Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Just A Child With A Temper"

Caveat lector: This post contains some subject-appropriate unsavory language.

Nothing to see here -- just move along:
Irma Marquez, who was not abused by Yonkers Police Officer Wayne Simoes, recuperates from the non-abuse she didn't experience at his hands. At the time this photo was taken, in fact, Marquez stood accused of "disorderly conduct" and second-degree obstruction of governmental administration.

He's drunk again, it's time to fight; she must have done something wrong tonight....

"Hey, it's no big deal -- I just slipped and hit my face on a doorknob," said Joy by way of explaining the huge contusion discoloring her face.

This wasn't the first time she had shown up to work with a black eye or other suspicious injury she insisted was the product of some bizarre accident growing out of her incurable clumsiness. Curiously,
Joy was not noticeably maladroit when tending to her duties as a waitress for a chain restaurant where I worked while going to college.

A plain but very nice woman on the wrong side of 35, she was easy to work with and put in long hours to help keep her household afloat. She lived with an unemployed, live-in "fiance," or what I called a "degenerate freeloader."

Whenever Joy would come to work bearing the visible evidence of a beating and urging us to believe some elaborate tale of innocent self-inflicted misfortune, none of us believed her. But none of us had evidence sufficient to justify prying into her domestic affairs, and she reacted so badly to the broad hints several of us dropped that we didn't persist.

Another view of the aftermath of the non-abuse experienced by the oddly unfortunate Irma Marquez.

Just tell the nurse you slipped and fell; it starts to sting as it starts to swell....

Unlike many episodes of suspected domestic abuse, there is no ambiguity in the case of Irma Marquez, a 45-year-old woman from Yonkers, New York. She was physically assaulted, in public, in front of several witnesses; the incident was captured clearly on a surveillance videotape.

The abuse resulted in "a head injury with related loss of consciousness, memory loss, jaw fracture, two black eyes, facial contusions, severe swelling and bruising, hemorrhaging in both eyes, lacerations to the nose, chin and mouth, neck and back pain, bruising and/or lacerations about the back, arms, hands, right knee, right leg, right hip, [and] right breast...."

Were we to take seriously a verdict by a federal jury, the injuries sustained by Marquez were immaculately inflicted. No other human being is responsible -- according to that jury -- for the wounds that disfigured the 44-year-old home health worker.
That's because she was injured at the hands of a police officer, who was never charged with criminal assault.

On Wednesday (May 26), a federal jury ruled that Yonkers Police Officer Wayne Simoes didn't

violate Marquez's civil rights when he lifted her from her feet and slammed her face-first into the floor of the La Fonda restaurant on March 3, 2007.



Simoes was one of several police officers dispatched to deal with a drunken melee at La Fonda. When they got there, Marquez -- who had obviously had a bit too much to drink -- was concerned about her niece, who had been injured in the brawl.

As medical workers attended the young woman, Marquez -- out of understandable concern, but with dubious judgment -- stooped down to get a better look. She was pushed away, stumbling into a couple of officers, including Simoes.

Marquez, who was unsteady on her feet and visibly uncooperative, should have been escorted out of the room. There was no reason to arrest her. A generation ago a conscientious police officer would have displayed sufficient patience and self-restraint to remove her from the room without strong-arm tactics.

Simoes, on the other hand, clearly subscribes to a doctrine of more recent vintage under which any lack of immediate, servile compliance by a civilian is to be treated as a criminal offense and grounds for arrest -- if not potentially lethal force, as in eletro-shock torture administered via Taser.

The videotape shows Simoes starting to jack Marquez's arm behind her back in order to handcuff her. Given the lack of legal justification for the arrest, this was an act of criminal battery.

He then compounds that offense by bear-hugging her from behind, shifting his footwork under perfect control, and then picking her up and face-slamming her to the floor.
This was a move Simoes had probably practiced on many occasions, and most likely was simply dying to use on someone. What better subject than a small, drunken, middle-aged female?

Notice the reaction -- or the lack thereof -- by the other police officers on the scene: A woman has just been violently face-planted into the floor, and she lies bleeding at their feet, yet
none of them moves to render aid, or to rebuke her assailant. Simoes followed up his attack on Marquez not by checking to see if she was all right, but by placing his knee in her back and handcuffing her.

Testifying at the trial, Officer John Liberatore stated that Simoes clearly used excessive force against Marquez. He also recalled asking his partner, Officer Todd Mendelson, "What the f*** just happened?" Mendleson's reaction was an indifferent shrug.

When the defense pointed out that Liberatore hadn't offered the same account to internal affairs investigators prior to the trial, he replied, quite plausibly, that he was reluctant to "point a finger at a fellow officer." It's hardly surprising that Liberatore's reluctance disintegrated when he was compelled to testify under oath and liable to perjury charges if he withheld the "whole truth."

Captain Edward Geiss, the on-scene commander, testified that although he didn't "think he intended to hurt her the way he did," his first reaction after seeing Marquez's bloodied face was to summon an Internal Affairs team to the scene.

Simoes' defense counsel, which mocked the prosecution's case as a matter of "just press play," enlisted the help of "expert witness" Grant Fredericks, a former FBI analyst, whose job was to provide a "narrative" for the video compatible with the defense's argument. In plainer terms, his job was to obfuscate what was clearly shown by laying down a dense fog of double-speak.

Fredericks insisted that the video's capture speed was inadequate to capture critical details; this was essentially an invitation to accept his word that he discerned evidence of "things unseen" that prove Simoes had slipped and dropped Marquez, rather than throwing her to the floor.

After planting that suggestion, Fredericks broke down the video clip into into more than one hundred still photos, insisting as he reviewed them that the demonstrated that the officer had lost control once he had taken Marquez off the floor. But neither he, nor any other defense witness, explained why Simoes had picked the woman up in the first place.

Leaving aside the fact that the video clearly shows that Simoes was sure-footed during the entire attack, once he had placed violent hands on Marquez and removed her from the floor, he became responsible for whatever happened to her as a result of his actions. That's how the matter would have been treated if it had involved someone who didn't wear a state-issued costume.

The prosecution countered Fredericks with its own FBI-trained "expert" video analyst, Alan Fuller. Furthermore, the trial judge, Kenneth Karas, instructed the jury to disregard Fredericks' assessment of Simoes' actions. This effectively left the defense without a case.

Nonetheless, the jury of twelve good men and true -- actually, eight men and four women -- acquitted Simoes on the basis that they couldn't determine his intent to injure Marquez on the basis of his documented actions. Again, it's impossible to believe that the jury would have been inclined to draw such sophistical pseudo-Kantian distinctions if the accused had been anyone other than one of the state's consecrated agents of holy violence.

"I have always had faith in the justice system," smarmed Yonkers mayor Phil Amicone following the trial. "In this case, a verdict was rendered by twelve people who found that there was no act of excessive force."

With that in mind, look at Irma Marquez's face once again. Apparently, the injuries she sustained were the product of proportionate force, used to deal with a distraught woman whose "offense" was to take excessive interest in the well-being of her niece.

This brings us to the crowning injury inflicted by Simoes on his victim: While Marquez was bleeding at his feet, Simoes was preparing to file criminal charges against her for "disorderly conduct" and second-degree "obstruction of governmental administration."

The former isn't a crime, in anything other than a positivist sense, unless it interferes with the rights or property of another individual; the latter is quite frequently a moral obligation. Beating a woman bloody is not "proportionate" force for dealing with those "offenses," either jointly or separately.

Even though Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore didn't see fit to file criminal charges against the bully who face-planted Marquez, she zealously prosecuted the victim on spurious criminal charges that were quickly disposed of by a jury in May 2008.

High-gloss hypocrite: Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore.

Before becoming D.A., Janet DiFiore "lectured extensively" on, inter alia, domestic violence. She also served as a family court judge and served on the County Commission on Domestic Violence.
In fact, her campaign literature boasted of the fact that as a family court judge DiFiore had presided over "hundreds" of domestic violence cases.

I sincerely doubt that any of those previous domestic violence cases involved prosecuting the victim for supposed offenses against the assailant.

She looks at you, she wants the truth; it's right out there in the waiting room;With those hands lookin' just as sweet as he can....

As is so often the case when men abuse women, Simoes reserved all of his sympathy for himself. During his trial he was frequently seen weeping -- not over what had happened to Marquez, mind you, but rather over his own predicament as a poor, misunderstood public servant.

Simoes wept again following his acquittal, his chronic lachrymosity yielding to bile as he assailed those unspecified people he held responsible for "all the garbage you guys put me through."

Take Simoes out of his official costume or his well-tailored suit, put him in a wife-beater, and move the scene of the crime from the backroom of a restaurant to the kitchen of a private home, and imagine how that self-pitying statement would be received. No, he wasn't drunk in the conventional sense when he assaulted Irma Marquez, but he was certainly intoxicated with a sense of his own power.

All of this happened in Westchester County, New York -- Hillary Rodham Clinton country, a haven of progressive enlightenment and exquisite sensitivity to "sexism."

It's entirely likely that there are men from that part of New York who have been convicted of, and imprisoned for, domestic abuse charges that don't involve anything nearly as serious as the injuries inflicted on Irma Marquez. There are certainly plenty of such cases elsewhere in this country. But they're different, you see, because the accused in each case wasn't an agent of the state's divine will.

Wayne Simoes, petty thug and unpunished abuser of women, prefers to be called by the supposedly exalted title "Officer." Assuming that there is anything innately honorable in that designation, the term can be appropriately (if somewhat awkwardly) worked into a paraphrase of an entirely appropriate lyric from one of my favorite workout songs:

[Officer]'s a name you haven't earned yet
You're just a child with a temper

Haven't you heard `Don't hit a lady'?

' your ass would be a pleasure.

(Warning: The following performance includes some unfortunate language.)



On sale now.

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant ... Brought a whole new meaning to that Nickelback song.


I have been researching the 9-11 claim that the WTC (Bldgs 1, 2, and 7) were brought down by explosives inside the buildings. After reviewing Dr. Steven Jones' research paper and other credible sites, I am convinced that the allegation is true.

I wanted to know whether you have looked into the matter and what your opinion was? Please let me know, esp. if I am wrong.

Benjamin Horton

zach said...

Yes, Anon, 9/11 was an "inside job". What exactly happened and who all was behind it remain a mystery , just like the Kennedy assassination. I know this much, the buildings were blown up and "al-quaeda" didn't do it.

I swear that if that were someone in my family who suffered that criminal assault by that piece of filth, the moronic jury would be the least of his problems.

Anonymous said...

'All of this happened in Westchester County, New York -- ... a haven of progressive enlightenment and exquisite sensitivity to "sexism." It's entirely likely that there are men from that part of New York who have been convicted of, and imprisoned for, domestic abuse charges that don't involve anything nearly as serious as the injuries inflicted on Irma Marquez.'

I can almost assure you that this is so. Last week's issue of a community paper in a town just a few miles from Yonkers covered a presentation by various members of this region's vast domestic violence infrastructure. The title of the article was -- I am not making this up -- 'Domestic abuse: it doesn't have to be physical.'

The gist of the article was that psychological abuse can now be the basis of domestic violence charges. For instance, asking jealous questions, or arguing over who gets the bathroom first, or objecting to a spouse's choice of friends. All this sounds perfectly insane. But in the Kafkaesque world of domestic violence prosecution, it's entirely possible to get prosecuted for giving your beloved a dirty look.

Moreover, domestic violence charges in this area often involve duplicate prosecutions -- one in the county domestic violence court, and a second, duplicative charge of assault in the local municipal court. The intent, of course, is simply to pile on charges and grind down the 'abuser,' who is assumed to be guilty and faces near 100-to-1 odds against shouldering the burden of proving himself innocent.

Of course, unlike the horrific and obvious injuries suffered by Marquez, so-called psychological abuse is invisible, and mostly involves the word of one party against the other. The DV system easily resolves this quandary with the hominem malum rule -- the man is always the abuser; the woman always the victim. Res judicata, as it were.

Equal protection of the law, you bleat? Prohibition of double jeopardy? As Hillary herself would tell you, certain social goals are of higher importance than blind adherence to a brittle old constitution. By letting the inert parchment breathe and adapt, it becomes a living, inclusive document. Of course, some are more included than others.

Why not perform an auto-orchidectomy in the DV holding tank, then throw yourself on the mercy of Madame Justice on the grounds that you're a eunuch? With luck, Hillary-care will pay for your rehabilitation and counseling.

Anonymous said...

Here we go yet again! Cop beats someone within an inch of their life and fellow cops cover his back as he weasels out. Is it possible that there is a more corrupt occupation out there? Must be the so-called "legal" system that supports them and the tax and spend pols who rob us all so they can wear their costumes. All told a triad of evil and corruption.

Anonymous said...

WTC 7 is quite literally the "smoking" gun to me. Ignore the super sensational twin towers, pentagon and the non-crash in Pennsylvania, and you're left with a marginally damaged 47 odd story building that in about eight hours has been so expertly rigged with explosives that it falls neatly into its own footprint. Something that can take weeks under normal circumstances with professional demo crews! Did anyone SEE the crews going in and plant these devices? Hmmmm? And did anyone ever interview or make some documentary timeline discussing as much with these people? Oddly not. Would the cops or firemen even have the presence of mind to worry about building 7 when they're weeping and digging through the rubble of the twin towers? Are firemen and cops now experts in placing dynamite? This is where the whole fabricated incident falls, no pun intended, flat on its face. I had a good friend nearly shout at me and accuse me of being a nut for even bringing this up. Is it that difficult to believe? Are people so soft in the head? I remember George Carlin saying that he practiced that unusual thing of "thinking" for himself! And he said that the first order of business is to not believe anything your government tells you. I knew that before he said it but it was quite funny no matter how callous it comes across.

Kent McManigal said...

I've said it before, and I stand by it. There is no such thing as a "good cop" anymore. If there were, these "good cops" would eliminate the "few bad apples" by any means necessary in order to try to regain their reputation. It ain't happening because "good cops" are as mythical as unicorns.

Anonymous said...

It's been said before: "Corpses with badges"

I Hate Bobby Flay said...

My hatred for cops has no bottom or top or sides. Wherever God has seen fit to fling eternity and infinity, there is my cop-hate, gone before. I don’t want to hear about the 1% who are “good,” I hate them all without exception. They are all Ted Bundy psychopaths for whom acts of aggression and violence are what passes for normal sex.

And the jury! God forbid. Who are these people? They couldn’t tell if the cop meant to hurt her by delivering a body-slam of such violence that, until now, I’ve only seen done in a professional wrestling ring, yet these same 12 people (and they are the same people, there’s a body snatcher, pod people thing going on) could tell that Corey Maye “knew or should have known” that the home invader he shot was a cop. “We don’t think he knew, but he should have known. Who else is gonna come crashing through your door at three in the morning with automatic weapons?”

Anonymous said...

About all that fucker Simoes deserves is a giant spit wad in the face. The title "Officer' - my ass.!

Allen Owen said...

Or a baseball bat to the face, applied repeatedly.

BC said...

Only a guy who weighs 280 and benches 400 can be secure enough to admit to listening to Nickelback. :-P

Anonymous said...

i'm beginning to think most jury members dropped out of 5th grade....and stopped.

i think i just disrespected 5th graders.


liberranter said...

Even though Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore didn't see fit to file criminal charges against the bully who face-planted Marquez, she zealously prosecuted the victim on spurious criminal charges that were quickly disposed of by a jury in May 2008.Could any other outcome have realistically been possible in this case? Remember: Megalomaniac tax parasites like DiFiore depend upon thugscum swine like Simoes and his fellow gangsters in blue to serve as their bodyguards. Without the protection of these knuckledraggers, creatures like DiFiore would long ago have been tarred, feathered, and lynched for their crimes against the citizenry. For this reason it goes without saying that those in DiFiore's position will NEVER hold those like Simoes to anything resembling accountability for their actions, an act on DiFiore's part that would be comparable to painting a target on herself.

William N. Grigg said...

Buddhadev -- You'd be amazed at the other crimes against good taste I get away with for exactly the reason you mention. :-)

AvgJoe said...

This story posted and a comment in one of the posts: No question about it the Trade Towers were pulled. My education is such I know about these things and of course the towers came down in free fall speeds as if they were in a vacuum but yet fell through the most resistance. This can not happen in our phycial world, totally impossible. The one thing that seems to not get through the heads of police is the people behind pulling these towers. Dropped them on 350 fire and police personal. Shows the real worth of their lives in the big picture to the money changers. You can't make this stuff up.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Mr. Grigg,
Isn't it frustrating when you talk about police brutality, prosecutorial careerism and judicial abuse, and everyone starts talking about 9-11?

People: Whether the WTC was brought down on 9-11 by explosives or airplanes or Tesla death rays or robot mosquitoes is NOT the question. It does not matter one fly-fart. The real question is how much did Bush, Cheney, Libby, Addington, Wolfowitz know about it beforehand and did nothing to stop it, thereby becoming accessories to 2,978 counts of premeditated murder of American civilians? (Answer: They knew ALL about it.)

THAT is the relevant question. So PLEASE give up this endless rant about HOW the WTC was brought down, which was started by Government-paid bloggers to divert your attention from the relevant questions, and ask instead: WHO KNEW?

NOW: How about that poor woman?

Lemuel Gulliver

Anonymous said...

Sorry LG... got carried away and didn't realize my mistake until after I'd pressed enter. Wish I could go back and delete a post once done but I don't see a way how. Too easy to do in the heat of the moment. And yes the womans suffering should be the focus of this thread. Heck! With so much being tossed our way it all becomes quite mind numbing if you don't watch out.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Hi MoT,

Not your fault - the 9-11 digression was started by the first poster, Ben Horton. No need to apologize.

Anyway, in this matter of the unfortunate Irma Marquez, as in so many others Mr. Grigg raises, the best assessment of police brutality, political lies, and corporate plunder I can find is that of the American patriot, Thomas Paine, writing on April 19, 1777:

"As politicians, we ought not so much to ground our hopes on the reasonableness of the thing we ask, as on the reasonableness of the person of whom we ask it. Who would expect discretion from a fool, candor from a tyrant, or justice from a villain?"

It is foolish of us to entertain the hope that dogs will cease barking, pigs will cease grunting, or police will cease being thuggish and moronic assholes. In the case of the first two, only one thing will bring about the desired result: a bullet in the head. In the case of the last, the law requires I do not publicly suggest a remedy, but you get my drift.

Lemuel Gulliver.

AvgJoe said...

LG, government abuse of the people is just that, government of its people. The hard core goon demeanor has been taking up a few notches by Homeland Security. (you have read the current report on who the terrorist are by DHS, correct?)
A fact the media never reveals is Melvin Bush the brother of W and their cousin were in charge of the WTC security until Sept. 10th, 2001. After that scam was pulled on the people the abuse of stealing our Constitutional rights is beyond pale. Say nothing of over one million people that have lost their lives from the two wars that started because of 9-11.
Sir, you do understand that the term "Homeland" is a nazi term and is not American, correct? In fact this game of destroying this country has been going on for sometime now. You do know that the 1968 gun laws that gave us the 4473 and grew ATF are taking word for word from Hitler's 1938 guns laws, correct?
You do understand that Hitler was a creation of the very same international bankers that control the shots being called in our world today, correct?
Government abuse is again just that and Mr. Grigg is a thinking man who writes to make people see the big picture to get folks thinking. His current story is about government abuse. To keep it limited to just cops beating up woman would be to not think of government abuse in the big picture and express our views on the topic in the big picture. Living in the box is what has got American in the mess its now dealing with. Free your mind from the box is more than funny being TV sets are also called the box.

Robert said...

Mr. Horton,
Your conclusions are rational. The fairy tale spewed forth by the media at the behest of or in collusion with the perpetrators is not.

Alice Lillie said...

(Yay Nickelback.)

This just proves *yet again* what I keep saying in my blog essays, and that is that government people act like they are *better.*

Well, they are not. In fact, I have wondered if they are entirely human.

They act like they have the right to micromanage the rest of us (while *we* pay *them,* and oftentimes *they* get paid more than we do), and if we dare to even be hesitant to obey, we are likely to wind up in the hospital or worse.

My essays are at

Lemuel Gulliver said...


Yes, yes, and yes. "You do understand that Hitler was a creation of the very same international bankers that control the shots being called in our world today, correct?"

Yes again. And the same New York bankers financed the Bolshevik Russian Revolution which fought Hitler, by funneling vast sums through Sweden, and financed Churchill's rise to power from being a bankrupt gambler to being Britain's wartime leader. Millions dead on all sides. Billions of dollars made.

I happen to know someone whose grandfather was one of Hitler's bankers and who met Hitler in 1938 in the Reichskanzlerei when he (my acquaintance) was 5-6 years old. He says Hitler had intense blue eyes and was very kind and nice. So I have shaken the hand of someone who shook Hitler's hand. There are probably not too many still alive now who did so.

Both World Wars and the Cold War and now the War on Terror were engineered for immense and obscene profit by the Power Elite - my friend also knew personally the ex-Nazi who started the Cold War by writing the "secret" report for Truman and the US Congress that the CIA asked him to write, Generalmajor Reinhard Gehlen, later Director of the West German BND.

Probably not one person in ten thousand knows as much about the workings of the Power Elite as I do, and even I (and my friend) have no idea who they are. My aching ass tells me, however, that We the People are being royally screwed day and night, 365 days a year. As also are the puppet goons who beat up women and kids. Pawns in the money game - all of us.

Three thousand dead in the WTC atrocity? I guarantee they did not lose a second of sleep over it. What was that, compared to 100+ million deaths in the staged wars of the 20th Century? That did not bother them either. The trillions of dollars they made from it was all that mattered.

This is the world we live in, and it likely will not change, unless the Maya Calendar is right and an asteroid hits the earth in 2012. Mr. Grigg is safe - he lives in the mountains of Idaho. I live, unfortunately, in Washington DC.

Meanwhile, knowing all this will not make poor Irma Marquez's broken jaw hurt any less. Or any of the thousands of daily victims of the State.

I like the story detail of Pig Simoes crying for his own suffering - absolutely classic reaction - bullies always feel sorry for themselves.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Alice Little said: "This just proves *yet again* what I keep saying in my blog essays, and that is that government people act like they are *better.*

Well, they are not. In fact, I have wondered if they are entirely human."

Alice, they are not:

After recently reading "Political Ponerology" by Andrew Lobaczewsky, I have come up with a theory of why the Constitution has failed us and where most of our modern human problems come from. After reading Lobaczewsky's book, I went out online and spent hundreds of hours reading up on psychopaths, their tendencies and behavior patterns and the effects they have on the rest of the population. Every human population includes around 5% male psychopaths and around 1% female psychopaths. Although they represent a very small portion of the living humans, they have a radically disproportionate effect on us all. Here is my theory why this is true:

Those humans living today are the descendants of members of hunter-gatherer groups who survived long enough to breed. Modern life has not been around long enough to make any serious changes in the tendencies that allowed our ancestors to survive. The groups who had the best chance of survival were those led by a certain kind of natural leader and composed of those who would blindly follow and obey these leaders. These natural leaders were mostly free from the scruples, morals and twinges of conscience that characterize most humans. They tended to be clever, selfish, vain, suspicious and paranoid. They considered their followers to be property, to be protected, promoted, enhanced and empowered, but only to the extent that they were unquestionably loyal to the leader. The modern word for these natural leaders is "psychopath." The United States Constitution has failed because it was an attempt to go against our nature, to prevent the natural activity of psychopaths and their followers to create tyranny and fascism. Even those who would not be defined as psychopaths can be converted into the pathology by holding power over others, as elucidated in the aphorism, "Power Corrupts." We have created political offices no living human can occupy without being turned into a psychopath. The Founders attempted to ameliorate this situation by limiting the power of government, but they have failed because generations of psychopaths and their "sheeple" have whittled away the limitations the Founders created, until now, when nobody in power respects the Constitution or the Oath of Office.

I do not yet have any suggestions for a solution to this problem, but I'm working on it. I think part of the solution is to inform as many people as possible that this is the problem we face. Bullies and psychopaths on the playground have always been a serious problem for children; bullies and psychopaths in government, and their loyal followers, produce war and totalitarianism and Hell on Earth. We must recognize them for who and what they are and find ways to prevent them from destroying our lives and liberty.

-Rocky Frisco

Anonymous said...

If all of the tinfoil hat wearing kiddies are out to recess, maybe we can stay on topic for a bit.

Rogue cops like Simoes are the worst kind of criminal. They use their positions of authority and their weapons to victimize the public at will and seldom are forced to take responsibility for their actions. The only reason epiosodes like this persist is because we, the citizens, allow them to. If any of the police officers who troll this blog wonder what I am talking about, try a stunt like this on a member of my family and I will gladly clarify it for you.


Anonymous said...


Another exquisite piece illuminating the corruption of the system and its thuggish behavior. It is clear that 'serve and protect' has morphed into 'comply or die'. There is only one solution to such circumstances and I don't think it needs to be stated as we already know what it is . . . one to the head, two to the groin.

As others have pointed out, don't fall into the chivalrous 'domestic violence' trap - that's as big a gov't scam as these officers continually being given a pass on their thuggish behavior.

Wouldn't have guessed you for a Nickleback fan though - some of my favorite driving music.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

AvgJoe said...

LG, thank you for your kind reply and we are on the same page. The only thing that may give us some breathing room is Ron Paul's bill in the process now.
We are seeing a lot of goon attacking citizens with way too much force and the system is behind them. Not in words but by the actions of doing little to nothing about such criminal abuse. Where will this end?
On 2012, more than one calendar stops on that date. My hunch is the hidden power behind all of the evil we are seeing in our world today are devil worshipers and believe that is the date their daddy is coming home. They are on a mission to bring mankind to its knees so their daddy can do a few tricks and the masses will fall to their knees and worship him. This fits in perfectly with the word, "anti-Christ" which in the Greek translation means, fake or impersonator.

frances snoot said...

Excellent writing and coverage of an essential topic! Loved the line "That's how it would have been treated if it had involved someone who didn't wear a state-issued uniform."

Wish the author would cover some state corruption in Florida!

Kain said...


I found your blog through a link to your 'Just A Child With A Temper' story via the front page of infowars.

I'm glad they gave this story the front-page headline that it deserves.

That poor woman!

We as a people need to take these perpetrators of these crimes to task. As the song says, 'Never Again!'

Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Or it would be, if there was any justice in the world.

Keep up the great work! :D

I Hate Bobby Flay said...

Lem, you can be such a girl, no one should feel he has to apologize to you for anything he has written.

Braveheart said...

I disagree with the immoral Cretans that continue to excrete the absurd statements that all policemen are evil. Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a retired Los Angeles Police Officer. When you make absurd statements like that you lose credibility and hurt the liberty cause. You are as stupid as the people who voted for the fascist Bush regimes. To be very clear, I did not say you are ignorant, you are just stupid. Please don't waste our time on this blog. Go back to your theories about how space aliens escaped from Youranus and blew up building number 7.
The growing American police state must have jack booted thugs like Simoes to bring the necessary terror needed to cause the masses to cringe into submission. Because of ACLU lawsuits and the intervention of the federal courts the once high morality and ethical standards for peace officers have intentionally been lowered in order to recruit a growing percentage of individuals willing to terrorize their fellow subjects. Don't blame all of the police for the evil of others.
You say there are only bad cops because the other bad cops put up with it. Horse puckey. Good cops hate the bad ones more than you ever will! The fact is the system is so corrupt by design that the good cops have little power to stop the bad ones. One of you shit heads claims the good cops should kill the bad ones. Why don't you do it you little cowardly ball of fecal matter? Most likely you like many other who write here have never done anything of any consequence to stop the emerging New World Order. How many of you have purchased and distributed cases of Will's powerful book exposing the dangers of the police state we now live in like I have? How many of you put your money where your big mouths are and support financially the organization that Will is affiliated with? Are you affiliated with any liberty groups that actually do something to defend it such as the Ron Paul groups?
Rather than making asinine statements why don't you pay attention to the serious folks like Dixie Dog and tell the truth and give some facts.
Because so many of you have done nothing other than bitch about the loss of liberty, we have lost it. Many of us have made great sacrifices of time, talent, money, reputation and even health to fight the NWO. I don't know if it is too late to regain our liberty or not. It may well be the judgment of the very God that some of you reject that ultimately is allowing this to happen. As a nation we having been murdering millions of innocents while lifting up as good every sort or perversion while shaking our fists at the creator who endowed us with liberty. It may well eventually come down to a decision of whether or not we should take arms against the armed and uniformed agents of tyranny or not. I pray that I have the fortitude and character to kill any armed agent sent to disarm me and then get to those who sent them in time to kill them before they kill me. Even if they are wearing LAPD uniforms. I suspect that a few of you will do the same. I believe that you loud mouths who protest your hatred for all cops will drop your pants, bend over and offer your dumb asses as you cringe in fear. Better buy some vaseline because you would never use a gun to defend yourself.

I Hate Bobby Flay said...

Braveheart: big fat yawn

Braveheart said...

Sorry Bobby Flay. I guess it was to deep for your simple mind.
I am not surprised that you could not come up with any positive actions on behalf of liberty that you are involved in. Go back to your bath house and practice the bend over drill.

Nellis Lake said...

This one was over the top. Please keep showing us the ugliness of the state. I am doubtful that it can resist the continued beating. With each act of inhumanity it demonstrates that it is a lifeless cold monster. May the internet dispatch it. How could a stateless world be any worse? I'll take my chances without the costumed characters.

Anonymous said...

Keeping pounding the powers that be with you down and dirty exposes. Eventually Truth will win over lies!

liberranter said...


Rather than proving yourself to be a not-quite-"ex" cop and instead of hurling invectives at those of us who would stand up to the criminal violence of your (apparently not quite "ex") brethren in blue, why not be constructive, as you seem to think it is our obligation to be? How about telling us what WE AS CITIZENS can do in the face of the abuse doled out be blue-clad gangsters like Wayne Simoes. Venting your spleen at those who take justifiable offense at what they correctly see as a blue army of occupation does nothing but re-enforce and further jusify the belief most of us hold that a "good cop" is as mythical a creature as the unicorn and the dragon.

So again, I ask you in all seriousness: What would YOU as a hypothetical "good cop" have the average citizen victim of blue crime do other than "stop resisting and comply?" In absence of a constructive answer, I can only assume that you're just a troll here. (It smells mighty fishy than someone who admits to the current system being "so corrupt by design that the good cops have little power to stop the bad ones" and who has washed his own hands of the system would take such apparent offense at a "citizen's" verbal demonizing of that system and those who perpetuate it.)

Anonymous said...

Though I agree with Braveheart's assertion that not all police officers are evil, the simple truth is that the system they work under is. Braveheart's rant is evidence of one who daesn't get his head out of the sand nearly often enough.
I know plenty of officers that I must count as some of the best people I have ever known. However, there are more than enough bad apples to mandate that none of them are worthy of trust. They are all agents of a system that knows only the drunkenness of power.
The good people within the system must assert control and clean it up. If they do not, the eventual truth is that all police officers will, by necessity, be dealt with as hostile enemies.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Dear "I Hate Bobby Flay,"

You have my sympathy - must be that time of the month again. If it's a heavy flow this month and the cramps are real bad, I suggest a Midol and bed rest in a dark room. And if you feel the urge to beat up on someone, I suggest you go pick on your husband. Maybe he'll turn you into another Irma Marquez.

That's assuming, of course, that you are indeed actually human. I heard a rumor that one dark night your Daddy was drunk and got your Momma's holes mixed up, and you are the unfortunate result.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Lemuel Gulliver said...

Peace, brother, peace. You'll give yourself an aneurysm and die before you have done your good works. How about we try to elevate the tone for Will's sake? There are too many attack blogs already. Agreed, we are all pawns in the money game of the super-rich and super-powerful. If we kept that in mind, we would stop fighting each other and unite to free ourselves from that tyranny.

Lemuel Gulliver.

Sans Authoritas said...

A lot of folks here are giving way too much credence to the idea that a few elite men are calling all the shots. You're talking about people who are just people with a lot of power. Many are probably alcoholics, many doubtless use cocaine, and probably quite a few of them are pedophiles. They're human beings with a lot of power. Don't ascribe the term "mastermind" to such people.

Quite simply, human sin is the cause of all the problems in the world. It's not a big conspiracy. Lots of little sins quickly turn into lots of big sins. Those big sins, when committed by powerful people, have big impacts.

I assume most of us know that it is ridiculous to believe that anyone in power right now has any idea how an economy works, given that they're all Keynesians. We know they can't "run" an economy, which is comprised of free-will interactions among all the individuals that comprise society.

How then, can you presume that there is some group of Illuminati that decide where and when to cause wars? The reason anyone gets away with causing evil on a massive scale is because Joe Sixpack is not virtuous, he is apathetic, and he is nationalistic. He feels a need to be part of something big (as though participating in a well-founded, good religion isn't big enough for them.) There may be some puppet masters, but that's only because a lot of people have wooden heads.

If we can get a fundamental idea into those wooden heads, namely, "voluntary: good, coercion: bad," then there is hope of precluding some of the destructiveness wrought by men in power. The spread of such an idea, in the best scenario, would even preclude such men from coming to power in the first place.

The bottom line is, without virtue on a massive scale, we're not going anywhere good.

Braveheart: No, not all cops are as evil as the ones that have been depicted. But they all have an artificially-granted near monopoly on violence, a near monopoly which some wrongly call "authority." This near monopoly on violence is not something that human nature can handle well: look at the Stanford Prison Experiment. A near monopoly on violence has a strong tendency to lead to abuse, and it gives people very good reason to oppose the existence of coercively-funded police. Especially when police work has departed from real police work: protecting actual individuals from real threats to their individual life, liberty and property. A real crime, in other words. I see no reason why anyone owes any respect or deference to a man who would participate in imprisoning someone for possessing a pound of marijuana, while it's perfectly legal for someone to possess a hundred gallons of intoxicating liquors. I don't approve of anyone getting either stoned or drunk on a recreational basis, but the logic still holds.

Likewise, I cannot respect anyone who would write a ticket for the mere act of not having a license. Or who would arrest someone for possessing a concealed firearm without a permit. Or who would violently take money from someone for having blue lights on the windshield wipers of his Bondo-buzzmobile Honda. (Yes, you are participating in an act of violence by writing that ticket.) So, no. I don't respect police. Any of them. When they do nothing but arrest people for actually violating the rights of other people, I may start to respect police. I may fully respect them when they don't get their pay from money taken at gunpoint or the threat of gunpoint.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

Ruling allowing Taser use to get DNA may be nation’s first

Anonymous said...

Irma's family should stalk the officer down and shoot him in the face.

Anonymous said...

Ah Mr Griggs, Well written article, now, if only you had any clue as to what you are talking about. To read a newspaper article and watch a sped up video tape and to add in your incredible ability to read everyone's minds, incluging Officer Simoes's. I am QUITE impressed. Now, try something new being you weren't at the trial, being I was... sit back, think that perhaps, just perhaps, Officer (he still is a police officer and a DAMN good one at that) Simoes hadn't meant for any of that to happen to Ms Marquez especially being many on his jury were female and YET he was found NOT GUILTY in less than 5 hrs! Not to mention Officer SImoes has been married to his wife for 21 years, does MANY MANY items of charity work with his three children, and is in church right in front of me EVERY week (so much for your domestic violence angle)! The biggest problem with this country is there are too many people that seem to think they know better than everyone else, meanwhile, they have done NOTHING with their lives.