Saturday, October 11, 2008

...Its Hour Come Round At Last... (Important Update)


"When Black Friday comes

I'll stand down by the door

And catch the grey men when they

Dive from the fourteenth floor

When Black Friday comes

I'll collect everything I'm owed

And before my friends find out

I'll be on the road

When Black Friday falls you know it's got to be

Don't let it fall on me."

A little more than a week ago, emissaries from the Power Elite fanned out on Capitol Hill to bribe, brow-beat, and threaten congressmen into passing the Economic Dictatorship Enabling Act.

The Boot: Headquarters of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

We were told that the last argument they deployed to break down the resistance of recalcitrant representatives took the form of a terrorist's ultimatum: Either give us what we want, or economic misery and armed violence will ensue, in the form of a global market meltdown and troops on the streets of American cities.

I suspect that the truth is even more sinister than what we were told, that the actual threat took the form of the rapist's instructions to his victim: "It's going to happen
anyway, so you might as well stop resisting and get it over with."

The basis for that suspicion is found in the fact that passage of the "rescue" package that would supposedly obviate a market meltdown was followed immediately by
the most dramatic market plunge in history, eclipsing even the worst decline that took place during the Great Depression. So we managed to get both the creation of an economic dictatorship and a fully realized market collapse.

It is entirely likely that we will likewise see overt martial law measures put in place in the near future, as well.

If, as some very capable analysts anticipate, the short-term commercial credit system were to seize up, one immediate result would be shortages at grocery stores and gas stations. [See the Update below; this process is already underway.]

Our just-in-time commercial supply system runs on just-in-time financing, after all. And most American households, which are operated on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis, are woefully unprepared to deal with the shortages and dislocations that would result if store shelves were suddenly denuded, and gas station fuel tanks went dry.

If, as we have reason to fear, municipal and state governments start to default on their debts, then the teeming hordes of public employees may be left without their share of official plunder.
We're being advised that crime rates among the, ahem, common people tend to soar during times of severe economic hardship.

What would be the result were widespread unemployment suddenly to hit the huge and ever-growing population of tax-feeders -- who are often people with an exceptionally well-developed sense of entitlement, and accustomed to a living based on coercive extraction, rather than mutually beneficial free commerce? To what extent would their hardships translate into an upsurge in (private) crime? We don't know; we've never confronted this problem before.

With the cognoscenti of the G-7 and IMF now meeting in Washington,
there is open discussion of a possible global "market holiday" in order to retro-fit a new rule set into the global financial markets.

The rules for the "new Bretton Woods," according to
the G-7's latest communique -- a document that manages to wed brevity and opacity in such a way as to communicate nearly nothing of value, a remarkable bureaucratic accomplishment -- will be based on the recommendations of the Financial Stabilization Forum (FSF), an obscure group whose secretariat has its headquarters at the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

That boot-shaped edifice was seemingly designed to reflect Orwell's description of the totalitarian future -- a "boot stamping on a human face, forever."

The chief author of the guidelines for what Commissar for Plutocratic Redistribution Henry Paulson calls the "international regulatory response" to the global market convulsions is an all-but-unknown Italian banker by the name of Mario Draghi, Chairman of the FSF. The G-7, according to Paulson, is "committed to tackling the next steps laid out by Chairman Draghi to be done by the end of this year...."

Surely -- you're thinking -- this enigmatic Mr. Draghi is the epitome of independence and sober objectivity! Surely, he is untainted by conflicts of interest that might detract from his ability to devise a wise and equitable regulatory scheme!

Surely, you jest.

Mr. Draghi's brief but informative vita, circa 2004, proudly notes that he "joined Goldman Sachs as a partner in January 2002 and is Vice Chairman and Managing Director."

the same Goldman Sachs once headed by Chief Commissar Paulson, of course. It's the same outfit to which Paulson directed a huge portion of the $85 billion lent to AIG so that their top echelon management could continue their lives of exemplary asceticism and self-denial. It's the same talent pool from which Paulson selected the new Sub-commissar for financial stability, 35-year-old former Goldman Sachs executive Neel Kashkari. And it's the same entity in which Herr Paulson continues to have extensive investments, as well.

At the hub: Mario Draghi, Chairman of the Financial Stabilization Forum at the Bank of International Settlements.

But what's going on right now is not just a hugely amplified version of the same State-enabled crony capitalism that precipitated the present crisis.

Yes, the
Nomenklatura is taking care of its own, and using unimaginably huge amounts of plundered wealth to do so.

But the real story here is the creation, under the pressure of an unprecedented financial crisis, of a global apparatus of wealth redistribution larger and more powerful than anything ever conceived by Lenin's
diseased brain.

As Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London
Telegraph points out, Washington "has taken over the entire credit system ... surpassing Roosevelt's New Deal. The US has guaranteed the $3.5 trillion money market funds. It has nationalized the $5.3 trillion pillars of the mortgage market, Fannie and Freddie. The Fed is accepting any junk as collateral at its lending window. This week it went the whole hog after panic hit the $1.6 trillion market for commercial paper. It is now offering loans without any security at all."

"The US government has become a bank," concludes Evans-Pritchard. "Yes, this is US socialism. What is the alternative?"

The alternative, of course, would be for our economy to absorb the terrifying shocks made inevitable by decades of government-abetted fraud, and then proceed in exactly the opposite direction from the one we're headed.

(K)neel before Goldman Sachs, peasants! Newly appointed sub-commissar for "economic stability" Neel Kashkari (left),who should not to be confused with either the evil Raza from the Summer blockbuster Iron Man (below, left), or the endearingly self-enraptured Sam the Eagle from The Muppet Show.

This would mean radical reductions in government spending -- beginning with an immediate end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That one policy change alone could still conceivably save our economy.

Evans-Pritchard and other communicants in the Church of Keynes insist that the only way to deal with the global depression into which we are sinking is to emulate the behavior of FDR during the period to which history will someday refer as the "Lesser Depression." In fact, we could do worse than to adopt some elements of
the neglected 1932 Democratic Party Platform.

That document, in some ways, actually criticized the Hoover Administration
from the right. It called for "a federal budget annually balanced on the basis of accurate executive estimates within revenues" (although the engine of revenue was to remain the Marxist abomination called the progressive income tax).

The Democrats called for restoration of "a sound currency," preferably to be backed by silver; the "removal of of government from all fields of private enterprise except where necessary to develop public works and natural resources in the common interest," thereby at once invoking a sound principle and nullifying it through proposed action.

The platform also repudiated foreign aid in principle by opposing cancellation of foreign debts to Washington, and foreswore an interventionist foreign policy by pledging to pursue "peace with all the world" and "no interference in the internal affairs of other nations...."

Granted, the platform was burdened with a generous amount of left-populist nonsense, and was entirely disregarded by FDR once he had used it to climb to power. But it attests to the fact that in 1932, amid near-universal economic ruin and inescapable despair, there was still widespread understanding of the fact that recovery would require radical reduction in the size, expense, and intrusivess of government, and eschewing foreign adventurism.
FDR and his cabal, having marketed themselves to the electorate on those terms, proceeded in exactly the opposite direction, thereby exacerbating and prolonging the Depression.

The Standard Narrative of the Great Depression, as Dr. Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute
points out, is based on three phases: The Great Decline of 1929-1933; the "Great Duration" until the outbreak of World War II; and the "Great Escape" as productivity and prosperity supposedly returned by way of the definitive government enterprise, war.

As Higgs reminds us, it was the end of the New Deal and the abolition of the war economy that lifted our economy out of the depression.
"The year 1946, when civilian output increased by about 30 percent, was the most glorious single year in the entire history of the U.S. economy," Higgs writes. "By 1948, real output was back on its long-run growth trend, and during the decades that followed, the economy was spared the sort of deep and long debacle that a congeries of wrongheaded government policies had caused during the 1930s."

That blessed interval came to an end in August 1971, when Richard "We Are All Keynesians Now" Nixon de-coupled the dollar completely from the gold standard, in tacit acknowledgment that waging war in Asia while building a domestic welfare state had rendered Washington bankrupt. Thanks to the petro-dollar entente with Saudi Arabia, which preserved the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, we've been able to avoid the consequences of national bankruptcy.

Until now.

As the song says, when Black Friday comes, "you know it's got to be." There has to be a Day of Reckoning. It can be deferred, but not forever. Herr Paulson and his comrades have generously arranged for the rest of us to suffer the consequences of their corruption and cupidity. After all, they can't be distracted from the task of building a new global economic order based on the same practices and policies that have led our nation to ruin.

UPDATE -- It's Already Begun....

"The credit crisis is spilling over into the grain industry as international buyers find themselves unable to come up with payment, forcing sellers to shoulder often substantial losses," reported Canada's National Post last Wednesday (October 8).

"Before cargoes can be loaded at port, buyers typically must produce proof they are good for the money," continued the Post. "But more deals are falling through as sellers decide they don't trust the financial institution named in the buyer's letter of credit, analysts said."

Bill Gary, President of the Oklahoma City-based Commodity Information Systems, confirms that this developing crisis is a product of the accelerating disintegration of the banking system: "There's all kinds of stuff stacked up on docks right now that can't be shipped because people can't get letters of credit.... The problem is not demand, and it's not supply because we have plenty of supply. It's finding anyone who can come up with the credit to buy."

This is just one of several potential cataracts in the supply system, which depends in large measure on independent truckers who are likewise going to find it difficult to get short-term credit.

"We've got a nightmare in front of us and a lot of people are concerned it's going to get a lot worse," warns Vancouver-based grain industry analyst Anthony Temple.

"What some companies are saying is we can't pay you until our customer pays us, so it becomes a question of who bares [sic] the financial risk and the cost," adds Jason Myers, head of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters trade association. "We're hearing about it more and more."

The credit crunch may prove to be as devastating as a trade embargo, which wouldn't be a problem for the United States if we still had a self-sufficient market economy. It's worth noting at this point that the United States -- once the breadbasket of the known universe -- recently became a net importer of food.

On sale now!

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

There is a special place in hell for the these Central Bankers like Paulson. May God in his mercy preserve both bodies and souls through these dark, evil times.

Anonymous said...

Woot Steely Dan lyrics! Anything that offers a diversion from this madhouse. Japan went through all this back in early 90s and we learned nothing. The best course of action is let em fall where they may then start over. I just read an article out of Tampa Bay newspaper about a man living in a deed restricted communitiy going to jail for not sodding his lawn because he can't afford it. His bail is set at zero. Wonder what the murderer and rapist bail is? The point is when DC announces the communist dictatorship the rest of the madhouse will be right in step.

Anonymous said...

"You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning."

--Andrew Jackson, 1828 (to a group of investment bankers trying to persuade him to renew their charter)

Anonymous said...

First they came for my holiday home
and I didn’t speak up,
because I couldn’t afford a break anyway.

Then they came for my new car
and I didn’t speak up,
because I didn’t have the money to fill the tank.

Then they came for my fridge
and I didn’t speak up,
because I couldn’t find the cash to buy some sausage and mash.

Then they came for my pillow,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I couldn’t put my mind to rest.

Then they came for me,
but with no debts to pay back I was a penniless hack.
They moved on,
and left me alone.

Anonymous said...

Shiver My Timbers!

William N. Grigg said...

I suppose the foregoing comment is the price I have to pay for making the gratuitous Muppet reference in the most recent post....

Anonymous said...

Will, you can't take the name of the Muppets in vain and not expect repercussions. ; )

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

Source: Daily Newscaster

Wayne Madsen a Washington based investigative journalist, author, columnist and former U.S. Naval Officer reported on April 3rd, 2008 the existence of a document called the “C & R” document is being passed around among senior members of Congress and their staff.

Bush planning martial law

FEMA sources have told Madsen today that the Bush administration is putting final touches on a plan that would initiate martial law in the event of continuing economic collapse causing massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions and another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around the country.

Troops on American streets

In addition to FEMA sources, Army Corps of Engineer sources report that the assignment of the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade to NorthCom to augment FEMA and federal law enforcement for the purpose of traffic control, crowd control, curfews, enhanced border and port security, and neighborhood patrols in the event a national emergency being declared.

America may default on it’s loans

The “C & R” document reportedly states that if the United States defaults on loans and debt underwritten from China, Japan and Russia and America unilaterally cancels the debts, America can expect a war that will have disastrous results for the United States and the world.

“Conflict” is the “C word” in the document.

Washington fears a popular Revolution

The other possibility discussed in the document is that the federal government will be forced to drastically raise taxes in order to pay off debts to foreign countries to the point that the American people will react with a popular revolution against the government.

“Revolution” is the document’s “R” word.

Updated: @ 11:48 PM - EST

Wayne Madsen reported the existence of the “C & R” document on April 3rd, 2008. The new information is the contingency plan being finalized by the Bush administration to initiate Continuity of Government by suspending The Constitution and declaring martial law in the event of a “crisis.”

Assigning the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division to NorthCom is a step toward implementation of the “Conflict & Revolution” document.

Anonymous said...

Cool Dan lyrics!!!

But you don't understand...

... the American economy is too big to fail!

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a sad, albeit vindicating, time for those of us who were fortunate enough to have been exposed to Austrian Economics prior to the crash. I am sure we could all point out multiple examples of laughter and scorn coming when we explained the basic business cycle theory of booms and busts being created by the central banking scheme. The irony here is that with the recent steps taken by our government, China (!) could accurately be described as more capitalistic than the United States.

Yet again, Will, you are doing an invaluable service that we are extremely thankful for. I took your advice and went on a spending spree at Wal-Mart, loading up on bottled water and canned food to go along with my latest purchase from Bushmaster. I pray that they are not necessary, but I fear that one day, sooner or later, it will be. Let's hope that somehow the market can overcome yet another major obstacle to success yet...

P.S. I lost my log in info, but I last posted here as Dead Austrian Fan. We go way back when it comes to rumors on the internets...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the 'Financial Stability Forum'? Just a note to help confused googlers.

Anonymous said...


i'm sorry, but that 35 year old guy looks like andre agassi when he was bald.

on the muppet clip: that kid looked like eric johnson...i mean....he even had a mullet!!

other than that, time to go buy some more M1A magazines.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the scenario of grain piling up at the docks because foreign buyers can't arrange acceptable letters of credit ...

There could be two different reasons for this, one much more dire than the other.

A letter of credit, in which a bank irrevocably promises to pay a seller on a foreign buyer's behalf, requires that the buyer have cash on deposit or a line of credit with the issuing bank. At a time of economic stress, some foreign grain buyers may no longer be in good stead with their banks. In that case, other private buyers, or even foreign governments (which are active in the grain trade in state-socialist economies) would step in.

A much more serious issue would be that a foreign bank has issued a letter of credit on behalf of a buyer, but a US bank refuses to accept it because of doubts about the foreign bank's creditworthiness. In the past, I've heard of such cases involving L/Cs from say, North Korean or Iranian banks. But if L/Cs from banks in non-hostile countries are becoming non-negotiable in the US on credit fears, then the potential for trade disruption is much more serious.

We don't have the info to discern which is the case. But the take-away lesson is that a fall in global trade, as it did in the 1930s, will make us poorer, increase unemployment, but also increase the need for local production of necessities. The latter may offer opportunities for some; but overall misery is going to rise.

Thanks, George! Thanks, Dick! Thanks for blowing several trillions on the quixotic quest to "bring democracy to the Middle East" -- trillions that we could have spent for food, medicine, gas and clothing. If this debacle is what "democracy" has brought us, then it's probably not worth exporting, is it?

Rodney said...

Sunday Oct 12, 2008

Having listened to various political leaders concerning the bail-out of banks and other financial intuitions it is clear that few politicians are willing to speak the plain truth.

The reality is quite clear and the solution is plain to see. We just do not want to admit that it is necessary for many people to lose a substantial amount of money, for some it will be their life savings and their homes.

Friedrich August von Hayek CH (May 8, 1899 – March 23, 1992)

Friedrich Hayek

"The entrepreneurs who commit the worst errors by forming the least accurate expectations of future consumer demands incur financial losses. Financial losses remove these inept entrepreneurs from positions of authority in industry".

We need to let the institutions fail and start over. We should not pass the debits of inept entrepreneurs to the public. The few remaining banks and investment firms should be able to buy up the bad debit for pennies on the dollars and the mortgages be renegotiated which reflect the new value of the property.

It would be a good time to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and throttle back the fractional banking system. There is no reason for the government of the United States to pay a third party, interest on its own money supply. We did not have a private bank controlling our money supply until Woodrow Wilson singed it into law December 22, 1909.

There is a solution but the cure is quite painful many people will be bankrupt but there will be prosperity for others. Real estate will be more affordable, the decline of the dollar will make it cost effective for manufacturing companies to operate in the United States.

There is a bright side to all this, many wealthy entrepreneurs will become poor for a time but there will be opportunities for future earnings after the correction.

Mobile soup kitchens would be a good investment and relocating to a warmer climate with mild winters is also a good idea as living on the streets of Manhattan in the winter can be uncomfortable especially for inept entrepreneurs.


Anonymous said...

Dead Austrian Fan,

Though the Austrian school will be vindicated, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. This isn't going to be blamed on the Federal Reserve. There is a high likelihood that the collapse will be blamed on "greedy corporations," and the only solution offered for such a problem is to nationalize everything. And, of course, because the people will not live their lives in accordance with the real Savior, they will clamor for a political savior. As it says in 1 Kings 8 1-16, (Or the book of Samuel, depending on your bible) "But we will have a king, to rule over us, and lead us in battle."

The real Savior's tools are truth and love. The political savior's tools are lies and the initiation of violence.

Such is the course of history. As the Poet said, "There is no political solution."

Even Ron Paul, while he proclaims far more truth than the others, could never, through the power of the State, effect economic stability or justice. He is doing a great service by being a constant gadfly, causing people to think, and making them uncomfortable.

Peace comes through individuals voluntarily living out a proper understanding of what it is to be human. True peace is never achieved through the violence that is politics and the State.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

According to Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley chief economist David Greenlaw projects that Usgov's 2009 cash-basis fiscal deficit could be $2.0 trillion, with a 'T.' That would be 12.5% of GDP, or twice the 1983 record of 6.0% of GDP.

But the "deficit" is the difference between income and spending. In February, the OMB projected $2.7 trillion in 2009 receipts. I'm going to guess that the revenue picture has darkened, such that 2009 receipts may be only $2.5 trillion ... about the same as 2008.

So a $2.0 trillion deficit means that Usgov takes in $2.5 trillion, but spends $4.5 trillion -- 80% more than its income.

Wow ... does anyone think that interest rates might go up, if they hit the debt market that hard? They sure did in 1983, with T-notes topping out at 14% yield in 1984. That happened to be a period of dollar strength as well. But Paul Volcker was chairing the Fed, and he didn't monetize much of that prodigious output of government paper. The private sector and foreigners had to eat it.

This time round, Weimar Ben is at the helm. He's padded his balance sheet by $0.6 trillion since this summer. Only $2.0 trillion to go, Ben! As Burger King used to plaintively ask ... "Aren't you hungry?"

Anonymous said...

.... A muppet is not quite a mop and not quite a puppet. - Homer Simpson

Anonymous said...

I have no illusions that the proper blame will be placed, much like the Depression of the 30s and 40s -- which the Austrians also correctly predicted in advance and explained what was taking place when the followers of Keynes could simply not figure out what they were doing wrong to fix the problem.

One fundamental difference, however, is that with much easier access to information like the internet, far more Americans will be exposed to the truth this time around. It was relatively easy for the academics to blacklist and censor Hayek, Mises, and later Rothbard, but it is far more difficult to prevent that information from being spread today.

A great deal of dedicated young men and women were already aware of this situation thanks to Ron Paul -- with even more becoming aware as the word spreads -- and these are the type of people who actually could one day create fundamental change.

Of course peace cannot come from man, and man has paid the price since ignoring the advice of Samuel. True peace will never take place until Christ's return, so that is even more motivation to follow Grigg's advice and be prepared for the worst.

By the way, Grigg, did you or any of your readers check out the Jericho series? It looks even more appropriate now than ever!

- Dead Austrian Fan

Anonymous said...

Also, I do agree about true peace and that there is always going to be wickedness from the state -- I am someone who does not even vote unless a Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan come along -- but I certainly think man can make changes that are vastly superior to other possible situations, whether it be economic stability or justice. Having known people who suffered under communism in Eastern Europe, they would agree that even a system of ours today is far better than what they lived under for both economic stability and justice.

The Eastern Euros I know who are amazed at the mere concept of grocery stores and not having friends and family simply vanish after being taken by the state are examples that immediately come to my mind. As much as I detest the police state and socialist government we now have, it is still superior to a great deal of alternatives.

I don't think it is likely that one day we can overturn the problems government intervention has created, but I also think it is worth trying. The odds were also against the Founding Fathers -- who enjoyed far more freedom under British rule than we do today -- but they were able to triumph.

Otherwise, why should someone like Grigg and others make the effort that they do on a daily basis, if man cannot affect basic issues?

- Dead Austrian Fan

Anonymous said...

Dead Austrian Fan:

There's no doubt: men can affect basic issues. The crux is, however, what are the means of affecting (or effecting) issues? Are you convincing people, like Mr. Grigg, or are you ultimately forcing them at gunpoint to fund your policies?

There are two possible routes of political action: convincing or coercing. There is no such thing as a blend of the two. Where one ends, the other begins.

Let's take your supermarket example. Where did the supermarkets come from? The active benevolent providence of the government? No, they came from the absence of coercive government. They came from free and voluntary interaction among human beings. Supermarkets exist in this land despite the coercive government, not because of it. Supermarkets exist because people adhere to the ideas that peaceful interaction on a local level and respect for the property of others are the keys to prosperity.

As for people who disappear? Fewer people disappear in this land not because the government that exercises power (not authority) is superior to those in other countries, but because the government here is still smaller/less evil than the governments over there. The State deals in the unjust initiation of violence. You can't say that one instance unjust initiation of violence is more morally acceptable than another instance. The most you can say is that it is less evil.

Bad ideas lead to violence. In itself, the use of violence is not always morally bad, but bad ideas are always at the root of violence. For example, let us say I hold the insane idea that I have a right to force you to subsidize my politician's policies. That's a bad idea. It requires violence (or threat of violence) to effect those policies.

A better (good) idea is that everyone has the right to the fruits of their own labor. That you have no right to take any of my income to subsidize your wants or needs, and the fact that you don't have that right doesn't change simply because you get a mob of people together who agree with you. If you don't have the right to take another person's money as an individual, what magically gives a GROUP of people that right?

Government does what it does through the violence of taxation. I have a really big problem with that. Mr. Grigg and others, on the other hand, accomplish good through convincing people.

I think that wearing a seat belt is a good idea. I think that it is immoral to abuse any substance, whether they be drugs or alcohol. But I will not sic the demon of government upon another person to make them adhere to what I believe. I will use violence to defend myself against a real, grave, and active threat to my life and liberty, but I will not use it to make you conform your actions to my will. That is why I don't vote, and that is why I encourage others to not vote. Politics, in its true form, is a noble aspiration: it is the art of convincing others to cooperate. Voting and the State have little to do with politics. They are violent: they coerce others to cooperate with ideas. My act of self-defense does not coerce an aggressor into doing or believing anything. My act of self-defense merely stops his unjust aggression.

Taxation is violent. It is morally offensive. It is Macchiavellian. Insofar as voting and politics involve taxation, I will have nothing to do with them. I have no right to initiate violence.

But, God willing, I will attempt to convince others until the day I die.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

As for your 3:25 post, I am in agreement that Ron Paul has made millions of people aware of what is going on. That is a great thing. But he did not get his message out through the violence of tax-based government, but by speaking.

I agree that the internet has been a great boon in getting economic (and political) truths exposed to the general population. But it always comes down to ideas, the truth of those ideas, and whether people will believe those ideas.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

We aren't really in disagreement on anything you said in your last post. I am a Christian Anarcho-Capitalist, so you are basically preaching to the choir, to use a bad pun. In fact, I would prefer to have a monarchy to our present form because of time preference issues -- as Hoppe has argued -- if I was forced to choose one form of government over the other, but the only system I believe to be moral and just is an anarcho-capitalist system.

The only difference we had is your statement that Ron Paul, or someone like him, could not affect economic stability or justice as applied by the state. I disagree with that view, and believe that the effort of men like him are the reason we are not worse off -- and it could be much, much worse, and that men like him -- through the millions who now know the truth about the issues he has brought up -- offer hope, however small, for the future.

I would submit that the points you make about the supermarket being a function of the market, or our state being less evil than outright communism, is a direct result of the small but determined group of people in our nation who are resisting such changes and educating the public.

The elected powers are too afraid to implement radical change immediately for fear of being unpopular and temporarily losing their individual criminal powers, which demonstrates my point about men being able to affect the process. I agree that the state is inherently evil and corrupt, but there are clearly varying degrees of it and the efforts of Ron Paul, Grigg,, etc in educating the public can and do make a difference in delaying the process of losing our rights. This buys more time to allow for one day possibly educating enough determined and dedicated individuals to make fundamental changes.

As much as I laughed at such an idea as late as a year ago, seeing the millions of young people supporting Ron Paul and his policies of abolishing the Fed have given me a glimmer of hope. For someone with a degree in econ and who remembers how bored his fellow students were in the actual classes, I NEVER thought I would hear the day that young people would have an understanding of monetary economics and the Fed.

As another example, I remember not even a decade ago when there were very, very few people I spoke to who believed that the 2nd Amendment was implemented as a check on an out of control central government and that it was an absolute right, yet today that has completely changed. The Democrats, once openly calling for outright gun bans in the 80s and 90s, have been too afraid to touch the issue in the last two years that they have held the Senate and the Congress. I believe this is a direct result of the public being educated. I won't even get into the transformation of the viewpoints I have seen, especially among the youth, of esteemed individuals like Lincoln thanks to folks like DiLorenzo...

So yet again, we agree about the morality of the state forcing and people being convinced, but I suppose where we disagree is that I believe the efforts of educating and convincing the people can lead to practical and direct benefits, such as less behavior being forced upon us by the state. I suppose I am slightly more optimistic than you at the possibility of one day turning around this mess, too. Other than that, we don't really disagree on anything.

- Dead Austrian Fan

Anonymous said...

One last point that just escaped me on my previous post. I was actually pretty much a card carrying GOPer who supported aggressive war and the standard neo-con beliefs until being influenced by a few sources, and as large an influence as any was William Norman Grigg.

I was fortunate enough to also be greatly influenced at the same time by an Austrian Econ Prof -- who was also a Christian anarcho-capitalist -- but being exposed to Grigg's work at the same time guaranteed my being able to finally see the Matrix for the first time. Ironically, I was exposed to Grigg's work from our mutual appreciation of a certain sport that is now extremely popular and reading his posts on an internet forum devoted to it. It is hard to get much more obscure than that!

I am only bringing this up because I just realized that I am actually a product of the hypothetical people we are discussing, especially at a time when there was far less info as readily available as there is now. I guess I am also saying that if someone as stubborn as me can do a 180 on their views, there is hope for plenty of others! This is even more true now, with the spread of info on the internet and Ron Paul becoming a household name.

- Dead Austrian Fan

Anonymous said...

Dead Austrian Fan,

It sounds like we may have been classmates once upon a time. Your story is much like my own.

I was once a flag-waving nationalist, who firmly and wholly believed that "liberals" hated America and should just move out. I was the kind of neo-con who half-heartedly entertained the anti-Christ idea that perhaps it might be moral for the U.S. government to turn the entire Middle East into a glass parking lot.

But my neo-con days were numbered, by the grace of God. I was plagued with these annoying things called a thirst for truth and intellectual honesty. I finally got asked some blunt questions about what I believed by an anarcho-capitalist friend of mine. I couldn't answer him, but that never stopped me from ragging on him, because I didn't understand his strange, new, (to me) frightening ideas.

I was frightened when I came to the conclusions I did. It broke with everything I had ever known. But I knew that my premises were moral, intellectually sound, and my conclusions were further backed up by history. And since then, I have been at peace with my conclusions, and work toward better articulating my ideas and beliefs.

I do have a good degree of hope for the future. We all agree, of course, that there will never be anything near perfect peace or justice on this earth until Christ comes again. But I think that once we've reached something resembling rock bottom on a governmental scale, a better foundation can be built. Consider slavery: that abhorrent institution had been accepted for thousands of years, nearly universally. Finally, by the turn of the 20th Century, the practice was scorned by all civilized countries.

Christian anarchists were almost unheard of before the 1800's. St. Augustine may have been one of the first. Perhaps it was because they didn't speak up for fear of repercussions, or perhaps the internet makes it possible for such people to find each other. But here we are. And wise men join us. Take a look at Joseph Sobran's outstanding article, "The Reluctant Anarchist" on Lew's site. I'm sure his "conversion" story is like yours. It is quite like my own.

Yes, I do have hope, and like all Christians, it is a hope that is ultimately rooted beyond this world. We are, of course, in for rocky times in the next 20 years. But perhaps we can enjoy a time of relative peace, if men continue to seek, hear, and live the Truth.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

Why don't we all go out and SHOOT some plutocrats?

gamingthemarket said...

Our Engineered Market Meltdown: Part 1

All our hard work and belief in laws designed to protect us and our savings have been compromised, deregulated, and sold to the benefit of a few corporations. Think Enron for banks.

Read more at:

Anonymous said...

Dear Will,

You know I said this whole economic thing is an illusion, a scam? Let me explain.

Suppose you are a bank, the Willy Bank. You have the power to issue Willys, which are used as currency. These are squares of toilet paper on which you have printed the Willy Bank logo.

Someone comes to you and says, "I want to buy this house here - can you lend me 100,000 Willys? You say "Sure, at 10% interest of course, which you can work off by working 40 hours a week, every week of your life, and for which I will lend your boss the Willys so he can pay you, then you can pay me back the Willys I lent you for the house, plus interest."

Now comes hard times. Mr Homeowner loses his job and has no Willys to pay you back with, or he wants to sell his house but you do not feel like lending any Willys to anyone to buy it, so, lo and behold, since he can't return your stinky pieces of shit paper to you, the law allows you to seize ownership of that house and keep it as your own.

SAY WHAAAT??!!!!????

What moral code in God's good creation gives YOU the right to seize a tangible asset, the man's house, because he does not have any squares of your very own shit paper with your logo printed on it, to give you? You see? You see? You - Willy Bank - just "bought" a house - wood, bricks, floors and roof, in exchange for toilet paper you took off the roll and printed with your logo.

Nice work if you can get it. Just fork up the money to put Woodrow Wilson, or Ronald Reagan, or Phil Gramm in office, and you can print Willys until the supply of bog rolls and ink runs out.

And God save us all - THAT is exactly what the banking system is doing to the world in these evil days. In exchange for bits and bytes they created in their computers, and then called it "money," they are seizing possession of the tangible assets that hundreds of millions of people have sweated, toiled, and given large chunks of their life for.

The Roman Empire at least called the institution of slavery by its name. They, at least, for all their brutality, did not spray perfume on it and call it "banking."

How do we let this happen? How come nobody sees the enormous theft, on a gargantuan scale, which is being thrust upon the world? Why is the whole world going like sheep to the slaughterhouse, like the Jews to the gas chambers, like lemmings over a cliff? Why do we not exact a terrible vengeance on all bankers everywhere?

Such an immense and brazen theft is beyond comprehension. The only place I have ever seen or heard anything similar is when Satan tempted Jesus, and "...took Him up unto a high place and shewed Him all the kingdoms of the world, and all the wealth thereof, and saith unto Him, 'All of this will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.'"

Now we know who the god of the banking profession is. Why does not someone send them all to rest in their god's bosom for all eternity?

Yours sincerely,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

"Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Federal Reserve led an unprecedented push by central banks to flood financial markets with dollars."

Well, there you have it. When Wall Street plutocrats are in trouble, the Federal Reserve's mandate to maintain a stable currency is tossed out the window.

Stage I of the crisis -- the white-knuckled panic -- is approaching burnout.

Stage II is the Saturn V rocket of interest rates soaring into the wild blue yonder, as reckless borrowing, money-printing and crony plundering turn the currency into Third World confetti.

This country is being looted and pillaged before our very eyes -- then "they" are going to kick our children to the floor and shove the bill between their teeth. The US fedgov has declared war on the American people. Its contemptuous malfeasance has rendered it patently ILLEGITIMATE. No further respect or cooperation is owed.

Anonymous said...

Sans Authoritas wrote:
"Consider slavery: that abhorrent institution had been accepted for thousands of years, nearly universally. Finally, by the turn of the 20th Century, the practice was scorned by all civilized countries".

I have to disagree. Slavery has simply changed form as involuntary servitude is still alive and well in this country. In fact it now encompasses us all - it is called taxes. It is the act of forcing us to give a portion of our labor to the state and is the basis for Leviathon's domination over us.

Also, my past is much as you've described. Former neo-con who was awakened to the libertarian/anarchist view as the former was morally and intellectually bankrupt. I did so without the trappings of religion though . . .

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Anonymous said...

Sic Semper Tyrannis,

There is still a difference: slavery in the form of taxation has existed for thousands of years alongside the idea of overt, obvious physical "ownership." One type of slavery down, one to go.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:21,

Shooting plutocrats would not alleviate any problems. The only solution to the problem of government is each individual person in the land, one by one, withdrawing his support in thought, speech and action from the violent mental illness that is the state. The road to freedom we must take is the same one the Czechs took in 1989. Simply saying to the individuals in government, "We don't care what you say. You are merely a bothersome leech on our lives. Godot has arrived. Leave now."

-Sans Authoritas

A Radical Whig in Chattanooga said...

13 Oct


Is your "America's Engineered Decline" out of print? Any plans for an update?

Rich Beecher (they know who I am anyway)
A Radical Whig in Chattanooga

liberranter said...

I wonder: has anyone has taken even an informal pulse on how both active duty and reserve (i.e., national guard) members plan to react if they are ordered to implement martial law? Do these people not remember the oath of enlistment or commissioning that they took upon enlisting?

I, [NAME], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

If ever there was a domestic enemy of the Constitution, it is the current cabal of criminals ruling over us, destroying the only document that gives them any authority whatsoever over the People. I ask each and every member of the United States Armed Forces:

- Are you willing to turn yourself a criminal by obeying an order you know to be illegal and a violation of your oath of office?

- Are you willing to turn your weapons on the very citizens whose "freedom" you claim to be defending, which might very well even include your own family and friends?

- Do you realize that, no matter what you think you can get away with in this life on earth and no matter how in awe you stand of your military "superiors" and how willing you are to obey their every order, that the "Eichmann Defense" will help you not at all come Judgment Day?

Let us hope that as the ruling kleptoligarchy moves forward with its plan to destroy what little is left of the nation that more Ehren Watadas, Camilo Mejiases, Jimmy Masseys, and and Kevin Bendermans, among many others, rise up and take action to stop the madness and prevent the final destruction of the Republic.

Anonymous said...

to liberranter,

first of all i'll say that i'm in the military. I'll offer you what my sister offered me the other night...

:are you praying for your leaders as you should?

:are you praying for those you just ridiculed?

:are you doing 100% what the Lord would have you to do?

why is the church so powerless? is not the church in you and in me? if, or since, it is, why are we so powerless? prayer changes things but why do things keep getting worse? this tells me that we need to examine ourselves first before we go out and examine others. did Jesus not say that judgment will first start with the Christians? seems to me that we ain't all we're cracked up to be.

i presume that you are Christian. though you, and i, took no oath to follow Christ, are we not bound? indeed we are. have you sinned lately? yes you one can keep all of God's law, only Jesus did. will He not hold us accountable though we took no oath? yup.

if you are following the Lord as you should, and doing everything that you should, will He not care for you more than a sparrow? what's a soldier or a tank then?

i know it's disheartening to see everything going to crap, but if you are doing what the Lord would have you to do, then you are protected. quit worrying about the military. its members are born in the same sin and shaped in the same iniquity as you are....and you cannot change that. they are human and will sin--make the wrong decisions. don't we all? i ain't dead yet, so i ain't judgin'.

and remember, it ain't against flesh and blood that you're fighting against. you're aiming at the cape when you should be aiming at the matador.

i once saw a asian lady in the metro. she had her hands and feet, but only had one finger on each hand, and i think one toe on each foot. could you, or anyone who reads this blog, have spoken to her, and said, in Jesus' name rise and walk...and watch her birth defects be healed? if not, then we need to check ourselves, cuz that's what we're supposed to be doing.

the military? bah! that's the least of our problems.

the problem is spiritual, so aim your prayer at the spirit or spirits causing this mess, then that which is in earth will respond accordingly.


(man, i hope that was coherent)

Anonymous said...


I watched a video clip recently in which a soldier said the military oath no longer contains the pledge to defend the Constitution of the United States, merely to obey the orders of the President.

Can anyone confirm or repudiate this assertion? Here at the military's own website the oath is still cited as pledging to defend the Constitution:,13898,rec_step08_swearing_in,,00.html

Does anyone know if this has recently been changed? Anyone know a recent enlistee?

Yours sincerely,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Dear Will and all friends reading this:

The Lemuel Gulliver School of Continuing Education presents:

(Drum roll)......

If you want to know all about the Eichmann Defense, you need to watch - from beginning to end - all 10 minutes of this highly educational YouTube video:

This is a highly banal interview with the Saudi executioner who cuts off hands, feet, and heads for the regime in Saudi Arabia. He owns two immense razor-sharp swords, of which he is very proud. He feels not a shred of remorse or regret for the literally hundreds of heads he has chopped off. In fact, he is somewhat proud of his skill.

If your stomach can stand it, please watch this bland face of consummate and casual evil, and thereby gain an insight into a certain aspect of human nature.

You will then understand why and how the titans of Wall Street and the City of London, the US Congress and the Parliaments of Europe, the Knesset and the Israel Defense Forces, the people running the Justice (sic) Department and Guantanamo Bay, can do what it is they do.


Kind regards to all,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

I work in the forest products industry and a number of the loggers that I work with are either Vietnam and or Iraq veterans. When asked if they would ever support the government forcibly removing guns from the people - every one of them said at that point they would feel that it would be time to fight the powers that rule over us. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

The following song should be sung
with the thickest and most
annoying hick accent imaginable:

"I'm proud to be an American
where at least I know I'm free!"

Everytime I hear that song I
develop a tick that takes a week
to go away.

Anonymous said...


the enlisted oath contains a portion that says the soldiers will obey the orders of the president, etc.

the officer's oath does not have this verbage in it. otherwise, they are nearly identical.

i always found that "obey the president's orders" funny being that the officer oath does not contain that language. kinda spooky.

but then again, it may actually have some logic behind it since they are "non-commissioned".


Anonymous said...

"The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the situation, reported late Monday that the federal government plans to buy preferred equity stakes in nine top banks as part of its effort to battle the financial crisis." -- CNBC

I have unsecured credit lines from several of these banks. I am quite deliberately running them up to limit, prior to a premeditated default next year.

That's the easiest, best way I know to sodomize the US stinking fedgov without going to jail.

How do you spell relief?


liberranter said...

To Rick:

I'm not sure that I understand the point of your first response to my question. If I interpret it correctly, you seem to be taking the position that "since we're all sinners, you have no right to judge anyone else, no matter how obviously immoral their behavior."

I also detect a "don't worry about how many people the military kills or how many laws (God's or man's) that they break. God'll sort it all out in the end."

I do hope that I'm wrong in my interpretation of your reply. If I'm right, I can't begin to tell you on how many levels it is deeply flawed. If I've misinterpreted you're meaning (as quite likely I have), I stand corrected. A clarification from you would be appreciated.

As for the oath of enlistment/commissioning, having wasted nearly twenty years of my life on active duty, I'm intimately familiar with it, having taken it on several occasions. Regardless of the difference between the version of the oath for enlisted personnel and commissioned officers, the point is that the primary duty of ALL personnel in uniform is to defend the Constitution, from ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. Anyone who does anything contrary to that portion of the oath is violating his or her oath of enlistment or commission and is thus guilty of criminal misconduct.

BTW, how would you respond to the three questions I asked?

Anonymous said...

She packed up her bags and she took off down the road
Left me here stranded with the bills she owed
She gave me a false address
Took off with my american express
Sunspot baby
She sure had me way outguessed

She left me here stranded like a dog out in the yard
Charged up a fortune on my credit card
She used my address and my name
Man that was sure unkind
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But she packed up her bags
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Sunspot Bankers
Bob Seger

Anonymous said...

Sans Authoritas,

Indeed, I suspect we all have similar stories. It is good to speak to someone who comes from such a similar background!

There is not a great deal that we can control as individuals, but we might as well give it our best shot and do what we can do. Like I said, I have been shocked at not only the sheer number of people Ron Paul has convinced, but also how he continues to do so long after he stopped running for office. Did you see this video posted on lewrockwell?

Or this article in The Independent?

The young men and women in their 20s and 30s are the main group being influenced by Austrian philosophy -- myself included -- and they are the key demographic to turning this immoral system around!

- Dead Austrian fan

Anonymous said...

From Bloomberg, early Tuesday morning:


Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) -- The Bush administration will invest about $125 billion in nine of the biggest U.S. banks, including Citigroup Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the latest step in a global drive to shore up confidence in the financial system.

The other companies are Wells Fargo & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Merrill Lynch & Co., Morgan Stanley, State Street Corp. and Bank of New York Mellon Corp., said people briefed on the plan.


So the Goldman Sachs TreasSec and the Goldman Sachs SubSec of Financial Looting, Kash 'n Karry, are taking the peoples' money and handing it over to ... Goldman Sachs.

This is not merely flagrant looting. It's a declaration of war. Act accordingly -- your financial future has no value to this gang of predatory hoodlums. They'll feed every penny your children earn into their securitization meat grinder and dole out the residual tranches as food stamps and Medicaid, whilst they jet off to Antigua for the holidays with their fat rakeoffs.

Ask a Goldman Sachs i-bankster where he works. "I work for the People. Our headquarters is on Red Square."

To each according to his need, comrade. And those accumstomed to "unlimited liquidity" need a lot more than we do. Or so they would have us believe ...

Anonymous said...

These bankster crooks are gaining the whole world but losing their souls in the process. Live it up now boys your reward is in the afterlife.

William N. Grigg said...

Radical Whig, for reasons you can probably appreciate, I've not been in contact with Appleton for about two years. :-)

Last week one of Dr. Stan Montieth's associates told me that she had called Appleton to request another case or two of "America's Engineered Decline," only to be told that the inventory was gone and there were no plans to do another (third, I think) printing.

That's typical Appletonian "logic," incidentally: Find something that's relevant and selling well, and take it out of circulation as soon as possible.

If I can obtain the MS, I'll reissue and updated version of that book myself.

Anonymous said...

Mega Depression First, Then Mega Civil War in the Glorious Empire

I am Thomas W. Chittum, the author of the book, Civil War Two - The Coming Breakup of America.

My book asserted that because America is a multiethnic empire it will experience a violent shattering along tribal lines just as other such empires have throughout history. I further predicted that this implosion will occur relatively soon, probably no later than the year 2020, based on ongoing demographic trends. My book was published in 1993 and it ignited a mini firestorm of controversy. To date, it is still the ONLY non-fiction book on the topic of a civil war here in America.

Did anyone write a book predicting our first civil war? I did some research on that subject and I was unable to find a single book warning Americans that they were fast approaching an abyss. That’s not to say that people were unaware of the approaching war. In fact, many people were perfectly aware that a civil war was inevitable. My guess is that not a single person wrote a book on the coming war because they thought it would be a sort of picnic with a little gunfire mixed in, and in any case it would be over in a few months. As history records the war ground the entire southern half of America into a smoking wasteland and killed or crippled almost an entire generation of American men.

Today, people are even less aware of the seriousness of the approaching calamity than our ancestors were. If you mention the possibility of a Yugoslav-style ethnic war here in America in our lifetime most people will scoff at the idea. Five years ago most people would have likewise scoffed at the prospect of a second depression. Now, most people are waking up to the horrid fact that a second depression is upon us – that their retirement cookie jars have been systematically looted.

I’m sure that most visitors to the Rumor Mill News site are perfectly aware that a devastating depression is unfolding and that the economy is in a crash and burn mode with no plausible salvation in site. In this and following rants I will attempt to make the case that this economic meltdown will hasten our descent into an internal civil war that will depopulate the entire North American continent, wiping out 50% or more of the population.

No, I’m not kidding. I’m going to say that again – most of you people reading these words right now are going to starve to death in the tribal wars that will follow close on the heels of the economic meltdown.

Before I go on I’d like to revisit my book and go over what I got right and what I got wrong. I mentioned the New World Order in my book. At the time I wasn’t aware that the New World Order was an active conspiracy of bankers and aristocrats centered in London. I thought it was a sort of lose alliance of giddy globalists, trendy tree huggers and politically correct airheads. Then along came both the internet and the 911 terrorists attacks. I took me approximately three months to wise up to the fact that 911 was an inside job. I’d always followed military events closely and that’s how I woke up to the 911 scam. For years the American military had been encircling Afghanistan with military bases and pre-positioned stockpiles of military goodies. Then along came Osama bin Subcontractor like some boogie man in a bad movie. It all seemed like a low-budget Hollywood production. That’s because it was.

So … I got on the internet and started listening to commentators like Eustace Mullins, John Coleman, Henry Makow, Charles Savoie and anybody else who didn’t depend on the establishment for their supper.

Even before 911 I knew from personal experience that nothing in this rotting empire was as it was spray painted by the establishment media. After my book was published I got my 15 minutes of fame. I was on Television. I was a guest on numerous radio shows. I was a guest speaker at a lot of political meetings. I met a lot leaders of (mostly) right-wing type extremist groups. I remember telling one rightist-type leader that my presence as a speaker at their meeting did not mean that I was endorsing his organization or its stated goals. I told him I’d gladly speak to a “roomful of Rabbis” if they would invite me.

I made it plain to everybody that I was pretty much a one-trick pony. My self-assigned task was simply explaining to people why we were headed for a Yugoslav-style civil war and in our lifetime. I wanted to explain this to every living American, and I didn’t care two cents what their own political beliefs were. I made no apologizes then for speaking to right-wing extremists and I make no apologies now. After a while I began to realize that something really strange was going on inside the so-called extremist right-wing groups.

At every meeting there were always one or two dudes who just didn’t fit in. My favorite was a investment banker and Yale graduate. What, I wondered, was a blue-blood Yale investment banker doing mixing it up with all these guys who drove pickup trucks draped with confederate flags. Mind you, I wasn’t totally naive. I knew that the FBI and/or the CIA routinely sent guys to monitor these groups. Frankly, I didn’t give a damn. As far as I was concerned the more people that listened to me the more I liked it. Nazis, rabbis, government spooks, good-ole-boys in pickup trucks – I didn’t care – the more the merrier because my warning was for everybody.

Ultimately, it dawned on me that these obvious government spooks weren’t there to spy on these groups – these government spooks were there because THESE GOVERNMENT SPOOKS WERE ACTUALLY RUNNING THESE RIGHTIST GROUPS. Most of these right-wing groups were conceived, planned, created and then run by government spooks. It’s all part of what I call peasant management.

The powers that be know full well that their policies will always generate opposition both leftist and rightist … so … they create and subsidize false flag opposition movements that they can lead around in eternal circles thus creating no real problems for the establishment. And don’t forget that it’s the same exact scam with the phony baloney leftist groups. They are mostly establishment creations. In fact, it’s a double payoff for the establishment. They create false flag rightist groups to stampede leftists into the ranks of their false flag leftist groups, and they create the false flag leftist groups to stampede rightists into their false flag rightist groups.

Our Current Mess:

Here are my guesses about the future:

The New World Order is in a hell of a jam. Both Russia and China have now shaken off communism which was imposed on them by the London Banking Cartel. Both have turned to state-directed development and growth policies and are striving to feed their people and increase their standard of living. This is the exact opposite of the global depopulation and genocide via starvation and war that the New World Order is imposing on the rest of the globe via the Club of Rome and their other psychotic think tanks and NGOs. Russia and China and some neighboring states have formed a double whammy military and economic bloc called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The London Banking Cartel cannot let this situation continue or it’s just a matter of time until the Russian/China economic bloc takes their place. Furthermore, it has long been the military doctrine of the London Banking Cartel that the Eurasian landmass is the key to the military control of the globe. See Halford Mackinder. From the perspective of the London Banking Cartel it’s all or nothing and here and now. The clock is ticking against the London Banking Cartel and the only solution to fulfilling both their military and economic blueprints is pedal to the metal all-out war.

It isn’t like the good old days when a handful of Zionist assassins in communist clothing could overthrow a decadent Russian government, and the tiny British fleet and army can no longer kick a decadent Chinese oligarchy around and impose imported communism. Nothing but all-out war will suffice, and that means nuke warfare.

The only card the London Banking Cartel has to play is the American nuclear arsenal. They have to get America into a nuclear shootout with both Russia and China, and the sooner the better. Now I know what some of you are thinking: But golly, don’t these guys realize that a nuclear war will leave the planet a radioactive wasteland? Now hear this: The nutcase LBC boys perceive nuclear warfare as winnable and survivable. In any case that’s the ONLY card they have left to play. It didn’t get much play in the national media, but VP Cheney has been digging his personal nuke bunker in DC deeper and deeper like a beaver on go pills. He’s getting ready for it … and so should you.

The LBC has to sell global war to the American airheads, hence the 911 terrorist attacks. Dictatorships cannot stampede the people into giving up their property and their liberty without conjuring up both foreign AND DOMESTIC ENEMIES. That’s why a civil war is in the offing. A civil war in America is not only possible – IT IS ESSENTIAL. It’s all part of the plan. Flood the Southwest with millions of Mexicans and then trash the economy so the starving and ticked off Mexicans will burn an entire geographic region right down to the ground. This should be sufficient to stampede the rest of the peasants into accepting anything the LBC pukes up and presents as a solution to the resulting mess.

To understand their logic we’ll have to take a quickie refresher course in the history of Western war. Napoleon resurrected the concept of the citizen soldier that had been doormat since the Roman Republic. He was thus able to raise massive armies of peasants who perceived themselves as citizen soldiers. Deluded as they were they nevertheless simply swept aside smaller armies of professional soldiers. The ONLY military reply his opponents could make was to raise massive armies of their own so-called citizen soldiers.

Under the new military system large populations were an absolute military necessity. The increasing mechanization of warfare didn’t change the situation at all. Massive peasant armies were still required because hordes of deluded peasants were still needed to drive the trucks and armored vehicles that delivered themselves to the slaughterhouse. There existed a rough balance between the quantity of military supplies an industrial society could churn out and the quantity of “citizen soldiers” needed to transport and then use the supplies at the front. Massive quantities of peasants were necessary for both production and subsequent usage at the front.

The pendulum didn’t begin to swing back the other way until the arrival of nukes on the scene. Massive peasant armies were no longer a necessity due to the extreme energy density of nukes. The industrial infrastructure necessary to generate a really impressive nuke arsenal was far greater than the relatively small number of professional soldiers (read airforce) necessary to deliver them.

When peasants became useless for war the bulk of them became useless. Before nukes the rule was the more peasants the better. After nukes only a smaller number of peasants were needed to produce goodies for the idle aristocrats.

Today, massive peasant armies are obsolete and are maintained chiefly on a reduced scale for theatrical purposes. They are there for peasant perception control purposes exactly as are the false flag leftist and rightist mock opposition groups I mentioned earlier. Ordinary infantry such as our current army and marine divisions are obsolete. Ordinary infantry are useful only for fighting other likewise obsolete infantry, and for suppressing uprisings of lightly armed domestic peasants … and for pure theatre.

Now that you understand this point I can get back to America via a short detour through the Middle East. The primary objective of our current insane activities in Asia is the conquest of the Asian heartland. A secondary but also necessary objective is the total destruction of our current and obsolete military machine to transform it into one more useful to insure the destruction and dismantling of the American Republic. Russia and China have both slipped the grasp of the London Banking Cartel and they dare not risk America going the same route, hence their stealth plot to carve up America like pizza into manageable mini-states.

The destruction of the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan will pave the way for its replacement by privatized military contractors formerly known as warlords. Citizen soldiers might balk at massive ethnic cleansing operations in California for example, but warlords won’t. Picture armies of Blackwater mercs composed of mostly non-Americans recruited from all points of the globe. They will gladly slaughter everything in their path including any remaining American military units who might oppose them. The LBC must first ignite a civil war in America and then ultimately ensure the that the secessionist win after their hired warlords and mercenary hordes have stomped the new mini states into malleable mush which may or may not be glued together in some sort of North American Confederation with “Ameros” for money and some multi-colored rag for a flag.

I basically think it will work. I think the coming tribal/civil war in America will be roughly proportional to the severity of the economic collapse that sets it off. Meanwhile, while you are waiting for Osama bin Subcontractor to nuke us and waiting for your starving neighbors to batter your door down, keep an eye on California. It’s the canary in the coal mine. When it croaks the rest of America will follow sooner or later

Anonymous said...

When I see that John Cougar Mellenballs song in that Chevy commercial 'this is our country'I can't help but picture Israeli flags and Chinese flags and the Union Jack.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's John Cougar "Melon-head."
When I hear that song I think of
swarming bureaucrats hiding behind
every tree scolding me for touching
the scenery.

I think an apt song for this week would be:
"Freedom's just another word
for nothin' left to lose.
Nothin', and that's all that Bobby left me."
-Chris Christopherson

Anonymous said...

@Po Boy,

Thanks for publishing your book here
at Mr.Grigg's blog.
Now I don't have to purchase it.