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Tales of the Happy Valley "Gestapo"

Paramilitary Cosplay: Orem and Utah Valley University cops in soldier drag.

Orem, Utah --

Residents of Utah's Provo-Orem Metropolitan Area live in a valley blessed with breathtaking mountain vistas and a dynamic local economy. Unfortunately, one of the major local industries involves manufacturing “crimes” out of trivial incidents, and processing harmless people through the criminal “justice” system.

Several weeks ago, a diminutive 48-year old woman named Ginger Anderson, who is a student and employee of Utah Valley University in Orem, was assaulted and abducted by campus pseudo-cops for the supposed offense of fixing incorrect instructions on a campus sign. Although this was described as “criminal mischief,” it was actually within her job description: as an employee of UVU’s information center, she is assigned to direct students to their classes. 

A wall map inside the school’s Browning building was being displayed upside down, resulting in delays, confusion, and other avoidable problems for the students and their teachers. Ginger pointed this out to a fellow employee, who used a magic marker to make appropriate changes to the map, as did Anderson herself shortly thereafter.

This wasn’t vandalism; it was an act of customer service by a university employee. However, a complaint was made, and a brace of predictably self-important campus officers – each of whom was roughly twice the small woman’s weight -- were dispatched to ambush the woman outside a classroom. Ignoring her entirely reasonable explanations, the officers demanded that she accompany them to sign a citation at the campus police office.

Assuming that this was a matter warranting police attention (which it clearly was not), it could have been handled by quietly issuing a citation outside the classroom. But this would have denied the officers the opportunity to make an intimidated woman do a humiliating “perp walk,” and deprived them of a chance to invent another “offense.”

When Ginger quite properly refused to participate in the officers’ juvenile charade, she was thrown to the ground, slammed against a wall, shackled, and then left handcuffed for hours in their office and denied access to the bathroom. Now, in addition to being battered, traumatized, and humiliated, Anderson faces prosecution for “resisting arrest,” an act of self-defense against criminal aggression that is unaccountably treated as if it were a crime of some kind.

Because Ginger Anderson had the temerity to speak out in defense of her individual rights and personal reputation, she has been hit with a gag order by the presiding judge, an official of the Orem City Justice Court. Those who fill that august position body are appointed from a pool of applicants by a six-member panel. While it's true that academic credentials are overrated in practical terms, it's worth pointing out that the selection criteria for appointment to the Orem Justice Court are less rigorous than the admissions standards for DeVry University. No law degree or legal experience is necessary to serve as a Justice Court judge; in fact, any city resident with a GED and an advocate on the municipal panel would qualify.

Orem, a city of roughly 90,000 people, consistently ranks among the top twenty “safest cities” in the United States – meaning that residents and visitors are safe as long as they don’t come to the attention of the city’s over-sized and extravagantly well-funded police department. Despite a near-absence of violent crime in Orem, the docket of the “Justice Court is always full.

That court, like most others of its kind, is a profit center. Its chief business partner is a young and pathologically ambitious assistant city prosecutor named Jake Summers, who receives $104,054 a year in compensation from Orem's tax victims to feed hapless and generally harmless people into the prison and probation system. Utah County's sole public defender is Grant Nagamatsu, whose relationship to Summers is akin to that of the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globetrotters.

Within the past year, Summers prosecuted a Utah County woman for “resisting arrest” in a case with plentiful parallels to that of Ginger Anderson.

The victim in that earlier case, Linda Spencer, was arrested without cause in her own home as the result of an unjustified intrusion into a family quarrel by two Orem City police officers. 

Initially charged with domestic violence, Spencer was acquitted on that charge by the same jury that found her guilty of resisting arrest – despite the fact that she did nothing whatsoever to impede the officers who handcuffed her and took her into custody. Her supposedly “resistive” behavior consisted of stiffening her legs in an attempt to avoid slipping and falling on the icy, snow-covered driveway in front of her house.

“This whole thing was a family issue, it didn’t involve violence, and the cops didn’t need to get involved,” Linda told me during an interview in her home in Orem. “My younger daughter had graduated from high school and was having trouble finding her direction in life. Like a lot of other people we’ve had a lot of financial difficulty, and I was trying to get my daughter to look into getting a job, or enrolling in college. She could have gone to school at UVU for free. And so I was very frustrated – I suppose we were both frustrated with each other -- and I finally decided it was time for her to move out.”

There was nothing remarkable about this kind of mother-daughter conflict, or the argument that erupted on January 26, 2012. Upset and crying, Linda’s daughter contacted her father, Gary Arnold, who reportedly hadn’t played any significant role in her upbringing since the parents had divorced over a decade earlier. Rather than doing what he could to de-escalate the family conflict, Arnold made an anonymous third-party report of “domestic violence.”

While she has emphatically and consistently denied striking or otherwise physically abusing her daughter, Linda admits that there was incidental physical contact between them: “After I told her that I was taking away her cell phone – because it was something I had to pay for – she grabbed at me to get it back. I did pull her off of me while she was trying to get it.”

Seeking to avoid further conflict, Linda retreated to her upstairs bedroom. Her daughter – who had been joined by a friend who came to help her pack – was in the downstairs living room.

“When she [the daughter] called my ex-husband, he said he was too busy to help her, so he sent a cop to do a father’s job,” Linda contends. “He said that he wanted the police to perform a `welfare check’ because she was being `kicked out’ and it was raining.”

At around 5:30 that afternoon, there was a knock on the living room door. When she answered, the daughter – who had been expecting her father – found herself temporarily blinded by a flashlight wielded by Orem City Police Officer Travis Anderson (who receives more than $92,000 a year in compensation from the city’s tax victims). The screen door was closed. Anderson opened the inner door without an invitation and let himself in.

Curiously, in his official report Anderson claimed that he had “responded to a repot [sic] of a possible DUI” at Linda’s address, despite the fact that nobody at that address had been driving or drinking. Anderson also mentioned the third-party domestic violence allegation. In the absence of observable evidence to corroborate that report, Arnold’s phone call constituted hearsay, not probable cause.  No exigent circumstances existed at the time, and without a warrant or explicit consent to be on the property, Anderson and his fellow officer, Sgt. Randy Crowther (who touches up Orem taxpayers to the tune of $112,000 a year) committed an act of criminal trespass by entering the Spencer home.

Having invited themselves in, the cops began to question the daughter and her friend, who later described themselves as intimidated by the uninvited strangers. Meanwhile, Linda was “up in my bedroom with the door closed,” she recalls. “The officers heard me talking on the phone to my oldest daughter. The cops later said that they had to come upstairs to `calm me down,’ but I while I was upset, I wasn’t angry or threatening anybody. I was trying to get the family to assemble and deal with this.”

When Linda heard a knock on her bedroom door, she thought “it was my daughter coming to apologize. Up until this point, I didn't know cops were here. I heard a male voice saying, `Linda? Orem City Police Department.’ Then they started to open my door.”

Linda reacted the way any intelligent and rational person would, by yelling: “Get out of my house!”

Since the police had invaded her home without legal justification, that demand was a lawful order they were required to obey. Instead, they intruded into her bedroom, leaving her in understandable fear of being trapped and abused by them.

“Knowing how encounters of this kind turn out, I wouldn't let the corner me in my bedroom,” Linda recalls. “So I left the room, pulled the door shut, and walked between them downstairs. Anderson later claimed that I pushed him; when asked about this, Crowther said, `no, she didn't.’ They also claim that I `stormed downstairs’ and that they yelled at me to stop and I disobeyed a `lawful order.’”

Once again: Since the cops were trespassers, they had no right to issue orders to anybody.

When Linda reached the bottom of the stairs, she asked her daughter, “What is going on here?”

“You are not having this conversation,” snapped one of the officers.

“I'm not having this conversation with you!” Linda replied. “Get out of my house!”

The officers persisted in the pretense that they had legal authority to be on the property because of a “domestic violence” issue. Linda turned the corner into her dining room to use the telephone.

“Linda entered the kitchen and leaned against the counter,” narrated Sgt. Crowther in his “Incident Report.” “I asked what was going on. She told me that it was a family matter and none of my business, we should just leave…. She told me to get out of her house. I told her that we were not leaving and that the state mandates that we investigate these types of incidents. She then stated `I won’t say anything, I want my attorney.’”

Because Linda “was not going to cooperate,” Crowther continued, the officers “announced that she was under arrest.”

“For what – wanting to speak to a lawyer?” Linda exclaimed incredulously.

Claiming that they had evidence of “domestic violence,” the officers assaulted Linda, Crowther seizing her left wrist and Anderson grabbing her right hand. The 54-year-old woman, who had a rotator cuff injury, instinctively torqued her body to the left to protect the damaged shoulder.

This reflex action was described as the “crime” of “resisting arrest.”

The arrest was a punitive abduction. The officers had no warrant or probable cause to enter the home. Linda was within her rights to order them out, and to refuse to answer their questions. As she was dragged from her home, wearing a thin black shirt, spandex pants, and fuzzy pink slippers, Linda cast a plaintive look at her horrified daughter.

“Is this what you wanted?” Linda asked. “Are you happy now?”

In an exercise of the cultivated dishonesty police call “creative writing,” Crowther claimed in his report that “Linda continued to antagonize [her daughter] … despite our comments not to communicate with her.”

Crowther also claimed that “Linda tried to stop and refuse to go to the car several times, once on the front porch, again on the front walk, at least 2 times on the driveway, and then in the street.” Each of those brief and helpless gestures of non-compliance was likewise described as supposedly criminal acts of “resistance.”

“It was a rainy night in January, and my porch and driveway were covered in slush and snow,” Linda recalls. “I was concerned that the surface might be icy, and I could lose my footing. I asked them to let me change into shoes that had better traction and wouldn’t become soggy, but they wouldn’t let me. They claimed I was `resisting’ because I was leaning back trying to avoid falling on the icy surface. And when I kind of slipped at one point, Anderson mocked me, telling me to `Stop faking it.’”

Four people witnessed Linda’s officially sanctioned abduction – the older daughter, her friend, and her fiance, and Linda's ex-husband, who showed up at about the same time the police knocked on the door. All of the independent witnesses – including the individual whose 911 call had instigated the entire affair -- later testified that Linda put up no resistance of any kind.

Forced to kneel by her captors, Linda suffers injuries to her shins.
Rather than taking Linda to the Orem City Jail – which was just a few blocks from her house – Anderson ferried his bound and traumatized victim to the Utah County Jail, which involved a twenty-minute trip on the freeway. According to a report filed by a deputy identified as R. Wilde, the officers who kidnapped Linda told her jailers that “she has been resistive.”

Deputy Wilde also reported that Linda was “sobbing when she was brought to jail. The keepers of the cage were deeply touched by this display of human vulnerability.

“One of them said, `Oh, boo-hoo, get over it,” Linda relates.

“When I got to the jail there were three cops waiting for me,” Linda recounts. “One of them ordered me, `Turn around and face the mat!’”

“I started to ask her the questions on the Intake Screening Form,” wrote Deputy C. Morgan in his report. “I started with have you been involved with [sic] a fight or accident in the last 24 hours? Spencer stated `I’m not going to answer any questions until I talk to a lawyer. I know my rights.’ Deputies Larsen, Wilde, Terry and myself tied to explain to her the questions we were asking had nothing to do with her arrest and they were just general questions about her health and safety.”

Like most things that fall from the lips of a law enforcement officer, that was a lie: Everything and anything Linda said would be used to prosecute her. Linda, a paralegal and former surgical nurse, was very well aware of that fact, and wasn’t interested in helping her captors – who were determined to break her resistance and force her to incriminate herself.

“Deputy Wilde told her if she did not cooperate she would be put in a cell until she would cooperate and she could not use the phone until she answered our questions and went through the booking process,” records Deputy Morgan.

The body search.
Linda again asserted her rights, insisting that she would answer no questions without an attorney present.

“This is going to be fun!” exclaimed one of the four deputies who took Linda to an unheated detention cell containing a concrete bench. There, with her hands still cuffed behind her back, she was ordered to kneel, something no individual with a particle of self-respect would do voluntarily. 

Accordingly, stated Deputy Terry, “She was helped down to her knees” – that is, she was forced down onto the concrete bench. In addition to leaving her with bruised and bloodied shins, the assailants wrenched her shoulder, aggravating her existing rotator cuff injury.

While Linda was pinned down, her shoes were pulled from her feet and one of the deputies conducted a body search.

“I had seen a male deputy snapping on rubber gloves, and I didn’t realize until I saw the video that it was a female officer who did the hands-on search,” Linda recalled to me. “At the time, I thought this was being done by one of the male officers.”

This might have traumatized Linda more than the physical injury: As a young girl, she experienced sexual molestation by an adult male “authority figure.”

“OK, we're leaving the room now -- don't get up until we leave,” ordered a deputy as the four of them exited the cell.

Violated and sobbing in her cell.
“I was in a sobbing heap, Linda reflects. “Several minutes passed and I eventually saw what had happened to my shins.”

Finding the cell’s security camera, Linda pointed at her bleeding shins and screamed: “Look what you did, you a**holes!”

A few hours later, a deputy arrived to inform Linda that her son-in-law had arrived to bail her out – but that she wouldn’t be allowed to leave “until you cooperate – you have to answer our questions.”

Linda once again refused to talk without an attorney present – and showed the deputy her mangled shins. The deputy shrugged, and then said that her son-in-law had been at the jail, but decided to leave without arranging for bail. This point of that little exercise was to make Linda worry if she would have to spend the entire weekend behind bars: She had been arrested late on a Thursday evening, and the courts didn’t open on Fridays.

Another few hours passed, and Linda was told once again that she had been bailed out. She was released from the detention cell – and told that she would have to sign a medical “waiver.” When she refused, the deputies started to walk her back to the cell, but then turned around and booked her out of the facility.  This was the malicious stinger to a prolonged symphony of sadism.

The following Monday, Linda was arraigned. To the annoyance of those in charge of the “Justice Court,” she pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic violence by assault and resisting arrest, and demanded a jury trial. Because of her straitened financial condition, she also demanded a public defender – and was given Nagamatsu.

“He was almost impossible to connect with,” Linda recalls of Nagamatsu. “When he finally called me, practically the first thing he said was, `Linda, you had no right resisting arrest.’ He was already taking the prosecutor’s side in the case before hearing my side of the story.”

The trial, initially slated for April, was rescheduled several times. Both Linda’s daughter and her friend contacted the prosecutor and asked for the domestic violence charge to be dropped, only to be told that the matter was “out of his hands.” He told Linda something very different.

On several occasions, “Summers offered to drop the domestic violence charge if I pleaded guilty to resisting arrest,” Linda explains. The charge carried a $1900 fine and a six-month jail term; Summers offered to dispense with incarceration and eventually reduced the proposed fine to $300.

“I didn’t do either of the things I was accused of doing, so I wasn’t interested in a deal,” Linda notes.

Summers proposed the plea bargain because he didn’t have a domestic violence case, and was possessed of a Shylockian determination to extract a pound of flesh. Linda’s daughter and her friend filed notarized affidavits describing in detail the events of the evening in question. Those documents offered no evidence of assault or any other form of domestic abuse. Frantic and infuriated, Summers threatened to prosecute the daughter’s friend for perjury if she didn’t provide the testimony he desired.
Happier times: Linda at her daughter's wedding.
Before the trial was held in December 2012, Linda and her daughter reconciled. They eventually drew up a parent-daughter “contract” in which the teenager agreed to spend a certain amount of time looking for a job or preparing for college.

“As I had told the officers when they invaded our home, this was a family matter that we could work out by ourselves,” observes Linda. “It took us some time, and the pressures of the impending trial didn’t help, but our relationship was fully restored. But we still had the prospect of the trial hanging over our heads.”

When the trial got underway, “Summers excluded all of the prosecution witnesses except for the cops,” Linda recounts. Anderson was sitting next to the prosecutor carrying his sidearm.

“Nagamatsu was entirely ineffective,” Linda laments. “I had to prompt him to make objections. And he didn’t follow up at all on an opportunity to impeach Anderson, who was the most important witness for the prosecution. During one exchange, Summers asked Anderson if he had any reason to lie, and the cop kept giving him the `wrong’ answer – that is, he kept fudging the issue in ways that made it clear he was willing to lie and could get away with it. Summers had to ask the question at least four times, but Nagamatsu either didn’t understand this or didn’t think it was important.”

Public defender Nagamatsu.
Despite her attorney’s dubious competence, the domestic violence case fell apart during the trial. The officers contradicted each other about a supposed injury to Linda’s daughter: Anderson claimed to have seen a mark on the young woman’s face, but Crowther said that no such mark existed. They offered inconsistent responses when asked if they had received permission to enter the home. Their description of the incident, and the arrest, were contradicted in detail by the defense witnesses – including the supposed victim, and the alienated ex-husband whose 911 call had precipitated the confrontation.

“What I find interesting is that the cops were allowed to read their statements, but the witnesses for the defense were required to rely on their memories,” Linda points out. “This allowed Summers to threaten them with perjury if their stories were in any way inconsistent, or the jury didn’t believe their testimony.”

After more than twelve hours of testimony, the jury “split the baby,” Linda ruefully concludes. “They acquitted me of domestic violence, but they convicted me of resisting arrest. They were tired. One of the jurors was a father whose wife was expecting a baby very soon. So they simply arranged a compromise and washed their hands of the case. What the heck – it wasn’t their life they were dealing with, after all. They wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of an unjustified conviction.”

Linda filed an immediate appeal, which was heard by the District Court in neighboring Spanish Fork the following July. In that case, the defense presented the testimonies of five witnesses that Linda had not resisted arrest. The prosecution parried with the testimony of Officer Anderson. The latter presentation won the favor of the four-member panel – three of whom were related to police officers.

“During the second trial, Summers repeatedly brought up the domestic violence charge, which he was prohibited from doing,” Linda recalls. “This was enough to merit a mistrial, but the judge was interested only in finishing the proceeding, rather than seeing justice done.”

Linda was given a $600 fine that could be “paid” through 60 hours of “community service” at the rate of $10 an hour. She was ordered to give $100 to the public “defender” who had represented her without distinction, and forced to pay $125 for an “anger management” class that was, in her words, “worse than useless.” She remains on probation until July 16, 2014.

“What scares me is that Ginger [Anderson] is going to have to go through the same process,” Linda declares. “She faces the same prosecutor I did, she will be represented – if that’s the proper word – by the same public defender I had, and she’s facing the same bogus charge that was given to me. The police and prosecutors here in Orem love `stacking’ -- piling a `resisting arrest’ charge on top of every offense. That way they can force a guilty plea, or have a really good chance to convict the defendant of something – and jurors here generally take the word of a police officer who is clearly lying or contradicting himself over that of a defendant who is telling one clear story.”

Interestingly, thirty years ago, Linda successfully resisted arrest – albeit at the cost of suffering a pretty severe beating. And she was never charged for that purported crime.

“I was beaten up by a police officer here in Provo when I was about 25 years old,” she points out. The assailant, a Provo Police Officer named Phil Perry, followed Linda to her mother’s house and accused her of driving 50 miles per hour in a 35 MPH zone. When Linda asked if the officer had clocked her with a radar gun, he invoked his government-granted superpowers, insisting that “my eyes are trained.”

Perry had leaned on Linda’s car. When Linda ordered him to remove his hands from her property, Perry simply sneered at her. Since the tax-feeder wasn’t inclined to obey her lawful order, Linda carefully reached over and gently removed the offending hand from her vehicle. Perry retaliated by seizing Linda’s arm, wrenching it behind her, and insisting that she was “under arrest.”

“I was out there in a construction area nobody was around,” Linda recalls. “I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I thought he might drag me off somewhere and kill me. He called for backup because he was dealing with a female who was resisting arrest. Several other cops came screaming up with their batons – no guns, thankfully.”

Rather than joining in the assault, Perry’s supervisor, an officer named Sgt. DuVal, ordered the officer to release her. He told Linda to visit the police department after work, where she was given a citation for speeding.

DuVal did what should have been done in the more recent case of Ginger Anderson – assuming, once again, that issuing a citation was appropriate.

Sergeant DuVal was a blessed anomaly. Chief Swen Nielsen, unfortunately, was quite typical of his profession. After completing – within a week -- the type of standard “internal investigation” that is simply a prelude to the inevitable exoneration, Nielsen sent Linda a petulant letter saying that she had “struck” the officer after proceeding from “verbal to physical aggression.”

“The officer used only that force necessary to overcome your actual resistance to his effort to place you in custody, which he is legally entitled to do,” insisted Nielsen. The Chief went on to deploy the “Acevedo Defense” – emphasizing that the supposedly belligerent woman should consider herself fortunate that she didn’t suffer severe injury: “In my view the officer acted with remarkable restraint considering the degree of abuse that you subjected him to.”

Not content with a casual endorsement of criminal violence by one of his underlings, Nielsen actually threatened Linda’s then-husband for publicly criticizing the armed stranger who had abused his wife:

“This entire matter has been aggravated by your husband sharing accounts of the incident with coworkers. I have been in touch with a witness who states that your husband has made some rather damaging statements as to Officer Perry’s reputation…. It has been suggested that Officer Perry should seek legal council [sic] to explore the possibility of initiating an action against your husband for slander.”

Although the traffic ticket was upheld, Linda was never charged with resisting arrest. More remarkable still is the fact that about a year and a half later an Orem officer who beat and maced a woman who was five months pregnant – thereby provoking the heroic intervention of a local man named Walt Parcell – was actually suspended from the force. That is to say, he was given a paid vacation.

Officer Leonard Brown tried to “arrest” Cindy Tuaileva after the 31-year-old mother, properly disgusted at being handed an extortion note (more commonly called a “traffic ticket”) for “improper display of a license plate,” contemptuously hurled the officer’s ballpoint pen at him. Rather than being an adult and walking away, Brown assaulted the woman, twisting her arm, pulling her hair, and attacking her with mace. The victim rolled up her window and locked her door to hold the assailant – and a comrade named Nick McComber – at bay.

Parcell happened to drive by the scene and saw the traumatized woman who had fallen among thieves. When the Good Samaritan asked if he could help, the aggressors ordered him to keep his distance – but the victim entreated him not to leave. In short order, Parcell was attacked with mace, struck in the knee with a baton, and choked nearly into unconsciousness. After being arrested and charged with “interference,” Parcell received a personal phone call from the Orem Police Chief, Ted Peacock, promising that the charges would be pursued without stint or limit.

Fortunately, Parcell wasn’t sent to prison, and Mrs. Tuaileva recovered from her injuries. Each of them filed a lawsuit against Officers Brown and MaComber, which was predictable. The reaction of some of their neighbors, however, was not.

“If this represents proper police procedure, we have some real concerns for both the procedure and those who establish it,” protested ten Orem residents in a letter to the Provo Daily Herald. Confronted with the spectacle of a pregnant woman being abused by a police officer, “We would have had to do what Walt did,” his neighbors asserted.
“It is obvious that the Gestapo is alive and well in Orem City (Happy Valley, USA),” lamented another resident. “It is obvious that the Orem Police Department has forgotten who pays their salaries and buys their fancy new cars and night sticks. Who is the servant of whom?”

Lindon, Utah resident Jody Harris also described herself as “absolutely … ashamed at the `Gestapo’ tactics displayed by Officer Leonard Brown and `other’ officers called to the scene…. This … attack on personal rights, here in Orem, Utah, USA, not Russia, is appalling.”

The views expressed by Mrs. Harris were those of a woman whose late husband, Kenneth Harris, “was in police work for 29 years, as a Highway Patrol trooper and chief of [police in] Lindon.”

Those principled expressions of moral outrage over criminal misconduct by police read like inscriptions on crumbling stele from a long-extinct culture. Over the generation that has passed since those admirably rebellious sentiments were committed to print, the impudent aggressiveness of the police who afflict “Happy Valley” has grown pari passu with the submissiveness of the population upon whom they prey.
Dum spiro, pugno!   


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when Liberals take over a Police Department, they turn every act with which they disagree into a crime. You want to know why she thought the "officer" who searched her was a male? Because of Liberal PC hiring agendas, the Lesbian who assaulted her probably enjoyed herself.

non de guerre said...

Utah and Idaho seem to be plagued by the worst sort of evil Barney Fifes. Is it something in the water in those parts? Or is their a major fascist streak in Mormon culture?

Anonymous said...

Mormon culture approves of cop brutality? Not hardly. Small town good old boy club and the fact that bullies gravitate to positions of authority.

Thug cops are thug cops everywhere, Utah is no exception.

non de guerre said...

To be fair, I've known quite a few Evangelical Christians with a soft spot in their hearts for the police state. And Agnostics/Atheists with a fondness for hyper-statist tyranny.

Anonymous said...

If you think this is solely the effect of "liberals" or "conservatives" than you haven't been paying close enough attention, and frankly are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I used to come to this site to see just how bad things are getting, but am finding it to be too depressing now. It's become obvious that we don't live in a free country anymore and that there's NOTHING we can do about it. Speaking out about what's happening is not doing any good. Sorry, Mr. Grigg, but I really don't think your speaking out about this is doing any more than making peoples' blood boil about it and making them frustrated that there's nothing they can do about it.

Face it--our servants are now our masters and we no longer have any LEGAL means of changing that; not as long as the new masters control not only how the law can be used and what is justifiable, they also have the guns to make sure it stays that way.

Oh sure, it can be said that we have guns too, but we become the new bad guys (terrorists, fringe groups, etc.) in the eyes of general society if we use them (or even entertain that idea) to try to regain freedom. So, short of that, I don't see any hope for things changing, and don't see a need to be reading about the atrocities our former servants anymore. I'm tired of being angry and frustrated!

Grandma Yinda said...

THANK YOU, Will ... for getting my story out there!! It has been a long time coming (although, still current ... as you mention ... I am still "on probation" through July)!

In response to the "Mormon culture" I am going to say that YES ... it plays a HUGE role here in "Happy Valley" as they are taught to "obey the law!" As a matter of fact, everything seems to be about "Obedience" and never questioning authority! Because of the "culture" ... authority is abused in MANY ways here, and the LEA's, LEO's and courts are NO exception. It is very much based on "the good ol' boys club" and that "club" is a religious organization which requires a membership card. I can say this based on knowledge of having been a part of that "club" (although not on the level of any male member) ... and also having a paralegal degree and SEEING how the courts in this County operate.

I was recently in SLC for a divorce hearing, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The atty later told me they "hate having to try cases in Utah County because it's like going back to the Stone Age!" I couldn't agree more!

Grandma Yinda said...

To "Anonymous" who finds these writings depressing. It most certainly is ... HOWEVER, knowledge is POWER! The more people KNOW that this is going on (and to average, everyday citizens and grandmas, LOL) ... the MORE they will WAKE UP!

Having been their "victim" one more than one occasion, I have now had my eyes opened WIDE, and rather than allow it to keep me down, I am RISING UP! We are very active in starting "cop watch" groups, holding "know your rights" seminars, etc. And it's AWESOME to see how many people are TIRED of what is going on, and who are willing to step up!!

CHANNEL that "boiling blood" into EFFECTING CHANGE! It can happen, but it takes WORK!! Anyone wishing to contact me may do so at


rkshanny said...

I live in Utah. The "obedience-to-authority culture is pervasive. Mormons are instructed to obey civil authority as an entity ordained of god. The problem is the old Romans 13 conundrum which is misinterpreted by churchers. There are many other scripture that expand on the issue, which do not condone Caesar-worship. Another issue is that the scriptures propound that GODLY civil govt. is to be obeyed, not every assorted amalgam of DEVIL-inspired gaggles of State hoodlums. Mormons appear to be one of many denominations/cults that are extremely confused on the issue. Mormons and their progenitor Joe Smith are pre-millenialists, as were/are many sects/cults (Puritans, Anabaptists, etc.) They conceive that Jesus will return to earth when the earth has been "cleaned up" for his second-coming reign. The problem is these warped bible-thumpers feel they must forcibly speed up the process and have no problem enlisting the aid of the armed State to ram 1000's of morality (as they see it) laws down their neighbors throats. The Puritans were infamous for taking this ungodly, forcible, do-gooder behavior to murderous extremes . . . all in the name of "The Prince Of Peace" . . . the propounder of "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself"! The Mormons unfortunately come very close to the same fanaticism, using the long arm of gun-toting praetorian thugs, who apparently have them fooled with all the pretty Halloween costumes and the appearance of lawful/godly propriety that is the "justice system". I have read some of their published monthly ward letters, and have seen a nauseating level of badge-polishing, boot-licking, collectivist statism. Every statist holiday that comes along, they have youth groups plant the imperial red-white-blue banner in everyone's yards. Hail Caesar and his praetorian goons!

Darren Wolfe said...

At its root the problem is that police forces exist. There is no way to reform them they can only be abolished. Law enforcement is the standing army many of the Founders warned us not to have.

Grandma Yinda said...

Darren, you absolutely correct!! I would MUCH prefer to defend myself, should the need arise. And rkshanny, I had to BLATANTLY complain several times about that "red-white-blue banner" being thrust into my front yard WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!! The audacity of their assumption and trespass!! They didn't seem to get it for awhile, so I would just pull them out and pile them on my doorstep!

TigerLily.Gzz said...

Another great piece of work, Mr. Grigg!

When will the masses learn that NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM CALLING A COP? And that NOTHING GOOD comes from the State.

Thank you for enlightening people through your peaceful work. Hopefully fewer people will have to learn about the evils of statism the hard way.

But the many years of indoctrination camps called "public schools" or Mormon home schooling, is more about mind and people control than about teaching.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a city that could use a good vigilante.

Darren Wolfe said...

The next step is for people to realize that paying taxes is paying for these thugs. It should come as no surprise that people living on stolen money are abusive. End taxation & we end the police problem.

Anonymous said...

Cops should be drafted. In other words, if you want to be a cop, you are disqualified.

Anonymous said...

When we have runaway criminals controlling the criminal justice system in X areas. We never see the feds come in and file Civil Rights charges against the local criminals. Why not?
Many of the people in government feel that they are wiser than the average citizen because they government employees are smarter, for having gained employment at the Power Source.
Don't lose sight of this simple fact: We have lost our local and state governments because they have been federalized and now work for that federal money. We must pay the taxes by laws that are strictly enforced. so they could care less about the citizens. Its that federal money that is pure gravy to them and they will do anything for more. The disrespect for the citizens rights is clearly explained in this story. That disrespect comes from Idiots whom are bullies and criminals of the worst kind. These people are people who take an oath that is meaningless to them because they seriously lack moral fiber.
Government doesn't corrupt but rather people that are corruptible flock to government.

Anonymous said...
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MAIN: 801.863.8000

Anonymous said...

I sort of hope someone kills the fucking pigs.

Anonymous said...

To Grandma Yinda:
Thank you for your input to what I posted, but I consider myself to be woken up already as I have put up with abuse by 4 cops at once last year in my own back yard, as they accused me of having drugs over and over again one night even though I've never had anything to do with drugs in my life. None were present at that time either.

As for the power that is gained by the knowledge of what is going on, I'm not sure how much power that really is. I have the knowledge that when a cop confronts me, I should ask if I'm being detained or if I'm free to leave. If I'm detained, I want an attorney before asking questions. Well, what happens now when people ask if they're being detained? The cops know how to get around that by not answering, but instead insisting that you answer their questions. If, after they repeatedly refuse to answer whether or not you're being detained, you try to walk away (assuming you're free to leave, they then grab you, arrest you, and charge you with even fleeing arrest, not being cooperative, failing to follow instructions, or maybe even "disorderly conduct". What level of knowledge gives me any power when this sort of thing happens?

Better yet, what amount of knowledge would have helped the guy in the previous story who had his backed wrecked by a cop, or the 2 women referenced in the current story? From what I read, there was no way for them to win, which means they were destined to lose. All they can do after that is to suffer at the hands of the aforementioned thugs that used to serve us.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a local problem; police all over the country are becoming increasingly arrogant, lawless and violent. I suspect that much of this comes from the training and money supplied by DHS in their so-called "anti-terrorism" campaign; police are being taught that the general public is an enemy to be intimidated and suppressed. As long as police administrators, judges, local government, etc. allow police to ignore the law and refuse to hold them responsible for their illegal actions, it will only get worse. There needs to be a concerted effort to get these police crimes before the public eye and keep them there, in order to elect local and state officials who will stop it. Police simply wouldn't do these things, if they knew they would be fired and jailed for it, but with today's corrupt, incestuous local governments, there is nothing to restrain them.

PNW_DPer said...

As a life long Latter-Day-Saint, I find the more I study the "Mormon" scriptures, the greater the discrepancy I find between what those scriptures teach and the prevalent Western US "Mormon" culture. From "righteous Captain Moroni" threatening open rebellion against the central government for corruption, to the Doctrine and Covenants Section 98 saying supporting any more government beyond guaranteeing basic God-given human rights is supporting evil, the current Mormon culture is as far out of whack from what their scriptures teach as the Evangelical Christians' state worship is out of whack from what Christ taught in the New Testament

Grandma Yinda said...

To "Anonymous" who posted at 1:35 ... I AM the second woman in the story. I know exactly what you are saying about knowledge basically not getting you anywhere in that kind of situation. As Eddie Craig (Tao Lauw) puts it on his "Rule of Law Radio", knowing your rights and asserting them is becoming the crime. HOWEVER, that it not the "knowledge" to which I refer.

The KNOWLEDGE is ... as "Anonymous" who posted at 1:54 mentioned, EDUCATING the public ... the masses ... to these ongoing CRIMES committed by LEA's, LEO's, corrupt judges and courts, etc. Keep it in the forefront. And then WORK to effect change by changing culture! Mark Byrge's story (the one who had his surgically implanted SCS broken in his back) ... me, Sherri (whose story should be told shortly by Will) and SEVERAL others are working at the local level. Two are running for political office, of for no other reason, than to BRING THESE CRIMES TO LIGHT! We are working on "Peaceful Streets" and filming the cops (cop watch groups), and we are working on Police Accountability Committees that will be headed up and staffed by CITIZENS. I don't go much for "changing laws" because they have already shown they are "immune" to those. Screw the "Justice" system ... it's time for US to act!!

Darren Wolfe said...

Grandma Yinda & Anonymous,

Knowledge of your rights isn’t a guarantee that you'll avoid arrest when interacting with the police. It does tilt the odds in your favor. That can make all the difference, knowing how to handle yourself. It worked for us in this interaction with the "papers please" gang:

Police State Checkpoint Nullification in Upper Moreland, PA

Grandma Yinda said...

Darren, not quite sure what you are getting at. No one has said that "knowing you rights will keep you from getting arrested!" I wrote something to that effect in the post right before yours. As a matter of fact, knowing your rights is almost a guarantee that you WILL be arrested because cops don't LIKE IT when you won't kowtow to them.

I have stood, all by myself, at police checkpoints, and I have been confronted by police ... never had an issue. I drove through those same checkpoints and used the "am I being detained" speech ... worked like a charm ... because the cops, for the most part, were pretty decent.

HOWEVER ... when the cops are IN YOUR HOME, and AMBUSH YOU in your bedroom, what do you suggest then? EXACTLY as I did (I have a 4-year paralegal degree and have MANY YEARS of personal and professional experience dealing with the cops). I told them to get out of my house and I refused to answer their questions. What would you have done differently?

Darren Wolfe said...

Easy there GY, we're all on the same side here. You're saying that standing up for your rights almost guarantees an arrest then give an example of not getting arrested at a checkpoint standing up for your rights. I'm only saying that sometimes it works.

"...cops are IN YOUR HOME, and AMBUSH YOU in your bedroom, what do you suggest then?"

At that point you do as they order while politely saying that you don't consent to their being there, you don't consent to being detained or arrested, you don't consent to a search of yourself, your car, or the house. Finish with "I'd like to see a lawyer" Then zip it. Often the worse thing you can do is get upset & keep talking.

Grandma Yinda said...

You're preaching to the choir ... that is EXACTLY what I did (as is mentioned in the article AND in my previous comment). Then I got labeled "resistive" ... and punished in the jail for refusing to speak!! Again, I ask ... since you seem to want to lecture on what I "should have done" ... what would you have done differently? I did it all the right way, and you have not stated one thing that is different from how I handled it! Are you speaking to the person in the FIRST video at the BEGINNING of this article ... who is talking to the cops??

Darren Wolfe said...

I'm not trying to lecture anyone, I only answered your question. Don't get mad at me, again, we're on the same side here. I had the Philadelphia PD in my apartment & been arrested too. I learned from that hard experience what to do & what not to do.

"Are you speaking to the person in the FIRST video at the BEGINNING of this article ... who is talking to the cops??"

As far as I can tell there is only one video embedded in the article & that's about Ginger. Please clarify.

BTW, Ginger talks a lot to the cops in the video. Watching it I kept think "stop talking!".

GY, let me quote from the article:

I was upset

yelling: “Get out of my house!”

...walked between them downstairs...They also claim that I `stormed downstairs’ and that they yelled at me to stop and I disobeyed a `lawful order.’

“I'm not having this conversation with you!” Linda replied. “Get out of my house!”

“For what – wanting to speak to a lawyer?” Linda exclaimed incredulously.

“Is this what you wanted?” Linda asked. “Are you happy now?”


This is a lot of talking & it isn't polite. Don't get me wrong, I hate what the cops did to you, they were completely wrong. What I'm getting at is the way one has to handle these thugs. While you may have been morally & even legally justified at yell “Get out of my house!” it isn't wise. I don't want to go line by line here I'm sure that what I'm getting at is obvious by now.

Kitty said...

Reading this story, I am almost ashamed to say that I used to live in Orem, and that my daughter was born there. Police all over America are engaging in these Gestapo-like tactics, and almost 100% of the time they can conduct such behavior, free of any prosecution, reprimand, or penalty of any type. It is best for all of us mundanes to realize that we should NEVER contact the police for assistance, and we should avoid them at all costs at all times. How sad for any honorable police officers still on the force anywhere in America, that the conduct of the pigs in this story are now commonplace, and that they routinely murder us mundanes with impunity.

Grandma Yinda said...

Darren ... sorry, but you do NOT get to tell ME how to react to something that happened in MY HOME!! You don't know the entire situation, and this story tells very little about the events. I had EVERY RIGHT to tell them to GET OUT of my home. (The word "yelling" is probably not appropriate since I did not raise my voice) ... and just because one officer said I "stormed past him" does NOT mean that is what happened. One officer testified that I didn't. You are missing the point, too ... TWO OFFICERS, TWO STORIES ... ONE is lying, yet nothing was done to have them brought up on perjury charges.

DO NOT come on here and start telling me what I should have done should not have done as if you are some kind of expert. My DEGREE is in the legal field and I am smart enough to KNOW MY RIGHTS and ASSERT them in the proper way. I teach CLASSES on that very thing. By you telling me I didn't do it the "right way" is just re-victimizing ...

Grandma Yinda said...

"Isn't POLITE?" Are you SERIOUS? Why would I even CARE about being polite to these CRIMINALS? I never ONCE raised my voice, and never ONCE used any kind of profanity (remarkable restraint for me). Next thing you're going to tell me is that I should "relax and let him rape me and deal with it in court."

I'll remember next time to POLITELY invite them in to RUIN MY LIFE!!

Melvin Willis said...

Polite to cops who force their way into my home. Hell NO!!! Civil maybe but polite to these thugs in costume never! After how badly law enforcement has violated our rights and public trust don't expect us to attend your funerals, officers. Karma, Baby! ~ Officer Melvin Willis, Mesquite Police Dept. (hon ret)

Sherri Watson said...

Many people would have shot the cop in the head for forcing their way into someone's home. Those cops knew exactly what they were doing and they were WRONG!!! Of course they can push buttons and every single one of us will react different. That does not give the right to these thugs to do ILLEGAL THINGS TO US!!!! Those Cops were already in need to prove they had a DICK, Minute in size but never the less a DICK. They had to PROVE their MANHOOD like 99.999%. DO NOT BLAME THE VICTIM!!!! That is the trick the ABUSER USES!!!!!

Darren Wolfe said...

Polite, civil I'm don't think there's much difference. It seems like dealing with police 101 that you don't raise your voice at them or in other ways defy them. It shouldn't be that way but it is. My concern here is that talking back to cops is being held up as a way to deal with them. It isn't. Encouraging people to do so will most likely get them hurt. During my night in the roundhouse, as the central police HQ is known in Philly they gave a few beat downs to the guys that mouthed off. The rest they left alone. The message was clear, go along & you'll be OK. To be crystal clear,the beat downs were wrong, the cops committed crimes. It isn't defending criminals to talk about how to avoid being further victimized by them.

Grandma Yinda said...

And guess WHAT, Darren?? I've had a few beat downs myself, in case you didn't notice in the article, but I will NOT kowtow and I will NOT just sit there and allow atrocities to happen ... WHY?? Because, unlike you, I have a SPINE! having been in an abusive marriage for 18 years, and having been VERY EDUCATED on facts of abuse, I will NEVER allow it to happen again in my life. What you are advocating ... is so passive, it turns my stomach. How can you even call yourself a "Libertarian?" Stand up, or shut up!! And ... grow a pair!! My lady balls are bigger than anything you have.

Bret Black said...

I totally agree Darren.
Being respectful and courteous is the proper tact. As a former Officer that's what is wanted.
Seriously though, what are you thinking? There is NO justification in this case.
Really? The flagrant disregard of law, after the forced entry, the welfare check completed etc . These cops continue into the home and ultimately beat, kidnap and abuse this woman.
Are you even for real?

Darren Wolfe said...

Well, GY, it looks like something did happen to you, didn't it? There is a time when fighting the cops is justified, self-defense, you know? But what good comes from mouthing off to them? You're just playing into their hands.

Bret, I agree that they committed a crime against GY. "There is NO justification in this case. Agreed, I'm not defending the cops. I'm just trying to say that there are ways to deal with them to minimize the damage.

An analogy might help. If someone says don't walk around in north Philadelphia (a very poor & dangerous area) at night because you might be robbed, one isn't defending muggers.

Grandma Yinda said...

Darren ... are you getting the two stories confused?? WHERE IN THE HELL did I "mouth off" to them? I'm tired of explaining myself to you. You call yourself a Libertarian but you sound more like a bootlicking statist to me. You simply REFUSE to understand that I only spoke to them to ask them to leave my home (since they had no warrant and no probable cause and NO ONE in my home called them OR let them in), and when they began questioning me, I told them I would NOT SPEAK without an atty. What part of that is SO DIFFICULT for you to understand?

Bret Black said...

I don't think telling an illegal intruder to get out is mouthing off.
This kind of abuse of power is egregious! GY did nothing wrong, nothing. The Police State actors are the issue. The blatant systematic violation of her rights, repeatedly by the police then the jail.
Why should any citizen politely accept being kidnapped in an armed home invasion? Beaten when asking for a lawyer....
I understand your position and you are correct, being polite is the best choice. American Citizens have never politely allowed their Constitutional Rights to be disregarded. There is a line that cannot be crossed by government if we have any illusion of freedom left.
The bottom line is, no matter how you act when the police are engaged breaking the law on a Bullies Power Trip if we don't stand up our rights are forfeit.
I guess I am just confused by your posts Darren. This is happening all over the country, it's real and destroying lives.
wait a minute, Darren are you one of those Government Sponsored misinformation guys?

Darren Wolfe said...

"I guess I am just confused by your posts Darren. This is happening all over the country, it's real and destroying lives. wait a minute, Darren are you one of those Government Sponsored misinformation guys?"

No, I'm a real activist & have been for years. Thanks for asking.

Let me try this one last time, this will most likely be my last post here. The time to stand up for your rights isn't when you have a home invasion by the police going on. The idea then should be to minimize the damage. There is one exception, if you choose to fight them violently. Most of the time this isn't recommended but could be the least bad of your bad options under certain circumstances.

Choosing the middle ground of angrily raising your voice & trying to implement your agenda instead of yielding to theirs only provokes them. It doesn't advance the cause it only invites abuse.

Grandma Yinda said...

Darren ... you're just a special kind of stupid. You plain old don't get it. It's like being pecked to death by a duck. Good luck with your timing as to "when to assert your rights!" *facepalm*

Frank said...

How come no stories on whats going on in Albuquerque Will?

William N. Grigg said...

I'll be covering developments in Albuquerque pretty soon. I've got a backlog of stories dealing with developments closer to home -- including one here in my own neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Mormonism, we see the same lawless and arrogant behavior on the part of both law enforcement and civilian bureaucrats in the evangelical Protestant South, the Lutheran and Catholic Upper Midwest, the agnostic and irreligious Pacific Northwest, and the Catholic, agnostic, and Jewish Northeast. Governmental overreach is everywhere in this country irrespective of religion or politcal ideology.

Trevor Gowe said...

"This is what happens when Liberals take over a Police Department, they turn every act with which they disagree into a crime."

Have you ever been to Utah? Much less Orem, Utah?

You're an idiot if you think those cops, or anyone in the department, are Liberals.

Grandma Yinda said...

Why, Frank?? These stories aren't important, too? Is it fair to say that one must be KILLED in order to get attention from the media? NEWSFLASH ... what happened to me is happening EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG ... and the reason people end up DEAD, is because NO ONE speaks out about the "lesser crimes!" Albuquerque has PLENTY of Press ... Will isn't LAMESTREAM MEDIA. He writes about the stories NO ONE would every hear otherwise.

RP said...

You tell 'em Grandma Yinda! If we never speak to uniformed aggressors the way they deserve, they will never know what utter disdain we have for them, and how they had better start behaving themselves. If Darren Wolfe is unwilling to bear any costs to contribute to such moral activism, there's nothing wrong with that. But to try to pass his personal preference off as some universal strategic law is ridiculous. Who knows, maybe he subconsciously feels like a lickspittle, and thinks that if his approach is adopted as a general rule, he won't feel that way.

Anonymous said...

Oh My hell.. Really I don't think you know who your talking about! In my personal opinion you are crazy woman with a serious problem with other people having a different opinion that you do.. How is that working for you? Your stressing yourself out over something you started. I know Judge Taylor and there is no way that he would have clearly Officer Black if he had done anything wrong. Judge Taylor is the most honest and by the book Judge anyone knows! So what your putting out here is that Judge Taylor is a fuckin idiot? I wouldn't go there if I were you sweetheart! It's people like you that need to get a hobby. I suggest crafts, they release stress and fat cells! You should really get a life or watch more day time T.V. What really happened you were dancing around outside your house and he drove by laughing and you got offended? I am telling all you jack ass followers that Officer Black is one of the last well behaved officers out there. Honestly he scared the shit out of me the first time I ran into him, however he was doing his job the correct way. I owe him a lot. He is the only officer that gave a shit about my children and my life. I would have been dead if it wasn't for him. You can ask anyone he has ever arrested and they will all tell you that he is a wonderful example to all of us. It is sad to me that Officer Black and his family get better respect everywhere and with everyone else in Utah except the people they live around. Plus to whom put his personal information for everyone to see. That is straight FUCKED UP and puts him and his family in a really bad situation and I should know sense I am a child of a retired Police Officer with 33 years of service! Your really a hard ass to put a family in harms way like that!

William N. Grigg said...

Anonymous, I suspect that you meant to post this comment on a different thread.

Grandma Yinda said...

Wow, Anonymous ... you seriously need to get back on your meds. Not only are you posting in the WRONG place, you are illiterate.

I can GUARANTEE YOU I know Judge Taylor better than you (I'm assuming you know him from his self-touted "Drug Court" and you must be one of his "graduates). I, on the other hand, had him as a Constitutional Law professor in college and found him to be INCREDIBLY arrogant and self-serving, a man who LOVED to hear himself talk (ad nauseam), not allowing any kind of student participation or feedback, because HE ... "KNEW IT ALL!" I also spent HOURS in his courtroom, observing. I am not impressed. I am also far too familiar with how he hands out stalking injunctions like candy (and his reputation across the state for this precedes him). I watched him COMPLETELY shift the burden of proof from a plaintiff to a defendant, clearly violating due process. I could go on, but you get the gist.

Your comments only prove that you are completely CLUELESS as to the process of law, the Rule of Law, and it's clouded by your drug arrests (yes, I know who you are).

Anonymous said...

Spencer is lying. She did strike her daughter and bribed her to change her testimony. Her daughter herself told me this.

William N. Grigg said...

Hearsay accounts provided by someone cowering in anonymity are hardly persuasive, especially given that the jury acquitted Linda of that charge.

Anonymous said...

Hard to convict when the victim recants. The daughter recanted in exchange for the bribe from Linda.

William N. Grigg said...

Where an acquittal or a recantation occurs, there is no victim. Of course, where someone retails (or invents) gossip while wreathed in shadow, there's no real need to pay attention.

Grandma Yinda said...

Wow, I haven't visited this page for awhile. Interesting comments from someone who is obviously completely clueless and just throwing accusations out their ass!! I just had my daughter read this and she said ... "WHATTTT???" "Recant what statement?" And that is EXACTLY true. She never gave a statement, either verbal or written ... which is why the prosecutor was continually trying to get me to "take a plea in abeyance" on the "Resisting" charge ... and DROP the DV/A charge ... WHY??? Because he knew he HAD NO CASE!! Who was trying to bribe WHOM?

I suggest, anonymous coward, you find another page to troll!

rodk691 said...

Hello All,

Grandma Yinda you keep going girl, much respect for someone who shows an integrity of self determination. These Policy Enforcers are emulating and projecting their individual interpretations of oppressive laws. These same domestic policies are a microcosm of our foreign policies. The legal intricacies of our dilemma is daunting and cumbersome in legal jargon, but well worth the time. The first start would be to understand definitions of words as your will start to come to realization, that our own words are twisted and presented in fashion to an advantage for the few who subject the many. Blacks Law dictionary is a good start, this will give you the basic understanding of words in definiton of law. Any literature on the 14th admendment, I believe this is a pivitol point in our tacit subjectification of corporate law, creating a fiction. The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 (DCOA)in the role of our now defacto government, who in treason betrayed to public trust. We can not move beyond without understanding the dynamic of money.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." -Henry Ford

Our natural, common, god given rights have been abrogated into forms of taxes, penalties and crimes. Which are secured by the Constitution. "Where rights are cecured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them." - Miranda vs. Arizona

So the question is how are our rights seemingly being ignored, how can this system of law act in this manner toward the public? There is an occupying force, foreign to this land who operates with immunity(money)who employes Policy Enforcers in the interest of the corporation.

The how, BY CONTRACT!(DCOA)(14th)

Through tacit agreement and our own ignorance we subject ourselves to rule by contract. The Uniformed Commercial Code is on lease to the government for profit. The UCC covers all statue crimes, which is 99.9% of the state revenue in the abrogation of natural rights in the form of taxes and penalties, hence the term sheep. This corporation bleeds the public dry with monetary fines, when there is no actual crime, unless a "natural person" is harmed or his property is damaged and brings forth a complaint to his servant public official, not in the manner of the public servant making a frivolous complaint. The simplist analogy to help explain is the drivers license. Our society at whole, has been puposely conditioned to believe and will defend, that a Driver's license is required to travel. Please review the following for your knowledge.

Once a mind has been awakened in truth in knowledge, it can never return to the same mentality of old, become the change.

Grandma Yinda said...

SPOT ON, Rod ... THANK YOU!! =)