Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Behold a Palin Horse

Where do God and Family fit if "Country" -- meaning the Government -- comes first?
Republican cultists perform on cue at the GOP convention.

"`We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty, sincerity, and dignity.' I know just the kind of people that writer had in mind....
I grew up with those people. They are the ones who do some of the hardest work in America ... who grow our food, run our factories, and fight our wars."

From Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech

Which is the more significant defining fact about Sarah Palin's priorities: The fact that she carried to term and gave birth to a lovely child with Down's Syndrome; or the fact that she apparently encouraged her oldest son to enlist in the military to fight, and perhaps die, in an immoral war?

Why was a mother so devoted to protecting the life of a child with a challenging disability so eager to see her firstborn become an instrument of needless death -- including, perhaps, his own?

Sarah Palin is in many way the embodiment of the Evangelical conservative element of the Republican Party, and this includes its defining contradictions regarding the sanctity of life and the destructive nature of government power. To put the matter in unadorned terms: Most self-defined conservative Christians are as apathetic about the slaughter of innocents in foreign wars as they are agitated about the annihilation of the pre-born through abortion, and they are expansively suspicious of government except when it is engaged in mass-murder abroad.

Anyone who has spent much time in the company of people with Down's Syndrome probably realizes that they are very easy to love, without understanding how difficult it can be to care for them. Even before abortion became this country's most common elective surgical procedure, it was relatively common for "Mongoloids" to be killed in the womb, as if they were human weeds to be pulled and discarded.

He's "perfect": Newborn Trig Palin. There is nothing more beautiful than a baby.

Although Mrs. Palin's supporters may have cynical reasons for saying so, the fact that she gratefully bore a child diagnosed with Down's Syndrome is a fact of unalloyed loveliness. This remains true despite the calculated way the McCain campaign turned little Trig Palin into a fetish.

But I have to wonder why someone so devoted to protecting the right to life would take such conspicuous pride in sending her oldest son off to help kill the children of other mothers in a war that has nothing to do with defending our homes and communities. And this is made even odder by her insistence on referring to the foreign conflicts arranged by our rulers as "our wars."

In her acceptance speech -- which was completed, in all but a few perfunctory personalized details, by Republican campaign consultants before McCain had chosen a nominee -- Palin assailed the Democratic Party presidential candidate for cavilling about the Long War (Against Terrorism, Iraq, and Other Countries To Be Named Later): "Victory in Iraq is finally in sight. He [the Democratic nominee] wants to forfeit....Terrorist states are seeking nuclear weapons without delay ... he wants to meet them without preconditions."

Of course, these digs infuriated those who end their prayers in the name of Barack Obama, and electrified those who see in Mr. Obama the figure Daniel referred to as the "King of Fierce Countenance." Whatever may or may not be Obama's eschatological role, in plain truth he is firmly in the Democratic Party's lamentable Wilsonian tradition.

Obama is reliably bellicose toward Iran; his critique of the Iraq war focuses on the Bush administration's ineptitude, rather than on the fundamental immorality of the enterprise itself; and his posture toward Russia is almost as needlessly provocative as that of John McCain.

For advice on international affairs Obama has surrounded himself with retread Clintonians such as the unspeakable Madeleine Albright, who defended an embargo that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, and then several years later helped arrange the 78-day terror bombing of Serbia by a U.S.-led coalition. And although Palin mocked Obama as unduly fastidious about the due process rights of accused terrorists, Obama himself has supported nearly the entire menu of dictatorial executive enhancements ordered by the Bush Regime.

Yes, the prospect of an Obama presidency is terrifying -- not necessarily because of the candidate himself, but because of the success the conservative movement has enjoyed in endowing the presidency with autocratic powers.

For entirely self-serving reasons, the Republican Party's base, which until recently treated Bush the Lesser with the same slack-jawed, glassy-eyed adoration rendered to Obama by his more devoted supporters, is just now awakening to the dangers of executive aggrandizement.

But such concerns will evaporate among the GOP faithful if McCain is victorious in November. Indeed, tumultuous applause greeted every derogatory allusion to the Bill of Rights offered by Palin and her warm-up act, the Polystyrene Panderer from Massachusetts. The salient fear displayed by the Republicans is that Obama will inherit a distended office and destroy what remains of our liberty before the Republicans have a chance to finish that job themselves.

Priorities: Is a home in the Naval Observatory worth missing a minute of this tiny boy's life?

Of Obama, Mrs. Palin said:

"Government is too big -- he wants to grow it. Congress spends too much -- he promises more. Taxes are too high -- he wants to raise them.... My sister Heather and her husband have just built a service station that's now opened for business - like millions of others who run small businesses. How are they going to be any better off if taxes go up? Or maybe you're trying to keep your job at a plant in Michigan or Ohio, or create jobs with clean coal from Pennsylvania or West Virginia, or keep a small farm in the family right here in Minnesota. How are you going to be better off if our opponent adds a massive tax burden to the American economy?"

If Palin had written those lines, it would be fair to ask her how her sister and brother-in-law, and the millions of other small businessmen she referred to, could survive the economic fallout from the anticipated, and entirely avoidable, war with Iran. It likewise would be useful to find out if she understands the economically ruinous consequences of the Iraq war, or has any inkling of the extent to which our economy has been militarized. And it would be immensely worthwhile to learn if she has any concern about the effect decades of war will have on the economy, liberties, and morals of our society, and its impact on the small-town "good people" invoked in her address.

But Palin wasn't the author of that address, which wasn't so much a speech as a collection of focus group-inspired Pavlovian cues.

Nope, it's not Sarah: When they make the movie-of-the-week, we can expect to see Tina Fey play the role of the first female Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

In fact, Sarah Palin(tm) -- the public figure, not the individual of the same name -- is a focus group-inspired creation, a cunning political hybrid intended to rivet the loyalty of the GOP's religious base while attracting a small but decisive population of disaffected Democrats.

Deploying that creation last Friday achieved the first objective: It captured the news cycle immediately following the grotesque apotheosis of Barack the Redeemer in Denver. And it gave James Dobson an excuse -- then again, practically any would do -- to capitulate and endorse the McCain ticket, thereby triggering similar endorsements from the Palace Prophets of the GOP-aligned Evangelical movement.

It's hardly a surprise that Dobson and his comrades endorsed Palin, given that she was their creation: The Council on National Policy, a secretive and sinister network of GOP kingmakers, essentially dictated to McCain the selection of Palin as a condition of earning Evangelical support.

That fact, coupled with McCain's precarious health, the GOP's insatiable militarism, and Palin's vaguely Armageddonite theological leanings, make me wonder if, under the right set of circumstances, she could morph into a distaff version of Greg Stillson from The Dead Zone.

Yes, such suspicions seem extravagant. But keep in mind that Mrs. Palin has urged fellow dispensational Christians to pray that the Iraq war will be a "task from God," and that she is willing to bear the sacrifice of her oldest son in that undertaking.* Although second on the ticket to arch-warmonger McCain, Palin is now the sentimental leader of a party that defines its priorites entirely in terms of winning one war of aggression, and carrying out several more. And the dim-witted incumbent of that party has very thoughtfully arranged the resumption of hostilities with Russia, the only nuclear-armed regime that presents a plausible threat to the security of the United States.

If she really were the cultural conservative she's advertised to be, Sarah Palin wouldn't have bought herself this package of trouble. She would have recognized that raising a family of five beautiful children -- soon to be expanded to include a grandchild -- is a worthier accomplishment than making "history" as a stalking horse for the Power Elite that is leading our country into permanent war and incurable ruin.

*Clarification, 9/5 --

The original version of this essay inaccurately characterized Mrs. Palin's comments as a statement that the war itself is a "task from God," which isn't a completely sound depiction. My thanks to Scott Watson and Nels Wilson for pointing this out, and keeping me honest by insisting on strict accuracy.

A reminder --

Tomorrow, for the fifth and final time this week, I'm filling in for Alan Stang on his Republic Broadcasting Network radio program. You're all invited to participate by calling 1-800-313-9443.

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Dum spiro, pugno!


Pariah said...

Well said sir. I couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

"The salient fear displayed by the Republicans is that Obama will inherit a distended office and destroy what remains of our liberty before the Republicans have a chance to finish that job themselves." -- Will G.

Beautifully stated! If it's going to take a meltdown to change the suicidal path this late-stage empire is on, the only pertinent question is which candidate can wreck America the quickest. And between Obama and McShame, that's a pretty close horse race.

In her mindless references to "victory" in doomed Asian wars, Sarah Palin exhibits the increasingly common phenomenon of pugnaciously aggressive warmongers with zero military background or knowledge. In this she resembles the incumbent, Airman Bush, a part-time flyboy who probably never read a single work of military history. His unlikely claim to have read "one book" at Yale should be treated indulgently; it may have been "My Pet Goat."

This swelled-head country, with its bloated belly, shrunken biceps, and little red-white-'n-blue flags stuck in each ear, increasingly resembles the Roman empire a few years before the Goths sacked it. Take it on down, Sarah! 'VICTORY' (with quotes around it) in Vietghanistan!

Anonymous said...

Who is Barack Obama's (PBUH) foreign policy advisor? Why it's none other than the Lord of the Flies himself, aka Zbigniew Brzezinski! John McInsane in his 2000 presidential run also had a particular someone for foreign policy advisor. And who, pray tell, was that? Hmmm?! Could it be......Satan!? Yes, that's right; it was Zbigniew Brzezinski....

Reminds me of that Simpsons cartoon episode where Homer proudly displays his radical bumper sticker professing his wise and informative opinion that he is not to blame for the nation's political and economic travails, for he had stoutly refused to lend his support for the alien Kong by voting for the other candidate, the alien Kang, the staunch opponent of Kong. Then we are entreated to the next scene where Kang can be seen as a loyal, diligent cabinet member of Kong's administration! In America, cartoons depict political reality far better than the corporate-government complex's MSM retail outlets!

This reminds me of the remarks made by the late macro-historian Carroll Quigley, an unabashed apologist for the Anglo-American coterie. Dr. Quigley expressed this political circus side show by stating, on page 1247 of his huge tome entitled 'Tragedy and Hope', that "The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. The policies that are vital and necessary for America are no longer subjects of significant disagreement, but are disputable only in details of procedure, priority, or method." Quigley continues,"But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the 'other' party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies."
-R. Wiesinger

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written and completely true.

Anonymous said...

Dear Will,

I did love that picture you opened with. In the Grand Ole Republic of Texas they have a description for folks like them, and for Sarah Palin, John McCain, and all them dudes:

"All hat and no cattle."

Blame it all on John Wayne and Hollywood. We sure do love our cowboys, and we love to see them thar dumb and rascally injuns droppin' like flies under a hail of righteous Christian lead, be they Muslim injuns, Buddhist injuns, Russian injuns, or any ole kinda heathen injuns there is out there.

This election truly is the moment which will define the destiny of America and the world. I watched her speech and her mannerisms from beginning to end, and all I can say, dear Will, is that is one hell of a dumb woman. He is losing brain cells by the millions daily, and she never had many to start with. There are photos circulating on the Web of her and her family - trailer trash every one, toting guns or whisky bottles in both hands, their boyfriends sticking their tongues in the daughters' ears - and what I must ask is this:

Q: How do you know you are a cousin of Sarah Palin?

A: Your house has wheels and your car doesn't.

I am afraid that in the same way the bloodthirsty and violent crowd on a day of destiny in Jerusalem howled "Crucify Him!" - not understanding the import of their vote - in the same way a vast crowd of bloodthirsty and violence-prone morons will elect John McCain and Sarah Palin this November.

If this happens, all I can say is, "Woe unto us, America, for the day comes when we will say to the mountains, fall on us and cover us, and they will not, and we will say to the seas, swallow us up for pity's sake, and they will not."

Those readers not aware of this should know, that the Jerusalem we see today is not the Jerusalem that Jesus saw. The ruins of that Jerusalem lie about 15 feet below the present "old" city, which was built in the 13th to 17th centuries.

One day in the distant future, perhaps, after McCain succumbs to Alzheimer's, and Sarah Palin becomes a gun-totin' cigar-chompin' whiskey-sluggin' Annie Oakley with her finger on the nuclear button, this America will be only an archaeological dig for visitors from Sirius, who will wonder who were the bipedal apes that built all this.

Kind thoughts,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...


I agree with much of the article. And I will not vote for McCain/Palin OR Obama/Biden. However, I noticed the following two statements from the article:

[...]the fact that she apparently encouraged her oldest son to enlist in the military to fight, and perhaps die, in an immoral war?"

I don't have much of a concern with that selection; however, "apparently" seems to qualify "fact"... Is that awkward (or is it just me)? And another question: what did she do/say to "encourage" her son to enlist in the military? Perhaps the speech she gave at the RNC could be used as one example (of many?).

"But I have to wonder why someone so devoted to protecting the right to life would take such conspicuous pride in sending her oldest son off to help kill the children of other mothers in a war that has nothing to do with defending our homes and communities."

This selection concerns me a little more... Did she 'send her oldest son off to help kill'? Or did he enlist (i.e. send himself off) willingly (I think he is 19 years of age)? I suppose 'sending her oldest son off' could relate to her influence on him (directly and indirectly); see: encouragement.

Anyways, thanks for your insights and work!

William N. Grigg said...

Anonymous, the awkwardness you perceptively note is a product of my desire not to claim some special insight into the workings of the Palin household.

Track's enlistment is the fact; it is apparent to me that Mrs. Palin approved of that decision, and it is highly unlikely to me that her son would have enlisted without her support. She obviously and volubly takes pride in her son's enlistment. I would not, were any of our children to do as Track did.

As recently as 2006, Mrs. Palin expressed at least a few misgivings about the Iraq war. Had she done so more forcefully, more consistently, would her oldest son have enlisted to fight in it? We'll never know, because she has plighted her troth to the War Party.

Anonymous said...

Will, thanks for the reply and explanation.

Anonymous said...

Only the repuglikkkans can save us from gay communist immigrants burning flags at free abortion clinics! But seriously why don't these John Wayne jackoff warjockeys at their secure undisclosed location get to the front lines. Ohh that's right the fighting is for the poor and those with a dark(er) skin tone. Well at least we could have some fine strategic and geopolitical manuevering like in Georgia (not by Florida for those uber patriotards with their made in china lapel pins.)

Anonymous said...

Anon at 15:49 is that you JH Kunstler hehe and Lemuel Gulliver made me laugh with Palin joke. Laughter is good.

Anonymous said...

'making "history" as a stalking
horse for the Power Elite'

How easily they subdue us...

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said. Sadly true.

Even my "projects" fell for it. Hopefully it will pass.

Anonymous said...

The base (that part unhappy with McCain, but okay with the war) came to the convention asking for a raise (something meaningful to them which would cost the neo-cons something). McCain said, "No, we're a little tight on money (the things you want aren't negotiable), so instead of a raise we'll give you a title -- keeper of the giant bowl of spit!"

And it worked. The base is running around ecstatic that it now gets a meaningless title.

Anonymous said...

In your essay, you raise the topic of the "sinister" Council on National Policy. I have read that Dr. Stan Monteith, whose show you are on frequently, is an alumnus of this organization. What, if anything, do you know of his involvement?

William N. Grigg said...

I actually haven't raised the issue with Dr. Stan, although I intend to. There are some pretty sound and solid folks who have been involved in the CNP (Paul Weyrich, for example, who is someone with whom I often disagree but whom I greatly respect).

The sinister aspect of the CNP, I believe, is revealed in its role in wedding Christian conservatives to the GOP, organizing "popular" support for consolidation of power in the executive branch, and promoting foreign war. Dr. Stan has never had anything to do with any of this, which is probably why he's no longer affiliated with the CNP.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Palin resembles
a glass half filled with Kool-Aid
and not lemonade

troll Doc Ellis 124

Allen said...

All I can say is 'Wow'. Will, you are the best....

Anonymous said...

Some months ago I asked a conservative friend (on his blog) to define his ideology. He responded with a laundry list of policies. I then asked him why his definition never once mentioned the words "individual", "constitution", "freedom", or "liberty". He declined to answer. That pretty much sums up the state of the conservative movement. It's authoritarian nationalism coated with a thin veneer of "morning in America" sentimentalism.

Anonymous said...

Check out this Radio show on Sarah Palin.

Real “Straight Talk” Here: As Governor, Sarah Palin Has Done Nothing To Stop/Limit Abortion; Pro-Life Issue Ignored In Her Acceptance Talk, Her Two State-Of-The-State Addresses

Anonymous said...

Dear Will,

I believe you think I am a fruit-and-nut-bar, for telling you two weeks ago that the Israelis were going to attack Tehran from Tbilisi, and much more besides, such as the interception by the Russians of three SUV's carrying "Arabs" who turned out to be Yemeni Jews working for Mossad. What the Russians have found in Georgia in the way of intelligence, codes, technical equipment, operational plans and so on was beyond price to them. But Lone Ranger Bush and his Tonto McCain are not content to slink off to skulk under the porch like the yellow curs that they are. They are determined to find someone's leg to bite.

(Bear with me, this is relevant to your blog.)

Well, Pat Buchanan (you probably know of him) says in part here:

the following:

"Arnaud de Borchgrave reports that Israel, having supplied Mikheil Saakashvili’s army with weapons and training prior to his invasion of South Ossetia, had hoped to use Georgian airfields to fly strikes against Iran. The Russians are said to be furious and considering new military aid to Syria.

"Now one reads of Dutch intelligence agents, who had infiltrated Iran’s nuclear program to sabotage it, being withdrawn, as the Dutch believe a U.S. strike on Iran may be imminent.

"Vice President Cheney is in Tbilisi promising $1 billion in new aid, as Prime Minister Putin of Russia is asking why, if this aid is humanitarian, it is being brought into the Black Sea in U.S. warships."

Dear Will, I can tell you this also: My source has told me that Mr. Putin has been biding his time these eight years, knowing that eventually George Bush will be gone from the halls of power in America, and expecting that sanity would return. He has been looking forward hopefully to dealing with Obama, who is intelligent and flexible.

However, if McCain and Sarah Palin are elected, his tolerance of American stupidity (He was astonished when Bush ran his boat, with Putin in it, onto a sandbar that stood at least 2 feet above the water - he regards Bush as a clownish buffoon,) will rapidly dwindle and vanish. Russia is tired of America attempting to steal Russia's resources, funding Russia's enemies, throwing its weight around, starting wars, assassinating heads of state, killing a United Nations Secretary General, attempting to kill the Pope, killing the sitting President of India, the President of Chile, and its own sitting President Kennedy, and a vast list of vile and bloody actions over decades, and with its vast money calling all the sheep-nations of Europe to heel.

He likes the American people, but if the American people are so incomprehensibly stupid as to elect McCain, after suffering eight years of Bush, he is going to write us off as beyond hope of dealing with in a civilized manner. The gloves will come off and the patience will end. What does this mean?

Russia does not have our sophisticated military complex, but that does not matter. Our Army has been utterly ruined by Bush in a needless war in Iraq. We can barely find another 5,000 troops to deploy. The Russian Army of 640,000 is fresh and ready to fight. Russia now has vastly more operational tanks, and better ones besides, than we do. We have literally square miles of ruined tanks and equipment sitting in Texas awaiting repair, which will take at least 12 years. We still have an intact Navy and Air Force. Alone in the world, America has 12 aircraft carrier groups.

But the Russians have developed shore-to-ship missiles, 27 feet long, capable of flying at Mach 5 - almost a mile per second, and which are programmable with the profile of a target, such as an aircraft carrier. This missile will ignore all the other ships and home in on the aircraft carrier, and also, for the last 50 miles it will zig-zag and take evasive action. There is nothing - at all - in the US arsenal to counter it. And it is deployed in numbers, with Russians manning them, in the mountains of Iran on the east shore of the Persian Gulf.

And Bush is preparing to send one-third of the United States Navy to deploy in the Persian Gulf. The Russians have indicated to my source they are flabbergasted that anyone could be so monumentally stupid. But if he cannot even pilot a small Chris Craft, how can Bush command the world's biggest Navy?

The Russians also have at least a dozen operational nuclear submarines, each of which can sit on the seabed off our continental shelf for months at a time, and in the event of war, they can deliver several hundred nuclear warheads on American cities within 5-10 minutes. No anti-missile-missile deployed in Poland or Czech Republic or Estonia will do the slightest good.

Because the United States has had great success attacking Grenada, Panama, and Iraq (at least the first time,) we have developed a vast hubris, and think we are so powerful nobody can resist us. Sorry to disillusion us all, but Russia is not Grenada.

You keep posting articles about belligerent and piggish police, federal agents, and other authority figures in this society. Well, they are a reflection of all of us. Rational discussion is foreign to the American character. All we know is to destroy anyone who does not see exactly eye to eye with us and submit docilely to our overbearing and arrogant bullying. We are all of us the world's State Trooper, Will. This country is more feared around the world for its warmongering potential than North Korea or Iran.

What I said above about Sarah Palin was only partly in jest. Yes, I cracked jokes about Miss Palin, but this is serious. It is life and death. Those fools among Democrats who are pissed that Hillary lost, and are preparing to stay home and not vote, or vote McCain because he has picked a vapid bimbo as his VP, are risking their own lives and those of their children. It is like you go to a restaurant and order sirloin, only to be told, "No sirloin. You have a choice: Hamburger or fried shit." So you say, "Well, I won't ever eat hamburger." Okay, then, jackass, you get the fried shit. Enjoy. I hope you gag on it, right before your ass goes up in nuclear flame. Or, if you are from Texas, "nucular".

I already read someone else - I do not recall where - wondering if Sarah Palin is the candidate in the movie "The Dead Zone." Here's the bad news, folks: Yes, she is. All that Momma and applie pie and bouncing babies masks a reality that is belligerent, stupid, provincial, utterly certain of its own righteousness, ignorant, alcoholic, bullying, and given to shooting first and asking questions later.

I sent photos of Sarah Palin's family, which they are putting up tonight. You should go look at them tomorrow, and put them up for your readers to see too. This is soon to be the First Family of America.

McCain is on his way out. If melanoma does not get him, Alzheimer's will. If he wins, Sarah Palin will be the President of the United States within two years, commanding the world's most expensive military machine and 10,000 nuclear warheads. She cannot even keep her own family out of trouble - what will she do with that kind of power?

On August 26, Nikolai Sokov, senior research associate at James Martin Center for Non-proliferation Studies at Monterey Institute of International Studies, writes in Asia Times Online: "It is time to seriously contemplate World War III. The most important elements are already in place."

No shit, children. This is our destiny staring us in the face this November 4, 2008. The last time America faced a decision this momentous was July 4, 1776.

Sweet dreams to us all,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prompt answer Mr. Grigg. I intend to raise the topic of the CNP with Dr. Stan on a future open line program. I'm certain there's a reasonable explanation.

Keep up the great work. Your essays are insightful and prolific, and your eloquence as a speaker is admirable.

Ronnie said...

This woman frightens me. Palin.

She is corrupt, an animal killer/butcher, all for WAR and the unjustified butchery and loss of more of our young men and women.

There is not a compassionate bone in her. McCain may be losing brain cells, but Palin's circuitry is haywire.

The vapid vamp, the pit bull with lipstick, the barracuda, is only out for self-interest. Her rise to power with NO experience, except back-stabbing, book burning. A backwoods "good ole boy" mentality and lifestyle, under the glam.

What does she want for America needs to be rephrased, "What does she want for ALASKA!"

Answer: ((((OIL)))).

Her history shows no regard for the environment (Alaska's federally protected lands) and wildlife (wolves, grizzly bears, polar bears, whales). And I might add...ALL ANIMALS! Hey, take a look at the walls, her wardrobe, her couch throw! Omg!

She kills and butchers. Is strongly affiliated with the International Safari Hunt Club that joined her in suing GW Bush to take polar bears off the endangered list.

All for OIL and her very disordered brain. And here I am not being sarcastic. It is obvious she has clinical personality disorder(s).

Please. After so many years of a corrupt government and the "killing fields," please, some sanity in the Oval Office. A young United States Senator with intelligence and integrity, Obama. A seasoned and respected United States Senator, Biden.

Remember Young President Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs? He carefully analyzed the action to take, or NOT, and this was done in conference with his highly-educated, experienced "brain think tank.

Remember 9/11? Bush sat in a elementary school classroom for at least half an hour after learning the FIRST plane had hit the Twin Towers. No mobilization of U.S. forces at what a reasoned man would think was a great possibility of the beginning of an all-out, full-attack on the United States.

His reaction..."delayed?" I think not. WAR on Irag, institued by lies. Lies!

But maybe we were fortunate here, for if it were President Palin, the red hot mama would have pushed that red hot button. Then what? We all fried and vaporized like Hiroshima.

And there is no doubt in my mind that if McCain is elected, Palin will one day be Commander-in-Chief.

McCain is 72 years-old. Has a history of deadly skin cancer: melanoma. Although the full truth is not coming out, it is reported he does have a "mildly" advanced tumor on his face. Melanoma is a cancer that easily spreads to the internal organs. And with advanced age, increasingly more difficult to treat and stop progression. And although I honor and admire his courage and dedication to his country, he is campaigning solely on his laurels as a POW.

So the 2008 Presidential ticket is: Barack Obama (D) and Sarah Palin (R).

In no way will I not vote this November. NOTHING will keep me from that ballot box. I vote reason, sanity and humanity. I vote Democrat.

The alternative is a a return to the Dark Ages. Away from progressive Enlightenment and Reason.


Anonymous said...

On Aug. 19th, Will Grigg wrote: "Stock values for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are collapsing as investors [anticipate] a federal bail-out."

I observed (3rd comment) that "If Fannie and Freddie get nationalized over the Labor Day weekend ... it will be monster bullish for stocks ... SHORT TERM."

Crap, off by a week on the timing! Isn't it interesting how these things work? Stocks suffer their worst week since 9/11/01. Pimco bond manager Bill Gross announces on Thursday that he's not buying any more impaired assets until USGOV antes up more hundreds of billions. Et voila -- "open sesame" -- three days later (the Treasury announcement is expected on Sunday) -- the great public taps open like a Roman fountain.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should have become a plutocrat when I grew up. But sitting in on CFR and Bilderburg meetings with all them pompous egos would be just too damned tedious. And so, like the rest of us, I'm reduced to crying "PIMP MY HOUSE, HANK!"

And yonder comes the federal cavalry, ridin' over the ridge with bulging saddlebags full of stolen loot. Government is not only our protector; now it's going to be our lender and landlord too. Gives you a warm feeling inside, don't it?

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Michael Scheuer: It takes a peculiar mindset to take comfort in knowing that your son is fighting so Mrs. Muhammed can vote, vamp and abort.
Charles Byrd

Anonymous said...

To: Lemuel Gullible

"I watched her speech and her mannerisms from beginning to end, and all I can say, dear Will, is that is one hell of a dumb woman. He is losing brain cells by the millions daily, and she never had many to start with. There are photos circulating on the Web of her and her family - trailer trash every one, toting guns or whisky bottles in both hands, their boyfriends sticking their tongues in the daughters' ears - and what I must ask is this:

Q: How do you know you are a cousin of Sarah Palin?

A: Your house has wheels and your car doesn't."


Bob said...

I consider "Progressives" as statists, totalitarians, and anti-freedomites, and I don't think you would be better of with either Senator McMussolini or his fellow socialist totalitarian, The Slumlord's Buddy.

Socialism of all types (national, international, democratic) have failed to prevent war.

It is only a free people, in a free, noninterventionist society, that are truly capable of living in peace and without fear from threats from without and within.

There is no way either of the old, decrepit, establishment parties' candidates will get my vote.

I have been leaning toward Chuck Baldwin. Unfortunately, he recently (in "News With Views") wrote a column which included praise for Teddy (The Roughrider) Roosevelt.

If someone like Ronnie thinks that Barrack Obama is a true anti-war candidate, then this recent poster has been eating the fried s***. His administration is going to be no less dominated by neocons than would a John McMussolini administration.

Not only must this country get out of all countries in which we have troops and/or basis, we must get out of both the UN and NATO and let these two demonic organizations die their well-deserved deaths.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 8:49 pm:

Yes, I AM a liberal, not just a card-carrying one, but a dyed-in-the-wool (do you know what the origin of that expression is? - probably not) proud liberal, who bemoans the liberal abandonment of that term, under assault from the neo-fascist Repugnican propaganda machine, for the silly term "Progressive."

And your making fun of the name Gulliver means less to me than your silly little opinions. If you don't like the name, go talk to Jonathan Swift about it. You will find him six feet under the sod of an English churchyard these few centuries past - a place where you ought to go hide yourself also.

Please, do yourself a favor. Please vote McCain/Palin this November. You will end up with your behind flash-cooked in a nuclear blast. That is, if your hero Dick Cheney does not beat Sarah Palin to it first.

I proudly carry both a US (and yes, I do love my adopted country, otherwise I would not care enough to respond to you) and a British passport, and can leave a McCain/Palin Fuehrerdom and escape the coming Apocalypse any time I wish. You have only one choice when the rockets start to fly: crawl back under your rock.

Yours sincerely,
Lemuel Gulliver

Anonymous said...

Dear Will,

You and others keep talking about the War Party. This is not a joke.

Yesterday, Dick Cheney at a secret meeting in Italy, (which happened to be bugged and taped, and which is now in the hands of Moscow,) announced to several NATO leaders that the US is going to teach the Russians a lesson. He called the Russians savages and other foul names. He is deploying Special Forces to the port of Poti, to confront the Russians and drive them by force out of Georgia. He is actually hoping to provoke a war, and "once and for all" destroy Russia militarily, so that there will be no more Georgias, confident that the US is far superior in weaponry and will easily win.

God help us.

He also indicated (which the Russians knew already, but now they have it from the horse's mouth) that some in the Administration were fully aware before it happened of the coming brutal Georgian attack on the dissident civilians in Ossetia, (which they claimed as their own citizens,) and which precipitated this whole mess. Never mind that the USA hanged Saddam for attacking his own dissident citizens - with nerve gas supplied by the USA.

The desk warriors in the Administration never in their wildest dreams believed the Russians would respond in Georgia. After 18 years of pushing Russia around, and Russia exhibiting endless patience, which the US took for timidity, they thought they could do it again.

The Russians are not a timid people. Please read the book "Stalingrad." It will give you a better appreciation of their character than the movie, which was dolled up with romantic interest for public consumption. Almost a million Russians, and half a million Germans, died in that battle, fought over approximately five square miles of territory.

Having been taken by complete surprise by the sudden awakening of the Russian Bear from its 18-year hibernation, Cheney is not content. He now wants to kick this angry bear in the balls to teach it a lesson.

God save us.

Cheney is a madman, and Bush is a peevish, small-minded and easily led little despot. Weak people like Bush always over-compensate by being belligerent and stubborn, while people confident of their strength, like Putin, are patient and calm.

Cheney is also an old man, with God knows how many heart operations behind him, and does not seem to care if he takes 100 million Americans to the grave with him. Of course, he and his family will always be safe in their "undisclosed location."

Having miscalculated once, over the expected Russian response to Georgia, he is now determined to miscalculate again, believing the US can fight a real shooting war with Russia and win. He is probably calculating the Russians will never use nuclear weapons. I too do not think they would, but I do think the US itself would use them, when it faces defeat at the hands of the Russians in a conventional war. And then the Four Horsemen and all the Biblical horrors of the end times will be loosed upon the world.

(You may be certain, one person to rejoice will be Sarah Palin, as she will take it as the imminence of the Second Coming. Sorry, Miss Palin, Jesus is not coming back here. The Second Coming will be when 1,000 million people die in the aftermath of a nuclear war and go see him in Heaven.)

First, Cheney thinks Europe will fight alongside the USA. Sorry. They will not. The destruction of the last war is still too fresh in their minds. They will stand aside, NATO be damned, and take no part. If attacked conventionally by Russia, they will immediately sue for a negotiated peace.

Second, he thinks this will be a conventional war. Such wishful miscalculations and blithe fantasies (such as the Americans being greeted with a rain of flowers in Iraq - a war that was supposed to be over in 6 weeks) are the stuff of nightmares for the rest of us. There is no way a shooting war between the USA and Russia would NOT escalate into a nuclear exchange.

The USA said as much to India and Pakistan, the last time they were preparing to fight a war several years ago: We told them each, "Back off. Your war will never remain conventional - you are facing the nuclear destruction of both your countries." And we were right.

Moreover, the Russian population is spread out over 6,000 miles of Asia. Besides Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are no cities to compare with New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, Mobile, Orlando, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Madison, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, you get my point, regarding the availability of targets on each side?

How anyone can contemplate with serenity a war between two nuclear giants such as the US and Russia is beyond my comprehension. This man Cheney is utterly mad, insane, out of touch with the world the rest of us live in.

God bless us all.

Yours sincerely,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Further to Will's Aug. 19th commentary on Fannie and Freddie cited above ... and my comment that "if Fannie and Freddie get nationalized ... it will be monster bullish for stocks ... SHORT TERM."

Shortly before 8 p.m. Sunday night, Dow futures are up 237 points. This gain may fade later, as overreactions often do.

However, the lesson is that massive injections of government capital in a managed, mixed-socialist "market" do have a significant effect. Long term, such manipulation is almost surely destructive. But short term, it may accomplish what it's designed to do: put lipstick on the pig, as candidates Tweedledum & Tweedledee earnestly seek your vote.


Bob said...

Frankly, it won't really make any difference who wins in November, be it Senator McMussolini or The Slumlord's Buddy. You will still have a foreign policy still controlled by the Israel Lobby and their neocon allies.

Anonymous said...

Having the Downs Syndrome baby showed me that she isn't in the enemy camp.

A true wolf in sheep's clothing would have aborted it on the sly.

This is not to dismiss, for a second, all of the telling points WNG has made in this article.

As a Christian I cringe at the Zionist programming of our evangelical friends. Sarah has an Israeli flag on office wall in Alaska, small but still there. So when Sarah on last Tuesday had to kneel in her hotel room before Joe LIEberman and the AIPAC agents for Israel well I was as disappointed as could be but I know it is POLITICAL REALITY.

McCain, well he is neither a conservative nor a libertarian, and his father's role in the USS LIBERTY cover-up shows me that politics runs the military,

Yet, there is something about Palin I like, yes she sent her son off to the meatgrinder for the neocons, but she BELEIVES it, she really seems to buy the PROPAGANDA.

Now if she had been reading Pro Libertate all this time then I would bet she would have some different positions, then again she wouldn't have gotten within a million miles of St Paul.

WNG tells the truth, REPEATEDLY, so there is no way the GOP would let him NEAR a microphone, hell I doubt Ron Paul would let him near a microphone.

The old proverb:
He who tells the truth ought to have one foot in the stirrup.

As Zorro used to say:

Anonymous said...

Dear Will,

At this URL:

We read:

"The US is negotiating with Georgia and Turkey to establish a naval base at one of the two key Georgian ports of Batumi or Poti, reports say. Turkey, in an attempt to avoid political tension with Russia, has not officially revealed its position regarding the plan, said Gruzya Online, a Russian-language internet site. Russia had previously announced its intention to station its own special forces at the Georgian ports. One of the responsibilities of US Special Forces in the region is to ensure the security of an oil pipeline passing through Georgia."

At this URL:

We read:

"In contrast to Russia's conciliatory tone with the EU over Georgia, tensions with the United States flared on Monday* when Russia said it was sending warships for exercises in the Caribbean Sea, its biggest deployment there since the Cold War. Russia's Foreign Ministry said it was sending its nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great, as well as other warships and an anti-submarine aircraft, for joint exercises in November with U.S. foe Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. A ministry spokesman said the exercises had nothing to do with tensions over Georgia, but they follow Russian complaints about U.S. warships deployed in the Black Sea, an area where Moscow has been the dominant naval power."

(*This of course follows Cheney's remarks about Russia to NATO leaders at the Villa D'Este on Lake Como on Saturday. Amazing how fast things can move when the leaders of great powers are sufficiently peeved.)

At this URL:

We read:

"In order to counterbalance the perceived NATO build-up, Russians have reportedly massed three destroyers, two frigates, five corvettes and scores of missile boats at the Sevastopol naval base it leased from Ukraine. Former Russian commander Admiral Eduard Baltin also said that NATO's 10-piece naval squad is no match for Russia's Black Sea Fleet and would fall to pieces should the fleet launch a single missile salvo. "A single missile salvo from the Moskva missile cruiser and two or three missile boats would be enough to annihilate the entire group", he declared.

Five minutes to midnight.

"As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep..."

Kind regards,
Lemuel Gulliver.

Anonymous said...

Lemuel, you're too ready to lay down and die. There are still souls, if not lives that can be saved.

-Sans Authoritas

Anonymous said...


I have read and agreed with many of your posts but your post of 9:48 only confirms to me that you are completely off your meds. And I even agree with some of THAT post...damn, what does that say about ME?

si vis pacem parabellum

Anonymous said...


Your post is so devoid of thought or substance as to make me demand the portion of my life back I wasted reading it. You are a left wing wacko. A posterchild for pro-choice. The true embodiment of all the worst cognitive qualities in Man that caused the downfall of every bastion of civilization in history. I can only hope that you do not plan to procreate.

si vis pacem, parab bellum

D.L. said...

Will, great piece (among umpteen great pieces), but I would like it greatly if you investigated Palin's "Dominionist" positions as per what she took from her pro-Dominionist churches she attended. I believe her desire to end religious freedom using the Constitution's freedom of religion (1st amendment) clause is even more dangerous than her pro-war/anti-life/big government postions and her political corruption in Alaska.

Robert said...

Good article here.
She can blink, but she don't think

"In true psychopath fashion, Sarah admits to being 'wired' in such a way that self-reflection has no role in such important, monumental decisions. Why would she stop for one nanosecond? To consider whether this might be good for her family? To consider whether she deserves to represent the American people in this way? To consider whether she can do this job?"

Robert said...
Ron Paul refuses to endorse the mad bomber for President.

Anonymous said...

I will say this after reading many of your comments about this essay, if that's what you want to call it. Who are you to call the shots. I see the author of this material refers to himself as being a Christian. Gods Holy Word says that we are not to condemn our leaders, but to pray for them. That is the Christian thing to do. Do you not realize that God is in control and that in the end he will have his way. His ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts, but they are so much higher. Why don't some of you bufoons run for office? Then you can have it your way! Sounds to me like a bunch of non-Christians here. God ordained the family as 1 man and 1 woman. His word is very explicit about this. He also ordains life. It is mentioned once in the Bible that Jesus rode a donkey. He pretty much walked everywhere he went. He never drove a vehicle, nor did he ordain the vehicle. God does not care about the price of gasoline at the pump. He could care less if it were $10/gallon. But, He does care about the traditional family and life. Obama supports abortion and homosexual marriage, as his voting record reflects. I have his voting record, as I am a member of National Write Your Congressman. You can say what you want to say, but his thinking on these 2 issues alone would keep me from not considering him. There have been over 40 million babies aborted since Roe vs Wade. The numbers killed in all wars since then do not even come close, not even in the same stratosphere. Jesus may not be for McCain, but he sure as heck wouldn't support Obama, cause he would not support abortion. I know this because I know Him. He's my Brother, Lord, and Savior. Oh, by the way, if you would study His Word, you would probably have similar views, since His Word is transforming.

William N. Grigg said...

It's an honor and a blessing to read an homily by the Rev. Floyd R. Trubo on my humble comments thread!