Thursday, February 19, 2009

Turning "Mr. Hand" into "Mr. Fist"

The embodiment of bureaucracy: Arthur Dent, left, and his alien friend Ford Prefect, are menaced by a representative of the Vogons, a slimy, officious, dull-witted race of interstellar "public servants," in the film adaptation of Douglas Adams's masterpiece The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

The $787 billion federal spending spree we are all but required by law to call a "stimulus package" is many things, all of which are thoroughly contemptible and economically ruinous.

It is a veritable pinata of plunder made plump with plentiful perks and payouts to various Democratic Party-aligned parasites.

For the devout Keynesian, the measure is the fiscal equivalent of hard-core pornography; perhaps this is the only sense in which it should be called a "stimulus" bill. One imagines the typical Keynesian, his face flushed, his pupils dilated, sweat beading on his upper lip, hair sprouting on his palms, grunting: "Oh, that's it baby -- spend harder! Harder!" Of course, the truly hardcore Keynsians, like Paul Krugman, are cursed with sensibilities so coarsened by collectivism that only the economic equivalent of a snuff film will stimulate their prurient interests.

The act is also a useful instrument for exposing the purulent hypocrisy of most Republican congressmen and governors, none of whom (with one valiant exception) displayed so much as a particle of concern over federal profligacy during the reign of Bush the Lesser. Several of the Republican congressmen who opposed the spending bill are poised to take political credit once the hijacked wealth is sluiced into their districts.

Likewise, many Republican governors -- save a few who are wrestling with their conscience, and will probably win -- have outgrown whatever principles they may have had and are eager to be in receipt of whatever stolen wealth Washington deigns to send their way.

As with all government spending, the fraudulent "stimulus" measure will devour wealth rather than creating it by abetting the growth of government employment at the expense of private productivity. The only people who will actually benefit from the "stimulus" package are those belonging to what the Brits call the "Quango Class."

"Quango," a term I learned only recently, refers to QUAsi-Non-Governmental Organizations," or what are more commonly called "public/private partnerships." Minette Marrin of the London Sunday Times, who introduced me to the term, describes "Quangocrats" as "the vast and growing army of state sector workers -- public servants, civil servants, whatever you call them ... the actual providers and arrangers of public services. You can find them in any town hall or local authority...."

In socialist Britain, as in the corporate socialist (that is, fascist) USA, private sector businesses that actually produce desired goods and offer useful services are shedding jobs by the million; private citizens are cinching in their belts and -- as their retirement plans evaporate -- contemplating the prospect of ending their days by expiring with their noses still firmly attached to whatever grindstone is still operating in this economically blighted land.

Meanwhile, writes Marrin, the public is beginning to suspect that "very large numbers of state sector people are ... doing wasteful non-jobs, which we don't want to pay anyone for doing ... [And] the government keeps on creating these jobs despite constant, informed protest." Those who find themselves thus employed are often "deeply ... incompetent and yet very rarely face the consequences of their failure" and enjoy "secure pensions and security of employment" with the option of taking "very early retirement on full pensions" even as the rest of us will have to bear increasingly onerous taxes -- both directly and through inflation -- in order to provide the Quangocrats with the benefits to which they feel themselves entitled.

Is this the "kind of thing that drives a patient man or woman to fury?" Marrin continues. "I think so."

Although things are bad for our trans-Atlantic cousins, it's actually worse on this side of the Great Pond. Ours is the largest and most expensive government any population has ever inflicted on itself. And despite the pretense that it is some variety of federal republic --

I'll pause briefly for the hysterical sarcastic laughter to subside ... there, all done?

-- the Regime is as monolithic as the enigmatic extraterrestrial artifact from Kubrick's cinematic acid trip 2001: A Space Odyssey. This can be demonstrated in many ways, not least of which is the way purportedly local governments are eager to reconstitute themselves as "stimulus soviets" -- appendages of the central government in charge of receiving and disburse the plundered funds.

Just across the Snake River from where I live can be found Oregon's Malheur County. Pat Caldwell, the editor of the county's sole daily (actually six-times-a-week) newspaper, the Argus Observer, recently explained how "a select group of officials banded together and staged a number of meetings to work out a priority list regarding what project[s], if any, should gain federal taxpayer dollars."

Oh, sure, Caldwell continued, there are some who contend that the whole process is hopelessly corrupt and immoral. But "once one gets past philosophical issues tied to the stimulus ... the fact is that the money could be a god-send for a financially strapped county like Malheur." Unlike many others in the media, Caldwell had the minimal decency to mention that the taxpayers themselves had no effective voice in this process. But hey, he points out, the good news is that the "stimulus" bill "is a huge taxpayer-filled money trough, and just about everyone is going to get a chance to take a big swig."

Well -- no. Some will be permitted to swig at the local trough; the rest of us will be hewers of wood to build that trough, and carriers of the water to be swigged therefrom. And while we're hewing and carrying, whatever we've managed to save will be stealthily stolen from us -- via inflation-funded deficit spending -- to provide for the continued comfort of the privileged swigging class once the wells run dry.

We are constantly urged to admire the "sacrifice" of "public servants," and to revile the "greed" and "selfishness" of those who choose to make an honest living in the private sphere. Yet public "service" is frequently a much more lucrative racket than honest private work.

Witness the fact, reported in a Washington Post column by Chris Edwards in August 2006, that the average federal civilian employee is paid twice the amount that was earned by the average private sector worker -- a little more than $106,000 per year, as compared to an annual salary of $56,000. Note as well that while real estate prices are plummeting throughout most of the country, the suburbs and exurbs of the Imperial Capital continue to boom, thanks in no small measure to the metastatic growth of government and the lucrative compensation enjoyed by the federal nomenklatura.

No steak knives for
this guy -- he was a "closer": For Glen Goss -- seen here flashing the coprophagous grin of a guy who's found a really slick racket -- a referral to a "public service" position was better than a "Glengarry lead."
(Warning: The linked clip is replete with vulgar language.)

Indeed, government "service" offers a much faster route to wealth than entrepreneurial (that is, "risk-taking") capitalism. It also offers incomparable security, with respect to both employment and retirement.

Forbes magazine begins a study of the "Gilt-Edged Pensions" enjoyed by those in the "public" sector by highlighting the case of 46-year-old millionaire Glenn Goss, formerly of Delray Beach, Florida. He actually retired from his first job -- which paid an annual salary of $90,000 -- at age 42. He immediately began to draw a guaranteed $65,000 annual pension. He then took a second job, with comparable benefits, in nearby Highland Beach.

Goss's first job was working as a police commander. His second position is chief of police in Highland Beach. Notes Forbes: "He is already worth nearly $2 million, based on the present value of his vested retirement benefits. Looked at another way, he is a $2 million liability to Florida taxpayers."

Eugene Gordon, a former assistant city attorney in San Diego, recently retired. His highest base salary was $152,792 -- a bit steep for an assistant city attorney, one would think. His taxpayer-funded pension, however, will be at least $235,000 a year. Now, granted, any "public servant" is more valuable as an ex-employee, since he can't do as much damage to the public weal. But Gordon's retirement goldmine -- a product of an institutional double-dipping scheme called the Deferred Retirement Option Program -- is but one example (albeit an extreme one) of the extravagant pension plans enjoyed by government employees nation-wide.

It's not just police and city attorneys who are reveling in retirement dough. John A. Brennan, Jr., a former Massachusetts state legislator, retired a while ago from a volunteer position on the Malden Public Library Board of Trustees. He missed a full five-sixths of the board's meetings during the past four years.

Yet, owing to his superior knowledge of how to game the system, Brennan was able to use his board membership to enhance his pension package: Instead of $19,097 a year, he will now receive $41,088 a year. If he lives out the current 78-year life expectancy, Brennan will receive $740,000 in payouts.

Notes the Boston Globe: The cost of almost all of that pension, according to state law, must be split proportionately between the state and Malden, a city often strapped for cash, including a $1.5 million cut in state aid for the current year."

A depression, as Lew Rockwell likes to point out, is more properly called a "correction." It should lay bare clusters of investment errors, patterns of malinvestment, and pockets of entrenched corruption, which are to be cleaned up and corrected ruthlessly and efficiently. But there will be no depression where the tax-fed Quangocrats are concerned. One purpose of the "stimulus" bill is to keep their ugly truths buried beneath a thick blanket of redistributed wealth.

Those of us in the productive sector will scrimp and save and strain and starve -- and the Quangocrats will continue to thrive behind an ever-thickening wall of official protection.

As the Sunday Times's Marrin put it: This state of affairs will eventually stimulate the fury of a patient man. Or, as the late philosopher-sage Sam Kinison once put it, this is the kind of thing that turns Mr. Hand into Mr. Fist.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

I think what we're seeing, besides the late stage of empire before it collapses, is the culmination of decades of covert plundering, now forced into the open by the exigencies of the unexpectedly rapid economic collapse.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Anonymous said...

ACORN is getting its billions.
Every single leftist special interest is making a killing on this bill which NO ONE READ before voting for it.

Sam Kinison was vulgar but his humor was more reality based than 99% of the political commentators on NBC and PBS and the rest of the TelScreeners.

MiniTru is telling the sheeple what reality is and this won't stop until the show folds.

America is SUCKING big time.

Everywhere you turn, if it isn't RAHM about guns:
Rahm Israel Emanuel: Gun Owners are Terrorists

It is Obama giving Rahm control over the CENSUS.

Or Schumer SMILING SO BROADLY, which always is an indicator that America's patriots are in for big doodoo.

This is an interesting story, anybody remember FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION?!

OKLAHOMA CITY, February 19, 2009 ( - An Oklahoma City police officer last week pulled over a truck displaying a sign that read "Abort Obama, not the unborn," confiscated the sign, and reported the driver to Secret Service.

The police officer said he had interpreted driver Hal "Chip" Harrison's sign as a threat to President Obama's life.

"I pulled over, knowing I hadn't done anything wrong," Harrison said in a recent phone interview with the McClatchy-Tribune. The officer informed him that the sign was the reason he had stopped Harrison.

"It's not meant to be a threat, it's a statement about abortion," said Harrison, who is pro-life. "I asked the officer, 'Do you know what abort means?' He said, 'Yeah, it means to kill.' I said, 'No, it means to remove or terminate.'"

The policeman then confiscated the sign and informed Harrison he would be subject to an investigation as a possible threat to the president.

"I thought, 'this is something from Nazi Germany, not in Oklahoma,'" Harrison told the Associated Press (AP).

Some time later, Harrison says he received a call from the Secret Service saying they were at his house to "make sure I wasn't a part of any hate groups." Harrison came home and allowed the agents to walk through the house. The agents reportedly questioned Harrison for about half an hour before leaving, convinced that there was no threat.

Anonymous said...

I find your lack of faith disturbing...

Anonymous said...

"It is a veritable pinata of plunder made plump with plentiful perks and payouts to various Democratic Party-aligned parasites. "

You've been hanging our with Ilana Mercer too much.

William N. Grigg said...

Spocko (wanna play some Fizzbin?) -- Miss Mercer is a brilliant person and a lovely lady, but my time belongs entirely to my ravishing wife of 12 years, and the children we've had together!

I should point out that some time ago, before the, ahem, heroes running The New American and its sponsoring organization fed me and my family to the wolves, I corresponded with Miss Mercer in an effort to get her on board as a TNA contributor. She was one of a dozen or so reasonably well-known libertarian-leaning writers I sought out in a desperate attempt to deepen our talent pool and broaden our appeal.

To judge from what's going on over at TNA's website (my life subscription, like my life membership, were thoughtfully terminated when I was canned, so I haven't seen the print version in years), the folks in charge have, ah, spared every effort to expand their roster of contributors.

Anonymous said...

i had to stop reading and post this...

who came up with the stupid idea that taxpayers should pay for a person's retirement/pension?!!! this ain't right. i like how boston t. party put it (for those in the military) if you get hurt on the job, and leave permanently wounded, then you should get something for your trouble, but if not, you should get nothing. i agree with him. however, i think i'm alone in my field.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Grieg, I'm saddened to write to say I'm one of these leeches you wrote about. I'm a 24 year clerk with the Post Office.

I've written many times how I feel the Post Office should be a private entity, with no "help" from daddy government. I wish to let you know about one program that you may or may not know about, but I wish to tell you.

There's a provision in the law that allows people who are enrolled in the Federal Employee Retirement System,(FERS) who retire at their minimum retirement age(could be 55) with 30 years of service, to receive a supplemental payment which is equal to 70 to 80% of what they would receive at age 62 from Social Security.

Hope this makes sense to you. I mean it's nonsense, but thought I'd mention it for your knowledge.

Puck T. Smith said...

Will, every day you don't write one of your deliciously infuriating columns is a wasteland. Keep it up and don't ever change.

liberranter said...

Anon 10:24 -

Don't despair; you're part of an agency that at least tries, and sometimes actually succeeds in providing a real service that people want and use, albeit much less efficiently than any private sector competitor. At least you could find gainful employment in a competing entity (e.g., FEDEX, UPS) if you so desire or needed to.

Unfortunately for the "employees" of most other government bureaucracies, their "employers" cannot be reformed or rebuilt into anything remotely resembling a productive, profitable,or useful enterprise. Those individuals without the skills or gumption to transition successfully to jobs in the private sector that demand actual performance under standards of quality and efficiency are just going to be, well, "screwed."

Anonymous said...

All hail the new Soviet where everything is run (incompetently) by NGOs and an unelected class of professional bureaucrats. College educations won't be needed just learn how to game the system and get that snout in the trough before someone beats you to it!

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

As I wrote to Mr. McVeigh before his faked execution;

Depression is only Anger without Enthusiasm

Appears the issues McVeigh had the vision and foresight to see, because instead of spending his time watching teevee, and breeding a brood of brainwashed publicly educated moron imbecile slaves and cannon fodder, for the Phallic Masonic Breed, Slaves Breed Gov... he was educating himself about what was really happening... and he objected.

And when he objected with his fellow John Doe #3 Special Forces Sgt. conspirators; and sent the US Goverment a little 'message', well the debt slaves, demanded his public crucifixion, and boy did they enjoy their crucifixion pornography snuff film... [They are so 'awake' they don't even know McVeigh's execution was faked; how that happened, nor why!!]

So, when they had an opportunity to support a Patriot, who publicly took issue with the direction of the US Fascist Goverment; they instead crucified him.

And now, they are in the direct firing line, and all of a sudden waking up, to realities Mr. McVeigh was aware of over 13 years ago!


Anyone here bought their fertilizer yet; or rented their Rhyder Truck?

When people wake up as to the difference between real brutally honest leaders, with cannon balls; as opposed to the politically correct two faced hypocrits with marshamallows, who promise them all the tinsels of the nanny welfare warfare state; then they may have realized that the events of 19 April 1995, provided Americans with the greatest opportunity for the greatest constitutional conversation since 4 July 1776.

Needless to say, 99.9% of Americans were, and still are; well incubated in their little debt enslaved, breed enslaved, politically correct enslaved, energy cocoons, that their Masonic Phallic $lave and Cannon Fodder Breeding Big Brother Matrix Masters are milking to the hilt.


Anonymous said...

These pensions will NEVER be paid. Much like so many other things in the USA, the entire public pensions system is a fraud. Almost all of them have lost 20 to 40 percent in just the last 12 months - and predictably, the govts, large and small have reacted by coming up with new schemes to rip-off the productive citizens. Celente predicts the beginning of tax revolts in 2009 and I agree.

The time will be coming shortly when the unemployment & homelessness rates will be so high that the govt will be forced to chose between feeding hungry rioting former middle class citizens, or paying these pensions.

The most dangerous man in the world is the one with nothing left to lose - when enough people get to the end of their ropes, starting later this year, that's when we see the violence beginning to start, IMO.


William N. Grigg said...

Leaving aside the fact that the Murrah Building wasn't brought down by a fertilizer-filled Ryder Truck, I'm constrained to point out that what Mr. McVeigh (without the "Others Unknown" who aided him)was convicted of was not self-defense, revolution, or legitimate retaliation for government lawlessness: It was mass murder.

I'm confident to the point of certainty that nobody who understands and agrees with the principles espoused in my blog would be party to mass murder.

It's also necessary to point out that while I'm not terribly restrictive in moderating the comment list, I do require that contributors eschew blasphemy. You can write practically anything you wish in reply to or criticism of my opinions, personality, taste in popular music, or haircut, and I'm even willing to abide a certain level of vulgarity, but leave The Deity out of things. Call it an archaic superstition, if you please.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel that Homeland (IN)Security monitors sites such as these and sends agent provactuers to write stupid things. - That aside I can honestly say these examples of unabashed paristical plunder are nothing short of illustrations of an Empire in its death throes. Do you actually think the Chinese and Japanese (those who hold our debt) are going to give two &*%!# about what some stupid contract says about benefits owed etc.. to some former beureuacratic surface feeder. Ha Ha I don't think so. He/she will suddenly find themselves destitute like the average American they spent their career bleeding. The Bible confirms this : "The borrower is servant to the lender" In this case the borrower is the US govt that has for the last 30 years propped up a life style for its employees that cannot be sustained.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, simmah down, now. Simmah... down... now.

As Mr. Grigg said, if McVeigh did what they said he did, he was a mass-murderer, not a hero. Those mindless bureaucrats at that building were not responsible for Waco or Ruby Ridge. They're just swilling from their troughs filled with our tax dollars. They did not pose grave and direct threats, nor were they even involved with the planning. What McVeigh did was a terrorist act. Decent human beings don't do what he did. Animalistic statist thugs do.

You are indeed laying it on thick. Too thick, it appears.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

sans authoritas,

well, the assault on waco was planned from that building, but that does not make it right. but God did say we reap what we sow. at Waco, about 80 died. in OC, 168 died. either way, God does not like ugly, and Clinton still has blood on his hands. i hope he, and everyone else involved in that massacre, gets right with God before he dies. somehow i don't think he will, but i hope so.

what i fear most, is the precedent that waco set.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Mr. Grigg (2:11 PM)

Let me know when you grow a pair of character balls to replace your $&CFB marshmallows you simply use to perpetuate the Masonic Phallic Worship cult.


The STATE (with support from the slaves and cannon fodder against the MSM manufactured 'face of evil) REFUSED HIM EVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO STATE HIS CASE ON THAT DEFENCE --- CAUSE IT WOULD HAVE LOST; AND HE WOULD PROBABLY BE YOUR PRESIDENT TODAY; IF WHAT the American people had wanted was a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. But the American people did NOT WANT A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC; they prefer to remain slaves and cannon fodder to their OLIGARCHS DEMOCKERY.

I'm confident to the point of certainty that nobody who understands and agrees with the principles espoused in my blog would be party to mass murder.

No, if your blog is not about a constitutional republic, and the right to a free and fair trial, including for CONSTITUTIONAL TERRORISTS (WHICH JUST ABOUT EVERY SINGLE FOUNDING FATHER WAS); then indeed, this shall be my last posting to this blog of two faced coward hypocrits.

As for your Masonic Phallic worship $lave and Cannon Fodder Deity -- you are welcome to the fucking moron imbecile.

Take Care, I won't be back.


Sans Authoritas (7:33 PM)

Mr. McVeigh acted under DECLARATION OF WAR principles. If you have read a thing he wrote, or what he stood for - you would know that.

But no, instead you base your information on what his enemies said; not on what he personally said.

And sad thing: HIS ENEMIES (the one's you believe, instead of him personally) ARE THE ONE'S WHO ARE ONLY TOO HAPPY TO ENSLAVE YOU, AS THEIR SLAVE AND CANNON FODDER!


Anyway, apologies my thoughts were so subversive, that they actually required you to think, and to grow a bit of a character. I clearly was misinformed about the quality of individuals at this 'libertarian' (now that's fucking hilarious -- but at least I came to hear your opinions from your own mouths, didn't just take other people's opinions about you as truth) blog.

Take care, and I shall not be bothering your sensitive ignorant little minds again.


liberranter said...

Do you actually think the Chinese and Japanese (those who hold our debt) are going to give two &*%!# about what some stupid contract says about benefits owed etc.. to some former beureuacratic surface feeder. Ha Ha I don't think so. He/she will suddenly find themselves destitute like the average American they spent their career bleeding.

You're absolutely correct. The most worrisome thing about this is that these people have been conditioned to think of themselves as an ueberclass, entitled to the perquisites that they've accrued at our expense. One wonders to what extraordinarily predatory and violent lengths they will resort in order to ensure that they retain something of these even as the welfare state they've come to depend upon implodes.

Doc Ellis 124 said...


Just checkin' in...

mongol Doc Ellis 124

Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for years to anyone who'll listen, but nobody is. No different than lawyers, insurance agents, doctors, etc. All of them bleed the private sector dry. They produce nothing, yet continue to prosper. Pretty soon the only jobs will be government ones, and then the end comes.

Anonymous said...

Sans Authoritas,

I don't entirely disagree, but I do cringe at what appears to be the rejection by nearly all who profess belief in Liberty to making an actual stand against authoritarianism, ever. At this point in US history, I make the odds out to be about 80:20 that you will ultimately need to show the courage of your convictions with more than words, or give up on all of those convictions without a whimper...


Mimi said...

Where is the anti-war movermtn?

Anonymous said...


I also cringe at those who refuse to make a stand. But stands (other than petitions, arguments, etc.) may only morally be made against active, real and present threats to the life, limb and property of innocent people. That's just a fact.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

Lawl, Lara.

You're heart is mostly in the right place, but your mind is way off course.

Actually, I kind of agree with you, at least on this issue. The people who frequent these kinds of blogs are the ones who will acquiesce to any pressure put on them by oppressive government representatives. Many will not stand up when the time comes. I'm always a little surprised when I read so many comments, on blogs and news sites, that are nothing more than complaining. Complaining like a coward will get you no where. Planning, and action will get you somewhere. To paraphrase Boston, the reason they bitch and moan about every new little assault on their freedom is because secretly, deep down, they know they will give in - they know they'll redraw the line behind them, and continue to back up. Draw the line, and when it's crossed, put those plans (you know, the ones that you've had for a long time and have been updating constantly due to new information) into action.

But, No Fort Sumters. No Fort Sumters.




About McVeigh. I don't use the term 'terrorist', because I'm sure at LEAST one of us here will be given that label sometime in the near future. Neurolinguistic programming at it's best, or worst. (You know something about that, too, don't you, Lara? - Masonic Phallic Worship cult? No need to insult people's religions). McVeigh was not a patriot to be admired. He was a moron who was duped into the bomb plot and set up to take the fall, so as to implicate some Iraqis, militia guys, and white supremacists, or any combination that the rogue element would decide is the most beneficial for the state. He was an idiot. Even if he HAD done the whole truck-bomb thing, he still would have been responsible for killing many innocent children. Oops. Guess what that makes him. A monster.

Oh, and he's still alive, eh? Cui bono?

Anonymous said...

I admit I had to go to a dictionary site in order to understand your s***-eating grin joke. While I was there, I noticed that the word of the day just happened to be "peculate".

And it occurred to me: all that time I thought people where blaming speculators, but it turns out that they meant Congress. See, many years ago, as a reckless teenager, I enjoyed some impromptu shooting with a friend. Neither of us had hearing protection. Sometimes it's difficult to hear a soft consonant such as the letter 'S', so I'm in the habit of assuming it's there even when I can't hear it.

Anyway, our pro se bailout continues. Still trying to figure out how it is I will be financially better off if I lose money, though.

Anonymous said...

Mr Grigg I just wanted to bring this to your attention.
A 15 year old girl in Deputies custody at jail well you can read and watch the video. This is a sick country and I have always enjoyed your writings and your courage but I frankly fear that the GOOD GUYS are losing BIG TIME.
Only our guns stand between us and total Communism.