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He Cooperated with the Cops -- and is Paying the Price: The Ordeal of Mark Byrge

American Fork, Utah -- 

When Mark Byrge had a minor traffic accident on a street in American Fork, Utah, he did the “responsible” thing by reporting the incident to the police. He has never stopped paying for that mistake.

Within a few minutes of receiving Mark's call, a pair of American Fork cops arrived to document the damage to Byrge's delivery truck from a collision with a tree branch that protruded into the street. Mark was cooperative – and he put up no resistance when the lead officer, Andres Gianfelice, placed him under arrest for an outstanding traffic ticket (as well as citing him for not providing proof of insurance). 

Byrge submitted without complaint to his officially sanctioned abduction, including the demeaning injury of being shackled. He politely made a single request of his captors: Owing to several back surgeries and the implantation of a $50,000 Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS), Mark asked that the officers cuff him in front. 

While explaining his condition, Mark very slowly and carefully lifted his shirt in order to display an iPod-sized rectangular lump in his lower right back.

Neither Mark's cooperation nor his explanation made an impression on Gianfelice.

"Don't tell me how to do my job – put your hands behind your back!” barked Gianfelice, instructing his trainee officer, Jennifer Nakai, to apply the cuffs. Before being shackled, Mark called his wife Tina to tell her he was being arrested. 

He didn't disconnect the call – which means that Tina was able to hear everything that would happen over the next several minutes.

Despite the fact that he was obviously in pain, Mark placed his hands behind his back. Local resident Bob Cardon, on whose property the untrimmed tree was located, expressed concern over Mark's treatment.

"Do you really have to handcuff him that way?” the elderly man asked the officers.

"Shut up, or you'll be put in the car next to him,” snarled Gianfelice. 

After Mark was stuffed into the back seat of Gianfelice's cruiser, he leaned away from the cuffs, attempting to prevent any damage to the expensive medical appliance embedded in his back. 

Ignoring Mark's protests, Gianfelice shoved him against the seat to buckle his seat belt. As that happened, Mark later recalled, “I could actually feel it [the stimulator] breaking.”

"You stupid son of a bitch,” Mark gasped, “you just wrecked my back.” He didn't know at the time that Tina was listening to this exchange over an open phone line.

Tardily realizing that he had made a terrible mistake, Gianfelice relented and used a “belly chain” to cuff Mark in the front. This allowed the officer to claim in his official report that he had “accommodated” Mark – but by that time irreparable damage had already been done.

The SCS was designed to send electrical impulses along Mark's spine in order to neutralize pain receptors. This allowed him to ramp down his dosages of narcotic prescription pain medications. This, in turn, is what made it possible for him to run his courier delivery business, which required both the physical capacity to load and unload cargo, and the mental acuity to drive his truck and fill out paperwork. Without the stimulator, Mark would either be too crippled to lift, or too doped-up to focus.

Subsequent medical scans of his stimulator documented that it went inactive on April 18, 2012 – the day that Officer Gianfelice, after arrogantly dismissing Mark's entirely reasonable request to be cuffed in the front, shoved him against the rear seat of his police cruiser.

As Gianfelice pulled away from the scene of the accident, Mark informed the officer that he needed to be taken to a hospital, and he eventually convinced the officer that the jail wouldn't admit him without hospital clearance. When they arrived at the hospital, Gianfelice parked about fifty yards away – significantly, in one of the few spots concealed from security cameras.

By this time, Mark's right leg was already convulsing – a tell-tale indication that the SCS had malfunctioned. Gianfelice dragged Mark out of the cruiser by his right arm and began walking him toward the hospital entrance. Mark's right leg had seized up and was refusing to cooperate with his own wishes, let alone the demands of his captor. In his subsequent report, the officer claimed that Mark began “pulling” and “jerking” away from him.

The officer didn't explain why a handcuffed man who was in obvious pain and who had asked to be taken to the hospital would “resist” being escorted to the emergency room. Nonetheless, in short order, Mark found himself face-down in the dirt of a nearby flower bed with Gianfelice on top of him, shouting the shared refrain of police and rapists: “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!”

"I'm not resisting – get off my back!” pleaded Mark. Indeed, given his physical condition, Mark didn't have the ability to resist.

Gianfelice claims that the crippled, handcuffed man somehow managed to drag the two of them down to the ground. Mark reports that the officer threw him down and to the right. However they wound up on the ground, the officer – knowing that Mark had a back injury – drove his knee into Mark's lower back, placing his entire body weight on the fragile and expensive piece of hardware embedded under Mark's skin.

This incident was witnessed over the open phone line by Mark's wife, Tina.

Officers Gianfelice and Nakai pulled Mark to his feet and escorted him into the emergency room. Once inside, Mark gasped out a complaint to the first nurse he saw:

"This officer just assaulted me. Please call for a third party officer to investigate.”

The nurse, who was legally obligated to report on an assault against a“vulnerable adult,” ignored Mark's request. The officer responded by “check-punching” the handcuffed victim in the chest.

"What the hell are you doing?” Mark exclaimed, his patience long since exhausted. “Let me f****ng go!”

"Don't use that kind of language!” snapped the nurse, suddenly alert to matters of decorum after being torpidly indifferent to the violence inflicted on Mark.

Gianfelice cited Mark for “disorderly conduct,” listing the offended nurse as a witness. Predictably, his report didn't mention his act of criminal battery against the handcuffed victim. That crime, however, was documented by the emergency room's security camera.

Significantly, Gianfelice did not charge Mark with "resisting arrest."

This was the only video record made of the encounter between Mark Byrge and the American Fork PD – despite the fact that the department takes extravagant pride in the fact that all 33 of its patrol officers are “wired” with VidCam units.

"The American Fork Police Department claims to be the first law enforcement agency in the country to outfit all of its officers with video cameras and microphones pinned to their uniform,” reported the Salt Lake Tribune in November 2007.

"We've been waiting. We've been looking for something like this to document the good work that police officers do,” explained Lt. Sam Liddiard. 

Last October, Lt. Liddiard told KSL news that “any time an officer deals with someone, they're required to be recording.” He offered unqualified praise for the video recording technology, insisting that the record usually cleared officers accused of abuse.

There were three wired officers involved in the encounter with Mark Byrge – Gianfelice and his trainee, Nakai, and their supervisor, Sgt. James Bevard. The officers either suffered an inexplicable simultaneous failure of their VidCam units, or they didn't bother to activate them. Nor was a dashcam recording made by either of the police vehicles on the scene.

Shortly before Mark was assaulted by Gianfelice, he had visited a local clinic to have his SCS calibrated. He went back to the clinic following the assault and was told that the leads connecting the device to his spine had shifted, rendering it useless. The device had stopped functioning on the morning of April 18 – while he was in the custody of the American Fork Police.

Since that incident, “the patient's pain as gotten worse and his right leg is now showing signs of possible Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,” observed Gary Child of the Utah Pain Relief Center in April 2013. CRPS is a serious degenerative condition that has left Mark unable to work – and is rapidly depriving him of the ability to walk.

Mark is a 43-year-old former football player and wrestler with a compact, muscular build and low center of gravity. He walks with the assistance of a cane as his right leg atrophies. Dark striations are inscribed in his right foot, ankle, and shin. His toes are splayed at wild angles owing to involuntary muscle contractions and spasms that convulse his right leg without warning or relief.

His body slowing cutting off circulation to his lower extremity “as if it is trying to break off my foot,” Mark explained to me. CRP Syndrome can lead to other severe complications, including major organ failure.

"There's a good chance that this could be what kills me,” Mark predicts.

It should be recalled that Mark was entirely cooperative in his dealings with the American Fork Police Department. As Gianfelice admitted in his report, he had the option of cuffing Mark in the front, rather than wrenching his arms behind his back. Why was he so intransigent?

Mark points out that Gianfelice was accompanied by a trainee officer, which “always creates a temptation to show off, be a hard case, and put the citizen in his place.” An officer will be especially prone to strut and show off when the trainee is an attractive blonde female, like Officer Nakai.

Prior to the arrest, Mark and Gianfelice did exchange words. While the officer was taking photos of the accident, Mark suggested that he get a few of the protruding tree branch, which should have been clipped by a city maintenance crew.

"You sound like someone who doesn't want to accept responsibility,” hectored the officer.

"Well, you sound like a city employee who's worried about financial liability,” Mark replied. 

The officer responded by ordering Mark into the cab of his truck – before ordering him out to arrest him.

As Mark attempted, unsuccessfully, to recover from the trauma inflicted on him by Officer Gianfelice, he filed complaints with the American Fork Police Department. He collected witness statements from several people who had been on the scene, as well as his wife and brother, who had overheard the incident over the open cell phone connection. He assembled statements from health care professionals about the damage done to him by Gianfelice's assault. When the AFPD didn't respond, Mark took his evidence to the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

Mark's persistence didn't endear him to AFPD Chief Lance Call.

You've run to every agency on the Wasatch Front,” groused Call when Mark contacted him to demand that action be takenr against Gianfelice. “I already investigated it – and I cleared the officer.”

"You didn't talk to any of the witnesses or review any of my evidence,” Mark plaintively replied. “How can you `clear' him just by reviewing his side of the story?”

"I told you `no'!” Call responded, hanging up.

"After this happened, I called the mayor's office, even though it was after five o'clock,” Mark recounted to me. “I left him a message describing what Call said, and why I needed him to support an honest investigation.”

Unexpectedly, Mark received a reply the first thing the following morning.

"The mayor called at about 8:00 and left a message on my answering machine, telling me that he was going to have the Utah County Attorney's Office conduct an investigation,” Mark relates. “The fact that this literally happened the first thing the morning after my call indicates that the mayor and other officials had been discussing what to do about my case.”

Before the county attorney's office began its inquiry, Mark received another official visit from the AFPD.

"An American Fork officer showed up at our door – a really big guy I hadn't seen before,” Mark attests.

"I'm here to tell you that if you pursue this it will not go well for you,” the officer growled at Mark, taking care to cover his badge with one hand.

"What's your name?” Mark asked. “Are you threatening me?”

"You should just know that this isn't going to go well for you,” the officer said, ignoring Mark's question and turning to leave.

The official inquiry, which was conducted by Sgt. Scott R. Finch of the Utah County Sheriff's Office, was the typical preordained exercise in validation. In his interview with Finch, Gianfelice repeatedly claimed that he “could not recall,” “could not remember,” or “could not recall from memory” several critical details of the incident.

Among the matters that eluded the memory of this trained observer was whether “he was shown anything that would indicate Mr. Byrge had a back injury”; whether “he or someone else did the handcuffing of Mr. Byrge”; whether “he handcuffed Mr. Byrge in front initially or if he was cuffed behind his back at first”; or if “any other citizens [were] present or approached them at the scene of the accident.” He offered the unqualified statement that Mark “did not complain of injury when they were on the scene.”

Two witnesses one the scene – Bob Cardon and Jason Wilde – testified that Mark complained of his back injury. This was confirmed by two witnesses who overheard the encounter via cell phone.

In his initial statement to Sgt. Finch, Gianfelice claimed that “he will evaluate or estimate a person's flexibility and size and help them out by handcuffing them in front” and that he told Mark “he had a belly chain ad he would allow Mr. Byrge to be cuffed in front.”

After Finch provided Gianfelice with a copy of his report “to refresh his memory,” the officer changed his original story, admitting that he did initially cuff Mark behind his back before transferring the cuffs to the front.

This is the crux of the issue: Gianfelice ignored Mark's pleas to cuff him in front until after the damage had been done, then he lied about doing so during the subsequent investigation. He did this despite clear and detailed warnings about what this would do to the victim.

In the original reports from Gianfelice and Nakai, Mark was described as “not combative.” In their revised versions, he was described as “out of control, angry, loud, and yelling.” Significantly, in her initial account of the “scuffle” at the hospital, in which Gianfelice wound up with his knee in Mark's back, Nakai said she “was not sure what caused Mr. Byrge to fall” because “she was on the other side of the car” – yet despite the fact that she didn't see what happened she insisted that this was caused by “Mr Berge jerking his arms away and he lost his balance.” She conceded that Gianfelice might have used a “touch-push” to deal with a supposedly uncooperative detainee.

Despite these abundant and crucial self-contradictions, Finch pronounced the expected benediction on his fellow officers, concluding that “After conducting this investigation I believe the officers' actions were legal and responsible.”

Charged with “disorderly conduct,” Mark – who was forced to represent himself -- attempted to obtain sworn statements from officers Gianfelice and Nakai.

"Sgt. Finch said that this wouldn't be necessary, because they were sworn officers already under oath,” Mark informed me. “But all of my witnesses were required to make sworn statements under penalty of perjury. And then when I attempted to enter the officers' statements as evidence in my trial, I was told that they weren't admissible, because they hadn't been made under oath. So I was deprived of any opportunity to demonstrate that the officers had contradicted themselves – which meant that I had no defense.”

Fully disabled and unable to make a living, Mark is pursuing a civil rights case against the AFPD. He is also a candidate for the Utah State Legislature.

"My campaign is going to focus entirely on abuse of power by public officials, especially the police,” Mark told me. “I'm in constant pain, and my body is literally devouring itself. I want to do anything I can to prevent this from happening to somebody else.”

Meanwhile, the assailant who left Mark an invalid, Andres Gianfelice, is receiving a total compensation package of $83,682 a year as part of a 33-officer force patrolling a city of 21,000 people with a negligible violent crime rate. Officer Nakai, one year after finishing her probationary term, is drawing salary and benefits of $63,932 – a pretty decent rate of compensation for a job open to anybody with a GED and a capacity for casual sadism.

(Note: In the original version of this essay I described the officers' compensation as "salary," which wasn't strictly accurate. I apologize for that error, and thank the commenter below for the correction.)

(This is the first in a series of stories describing rampant police abuse in Utah.)

Dum spiro, pugno!


Anonymous said...

What a tragedy. Another cop at war with the world. I have bad knees and heart. I fear dealing with the police.

Jeff said...

The cops need to be hung, all involved. Hung by the neck until death.

Kent McManigal said...

The "risk" of doing without police is far less than the risk of allowing these cowardly vermin to prowl America. It's why it is safest to assume any cop you see is a cold-blooded murderer. He may be "nice", but you can never be sure, and that's a dangerous, possibly deadly, assumption to make. But you can be sure he is not good- there are zero "good cops".

joyce said...

The whole story, as usual, is tragic as well as infuriating. However this portion makes my blood boil over:

""" Charged with “disorderly conduct,” Mark – who was forced to represent himself -- attempted to obtain sworn statements from officers Gianfelice and Nakai.

"Sgt. Finch said that this wouldn't be necessary, because they were sworn officers already under oath,” Mark informed me. “But all of my witnesses were required to make sworn statements under penalty of perjury. And then when I attempted to enter the officers' statements as evidence in my trial, I was told that they weren't admissible, because they hadn't been made under oath. So I was deprived of any opportunity to demonstrate that the officers had contradicted themselves – which meant that I had no defense.” """

No stranger myself to the local/county kangeroo court show trials, I can completely sympathize with his corrupt treatment. The whole thing needs to be burned down.

safetyfirstintexas said...

mark needs to investigate the avenues avaliable to him in common law of the land. the federal civil law is NOT the only option for bringing a suit in common law its man on man no government agents or their supposed immunities allowed. investigate this completely.

Anonymous said...


My grandfather was chief-of-police in American Fork until his retirement in 1981. I have never known a more honest and upright individual in my entire life.

Having said that, American Fork has definitely changed from what it was when I was a kid - a small, sleepy bedroom community with a relatively small, unobtrusive police force.

When my grandfather retired, he indicated that one of the reasons he was getting out of the business was because "An honest cop can't make a living doing this". Truer words have never been spoken because it appears now that AF is plagued with the same type of police officer that infests many small towns - a group of armed thugs who lie and cover each other's rear ends on an ongoing basis. I believe my grandfather would be appaled by the state of law enforcement today. (Back in his day, police were referred to as "peace officers". No more!)

I appreciate you bringing these types of abuse to the forefront, Will. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

May they be touched-pushed off a cliff by the hand of God.

TigerLily said...

I'm an open carrier living in Utah. I won't be leaving home without my loaded .45. I know I don't stand a chance at surviving self defense against a sanctioned criminal, but I'd rather die a free person than a slave.

rkshanny said...

I often read of cop criminality. I loathe the term "police misconduct"; it grotesquely understates the reality. These praetorian sociopaths are criminals, not committers of "misconduct". I often walk away from my reading feeling like I just walked out of The Twilight Zone. This story is another (of thousands). It's long past time to cancel this spook show off the airwaves, so to speak, and trashcan it. I often hear: what would we do without the cops? Is that a laugher?! The real question is: what the hell are we going to do WITH them? You and I know the answer: private, voluntary, free-market security/investigation services, hired by aggressed citizens as needed (of course, an armed and self-reliant citizenry would be helpful), to assist in adjudicating the limited number of REAL crimes (malum in se), not gangs of govt. hoodlums prowling everywhere "enforcing" victimless non-crimes and legislated fake infractions and codes by the 1000's (malum prohibitum).

HUNDRED said...

Just reading these comments makes me so glad I don't live in a conservative red state anymore.

Cole said...

It seems slanted to make the cops sound really bad or the incident over blown. It is almost the perfect storm of bad incidents all going into one giant event.

Kent McManigal said...

Hundred- If you believe the commenters on Mr. Grigg's blog are "conservative" you have a big shock coming. LOL. That is, if you stay around long enough to see that the silly "conservative/liberal" divide was never accurate and was always a false way to look at things.
Most of the commenters here, you will find are "pro-liberty"- which is not a "conservative value" (nor a "progressive" one) in any way, shape, or form.

Grandma Yinda said...

SO GRATEFUL for all the time Will put in to researching and writing Mark's story. It's heart-wrenching and heinous, and one of MANY!! Love that there are so many posting who actually "GET IT" ... (although I can't say that about "Hundred").

Anonymous said...

Learn your unalienable rights and enforce them. The ONLY reason police can act this way is because they are largely immune to prosecution in civil/queens bench court. You are presumed to be an 'employee' of the corporation of the USA or Canada or ANY country you live in.(Same stuff) Because of this presumption they can do what ever they want to you without repercussion. LEARN YOUR RIGHTS AND REMOVE THESE PRESUMPTIONS.

Anonymous said...


Zionist trained police! Zionist trained police! Zionist trained police!


Anonymous said...

Comrades a few eggs will have to be broken in order to have the glorious fundamentalist transformation into a third world open sewer. Obey all orders without question while working and paying your taxes for the good of the collective comrade. Zimbabwe? Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

It continually amazes me to listen to intelligent and creative people on talk shows and interviews go on and on about how we need to become more active and demonstrate against this or that new legislation, or how we need to elect new representatives to replace the current corrupted incumbents. What makes anyone think that the newly elected will be any less likely to be corrupted by the carrot and stick techniques used by the controllers?
We already have a system of checks and balances in place, created by the framers of our constitution. The judiciary is the key. It has already been demonstrated conclusively that law enforcement will mindlessly enforce the edicts of the courts, whether those decisions comport with the constitution or not. If we reassert control over our courts by holding judges accountable for their actions or negligence from the bench, a bloodless return to a constitutionally restrained republic can be realized.
Judges routinely deny litigants standing or due process and totally disregard their oath to support and defend the constitution within which is found your right to due process of law. They are known to disregard black letter statute law, controlling case law and court procedure to function as an advocate on behalf of the state. Not only does the state pay their salaries and control their professional advancement, the NSA gathers incriminating evidence against them to use in pivotal cases.
“Jail For Judges” is a concept which creates an external review board to hear complaints of judges actions and negligence and to sanction judges up to and including imprisonment. When judges must choose between according due process to litigants and going to jail for failure to do so, that is when people will receive due process and not a minute before. When “Jail For Judges” becomes law in any single jurisdiction, i.e. any state of the union, a person need only move to that state long enough to establish residency in order to qualify to petition the court for vacation of a facially void judgement, which is the court record of a case which demonstrates a denial of due process.
People must qualify ballot initiatives to institute “Jail For Judges” and re-institute direct access for the public to grand juries to facilitate indictments against govt. actors who commit crimes. In this way the system may be used to purify itself and to return our country to a constitutionally restrained republic.

Anonymous said...

These so-called "cops" and all other abusive and trigger happy goons should be made to spend three months working in Detroit as part of an exchange program. The Detroit coppers would view it as a three month vacation ticketing jaywalkers and handling barking dog complaints. These "tough guys" probably would not make it back as they would be dealt with REAL street style !

Mr Magoo said...

Ever since Chertoff (Israeli firster) compelled US police forces to receive training in Israel, the level of brutality and mistreatment by the police has increased by 500%. Americans are experiencing a tiny slither of what life is like for the Palestinians under the Israeli jackboot.

Ed said...

Anonymous said "We already have a system of checks and balances in place, created by the framers of our constitution."
I say, no "we" don't.

JdL said...


Zionist trained police! Zionist trained police! Zionist trained police!

Are you a government-paid troll, or just a garden-variety racist? What's happening in America is every bit as much your own responsibility as it is that of a "Zionist".

Mitch said...

@anonymous4:17pm You really think the cops care about “presumptions” and legal your pseudo-legal language? How’s that working out for Dean Clifford? Is he still in prison? Has he freed all the others and set the government straight with pseudo-legal talk?

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change until criminals with badges meet swift and complete retribution in public. We shouldn't be reading stories like this....

Anonymous said...

Lance Call is a dirty pig, with a dirty police force. When the tide finally turns against the criminals in departments like this, pigs in small departments are going to be especially vulnerable to the wrath of the people. Personally, I cant wait for that day.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a new story like this every single day!!! This is becoming one of the worst countries to live in. Police are now something to be feared across this prison nation. They're terrorists who have pledged war on the American people. Hate to say it but the only good cop is a dead one. They're all pieces of garbage. Hope this guy somehow finds a way to bankrupt everyone involved. Sending him our prayers.

Francisco Cruz said...

Many say that without the police and the bullshit institutions US would be the wild west again i hope it becomes like that. Why you ask mainly due to the fact the people had the power to defend themselves against corrupt officials. The bullshit laws did not exist and the fact honorable men were there

You threatened someones life land family and property you best be ready to take bullets and die. Cause the land owner will be more than ready to fill said person full of lead.

Now a days with so many bullshit laws making life itself a crime allows the gov and any of its thugs to ran rampant without consequence.

the once honorable men of the police are supplanted with psychotic mutts.

I know people want peace and no conflict but thats unavoidable as long as greed and corruption exist

Anonymous said...

Police need to be murdered at the alarming rate they murder civilians we as a people need to stand up and if police can not be found guilty the people need to also make sure that another civilian is never found guilty think of how the system would fall if every single jurer voted not guilty every single case across the nation for a year and they realized they couldn't incarcerate anyone anymore

Dave said...

Has Mark tried contacting the Salt Lake Tribune or KSL? No offense to this blog whatsoever, but a story like this is going to need coverage by one of the major players in Utah for anything to become of it. I think if the events unfolded as written, either of them would gladly run with it.

Dick Cheney said...

This is obviously an attempt by the liberal media to throw dirt at the honorable police officers who save us from evil terrorists every day.

Gianfelice was doing the right thing - the guy he was arresting was obviously a terrorist (as even this article states, the honorable officer saw a suspicious rectangular lump implanted into the criminal - he HAD to assume that's a remote detonator, in a time where terrorists are out to get us and waiting behind every tree!). You don't cuff a terrorist in front.

The article also points out the criminal was walking with a cane - that is obviously a terrorist ploy, terrorists always do something to look harmless, whether it's walking with a cane or sitting in a wheelchair.

And the name Byrge does not sound very American, so he might as well be from Iranistan.

If anything, the officer was showing considerable restraint, not shooting the criminal on sight. He should receive a reprimand (or maybe the Nobel Peace Price - the same thing) for being so weak on terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Never call the police - NEVER! I'm a recovering criminal defense attorney (winding up my practice) and I can tell you quite candidly the criminal system (law enforcement, prosecutors, the judiciary) is all about reminding the serfs who has the power. Even the good people working within the system don't stay that way for long.

I feel so strongly about the abuse of power I have, for all intensive purposes, walked away from a lucrative career and have no idea what to do next. Once I realized I wasn't raging against the machine, but a part of the machine, even as a criminal defense attorney, I could ignore my conscience no longer.

Gid bless you,Mr. Grigg!

Anonymous said...

"The State's criminality is nothing new and nothing to be wondered at. It began when the first predatory group of men clustered together and formed the State, and it will continue as long as the State exists in the world, because the State is fundamentally an anti-social institution, fundamentally criminal. The idea that the State originated to serve any kind of social purpose is completely unhistorical. It originated in conquest and confiscation—that is to say, in crime. It originated for the purpose of maintaining the division of society into an owning-and-exploiting class and a propertyless dependent class — that is, for a criminal purpose.
No State known to history originated in any other manner, or for any other purpose. Like all predatory or parasitic institutions, its first instinct is that of self-preservation. All its enterprises are directed first towards preserving its own life, and, second, towards increasing its own power and enlarging the scope of its own activity. For the sake of this it will, and regularly does, commit any crime which circumstances make expedient." Albert Jay Nock - The Criminality of the State (1939)

Texas guy said...

Now that was funny!

Anonymous said...

Is there a link for Mark Byrge's campaign for legislator? Failing that is there a way to make contributions?

Anonymous said...

I grew up just a few houses down the street from your grandfather. He was such a good man.
Although at the time I was an unruly teen, bent on raising hell, he and his officers always treated me fairly, with great self restraint and concern for my well being. They made a huge impact on me and helped turn my life around for which I'm eternally grateful.
Its a shame to see what's become of the reputation they built for their department.
Not one member of the AFPD under his watch would've allowed this type of behavior...

Steveo Van Damm said...

And yet, police worship abounds in this country... In all media... They are all heroes, you know... puke

Anonymous said...

Good riddance

Anonymous said...

Everyone says know your rights and use them but no one mentions what happens when you try to. Try refusing to give one of these animals your id . Unless you're filming the encounter or have a bunch of witnesses around you WILL be arrested even though there is no law requiring you show id. Try walking away from a cop after asking if you are being detained. After they throw you to the ground and start screaming stop resisting as they beat you bloody you will be arrested for resisting arrest and probably assault on an officer. Unless you take extraordinary precautions to protect yourself your best bet is to do whatever the coward tells you

Anonymous said...

Typical Pig Action!
All cops are pigs! heavily hosed on steroids, booze and uppers, with a ten pound chip on the shoulders setting next to a head with the brains of a rock and a room temperature I.Q. ready to deal out their own brand of justice to the people.
Yes, cop[s are being trained in israhell to use the same methods of brutality against Americans as the zionist IDF uses against the Palestinian people.
Don't talk to cops; don't trust cops avoid at all costs any interaction with any and all cops.
Stay safe. CCW.

Anonymous said...

I miss Andy Griffith...

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for you it is sad because I have fibromyalgia 2 compression fractures in back 1 herniated disk hallux varus of feet a deformity in both feet and rheumatoid arthritis none of these issues are visable I have no flexibility at all and all officers are in great health or they can't be on the force I am a law abiding citizen and pray for no conflict because of my issues you were behaving in a law abiding way by reporting accident in the first place sounds like he was sadistic in his treatment of you they should have training on handling people with disabilities especially because they are not always visable and I'm not sure he believed you but I hope something happens to this cop he is just mean and that is abuse and I believe you so hopefully if you get a court hearing they will believe you also good luck sir!

InalienableWrights said...

I vote to disband ALL police departments. We lived on this continent for 300 years before someone had the not so bright idea of creating this standing army called the "police".

Anonymous said...

But that's the thing there's always one bad cop

Anonymous said...

Please, all of you! Come to Chicago to witness police abuse against black, Latinos and other minority high school students on a daily basis in most Chicago public high schools. They eve frisk us teachers if we are near the students. They act as if they own the state, they insult and plot against Assistant Principals who question the legality of their actions, lie, make deals with gang leaders in the schools to keep fights for after 2:30 p.m., remove minors from classrooms and lock themselves alone with students without parental consent or knowledge, and principals cover up their actions. They leave school grounds at 2:20 p.m. when they are supposed to stay until 3:00 p.m. daily, and I have more than 20 horror stories to tell you about police officers (male and female, even Latinos themselves) and what they do with Special Ed students inside the school, in locked lonely classrooms, under the protection of the school principal.

Anonymous said...

ya we should like kill cops for this treatment!! no jail for cops just kill them! hang them! i cant wait tell the world comes to an end were people go wild and start killing and crucifieng cops out in the rodas! this day i cant wait to see people do this to cops and there families! Hell is at youre front doers you fucking cunt cops! if you do not burn in hell the world will get you mother fuckeers they well get you!!

Anonymous said...

Let um have it!!!

Anonymous said...

everytime i ehre a cop got shot onn the news it brings a smile to my facE! i love seeing and hearing cops and there families getting killed! so if you treat the world bad the world will treat you bad.,.. i cant wait tell we start killing more cops out in this worlD! keeep it up people keep killing cops! u have my support!! one dead cop is a good cop to me lol(: kill them all kill them all !!

Anonymous said...

any cop that sits by and allows his fellow officers to commit assaults, murder, etc. is just as guilty as the ones doing it. If your were with someone while they beat someone to death you would be held responsible and charged as an accomplice or even murder just for being present. Why is it different for cops?

Anonymous said...

Um, one point,
Why on earth would you ask a cop's advice in a situation like this, when it's already been proven the whole department's rotten to the core ? What does that say about the intelligence of the victim ? Let's face it, here we have the cops sending around their bully boy to warn him off, and then he asks "Sgt. Finch said that this wouldn't be necessary, because they were sworn officers already under oath,” So obviously the victim is totally unawares of the laws in his own country and thinks the Cop's who have turned him into a criminal are somehow now on HIS side ????? WOW ! No wonder the cops treat you all like dogs.

Anonymous said...

"I grew up just a few houses down the street from your grandfather. He was such a good man.
Although at the time I was an unruly teen, bent on raising hell, he and his officers always treated me fairly, with great self restraint and concern for my well being. They made a huge impact on me and helped turn my life around for which I'm eternally grateful.
Its a shame to see what's become of the reputation they built for their department.
Not one member of the AFPD under his watch would've allowed this type of behavior..."

Hi, Anonymous. I'm the earlier poster who mentioned my grandfather, the former AFPD Chief. I did not live in American Fork growing up, although a number of my cousins did (and still do), but I loved visiting during the summer. Going to the grocery store with him was always fun because everyone knew him, said "Hi" and seemed to have a great respect for him.

I agree with you, though, as I never got the impression that he would have tolerated this kind of behavior from any of his officers, ever. Sadly, it appears that American Fork has just become another small-ish town with a thuggish police force. It's too bad because AF was, in many ways, the ideal small American town.

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciated it. :)

Matt said...

I assume you are talking about Boyd Adams. I am another grandson who currently lives in AF. There will never be another chief like him.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't we shooting, yet?

TigerLily said...

BTW, thank you for pointing out the utter apathy of the nurse in the hospital. The problem with all the ills of the world is a superstitious belief in authority. As a former RN of 10 years I'm here to explain that the vast majority of nurses (like cops) are mindless drones. They follow the orders of anyone in authority - criminal doctors, and as in this case, supported the criminal cops' "authority." It galls me that the nurse was upset about the victims profanity but did nothing - actually VIOLATED LAW - to enable the State's armed tyrant. This is a black eye for all nurses and perhaps I should be the one to make a stink of it.

Candles ByKira said...

Hang the cops, all three, as well as that nurse that did absolutely nothing. She allowed harm to come to a human, which is against her oath and a medical practitioner.

Anonymous said...

At least this officer's full name has been published. I hope someone takes him out. The others should be punished with loss of their jobs, but the principle offender, Andres Gianfelice, who intentionally caused severe injury to this man deserves nothing less than a bullet.

William N. Grigg said...

Mark deserves restitution, and the assailant who crippled him -- as well as those who are moral accomplices to that crime -- richly deserve humiliation.

For the record: I support the use lethal defensive force, but oppose the death penalty. And I don't endorse the idea of lethal retribution.

Anonymous said...

@Matt -

Yep. That's who I'm referring to. I'm with you 100% - there won't ever be another chief like him.

Hope you're well.

- Your cousin up north (And, no, not the Smith line)

Anonymous said...

Yep, now you don't have to actually think ... just do as you are told and pay your tribute.

Grandma Yinda said...

KUTV 2 is going to be doing Mark's story. They were just at my home last night to film an interview with him, but it is going to take time for them to talk with others involved and put together a good story!!

To the one who used to be the Criminal Defense Atty., THANK YOU for recognizing the evil in the system! What can you do now? JOIN US in STANDING AGAINST them and bringing this information to light! You may contact me at

To the person who mentioned "just try asserting your rights and see what happens" ... you are ABSOLUTELY correct. As Eddie Craig (Rule of Law Radio) states, "Knowing your rights and asserting them is becoming the crime!" I know that firsthand as I was arrested, taken to jail, abused, and had to stand trial for a manufactured crime simply for standing up to the thugs. We ALL MUST DO THIS and NEVER take a plea. ALWAYS demand a jury trial and CLOG THE SYSTEM!! And we all must BE THERE in SUPPORT of each other!! There is POWER in numbers and we can BEAT THEM at their game if we stick together!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find anything on Gianfelice, but here's info from the white pages for the suckup enabling trainee.
Jennifer L Nakai Age: 40-44
Phone number 801-691-1241
Address 95 W 900 S, Orem, UT

Anonymous said...

So true! I was arrested in AF when I came out of a restaurant to let my dog go potty. I had 2 drinks inside and dinner had been ordered but not come yet. My husband got worried, got in the car to drive around the parking lot to find me detained, tried asking a couple questions, got yelled at (which aroused the officer), cuffed and thrown in his squad car. DUI, resisting, no DL (he has an international license), disorderly conduct then off to jail. Because someone called his wife in that had a large, very trustworthy dog off a leash. I was cited for intoxication...before dinner. Our lawyer flat out said, these power trip officers have nothing better to do. They are bored, so they take simple issues (like just tell me she needs to be on a leash? It is 10 o'clock, didn't realize you were looking to eff my world up), taunt the "criminals" until they get a better bust. They wouldn't last a day in Detroit! You have to have balls for that.

Anonymous said...

I have major chronic back issues also. Lots of hardware, lots of pain. My sister has a stim after many similar conditions and sugeries, I have considered one. But I have also been mistreated by the ADPD so maybe I should re-consider. My attorney was very clear about their boredom and desire to agitate the perp to fuel their case...and hard on. It is sick! And all the BS charges they worked up were dropped...Who has the hard on now!!! It requires sufficient equipment.

kcrunchone hill said...

There is always a risk of assault and or injury when dealing with some of the POS that they allow to put on the uniform. The power goes more than to their heads and they immediately abuse any and all average citizens. Problem being they never engage the criminals that will return death or bodily harm to them in such a manner because they see who poses a threat. Even complying with them is no guaranty that they will not become even more aggressive as we can see with this example.

John said...

The police prove every day that they are not public servants but merely a brute squad that collects money from anyone they can.

They demand respect instead of earning it. Cops need to start losing their jobs more over things like this. Maybe if they were in fear of that they would do their job correctly.

Anonymous said...

Read the story again dumb fuck he has to use the cane because of what the cops did

ruralcounsel said...

The personal, as everyone’s so fond of saying, is political. So if some idiot politician, some power player, tries to execute policies that harm you or those you care about, take it personally. Get angry. The Machinery of Justice will not serve you here – it is slow and cold, and it is theirs, hardware and soft-. Only the little people suffer at the hands of Justice; the creatures of power slide out from under with a wink and a grin. If you want justice, you will have to claw it from them. Make it personal. Do as much damage as you can. Get your message across. That way you stand a far better chance of being taken seriously next time. Of being considered dangerous. And make no mistake about this: being taken seriously, being considered dangerous, marks the difference – the only difference in their eyes – between players and little people. Players they will make deals with. Little people they liquidate. And time and again they cream your liquidation, your displacement, your torture and brutal execution with the ultimate insult that it’s just business, it’s politics, it’s they way of the world, it’s a tough life, and that it’s nothing personal. Well, fuck them. Make it personal. - Richard K. Morgan "Altered Carbon"

Here's a prediction: Someday these officers will be responding to a call, by themselves, in a remote place, and a valiant citizen will put them down from an ambush position. It's the least they deserve. Any officer in a small town or rural America should know better than to be a thug like this. It's too easy to get payback. Start making your lists.

Anonymous said...

When savage, out of control cops get shot like criminals for acting like criminals, this shit will end.
Until some of them start dying for assaulting people they gave an OATH to "protect and serve", they have no incentive to act like human beings.
Time for some wake-up calls.
Or should I say, doomsday calls...

Anonymous said...

What a shame - Utah used to be a much better place then this.
I wonder if these cops are Mormons?
If so, does this level of corruption also exist in their church?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous at 5:12pm -

I frankly believe the answer is "yes", at least to the second question.

As far as the first, their loyalty lies to the State first, God second (if even that).

Anonymous said...

More reason to never call 911 ever. Dying in a ditch without police help is better than police hell.

Anonymous said...

American Fork Police Officers have a reputation for being very gung ho, even to the point of being called Nazi. I have friends on the force who have been there a long time and would really like to get out. They have told me that there is a high turnover rate and the some of the new officers either feel they have something to prove or are just outright mean. It gives those who are really public servants a black eye to have peers that are such idiots. Being a police officer is a thankless job. Every day is dangerous. Bad officers make it more dangerous for all the good officers. I wish they would not cover up such blatant abuse.

Anonymous said...

Oscifer Gianfelicia is why God made snipers

Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted by how corrupt the AFPD is and have been for years. I have personally witnessed many forms of abuse by these bullies. I used to have respect for the police, but that is long gone. Gianfelice should be prosecuted and fired. It sounds like Nakai will fit well with the rest of these corrupt brutes.

Anonymous said...

I am a Lawyer in a significantly large firm, back east and I happen to catch a glimpse of this. I fully support Mark and this officer and the whole leadership of AFPD needs to face justice for not only this atrocity but the negligence and brutality they have displayed in the past. This city's justice department has quite the past, just one search online and within minutes I saw multiple complaints. The people of this city need news coverage on this case as well as some top notch lawyers. The city council as well as the mayor needs to do their job or else they wont have one next election.

Anonymous said...

If a cop threatens me at my house, it won't go well for him!

Anonymous said...

It is time "we the people" establish justice. Get rid of these corrupt Tyrants. They are suppose to serve and protect us. Instead its the exact opposite.
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"


Anonymous said...

I live near American Fork, UT. They have been known for these types of incidents for as long as I can recall. The police and city government are primarily a good ole boys network. I hope he can take them to the cleaners. If I live near enough, I'll vote for Mark.

Keith said...

Anonymous on March 26th.

Policing is not actually a dangerous job.

Farming, forestry, construction, quarrying and commercial fisheries are a few examples of the many productive occupations that have far higher per capita and per hour injury and death rates than cops.

Your acquaintances are not indentured or otherwise coercively bound to their employer. I would urge them to get the hell out of that occupation - they may well end up taking home less money - but that is a result of customers voluntarily deciding whom to buy goods and services from on a free[er] market.

Rather than a coercive monopoly deciding how much it thinks it is worth and stealing that sum - with your acquaintances acting as the heavies in that theft.

If they are good people, they'll leave, if they don't leave, then they're telling you by their actions, that they're not the people you thought they were.

Will, many thanks for another excellent and disturbing piece.

Carl Stevenson said...

Anonymous said on March 26, 2014 at 5:06 PM
"When savage, out of control cops get shot like criminals for acting like criminals, this shit will end.
Until some of them start dying for assaulting people they gave an OATH to "protect and serve", they have no incentive to act like human beings.
Time for some wake-up calls.
Or should I say, doomsday calls..."

After the first one, they're all free. – Henry Bowman

Joe Patriot said...

NEVER talk to the police, they are not your friends, they are there to convict you.

Ofay Cat said...

I read about a similar situation where a guy was treated very badly by a particular policeman ... In one of the southern states ..... He had been roughed up and harassed more than once ... he was fed up and had no where to turn to get these thug police off his back.

So, he fell back on his training as a sniper in the Army .... from about a half a mile away, in a tree ... he shot the offending officer dead.

That is sometimes the only way to protect yourself from the state.


Unknown said...

I was assaulted last October in AF and the police who showed up botched everything so that none of it could be used as evidence. Then Officer Gianfelice was made the detective over the case. Only after I repeatedly called and my parents called did he decide that the case was important. Once again he didn't follow protocol and although they knew who the man was that assaulted me they couldn't arrest him because they botched the evidence so it wouldn't be allowed in court. At the time of the incident Gianfelice interviewed me without taking notes. When I followed up with him he had all the facts wrong. It was frustrating working with someone who only heard what they wanted to hear. He later told me that they would catch the guy because cases never close and he would slip up. But then he never called me back. I think most police officer's are power driven and overstep the law. I think they think they are not only above the law but they see themselves as better than the people they are to protect. I'm sorry for what happened. It is not an isolated case. I'm tired of hearing people say most cops are good and that it's just one. The fact is that the way the police officers are trained and held accountable creates the egocentric personality common among most officers. More accountability is needed.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the cops got fired. It would be nice if the guy got compensated for everything he's going through, if that were possible! I hate to say it, but I haven't been all too impressed with any Utah County police department. I've had the opportunity to work with a few good cops. The departments need to shape up and start acting more responsible. They are here to serve and protect. Yes, there are people out there that hate cops and will cause problems, but most of us are good, law-abiding people that deserve more respect. I realize it may be difficult for the cops to know which way the people are going to act, but seriously, the guy was cooperating. Revising your report should be criminal. THE CAMS SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORKING. Another reason for firing. The arrest shouldn't have happened in the first place! What law was really broken that he was arrested for? This is ridiculous. We shouldn't have to be afraid of the police.

the skeptic said...

I can't help but wonder what police departments like this will do when the productive half of America, the half of America that the bad cops keep doing this kind of stuff to, one day just says "to hell with it all" and randomly starts ambushing police officers.

the skeptic said...

when the police treat the general public like the enemy...they are not entitled to be surprised when the general public treats them the same way. This mental midget should be fired, prosecuted and thrown in a cell with Bubba foot-long for a minimum of 5 years; that would get every bully-cop's attention across 'murica that you don't grind your heels on everyday citizens.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems here is that many police officers are in that position because they like to bully others. Not all mind you. When Mark mentioned the tree branches the officer replied in a snippy way, but when Mark then replied in kind, the officer, because of his "authority", gets to take retribution. Both make snippy comments but only the officer gets to dole out punishment. This is not "protecting and serving". It is a bullying tactic used by those who abuse their power.
Just one quick note as well, the officer does not make a "salary" of $83,000. That is his total compensation package. I in no way condone what this officer did and in fact wish those like him would be taken off the force but please don't intentionally skew facts to get the sympathy of the readers. We already agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Start a petition to get this ignorant pig off the force.

Mark Byrge said...

Thank you all Who have commented on my behalf. I am Mark E. Byrge Sr., I am eternally grateful to Will, and in turn to all of you. I would like to invite all of you to a group Facebook page by the name of
"Justan Othervictim" You will all like to see this becauseI am going to Post a video of Something that happened to me just about 3or 4 months before this assault that has led to my being crippled. Watch it and you can see what kind of a MAN I am when it come to helping my fellow man and woman and children. Thanks & God Bless please keep Pressing for action on the Officers and get out and vote.

Anonymous said...

Who ever you are... Anonymous... Identify yourself...
are you chicken

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Why are leaving important info regarding the officers. Not cool... how would you feel if someone posted your personal information.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous... Why can't you respect privacy.

Kent McManigal said...

Brutal, abusive cops have NO expectation of privacy. Zero. None. If they want privacy they need to get a PRIVATE job, and stop living on the dole. And stop being abusive. For anyone to whine about the violators' "privacy" is absolutely insane and copsuckingly disgusting.

Every government employee should have every bit of their personal information exposed. Then maybe they'd be more respectful of the fundamental human rights they love to violate. Fear can be a powerful motivator, and can make the worst person- even cop- behave better.

Anonymous said...

Name 'em and shame 'em: what's this asshole officer's phone number and email address?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whether anonymous or not, none of us regular men and women have any privacy in this world where dual citizens have seized control of America.

So why should ANY ''''public servant''''' have a right to privacy?

Go and post the names, addresses, phone numbers and all other info you can acquire. Post far and wide.

If these brutish fools manage to comprehend THEY have no reasonable expectation of privacy, then perhaps THEY will think twice before causing pain and suffering to others.


Anonymous said...

As A minority, what ever that is, it's sad that this has been allowed to go on so long to now it's A problem to the general public. People who are considerate not minority think the police are there for them and the hek with everyone else, but I hear they have a term the use ( We N*****ized him) and laugh all the way to the bank. The chickens have come home to roust. Don't get me wrong. I am sincerely and saddened and sorrow for this man and I would be for anyone else. But I reiterate, there are those who have allowed this to go so far to where it's come full circle and haunt the people who could have done something about it. It looks like a police state. no more serve and protect or peace officers, it's police (policy) officers. The search for anyone who's broken a policy, don't necessary have to be a law, arrest and help convict that person and nothing more. I'm not sure and I believe most people don't know if the have broken the law a lot of the time and it's a crime to lie to these people but not a crime for them to lie to you to get you to give your consent to them to violate them and get away with it in a court of law. I have more fear of these guys than anything else in daily life. No One Is Free. If they think they are, they've accepted a illusion until they come across reality.

Open public records said...

You think they might act a little differently if all of their home addresses where made public like all other government personnel. Just a thought.

Open public records said...

That's a great idea. Think I found a new hobby doing research.

Anonymous said...

At least some of the sheriff's departments are standing for the second amendment and possibly justice while the politically-driven and vastly overpaid majority of police are not! I agree that we must be prepared to take our own and family's safety into our own hands!! Sad world. There is peace and respite in only one direction---our faith may not save us from physical harm, however. I am amazed at this level of lies, irresponsibility and cover-up in such a place. I would not rest until the officers involved and police "chief" were indicted and this situation were EXPOSED and (at least) partial satisfactory reparation made!

E said...

A response like that from a person like you is why things like this happen to descent people trying to make a living and be as honest as possible. People like you are why this country is becoming what it is. It's a shame. Get your shit straight next time. The ignorance of the intolerance towards others needs to be abolished. said...

Jehovah God will. .by means of his Kingdom. .right here on earth. ...get rid of all wicked authority figures. .....can't hardly wait!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Spook, RN said...

As an ER nurse myself, I can only say that personally whenever a patient is brought in to be evaluated and 'medically cleared for jail' - most nurses and doctors usually take the side of the police. There is a germ of truth in this - because often many people who are arrested and are facing jail feign symptoms of illness thinking it'll buy them time and keep 'em out of the slammer (it has never happened in my many years as an ER nurse - though I'm sure it is possible.)

That being said however, the behaviour of this nurse deeply saddens me. It reminds me of that other unfortunate victim Mr. David Eckert in Arizona who suffered multiple violations of his person by medical staff at the behest of the police on trumped up charges (Heck even if they were REAL charges - "this douchebag raped and murdered 14 6 year olds! - our job is healing the sick and taking care of patients, not 'find evidence for the cops by all means.' What they did to that poor man in Arizona is an APPALLING abrogation of medical ethics and responsibility!

As medical professionals we are charged with looking after our patients. "First do no harm". As nurses especially, we are taught and trained to be the 'patient's advocate'. To advocate for them and their best interests - even if it be against doctors, Surgeons or family members etc. if we believe that their health outcomes would suffer as a result.

Now I'm not familiar with what a "check-punch" is - but I'm assuming it meant in this case a punch/push to the chest.
It's one thing if the patient was belligerent and could harm self or others - but it's a different story if the patient is already restrained... in irons no less! Short of running into someone or kicking etc., there is no way he can do anyone any harm.

I'm no stranger to foul mouthed and/or abusive patients. I don't take it personally (I've been called every name under the sun... and then some). I'm an ER nurse. I get it. You're pissed off. Upset.
It doesn't really bother me until I see that it's starting to bother my other patients - especially my pediatric patients. So while I can see where this nurse came from with telling Mark "don't use that kind of language!", I personally wouldn't have collared him (Mark) for it. I would've just ignored it (stressed out people say the strangest things) - but if it persisted lacking provocation - well, that's a different matter (now you're upsetting other patients in the ER etc.)

I'm genuinely surprised none of the hospital staff made a note of this "check-punch" in their documentation. Did they note AT ALL ANY part of the incident?
Because we're also trained that "to protect your license and yourself - document, document, document. 'If you didn't document, it didn't happen' - was the mantra drilled into us in school.

Anonymous said...


I think the four cops body cams should be given to any four civilians in American Fork. All the accessories needed to watch/ listen to recordings to same civilians. After all, since the cops never turn them on....

Seriously. If any cop's cam was off, it should automatically prove him guilty.
Sally Clark was considered guilty because it was supposedly unlikely two events would happen to the same family. Well it is beyond impossible for three or four brandnew cams to be innocently off simultaneously. (And for a department to blithely go on trusting such defective equipment.)

...Whenever they wish, the civilians can give the cams to other residents. Cops would never know who had them.

Anonymous said...


Cheney: I can't believe you posted that. Unless you're being ironic.

To the nurse: Please raise a stink. One of the parties involved should complain to the medical board.

Mr Grigg: if you don't endorse lethal retribution, you may not seriously want the problem to stop. For a writer more talented than I am, you might see Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, under "Violence Solves a Lot".

Anonymous said...

People can only be pushed so far. One day, and it will happen eventually, people will be fed up and refuse to recognize the authority of the police. When that happens it will be the worst possible nightmare for the thugs in uniform. None of the cops can fight with their hands, nor are any of them half decent with a firearm - see recent incidents with the NYPD and LAPD as proof. One obese mediocre cop shut down an entire city and gigantic police dept bc he decided to turn the tables - what will happen when huge percentages of the public have enough?

As renzo Gracie likes to say about fighting, everyone loves to be the hammer, but not many can deal with being the nail. We know for a fact that 99% of cops at every level could not be the nail - so the only hope they have is to continue to rule via fear and brainwashing. When that goes, it will not be a pretty day for the police.

Anonymous said...

I live in american fork and I emailed the mayor and afpd... it's been two weeks and they never got back to me.

Mark Byrge said...

Dick Cheney← You sir (and I use the term sir in the meaning, a ignorant, uninformed idiot, Who has No Idea What an intelligent Conversation Looks Like) I am sure sit around in your squad car between Porn sites & harassing young Woman, only to become angry with your Little Man syndrome running as they rather the the ticket then to have your slop breath burning her Eye lashes off as you are shot down again & again. Poor "Little Man"to bad again. Now it is off to find someone to take your anger out on Hot

Mark Byrge said...

Yes please feel free to Make any donation or contribution at any Zion's Bank in the Name of Mark E. Byrge SR. Acct#089019137. THANK YOU! Please specify Contributions to my Campaign ,so as to be reported as Law requires.
I Would like to say PLEASE AND THANK YOU in advance.

Mark Byrge said...

I would like to Let you know my fight against this everyday abuse, regardless of color. I will welcome Your future letters & calls. my number is(801)709-8169. Email me direct at amaninavan11@gmail. I stand for You & the others you mention. When you stand on the side of good, against Evil then we stand together!!!

Mark Byrge said...

Sir, I followed thehaving my Legal rules of procedure,because of the requirements of My states Laws. I Never went to the police to file Complaints because I wanted to:

The Rules of Procedure required these steps be taken or, the complaint would be had to call the officers to the Scene as a Police Property damage report by an officer in order to get the company Think fixed, 2. After having my Legal ADA Rights (an extension of a disabled person's civil Rights) violated, & having been assaulted. I requested to file a Complaint charging assault. I Was informed that to do SO it was required to go to the very chief of the offending officer"s Department. Pretty Crazy right, 3. the Chief or Mayor of American Fork had to request the investigation of an outside agency. Whew the County declined it appeared it up to the state of UTAH AG. Sean Reyes. feel free to Call and insist the investigation move Forward. the Rates of Prokdnre are set up to cause the average Citizen to give up! JUST LIKE MOST STATES REQUIRE!! CITIZEN OVERSITE COMITY COMITY'S ARE THE BEST ANSWER

Anonymous said...

A monopoly of force (your public police) will ALWAYS routinely result in this type of outcome. Until we have competition in law & protection, always be extremely careful around police, no matter the circumstances. They are EXTREMELY dangerous.

Dianna Thorstensen said...

There are good cops. I have seen them. But this scum and all his cronies needs to loose their job and all benefits. AND, due to the assault, Gianfelice needs to be in jail. He's no better than the worst criminals. A level 3 should do just fine.

Anonymous said...

He needs to get in touch with Internal Affairs. Internal Affairs does NOT mess around with stuff like this. I knew an IA officer, and trust me, they hate crap like this. They will NOT tolerate being bullied, nor will they allow the victim to be bullied or abused.

BobtheGrape said...

Another psychopathic, bully, punk a**hole, thug cop being himself. I can't believe that the Chief of Police is as bad as his flunkiy cops or that the sheriff's department is backing them up. I would sue the hell out of the cop, Gianfelice, the C.o.P. and the entire city of American Fork. I can see why they named the city American Fork, because if you piss off the cops you will get forked.

Anonymous said...

This is obviously a piece of satire. You goons, who replied to this as if it were a serious writing, must be the types that believe everything you read on the internet.

William N. Grigg said...

The internet, as we all know, is a notoriously unreliable source of information because it provides a forum for people to make wild accusations from behind the shield of anonymity.:-)

Ernest Erickson AEC said...

Cops that prey on the citizen, must be removed and made to swing by their necks from the nearest tree limb!
I no longer bow to any cop, they are ALL Nazi scum, and after the abuse my wife was subjected to by THREE NAZIS (forest service, sheriff, city asshole) I now hold absolutely ZERO respect or tolerance for the NAZI CLANS!
Those that abuse and terrorize will now be watched, and if I feel they are abusing a fellow citizen, I WILL stand in DEFIANCE to those abusing others, and will use my gun to SAVE a life from being terrorized by such NAZI FILTH!
NO MORE ABUSE shall be tolerated, and when SIX THOUSAND CITIZENS are already MURDERED by Nazi police in this nation, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE NOW, to stop the GENOCIDE!

As an EMPLOYEE, these city-hired assassins are PROPERTY and have ZERO CONSTITUTIONAL rights when in that filthy uniform!

I say we MUST begin EXTERMINATING the VERMIN or the murder rate for the people will only increase!

As a child, I used to look up to these people, NO LONGER, I view the entire job as a tool to abuse, terrorize and murder, and they now receive ZERO respect, and nothing but PURE HATRED!
You get away with being the criminal only so long, and if ANY kick in the door to MY HOME, I GUARANTEE they will be GUNNED DOWN as long as they keep trying to get inside!
NOBODY owns MY home but ME, and I make the rules, not a pansy judge, Nazi cop or anybody else! My home is MY CASTLE, and I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU force your way inside....COUNT ON IT!

Anonymous said...

All cops everywhere will soon understand how much they are hated by the general public. Soon it will be open season you you punks including your supporters in the City Attorney's office and all the neighborhood groupies who use cops to get back at family, relatives and neighbors. It will be very ugly since you all will be in the minority. There will be no pity!

Anonymous said...

The reason the problem of police routinely abusing people continues is that they are not "hated by the general public". Until recently I didn't feel any threat from them, I rarely even got pulled over. Most people are trained to accept authority from early childhood in the school system, and many view cops as extensions of themselves doling out punishment to people who "probably deserve it".

I remember watching the TV show, "Cops", with a couple of friends about 15 years ago, and when I shook my head at the routine "shock and awe" brutality displayed on the show one of my friends commented, "you don't mess with the alpha males", the other thought the victims deserved it.

Don't hold your breath waiting for "the people" to rise up. The people will just accept it as part of life, the poor regularly going to jail, the middle class paying their fines, and the wealthy getting a pass from cops and a hearty "have a good day" for their support of the department.

/s/ Beam me up...

Anonymous said...

There are several gaps or inconsistencies in this story. I can't help but become more and more skeptical as I move through the story. The final item that makes me believe this story is skewed and sensationalized is this """ Charged with “disorderly conduct,” Mark – who was forced to represent himself -- attempted to obtain sworn statements from officers Gianfelice and Nakai. Sorry, but I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that it is required for the court to provide legal counsel for those who cannot afford counsel for themselves and have been criminally charged. There was no "forcing" of Mark to represent himself. He may have made that choice for himself believing that appointed counsel would not serve his best interest, but it was a CHOICE not something that was forced upon him.

Anonymous said...

Leash laws are there for a reason. No matter the time.... you seeing leash laws as unnecessary only shows your igborance and you prolly gor mouthy with the cop....

Anonymous said...

Mark did plea guilty to several felonies related to drug dealing and pistol whipping his customer. He will likely receive prison time.

William N. Grigg said...

Mark's version of the story was that he was threatened and assaulted by the "victim" (who was working as a CI) and called the police after pulling his gun in self-defense. He is apparently addicted to pain killers and as noted above apparently was selling them, which is both stupid (given the scrutiny he was under and illegal.