booted out of office placed on a 1500 calorie diet and beaten by his peers.

Anonymous said...

mrtrapper says: "Try to take my gun in a situation such as the one described and the would-be confiscator will know very quickly which side of the great divide they will spend eterniy on."

sicilian said...

After viewing the SPD video of the DWI 'victim', I was appalled. I am a 30 year police veteran in Calif. I am also strongly committed to the belief that any law abiding citizen should be allowed to keep and bare arms, sans any felony or domestic violence convictions. Mayor Glover and his kind should be brought up on charges for the violation of a persons constitutional rights. He is but a puppet on a string which emanates from that USURPER IN CHIEF in DC. The RICO ACT should apply to these Chicago style political thugs but, look who's leading the parade.

Anonymous said...

Appearantly the Mayor does not believe in Freedom or Personal Civil Rights. He is a Racist and a disgrace to his Heritage I am ashamed of his heritage being the same as mine. We have fought for freedoms for hundred of years now he wants us tp give up the freedoms of the Constitution I am calling for his IMMEDIATE REGNASATION and also the POLICE FORCE that cannot the free Laws of the U.S.

Flaboy said...

Its obvious that this is another racist mayor. He has abused his job and delegated himself as the
law maker and enforcer. Its just another city in Louisiana with a black mayor and corrupt government.
I bet he is one of these men that always bring up the slavery days. Its getting out of hand in many states.
On top of all that the police are being trained by swap officers. They shave their heads and some wear the black swap team uniform. Guns hanging on their leg like gun slingers. Somewhere along the line they have forgot they are also there to serve the public. Gone are the days you were glad to see a police officer when your in need. Now you hate to see one approaching you. You don’t know what he is going to say or do.
Its Obama and radical in idiots in congress like Poloski and a few more who want to disarm you.
But look at our president, he has the most armored car ever built and armed like a tank. What’s he scared of.? One day they will come for your guns. God help us when the do.
As for the lady being arested, she should have been looked down the minute she started acting up. A female office should have handled her. How would you like your sister or daughter being treated that way. To bad this kind of complaint is happening all over the country.

Andrew Widener said...

All I have to say is this....In a time when a foreign, radical enemy is hell bent on killing Americans, killing there own people who don't follow there beliefs, strip them of their rights and do anything they can to strip us of ours.. How can ANY aspect of the United States government.. Federal, State or Local, even ponder the idea of taking away even ONE of ours.

Andrew Widener, Libertarian, 2010
Kingsport, TN

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we need to have the ACLU do something "Good" for America down in the Louisiana Swamp. The Constitutional rights are never suspended. They are GOD given not for some sorry ignorant individual to order "suspended" Never! Forward this news to Jindal (Gov) in LA and then let's Sue the pants off that town. Where do I donate to?

Chris Thiele,
Oath Keepers.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Anon 454 Thiele,

Have you read Spooner's 'No Treason Section XII at He makes the point that oaths to the Constitution are meaningless.

Doc Ellis 124

Anonymous said...

It's big fat idiots like Glover, I just can't call him a "mayor", that has helped to destroy what many men and women have died for which is our rights and freedoms. The only way to stop such stupidity is to remove these morons from office. Instead of a boycott it may be time to forcefully remove nutjobs like him from whatever public office they hold. They were elected to "serve" the public, not to act like Hilter and his gang of thugs.

Christina G. said...

Just rec'd “Your rights have been suspended” in my email, which led me to this article.

I used to be in favor of Gun Control, until it was pointed out to me that the first shot fired at Lexington was provoked by the British attempt to confiscate our arms and render us helpless against their monarchical rule.

No doubt, we must have balance but...where is this idea of suspended rights documented? IS it documented anywhere at all? Or is it just in Glover's apparently deluded mind? (which is what I'm thinkin'...)

Mike Rios said...

I was forced last year to use my firearm to protect my property and myself from two burglars who broke into my house in the middle of the day and were stealing my tools.

After firing 8 rounds, one of the burglars ran down the street screaming like a girl, the driver of the car, who had a very lucky miss to his miserable head, surrendered, throwing his car keys into the street and complying with my order to sit down until police arrived, I was able to stop being a victim again.

The police arrived, arrested my burglar, and soon caught the runner. After doing all their crime scene investigation, they packed up my pistol and started to leave with it. I asked why they were taking my pistol. The crime scene investigator said that a crime had been committed and they had to take my gun for evidence. I told him that I had not committed the crime. He told me that even though that was true, since I used my gun to stop a crime they had to take it. (What?)
I went to check, after several months about my pistol, and was told, sorry the Dept. of Public Safety had my pistol and it would be a very long time before I would get it back.

So here I am now, almost a year later and still have not gotten back my legally owned and used pistol. All because I was defending what was mine. Only in America.

Anonymous said...

Louisiana has long had the reputation of crooked/lawless police officers, this is not the first time I've heard stories like this, it goes way back and has been on national television before. I for one not only intend never going to Shreveport, but the whole state of Louisiana, I should say again because I have been there. So unless the good people of Louisiana vote/remove people like that from office I see no reason for anyone to go there.

Nikola Tesla said...

Two wrongs do not make a right! To say a policeman can be shot for disarming a juvenile, drinking & driving is just as idiotic as this officer taking the man's weapon with no probable cause!

Nikola Tesla said...

Please remember the first person to die for the freedom of this new Republic was a black man! How sad this has become to disgrace the history of this man's memory, because a "redneck" has a bumper sticker, expressing his views, then a statist charges his minions to suspend the Constitution! Wrong when it was to keep blacks out of schools, & to disarm slaves, & its wrong to do this insanity, because we all become slaves now together to the Intelligentsia!

MagnoliaLady2008 said...

@John Swibes who said...
.... "was'nt Bufford T. Pusser from Louisianna?"

To answer your question about Buford. T. was not from Louisiana, he was from McNairy County, Tennessee. He came often to Alcorn County, Mississippi to wreck havoc. I remember his reign of terror quite well. the true matter at hand. I do not care if it is a black American, a white American, or any other of the various skin pigmentations in America. If they are born a Natural Born Citizen of United States of America they were issued their gun permit the second they were born. It is when those "gun permits" are misused that the problems arise. Anyone who abuses their natural born "gun permit", be they criminals or law enforcement officers, should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The Mayor of Shreveport is a THUG as is the Police Chief. ANYONE who is in a position of power that allows and does not punish his/her employees for abusing prisoners, or abuse of power in stopping motor vehicles is the lowest form of life and a butt kissing cousin of ovomit.

The Mayor and his minions are suppose to "Protect" the citizens of their town, county, State and any visitors who happen to wander into their territory. He is not suppose to threaten the citizenry with suspension of their "rights" unless they have shown "due cause" of potential violence in the commission of a felony. Mayor DickHead needs a good lesson in civility. He obviously has a self image do some of his law enforcement officers. He should be ousted from his high position of Mayor...obviously the "job" has gone to his little pin dickhead.

Tommy said...

Dave you would boycott the most pro-gun state in the union for ONE power grabbing mayor? I suggest you do your research before you make another ignorant statement.

Tommy said...

Speaking on behalf of the great state of Louisiana, we're glad you're out of here too. This police chief and mayor are by no means the status quo for this fine state. Don't let the door knob hit you in your ass on the way out.

Barbara Ann Jackson said...

“. . .a mere pondering gigantic Glover’s groundless conceit, Glover’s implacable unreasonableness, his disdain for disadvantaged citizens of Shreveport, and his demonstrations of problems with forthrightness would provides cause to think that Glover might NEED a jungle and bananas! *from “HAIL, Mayor Cedric B. Glover –King of Shreveport Racist Plantation!”